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Weight loss is just the start!

Lucas posted his story, describing his turnaround in health that went beyond “just” weight loss. He reminds us that wheat elimination is not “just another low-carb diet.” It is a condemnation of this thing put in our food called “wheat,” … Continue reading

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Dying, obsessing, scheming for food

Those of us living in this magnificent Wheat-Free Zone have been hearing incredible tales of freedom from eating disorders. Remember TJ’s story of her release from lifelong bulimia? Michele tells this story of her release from the binge-eating bonds of … Continue reading

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Modern Wheat: A Terrorist’s Delight

Modern wheat is the perfect disrupter of bowel health, a creation that even Al Quaeda couldn’t top. Let’s put aside issues like celiac or gluten-sensitivity triggered by the new gliadin proteins (such as the Glia-alpha9 sequence in most modern wheat), … Continue reading

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Diabetes: “Cured by Wheat Belly”

Take a look at Mary’s story posted on the Wheat Belly Blog: I used to be diabetic. Now I am not. Cured by Wheat Belly. Fasting blood sugar less then 87 mg/dl consistently. Postprandial [after-meal] readings at one hour at … Continue reading

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Vanilla Custard

This recipe is more of a reminder than a unique way to make custard. A number of people recently remarked to me: “I sure do miss ice cream! If I could just have ice cream once in a while, I’d … Continue reading

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You’re diabetic because “you are lazy and self-serving”!

Read the comments of dietitian Janelle Schnake RD, CDE that she posted on the Wheat Belly Blog: Dr. Davis, As a registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator I really, completely, totally agree with your statements about whole wheat and how … Continue reading

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WORSE than Genetic Modification

Recall that Clearfield wheat, the semi-dwarf strain of wheat now grain on nearly one million acres in the Pacific northwest of the U.S., is the product of chemical mutagenesis, the purposeful induction of mutations using chemicals. In the case of … Continue reading

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It starts in the mouth

Gail emailed me this interesting observation from her perspective as a dental hygienist: I have worked as a dental hygienist for over forty years. For a long time, I have been saying that something is different with people’s oral health. … Continue reading

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Gluten-free muffin top

I know I’ve said this many times before, but it bears frequent repeating since so many people are waylaid by this “gluten-free” notion: NOBODY should be eating gluten-free foods made with cornstarch, rice starch, tapioca starch, or potato starch. These … Continue reading

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You are BETTER than your bowel flora

As often happens in our Wheat Belly conversations, we end up talking about bowel health. After all, our unwitting bowels are the primary means through which we (used to) ingest this thing that annoys, erodes, irritates, and generally wreaks havoc … Continue reading

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