Should she . . . or shouldn’t she?

Paige posted this question about whether or not she might benefit from the Wheat Belly approach:

I am 34 and I have struggled my entire life with hunger. I can remember being as yound as 5 and still being hungry after seconds. I was never “overweight,” but I was a little pudgie! Since marriage and three kids, I have gained 70 pounds.

My metabolism isn’t the same, or at least that is what everone is telling me. My doctor thinks I may not have that part of my brain that tells me when I am full.

I have tried every diet and exercise program. I went on a completely whole organic diet, no HFCS [high-fructose corn syrup], no high levels of sodium–the works. I did this for three months, no cheating. I GAINED 16 pounds. And I was excercising the entire time!! Totally devastated, I went into a deep, deep depression. I started cutting [myself] to deal with my pain. It was two-fold, really. I was cutting to distract me from my pain from self image and I was cutting to punish myself for letting me get this way. How could I go from 160 to 230?

My doctor just recently put me on phentermine. I have noticed a difference with being able to feel full after eating a normal amount of food, something I have never felt before. I actually cried the first two days on the medication because I, for the first time, felt normal. I haven’t lost any weight though. Which is odd, since most will lose 2-5 pounds the first week and then it tappers off. I am still finding myself craving food ALL the time.

I am wondering if this is the diet I should try. I just don’t know what else to do. The last two months my blood pressure has been thru the roof and migraines have gone into overdrive. I have three beautiful children who I have not taken ONE picture with because I don’t want them to remember me like this. My oldest is 9 and my youngest is 9 months. It’s time to start living again . . .

Well, Paige: You are the poster child for what happens to many people when they consume this bastardized product of human genetics manipulation, AKA modern wheat starring in your diet as “healthy whole grains.”

“Healthy whole grains” are anything but. You are a victim of the gliadin protein of modern wheat, the protein that, upon digestion in the human gastrointestinal tract, binds to the opiate receptors of the brain–but, rather than providing relief from pain or euphoria, it “only” stimulates appetite, sometimes extravagantly.

In fact, your experience reminds me of the people with binge eating disorder and bulimia who deal with 24-hour a day food obsessions–completely relieved with ridding their diet of all things wheat.

Self-destructive behavior, self-mutilation, migraine headaches, depression: These are also all part of the effects of the gliadin opiate in wheat. And the solution is most decidedly not a drug.

The solution is to remove all traces of this incredibly destructive thing from your life. You have been victimized by the blundering of agricultural geneticists, the indifference of agribusiness, and the deceptions of Big Food. Lose the wheat and take back control over appetite, your mind, your weight, your health, and the health and welfare of your family.

A word of warning: Given your extravagant responses to the components of wheat, especially the gliadin protein, be prepared for at least several days of unhappy physical and emotional turmoil as you experience the withdrawal effect: You will experience a mild form of opiate withdrawal with depression, headache, fatigue, and nausea. The only way to become unaddicted to an opiate is to . . . stop it. Grin and bear it, but life on the other side will likely be much, much brighter.

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Comments & Feedback...

  1. Boundless

    > I am 34 and I have struggled my entire life with hunger.

    Born 1978, well into the semi-dwarf hybrid wheat agricultural transition.

    > I can remember being as yound as 5 and still being hungry after seconds.

    1983 – further in. In two more years pretty much all your wheat “foods” would have become be techno-wheat, and before long darn near everything would be contaminated with it.

    I am older, recall a world where people weren’t so fat, and feel fortunate that my early years dodged much of the side effects of frankengrains. I worry about the younger generations, surrounded by poison from birth.

    • A

      I agree with Regular. And most likely more than just your metabolism is out of whack. Serotonin levels drop quickly when on a low-calorie diet and restoring those levels and other biochemical nutrients needed by your brain should be a top priority. Read “The Diet Cure” by Julia Ross (or visit her website). I would guess that your organic diet was also a low-fat, low calorie diet and now your body is depleted of vital brain biochemical nutrients — hence the deep depression and cutting desire. Get your gut healed — definitely wheat and sugar elimination, up your intake of good fats and protein and take the probiotics Dr. Davis recommends. If it’s sweets you crave, open a 500 mg capsule of L-glutamine (an amino acid available at your health food store) and dissolve the powder on your tongue. Your craving will go away in minutes (L-glutamine is a “fuel” used by the brain — like glucose). I believe Maria Emmerich also writes about needed brain biochemicals and nutrients on her website, so maybe check that out too. Hope this helps.
      P.S. Get a new doctor!

      • Teresa

        That isn’t entirely true! I am 30 and I ALWAYS felt the way she says she does. I also had other health problems, but was about to go to my doctor to finally discuss appetite suppressants because I was ALWAYS hungry… no matter how much protein I added in my diet (because I wasn’t removing the wheat/grains). I am only 3 weeks into this and I feel like a completely different person. First, I’m off all my diabetes medication. Second, I have NEVER been a morning person and I wake up easily and energetically at 7am every day now. And lastly, I KNOW when I am hungry and I KNOW when I am full… a sensation I have NEVER had in my life! I have also lost 13 pounds. So GO FOR IT PAIGE!! You will NOT regret it!

        • Teresa

          Think I should also mention that I had a history of depression as well, and I no longer feel depressed. I am happy, energetic, and full of life. My mood with people is different because I feel amazing. This is one life change that you have to experience it to believe it!

  2. Give up wheat, grains, and sugar and you will never look back. Paige, I have no pain, I can breathe, I have lost a lot of weight and continue. I have no cravings. I am never hungry. It took me three weeks of brain fog as I withdrew from wheat. Life is good. Thank you Dr. Davis.
    PS. My VAP test numbers have my Dr wanting to put me on Lipitor. That will never happen. I will test again when my body settles to a comfortable weight range.

    • Dr. Davis

      Terrific, Jo!

      There’s Big Food/Agribusiness, Big Pharma, and conventional diet on one side. There’s those of us who gain a better understanding of nutrition on the other: Funny how understanding the nutrition disempowers EVERYONE on the other side!

      • Jennifer

        I too am just starting the Wheat belly diet but have not yey got the book. Today is day 3 of giving up all grains and sugar although I did put coffee mate in my coffee, lol. Would Trivia be a good substitute? I do feel a little depressed, but will hold out. I suffer from bloating and lower back pain and that is why I want this change.
        My family, (mom, husband and 2 kids) are not on board and still eat this garbage.
        Hard when others bring junk food in the house, like my 65 year old mother who just recently moved in with us. She suffers from all kinds of symptoms this could help her from but isn’t willing to try it. She turns to Med’s instead. Hopefully I can be an example to her if it works for me but boy is it tough with all the food smells she puts in the house.

        I will buy the book later today at our local Costco.


        • nowheater

          I did not know the book is available at Costco. I was on the no wheat diet for a couple of months, still staying around the same weight, but getting slightly smaller (in the pants being looser). Then I went off, due to parties. (one including my birthday). I felt like I got hit by a truck. Like a hangover. That would not go away. Now I am back on the no wheat plan, (one week back on) and feel good again. Did I HAVE to test myself and/ or the diet? Maybe? All I know is I feel much better again. I need to lose 43 more pounds, but I almost feel like I can do it. To the lady who gained all the weight, (has 3 kids) and does the cutting. I never did that, but please stop. I know that sounds easy to say, but you have kids who need to look up to you. Also, take your picture with the kids. They only have one mom, and they love you, even if you are fat! FAT Peopel need and deserve love, and you have to love yourself. I know it is scary, but try to stop punishing yourself. I will if you will. At least you had the courage to admit it, and try to get support. You came to the right place, sister. I keep coming back for the support.

  3. L

    I understand where you are. And it can be a lonely place. I am an educated health professional. A physician! And I suffered for years with symptoms that I blew off. It wasn’t until the fatigue started to limit my ability to work, participate in kids activities, and drive without nodding off that I thought maybe there was something more to the GI symptoms, joint pain, migraines, and vitamin deficiencies I had ( celiac labs were normal after all! :)). I was never overweight, but I did become very bloated which made me unable to wear certain clothes some days. I see now that my life was controlled by food, although at the time I had a very healthy diet! I just thought my exercising increased my need for more calories. I frequently felt effects of hypoglycemia if i missed a meal or snack. Since going GF, the diarrhea is gone. I lost weight without even trying-as a matter of fact I had to stop exercising for other reasons and still lost. I am no longer a slave to food! I keep some GF snacks around (nuts etc) for when I am on the go and can’t eat “convenience foods” like sandwiches- and after several months my body is still changing in positive ways. The mental fatigue, cloudiness, depression i suffered from gluten all cleared very quickly. And I don’t know if I already just felt THAT bad, but i didn’t experience what I would call a withdrawal at all. (but I also didn’t eat many processed foods other than bread and pasta on occasion). After just a few days I dropped a few pounds which was likely fluid. But I have continued to shrink, without trying-due to decreased NEED to constantly eat. The improvement in my quality of life is worth giving it all up- and i do not miss it now! I say TRY it for a few weeks at least-it can’t hurt anything! I bet that you will see an improvement in at least some of your symptoms!! Don’t forget the hidden sources such as soy sauce, of all things! Good luck!

    • Dr. Davis

      Thanks for weighing in . . . and continue to do so!

      As you well know, our colleagues NEED to hear such messages, as too many simply accept conventional “wisdom” at face value, aided and abetted by Big Pharma who profit big-time from the continued propagation of the WRONG message.

  4. Pamela Rhea

    The simple answer is YES. Try this, you have nothing to lose but pain and misery. I am living proof.
    I began this way of eating 4 months ago with an eye to losing weight. Following the approved food list noted in the Wheat Belly book (get the book) the weight began to decline. But that was not all. After some days of ‘withdrawal’ symtoms, I began to ‘feel’ better. Physical pain declined, digestion began to normalize, energy increased and most of all my anxiety lessened. That was all in the first two weeks. With new found hope, I started to read all the accounts printed in this blog, entries on the Wheat Belly FB page and reread the book.
    Now I am enjoying control over my appetite, better sleep, no headaches, even moods and a general sense of well being, just to name a few.
    Paige, just give this a test. Try 30 days. Life can be overwhelming and a big change can seem daunting. But, I promise nothing but good things can come of “Losing the Wheat”. When all is said and done I think you will say, “Wow, this was so simple.”
    Keep us posted. We care that you find your way back to health. You are on the right road. WELCOME!

    • Dr. Davis

      Thanks for sharing your story, Pamela. I believe that hearing the successes of others who have preceded her will win her over!

  5. Carmen

    Hi Paige :-)

    Congratulations on finding the wheat belly site, I think your problems are soon to be over :-)

    Your story sounds very familiar to me, I am a lifetime over eater and have done many a strict diet and exercise regime over the years and had no results. It is so depressing and so so embarrassing!! you know everyone thinks you must have cheated, when in fact you have followed it to the letter.

    Please read wheat belly it is such a great book, and hang out here on this site, The comments from fellow wheat bellyers are so helpful.

    While results are individual, it sounds like your body is not working to its potential (as mine wasn’t) and giving up wheat may not be enough to lose as much weight as you want – alot of us have had to move on further to go completely grain free or low carb.
    It sounds a bit daunting at first but I promise you can do it and it will be so easy and you will be glad you did!

    The way I started was I actually gave up sugar first for a month but noticed no change, then I gave up wheat the next month – all my aches and pains disappeared felt much better and i had a huge decline in appetite and absolutely no cravings (which is a breakthrough in itself) but still no actual weight loss. (but then in saying that I would totally follow this diet for the rest of my life even if i didnt lose weight as I feel so much better just to be rid of the cravings and the planning ahead in m head what i am going to eat next constantly)

    The next month I gave up all grains, so no wheat, sugar, corn, oats, rice, etc and this is where the weight loss started ( although I think wheat is the main offender, the others are of no use to your body anyway)
    I have lost 12 kilos (about 25 pounds i think) in 12 weeks, and it was honestly effortless, I have chronic fatigue and was not exercising at all, so it was 100% diet related weightloss. I am looking forward to doing more exercise as my body completely recovers from the fatigue and thanks to my way of eating have been able to do some walking lately without dying from exhaustion :-)
    So with the exclusion of grains I am relatively low carb in comparison to the standard person, but i eat all the veges i want and 1-2 pieces of fruit a day so am not low carb like you would be if following atkins etc.

    I have actually given up wheat before, but as I hadnt read wheat belly then I had replace it with other grains and premade gluten free foods, so not only didnt i lose weight It made my health plummet quite badly, so make sure you read the book to find out why not to replace the wheat with process toxic junky grains, replace it with fresh whole foods and you will reap the benefits.

    What I love about this way of eating is that I do not count carbs or calories which is a blessing and makes you feel as though you are not on a diet (which i am not this is the way I live and will eat like this forever!)
    I can also eat what ever I want, when ever I want and as much as I want! just so long as it doesnt contain wheat, sugar or other grains. I just love that. eat as much as you want and lose weight, it is so freeing!

    Funnily enough I have included more meat, eggs and fats and without a doubt would actually be consuming more calories than ever before and losing weight, if I was counting – but im not :-)

    I wish you all the best on your journey, I felt really sick the first week, but it is over quick and after that you will just feel awesome :-)

    Cant wait to see an update from you on here at a later date


    • Dr. Davis

      Excellent, Carmen!

      You raise an issue that I believe needs to be stressed more strongly: While wheat is the worst of the worst, the king of the most destructive grains, ALL grains have potential to generate adverse health effects, but just not to the extravagant degree that modern wheat.

  6. Heather Porrill

    My heart breaks for Paige, because I understand, and have had my own periods of depression. It wasn’t until about 6 weeks ago now that I started 100% wheat and other gluten free eating only. What a difference, and I am not missing the wheat at all. I had been almost gluten free for a few months before, but was never totally committed, I am now. Severe gut pain after a homemade biscuit with jelly got me to change my mind. I had started seeing a dietician over a year ago, and even with good eating habits and exercise, the weight loss was minimal, but there was still whole grain, every day, and sometimes every meal. Try wheat free, I can’t believe how good I feel after just 6 weeks.

    • Dr. Davis

      Yes, the solution is really so simple, yet so contrary to common advice.

      Is it any wonder that so many people end up on antidepressant medication?

  7. Rong

    As a Type II diabetic I was mostly interested in reducing my blood sugar and blood sugar meds. However, the one huge surprise in giving up grains was not only weight loss but the complete elimination of hunger. I had fought the hunger problem for years. Lose the grains and you will loose your appetite. Eating is now a pleasure not a demand.

  8. Janne

    Give it two weeks, Paige, and see if you don’t find a difference. You’ll feel worse for a few days but then things will turn around.

    You might need to look further, maybe into the GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) Diet, to address all of your issues but cutting out wheat is THE place to start your journey to reclaiming your health.

  9. this may not be the magic bullet for you but it will help! My weight loss is slow, but for the first time in a long time, my appetite is in control. At first, it may feel impossible to give up wheat and everything containing wheat. It takes dedication to not be victimized by the American diet. But trust me, as a life long dieter, within days of getting wheat out of your system, cravings begin to disappear and your appetite diminishes like you can’t believe! I get hungry, but not every two hours like I used to! Less food satisfies me. And no cravings!!! That’s not to say I might not have a passing whim for something. Let it pass or find a way to make it work. I had a craving for spaghetti. I made some great, meaty sauce and just ate that, My palate was satisfied. Use the internet to find recipes that will help you be wheat free and taste bud happy.

    I first gave up wheat over 10 years ago and the weight loss was so easy. But, wheat is insidious. I fell “off the wagon.” It’s taken me a long time to get wheat out of my diet again since it is so addictive (like so many substances that are bad for humans). I’m off it now for good.

    You can do it. The worst that will happen for you is nothing, but that is unlikely. Do it. It will help.

  10. Lola

    I have a similar problem, but not the hunger. I do not lose or gain weight regardless of diet. I have been on 400 calorie diets, hours of exercise every day, every type of diet and am now on paleo/SCD type plan. I lost a couple pounds of bloat when going grain free a year ago ( I did atkins for years and only lost weight the first time) If hunger is the problem this could very well help , but I’ve never found the missing link. I am grain, soy and sugar free for a long time now and I feel better, just haven’t lost weight and the last practitioner I saw said ‘honestly’ some people can not lose weight no matter what. I also have severe depression because of it. I have missed a lot in life because of it. I am also stuck at 225, I was at 230 for 10 years whether I ate junk or healthy made zero difference. I am anal about sticking to my restrictive diet, but live in a world where people assume I eat donuts and cheeseburgers because of my weight.m (and actually give me stuff like that!) That is the hardest part. Constant advice to eat less and exercise more and I’ll be a size 1 just like that. People are so brainwashed they think all overweight people are addicted to junk food. I don’t eat around others because I get criticized for what I do eat and most people think I am lying about my diet because I am not thin. The way we are treated is enough to make anyone suicidal.

    • Paulab

      Lola, if the Wheat Belly and paleo eating plans are not getting the weight loss started or health issues resolved, then IMO you may need to dig a little deeper and look for other sensitivities and cross reactive foods (nightshades and eggs are some common problems), the possibility of an undiagnosed thyroid or adrenal condition, plus other substances in your home that could be causing problems (chemicals in cosmetics or cleaning products, for example, or corn or soy in your vitamins or supplements…and there’s even BPA in cash register receipts!) There’s also corn and wheat in so many products! Many people are finding help following the Autoimmune Protocol in the book Practical Paleo. Paleo Parents (blog) is a good resource, as well.

  11. Janell Escalera

    Try going raw, I did that after I realized I was gluten intolerant and its so much better not even eating anything bread like. I didnt want to deal with complication of some food having gluten in it. I dont have hunger pains as stong as before when I was eating wheat/bread/ect. Its sooo much better and the weight just melts off. I do it with walking 30 min each day and I have seen great results.

  12. Paige,

    YES! Giving up Wheat will turn your health around. Do not listen to others that tell you your to far gone or it’s going to take more then just knocking out Wheat. I am an MT and Nutritional Coach. I was disabled for 3 years and could barely walk anymore. After 6 doctors, no one could tell me what was wrong. They said I could have MS or brain tumors, Fibromyalgia but no test showed anything. They were grasping at straws. I was on all kinds of meds for depression, pain. Nothing worked. I had Hypothyroidism so my metabolism was non existing. This was 12 years ago and I kept gaining weight like you no matter what I did.

    I saw Wheat Belly and gave it a try and you know what? I lost 25 pounds in 3 months, I can walk up to 4 miles a day, headaches are gone, depression gone, aches & pains gone. Did I mention I was Pr-Diabetic? Well not anymore! Dry skin gone, I don’t take naps anymore or feel comatose after I eat. I don’t crave junk anymore. I was hungry all the time, now I’m not. In fact sometimes I have to remind myself to eat. I try to eat 5 or 5-6 times a day. B,L,D, and 2 snacks. I have energy like you wouldn’t believe. My sex drive is back and my husband and I are closer then ever after 21 years together.

    The fact is you can sit there and ponder whether it’s going to work or not. Pondering over something is not going to get it done. You either do it or you don’t. Only you will know what it does for you. Ones that say it’s hogwash either never did it, or they didn’t follow it right. I am 46 years old and feel better now then I have for 18 years.

    Remember it’s YOU that creates your circumstances so it has to be you to change what you don’t like. There is no easy way out or magic pill. It takes work and dedication of how fed up you really are.
    NO one can do it for you, It doesn’t matter how much advise people give you. Only YOU can change it. You have to step up and face responsibly for your actions. Then change the old actions into ones that will get you to where you want to be.

    You asked the question would it work? My question’s to you are
    (When are you going to be sick and tired of being sick and tired)?
    (When is NOW a good time to start?)

    Wish you all the best

  13. Firebird

    If she took up exercise, and if part of that exercise routine is resistance weight training, some of that weight gain could be muscle mass. Weight is relative and I wouldn’t go by the scale. You could lose 10 lbs. by having your leg amputated but your wouldn’t want to lose weight that way, either.

  14. Approximately 4 months wheat-free. 12 months ago, 377 lbs, 4 months ago = 336. Today, 296lbs. I exercise like a fiend, at between 75% & 85% MHR, I’m 55, but there are a couple of other things to relate . . In 4 months, my body fat has gone from 47.5% to 31.1%. I eat about 3,000 cal of non-wheat food a day and typically have a 1300 to 1700 cal a day deficit that I could eat and be at a neutral point.

    No wheat has led to one bowel movement a day, instead of 6 to 10; no cravings (other than rice cakes and apple sauce); arthritis in neck, knees and shoulders gone; headaches gone; no hunger. I eat more often for my diabetes sake than for hunger sake.

    Say bye-bye to wheat; say hello to life!

  15. Lynda

    I am on a journey to learn more about nutrition and your book, “Lose the Wheat; Lose the Weight”, was the start of that journey. However, I want to continue learning and hope you can steer me in the right direction. There is so much information, often conflicting, on the Internet that it sometimes gets overwhelming to know which information is correct. What sources (books or websites) would you recommend?
    I thought of going to a nutritionist but am unsure how to go about picking the right one. Are there any questions I can ask them that might weed out the ones who wouldn’t be helpful?
    Also, thank you for your comment on an earlier post where you mentioned that people who don’t lose weight on this program might have underlying health issues. I thought I was doing something wrong. Which type of doctor would I go to see to find out if there is a problem?
    And lastly, I have a question about something in your book. Corn is listed in the “eat in limited quantities” list while corn meal and corn flour are in the “never eat” list. What is the difference between them? And starches, such as potato, tapioca and corn, are in the “never eat” list but arrowroot, which is also a starch, is used in some of your recipes. Again, what is the difference? Is it the way our bodies metabolize them?
    Someday I hope to be like those of you who have been on this journey for a long time – comfortable with, and knowledgeable about, what I should and shouldn’t eat.

    • nowheater

      I feel like I am on the start of the journey too, so we have a LOT in common.
      I have lost a few pounds, need to keep going. i hope we will BOTH be comfortable with our NEW selves, sooner than later. But I am ok with letting it happen slowly… I realize that I have found the right plan. I found the book by accident in the library. It said, “pick me!” That was around July or August 2012. That was my lucky day. I do not talk to many people about it, they all think they know the best thing to do. I am doing this for me, not for them or anyone else. I realize more and more how obsessed we are with food, as I have been all my life, and many people whom you would never know it, are too. Fat, skinny and in between. I feel more competent at losing weight, and more normal, not having to count calories on an ipad, give myself points, or eat in wierd combinations. Just no wheat. NO MORE fevered stops at Panera, or any of the other bagel shops. I can tell you all the best pizza and bagel shops in South Florida. And when I finish the oatmeal I bought at Costco, I am going to quit oatmeal and corn, tool The oatmeal is going to be hard, because it is so easy to make and eat in the car on the way to work. WAIT>>>>I think I can do it. In fact, maybe I will go toss it right now. Yes! I am going to do it! I love this blog! I am also going to donate all the cans of corm that are in my cabinet. THANK YOU!

  16. Shirley


    Please don’t wait til age 59, like I did, to get off this garbage called wheat. I’m jealous of you, you have the opportunity to start your young children out eating real food. They’ll have better teeth! I’ve been on so many diets my overweight 40 year old son and daughter-in-law won’t listen to me–even though I’m now a size 2.

  17. antje

    Hi Page,
    I would say: stay with it! My husband gave up wheat, after he got a very itchy rash. It took him 8 weeks of not eating any wheat, to be free of the rash.

  18. Karen

    Dr. Davis is totally right, getting off the wheat is the only way to go! I’ve been off it for almost a month now and I love it. I’m not overweight and I don’t have any chronic pain, but I’ve lost 10 lbs, have a flatter tummy, plus I have tons of energy and I’m not hungry all the time like I used to be. I never thought I’d be able to do this…I used to love baking and eating sweets all the time. This weekend I passed by two cupcake stores and I didn’t even get tempted! That is progress! No going back to wheat now :)

  19. cynthia

    I was in tears last December, in my doctor’s office (she’s a naturopath), asking why was I so hungry all the time and even as I severely restricted calories and started exercising more regularly, why did I continue to GAIN weight? I also have hashimoto’s thyroiditis, which is an auto-immune disease. She suggested eliminating some foods and just about that time, I picked up Wheat Belly. My cousin had been telling me for 2 years to give up wheat and grains, but it seemed too crazy. Well, just before new years, I dropped the wheat and guess what happened! Yes…I started to lose weight. I was shocked each week when i got on the scale! I also sleep better, have no aches and pains in my back, shoulders and knees, have far fewer headaches and my PMS symptoms have nearly disappeared (so much so that the usual migraine and tender breasts that I’d get days before my period totally stopped and the arrival of my period would almost “surprise” me). I am now 34 lbs less than I was last December. I am trying and enjoying lots of Dr. Davis’ recipes. You will NOT miss the wheat. Stop telling yourself you can’t do it…which is what I did. I walked down the bread aisle at the supermarket yesterday and felt ZERO temptation! this is freedom and this is living. If I can do it, ANYONE can.

    • Dr. Davis

      I think you owe your cousin a nice Christmas present, Cynthia!

      How about some wheat-free Mocha Walnut Brownies in a box, tied with a nice red bow?

  20. Leslie

    Set a goal of trying wheat free for at least 6-8 weeks regardless of how you feel during withdrawal! It sounds as if you are particularly sensitive to wheat, and brain chemistry changes have occurred given your symptoms. You need to give your body a chance to regenerate a proper hormone balance with plenty of good fats and probiotics, and you may very well feel worse during the transition. You can’t trust how your body feels until you are wheat free, because wheat changes so much of what you feel.

    Please don’t be discouraged if your cravings don’t magically go away like many comments suggest they will. I did not have an ease in the wheat cravings for a solid 6 months while being very strict, but I did feel better after 4 weeks. I just kept coming back to this site for the support and stuck to it, because i believed the science. I also craved fats to an extreme after giving up wheat, and ate grass fed butter by the pound. Just recently, at right around 12 months in, I have stopped craving fats. It is as if my body sighed and said “tank full”.

    I have had a reduction in episodal migraines, unresolved hypothyroid symptoms, and OCD and anxiety symptoms that didn’t respond to any of the medications I tried. My health is not perfect just from eliminating wheat. I still have many challenges, but it is easier to deal with the remaining ones while not being constantly handicapped by wheat. Allow your body time to heal, and try not to be hard on yourself. Living is not for later when things are perfect. Living is for now while we just do our personal best and actually take some pleasure in even our small successes.

    • Dr. Davis

      A very interesting experience, Leslie!

      Thanks for sharing your story. You make an excellent point: For some people, wheat doesn’t cause the problems, but just makes them worse. But I’d prefer to make a shift in diet than submit to more misery and/or medication.

  21. Susan

    Captivating story from Paige. Have you ever heard from her again? I’d be interested to know what happened.