Wheat Belly Art

Indiana artist Lesley Spanos painted this delightful acrylic of a wheat-bellied man that caught her eye recently:

Lesley comments:
Five years ago, I dropped wheat from my diet. The only wheat I was eating prior to that was in low carb bread and wraps, so it didn’t seem like eliminating those things wouldn’t be a big deal. But it was. It was huge. After dumping wheat, my arthritis went away, my blood pressure and heart rate improved, and my already-good blood cholesterol levels got even better. Brain fog left me. Food cravings and hunger, already low due to eating lots of fat and protein, disappeared completely. Depression was a thing of the past.

Many would assume he’s [the painting subject] lazy, or eats too much fat, but to me, he looks like a victim of wheat.

Isn’t that wonderful? I guess it’s one of the rare times we might say that wheat bellies are a thing of beauty!

For more of Lesley’s work, see her Portfolio.

Too late to buy the Wheat Belly painting–I bought it! Thanks for your clever work, Lesley.

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Comments & Feedback...

    • Lisa

      Yeah, I wish they would have mentioned wheat.
      However, they bring up the issue of fasting and how if you eat at say – 5 pm – and then eat nothing more before going to bed – eventually you begin to burn fat. And if you wake up and you’re not hungry just don’t eat and if you exercise you burn more fat.
      Sometimes I eat in the morning just because I’ve always heard you “should”.
      But if I”m busy and not hungry and don’t eat – I’m fine until after “lunch time”. Not hungry or faint at all.
      I ride my bike for transportation and water is important – I’ve gotten dehydrated – but I’ve been able to bike without eating breakfast just fine.

  1. Stan

    That’s beyond the rounded, seemingly harmless attachment protruding from some of we men who have been there. That painting portrays what I remember Dr. Davis saying in one of his presentations last year about the distasteful (my word) of all that inflamed, engorged, infected adipose tissue surrounding the belly of metabolically damaged persons.

    Wheat–the poison infecting so much of our processed food supply has infected our very tissue/organs and the results painted on canvass are sadly viewed by most people as an innocuous progression of middle-age condition or just plain male affinity for over-consumption of tacos and beer celebrating the Super Bowl too often.

    Sad, what’s become of our ability to reason our way to better eating.

    • Dr. Davis

      Yes, Stan: It’s really bad stuff, like a cancer growing in your belly.

      Yet the solution is SO darned simple.

  2. Mary Solon

    Sadly this looked like my husband two weeks ago. He drinks alot of beer and consumes lots of wheat in all its forms. He ended up in the hospital and now can’t eat much and no beer! Needless to say, his belly doesn’t look like this anymore! He’s a big man, but has lost over 25 lbs since being in the hospital for 12 days and now recuperating at home. I’m hopeful the weight and the belly will stay off and he stays on course to be healthier!!

    • Jeff

      Mary, let’s hope his weight loss is due to a PROPER low-carb, whole-foods diet and not from a “conventional wisdom” low-fat, caloric restriction diet (which is what I would expect the hospital was feeding to him). These diets, while sometimes successful in the short term, are not sustainable. Will power is not enough to maintain it, and health will also suffer.

      • Geisha

        Sugar is a factor as well, and fake sugars. The beer has wheat of course. Hospital diets do nothing for good health, the trays contain mostly acidic foods, not much alkaline balance. Once in a closed hospital room, aircond keeping all the germs in, not much sunshine, inactive, cocktails of pills – well, all I can say is get out asap. It’s predominantly diets that get people there. So, go home and add lots of veg and raw foods to the menu, avoiding all the usual toxic additives. Though if we only eliminated sugar and wheat, we’d be way ahead of those ingesting those toxins ;D

  3. JIllOz

    Hi Dr Davis.
    I’d say “Nice Painting” but erm…well anyway I hope you get full enjoyment from it!! :)
    It would make a great book cover. Your reprint edition perhaps??

    I found some great info on ghee – my next purchase – for people struggling with dairy issues.
    I bought some beautiful grass-fed butter a couploe of months ago but it has gone mouldy.
    i need something that will store better, so I will try ghee now.

  4. Neicee

    I love this painting, and if there ever is an argument against the consumption of wheat and it’s ills, this say it all. Congratulations to the artist for her insight and to you for investing in it. I’m going to pull a copy, if I can, to post on the refrigerator to make a point…..and I hate anything on the refrigerator, including magnets.

  5. Terry

    The picture says it all. I now look at folks with these issues with such sadness — my own wheat belly is shrinking(still a long way to go). I wish for them to find your book and find the confidence for success. I don’t know why – but I know that I will succeed with WB way of eating(if all the damage I’ve done to my body over the years doesn’t knock me off first!) I have tried so many different ways to lose weight – have fought it all my life! Now I have finally stopped fighting, feeling guilty, being depressed – I have the freedom and am acquiring the knowledge of what to eat! So wonderful Dr. Davis — I am so thrilled! I thank you for continuing your fight for us because I know you get jabbed and punched by those who think they KNOW—thanks again! Melancholy-maybe but not depressed and crying in the shower every morning!