Modern Wheat: A Terrorist’s Delight

Modern wheat is the perfect disrupter of bowel health, a creation that even Al Quaeda couldn’t top.

Let’s put aside issues like celiac or gluten-sensitivity triggered by the new gliadin proteins (such as the Glia-alpha9 sequence in most modern wheat), issues that affect 10% of the population. Let’s instead talk about the disruption of bowel health that occurs in EVERYBODY–without the immune activation of celiac or gluten-sensitivity.

In other words, nobody escapes the bowel effects described below. Eat modern wheat and experience the bowel disruption it wreaks, plain and simple.

First, wheat germ agglutinin–indigestible to humans–is a direct intestinal toxin. If 1 mg is fed to a laboratory animal, its intestinal tract undergoes extensive damage not unlike that seen in celiac disease. The average wheat-consuming human takes in 10-20 mg per day.

The direct intestinal destruction of wheat germ agglutinin is made worse by a process first described in 1990 by Dr. Alessio Fasano’s group at Johns Hopkins: The gliadin protein of wheat triggers expression of the zonulin protein in intestinal cells. Zonulin, in turn, disrupts the normal “tight junction” structures (via actin filament polymerization) that provide a normal barrier to foreign substances in the intestinal tract, ordinarily preventing their entry into the deeper tissue layers of the bowel as well as the bloodstream. With the normal tight junction disabled, foreign substances are able to pass between intestinal cells through the impaired tight junction–in short, stuff in your intestine that has no business getting into your bloodstream does. Among the foreign substances allowed access is wheat germ agglutinin.

Fasano et al 2005

There are three consequences to health as a result of this gliadin-wheat germ agglutinin two-punch effect:

1) Wheat germ agglutinin can enter the bloodstream and hitch a ride to other organs to places like your knees, hips, skin, thyroid gland, eyes, airways and sinuses, resulting in inflammation in those organs: arthritis, rashes, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, uveitis, asthma and sinus congestion.

2) Gliadin likewise enters the bloodstream and triggers immune phenomena via its “molecular mimicry” effect, its capacity to closely mimic the structure of many human proteins, triggering autoimmune responses: rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, polymyositis, neuropathies, etc.

3) Because the disrupted intestinal lining now acts as a two-way path, water can leak into the intestinal tract, resulting in diarrhea and bowel urgency. In fact, this effect of the gliadin protein has been likened to the effect of cholera toxin that results in intractable watery diarrhea.

Multi-organ inflammation, autoimmunity, and watery bowels: You can see why I often call modern wheat “a perfect chronic poison.” It is as if this thing was specifically designed for maximum damage, an intestinal jihad perpetrated on us by agribusiness mujahideen.

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  2. Lynda (Fl) says:

    I, for one, would enjoy revisiting that discussion. Anyone else?

    • Lynda (Fl) says:

      Sorry everyone, that comment was supposed to indicate that I would like to review the carb element in diet, with Dr. D helping us out. I think that may be what I need to correct to bring my own health under more control. Recovering the basics is always good!

  3. Palm242 says:

    Dr. Davis,
    Re: consequence #3
    After eliminating wheat about how quickly does the intestinal tract repair itself? Is there anything that can be done/taken to speed up the process? Thank you!

  4. K O says:

    A perfect depopulation device.
    In the days where family is a fading experience, and all of are dying before 70ish, and new borns are on a decline world wide, is it any wonder of what is going on.
    Sure… A perfect Storm.
    So if it is not the food, nor the water, or the air that gets us. Then they have also made sure that the Verbal and Written lies told daily over and over again will surly have the population making their so called informed decisions and opinions based on lies. A scrambled brain even more scrambled…
    A world of puppets, brained washed for a mere few who feel that they are God, and want the planet for them selves.
    Plans by a few who will who will in the end Slave a few million of us. So these few can go on. They will be fused between Silicone and Flesh, the rest of the population will be chipped and controlled by some 16 year old pro gammers.
    As these few play on the earth to their delight, they will also travel back n forth in the distant space.
    So then Like I have visioned over the years, as I have continually picked my self off of Deaths door it’s coming to a town near you soon… it is what I cal the BOT MAN.
    Who are the real terrorists?
    Put 1 and 1 together…. It is no longer difficult to SEE…

  5. Annette says:

    Dr. Davis I just read that a FB FR has an inflamed colon could wheat be at the root of this? He is obese and eats the typical sad diet and southern diet. Thanks.

  6. Joe says:

    Dr. Davis,

    I saw a video on CBS news a few weeks ago, providing an overview of your book and diet reccommendations. During that interview, one of the questions that was asked by the hosts were if there was the “old” type of wheat available, prior to the modifications made in the 60-70′s, I believe. Your response was that, I believe that you can get the farmers to grow it because, the newer “wheat” yields about 10 times the amount per acre. While I am considering your views on wheat, I would also like to even see if there is any availability of wheat that hasn’t been modified to cause these problems. While I recognize in your view that such wheat may still cause problems, I would just like to see if you can and are willing to point me towards, varieties of wheat, that are “pre-modification” varieties, even if there are very limited suppliers, etc. Part of the reason I ask is because as a family we have stored our own wheat berries, made foods from whole wheat grains, such as cracked wheat breakfast, or homemade breads, etc – not just eating wheat that comes in store-bought packages. We have also grown our own wheatgrass in the past. I am wondering if you are willing to point me to any suppliers of the older, unmodified strains of the wheat berries. themselves -or at least to the names of any varieties of wheat that have not been modified. If we decided going off of wheat entirely, is the right thing to do, we would do that, but I would just be interested to know if there is a way to get older varieties/ strains of wheat, to start off with.

    Any help in this would be great.



    • Joe says:

      Sorry, I meant to write, that one CANNOT get the farmers to grow the wheat.

    • Dr. Davis says:

      Good or bad, there are a growing number of sources for older forms of wheat, some “heirloom,” others ancient.

      Eli Rogosa, who I talked about in the book, supplies mostly ancient wheats:

      Google “heirloom wheat” for sources of such. But note that grains do not belong in the diet of any human. Please see the post I just made, Fat and Getting Fatter.

  7. Bea says:

    Hi Dr. Davis;
    Thank you SO much for your book!!! I have eliminated wheat from my diet since 2010 and I have seen a tremendous improvement in my skin and intestines, but your book really helped me understand why wheat was causing this and why only in the last 10 or so years. My symptoms are mainly bloating and painful intestines along with skin rashes around by hair line and neck. Although my intestinal problems have resolved by eliminating wheat, I am still battling with the rashes around my hair line (not sure if it is psoriasis or just a rash but they are very red and itchy and get worse when I exercise). I do notice that if I eat just one cookie or flour tortilla the rashes get worse, but even when it has been weeks on a 100% wheat-free diet I still can’t get rid of them completely. I wonder if there is something I am missing? I do eat rice and oats… any ideas and/or recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

    • Alice C. says:

      Hi there,
      The rash on the back of my neck disappeared after going wheat free, low carb and almost sugar free. Beside wheat free, are you sugar free and low carb as well?

  8. Tim says:

    Aren’t lictins mostly deactivated by heat? Since the wheat products that come to mind are baked goods like bread, wouldn’t that reduce/eliminate damage caused WGA?

  9. Tim says:

    Since lectins are disabled/reduced by heat, and since wheat is normally used in baked goods, wouldn’t the heat of baking reduce/eliminate the problems with WGA?

  10. Tim Devick says:

    I have read that lectins are damaged/destroyed by heat. Since wheat is normally used in products that are baked, wouldn’t the heat of baking eliminate/seriously reduce damage caused by WGA?

  11. Re; “Lectins”

    I am Not an expert in Botany, so I {can} assume that there may be a Lectin that might survive the
    Heat during the Baking Process.
    But I did study them in Health Sciences In College,
    and when I mentored {as the Mentee} with Dr. Paavo Airola in 1982 & 1983.
    And I know that Most Lectins do survive Baking, Boiling and all other forms of cooking
    {except direct Fire, orchestra
    They are VERY tough, Natural persistent chemicals! They have to be– Their purpose
    in Plant life, is to protect the ‘skin’ of Plants {which includes Food that Humans eat}.

    Everyone needs to accept the Fact that what Dr. Davis discovered IS FACT: The Wheat
    of our Grand Parents’ days, has been Genetically Modified out of existence!
    Resulting in a Grain that is Toxic to the Human Body, in a Hundred different ways!!

  12. Lizzie says:

    Man, oh man… I have been off wheat for 5 months. Boy did I make a mistake last night. In celebration of Mum’s b’day we had pizza… I had a couple of nibbles off the crust, all the while thinking, “I shouldn’t be doing this”… Bang ! 2 hours later excrutiating abdominal cramps, which could only be alleviated by lying down !! I will not be doing that again !!

    • Dr. Davis says:

      Yes, live and learn, Lizzie!

      And don’t forget that you can recreate a delicious and beautiful pizza without wheat.

      • Tom & Nancy Keefe says:

        You’re Dr. Davis I make a Paleo Pizza with almond flour and egg and some baking soda you can add any spices that you want to the dough and it is great crust and basis for your pizza