The Acne Miracle: 2

Meredith added her story of relief from years of severe acne by eliminating all wheat.

I noticed a huge difference in my skin after going wheat-free.

When I was a teen, I had hardly any acne. But after having my daughters, my face broke out and stayed that way. I tried covering it up with makeup, but it was just too bad. I tried almost every over-the-counter cleanser, even the high cost ones out there, my doctor prescribed antibiotics, but nothing worked.

I have been so embarrassed to go out in public, ashamed that people thought I wasn’t cleaning myself properly. I even had people state that straight out, or some, even medical professionals, ask if I had chicken pox or shingles!!!!! I felt bad for my now teen girls having to be seen with a mom who looked like this, but there was nothing I could do.

About 4 months ago I finally listened to my dad and read the “Wheat Belly” book and changed my eating habits.

One of the first things I noticed was my face changing, this was after only a week of no wheat! I was so excited but also couldn’t believe it. There were many other changes, weight loss being one of them (30 pounds so far) but I wanted to know for sure that it was the wheat removal responsible for it, so we ordered pizza one night. Within half an hour, I was running to the washroom with an upset stomach and the very next day I had new acne pop up. Yes, many people could say this is a coincidence, so I did this test a couple more times and the same thing happened every time!

With going off the wheat, my face has almost completely cleared (yes I have fallen and had a bit of wheat here and there so I know I have to pay the price for the indulgence). I have people who have known me for years comment on just how different I look now. I don’t have to wear makeup any more to cover up and my kids have even found their teen acne clearing!

It is a whole new life.

People in primitive cultures that consume no wheat (or other grains) have no acne, teenagers included. When they consume wheat, they get acne galore. When us modern people living modern lives, including consumption of commercial processed foods like wheat–because the Dietary Guidelines for Americans told us so!–we also develop acne. And some, such as genetically-susceptible Wanda, can experience severe problems.

It’s the wheat, the food that was never suited for human consumption in the first place, made much worse by the introduction of semi-dwarf wheat crafted for increased yield–increased yield-per-acre and increased human illness.

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52 Responses to The Acne Miracle: 2

  1. Dennis says:

    Try dropping the refine sugar, some are very sensitive to it. After eliminating refine sugar my wife, daughter and my acne cleared up in a matter of months. If I slip and eat something with refine sugar I would get two or three zits. I wish I had this knowledge when I was a teenager gorging on twinkles, Suzy Q’s, Candy bars and other sweets.

  2. Marie Burke says:

    Glad dad you finally have conquered acne in your life. Wheat is really the main culprit for my acne too, however, I was too late to discover it. Glad that I’ve got aloe vera gel to heal the redness and the scarring it left me.

  3. Kim says:

    Wow! I’ve never thought wheat maybe responsible for acne! Does it include whole wheat also? Today it’s really hard to avoid wheat products. Wheat seems added to everything! It seems all our problems come from within. How we eat and drink, so we look like. I read a lot that for solving our skin problems you need to recheck your eating habits. Thanks for sharing your experiences!