What a difference a day makes!

The ladies are getting bolder!

Over the past year since Wheat Belly was first released and shook the crumbs out of the wheat-consuming world, we’ve heard of countless success stories, including dramatic weight loss. But the ladies have been very shy about posting their “before” and “after” photos!

Here are the photos of two ladies, posted within just hours of each other on the Wheat Belly Facebook page:



Isn’t that great? Lives are turned around. And, yes, it’s about weight loss, but it is–even MORE importantly–about all the health conditions turned around, minimized, or completely cured.

And there will indeed be another Wheat Belly Blog post in near-future to address the people who say, “I stopped the wheat, no longer have acid reflux or joint pain, but I still haven’t lost weight!” You might say that those of you who FAIL to lose the weight you want have managed to unmask abnormal health conditions that impair weight loss.

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Comments & Feedback...

  1. Lou

    Wow! It’s so inspirational to see these pics. Dr. Davis, I was wheat free for a month and although I felt better, I didn’t lose any weight. You advised me via your blog to check my T3 thyroid hormone. I did, and made the switch to natural thyroid. Not only is my weight starting to come down, I feel amazing for the first time in 8 years and it’s only been a couple of months. I really can’t thank you enough.

    • Jeanie

      Yeah, I’ve been grain free (minus non GMO corn chips & a bit of rice one day a week) for about 3 months, and have only gone up and down in weight. 4 pounds. Same 4 pounds. *sigh* TIme to cut dairy, fruit, and salt, I guess. It really sucks being obese. (38% body fat/31.3 BMI and 60 pounds overweight).

      The days when I barely eat is when I notice the most weight loss. I’m on 112 mcg of levothyroxine, and my RT3/T3/T4 (Free) were wnl with TSH at a 1.2. I notice sharp fluctuations in my hyper/hypo symptoms–burning in the throat mixed with heat intolerance, then the next day I’m bundled up, not hungry and face is puffy. Energy levels? Hahahaha. Either caffeine jitters or barely awake despite 14 hours of sleep. The nurse practitioner I see frowns on the idea of food affecting thyroid.

      The scary part? I see so many elderly women in my therapy practice who have hypothyroid with DMII and cardiovascular events. I don’t want to be the undertreated one who has a heart attack at 50, yet I’m not sure what to do/test/eat.

      • Maureen

        I have had a throidechtomy. (sp). I have been on the no wheat program for about two months and haven’t lost any weight. I take Levothyroxine. I am unable to lose weight since I had operation. Easy to put on, but cannot lose. Try so hard and very frustrated that I cannot get an answer about what to do.

      • AllisonK

        I don’t have a thyroid problem, and don’t know what you eat, so maybe this advice is totally irrelevant. But, when I cut out all dairy also, (still working on permanently, but it’s very hard being so delicious, I only consume cheese and real ice cream anymore.) I slim up very quickly losing retained water and body aches go away. As soon as I add it back in, I get tired and puff up immediately.
        The next morning I wake up with body stiffness. I have no known dairy allergies or intolerances. Once the initial 10 pounds dropped, I have been fluctuating the same 4 or 5 also, and it seems to always tie in to my dairy indulgences. You’d think with these symptoms I would just be able to quit it, but I just keep indulging! I have heard of many people who plateau until they drop the dairy also.
        Don’t cut the salt!! Your body needs it. Salt only makes people retain water when they aren’t getting enough, your body basically says “Omigod, omigod SALT! Hang on to it!!!” which requires water.

      • Patricia

        HI Jeannie,
        I too would cut out the dairy if I were you… I actually live dairy, soy, & gluten free and also limit processed food. I’d be lying if I said I do the latter 100% of the time but definitely 80%. It makes a huge difference! Try it and good luck

  2. Melanie

    Would you please explain “natural thyroid” for those of us who aren’t quite sure what you are referring to? Thanks.

    • Lou

      Sure. Google ‘natural desiccated thyroid ‘. If you have a thyroid problem, it’s definitely worth learning about…I don’t have a thyroid. I don’t want to put ads and links on Dr. D’s blog, but there is a ton of information online that you’ll never get from your endocrinologist.

      • Dr. Davis

        If the endocrinologists disappeared from the earth tomorrow . . . the earth would be a better place.

        • Lou

          Agree. I’ve been going to endo’s for 30 years. The answer for me turned out to be a nutritional supplement made by a company in Ohio, but that I have to order from the UK because my doctors refuse to prescribe it.

  3. Meg Williams

    This is great and very inspiring! Today is my first day on the Wheat Belly diet and I am very excited! I have one question for you Dr. Davis. Can we drink low-sugar (1g) protein shakes (ie: the premixed kind from Costco) as a meal replacement? This would be very helpful in the mornings before workouts.

  4. Michelle Weaver

    Dr. Davis:
    In a previous post a while ago, you advocated supplementing Iodine to support healty thyroid function. I am hypothyroid and take .75 mg of Levothyroxine per day. Would you encourage me to take supplemental Iodine as well?

  5. Beth

    I’ve been about 95% wheat/gluten/flour free for 2 weeks….wow, I am totally amazed at how my joint pain is almost gone. Years of suffering from spinal stenosis & really stiff back & I am able to stand straight all day, rise up after sleep & long sitting with minimum problems compared to just 2 weeks ago. I am finally able to eat without stomach pain & severe swelling after a meal. I didn’t weigh at first, feel like maybe I’m down a few pounds by clothes being a tad loser. I’m really hoping to read the book soon, my name has been on the waiting list at the local library for about 6 weeks. It is challenging shopping & especially looking for items while on a very limited budget, but I am making it work…..I feel like this will be a life changing experience for me :-)

  6. Pickinthefive

    Hi Dr. Davis,
    I am very anxious to read the post in the near future regarding no weight loss. I have been very strict on the Wheat Belly diet for over 4 months now, and have indeed seen almost miraculous healing of my entire intestinal system after 40+ years of problems. However, up to this point, I haven’t lost a single ounce of weight. ?? I am also on an exercise program that I have stayed with pretty regularly.

    • Lauren

      I can’t wait for this post either! I have been gluten free since July and have been doing so great and feeling wonderful but I haven’t lost a single lb! Feeling quite down about that so I’m looking forward to reading your post.

  7. Heather Porrill

    FABULOUS LADIES!!!!! Looking good and I know from my own personal progress, you are feeling better too. I am 4 weeks now 100% wheat free, and the pounds are slowly melting away. I changed nothing else, just no wheat or gluten, and because of what I understand about alternative GF foods, I am even able to avoid my own incredibly fantastic chocolate layer cake. Best CD set I ever bought, I tried but I couldn’t read the book as I couldn’t concentrate long enough to get thru all the technical details. I have listened to the CD 3 times now.

  8. Patricia

    Cut out the dairy, and while you’re at it, eliminate the soy and the processed food. The combination should help!

    • Please forgive me if this is the stupidest question EVER, but do eggs count as dairy? We use cheese and cow’s milk sparingly, but we have been eating eggs like crazy…

      Going into week 3 and no noticeable weight loss, but overall feeling good!


      • Hillary

        Nope, eggs are not dairy. Dairy refers only to milk (cow’s, goat’s, sheep) or foods made from milk (cheese, cream, butter, etc..) or that contain milk or its products. No question is stupid – just an opportunity to learn.

  9. Dr. Davis:
    Thank you so much for your book! I recently took the wheat-free plunge after being motivated by a friend of mine who read your book and also went wheat-free. As I read your book, the thing I kept thinking was that what you wrote made so much sense. So I went for it… my wheat-free journey started on October 1. By the end of Day 3… I noticed a very marked difference in the reduction of swelling in my ankles. I have arthritis in my ankles and they’ve been swelling for 7 years. I also have this overall, general sense of …. less inflammation in my whole body.
    After one week, I lost 3 lbs… so that was great. But I am very much striving to have a long-term perspective in all of this…. I want to be in this for the long haul because I am convinced I could experience alot of great benefits. One in particular…. allergies and asthma. For 26 years I have suffered through getting upper respiratory infections which immediately goes into broncial asthma.
    By the way, I am blogging about my wheat free journey, posting weekly updates on Mondays at ElinCriswell.com
    I look forward to submitting my own before and after photos!

  10. Donald

    I lost weight right away after eliminating the wheat and all other grains as well.
    It was a pretty quick drop of 5 lbs. then I lost another 4-5 soon after, but had to eliminate
    bananas, grapes, and other high carb foods. So basically I am low carbing it.
    There has been no additional weight loss, but for me that’s fine. I feel better than I have in years. I am particularly delighted about the loss of knee pain. It started to lessen within a few days of giving up wheat and by week 2 it was gone. Pretty amazing.
    I still carry some belly fat, not a terrible amount, but still it’s there. I wonder, will the belly fat I have be re-distribued away from my abdomen now that I am wheat free?

  11. QUESTION FOR DR. DAVIS: A number of pills that I take (vitamins, supplements, prescriptions) contain maltodextrin, listed under “Other Ingredients”… Can I assume this is a minute amount and does not materially affect the results of my Wheat Belly regimen, or should I be concerned? (I’m sure this question has occurred to many of your followers, so please answer it).

    • b-nasty

      I generally don’t worry about the small amount of undesirables in my supplements. For example, many Vit D pills will use soy oil as the carrier, but the amount is far less than a milliliter — not concerning. Pills that have maltodextrin would be less than a gram of total carb, so probably not an issue for most.

      One thing to note however, is that sometimes maltodextrin is derived from wheat. In the US, we use corn because there is such an abundance. I believe that they usually list the fact that the MD is wheat-derived if it is. If you have specific concerns about this, you can always contact the manufacturer and ask. Any that don’t give/have a good answer probably shouldn’t be trusted for your supplements.

  12. I am on week 4 and I have lost 21 lbs. I feel great. Blogging each way through my wheat free journey. You are an intelligent man so thank you.

  13. Mr John Frederick Zablosky

    I to put on a lot of weight after my thyroid stopped functioning properly..I take 0.15mg of Synthroid daily for hypothroidism.Any recommendations? I hope Wheat belly can help me lose weight..Atkins worked for the 2 months I stayed on it.I see Michelle takes 0.75 mg of Levothyroxine per day..I just went up to 0.15mg,from 0.125..now I wonder if I am taking enough. My doctor was worried about heart risks at 0.15mg..and Michelle you take 0.75??? I wonder if natural desiccated thyroid and/or iodine supplementation can help me?

    • Dr. Davis

      You provided the answer, Mr. John: The majority of people do best–lose weight more readily, feel happier, have warmer hands and feet, grow thicker hair, have better cholesterol values–if they take natural desiccated thyroid, e.g., Armour thyroid. Iodine can be helpful, but tends to improve thyroid status only if you are iodine deficient, a situation that applies to around 20% of people.

      But don’t expect to get this from your endocrinologist, a generally useless lot. Look for a functional medicine practitioner or naturopath, i.e., someone who is willing to listen and think.

  14. QQQQBall

    I lost 20 pounds (from 205 lbs to under 185 lbs) cutting out wheat and flour and it was pretty quick, but I workout alot. I have been cheating lately with pizza and some bread and have added 5 pounds back (back around 190 lbs). When I cheat, I crave Mexican Coca Cola and Trader Joe’s French Vanilla Ice Cream as well as pizza and I get the urge for Panera sugar bagels in the morning after a workout. I went from 38′ waist to appx 35″ waist, although I am now 36″ waist. I went from XL shirts to Large size, so I need to buildup the wardrobe again. I am shooting to stabilize at a 34″ waist and under 180 pounds.

    • Dr. Davis

      But you can’t go back, QQQ!

      The gliadin protein of wheat–the OPIATE–will pull you back, entice you with initially pleasant feelings along with good taste. Before you know it, BAM! You weigh 230 pounds with a 42-inch waist.

      Say goodbye, once and for all, and take back control over weight, waist size, and health.

  15. Patti

    I have been gluten free for 15 months and I feel wonderful and have lost 12 pounds really without dieting. More importantly I have lost inches and inches everywhere I can only assume inflammation? Before cutting gluten I had back problems extreme joint pain, headaches and extreme fatigue, b12 problems and a lifetime of unexplained low iron since childhood. Vitamins are a must but the missing piece of this puzzle I really only discovered lately is digestive enzymes and a really really good probiotic that is usually kept in the refrig. Good luck everyone and stay with it. It is so worth it to live a healthy life!!!

    • Dr. Davis

      I believe you are correct, Patti: It is inflammation that drives many of the unhealthy effects of the consumption of modern wheat.

      Lose the wheat, lose the inflammation!

  16. Meredith McBride

    I’m a physician in my late 40’s who specializes in vascular medicine. I went grain free about 3 months ago. I’ve lost 10 lbs, and have seen my arthritis and my lifelong, so-called ‘irritable bowel syndrome’ virtually disappear. My complexion, energy levels and overall apprearance are so improved that I’m constantly asked whether I’ve had plastic surgery, a make-over, or dyed my hair. I look and feel 10 years younger. This has inspired quite a few of my colleagues to try grain free, with similar results.

    As an aside, my 9 year old daughter has seen a dramatic improvement in her longterm asthma subsequent to changing her diet, to the point where she now refuses to eat anything with wheat in it, no matter how tempting the food might be (think: birthday cake, cookies). She knows from first hand experience that it will inevitably bring on an exacerbation in her asthma. Currently she is off of controller medications, this for the first time in years.

    Although I liberally talk about my experiences with my patients and advise reading ‘Wheat Belly’, I’d love to have a short one or two page synopsis of the highlights to present to patients in my clinic, much in the same way that I provide handouts on smoking cessation, vascular screening and so forth.

    • Dr. Davis

      Hi, Dr. Meredith–

      That’s terrific on your and your daughter’s response–without medication or procedures!

      For the present, there is the Wheat Belly Quick and Dirty that summarizes the basic points of the diet.

      If a more comprehensive summary of the why’s, how’s, when’s, etc., well, I haven’t yet done that. Since I’ve heard this from others, I’ll add this to my to-do list!

  17. Linda Olson

    Seeking health and weight loss through Wheat Belly and Dr. Davis’s recommendations has been like peeling back the layers of an onion. I started the WB journey on Dec. 1, 2011.
    1. I was on a T4 thyroid medication. On Dr. Davis’s recommendation I sought out a naturopathic physician (actually I found an integrative physician) who was willing to add a T3 medication (liothyronine) to my regime.
    2. The functional nutritionist that works with the above doctor discovered that I have an elevated cortisol level at night when it should be low. Poor sleep causes leptin resistance which affects satiety and weight loss.
    3. Food allergy testing showed dairy and egg intolerance. Bummer!
    4. I started reading Maria Emmerich’s blog and one of her books and discovered that eating high carbs (my lifelong diet) causes decreased insulin available to transport magnesium into cells. This probably caused my restless leg syndrome, which contributed to the insomnia, etc.
    5. I never really let go of sugar and “gluten free” junk food. Initially I tried very hard to stay low carb but every couple of weeks I would have a day when I ate a whole bag of rice chips, or a lot of candy. This summer my eating escalated to eating more gluten-free foods, including a cruise with a lot of gluten-free deserts. At the end of the summer, blood work showed a re-elevated CRP – a return of inflammation big time. Plus I gained 7 pounds. It was time to get serious!
    6. A return to consistant low carb/grain free/high saturated fat diet has resulted in a loss of 18 pounds! But…another problem. Candida, another name for a yeast overgrowth in the bowel and blood stream, is not happy about my new eating style. Another layer to peel, but health and weight loss are within reach, I can just feel it.

    • Linda Olson

      I should mention that I am off 2 blood pressure pills, cholesterol medication, one and a half sleeping pills, and GERD medication (that’s 6 1/2 pills I’m off of). My HgA1C (diabetes test) went from 6.4 to 5.5 (no longer in diabetic range). .

  18. Jeanne

    I could not agree more!
    Having been left with no functioning thyroid after I – 131 ablation since 1987, I suffered thru the Synthyroid only protocol that was standard of care until I bucked the system and called BS! Compounded slow release T3 and Levoxyl have been the best for me so far. Not the same as my God given thyroid though.

    I see the destructive menus and inappropriate insulin use prescribed to patients in the hospitals and want to scream. Many a diabetic has been MADE from a previously insulin resistant person…

    Who sounds like the crazy one if I tell them how to eat properly, and to try to stay off insulin as long as possible- when this is directly OPPOSITE of what the doc and diabetes educator is telling them??

    Until someone educates the endocrinologists and they change their party line we are in serious trouble.

  19. Sherry

    I went wheat (corn, rice, sugar, potato, ect) free on July 4! On that day I weighed 144. Today I weighed 135. I had none of the problems that this diet was supposed to fix. I’m actually not even sure why I did it. But I have noticed one incredible result: extreme lack of hunger! I am simply free from the constant nagging thought, “what do I eat next and when?”. Now I can focus that mental energy on larger issues.

    • Allen

      I totally agree with you. I went off wheat July 21, and as of this week I’m down 20 lbs. And I’m never really hungry, and don’t think much about food (as long as I keep a good supply of good fats in my diet). I’ve been on a beta blocker for about three years (just got upped to higher dosage at last checkup). I am now totally off the beta blocker for the last three weeks with normal blood pressure.

  20. Sedena

    The other thing I like about being grain, dairy, starch and sugar free? Not only am I never hungry, I don’t worry about portion control: when I’m full, I know it and can’t eat another bite, even if the plate still has food left on it! And I actually have the time to decide and prepare what I want to eat, not just grabbing the nearest thing to my hand that looks like food.

    • This has been one of the most remarkable aspects of this journey so far…For the first time, I am not a slave to food…I almost feel repulsed by the thought of eating more than I ‘should’…I must say, though, that old habits die hard and I often take a second helping out of habit only to realize that I don’t want it! I don’t feel as anxious or restless around food….signs that I was obviously addicted. Tonight I made a gluten free pizza base and added a ton of toppings…when it came time to ear, I finished one slice and immediately grabbed another…I felt like I was forcing myself to eat it…

      Trust me, when you’ve had issues around food all of your life, these are huge revelations!

      • Charla Eastwood

        Yes, revelations, indeed! I’m experiencing the same things…it is awesome! I see now how much I was eating out of habits being driven by cravings and their frustration.

        I feel so FREEEEE!

        While I didn’t have any really recognizable stomach issues from wheat., I can now tell when something slips in in a dressing or something at a restaurant as the food cravings are back immediately….and then I can usually trace it back.

        I just feel awesome! I am soooo excited about this! Food has been a major problem for me for 28 years…BUT NO MORE!!!!

  21. Erica Dickson

    I’m the girl in the second photo set, I should mention that this process has taken me about a year in total so far and I am down to 190-194 lbs and wearing more size 12’s and still some 14’s depending on style and brand of pants, tops were sizes XL/XXL/1X but they are now mostly mediums, a few larges and a couple smalls again all depending on style and brand. I plan to keep going and lose another 30-40 lbs, my goal is not to be skinny but to be solid :)
    Thanks for all your support, Wheat Belly has become one of my fav books!

  22. I’m anxiously awaiting that post regarding dropping the wheat (and sugar, and carbs in general……) and NOT losing the weight

  23. Alex

    Hi Dr. Davis,

    I hope you plan to visit Denver. It would be nice to meet you. I have a question about non-wheat flours and how critical is flour “contamintation” with wheat? I’m hoping simply buying corn flour is much fine and still considered gluten-free and I should not worry about some possible contamination with wheat, since for over 40 years I’ve been eating wheat and enjoyed it, and now I’ve been happily gluten-free for over a month.

    In other word, for NON-celiac people, how big of a deal is it small amount of wheat contamination with non-wheat flour for gluten-free diet?

    • Dr. Davis

      It varies, Alex, but it can induce all manner of peculiar re-exposure reactions. So it is worth avoiding, though I doubt it is in your corn starch.

      HOWEVER, nobody should be using cornstarch as a wheat flour replacement. This will give you diabetes, visceral fat growth, hypertension, heart disease, cataracts, cancer, and dementia when consumed over time, not to mention potential exposure to GM corn.

    • Erica Dickson

      better to go mostly grain free when u can, there are many tasty goods u can make such as loaves and muffins with almond meal and coconut flour! for example grain free zucchini bread:
      1 and 1/2 cup of Almond Meal
      1/2 tsp salt
      1 1/2 tsp baking soda
      1 1/2 tsp cinnamon
      3 large eggs
      4 TBSP RAW honey melted
      1 small banana mashed (or 1/3 cup unsweetened applesauce)
      1 TBSP coconut oil or butter melted
      1 medium zucchini shredded and the water squeezed out very well.

      Combine wet ingredients and whisk really well, add dry ingredients and zucchini, mix together. Pour into greased loaf pan (or silicone pans) and bake at 350 for 30 to 35 minutes. want less sugar? skip the honey, the bananas and applesauce make it sweet anyway.