Sick . . . for no apparent reason

Rochelle posted this story of just being sick without apparent explanation, despite “healthy” eating and exercise, “moderation,” with no solutions offered by doctors, just suffering day to day until . . .

I just have to say THANK YOU!

I have been experiencing some of the strangest yet “smallest” health issues since I gave birth to my son almost 8 years ago, starting with terrible migraines down to intestinal issues. I’ve worked out for the past 12 years and ate “healthy” for the most part. But I noticed that my weight loss journey and efforts to rid myself of the baby weight just weren’t working the way they did pre-baby.

Needless to say, I was frustrated and very upset that I couldn’t get the scale to move without starving myself, which is unrealistic. I’d been to two doctors, with neither making any efforts to dig deeper into my issues.

I suffered from dizzy spells (one of my biggest concerns), running into things, memory loss, minor aches and pains, slurred speech, having difficulty speaking or getting my words out, and, most of all, serious stomach problems that sounded more like I was always hungry, not to mention chronic bloating and fatigue, along with no energy. Day to day living and exercise was a major chore and struggle. Some days I was literally sick and just couldn’t understand why.

Well, back in May, one of my friends was diagnosed with RA [rheumatoid arthritis] and decided to give the Paleo diet a try. To all of our amazement, she dropped about 12 pounds almost instantly and a lot of her inflammation went away.

So I figured why not give it a try and see what happens. For a few weeks I stuck as close to Paleo as I could and noticed most of my symptoms went away. I decided to start to introduce the “healthy” foods back into my diet and guess what? Yep: ALL my issues came back almost instantly. It wasn’t until that same friend suggested I read your book that it dawned on me that all my so called “healthy whole grains,” brown rice, etc. were the root of all my issues. The more I read, the more amazed I was. So I decided to go cold turkey for two weeks and to closely monitor myself to see what my results would be.

I’m sure I dont have to tell you that again everything disappeared! I dropped 7 pounds in those two weeks, my energy level went up, and my bloating and “talking” stomach DISAPPEARED! I’ve cheated a few times but have to say that every single time my symptoms came back in a matter of minutes and reminds me why it’s just not worth it.

I now read every item I purchase in the grocery store and refuse to live just a “gluten free” life. My only regret is not testing my diet sooner.

It’s amazing that we don’t think the foods we place in our mouths could be the cause of most, if not all, of our health issues. When I tell people that I can’t and won’t touch wheat anymore they think I’m crazy, but I don’t care. I’ll keep telling them and suggesting your book until they get it. You are a Godsend and amazing. I dont care what the industry says. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU FOR BEING ONE OF THE FEW DOCTORS TO SPEAK UP AND NOT BE AFRAID TO BUCK THIS BIG OLD SYSTEM!!! You have probably saved my and my son’s life.

p.s. I’m only 36 so I knew there had to be something wrong, regardless of what the doctors said, which included living on a 1000 calorie a day diet.

Sounds like Rochelle was on her way to a full-blown case of cerebellar ataxia, maybe even early memory impairment via gluten encephalopathy, as well as the more run-of-the-mill wheat problems like acid reflux, bloating, and migraine headaches. She was led down this path by the endlessly repeated mantra of “eat more healthy whole grains,” and likely would have been blamed for sloth, gluttony, and laziness by the doctors who failed, time after time, to understand that these phenomena were all due to the perfect chronic poison she was encouraged to ingest, AKA modern wheat.

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  1. Tina says:

    So started 1 wk today and feeling pretty good actually more than pretty good lost some of the belly but no weight, is this normal? Should I be doing something different? Can I be eating to much or to less? Help

    • Dr. Davis says:

      Yes, an occasional person experiences it in this fashion.

      I say carry on and see how your wheatlessness unfolds, Tina!

    • DaveE says:

      Tina – I’d just like to say that I had the exact same start. For the first week, it felt like I was losing belly fat, but the scale wasn’t moving. I’m now into week 4, and I’m down about 9 pounds. I’m not sure where the belly fat ‘goes’ in the first while, but everything seems to sort itself out eventually.

      Stick with it, and you will hopefully start to see that scale move soon!

      • Wow, thanks! I’m encouraged – still getting to my first week but already feeling lighter with no budge on the scales. But I only probably have 15-20 lbs to lose. I’ll keep on keeping on! The best thing is I’m not hungry all the time any more. Can’t wait!

  2. Nancy says:

    I just read this story, and I must say she described my symptoms to a T, I like Rochelle have suffered similiar symptoms. I am very new (1 week) to the Gluten Free Diet, I am not sure if I am doing it the right way, as I am still learning what to eat, but in the first few days I have noticed that I am less bloated after eating, I don’t seem to feel as lethargic but I haven’t noticed a increase in energy. My endocrinologist turned me onto the Wheat Belly book, and I am working with him to try to control my Thyroid issues, I had been hyperthyroid most of my life and about 8 years ago went to hypo. My health has taken a nose dive over the last 3 years, where I have battled constant Stomach issues, headaches, joint pain, moodiness, etc, I begged my doctors to due further testing but they just said it was my thyroid and until they got that under control i wouldn’t feel better. I had a gallbladder attack in January of last year, and had my gallbladder removed and for awhile I felt like a million bucks. But that didn’t last long either, soon the symptoms returned with a vengeance, so back to the beg for further testing. My lab work came back borderline RA symptoms, along with other issues. I finally broke down and started seeing an endocrinologist a few weeks ago and will be doing more lab work in a few more weeks after my new medicines have a chance to kick it. I am determined to get my life back and I know how much my family is wanting their happy mother back. I know they said that getting older isn’t easy, but I just turned 40 and I am not willing to lay down without a fight. Now I know there is hope for me. Thank you, and I will keep you posted on my progress.

    • Dr. Davis says:

      Please do, Nancy!

      An endocrinologist? Wow, that’s rare: An endocrinologist who advised you to read Wheat Belly?

      Please tell us who it is: He/she must be one of the exceptionally rare open-minded endocrinologists in the country!

      • Nancy says:

        Dr. Davis,
        My doctor is Dr. Vera from Vera Endocrine & Associates. He is based in Daytona Beach, Fl. Not only did he suggest/urge me to read your book, he pulled his very own copy down off his book case in his office and had me read the excerpt from the back cover out loud. Since responding to the blog above I have continued on the WB diet, and I must tell everyone how much better I have felt, i have even dropped 3 lbs. I am excited as to where my health is going, and so glad my doctor has turned me onto your book.

  3. Jeffrey says:

    Dr Davis, I just removed wheat from my diet mainly to see if it would have a positive effect on my Hashimoto’s and also curious if it would help with anxiety and perhaps hair loss. The thing is, I’m 5’11″, male and only 122 lbs. Since starting two/three days ago I’ve replaced grains with proteins and vegetables/fruits and I lost 3 lbs.

    I’ve also had bad nausea.
    Is it safe for me to continue on this diet? Can my body handle weight loss if I am already so thin? I’m reading your book but don’t see you addressing whether skinny people would benefit from it.


    • Dr. Davis says:

      Well, this is not about calorie or fat restriction, Jeffrey.

      I tell people who are fearful of losing weight to eat MORE eggs, cheese, meats, fats, butter, avocados, coconut, etc. Do not restrict calories.

      Weight virtually always plateaus at a healthy level.

  4. Thomas says:

    Wheat Belly Prayers I’ve been intending to re-write; no offense to TRUE Believers that recognize repetitive programmed dis-eases, i.e. “Give us our bread, our dally bread”

    Hail Mary, full of cake.
    Ohh Lordy be with thee.
    Blessed were thou among women,
    and blessed was the fruit pie in thy womb,
    Dear Jesus.
    Holy Mary, Mother of God, What were you thinking?
    pray for us (*1)sinners,
    now and at the hour of our (*2) death.
    Aye Womb(wheat?)-men too!

    *1) Sin = “miss the target” which was which weight?

    *2) Death; may be sooner than you think with that Wheat Belly “you hang onto” :O, Jesus HELP you…

    Maybe we could start a NEW Category on the left margin Dr. William? Hope to hear you @ A4M in Vegas!!

    • Dr. Davis says:

      Wow, this is pretty esoteric stuff, Tom!

      • Tanya says:

        Heh funny coincidence or what? I’ve just been watching Lord of the Rings.. Gollum explains it himself: “… and we forgot the taste of bread…”, “… Smeagol hates nasty elven bread… ” No wonder he’s so skinny. No bread plus he’s on the Atkins diet!

  5. Sora says:

    Dr. D.

    Why don’t you address the concept of ‘pairing’ carbohydrates with proteins. Since pairing has been shown to keep blood glucose down, wouldn’t that be a loophole to allow consumption of (non-wheat) carbs?

    This seems like a pretty important thing to discuss.


  6. Marci McMurray says:

    About 4 years ago I drove myself to the emergency room thinking I was having a heart attack. My arms were numb, I had pain in my jaws, cold hands, dizziness and difficulty breathing. I was told by the DR that I didn’t seem like the type of person who would make these things up and was in incredible shape for my age. ( 37 at the time ). He explained that dizziness was a common unexplained mystery in over 50% of emergency room visits and that sometimes your body just gets tired. These episodes have continued to haunt me sporadically without rhyme or reason. I am a very active person as well, spending time at the gym as well as Participating in many endurance sports etc, but have struggled for years with an apple shape. In the back of my head I have been suspecting a food allergy, but the typical wheat symtoms didn’t really match mine. Recently my health really took a downward spiral, very quickly too. Somewhere near the point of recognition I literally stumbled upon this book and upon reading the list of symptoms on the jacket, knew I better read it.

    It was the best thing I have ever done. What has impressed me more than returning to my normal health, weight, and dropping the dizzy spells is the change of mind. I had been living with an impending sense of doom, feeling it was my job and it’s relation to the economy I just kept enduring the feelings. I had no idea when embarking on this that I would end up with such mental clarity, drop my worry and become such an efficient positive problem solver. I am more productive than ever and I am loving it. I wish I had stumbled upon this sooner.

    • Dr. Davis says:

      How many people have endured years–decades!–of quiet suffering with such symptoms, going through test after test, even medical procedures, prescription medications, spending countless hours wondering if the problem is in their head, all occurring despite vigorous exercise, doing everything right . . . when it was all due to the food we were told to eat!

      Is there any way to overstate the enormity of this blunder?