The new Wheat Belly Cookbook now available!

It’s finally here: The new Wheat Belly Cookbook!

The new Cookbook’s got a bit of everything for everybody. For anyone unfamiliar with the arguments of Wheat Belly, the first section of the book reviews the fundamental reasons why modern wheat has been turned into the most destructive ingredient in the modern diet. For readers of the original Wheat Belly, there are updated discussions on issues including just what changed in wheat gliadin and why new alpha amylase inhibitors are the likely cause underlying the explosion in childhood allergies.

And, yes: There are 150 recipes! Breakfast, main meals, soups, stews, sandwiches, sauces and condiments, and–of course, my pride and joy–desserts in the Wheat Belly Bakery section that feature recipes for bread, cookies, pies, pretzels, and muffins. Recipes appropriate for children are designated “kid-friendly.” And there are additional discussions about use of safe sweeteners, how to assemble a capable wheat-free kitchen, and a Wheat Belly Happy Hour section on how to enjoy alcoholic beverages while remaining safely wheat-free. And there are some really powerful new stories of wheat-free success!

The Wheat Belly Cookbook is available at Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Books a Million and other book retailers.

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Comments & Feedback...

  1. Peter

    Clearly we need a forum for Wheat Belly.
    All this valuable information needs to be much better organized than just comments on blog.
    A real forum will make it easier for everybody to find what they want to know.

    I recommend:
    Keep this blog (here) only for Dr. Davis’ posts.
    Turn off public comments.

    Add a forum to the web site with specialized sections:

    — Recipes from the WBCB: a specific topic on each recipe to ask and answer questions about that recipe.

    — Recipes — others: suggestions for compatible recipes, even other cookbooks or other web sites.

    — Success stories – Men

    — Success stories – Women

    — Where to buy ingredients: a separate topic for each ingredient that may raise questions.

    — Q&A about health problems

    — Q&A for beginners

    — Greetings & compliments: Put all the “thank you” notes and “Merry Christmas” wishes in one place.

    To make the forum most valuable, allow only registered users to post.
    Don’t open to anonymous posters, or will soon be filled with spam.

    — Peter
    Bangkok, Thailand

    email: Peter4@allmail.NET

    • Dr. Davis

      Yup, I hear you, Peter.

      We will indeed gravitate in this direction in future. We sure have come a long way in just over one year!

  2. June

    I really agree with this idea. I miss a lot of posts because I’m not here 24-7. A forum should be pretty easy to set up and would make it much easier to keep up.

  3. areta

    If we have any say, I agree with Peter. It is very difficult to find more than 5 to 10 new posts in this interesting blog.

  4. JEY

    First congrats on holding the top three Nutrition bestseller spots. Both books are currently on Amazon’s Top Bestseller list as well, Ficition and Non-Fiction, in the Top 20! #13 and 17. Wow.

    We all very much appreciate the time you take to personally answer so many questions on this blog and FB. Cannot fathom where you find the time and patience to write so much! I have to agree with Peter and the others, this blog is in sore need of an update. It would function better as a website, with a forum within it. Somehow all your great information should be indexed and searchable, rather than trolling through the long list of categories. A website project would be huge, but if well done, should make your life easier going forward. Maybe your publisher would lend you a developer? Oh, and please remove the strange women losing her belly in a non-western direction:-) Sorry, know “she” was discussed around original publication, but the bagel stack has become well-known…a simple and gender nuetral masthead. Thanks again for all your time writing here, and for being an excellent spokesperson in the media.

    • Dr. Davis

      Well, thank you, JEY! And I hear you on the bikini girls, as I’ve heard from others, too. It seems to be evenly divided between people who like it and those who can’t stand it.

      In future, we will indeed likely convert this blog into a website or a blog with website-like functionalities. To think that this entire phenomenon is just over a year old!

      • Boundless

        The goils may make the homepage NSFW, and on that basis alone are likely scaring away people who need to learn about WB.

  5. Bill Hooper

    I agree, the bikini girls header makes this an unsafe-for-work-or-library blog ;)
    Maybe some kind of bagels vs. whole foods image could replace it, or something?

  6. lorhen

    What about all the nutrients that are in grains that we will be missing by not eating them. Can we eat Eichorn pasta? This evidently is the original wheat, genetically speaking. I saw some Eichorn pasta in a health food store and the owner said it is completely different than the modern wheat, much more nutritious and that gluten sensitive people did not seem to react to it. Is this true? What about Ann Wigmore and her live foods diet. She used sprouted wheat extensively in her refluvelac, raw crackers, wheat grass juice…. and many people were healed with this Hippocrates diet.

  7. Brenda

    Got the cookbook, love the recipes. Can’t wait to try them. So far I’ve made the orange cream cookies (the recipe from the back of the WB book) twice…eliminating the pecans the 2nd time and adding a few drops of orange extract, now I see a few changes to the recipe in the WBCB like swapping out coconut flour for shredded unsweetened coconut and only 1 TBS. Of grated orange peel vs. 2

    Made the wheat free pancakes twice, my husband loves them.

    Just made the basic bread. Can I use a smaller pan to yield a taller loaf? It’s kind of small for sandwiches……

    Can’t wait to try some more…

  8. April

    One thing I hadn’t paid attention to when I made the Turkey Chili today was the amount of carbs that were in it. Then I realized and thought I remembered you saying children can take in higher carbs and saw that above on the top it said kid friendly. I enjoyed the meal regardless of the 21 grams of carbs but, I do need to watch the carbs because I do need to drop weight. Any suggestions on what I should elimate from this recipe to lower the carb level without sacrificing taste? The cookbook is great but I will watch the kid friendly recipes.

    • Dr. Davis

      Yes, replace the onion (13 grams “net” carbs) for chopped scallions (around 5 grams net carbs). You could also reduce the diced tomatoes by half, reducing net carbs by another 8 grams.

  9. Bonnie

    Dr. Davis,
    I saw you on Dr Oz and ordered your book. I was delighted to find the information was presented in an easily understood way. I loved the book and have since bought 6 copies of wheat belly and two copies of the new cookbook to give as Christmas gifts.

    I have several family members who are allergic to all nuts and dairy. Could you please post a little more about substituting for almond flour other than chickpea flour. I also would like to know what I can use as a substitution for cream cheese because my daughter needs dairy and soy free.

    In the wheat belly book you discuss starches but you don’t mention arrow root. What is your opinion on using it in baking?

    Thank you,

    • Dr. Davis

      I need to post this as an FAQ!

      Think ground golden flaxseed, chia, and grind your own sunflower, sesame, and pumpkin seed flour. All work well. Use coconut milk, canned for thickness, carton for thinner, to replace dairy.

      Arrowroot is not so good due to carbohydrate exposure. However, if used in small quantities, e.g., 1 teaspoon, then the exposure is minimal.

  10. Monique

    I made the basic bread recipe last night, it tasted great but my family all commented that it was very dry. Do you have any suggestions on how to remedy this? I baked it for 40 minutes, maybe that was too long.

    • Mary holloway

      I made the basic bread and ate a slice toasted with butter and apple butter on it. I could barely get it down. I did not care for the taste. I think it is the garbanzo flour.

      • Marv

        Me too Mary. Funny though, I made the #2 pizza crust, which has a lot more garbanzo flour, and loved it. Dr. Has some recent posts about ‘baker’s ammonia’ resulting from adding the egg whites to the dough too soon. Since the pizza crust had no eggs, this may be the objectionable flavor in the bread.

        I for one am quite happy to experiment with these recipes. Such freedom!

  11. Rayna

    I recently stopped eating week this week for several reasons. To lose weight, to try to get rid of my bad asthma, and to make my skin clearer. So far I feel great! But it can be hard sometimes because I’m a very picky eater. Last night, I made the mashed Cauliflower out of the cookbook. I have never really tried cauliflower and I haven’t like it in the past. Well all I can say is that.. IT WAS DELICIOUS! It made me feel like I was eating mashed potatoes but it was much more filling! Thank you Dr. Davis for inspiring me and causing me to make this change!

  12. Sue

    Thanks to “Wheat Belly”, my husband and I are relieved of many chronic health issues since eliminating wheat from our diet last spring. My husband’s IBS, acid re-flux and asthma; gone! My skin has cleared up, my menopause symptoms have subsided dramatically and chronic joint pain is gone too. That between the two us we’ve lost 80 pounds is a total bonus. We are so excited about your cookbook. Tonight we’re making the Teriyaki Meatballs and Buffalo Chicken to eat during the Vikings/Packers game. Skol and thank you!!

    • Dr. Davis

      Excellent, Sue!

      You can appreciate why I cringe when people say Wheat Belly is just a “low carb diet.” So much more happens to people who eliminate this disrupter of health called modern semi-dwarf wheat.

  13. Dee

    I just received the cookbook and am looking forward to trying many recipes. This morning I’m looking to make a focaccia and I’m wondering if there is a typo regarding pan size. Basic Focaccia recipe (p.228) uses a 13″ x 9″ pan. Herbed Focaccia recipe (p.230) uses a 13″ x 19″ pan. Is one of those a typo?

    Love your books and blog Dr. Davis. It has made a difference in my life. Thank you!

    • Heather

      I noticed the same thing…I’m going with 9 x 13, as the 13 x 19 would barely fit in the oven! Also, for the Rueben recipe it says that the full size of the focaccia is required for the recipe. That has just really confused me, I don’t see how that’s possible. I haven’t made it yet, so I’m hoping once I do it will all make sense:)

      I absolutely love this cookbook though!!! I made the chicken and dumplings in the dutch oven last night and it was delicious!! Also made the soft pretzels this morning and they are grrrreat!

  14. Vicki

    Dr. Davis or anyone else:
    Got the cookbook for Christmas, went shopping yesterday ($70 worth) and ready to make bread. The health food store had Swerve so I bought that too. Also bought Better Stevia Glycerite by NOW and Erythritol by NOW. The recipe for basic bread says 1 T of Xylitol, which I guess I don’t have or 4 drops of liquid stevia, which I think would be the Better Stevia Glycerite. Could I use the Swerve and how much. What about the other recipes. Didn’t know if you could swap out. Also, I saw in some replies Wheat-Free Market. Are they going to be selling bread, etc. and when. Thanks so much! Been wheat free since November, lost 12 pounds so far, and would like to add a little more variety to my menu. Also trying to get my husband off his Raisin Bran and PB&J on whole wheat bread!

  15. Martina Strang

    My husband and I have recently started cooking with the wheat belly cookbook and the recipes are great. I had some issues with the basic bread recipe. I made it exactly as written but the three times I made it it did not rise much at all. The size of the slice was much smaller than a slice of bread – maybe one quarter the size. I live in an area of higher altitude and also less humidity and very dry. I did try some things like adding more buttermilk and more baking powder but no better results. I also tried the vanilla cupcake recipe and the same thing happened. Any suggestions?

    • Dr. Davis

      Hi, Martina–

      I see that I will have to discuss the idea of non-yeast, non-gluten “rise” to increase the size of our breads.

      To come near future!

  16. Marilyn DeMoss

    I bought both of your books last month and my husband and I have been off wheat for a month now. We did have a few set backs over the holidays but we are doing better now and have both lost a few pounds. I am 69 years old and notice that I have less and less joint pain and that my hands are more flexible and no longer swollen. This is great because I love organic gardening and I have always been bothered pain and swelling. So I thank you.
    I like your cookbook but I have a food intolerance with almonds and walnuts, they make my mouth breakout with canker sores. I am wondering if you have a alternative replacement for the almond flour? Would coconut flour work with your recipes? I hope you can help me out since so many of your recipes in, the cookbook, call for almond flour.
    Thanks for helping me to be wheat free.

    • Dr. Davis

      Think walnut, pecan, sunflower seed, pumpkin seed, sesame seed, garbanzo bean, and ground golden flaxseed, Marilyn.

      You will have to make some minor adjustments in liquid quantity and cooking time.

  17. Paige Tractenberg

    Dr. Davis,

    I have a couple questions. We have come to the conclusion that our 5 year old is gluten intolerant given his constant upset stomach when he is eating gluten. Should I put him back on gluten and have hime tested for celiac before continuing a gluten free diet given that my husband will not go gluten free and I currently don’t worry too much about cross contamination?

    Also, my 4 year old is dairy and soy free and I believe has a corn sensitivity. Should I also have her on a completely gluten free diet as well?

    Any advice is greatly appreciated since I haven’t found anyone in our area that completely understands and respects having food sensitivities as opposed to allergies!

    Thank you,

    • Dr. Davis

      Personally, Paige, I think it is criminal for gastroenterologists to recommend a several month period of misery with gluten resumption, then blood tests and endoscopy to verify. Because my view is that wheat is so awful for everyone’s health, there is absolutely nothing lost by simply stopping it. Yes, it can make your shopping and cooking more complex, but it is SO worth it.

      I predict that, as you and your daughter show the health benefits of wheat elimination, unless your husband is blind, he will begin to see the wisdom in your decision.

  18. Brenda

    Dr Davis,
    Made the flax crackers….delicious but….recipe says 2 pans approximately
    18 x 13……is that the combined total. When I split the batch in half it did not fill
    an 18 x 13 pan. The crackers were delicious though

  19. Lori

    What flours for baking are best to use if we cannot use any of the nut flours or chick pea flour because of food allergies?

  20. ray mckinney

    Dr. Davis…Have just read the new cookbook and have found great recipes. I am having difficulty finding liquid xylitol. I have checked at 3 stores including whole foods and my local health food store (who tells me it is not available), and also searched the web. Many of your recipes call for this. Any suggestions? Thank you

  21. Tara Bergeron

    Loving the recipes that I have tried so far. One question about the Peanut Butter cookie recipe on page 277. In the directions it lists in a NOTE: to prepare with stevia, omit coconut flour and xylitol…..
    Yet the recipe does not call for coconut flour! Is this a misprint? Because I made the cookies as directed and they were very runny, more like a batter. So I added some wheat free flour mix I have and that seemed to tighten up the dough. But if the recipe is missing the coconut flour from the ingredient list then maybe that is my problem. thank you so much. LOVE every recipe I have made so far. and in 4 days I am down 3 lbs!

    • Dr. Davis

      To be honest, Tara, with so many different versions tested, I don’t recall exactly what worked best. But my bet is that just adding a couple of tablespoons of coconut flour will fix the recipe.

      I will retest in the coming weeks and report the “fix” here. Thanks for catching it!

      • Renee Oler


        I have been off of all wheat for eight days now! I tried the pancake recipe and it was great. But I too noticed the error in the peanut butter cookie recipe. I used 4 cups of almond flour and 1 cup of powdered stevia. They were difficult to spread out but are chewy and taste good.

        Thank you, Renee

        • Dr. Davis

          Yes, I will have to provide corrections on a couple of the recipes and post them here. Thanks for catching, Renee!

  22. April

    I just have to tell you that I have lost 7 lbs in 7 days! So excited and so glad I have been following this to the letter. My cravings have really subsided. Also, I talk to everyone at work about this just because I feel so much better. I have cooked so many good things wheat free and this has really become automatic for me. A woman in the office has ordered your book and your cookbook. I have no doubt that if she follows the program she will love it. Thanks, April

  23. Jennifer S.

    Dr. Davis,
    I have a recipe book from your other wonderful site, “Track your Plaque.” Is this cook book the same, or very similar? Would you recommend purchasing this cook book in addition to the Track your Plaque cookbook or as a replacement? I am a huge fan and have turned many people on to your website. I was thrilled to see that you finally reached, one of my trusted websites. I am so thrilled to see how much and fast people are being educated and doing something about OUR wheat bellies. Thank you for your time, and keep up the excellent job.

    • Dr. Davis

      Hi, Jennifer–

      The cookbook for the Track Your Plaque program was a small effort for our own “internal” use. The Wheat Belly Cookbook takes the original concepts developed in Track Your Plaque, yielding many more user-friendly and healthy recipes, all designed to not trigger weight gain, blood sugar rises, or provocation of small LDL particles.

  24. Therese

    Dr. Davis,
    I just read your book and bought the cookbook. My question is about fruit, it’s not mentioned much and I am wondering about how much fresh fruit you recommend on a daily basis? I made the date nut bread and it is wonderful, but a bit dry. I dipped it in unsweetened applesauce and it was great, but is that “kosher”?

  25. John

    Dr. Davis,
    Another big fan here, I’ve lost 25 lbs since thanksgiving and am no longer on metformin or Lipitor. I bought the cookbook and tried to make the chocolate bars tonight. I think there must be an error in the recipe. There is not enough moisture to hold anything together; I ended up with a pan full of loose ingredients! Are there supposed to be eggs, perhaps?


  26. Darlene

    Has anyone made the Mocha Walnut Brownies on pg 270? I wondered if the amount of butter (3/4C) is wrong? While mine were baking there was a “pool” of butter on top. It never baked in, so I poured it off and did salvage the brownies. Did anyone else have an experience w/these?

  27. Kim

    Tried to make the coconut flapjacks this morning. and all I made was a mess. The recipe says “4 cup ” coconut flour – is this a typo? When I added the liquid it was so dry. I divided the batter in quarters and added more water and almond milk and I got something that resembled cream of “wheat”. I have made a few other things and they have turned out fine- just the other day the no wheat pancakes- yum.

    • Deb Manning

      Coconut flapjack fiasco! I will not waste my time making another recipe from this book without consulting this blog first. Thanks to Kim and others for speaking up. I expected the flapjack to be heavier than a pancake but the ratio of dry to liquid is so wrong I could not salvage the batter. Dr. Davis, please correct this recipe.

      • Marv

        If I wasted that much coconut flour and wound up with piles of spackle on the griddle I’d probably feel the same way. BUT many of the recipes on the Food Network site are messed up too. Of course the publishers can do better, and of course there will be bumps in the road!

  28. Hi

    I am disappointed with some of the recipes as I am lactose intolerant and a lot of the recipes have cream, cheese or cream cheese!

    I love the Peanut Butter Pie but it calls for heavy cream and cream cheese. How can I make it?

    Also the Pizza Crust I recipe has cheese in the base. Pizza Crust II doesn’t have cheese but it says it might fall apart. What can I substitute for the cheese in the crust?


    • Dr. Davis

      Try adding xanthan or guar gum, e.g., 1 1/2 teaspoons. It provides more structure to the dough.

  29. Martin Coleman

    I, too, have found several mistakes in the recipes. I have been following the wheat belly diet for about eight months and find it to be very helpful, but since I got the cookbook, I have been disappointed. It’s also frustrating to have to search through the blogs for hints about the proper ingredients or amounts. To be fair to those of us who bought the cookbook, you should have a link on the homepage which gives us the corrected recipes.

  30. Courteney Miller

    Hello Dr. Davis,
    I just got the Wheat Belly cook book a couple weeks ago and have been knocking out the recipes left and right loving all of them. I do have two questions though. The first is in regards to the basic bread recipe. I made it this morning and followed exactly and it came out with a strong ammonia smell. Any ideas on what that could be??? I am throwing away because it is so strong. Also with the pecan crusted pork chops, the pecans after grinding up, were pretty moist so they wouldn’t stick to the pork chops. Any advice on that???
    Thanks for your help! We are going wheat/grain free along with my in-laws and my mom.

    • Dr. Davis

      Hi, Courteney–

      You encountered something called “Baker’s Ammonia.” To avoid, try this: BEFORE adding whipped egg whites, add 1 teaspoon lemon juice or some variety of vinegar to the mixture and pulse until mixed. (It will foam a bit.) THEN add the egg white mixture. This will cause the acids in the lemon juice or vinegar to react with the baking soda first, preventing a reaction with the egg whites.

      With the moist pecans, you could press a paper bowel for a minute to soak up any excess moisture before using it for breading.

  31. lane

    I wanted to make a comment about the calories of the recipes in the Wheat Belly Cookbook- the baked good calorie content is really high. I cut all wheat and grains out of my diet, and only eat almond flour bread. Initially, I was eating 2 pieces of toast in the morning, 2 pieces for a sandwich in the afternoon and maybe one slice at night with dinner. Normally I eat about 1600 calories a day on wheat, but off of wheat eating this almond flour stuff, i gained weight initially because i realized i was consuming nearly 700-800 calories a day just from the almond flour bread! The pancake recipe lists each pancake as 200 calories or so. You’ll still gain a pound for every 3500 calories you consume, and its really easy to hit that using the recipes from the Wheat Belly cookbook. Now I limit my almond flour bread consumption to once or twice a week, sweet goods like a cookie or two- once a week tops. Just because the recipe is in the book does not make it calorie or guilt free. be careful. Almond flour is really high in calories.

    • Dr. Davis

      Your experience is exceptional, Lane: The majority of people do NOT have to be mindful of calories when the calories are mostly fats and proteins.

  32. sherry harpell

    I am a calorie counter, have high colesteral and blood pressure and just bought the cook book as I was going to try a new approach to my eating habits, however, your recipes have a very high salt content and all the meat and cheese are not conducive to colesteral…any comments.

    • Dr. Davis

      Yes: cholesterol is nonsense and wheat-free people often need salt.

      As you read the book, you will begin to understand that conventional dietary and health advice, such as that about “high cholesterol,” is advice crafted for the benefit of the food and drug industries, not necessarily for your benefit. This is discussed at length, but more so in the original Wheat Belly book, less in the Cookbook.

  33. The cheese biscuit recipe is simply great! I probably make it once a week. My husband and I love these little biscuit treats, and I always add good, hard, raw grated cheddar cheese to them. Take a biscuit, dab it with a pat of butter, put it in the microwave for a couple of seconds, and it is a WONDERFUL snack. This recipe also gives me the perfect use for all my leftover egg whites. I add raw egg yolks to our smoothies, which always leaves me with a bunch of egg whites, which I would save for a few days and then finally throw out. :(

    The thing with non-grain bread and baking is that you can’t expect these biscuits to be like your mother’s baking powder biscuits with white flour. But, think of these and the other recipes in the book as something entirely different. I have been off wheat for a year (after reading Wheat Belly), and I find I don’t even miss bread any more. I find I don’t ‘need’ substitutes – like GF flours any more. I did at first. I don’t any more.

  34. Heather

    Cook Book recipe for broccoli with cheese sauce. I have made this recipe twice and both times it did not thicken. Is the correct amount given for coconut flour (1 tsp.)?

    • Dr. Davis

      The thickening power of different coconut flours differ. Consider adding additional coconut flour, but only an additional 1/2 teaspoon at a time (then wait a minute or so) until desired thickness achieved.

  35. HI Dr. Davis,

    My husband is a man who needs meal to meal plan he HAS to follow. Do you have anything in the market with a daily menu plan of what to eat? If not, would you consider making a book such as that in the future?

    Thanks, maily

    • Dr. Davis

      No, sorry, Maily: no menu plan.

      However, it would be quite easy to develop one off the recipes. Thanks for reminding me: I am writing a new cookbook and I will include menu plans there.

  36. Kathy

    Hi Dr. Davis,
    The directions for Wheat-Free Turkey Gravy on page 213 of your Wheat Belly Cookbook instructs to whisk together the coconut flour and water. How much water should be used? Water is not in your list of ingredients. Thank you in advance for the correction to this recipe as I’m looking forward to making this when I roast my next turkey.

  37. Dear Dr.Davis, ,
    I discovered your books while browsing @Amazon, read some excerpts and was hooked! I ordered both books and read The Wheat Belly Book in one day. What a fantastic journey. I am loving the recipes in the cookbook and I am grateful for them because they delivered me from cravings and that is amazing.
    I have severe Rheumatoid Arthritis and I feel like a *bionic woman* as I have already some of my joints replaced. I always had a very healthy diet, no junk food or junk drinks ever! But I bought a fabulous breadmaker and was proud of my homemade bread with whole wheat flour, gluten flour, wheat germ and flaxseeds. I have eaten Grain free for 10 days now and my joints are not inflamed anymore and I hurt less, what a blessing that is! I am not really over weight but I think I would like to loose 15 pounds since I have a wheat belly, emerged with Menopause. So far I have been unable to loose a single pound and I am wondering how many Carb-grams I am allowed . I am 5.5ft.tall and weigh 143lbs. It is a very calorie rich diet and now I am really worried. I looked for guidance regarding Carb-grams in both books and could not find any, maybe I missed it?
    I send both books to my daughters too, one of them has a boy 2 yrs.old with Acid reflex, he was breast fed for 8 months and had that condition already then!
    I am anxiously awaiting your response. Gratefully yours, Babra S.

    • Dr. Davis

      The fact that your rheumatoid symptoms have responded so quickly is an extremely good sign, Barbra, as rheumatoid phenomena usually require many months to respond. Your quick response generally predicts and extravagant success!

      Most of us do best in our weight loss efforts by limiting carbohydrates to 15 grams “net” carbs per meal or 4-6 hour digestive window. (“net” carbs = total carbs – fiber.)

      • Dr.Davis, thank you for your quick reply, you are amazing!
        My joints are still *cool* to the touch! I have cancelled my infusion of Orencia as I am doing well.
        My Rosacea has calmed down too, my face used to flush twice a day ,a very embarrassing occurrence.
        Just finished my breakfast of very delicious almond meal pancakes, I added 3 drops of pure almond extract as the almond meal from Trader Joe,s is a bit bland.
        I still have trouble of pouring butter over them, it is so scary! I have to get used to the new mantra.
        Last night II prepared a roast with Cauliflower puree and mixed vegies sans corn.
        Fantastic. I loved every recipe so far, Thank you Dr.Davis.

  38. SusieA

    Hi Dr Davis,

    I just received your cookbook and can’t wait to get cooking but I have a question about food for children in daycare. Generally in Australia – I’m not sure about elsewhere – we are not supposed to send nuts to school. Most of your recipes however are heavily nut based. Can you offer any suggestions for children’s lunchboxes that are not nut-laden? At the moment, my son gets plenty of fresh fruit and veg, cheese, meats etc. but I’d love to be able to send him in a nut-free treat for afternoon tea or to add a bit of variety for his lunch. He is not wheat free yet, but I have been reducing it considerably. He had been eating grain ‘fillers’ since he started eating so as much as anything, I need to get my head around another way of feeding him. He is 3 1/2 and thankfully not fussy, so I will accept any suggestions. I can also only send eggs 2 days per week due to a child with severe allergies which is a huge pity because he could eat eggs all day long.
    For a child, would you also exclude rice (inc. rice noodles), quinoa etc. And do you have thoughts on konjac based noodles/pastas. Konjac is an asian vegetable and the products are extremely low-carb. An example is ‘Slim Pasta’, available in Australia.

    Many thanks,

  39. Melissa

    Hi Dr. Davis,
    Can you please explain what determines some recipes kid friendly and others not?
    Thank you,

  40. Lou

    Dr. Davis,

    Is it safe for pregnant women to consume stevia, erythritol and xylitol? I’ve done some Web research but can’t find very much. Thanks,

    Lou Donato

  41. Martina

    Dr Davis,

    I just had my gallbladder removed and am trying to eat low fat due to the effects fat has. I purchased your cookbook and the recipes look wonderful, but I am afraid of the weight gain I will have and nasty effects since the fat content is pretty high, as well as the calorie counts. Would you say that these recipes are probably not the right ones for me, even if I do cut out all wheat (per your book explanations, I really want to go wheat less).

  42. Greg

    Hi, has anyone tried Walden Farms’ BBQ sauces, salad dressings or ketchup? Or Guy’s BBQ sauce? Nutritionally they look OK for Wheat Belly, wondering about taste? Thanks!

    • I agree with Barbara regarding the use of Splenda in their products……in addition, they list cornstarch in several items, along with ‘flavorings’ which usually sends me running in the opposite direction. Since they don’t indicate organic sources of ingredients, one must assume they are not and I found a few of the nutritional facts suspect in light of listed ingredients. While it may be better than some, it’s not ideal.

    • The serving sizes for both products (2 tablespoons) conveniently results in the carbs being zero (which just means less than 1). Carbs could be as high as 5%. The question is, is that a realistic serving size?

      Tomatoes contain an unavoidable amount of sugar, so most tomato products, such as ketchup, cannot claim “sugar-free”. Apples, their ciders, and perhaps their vinegars, contain a lot of sugar, mostly free fructose. Corn starch is carbs. Splenda contains dextrose, in addition to any other concerns it raises.

      In condiment quantities, these products don’t look that threatening. Our household prefers:

  43. Barbara in New Jersey


    Walden Farms products contain sucralose which is a manmade sweetener and is not recognized by your body as being digestible. Surcralose is marketed as Splenda. This product sometimes causes intestinal distress and overall stress on your digestive organs because it is “foreign” and can result in an inflammatory response.

    There are many paleo and primal web sites that provide recipes for delicious marinades and bbq sauces which taste a lot better to me. NomNomPaleo has wonder recipes! To answer your question: yes, I believe the product is OK to use as long as you don’t react to Splenda.