Can wheat elimination make you . . . younger?

Joan posted these interesting comments about her apparent dialing back of the age clock minus wheat.

I went grain free in early September after reading about the low carb, high fat, moderate protein way of eating, and I found and read the Wheat Belly book in late September.

In late October, a woman who works in our building, who I hadn’t seen in about 6 weeks, asked me if I’d had a face lift. I said “No.” She then asked if I’d had botox or Restylane injections. I said I hadn’t. She was surprised and said that my skin looked so good.

The pharmacy tech, who regularly checks me out when I pick up my script, asked me what I was doing that my skin looked so much better. My son-in-law said I look 10 years younger since losing 40 lbs and going grain-free.

The only change I made was my diet and I believe it’s from giving up the wheat and other grains and eating more real food. My eczema is better this year and I live in a very dry and extremely cold climate. I’m truly enjoying this way of eating and rarely miss those junk carb “foods.”

I don’t have the mid afternoon slump and I have great energy at age 58. I take hour-long high-intensity Zumba classes and can keep up with the 20-year olds. When my husband and I are at our house in Las Vegas, we regularly enjoy 4-5 mile brisk walks.

Thank you Dr. Davis!

Hmmmm. Botox, Restylane, face lifts, eczema, more energy, capacity to engage in high-intensity activity requiring fast reflexes and limber joints–at age 58? Many people pay thousands of dollars just for the cosmetic effects. Many people lose the quickness and flexibility of youth at age . . . 40?

So Joan is enjoying the compliments of many people about her youthfulness, smooth skin and energy matching that of people much younger, just because she gave up wheat and other grains and sugars.

Wheat elimination involves a reduction of inflammatory phenomena, especially when visceral fat of the wheat belly is lost. It leads to a marked slowing of glycation that underlies the progessive changes of aging. It can improve the hormonal milieu of senescence. It’s a mix of phenomena I do not fully understand, but stories like Joan’s continue to make me believe: Wheat elimination, along with minimizing other grains and sugars, is youth-preserving and anti-aging.

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Comments & Feedback...

  1. pam

    after cutting out junk carb for 2 years, some of my sun spots or age spots have disappear; also skin is nicer.

    your book mentioned that AGEs can’t be repaired. :-( however, i’d like to stay optimistic!

  2. Kimberly Robinson

    I most definitely feel younger. In two months I have gone from dragging myself around in a few stiff, sore, fatigued body to having the energy and stamina I had 20 years ago. My skin looks better, and so many other things are better the clock feels very much “turned back”!

    • Boundless

      > This fact alone should have every woman in America interested in being wheat free.

      Any number of readers have have lamented the fact that the WB book cover design seems to be targeting the vain, rather than those keenly seeking a healthy diet. But history may record that this was brilliant marketing. It has grabbed significant mindshare, perhaps more than any other approach might have.

      And yes, many people will miss or dismiss it, for a while, due to that positioning. We only discovered the book by accident whilst browsing a book store for low-carb cookbooks.

      But word will reach everyone, and just about as fast as the food industry can respond.

  3. I was wondering…My whole family has been eating wheat all our lives…Why havent we got obese and diabetic ?
    Well i suffered asthma and allergies, but mine father did not, neither my mother…Weird

    • allison

      Maybe you are all the lucky ones amongst us that don’t suffer any ill effects, but also take a look at other things like heart disease, arthritis, cancer, back pain, even supposedly little things like gas… all can be caused or made worse by wheat, grain and sugar consumption.

    • Shirley

      My older sister and younger brother are Type 2 (she’s about to lose a toe) and dad was too. I’m fine and mom was too. She lived to 95 on a mid-west diet of white flour products, vegetables and meat cooked to just short of jerky. My ailments were minor allergies and finger stiffness, now long gone.
      Possibly genetics?

      • wrotek`

        yes Shirley, possibly genetics, but whos, human or plant genetics :) maybe both
        There just passed a bill in parliament in Poland to make possible grow GMO . It is a disaster, they passed bill quietly while other more pressing matters where happening.

        Allison, lucky one U mean genetics ? after all it is a roulette.

    • Donna

      The wheat hasn’t always been hybridized. As I recall, Dr. Davis says it has been since about 1985.

  4. Dan

    Hi Dr. Davis,

    Gary Taubes wrote extensively about Advanced glycosylation end products (AGEs) driving aging in “Good Calories Bad Calories.”

    I consider the two of you to be from the same school of thought.

  5. Melissa

    I have long felt that sugar accelerates aging. I’ve been eating this way for a week, and I thought I’d given up sugar. I realized last night that it was in the natural peanut butter I have been eating (duh), so I plan to give that up as well. Can anyone recommend a peanut butter that doesn’t have sugar? Is there such a thing?

    • Laura F

      There are quite a few peanut butters that don’t have sugar. Just check out the labels. When I lived in the US I always bought Teddy brand with salt but no sugar.

      • Pam

        I’ve switched from plain ol’ peanut butter to Trader Joe’s Almond Butter Creamy with Sea Salt….OMG, so delish! It needs to be refrigerated after opening but it’s so worth it!! Give it a try!

    • Geoffrey

      You can also go to Whole Foods or most natural food stores and use their machines to grind fresh peanuts or almonds into peanut or almond butter.

      • Donna

        Even Laura Scudder’s Natural has no sugar added. Most of the Adams products. It does mean label reading to be sure.

    • JoAnne

      I really like the ‘Crazy Richards’ brand peanut butter. It comes in creamy & chunky. The list of ingredients is: peanuts. That’s it! Peanuts. The label states:”NO added salt, sugar or hydrogenated oils.” And it tastes great! No refrigeration required. Their website is I’m in Maryland, and I can get it at Wal-Mart & Redner’s Supermarket. You can also find it online at Amazon.

    • JIllOz

      HI Melissa,

      have you tried making your own peanut butter??

      Suga droes contrinbute to aging. If you want to find out more, Dr Nicholas Perricone has written several books on the subject of sugar, inflammation and cells – and an anti inflammatory diet.
      (We can ignore the grains elements.)

      Dr Davis, if you’re interested, do look him up too, before going into the beauty/skin/inflammation/
      area with lots of skincare patents, this doctor studied gerontology and and aging then went into skincare.
      Lots of overlap but his books are sensible and explain the scientific basis of his recommendations.
      I found them worthwhile reading.

  6. Mark

    I read the article Bruce linked to in the Vancouver Sun. It’s clear that they are running scared. The formation of that new organization is a desperate act. They are on the wrong side of history. I have been wheat-free since February. I am minus 38 lbs, feel great, clothes fit great, etc. Thanks Dr. Davis!

  7. @Melissa: I love Adams peanut butter. It’s widely available (at all grocery stores) in the Pacific Northwest. It’s just peanuts and salt. Creamy or crunchy. They do have an unsalted peanut butter, too. It can be ordered from amazon if it’s not available where you are.

  8. murray

    I’ve had the same experience regarding skin. I’ve noticed that on calorie-reduced ketogenic days, my skin is noticeably more supple when I wake up after the night’s sleep. My wife even notices. Coconut oil also enhances skin health, whether eaten or applied topically.

    I have also noticed the same thing with greying of hair. My hair was starting to go grey about 5 years ago but once I went wheat-free, very low carb this reversed and I have not had greying since. A few years ago we were at a party and their was an elderly East Asian women with almost jet-black hair and fit and lively. Several people asked her what she did. Exercise, etc. My wife had the wit to ask, do you eat foods with sugar? Almost never.

  9. Ania

    I am only 30 years old and actually look young for my age. Most people would guess early 20’s which is great. Since going wheat free 3 months ago, I keep getting asked about my face, what are you doing, you look so great, your face looks thinner. What I have noticed other then dropping 15 pounds, is that my face looks less “puffy” and although I have always had a good complexion it has gotten much better. I look at pictures from when I was 20, then pictures from 6 months ago, and now and I would say the 20 year old face and my current face look the same. I never actually noticed the change in my face until I went wheat free. But it is wonderful. Thank you Dr. Davis for helping me feel better and look better too!

  10. Patricia

    The article says: “The Healthy Grains Institute website features a rebuttal to the book’s arguments — including its central notion that today’s wheat is so radically changed from 100 years ago, because of intensive plant breeding programs, that human bodies can no longer cope with it. Using that logic, nearly all commercially available fruits and vegetables could be potentially dangerous because of their hybridization, writes Julie Jones, professor emeritus in nutrition at St. Catherine University in St. Paul, Minn.”

    Well, I think that may be true. The fruits/veggies today that are not raised naturally can be problematic.

  11. Nicole

    Of course wheat pushers are running scared.
    The problem is they will not be able to get away with their BS about wheat, since the proof is in the elimination of wheat.
    The positive results are too great to ignore and very obvious.

  12. Kelly

    I must add my story to Joan’s for I have witnessed something still under work here. I have been a victim of acne for the past five years and have tried the elimination process food wise to see what the problem is. Most people around me would say my skin problem was hormone related but truthfully, it did not make sense to me as a female to be in a constant ”hormonal balance” stage for five consecutive years. I did not want to opt for invasive skin treatments involving heavy medication to ”rid” the acne as that did not solve the problem really. It just did the esthetics. I instead started the elimination process : ie eliminated all dairy for a period of time, then all caffeine and alcohol, then I got into blood types and eliminated some types of meat accordng to my blood type. Nothing seemed to have worked and wheat was not even a candidate on my elimination list since I held zero knowledge on that front. I then fell pregnant and more elimination took place (raw fish, unpasteurised products, etc) and that’s when I fell on the Wheat Belly book (Thank the Lord!), not for losing weight in my case, but the chapter ”Yo pimples face!” caught my eye. To think that wheat could possibly play a role was inconceivable but I was so keen on eliminating whatever was necessary to find the solution I went ahead and tried it.
    Miracle is what happened. Literally.
    Within a week, my acne on my forehead became ”inactive” and flattened out. My face was not acne active all of a sudden – every week I had gotten used to a nice new acne pimple grownig on my face – and it suddenly stopped. So sudden, I could not believe it. It has been several months now I am wheat free, and twice I consummed wheat only to pay the price each time. After my wheat consumption, I had a new acne type pimple grow on my face – literally and unbelievably the day after! Could I be a better guinea pig than this? Putting myself to the test was the best thing ever. I am conscious though being pregnant that there are real hormonal changes, and sometimes acne problems get worse or better depending on the person. So I am curious to see once I deliver my baby, how my face will change. I have gotten the best compliments I have received in many years on the quality of my skin.
    I am still under work here, and I definitely look forward to seing how my situation will conitnue to improve.

    So yes, thank you Dr. Davis for sharing this knowledge including your recipes in your book that I tried which are truly delicious!

    • Dr. Davis

      Wonderful, Kelly: wonderful!

      I’d like to post your story as a blog post. Too many people suffer silently with this condition, paying lots of money for all manner of “remedies” . . when the solution is SO painfully simple!

  13. Vivian

    I love this! People who haven’t seen me since the spring ask me what I have been doing…I’m so slim and seem much younger!? I am 63, have lost 30+ pounds since June and am told that I could “pass” for a thirty-something…all because I don’t eat grains anymore and gave up sugar long ago. The “train” is powering up and heading out of the station…I don’t think BigAg can stop it now! I’ve been trying to explain the WB concept to many people (“Oh, I could never give up my bread!”)…now I just tell them to buy the book! Thanks Dr. Davis!

  14. Charla Eastwood

    Having the same results with my skin here. It has been especially noticeable this week. Female, 55 years old, lost 42 lbs. altogether. Feel amazing! Getting back into my exercise routine that I haven’t felt like doing in years. Sleeping well, all typical menopause symptoms have been alleviated. It’s just AMAZING! I like what the one poster said about the train has left the station. In just the few months I’ve been following wheat belly blog, it seems like the positive response and people jumping on the train is multiplying very rapidly.

    I have eliminated all grains and sugar, and doing Atkins/low carb/Paleo – ish diet. I’m also using the organic coconut oil on my face and neck. You know how some people when they lose a lot of weight they look older cuz the fat has been plumping up their skin? Well, I was worried about that, too, but my skin on my face and neck is just sucking up tight again as I lose the weight!!! Again, it’s just AMAZING!

    I’m having a massage next week – my first one ever – and I am requesting she use the organic coconut oil for massage oil. Oh, yeah!

    I almost feel as if I’ve been given a second chance in life. LOSE THE GRAINS, PEOPLE!!!!! Don’t let it steal any more of your life!

    • Dr. Davis

      Precious, Charla!

      Enjoy your massage. You deserve it, having endured a lifetime of torture at the hands of modern grains!

  15. Charla Eastwood

    Oh, I forgot to mention in my earlier post that one of the biggest things going grain-free did for me, was it COMPLETELY ELIMINATED food cravings. I had been marginally successful on a low-carb diet, but food cravings were regularly sabotaging me. I was getting so down on myself because it seemed like at times that I just could not stop eating. I always thought I had more willpower, but just couldn’t control myself and I was soooo terribly down on myself for that, that it was affecting many areas of my life. Once I got rid of the grains, I eat so much less food, and unlike the horrible cravings, just normal/regular hunger is not hard to resist.

    Thanks again, Dr. Davis!

    • Caro

      The same goes for me. Eliminating wheat only helped somewhat, but elimating all grains controls my sugar cravings.

    • Rong

      My experience is identical. Low carb worked to a degree but appetite was a constant fight. No grains since Sept. 2011 and no all consuming appetite. I am down to two meals a day with or without a nut snack in the evening. Makes the weight loss and other health benefits easy to maintain.

    • Dr. Davis

      You are liberated, Charla, from the appetite-increasing bonds of modern wheat!

      It’s like being exposed to the appetite-stimulating effects of marijuana that somebody keeps on sneaking into your diet, making you wonder why you are hungry, all the time, every day, 24 hours a day. It’s the wheat!

  16. stephen ottridge

    I’ve lost 20lbs, still dropping at about 1 lb a week. My walking motion is much more fluid and I’m playing the best duplicate bridge of my life. People who see me say I look much better and have more colour in my face.

  17. Teresa

    Your comments are all so inspirational. I bought the book and read it, tried it for three weeks, felt so much better, no headaches, down 3 pounds, then backslid for a week and felt crummy again. I am jumping in again, wheat-free and sugar-free this time (didn’t drop the sugar the first go around). Wishing I could inspire my sister to get on board, too. She is diabetic and has just been diagnosed with arthritis. I just know she would feel better. So… guess what book she is getting for Christmas??
    Thank you all so much!

    • Boundless

      > She is diabetic …
      Ordinary Type 2, and note T1 or LADA?
      Emphasize to her that T2D is not really a disease. It is a 100% avoidable, but perfectly predictable, metabolic response to excess carbs in the diet, exacerbated by the malicious direct and side effects of technowheat. T2D is also largely reversible – entirely in many cases.

      The WB message ought to be taking the world by storm on this basis alone. You’d think that people would be interested in avoiding, arresting and reversing this heretofore seemingly inevitable, expensive, annoying, but entirely unnecessary, ailment.

      > … and has just been diagnosed with arthritis.
      Don’t be surprised at relief for that too.

    • Dr. Davis

      Live and learn, Teresa!

      Eat wheat: Feel awful. Stop eating wheat: Feel wonderful. It’s an awfully simple equation!

  18. I haven’t noticed youthfulness yet but I’ve always had a young complexion. My husband has been told several times recently that he looks younger and people consistently guess he is in his mid 40’s rather than early 50’s. now if we can just get his sugar consumption under control, we’ll be rolling.

    • I’ve been following the diet for one week and gained 1/2 pound! I am not overweight to begin with, but after turning 60, I would love to get down to a weight of earlier years. I work out. I have always eaten healthy. I live at the beach in Southern CA, so that is a motivator. BUT I am bummed that I not only did not lose any weight, but I actually gained .5 pounds. Oh, and I have followed the program religiously. Has this happened to anyone else? And, if so, could it be that it just takes time for the body to readjust to a new metabolism of being wheat free?

      Last. I am not doing this just for the weight loss. A month ago, after not feeling well for the better part of 2012, and having lost our daughter in 2002 to cancer (she was 32 years old and my best friend), I discovered I had an auto-immune disease. When I stumbled upon Wheat Belly, I realized how much of that addiction to wheat applied to me.


      • Bill Lee

        Hi Susan,
        One week isn’t enough time to assess whether or not this lifestyle change will work for you. It does take some time for you body to withdraw from carb addiction. I would advise you to stick with it for at least four weeks and then see where you are. Also, don’t worry about half a pound: your weight can fluctuate a coupe of pounds a day just due to fluid levels. On that note, drink plenty of water. Good luck.

  19. Steve

    I know I look and feel much younger in just 6 months after eliminating wheat, and I just turned 40.

  20. Dan

    I’m certain there is no book that is more in demand right now than that of Dr. Davis.

    Every copy in the two public library SYSTEMS (not individual libraries) nearest my home are off the shelf right now…
    and the demand isn’t waning:
    40 holds on first copy returned of 45 copies
    23 current holds with 14 total copies.

    • Heather Ann

      At the Multnomah County Library in Portland, Oregon there are 221 holds on the first copy returned of 33 copies of Wheat Belly with 5 additional books on order. There are 12 holds on the first copy returned of 1 copy of the CD, with three more CDs on order. There are 124 holds on the first copy returned of 1 copy of the upcoming cookbook (release date later this month), with 20 additional copies on order !! I’d say there is great interest in Dr. Davis’ books and CD. I own a copy of Wheat Belly, and have placed a prepaid order for the cookbook through Amazon. Thanks Dr. Davis for changing my life for the better!

      • Dan

        Amazon Author Rankbeta (What’s this?)
        #99 Overall (See top 100 authors)
        #2 in Kindle eBooks > Advice & How-to > Health, Mind & Body
        #2 in Kindle eBooks > Advice & How-to
        #2 in Books > Health, Fitness & Dieting
        #97 in Books

      • Dr. Davis

        I’ll bet that Multnomah County will be the skinniest and healthiest county in Oregon in short order at that rate!

  21. Tanya

    Even in my small town the library has 19 holds on 2 copies. Another copy is ‘on order’ and already has 7 holds on it! Our new Goodness Me health food store had it on sale last week for $15.99 but I’m broke as I just moved!

  22. mtnmama

    I’ve definitely noticed improvements in skin since enjoying freedom from wheat. My extremities are much less dry, for example.

  23. James

    Me too, I have had the best skin ever since stopping wheat / sugar / all grains / starches.
    I used to have some mild eczema on my back, the origin of which I never really figured.

    So along all my other small issues (wrist pain, tooth sensitivity to cold fluids, and the more obvious visceral fat), this one is gone, my skin has become smooth and spotless on most of my body! In just 2 months …

    I also must say that I complemented the diet with a “no-soap / no-shampoo” experiment during my daily showers. After a little funky period (a couple of weeks) where the skin adapts to the ABSENCE of soap and chemical aggression, the end result is outstanding! Just active rinsing of my skin with warm water on a daily basis does wonder combined with the proper diet! And my hair is much better without shampoo …

    I may suspect that people who abuse of soaps and shampoo would have a hard time readjusting to a no-soap / no shampoo lifestyle but it is worthwhile if you want to improve your health beyond the diet.

    Just my 2 cents!


  24. Annie

    My skin looks better too! My rosacea is decreasing a lot, and my skin is a lot more hydrated, it doesn’t itch anymore (it was too dry before)….

  25. LeNay Graham

    Hello Dr. Davis,
    My name is LeNay Graham, and I am from Grafton, Wisconsin. I heard about you through some friends of mine who come to you for appointments. I also am connected with Mrs. Char Watters, whom you may know. She is my nutrition consultant for the last three years, and she also practices in Milwaukee. I understand that your time is precious and that you have a busy schedule, so please feel free to respond if you are able. :
    First of all, I want to express how appreciative I am of the knowledge that you have in regards to diet and the importance of cutting out the wheat and gluten. I also appreciate the importance you place on healthy fats such as those in nuts and coconut oil. Your professionalism and passion clearly shows, and I am thankful for people such as yourself that take the time to educate the public in a lot of areas where there are misconceptions as far as how to have maximum health. Three years ago, my husband and I were unable to conceive, and that was largely due to an unbalanced diet that lacked grass-fed meats, healthy fats, and also contained gluten and soy. In my work with Ms. Watters, I was able to change my diet and clean out other toxins as well. I can now say that we are the proud parents of a beautiful, healthy boy. What a blessing.
    Second of all, I wanted to share some information regarding a nutritional supplement that I have learned about that has had remarkable results for people with a host of conditions, including cardiovascular issues. I thought you may possibly be interested, so I did include some resourceful websites at the end of my message that have been helpful for myself as well as for other professionals in the medical field. In my passion for continuing to educate myself about solid nutrition, I recently (this past summer), was introduced to a vitamin supplement called “Product B” from a company called Isagenix. Dr. Davis, I am never one to jump on “the next best thing” without doing some solid research for myself. So, I set out to do that, and I have been nothing short of amazed. I have learned that this product contains 9 adaptogens within its Proprietary Blend. This product is designed to support and repair at the cellular level and to increase the body’s ability to fight free radicals and oxidative stress. What this product essentially does is support the telomeres, which are the protective caps at the tips of the cell’s chromosomes. As you probably already know, each time a cell divides or when a variety of stressors are present, those telomeres continue to shorten until there is deterioration in the replication of the cell. This essentially causes the aging process as well as other degenerative diseases. This product has 22 ingredients of the 32 within it that have shown, when tested individually, to actually support the lengthening, the repair, and the restoration of the telomeres. The results: people are seeing recovery from a host of conditions, including cardiovascular. In fact, Bob Sheridan, the well-known boxing commentator who suffered from a previous heart attack has now seen a huge turn around by incorporating this supplement. He shares part of his experience on one of the websites that I have included below for you.
    Again, I hope that I communicate how much you truly are such a valuable person to so many. Your knowledge, research, writing, and your alternative approach to medicine is so crucial for people of today. I would love to send additional resources or even direct you to my aunt who has worked with medical professionals on how to incorporate this into their practice. Additionally, she could get in touch with Dr. Bill Andrews, the geneticist behind the formulation of this product. If you would like more information, please let me know via a reply within your blog if you are able. In the meantime, here are a couple websites on the product:
    Thank you so much for your time, and thank you again for your outstanding work.

    LeNay Graham

    • Dr. Davis

      Hi, LeNay–

      Thanks for your kind comments.

      As I was previously a consultant to Isagenix, I am aware of their products. Even attended one of their meetings where people all held up their fat jeans after they lost 100 pounds!

      • LeNay Graham

        Wow, that is fascinating. :) I so appreciate your response back to me and so quickly too! :) Thank you for taking the time to respond. Please let me know if any of the information interests you with the Product B in particular. If not, no worries! ;) Have a great day! :)


  26. Leslie

    I have a daughter who is highly allergic to nuts. Any suggestions of what to use in place of almond flour?

    • Dr. Davis

      Depends on the recipe, Leslie. But common replacements would include coconut flour, ground golden flaxseed, garbanzo bean flour, and seed flours like pumpkin, sunflower, sesame, or chia.

      • Leslie

        Thank you for your reply. I see you have a cookbook coming out, do most of your recipes use the almond flour or do you have suggestions within each recipe of which type of alternative flour can be used instead? Also, does coconut flour make everything taste like coconut & does garbanzo bean flour make you feel bloated?

  27. Nobelly

    Well I definitely look younger since going low carb fr 2 years. People even look at me funny trying to see if I’ve had Botox ( I’m 60 and I haven’t). Wearing size 6 or 8 skinny jeans at 5’9″. Keeps me looking younger too.
    Eliminating wheat 3 months ago has kept the fat loss going hopefully to get rid of the last few lbs.

  28. Roxie

    On the weekend my 18 year old son and I were buying vegetables and fruit from a local grocer. I met up with a lady that I knew through work and she thought my son and I were brother and sister! My son got cranky, and I was elated. I’m almost 48 :)

  29. Edward

    Hi Bill,
    I posted the information from your book about exogenous AGEs on Chris Kresser’s blog at his page about bacon:
    His response was “I’ve seen very little evidence that exogenous AGEs have the same harmful effects as endogenously produced AGEs.” I tend to think that exogenous AGEs as glyco-proteins would either be broken down like any other protein by the digestive tract or if not broken down, excreted by the colon. Especially those that have become polymers, being too big to enter the intestinal wall if not split by digestive enzymes.

    I too, am focusing on being low wheat and low carb in that order and am getting questions about what I am up to. I also am following Adam Zickerman’s version of Fred Hahn’s slow burn approach to exercise. Between the dietary change and the exercise, I feel better at 60 than I did when I was 30!

    I have a friend who has problems with diverticulitis and was wondering what other dietary interventions you have found useful in addition to avoiding wheat.

    Thanks for all that you do,


    • Dr. Davis

      Actually, there are extensive data on the unhealthy effects of exogenous AGEs, including their recovery in the bloodstream. If there are gaps in knowledge of the various AGEs, it has to do with the uncertainty of the methods used to quantify them. Suffice to say that the whole exogenous AGE issue is a work in progress, but I don’t think we can say that it is worth ignoring. In fact, I predict that this area promises to teach us new lessons about nutrition, some of which we may not like.

      Re: diverticulitis. Beyond the diet, which has incredible transforming effects on gastrointestinal health, I know of no other specific manipulations.

  30. Bonnie Collett

    Hi Dr Davis,
    I read wheat Belly and it all makes perfect sense! I am starting my “wheatectomy” today and a new job on Wed. I took all my measurements and am going to make big changes.
    I am going to make the granola recipe. It calls for vanilla syrup. I could not find any in the grocery store. Can pure maple syrup be substituted? I can’t wait to buy the cookbook as soon as I can get to the bookstore!
    Thank you for writing this book and opening our eyes to the “healthy whole grains” scam”,,,,


  31. pat

    Wheat, wheat, and Neurotoxins in the body needs looked at, Neurotoxins and wheat turns into a monster… Body will try to save itself by cravings wheat.. Nero toxins mix with wheat make a nasty combo. Neurotoxin and sugar make you have a wheat belly to… Neurotoxins…I am not bound or have no gag , or afraid to lose a license cuz I speak clear when i say Neuto Toxins become alive in the body cuz,, Why you ask? The stuff that helps digest the food we eat is alive.. is it making sum light go off in the Brain of the Highly educated, Or do I need to tell you more… First get money out of your miend. We have put ar trust in the ARM of man and been cursed with bad health.. Nero Toxin turns the best food into little monsters that love wheat sugar,,,,

    • Debra

      Can someone tell me why after being wheat free for 11 weeks, my nails are not as strong? They break very easy and I have noticed my lips are chapped more than normal. Everything else is working great!! Weight down and feel 100% better. Not eating as much as I probably should so am thinking I am needing a vitamin replacement of some kind?

  32. Axyl

    Hi Dr. Davis,

    Found your book a great read, but I have a question about glycation. When fat and protein are metabolized, they’re ultimately converted into glucose too, so why does eating fat/protein cause less glycation than eating the same amount of carb? It’s more puzzling to me because fat has more Calories per gram than carb does (9 Cal vs 4 Cal), so that seems to imply it’d get converted to more glucose than carb does. If you could provide research references in your answer I’d really appreciate it.

    • Boundless

      > When fat and protein are metabolized, they’re ultimately converted into glucose too …

      How is fat metabolized to glucose? My understanding is that it’s primarily metabolized to ketone bodies, which the cells use instead of glucose. This process (nutritional ketosis) is what “burns” fat, and it takes the body out of glycemic metabolism while it’s happening. It also reduces the need to metabolize protein to glucose. You only need enough protein to preserve/grow muscle mass, and supply what little glucose is required while in NK.

      • Axyl

        Hi Boundless,

        Thanks for your explanation. I’m still starting out in learning more about metabolism and nutrition, so looks like I misunderstood something. I just knew that glycerol, which is part of fat, can be metabolized to glucose, but I didn’t know that the fatty acids are broken down into acetyl coA instead, which doesn’t ultimately become glucose. Is the glycerol just not a major enough part of fat to cause blood sugar problems?

        • Boundless

          Apparently, only 10% of the fat ends up as glucose, and it’s less of a concern for blood sugar, and ketosis, than excess protein.

  33. Evie

    Hi All, I’m into my 4th week minus wheat in my diet. I used to do the Zone diet, and other lower carb, but with recent stresses, I got into a habit of using sweets to “sweeten up” my moods and my days. Especially after 5pm every day. I found myself craving and eating junk nearly every evening. Otherwise I did eat plenty of fish, veggies, beans and lean proteins and had not used table sugar for years. I’d always be fine with healthy eating until about 5pm and then, everyday, like Jekkyl & Hyde, I would morph into a carb craver with my mind distracted by thoughts “foods” I knew were toxic for me, but could not resist. I felt irresistibly HUNGRY, sometimes immediately after eating. I knew about hyperglycosylation, hyperinsulinemia, etc. and had studied intensively for years about the ravages of HG foods on body systems, but still I could not lose, even on low carb plans, the nearly constant HUNGER. I walked a fast 5 miles a day for years, and had been known for my energy, strength and self discipline, but still I somehow could not eradicate the mysterious cravings for long. Then I saw the Wheat Belly book on Amazon and read reviews. At the time, I had the flu, diverticulitis,( on Cipro and Flagyl) itching dry skin, joint and muscle pain, back and neck pain, depression, etc and considered myself on the slippery slope down at age 70. So, I went for it. Now over 3 weeks later, it has been an epiphany. All above are all but gone and I suspect I will eventually need to decrease my B/P med. Lost 6 #s in 8 days (mostly H2O, of course) Eating fish, veggies, eggs, lean meat, nuts, some cheeses and plenty of natural, unsweetened Greek yogurt. Also had some steel cut oat meal with no problem, etc. I am so relieved about the bowel issue and all other changes and wish to thank Dr. Davis for finding and giving me the answer to my inflammatory issues and craving. Now I FORGET to eat and have to be sure to get a good meal. No more craving or hunger!!!!! Thank You.