Are you succumbing to Wheat Belly-itis?

Susan, a frequent visitor to the Wheat Belly Facebook page, posted this wonderful list:

Top 10 Signs You’re Infected With Wheat Belly-itis

10. You have more than one copy of Wheat Belly in your house
9. You’re spending a small fortune on almond flour
8. You’re disappointed if nobody posts anything new on the Wheat Belly Facebook page in the last five minutes
7. You once dreamt you ate a bagel and then woke up in a cold sweat
6. You and your spouse/partner have secret code words for pointing out people with wheat bellies when you’re out in public
5. “Wow, he/she has a lot of glycation going on,” is a common phrase you use while watching TV
4. You say “a-HA!” to yourself every time you see bread and carby foods in an obese persons’ grocery cart
3. You live in fear of Robert Rominger’s mallet
2. You find yourself coming up with a list of the “Top 10 Signs You’re Infected with Wheat Belly-itis”
1. A day doesn’t pass without you saying, “Well, Dr. D says . . .”

I’ll add one more: You are reminded that a slender, youthful you, buried beneath the fat and inflammation, is starting to come out from hiding!

If you haven’t already done so, come join our discussions on the Wheat Belly Facebook page where, as you can see, we are having an awful lot of fun!

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49 Responses to Are you succumbing to Wheat Belly-itis?

  1. Number xxx
    “You can wear your t-shirts tucked into your pants rather than over them to disguise the bulge.”
    Number xxxx
    “You MUST wear a belt with your pants so they don’t fall down.”

    Love It!

  2. Sherie says:

    Haha, love these!!! Especially #7! I hate carb dreams – had one last week where I caved and hate half a dozen chocolate glazed donuts … when I woke up and realized it never happened, I was mighty relieved to say the least! =)

    • Dr. Davis says:

      Ouch, Sherie!

      Half a dozen is a near-fatal dose. Sort of like falling off the steep cliff, the waking up to only realize it was a nightmare!

  3. Christina says:

    * You leave a copy of the book out hoping that your spouse/mother/child/roommate will pick it up and learn why they are suffering from muffin top/constipation/migraines/exhaustion.
    * Your friends roll their eyes every time the subject of food, weight, or health comes up.
    * You want the book in cheap paperback so you can give it to people.

    I have a friend who is a marathon runner and still has a muffin top. She suffers from migraines and constipation and used to have a problem with acne before she took accutane. I tried telling her about this but she just thinks I’m crazy. In fact, a lot of people think I’m crazy. Oh well, I’m the one who’s healthy and thin.

  4. Chris says:

    LOL. I guess I’m not smart enough to use a code word – I just say “Wheat Belly” out loud in the grocery store as people stare hypnotically and practically drool in the bakery dept, the “snack” aisle, the prepared food section . . .

  5. Sedena says:

    I HAVE succumbed to Wheatbellyitis – especially number 8! I have never READ a blog before, but I have read every article by Dr. Davis and every comment made and I love it!
    I decided to go completely wheat, dairy and sugar free on September 8 after struggling with bone-weary fatigue, depression, anxiety and who knows what else, all due I knew to what I was putting into my body. When I woke up HAPPY on Tuesday, September 11, I decided to look up exactly what the problem with wheat was – and found this blog! I weighed myself on Thursday and had lost 12 lbs since August 22 (3 weeks before), the day I saw my doctor for my semi-annual checkup. Losing that weight is nothing short of a miracle, since what I had eaten since seeing my doctor included but was not limited to pizza, hard salame, Popeye’s fried chicken, mashed potatoes, biscuits, etc. etc. etc. No wonder I was fatigued and depressed during those two weeks! I had been relatively wheat-free since February, eating bread very occasionally at a restaurant, but not reading the labels on processed food and substituting corn for the wheat, so when the word poison was mentioned in conjunction with wheat, it totally resonated with me.
    Anyway, NOW, 10 days into totally grain, dairy, and sugar free, and eating less than 15g of carbs a day, I have lost 15 lbs+ (I am a quarter of the way to my goal already!), I have zero appetite (an amazing concept since I used to continually wonder where my next meals were coming from), no cravings, eat until I’m full and actually push my plate away because I simply can’t put another bite into my mouth. I have never experienced anything like it, and I can tell you I am ecstatic about it! It has been effortless and I feel so healthy.
    So thank you Dr. Davis – and all commenters – for sharing all of this with the world!

    • Dr. Davis says:

      It is truly liberating, isn’t it, Sedena?

      It’s like opening your eyes after a lifetime of keeping them closed.

      • cranberry says:

        Amen. The thing that amazes me the most, is how easy it is to stick to protein, vegies, and healthy oils.

  6. Neicee says:

    I’ve no idea where to post this, but since I like the title of this page, here goes. It’s been 3 years since buying a few new dress suits/dress slacks, blouses – that because of my height I always have to have a tailor alter for me. Sleeves and length of pants. Had to take in a few items today and the owner was mouth dropping surprised to see me. Then wanted to know what happened to me? I proudly shared with her and her partner in the business that I’d found I had to quit eating certain things for health, longevity, and long-term wellness. I let her probe a little further then relayed the name of the book, the fact the author was a cardiologist, and that the weight loss was simply icing on the cake so to speak. Her partner admitted she could never give up bagels, however, before I left the shop she’d already pulled up on Kindall the book and was already reading it! Two more converts, I hope and pray they’ll both go for it with gusto. The funniest part was trying on the last pair of slacks, which I’d paid a fortune for and purchased last June, now could slide down without unzipping over my hips. Charity is going to love them!

    • Dr. Davis says:

      Nicely done, Neicee!

      No stomach stapling, no lap-band, no extreme exercise . . . just shift around your choice of foods. Ain’t life wonderful?

    • Karen Scribner says:

      Please don’t use Goodwill. It is a private company and the CEO gets all the profits.

  7. Pam says:

    I’ve hesitated about posting this, but since I do have many of the signs of wheatbellyitis with one exception – no weight loss. In fact I have experienced weight gain. I went hard core wheat free for months and while I felt better I didn’t lose any weight whatsoever. I have backslid in the last few weeks, but reading the blog has incented me to not only go totally wheat free again, but to minimize the carbs also (I made a loaf of einkorn honey bread last night – my first real bread in weeks).
    Is it possible that not everyone experiences weight loss going honestly wheat free?

    • Neicee says:

      Going wheat free may only be part of the problem. If you’re shooting up with loads of insulin boosting foods (potatoes/rice/corn) you’re going to pack on those pounds anyway. Enduring the side issue of gluten intolerence for years and half way playing with a shot of wheat here and there, even if it made me sick, I still didn’t drop a pound. When I dropped wheat for good, followed by sugar last Jan. 1st the weight started falling off. I’m back into the clothing I loved, but slowly losing even more. I’m not too thin, I’m just under 5′ tall. I believe you’ll settle at your ideal weight – for someone my size I eat a ton.

      I’m sure others will share their experiences as well.

    • Dr. Davis says:

      Yes, Pam: If there is something obstructing your way.

      Elimination of wheat is an incredibly powerful tool for losing weight, but it cannot overcome conditions like hypothyroidism, adrenal gland dysfunction, or the inhibiting effects of overconsumption of junk carbohydrates.

      First step: Eliminate wheat. Second step: Limit other carbohydrates to 15 grams “net” per meal or less. Third step: If weight loss still fails, then consider a condition that is obstructing your path.

  8. Sharon O says:

    I find myself constantly looking in carts in the grocery store just shaking my head. I have gasped a few times as well. It cracks me up every time.
    I also can be heard saying: “Well, my favorite cardiologist, Dr. Davis says….” at least 5 days a week.

  9. Anne says:

    I’ve been scouring these boards for the past week literally lapping up all of the information and hearing all of the incredible stories of transformation. I usually approach things with a great deal of skepticism and while this is no different, it has such an unmistakable ring of truth to it and after a week I am already starting to realize some of what has been said here.

    Can I just caution people not to point fingers at people who happen to be overweight and happen to eat wheat – I mean, really, laughing and then running away? Let’s not forget that we’re all fighting are own battles and vilifying people who are overweight is wrong on so many levels.


  10. Joei says:

    I’m so proud to have Wheat Belly-itis!! :)

  11. I love perusing the WB archives since I’m late to the WB party (Jan/2013)……just stumbled on this and realized I have wheat-belly-itis too! Thanks for posting…’s so true!