No grain, no pain

Carla tells this story of relief from a peculiar body-wide pain sans wheat:

It has been about 2 months of Wheat Belly diet. I am astounded with my results.

What prompted me to embark on this was my pain. My muscles were constantly in pain. I felt like my muscles were on fire. There wasn’t a piece of me that did not hurt. I took 6-8 Ibuprophen a day to try to manage the discomfort and some nights still be up walking the floor in pain.

I also had numerous “crisis” events lasting more than a week where my blood pressure spiked as high as 225/115. My doctor suggested a third blood pressure medication and I said WHY is this doing this–adding more drugs just cannot be the answer.

I’ve taken cholesterol lowering meds and hypertensive meds since age 40 (17 years) because I had such a strong family history of cardiac disease. The doctor kept saying it was just bad genes.

So within about 2 weeks I had virtually no pain. I haven’t taken an ibuprophen in weeks. I am no longer hungry all the time. But it is the stunning plummet in my blood pressure that has made me adhere to this change. My blood pressure recently on ACE inhibitor + diuretic was, on average, 145/95, heart rate 80. Lately my blood pressure is averaging 110/60 and my heart rate 60 on just the ACE–guess we need to eliminate that now too!

I’m about to have my blood work checked. I already know it will be improved. I just haven’t enjoyed the weight loss even without any gluten free goodies. I did a “test” with one dinner roll: Within 2 hours Abdominal pain, distension and diarrhea, same with some rice a few days later. It’s hard to believe these results but the numbers speak for themselves. The pain can be subjective but not the recordings! (Although my GP is still skeptical!) Thank you for making this information public!

The ways that this perfect chronic poison called “wheat” can express itself in the humans who consume it is truly incredible: muscle pain, hypertensive crises, abdominal pain, diarrhea? Imagine if Carla had continued to rely on her doctor (lose the doctor, by the way, Carla!) and was resigned to a lifetime of bagel- and pretzel-induced suffering, a life of pain, living on anti-inflammatory drugs that cause bleeding ulcers and kidney disease, as well as the long-term consequences of hypertension (that develop in spite of blood pressure medication).

As I often say, life without wheat is a 2 + 2 = 11 effect: The total is greater than the sum of the parts. Despite all the reasons we already know to tell us why modern wheat destroys health, I still marvel at the new lessons we continue to learn on just how varied the wheat effect can be. And, Carla: Stay tuned for more discussion on what to do if weight fails to drop when wheatless!

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