Fat Head: Director’s Cut

My friend, Tom Naughton, is a genius for effectively delivering a clear and entertaining message. A former stand-up comic, he can make discussions about issues like prospective, placebo-controlled vs. epidemiologic cross-sectional analyses knee-slapping funny! (No kidding.) He has just released his new Director’s Cut version of Fat Head.

Tom has edited out some stuff but added a substantial amount of new material, including a fairly lengthy segment on the dangers of modern wheat. Tom tells us that, if you order his Fat Head DVD, you will be getting the Director’s Cut version.

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Comments & Feedback...

  1. Cindy Curtis

    Just got your book ” Wheat Belly Cook Book” Love it. I have one very large problem, I am deathly allergic to nuts of any kind. all your recipes call for almond flour. I can eat peanuts. I have tried the garbanzo bean flour. It was awful is there anything else out there I can use? I have had constant health issues for over 20 years. I am 54 years old and want to try this. My husband has irritable bowel syndrome we need this. Thank you for your time, Cindy

  2. Liz

    I’ve been eating “Wheat Belly Style” for one year on February 1, and I am amazed at the difference I feel in my overall health. My wheat belly is going. It’s slow, but I’m old, and don’t get a lot of exercise, but, by golly, it’s GOING. (My problem is going to be the leftover skin…) I have recommended the book and regimen to as many of my friends and relatives as I can corner, and I am happy to say that my daughter and her husband weren’t even on it a week before they noticed changes in their own health.

    Thank you so much for encouraging us all to get back to basics.

    Liz P.
    Wasilla AK

    • Dr. Davis

      Great, Liz!

      And you did it by doing the OPPOSITE of conventional advice! Keep up the good work.

  3. wrotek

    What category are foods that make You fart/belch ? Is it inflammatory foods ? Difficult to digest foods ? Irritating foods

    • Joe Buckeye

      I know when I started eating grain free and no added sugar on Jan 1 I became much less gassy.

  4. Dev

    Hi Dr. Davis,
    I have wrote before and love your blog, book, and fbook site. I have always known that sugar is my issue more than wheat and so follow BFC diet which is eat less than 15g sugar a day and about 120g carbs a day which should be whole wheat. I have asthma, on nexium for GERD, allergy pill everyday, IBS, bloating, and been on prednisone and off work due to breathing issues. I cut sugar and feel ok, no diff in any of my “ailments” but dropping wt slowly now after off the terrible prednisone. I have came across a sugar free donut made w almond flour but also has wheat gluten. 4g net carbs, but I can eat 5 or 6 and not feel terrible full!!!! I dont eat all at once but over course of a morning, I can eat at least 4 and could eat more!!!!!!! Could it be this little bit of added wheat gluten is making me hungry???? I just don’t think I can cut both wheat and sugar at the same time! But the fact that I can eat so many of these in a day scares me!!! I never would have thought that bit of wheat gluten would take away any feeling of being full?? I so want to thank you in advance for any answers you give me here. You are such a great resource and I do appreciate all you do!!!

    • Dev

      I also use nasonex everyday, mostly because I got addicted to using the otrivin nasal spray and nasonex keeps my otrivin use much less. I’m always stuffed up and that is also very frustrating!!!!

    • Jeanne

      If you are eating all these donuts, you are not eating real, nutritious food simply by volume. The wheat gluten in them is absolutely making you crave more. Try a carrot stick, or handful of nuts. Heck, one of Dr. Davis’s delicious dessert recipes would make a perfect substitution and satisfy you with one or two.

      Not to be mean here, but go back and read your post as if another person wrote it. You will not see someone who is trying to help their health. You absolutely CAN stop sugar AND wheat at the same time. I personally feel that is what it will take to be successful in healing your body. The wheat IS a problem. Cut it out and give your body time to heal a bit- you may be able to cut out or down on. More meds than you think.
      Best of luck to you! You can do it!

      • Dev

        I know it sounds crazy!! It just seems overwhelming to cut out both groups at once and I guess I am afriad I will fail. Ya I am addicted to these stupid sfree donuts, bought em thinking o sugar free!! Great! Not been so great, I shall be having a salad w bocconcini for lunch w some greens. I wasn’t trying to sound stupid in my post, just fed up I guess w my appetite and always thinking and talking about food :-(

    • Dr. Davis

      You sound like you have a classic case of wheat intolerance, Dev!

      The gluten contains gliadin, which is converted to 5 small polypeptides that bind to the opiate receptors of the human brain and stimulate appetite. This explains why you want to eat so many of the donuts. It also explains your sweet tooth; having a sweet tooth is nearly always caused by wheat gliadin.

      • Dev

        Thank you both for your comments, and yes Dr. Davis, as I read more about wheat intolerance I’d have to agree, seems to be my issue :-(

        • JIllOz

          Hey Dr Davis, thanks for that sweet tooth tidbit, did not realise that.

          Dev, try making your own doughnuts!!

          YOu sound not only wheat allergic, but full of fear! Youi’e not the only one scared of what will come after wheat, but ironically much of this anxiety, stress and fear is actually fuelled by eating the wheat!!

          Don’t just sit at home not eating wheat and feeling awful.
          Being an asthmatic I kknow how stressful it is to be worried and have respiratory problems too. YOu need tyo know that sweet food is not the only fun thing around and work on having other sorts of fun while getting off wheat.
          Find some fun stuff to do, or if you feel too asthmatic, entertaining films or plays. Take yourself out somewhere you can just sit and not move around too much and try some new wheat free dishes.

          DR Davis, I’ve got some T-shirt ideas if you would like to email me.


        • Jeanne

          +1 to Dr. D’s post!
          You are NOT stupid by any means, you are here and trying to help yourself…Sure not actions of a stupid person. Give it a try, if you have a slip- just “get back up on the horse” and act like you didn’t! ( sorry for corny horse cliche, I live in Texas). Lol.
          Best of luck, and you can always come back here for support and cheer leading.

  5. Deborah

    I really enjoyed watching fat head. I just have a question. I understand the wheat belly diet is low carbohydrate, wheat free…and not low fat. However, I am so used to being on a low fat diet that I wonder if i couldn’t I lose weight faster by being low carb and low fat?

      • James

        Hi Deborah,

        If you lower your carb consumption a good deal (say < 30-40g / day and only low glycemic foods), I would strongly recommend you increase your fat intake for the following reasons:

        – fat is energy and you need it ALL the time
        – fat won't make you fat (ha!) or sick if it is a healthy kind (natural fat, even animal saturated fat is really good, but NOT trans or processed vegetable oils)
        – you build hormones from fat
        – it will keep you satiated and naurally limit your food intake (no need of calorie counting)
        – it will transform you into a "fat burning beast" (primal blueprint expression :) ) so long as you keep your dietary carbs to a minimum.

        Forget all you think you know about the mainstream low fat dogma, it is actually very unhealthy not to eat the proper amount of fat. But it has to come with a decrease in carbs. On a personal level, I've been relying a lot on fat for the last 4 months and I dropped 24 lbs with no blood sugar roller coaster :)

        • Deborah

          Thank you for the information James it is very helpful. I still have a hard time staying away from reduced fat cheese and with eating whole eggs instead of just the whites, but I will try eating more fat and see how it goes. Oh and congratulations on your weight loss, that is fantastic!!