Just add water: Instant diabetes reversal

Teresa posted this wonderful comment of diabetes reversed within 48 hours of losing the wheat:

I just recently started this new lifestyle after reading the book about 12 days ago. I was a type 2 diabetic on Metformin and Byetta [injections].

I am now down 12 pounds (yes, 12 pounds), COMPLETELY off my medication (as of day TWO) because my blood sugars are that of a normal person (between 74 and 86 fasting and under 120 after meals). I never thought that possible.

Every time I went to the doctors, they never asked how I was eating, just how the medicine was working.

Also, I know it may be TMI, but I hadn’t had a NORMAL bowel movement in a long time. It was always on the runny side (I know gross, but I chalked it up to my medicine).

I can think more clearly, my mood is more stabilized and the biggest thing is, for the FIRST time in my life, I actually KNOW when I am hungry and when I am not hungry. I was about to speak to my doctor about appetite suppressants because no matter what I did, I was constantly hungry.

This is not just a diet, it is a new way of life and if you don’t look at it that way and think you can just do this for a little while, you are WRONG.

Admittedly, Teresa’s experience proceeded faster than usual. But her story is a wonderful example of just how powerful this approach can be.

Eat the wheat with its gliadin protein and experience incessant, around-the-clock hunger. Eat the wheat with its amylopectin A and experience sky-high blood sugars. Eat the wheat with its gliadin and experience body-wide inflammation that, among many other consequences, causes water retention. Eat the wheat with the gliadin that “unlocks” the normal intestinal barriers, allowing foreign substances into the bloodstream, while also allowing water to leak into the bowel itself and causing bowel urgency and diarrhea.

Hunger, increased appetite for carbohydrates, higher blood sugar and insulin, inflammation, water retention, autoimmunity, diarrhea–all from “healthy whole grains.” It ALL adds up to reversing diabetes, sometimes as quick as 48 hours.

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Comments & Feedback...

  1. Mimi

    In three weeks of going wheat free my blood sugar dropped 45 points to a normal range. I was so excited to see such fast results!

      • Mimi

        I did give up all grains….I have been eating some dark chocolate almonds and on my last test although my A1C had come down my blood sugar had gone up some so I am going to start walking more and lay off the dark chocolate almonds.

  2. Deborah Fawnsworth

    Glad to hear this for you.But it hasen’t happend for me.No weight loss or blood making a big difference in the past two months.

    • Teresa

      I will also tell you, I did not JUST cut wheat. I have also cute ALL starches, ALL processed sugar and ALL soy products. I started with just wheat, starch and sugar but have just cut out soy. I was taking 2000mg of Metformin a day and 10mcg of Byetta twice a day. I decided to try this after the side effect of the Byetta (weight loss) stopped, they took me off the meds for a while, and then they wanted to start me on them again. I didn’t want to keep taking a medicine that has just as bad side effects (Kidney failure, liver failure) as the disease itself. I met a woman who’s mother went through the same things as me and started following this new way of eating so I met with her as my pseudo-nutritionist to get me started and the results are amazing. I am now “hearing” other things my body is telling me. I also recommend seeing an integrated physician who will work with you to keep you as drug free as possible.

      • Dr. Davis

        Thanks for weighing in, Teresa!

        I predict that your story alone will be responsible for several hundred diabetics chucking their drugs and insulin and becoming non-diabetic!

        We change the world, one syringe at a time!

    • Uncle Roscoe

      The main lectin in wheat is wheat germ agglutinin (WGA). It’s probably the worst. The main lectin in beans is concavalin A (Con A). The main lectin in potatoes is D-Chitobiose. Lectins plug into cellular insulin receptors, and prevent them from importing glucose. So the blood fills with glucose, and the glucose elicits insulin. I can’t tell you that all, or even most, type 2 diabetes is caused by lectins, because I can’t prove it. But the lectin pathway is a major factor. Discount it at your peril.

      Lectins and insulin receptors are a key and lock situation. Different people have different locks. And different keys fit these locks. So if you’ve given up lectins from one source, perhaps you should try giving up lectins from other sources until you find one or more which have been fitting your lock.

      Many people react to more than one lectin. So the only effective way to identify the lectin(s) which a particular person reacts to is for that person to eliminate all suspect lectins until symptoms abate. Then add back lectins individually in three day increments. If you react to a lectin re-eliminate it and stabilize before testing other lectins.

  3. JoAnne

    I’ve experienced everything you posted above about “eat the wheat.” Thanks to you & your WB crusade, I’m taking steps to NOT experience diabetes. I’ve been using a glucose meter to monitor my levels. What range is considered ‘normal’ fasting blood sugar levels of a non-diabetic? Can blood sugar ever go too low?

    Also, I recall from a previous post that salt gets blamed for high blood pressure but wheat is really the culprit. Can you go into more detail about wheat/ high blood pressure in a future post?

    • lupo


      yes, blood sugar can get too low. Even if you eat no carbohydrates, glucose is synthesized by the liver to deliver a certain amout of it to the brain (and, if I remember correctly, some smaller organs – adrenal gland, parts of the kidney etc.) that depend on it. So there is a lower limit below which there is a detrimental effect on brain function. This state is called hypoglycemia, and is life-threatening.
      The precise lower limit is a bit variable, but it can be safely assumed that some with a blood glucose lower than 60mg/dL has a severe medical problem.

  4. Gabrielle

    Hi JoAnne, “What range is considered ‘normal’ fasting blood sugar levels of a non-diabetic?” – 4.0 – 5.2mml/l and yes, blood sugar can go too low.

    Usually anything below 3.8mml/l will produce symptoms such as blurry vision, confusion, shakiness, hunger, dizziness etc. Even a non-diabetic can experience low blood sugars, eg; if you haven’t eaten all day then go and mow the lawns for an hour or 2 you’ll probably feel dizzy and tired at the end = low blood sugar. My Mum did this and I sat her down with a cup of tea+2 sugars, right as rain in about 5 minutes.

    People who are not controlling their blood sugar levels effectively, (either type 1 or 2 diabetics for instance) may feel ‘hypo’ (low blood sugar syptoms) even with a higher reading, eg: 4.3mml/l. This will adjust over time as blood sugars return to normal and the body gains it’s equilibrium back.

    Hope that helps!

  5. bharwani

    I have been wheat free for about 5 months. Sugar and dairy products free for 2 months. Yet not an ounce of weight loss. So I am wondering why? Every one who has posted on this site, claims to have lost weight . Can any one explain?

    • lupo


      it is quite impossible to tell from a two-line comment what exactly is wrong (no offense intended). One would need a precise account on what you actually do eat, what medical conditions you have or had, current and past medication, a set of lab work etc. I over and over again point to my personal blog post: http://blog.klinik21.de/index.php?/archives/42-Why-you-dont-lose-weight-on-your-low-carb-diet-what-to-do-about-it.html

      Dr. Davis intended, I assume, this article as a case report. It does not state a “going wheat-free will cure every case of type II diabetes within 48 hours” – such a statement would be quackery.

      • Boundless

        > Dr. Davis intended, I assume, this article as a case report.

        That was my reading, but people do sail in here without the benefit of having followed previous articles on the topic, so a clear disclaimer might have avoided some misperceptions.

        A recent article is:
        which pretty clearly says: “Pancreatic beta cells for the most part do not regenerate once destroyed. If you have only 70% residual beta cell function remaining, for instance (VERY common), do it now or else the diabetes is irreversible.”

        My non-clinical view is that Type II is 100% avoidable with diet.
        Reversal is possible in about 70% of cases.
        Arresting the degeneration is possible in 20% or the remaining 30%.
        The final 10% may be too late.
        So get off the Government Diet sooner, rather than later.
        Limbs amputated due to Type II do not grow back.
        If Type II complications kill you, that’s so far not reversible.

    • Charity

      My Chiropractor has a saying ” your body didnt get in this shape in one day, one week or even one month, its the result of years of doing things that did not promote optimal health. What makes you think it will take a small amount of time to reverse the damage done?” or something along those lines.
      Also sugar is sugar, so if you are eating processed foods, and not reading all the ingredients then avoiding obvious wheat is counter productive really. And can lead some to believe its not working.

      There is Sugar in Pop. & Juice. Sugar replacements are toxic and do not assist in weight loss. So drop any Artificials, and drop processed everything. Make it fresh and eat it fresh. Decide you are doing this for your health not for your weight, and you may find more success. I lost alot of weight but i also added… using celery as crackers.. so i was eating 2 heads of celery a week, and eating radishes and drinking clear tea. (Astringent and bitter and spicy foods speed up metabolism, sweet sour and savoury slow metabolism),
      Also read “Stop the viscious Cycle” Book about Specific Carbohydrate Diet… It explains the science behind it all..and that was the convincing I needed to stick to this.

      Also increase your activity level. even if its just walking down the block and back every day… do it daily keep it up and then add to it.

  6. Jim Purdy

    Teresa said: “Every time I went to the doctors, they never asked how I was eating, just how the medicine was working.”
    Why do people go to doctors? I’m trying to avoid doctors as much as possible, and I refuse to take any of their prescription meds. With the right diet, I’ve gradually been getting most of my readings into normal ranges, without any BigPharma chemicals.

    • Teresa

      I went to a doctor, an endocrinologist to be exact, because I was a diabetic and I trusted doctors. Why they never talked to me about proper diet or nutrition is beyond me. Another reason I decided to do this is I have a 3 year old daughter. I want to raise her knowing how to eat right and prevent illness where possible instead of her growing to be like me, 30 years old, and not even knowing portion control.

  7. Sandy

    I work in a medical clinic as a receptionist. One of my duties is to print off letters to the patients. I’m sometimes appalled that some of the docs are still telling diabetics to follow the SAD with its “healthy whole grains”. I gave my doc a copy of WB and asked him to read it and if he found the information compelling to pass it on. He did tell me he and his wife read the book, but did not say if he was passing it on. I hope he is and I’ll be sure to ask him when I have my annual exam later this month. I’m always so tempted to leave a printout of these postings on the table in our lunch room, but I know from personal experience people have to come to the wheat free lifestyle on their own. They all know I don’t eat wheat products and are often envious of some of the beautiful, real food lunches I bring to work. They occasionally ask about my lifestyle and I’m happy to share with them, but I try to never “push” my opinions, despite shuddering when I see them eating those pathetic, unhealthy “Lean Cuisine” cardboard lunches, only to find themselves starving by mid afternoon and reaching for another unhealthy snack. Sigh.

  8. SG

    Any feedback on polydextrose as an additive? i have read it is derived from corn sugar- therefore would not be allowed on the WB eating programme. I was eating a wheat free grain free sereal containing this for ablout 8 months with no problems but recently was suffering severe cramps and bloating immediately after eating it- polydextrose is the onlay danger ingredient I can identify. Any thoughts?

    • Teresa

      My opinion would be to stay away from it. Here is an awesome recipe for grain free cereal that I make frequently for my family. We either enjoy 1/2 a cup with almond milk, or use it as granola over yogurt.

      -combination of nuts amounting to 2 cups, crushed slightly
      -1/3 cup dried, unsweetened coconut flakes
      -1/4 cup raisins
      -2 tbsp. honey
      -1 tbsp. coconut oil
      -1 egg
      -1 tbsp. cinnamon
      -1 small dash of nutmeg (I just use 1tbsp. of pumpkin pie spice instead of the cinnamon and nutmeg)
      – 1/8 tsp vanilla extract
      -1tsp salt (only if using raw nuts. if using salted or preroasted nuts, salt can probably be omitted and baking time may need to be reduced. Use discretion.)

      Mix all of the above ingredients together in a bowl with the nuts. Spread as thinly and evenly across a baking dish as possible. Bake at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes, you will need to check it every 5 minutes to turn with a spatula to prevent burning. The goal is to dry it out, not to burn it. (kind of like how you would make chex mix, just actually GOOD FOR YOU!).

      This is so great and satisfying especially if you really enjoyed your cereal in the mornings!

  9. I just spent the weekend in the hospital after a particularily nasty pancreas/gall bladder duct spasm. They thought I had pancreatis, but thankfully, after a CT scan, said that my pancreas was ok. My doctor said I should stop using all supliments, as they can aggravate the pancreas. I was using Iodine, CQ10, fish oil, Magosteen capsules. I can’t help but think that he is wrong, can anyone tell me what’s right?

  10. steve H

    Just had major surgery on a detached retina, in my left eye, which led to every kind of test on my body that they could think of, not much has been reported yet, just had all the blood work done, they put me on blood pressure medication, They want to take a picture of my heart, they think i might have a leaky value, the news just keeps on getting worse and worse. I have been wheat free for about 5 months and my whole world seems like it is falling apart. If this is the fall out from detoxification of wheat damage, then i hate to see what the next few months will bring. I know doc, that so many have been helped, by going wheat free, me thinks, that being my age, and having so much damage done from the amylopictin A, the gladin protein, and the gliadins, that this is the results,,…. Doc i know that you are a heart specialist, so this is why i am telling you about my recent, journey, the experiences the have befallen me seens going wheat free. Comments doc.

    • Dr. Davis

      Probably not the “detox” or wheat withdrawal this far out.

      I’m afraid it’s impossible to comment about what you are going through, as you only describe the detached retina and the “leaky valve.”

      I can tell you that, after elimination of wheat, the next most important issue in health to address is normalization of your vitamin D level, a practice that, in my experience, stops or occasionally corrects some forms of heart valve dysfunction. I ask patients to take a dose of vitamin D in gelcap form sufficient to achieve a 25-hydroxy vitamin D level of 60-70 ng/ml, which usually requires 6000-8000 units per day, sometimes more in people with valve disorders.

      • steve H

        Thanks doc,.
        I know i’am sketchy on details, about what is going on inside of my body. I was taking about 7000 IU’s a day of vitamine D, i cut that back to 3000, but i will increase the level to about 10,000 IU’s a day and see if this corrects the leaky valve. They have me on blood pressure medication, my last reading on the medicaton was 127/80, before that it was 147/97, so you see there is some change. I apologize for being such a complainer. Doc i do not take medication or drugs of any kind durning the past before all this eye problems took place, i take a handful of vitamins and supplements every day, and everything seemed to be working just fine. I will continue on doing what i am doing. Doc should i do my exercises on my tread mill will this leaky valve or just take it easy?

    • Uncle Roscoe

      I’m not Dr. Davis or any other doctor. But I feel that I have insight.

      Lutein and Zeaxanthin are polyphenol dyes which are contained in foods. Lutein and Zeaxanthin molecules are mirror images of each other, so I’ll just refer to lutein. Many vitamin nuts recommend that we bulk up on lutein because it has an affinity for nerves, especially retinal nerves. The retina incorporates lutein to block blue light, and keep it from damaging the retina. Many factors can cause the body’s immune system to view this phenomenon as an attack. The immune system starts attacking the lutein and the retina.

      Blue light sets our circadian clocks. When the brain decides it’s time to sleep it tells the pineal gland to release melatonin. Melatonin causes us to get sleepy. The brain decides when it’s sleepy time by monitoring cycles of blue light in the retina. When the immune system attacks retinal tissue, it upsets our circadian clocks.

      Actually this scenario is very common. Lutein and zeaxanthin intolerance are very common in autoimmune disorders. 85% of autistic children have antibodies to lutein and zeaxanthin. One of the hallmarks of schizophrenia is sleep disturbances. Besides causing sleep, melatonin causes skin melanocytes to release melanin, a skin dye. One of the hallmarks of type 2 diabetes is dis-regulation of melanin ……dark skin patches, especially on the back.

      The most concentrated sources of lutein and zeaxanthin today come from yellow corn and egg yolks.

  11. Rose

    Man I know what she means because I to was ALWAYS hungry! I’d get up from the table and in 30 minutes or an hour I was looking for something else to eat. YEAH on no diabetes for her!!!!! That is awesome and I am sooooo excited for her!

    • Boundless

      > What does the water part in the title mean ?

      It’s likely just a figure of speech, borrowed from the packaged foods industry, where all you need to do to instantly prepare a sumptuous nine course meal is just add water to the suspicious powder in the carton.

  12. TomR

    Is there any evidence that the Wheat Belly program has any effect on gout? I’ve been wheat-free (with a few exceptions) for almost 4 months. BP is down from 135/85 to an average of 110/65, weight is down 23 pounds, and my “brain fog” is gone. However, I’ve been on allopurinol (300 mg/day) for about six months for gout. My uric acid levels are high and I’ve had several gout attacks. I’ve been diagnosed as an “overproducer” as opposed to an “under excreter” of uric acid. My primary care physician, who is the one treating me for gout, is of the opinion that gout attacks are diet-related, but the occurrence of gout and high uric acid levels are not diet-related. He told me that joint damage from gout can still be occurring even if I don’t have any gout flareups; therefore, I need to remain on allopurinol even if my diet changes to the point where I don’t have gout flareups.

    Any insight on this? I’ve tried to find information relating gout and paleo diets, but haven’t found anything other than passing references to gout as a modern diet-related condition along with diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, etc. I’ve found nothing specifically discussing the effects of paleo or wheat-free diets on gout.

    • Dr. Davis

      While I’ve witnessed a number of people experience apparent easier control over gout with wheat elimination, my experience is too small to make any judgements. Likewise, the data are non-existent.

      It is an interesting potential connection that I do indeed suspect is genuine. But it remains only speculation at present.

  13. jimrex


    Somehow, I stumbled upon this site yesterday. I was diagnosed with T2 diabetes in 1999 when I was 37 and weighed 265 for 5’11” male. Since then, I’ve mainly followed the low, natural carb diet (Schwarzbein Principle) as much as I could and exercised. I got down to 205 with an A1C of 5.8 while taking 2000mg Metformin per day and 1.75mg Glyburide twice per day.

    A few years of ago, my blood glucose readings were dropping too low on a regular dose of Glyburide, so I came up with a method of only taking Glyburide if my BG readings warranted it. I did OK with that until I slowly increased my carb intake following the discovery that I was an awesome bread and biscuit baker.

    Now, I’m struggling to stay under 220 with an A1C approaching 7, while increasing my exercise. So the timing was perfect to discover the WheatBelly world. I am ready to regain control. I’ll give the WB approach to living a shot for two weeks and catch up on the blog postings.

    Question for now: We have been Weston A. Price converts to whole, natural foods for almost 8 years, and part of their litany is consumption of raw milk. Wikipedia says that milk consists of the following sugars: ” lactose, glucose, galactose, and other oligosaccharides.” If kept to a 4 ounce serving or used in cooking, is raw milk frowned upon in the WB community?


    • Dr. Davis

      I think you’re okay, Jimrex. The quantity of sugars in dairy is low, provided you do not use the low- or reduced-fat forms.

      So you want full fat, of course!

      • jimrex

        Thanks Dr.

        Has anyone fighting T2 diabetes experienced higher BS readings on intense cardio days? I can do really well on days that I lift weights, but most cardio days (430 calories in 32 minutes interval on the striding elliptical), not so good.

        • Dr. Davis

          Yes, a common effect, likely due to the insulin-antagonizing effects of exercise-induced stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline.

          As you improve your body’s responsiveness to insulin, this effect should recede.

    • Uncle Roscoe


      A1 Beta Casein: The Devil in Your Milk
      ….Type 1 diabetes is often classified as an autoimmune disease and can be caused by the immune system attacking the insulin producing cells of the pancreas. In 1999, scientists in Germany found a strong correlation between type 1 diabetics and high levels of antibodies for A1 beta casein.10 It’s believed that these antibodies are actually based on the amino acid sequence of the problematic opioid BCM7 that’s derived from A1 beta casein. Because this sequence has similarities to the protein structures of insulin producing cells in the pancreas, the antibodies attacking pancreas cells along with BCM7 peptides. This is similar to the autoimmune response that often results from sensitivity to gluten…..

      LADA diabetes is essentially adult-onset type 1 diabetes. LADA diabetes is virtually inseparable from type 2 diabetes.

  14. Jenny Street

    I am reading the story of the diabetic being off meds in 2 days and I am a little disappointed. I am going on week 3 of ALMOST totally wheat free. As a matter of fact I don’t know that I have had ANY wheat or gluten at all. Maybe a few crackers or something. I have gotten a little liberal with my Truvia, but my sugar is not coming down and is quite high. I have not been excercising either but I wasn’t before either. I am quite frustrated. i really have been pretty diligent and my sugars should at LEAST be down by SOME…… Please give me some input on this matter. I have heart issues also and I really would like to get this under control. Thanks!

      • Jenny Street

        Ok, I am eating mostly meat, cheese, veggies, eggs, flax wraps (often) and a dessert at least a couple times a week from the Wheat Belly book. The regular crackers I ate was only 1 day in almost 3 weeks. The gluten free crackers are rice and almond but I have eaten them on 3 different days. I am definitely reading labels and don’t buy anything in a box or a bag anyway. Just the GF crackers made by Diamond. Everything else has been pretty much real food. I have had coke a couple times since I started. The sugar is the biggest problem for me, not so much the wheat but I am using Truvia all the time. Just the coke…… I will check out the link you left for me. Thanks.

        • Boundless

          > … have had coke a couple times since I started.
          A “small” Coke from a fast food joint is your entire day’s 30g of carb (all sugar) right there, plus it’s mostly fructose, just to add insult to injury. See:

          “GF” is a warning label 90% of the time, screaming “off-scale glycemic”. Diabetics need to be especially suspicious of GF products, roughly in proportion to how prominent the GF label is. Healthy packaged foods will, of course, be GF, but the majority of GF products are not healthy.

          • Jenny Street

            So, no more than 30 grams of carbs a day. I didn’t really know the amount that was allowed. Question: I am eating mostly foods that are prepared exactly or very close (spice variation) to the recipes in the Wheat Belly book but they really don’t list the amount of carbs. I don’t eat more than twice a day and if I eat in the middle of the day it’s usually cheese or nuts. I’m frustrated only because my eating habits before starting this was atrocious. I practically ate bread all day including Little Debbie cakes, etc. What I eat now is a fraction of what I was consuming since I am not hungry all day and I’m eating good food. I have been on the low carb diet before and seemed to have lost much more weight much quicker so I really had high expectations. Anyway; I will continue and not ‘eat the crouton.’ Thanks.

          • Boundless

            > So, no more than 30 grams of carbs a day.
            Net carbs: (gross carbs minus fiber carbs).

            Your copy of the book must have been missing the subtitle:
            “Why so-called wheat is the first thing to cut in your new low-carb modified Paleo nutrition strategy.”

            Hmmm, mine doesn’t seem to have that either … :)

            Dr. Davis deliberately left the Nutrition Facts out of the initial book, on the theory that if you are eating healthy, it doesn’t matter. And indeed it doesn’t, but that may have clouded the low carb subtext. The upcoming cookbook is reported to have the data.

            And the second thing to cut is fructose.
            Find out where it hides.
            You can wait a few seconds between cutting them.

          • Teresa

            Jenny, to answer your question, I am SUPER strict!! The ONLY sugar I am getting, is the natural sugar found in fruit. And do NOT eat “gluten free” foods! They most times have things such as potato starch and/or rice flour in them which also send blood sugars up! I have NO STARCH (except beans in EXTREME moderation), NO WHEAT, NO GRAINS, AT. ALL. PERIOD. I was a soda junkie, now I drink water or almond milk (unsweetened). For sweetener, I either use xylitol or swerve (which you can purchase online) or a tiny bit of raw honey. This is an all or nothing kind of lifestyle. Try it. At first you will be saying, “WELL WHAT CAN I EAT?!” but with more research, you will see that you aren’t as limited as you may think. Anything you like with an ingredient list, you can figure out how to make it good for you. Keep trying!!

          • Teresa

            Also, not eating enough or frequent enough during the day can cause blood sugar to spike. Small meals, several times a day. And because I know what i am eating, I don’t count calories, I don’t count carbs, and I am losing weight. Trying writing EVERYTHING you do down for a couple weeks. That helped me.

  15. Jenny Street

    I also wanted to add that my weight is going up and down with the same 3 lbs. I read a couple comments like this the other day also. Why is this?

  16. Andrea

    I’m scouring your website, fb page and internet to help guide me with insulin and blood sugar levels. I’m on Lantus, once per day… down to 28 units from 48 units 6 weeks ago. I used to be really out of whack sugars, lots of swings, lots of proactive and reactive eating. I’m sure my iniitial 48 units hardly covered me at all. Didn’t measure because psychologically it really affected me a lot, and almost caused a depression in me when I would track for a few days. I could not ‘control’ the numbers.
    Now, I feel in control thanks to Wheat Belly. So, this way of eating is working well for me. My weight loss has been slow, but I’m being patient, my belly is 4″ smaller and that makes me happy. Energy up, cravings and blood sugar swings vanished. I’m wondering if my injected insulin is creating this slow weight loss. I’ve got my numbers reading anywhere between 5.3 and 6.7. If I reduce my insulin further, my blood sugar goes up, but will it be offset eventually if I lose more weight? I feel like there’s a catch 22 happening. The more insulin I take, the harder it is to lose my weight (insulin resistance) but the less insulin I take, I risk the higher numbers. How high is too high and for how long? I keep within the carb limit, no junk carbs, no processed foods or sugar, only dairy I consume is the hwc in my coffee and occasionally a piece of cheese. I am 6 ft tall, with about 30 pounds left to lose to get to ‘ideal’ weight. I am most definitely an apple, my weight is stored in my midsection and chest.
    Dr. Davis I thank you so much for writing this book!

    • Dr. Davis

      Yes, unfortunately, insulin like Lantus causes weight gain and/or slows weight loss. The effect can be quite substantial. I’ve seen people gain 30, 40, 60 pounds, for instance, just with adding Lantus insulin.

      I usually tell patients to tolerate higher blood sugars, e.g., 150-200 mg/dl, but cut their insulin doses. While you have high blood sugars in the near-term, it allows you to lose the weight that provides better blood sugar control with less or NO insulin in the long run.

      Ideally, you would have a healthcare practitioner who is experienced in reversing, minimizing, or curing diabetes. Sadly, the great majority of my colleagues are far better at CAUSING or WORSENING diabetes than reversing it.

      • Andrea

        Thank you Dr.Davis. When I found out I had full blown sky high diabetes, they put me on the standard diabetic diet to control my sugars. It didn’t work at all and I requested to go on insulin. Six months later on the typical diabetic diet and insulin, I gained 40 pounds…still out of control. Thanks to your book, I feel totally in control again, and I feel alive! now to shed this insulin weight. Thanks for your guidance, I really appreciate it, especially the time you take to respond to discussions, questions and comments on your blog and facebook.

  17. MariL

    This comment could be worded more sensitively.
    My parents have a very healthy diet, eating home made whole unprocessed foods much of the time, with many grandchildren to chase.
    They still ended up type 2 Diabetes.
    It’s not always about lifestyle.

    • Teresa

      You say a very healthy diet and I don’t doubt that, but were they still eating the wheat and grains? That is Dr. Davis’ whole point. I was eating healthy too, but once I cut out what was suggested, it’s as if I was never a type 2 diabetic!

  18. JIllOz

    This site is for education and knowledge not primitive idiots with a yen for insulting people!!

    You people infest every single place on earth!! Get some help.

    • Dr. Davis

      Sorry I let that comment from Teddy past. It is now deleted.

      This is a place for learning, sharing ideas, and feedback. Such comments that are insulting and counterproductive are not welcome and will be removed.

  19. Katie

    I was on 25 units Lantus am/pm and Novolog as needed. I am also taking 1000 mg Metformin twice daily, and Amaryl 2 mg in am. I have since weaned myself off of the Lantus since starting WB 9/12, and then my Dr took me off of Amaryl. Since that time, my bs hovers around 200, fasting. (I have lost 19 lbs since 9/12 and will remain on WB the rest of my life). My Dr now wants to put me back on Amaryl, and even said I might have to go back on Lantus! I do not agree with him. I plan to cut my carbs as low as I can go now, and NO fructose at all. What is your recommendation, Dr Davis? (I should add, I also take heart meds from when my heart went into Afib in 2007, corrected by cardioversion. Then back into Afib in 2011, corrected by cardioversion 3/12. I take sotalol 80 mg daily, cardizem cd 240 mg daily, lisinopril 20 mg daily, and furosemide 40 mg as needed along with potassiumCL 20 meq). I wanted to include this info FYI.
    I believe my heart problems either started due to menopause or a side effect of the diabetes meds. What is your recommendations, Dr Davis… I see both Drs in November and would like to be prepared!!

  20. Katie

    I was on 25 units Lantus am/pm and Novolog as needed. I am also taking 1000 mg Metformin twice daily, and Amaryl 2 mg in am. I have since weaned myself off of the Lantus since starting WB 9/12, and then my Dr took me off of Amaryl. Since that time, my bs hovers around 200, fasting. (I have lost 19 lbs since 9/12 and will remain on WB the rest of my life). My Dr now wants to put me back on Amaryl, and even said I might have to go back on Lantus! I do not agree with him. I plan to cut my carbs as low as I can go now, and NO fructose at all. What is your recommendation, Dr Davis? (I should add, I also take heart meds from when my heart went into Afib in 2007, corrected by cardioversion. Then back into Afib in 2011, corrected by cardioversion 3/12. I take sotalol 80 mg daily, cardizem cd 240 mg daily, lisinopril 20 mg daily, and furosemide 40 mg as needed along with potassiumCL 20 meq). I wanted to include this info FYI.
    I believe my heart problems either started due to menopause or a side effect of the diabetes meds. What is your recommendations, Dr Davis… I see both Drs in November and would like to be prepared!!

    • Dr. Davis

      What your doctors likely do not know, Katie, is that blood sugars tend to be elevated during active weight loss. This is due to the flood of fatty acids that fill the bloodstream, the result of mobilizing stored energy from fat stores.

      It means that, as weight loss slows or plateaus, blood sugars will improve markedly. So part of the weight loss process is temporary elevation of blood sugar. Problem: Many of my colleagues rarely if ever see weight loss and do not understand what it looks like. And note that going back on Lantus will likely REVERSE weight loss and substantially impair your ability to become less or NON-diabetic.

      In addition to considering some new doctors, also consider finding a doctor to work with you on cutting your other drugs, especially furosemide/potassium. The farther along you go, the less diuretics we need. Note that wheat is incredibly water and salt-retaining; lose the wheat, lose the water/salt retention and the need for diuretics dissipates at least partially, if not entirely.

      The sotalol can impair weight loss but this is one that cannot be stopped without allowing reversion to A. Fib.

      • Katie

        Thank you Dr Davis. Are you saying that I’ll be on the Sotalol for the rest of my life? Also, I should have mentioned, I have over 100+ lbs to lose, so does that mean my bs will continue to be high until I achieve it, or will it lower as Im losing? I will remain on the metformin, but I will not go back on the insulin or the Amaryl. I realize I need to find another Dr to work with, but that may take some time. Could you also tell me what current tests to ask for from my Cardiologist next month (he always does an EKG), and also what tests to ask for from my Primary Dr (for diabetes), i.e. labs. Thankyou!

        • Dr. Davis

          No, not for life necessarily, Katie. It really depends on your tendency to return to A Fib, which varies, something we cannot settle here.

          Yes, blood sugar will remain high as long as weight loss is ongoing, then it plummets. The flood of fatty acids that develop during weight loss really blocks insulin’s effects. No way around that except . . . liposuction!

          • Katie

            thankyou again Dr Davis!
            Liposuction? I don’t think so. LOL
            So, is it okay to have a fasting BS of 200 while I’m losing (which will take months if not a year) to lose it all.? I already take 2 metformin (2000 mg daily), and cinnamon….and of course, I am wf/gf/sf.

            Could you also tell me what current tests (lab or otherwise) to ask for from my Cardiologist next week. Also what tests to ask for from my Primary Dr (for diabetes). Thankyou! (Then I can stop bothering you)

    • K. O.

      I would like to add if may. Pending on your overall potassium levels due to the ability of your kidneys you may want to try juicing 2 – 4 celery stalks per day. As well as dandelion root ground up added together with blended greens work great a a natural diuretic. And yes add sea salt too.
      Celery juice is as close to our own blood make up out any plant in the plant world.
      And yes, even myself after 25 years of all sorts of different variations of fluid retention I once saw none after complete elimination of wheat n grains. Even my ring is now on and off with ease.

      • Katie

        thank you KO, that was very kind of you to share that with me!! I used to be an avid juicer (even have a Norwalk!…and a Champion and GreenLife!) I only take that water pill ‘as needed’ instead of every day. I haven’t had to take any lately, and the only time I do if I notice my ankles swelling a bit, and that is usually from sitting with my legs dangling too long. But, I’d rather do the celery juice, etc., so thankyou so much….really appreciate you taking the time to reply.


        • K. O.


          Also it’s better to drink slowly, and spread it out a bit as well.
          When you have swelling, think about how much sodium you have had, cause it may be you need to increase your salt, Sea salt.
          If your craving salt, you probably need salt…. But remember to drink too.
          We have two spaces that hold water, our tissues and such, and our vascular system ( blood supply ) With out the proper amount of salts its very difficult for the body to move fluid efficiently.
          Try out a little at time, don’t get too discouraged or look for quick vast improvements. It’s all about practice and time.

          K O

  21. Rex

    Dr. Davis your book was written for me! I just turned 60 years old. I have struggled with my weight all of my life. My Mother passed away at 70 years old with heart failure. I have high blood sugar and hypercholesterolemia with high triglycerides and very low HDL which are markers of my family history. Recently, I heard of your book on a local talk show and it intrigued me. I took early retirement from a top pharmaceutical company that launched three statin products, multiple ACE’s and ARBs and the top selling DPP4 product for type II diabetes. I admit that I was very skeptical of your book as I constantly seek scientific results from double blinded, placebo controlled, randomized, controlled clinical trials. I was blown away by the scientific references in your book. I am a true believer in the results your patients have shown. I have been following WheatBelly for 6 weeks and have seen an 11 pound weight loss. In addition, my blood sugar has dropped from 170 to just over 100 on a daily basis. I have lost nearly two full pants sizes. Amazing! For the first time I fully understand the development of Small Dense LDL particles. Thank you for writing this amazing book. I truly believe I will be able to beat the threat of Type II Diabetes in my life!

    • Dr. Davis

      Excellent, Rex!

      Getting rid of diabetes is no small matter. You can see how the focus on pharmaceuticals as “solutions” for diabetes leads you astray, when a cheap, safe, and natural alternative was available to you all along. Just from a cost comparison, think of the different: $500 or so per month for diabetes drugs versus eating food. And you likely added something like 8 years to your life.

  22. Susan Graham

    Well I got the phone call my MD was in a panic because my Total Cholesterol was 265 and triglycerides was 175 and HDL were elevated as well. I chatted with you about these as they were drawn just a week into the diet. My blood sugar was 104 and they are all upset about that as well. Now three weeks into the diet I test sugar with glucometer and fasting it was 120 and 2 hrs after lunch was 126. My TSH is also elevated at 5.28. Now in the above post you mentioned that my blood sugar could stay high. I am not losing that much weight but definitely feel like I have lost inches . I am not tremendously overweight so dont expect to drop 5lbs a week. Guess my question is in my situation since I am not dropping a tremendous amount of weight when should I expect to see my blood sugar decrease if it is going to. At what point do I give in and get on meds?

  23. Susan Graham

    4th week on diet. Blood sugar down last week it was 124 fasting. Today it was 98 2hrs after lunch. Yah.

  24. donna. g

    Dear Dr. Davis
    I luckily found this forum and have, I believe settled a bit of my worry regarding my blood sugars rising. Now Jan 24, I cut my smoking down to less than 1/2 of what it was before Dec 1 and started the Wheat Belly ‘journey’ about 2 weeks ago. After having suffered a month of intense arthritic pain in my hands from ‘life’ and eating anything I within reach. I’d heard about your book/s last year but didn’t act on it and read them, and in the past 2 weeks I am astounded at the positive results I’m experiencing. NO pain whatsoever and I have continued to work online/research, and do my mosaic crafting. I am not lethargic, have more energy, no bloating, my sinuses cleared up and hence a nagging cough. I’m sleeping better and feel almost *20* again. I cannot tell you how grateful I am for having read your book (still reading) and eliminating wheat products. Two years ago I suffered severe stomach pains and everything that I ate other than meats, would bring it on. After blood tests, and even a stomach scope the specialist couldn’t pinpoint it so I began reducing ‘wheat’ products then but resorted to gluten free recipes laden with starches. Almost off those, I still am perplexed as to why my blood sugar level hovers between 10 and 13 even after 30 minutes of exercise and no refined sugars. But after reading the above posts I think I’ll just give it a few more weeks to see if it drops. I was/am just so frustrated thinking that the blood sugar, if anything should decline if anything. thanks.

    • Pip Power

      Hi Lady,

      If you had Diabetic neuropathy in both feet 24/7, you would have something to complain about. The worst part is at night, when one is not active, you can feel the nerves tingling all over your feet. I got my Diabetic neuropathy the week I was diagnosed with Diabetes. Most people have to wait 10 to 20 years for theirs to happen, but my BSL was 84 (European Standard) and I was minutes from going into a coma and because I live alone, that was the end for me. But a kidney stone moved during the night & blocked my water system & forced me to go to casualty.

      They had to inject me with medicine that on the one hand cured my High Blood Pressure, but activated my Diabetic neuropathy. All this happened during a time I lost 4 siblings within a 24 month period, the last by suicide. We had looked after another brother for 25 years, the victim of a Hit & Run, who received serious head injury. I drank a bottle of Rum & Coke a day & listened to Waylon Jennings to deal with the Blues, while my brother bottled it all up inside & finally he couldn’t take it anymore.

      To say I was depressed is an understatement. I was put on Effxor for depression & Lyrica for Diabetic neuropathy. I soon began to feel side effects and took myself of them. PFIZER were fined $5 billion because their senior researcher was falsifying his research results. Effxor & Lyrica were 2 of the drugs he falsified research on and no one knows how many people suicided because of him & his false research.

      I share this with you & others to help you to carry on, as I have done and as Waylon said, “Never say die”! and let us “go out Rocking”!

      God bless you & keep you strong!

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  26. Kimberley P.

    I’m confused about the blood sugar/weight loss correlation. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in Sept of 2012. My highest measured blood sugar was 405. I have dropped almost 60 lbs in that time. My blood sugar has not been measured above 125 in over 4 months. My diagnosis A1C was 11. My most recent A1C (in late January) was 5.5. I have cut gluten, lactose, any form of sugar not found naturally in foods, artificial sweetners, caffiene except for one 16 oz cup of tea in the morning. I am on meds still. I would like to stay on meds until I can maintain an A1C around 5-5.5 for 6 months. My blood sugar went down with weight loss, not up.

    • Dr. Davis

      Well, that’s how it’s supposed to work, Kimberley!

      There can be a temporary rise in blood sugar with weight loss, but it then subsides and drops.

  27. Joan Kinateder

    I have been type 1.5 diabetes for one year. I do exercise and diet. I read your book and have been off
    wheat for over a month. My post meal sugars are always in the 200 range. I just eat nuts, meat, avacadoes
    and vegetables. I was 100 pounds when I was diagnosed. I am still 100 pounds. I exercise between 1 1/2 to
    2 hours a day to control my diabetes. I feel I am ready for medication as I am 63 years. I was first put on
    Lantus as my sugar was 741. I was on Metformin for almost two months, then diet and exercise. Now, when
    I tried Metformin, I get horrid side effects. I went from eating 45 carbs each meal to around 20 per meal
    after I read your book. Here is my question…if I cut back to 10 carbs per meal, will it give my pancreas
    a rest and maybe a chance to heal. Will I stop making those darn antibodies which are destroying my beta
    cells….just wondering what you thought. Thank you!