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Comments & Feedback...

  1. Lisa L.

    Wow! How long did the transformation take? You look great! And….nice bike too! Hope you can spread the word to other bikers and help to transform lives! Good luck to you and God bless!

  2. Made a mistake and consumed a minute amount of a wheat product at a Craft Fair–

    And, did I ever suffer!

    I was just a little smaller than the before picture–@270lbs.
    And if I had allowed a before picture taken, I looked like an older version of the self I do now, at 230lbs. My goal is 190lbs–and I will get there!

    I will have to get a New Biker Jacket, or have the oder one taken in–as I can swim in it, at 230lbs–and will not be able to fit it, at all, when I hit 190lbs!

    Cool, very expensive Harley Product, but I am not angry at Dr. Davis, for what he has done to me, in relationship to my Biker Jacket.

    Perhaps the good Dr. should put a warning lable on his second book, as following Dr. Davis, could be hazardous to one’s old wardrbobe, to include Cool Biker Jackets.

    Roger, OHIO

    • Dr. Davis

      Yes, excellent idea, Roger!

      It is often helpful to have that small exposure . . . then be reminded that it is indeed a poison!

      • Reguardless of the tragic Motor Cycle Jacket–incident, as it is one of the coolest Jackets in existance, perhaps when I get to my ideal weight, I can have two Jackets made out of my old one!

        Following your advice on losing the Wheat, has been hazardous to my old ward robe–and I do not have to keep it, for fear of regaining the weight, either, for you have taught me more about how the body works, than all my reading on my own, to include my medical instructors, in the Service!

        As far as the tiny amount of Wheat I accidently consumed, I will be even more careful–and YES, it was a reminder that Wheat isssssssssss THAT TOXIC, even in very small amounts!

        Again, thanks for my life back, Dr. Davis!

        Roger, OHIO

  3. PJ

    Thomas, your after picture just makes my heart skip a beat. YOU ARE GORGEOUS! I’ve always been a sucker for great looking arms like yours. *sigh* You are defintely the poster boy for WheatBelly success.

  4. Neicee

    Thomas, with you as an inspiration perhaps that cute little guy beside you won’t have to go through the agony of changing his eating lifestyle….terrific story and we’re hoping for an update or follow-up to the story. You look great!

  5. Lisa

    There’s no pizza or hamburger bun or cake or cookie or whatever that’s worth not looking and feeling like that!!!!
    I get comments all the time from people since I quit eating wheat and it feels so good!
    I feel and look so, so much better and younger than I used to.
    Man, this not eating wheat gig is just so fun.
    Your photo inspires me to forgo the sugar as well.
    Again – Wowza!!!

  6. I saw this picture on another FB page (Eat Fat, Get Fit is what I think it was, or Eat Fat, Get Thin?). I was shocked at how many people didn’t believe it was the same guy, and that he had done it with less exercise and no grains/sugar. I guess there’s still a lot of work to be done in getting the message out there. I’d go for a ride with this dude anyday. It’s nice to be able to wrap your arms ALL the way around your driver!

  7. Patrick

    Awesome job! you look FANTASTIC! :-)

    Today is my day #1 for being Wheat free, in addition to getting rid of all refined sugars. POISON! lol.

    I am 5’10 and 195—-NOT GOOD. I WILL BE, 160.


    WE can ALL do this.

    love from Hawaii!

    Patrick :-)

  8. Linda

    This is so inspirational, the pics really show the difference!
    Dr. Davis, please try to answer this question that has bothered me since July of 2008 when I began my LCHF journey:
    Why do so many people prefer to continue eating junk/processed/sugar laden food, and continue taking prescription drugs rather than change their lifestyles for the better? 95% of my immediate family still eats badly, still smokes, does not exercise, and shows no signs of changing. They have no interest in why I live this way, they seem to be going from one medical appointment to another, and certainly keep the local pharmacies busy.
    Is there a simple answer?

    • Dr. Davis

      Sorry, Linda, but I have no idea why many people choose to be the willing slaves of Big Food and Big Pharma.

      While I believe that there are tens of millions of people who, if given the proper information, would change their lives for the better, there is a large group who simply do not care to change. Habit? Comfort? Stupidity? All 3?

      • Katie

        What? Shocked that you didn’t say….cause Wheat is a toxin, an opiate on the brain signalling you to EAT! lol Maybe once ppl get away from the constant cravings and the other sufferings due to wheat, smoking and other bad vices would fall away too….wanting to be completely healthy in the long run! Just sayin…

        • James

          Well. it seems obvious: sugar and wheat are drugs creating addictions and cravings. Think about people with withdrawal symptoms when they stop eating these things. And the most sneaky thing in this is that most people don’t know that they are drug addicts because of these pseudo-foods. Looking back at my own behaviour, I can clearly see it …

  9. graham hargrove

    Congrats! On the upgrade on the bike too- the one on the left looks like an 82 Virago, which probably had the worst starter motor in the world. Fond memories…

    Love the no cardio comment – I couldn’t agree more. Sporadic weight training and yoga, and with the food rules in place the rest just kind of happens. If that’s your son in the photo, chances are he will have you around in good health for a lot longer than he would have otherwise. Priceless!

    Congratulations on your good health and success.

  10. Mrs. Ratfire

    Roger- you look positively handsome & strong! Love it. If you want to recycle that jacket, take it to a good shoemaker, there is one in Westlake OH called the Italian Shoemaker. He makes handbags, beautiful ones and he is very creative. Send her your jacket and tell him to make the wife a tote… would certainly be big enough to carry all her needs. Would even make a neat messenger style bag for a computer and books or papers.

    You look great, thanks for posting the picture. I needed that for inspiration to become my own Hot biker Mama. I have a minty green Vespa…..I know you are jealous, but contain yourself! Mrs. Ratfire, OH