Wheat Watch: Chili Seasoning

You gotta be vigilant for the hidden sources of wheat in food!

While a minority of people need to avoid the immune consequences of gluten, the rest of us need to avoid gliadin, the wheat protein that acts like an opiate to stimulate appetite.

Unwitting humans who are exposed to the gliadin protein of wheat are stimulated to consume 440 calories more per day, every day. And the calories you are stimulated to eat are not from salmon or asparagus, but from carbohydrates–more cookies, muffins, pretzels, chips, candy, and other junk.

Guess what happens when you consume 440 more calories from junk carbohydrates per day? Yup: a great big, bulging Wheat Belly!

McCormick’s line of chili seasonings look benign enough. But don’t be fooled: “wheat flour” is the second ingredient:


Beyond appetite stimulation, those of you who have been living wheat-free for more than a few weeks who experience an inadvertent wheat exposure are in for a night of high blood sugar, joint pain, headaches, and diarrhea, or whatever your variety of wheat re-exposure reaction might be. Sure, enjoy your chili with ground meat, tomato sauce, onions, green peppers, some beans . . . but just use chili pepper and other spices without the health-disrupting properties of wheat!

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60 Responses to Wheat Watch: Chili Seasoning

  1. Carrie says:

    The last time my mom made chili, I convinced her not to use the McCormick seasoning junk so that I could eat the chili, too. I helped her cook and we used cayenne pepper, paprika, onion salt, minced garlic, dried basil, and parsley. It was even better than usual! She is allergic to MSG which she did not know McCormick seasoning contained. Even if I cannot get my parents off wheat completely, at least I can cut down their exposure.

    I just remember how I felt when I had a wheat exposure this past weekend. I felt nauseous and my mom said I looked green. The next day, I had bowel urgency and just felt miserable. Wheat is poisonous even in small portions!

  2. Timm Engel says:

    Dear Dr. Davis your interview with Lew Rockwell did the trick for me and the in depth interview on “Red -Ice” overwhelmed me into submission. In both cases it was your clear and simple transmission of an understanding of the chemical structure of the molecules involved along with their detrimental interaction with human physiology that did the trick, so to speak. After only three days on my version of your diet the ‘paranoid fog’ in my head lifted as if by magic: I had become frightened of driving a car, a condition I had come to hate and had to battle for reasons I could not explain except by relating it, in some mysterious and illogical way, to my inability to ‘recover completely’ from mitral valve surgery three years ago. In a word your being a cardiologist was also very instrumental in convincing me of the urgency of what you were making public . Thank you so much for having made such a profoundly joyous impact on the quality of my life and, to boot, adding a standard deviation back to my IQ .