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Food Network: FOOD FIGHT!

Dietitan and Food Network blogger, Toby Amidor, recently posted this review of Wheat Belly on the Food Network website. Imagine walking into a room of former alcoholics and asking, “Anyone want a drink?” Among the tidbits: “The website [Wheat Belly … Continue reading

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I lost the wheat, but didn’t lose weight: 2

Yes, it happens: Rid your life of all things wheat and you get relief from acid reflux, joint pain, and mood swings . . . but not weight loss. While most people enjoy rapid and dramatic weight loss with wheat … Continue reading

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Wheat: Brainless Grain

Read Jean’s story of neurological impairment and pain turned around with elimination of modern wheat, the most destructive grain ever devised for brain and nervous system destruction: The Wheat Belly book and the wheat-free diet have saved my life, or … Continue reading

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Mystery Bump

Are more women delivering babies . . . but didn’t know they were pregnant? While I know of no formal tabulation, it seems that I’ve been hearing more and more about these surprise babies. There was even a reality TV … Continue reading

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Should she . . . or shouldn’t she?

Paige posted this question about whether or not she might benefit from the Wheat Belly approach: I am 34 and I have struggled my entire life with hunger. I can remember being as yound as 5 and still being hungry … Continue reading

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Biscuits and Gravy

Biscuits and gravy: the ultimate comfort food . . . one you thought you’d never have again! The familiar dish of breakfast and holiday meals is recreated here with a delicious gravy that you can pour over piping hot biscuits. … Continue reading

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No grain, no pain

Carla tells this story of relief from a peculiar body-wide pain sans wheat: It has been about 2 months of Wheat Belly diet. I am astounded with my results. What prompted me to embark on this was my pain. My … Continue reading

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Wheat Belly: Enemy of Big Pharma

Having known many drug sales representative over the years, I’ve found them a mixed bag. While some are nothing more than pretty faces armed with enticing gifts, I have also encountered a good number who admitted–sometimes openly–that they worked for … Continue reading

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Wheat-eating humans?

Us modern humans, Homo sapiens, have walked the earth some 200,000 years. Our upright, bipedal, large-brained, and social hunter-gatherer predecessors, Homo erectus, walked the earth for nearly 10-fold longer, bridging the era when humans first began to eat animal flesh, … Continue reading

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Upcoming Wheat Belly presentations

I will be speaking at the following events open to the public near-future: Get Calgary Healthy Sunday, October 14th, 2012 Calgary TELUS Conventional Center Calgary, Alberta 20th Annual World Congress on Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine December 12-15, 2012 American Academy … Continue reading

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