What about the children?

The best data we have suggest that 1 in 133 people have celiac disease, yet 90% of those 1 in 133 don’t know it.

And neither do their parents.

It means that approximately 1% of all children in the U.S. (and likely worldwide) are experiencing both perceived and unperceived health effects by consuming modern wheat, or what I call modern “Frankengrain,” but have no idea that they are consuming a food with severe health consequences. It’s not “just” about intestinal destruction, diarrhea, and malabsorption of nutrients; it’s also about impaired learning capacity, difficulties with attention, inability to control behavior and emotion, type 1 diabetes and other autoimmune conditions–potentially lifelong, life-altering, even life-abbreviating effects.

But wait a minute: The USDA School Lunch Program advises that “healthy whole grains” should play a prominent role in the diet of all children. They have vigorously promoted this agenda, thanks in part to the well-funded and enthusiastic lobbying of wheat industry trade groups like the Whole Grains Council.

The USDA School Lunch Program therefore advocates a nutritional program that resigns the 90% of undiagnosed children with celiac disease to the damaging effects of modern wheat–no screening or parental permission required. We’re not even talking about the several percent of kids with gluten sensitivity without celiac disease, or the non-immune gliadin effects that stimulate appetite, or the wheat germ agglutinin toxic to the gastrointestinal tract, or the amylopectin A that sends blood sugar and insulin sky-high. We’re just talking about the 1% of kids with celiac disease.

But that 1% have become the unwitting and innocent victims waged by the nutritionally ignorant or greedy, AKA the dietary community, the Wheat Lobby, agribusiness, and Big Food.

OSHA estimates that more reliable backup alarms installed on forklifts can be estimated to save up to 20 lives per year, a number sufficient to install and enforce regulations to improve safety. Compare that to the 76.1 million children in the U.S. age 0-17 years. Being told to eat more “healthy whole grains” means that 684,000 children are being advised to consume more of what is essentially a poison to them, given their immune intolerance.

The problems with modern wheat go beyond that of celiac disease, of course. But this is yet another facet of how far wrong the conventional advice to consume more “healthy whole grains” can be.

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68 Responses to What about the children?

  1. Katy says:

    I’ve been wheat-free/sugar-free for 3 weeks now and have experienced miracles. No more back pain, no PMS moodiness, no anxiety, and some weight loss. It feels wonderful and I love it! My hubby has gotten a little jealous ( I think) of how good I feel and has also just started. But I think I need a little encouragement in one particular area. I’ve got a 7 year old who I would like to bring along on the wheat-free road with us. She does well with the simple foods (fruits, veggies, meats), but misses nacho chips, cookies, and cake. I’ve been working through the dessert recipes in the Wheat Belly Cookbook, and even though some are marked “kid friendly” , which I truly appreciate, and I think they are great alternatives, my daughter has been spitting them all out. I’ll spend an hour making an yellow almond flour cake, with chocolate cream cheese frosting and then, nobody but me likes it. We’ve stopped buying all the processed stuff we used to and purged the house, but I’m getting discouraged. Any advice from parents and grandparents out there?

  2. Dani says:

    Help. How do you get a five year old who lives on wheat foods to give them up..hes a picky eater. I have a feeling his chronic postnasal drip/cough and alleries are rooted in his diet.

  3. Gambrill says:

    The past few days have had me researching wheat and the various evils ascribed to it. I am almost convinced to try Wheat Belly myself not only for the benefits to myself but as a guinea pig for my family. I have a hubby who suffers from a long list of probably wheat-induced problems. He is, however, someone who likes to consume half a family-sized bag of Oreos with milk at bedtime and scoff at anything but traditional, Western meds. He’s been taking statins for 13 years for VERY high cholesterol does not feel the need to do much else. He is also strongly resistant to lifestyle changes…… Then, there are my 3 kids who are all lovely and, while they do eat a LOT of fruits and veggies, beans, and meat, are certainly fans of carbs esp bagels, noodles and various baked goods and sweets. I have read in various places on this site and the WB book preview pages on Amazon, that kids should not restrict their carbs as much as adults. Is there some more specific guidance about how much is OK given you also say that it is an all-or-nothing proposition: NO wheat AT ALL. I should add that the kids are also very low bmi (I have been so historically and have always had trouble keeping weight on!) and I do not want them to lose an ounce! Meanwhile, I am motivated to try this lifestyle as my 42 year old body appears to be getting some extra and unwelcome padding around the middle. Sigh. I know I have listed many issues here – my main question is what can I feed my kids that will protect from the poisons of carbs and keep them healthy and growing?


    • Barbara says:

      My suggestion is to keep doing internet searches of paleo sites. Lots of good recipes. Gourmetgirl cooks, elana’s pantry, have great tasting recipes. Of course, the WB cookbook is terrific. The more you explore, you will come across other sites. Just start cooking without grains! Boiled then mashed potatoes have a lower glycemic value than baked.

      You, like many others, have to start reading the awful ingredients in our food. Wheat, high fructose corn syrup, sugars and salt with a large dose of chemicals too. Just walk away from these. You will save alot of money! Bake your own cookies using the nut flours.

      Keep reading this web site for lots of helpful hints. Most people are finding that they hated giving up their old way of eating, but really like their new shapely bodies, their increased energy, their lack of aches and pains and greatly improved dispositions. Your kids will notice and maybe even your husband will put down his box of cookies!