Wheat and sugar, sugar and wheat

In the grand tradition of enjoying poetry with our holidays, Dennis wrote this beautiful poem for us:

Wheat and Sugar
Wheat and sugar, sugar and wheat
All I want is all I can eat!!
Fat makes me full; brings my blood sugar down
Only sugar and wheat can bring it back o’round.

Gluteomorphins and fructose; my brains daily habit
Sugar and wheat; my two friends that have it.
They give me the lows so I can fill them with highs
Sugar and wheat, my blood sugar flies!

Diabetes beats on; kids dance to the beat
Better them sick than to be caught eating meat!
Get off the couch! Put the video game down!
But after the workout, sugar and wheat’ll be round

So wrap it and pack it, make it easy to snack it
Big business, big government, make sure they back it.
Wheat and sugar, sugar and wheat
If I didn’t want it, it’s all I can eat.

Isn’t that great? I believe Dennis squeezed all the essential points into a compact four stanzas!

Happy Holidays to all!

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61 Responses to Wheat and sugar, sugar and wheat

  1. Liat Gat says:

    What an awesome poem! That totally made my day. Thanks for the frequent blog posts – they always keep me tuned in to my goal of not eating wheat. Here’s to a wheat-free 2013!

  2. Becky D says:

    I haven’t tried Lo Han Guo. I will first have to find it and second find a day when I could take time out for side effects. Lo Han Guo is made from fruit? That may work. Sweetners taken from trees or bushes seem to hate me.

  3. wheat is bad.Fried foods made of wheat becomes worse.Fried foods made of wheat and containing refined sugar is the worst food on the planet.

  4. Luiz Godoy says:

    The book “Wheat Belly” finally convinced me of what i´ve been concerned about a long time, that wheat was fucking my health. I live in Brasil, and i don´t see any book about the problems of wheat, thanks God i can read english. I just cut wheat for almost 3 months, and 15 pounds have gone, i eat chocolates every day, use to drink beer even so… i lost weight. I done my heart and blood checkups and cholesterol levels have never been so fine 180, it was never under 200. I just cut wheat, nothing more.
    Thanks God for you write this book.