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  1. Brandy

    I have just started readng your book. I don’t have any real weight to lose, but I have had chronic reflux and heartburn for ten years no matter what I eat. That is the reason I have choosen to read your book. I was trying out some recipes, and I notice that, for some, you use a sugar substitute. I do not use them. I don’t feel that they are beneficial for me or belong in my diet. I don’t like the taste or the effect on my digestive system. So, my questions is, do I lose all (or most) of the benefits of the wheat free lifestyle if I continue to eat small amounts of sugar? Small amounts being sometimes in certain recipes, fruits, etc (certainly not everyday consumption-aside from fruit). Also, do you recommend a protein powder to use for smoothies?

    Thank you for your time.

    • Dr. Davis

      It depends, Brandy. Some people can and do so safely, while others experience awful consequences.

      For a discussion of the individual variation in carbohydrate sensitivity, see this Wheat Belly Blog post.

      Whey and vegetable proteins generally work well, Brandy. With whey, look for organically sourced brands to minimize estrogen and the potential for bovine growth hormone.

  2. steve helmer

    Great videos, much of what you write in your book wheat bellies, tells it all. Doc i have noticed that the longer l’am off of wheat things in my body start to change, eg, sore knee, bladder control, head aches, all seem to come back in reverse order. Doc what i want to know has anybody else run into this happening to them. Unless everything you eat is organic, GMO is something that one has to watch for. Doc i would like to call what’s happening in reverse order, cleaning of the body’s tissues, and how long this goes on for depends apon how much toxic waste, etc are in the tissues being cleaned out. Your comments Doc are always appreciated.

    • Dr. Davis

      Interesting, Steve.

      That is a novel concept, the notion that the problems experienced from wheat will unravel themselves in reverse order.

      This is something I will have to watch for.

    • Birgit

      I’m hoping you are right. Our whole family has had significant health improvements by going wheat and grain-free. The only issues remaining are dealing with psoriasis for one person and acne for another. I’m hoping these will resolve or at least improve given more time.

  3. Neicee

    I thoroughly enjoyed both videos. Thanks for posting. Dr. Davis, are you considering doing the 2013 cruise? Betting a lot of people here would be interested in attending. Sounds like all the world’s experts were there? Sending this on to friends and family that all seem to think I’ve lost my mind…. ;)

    • Dr. Davis

      You have most definitely NOT lost your mind, Neicee!

      No, I won’t be making the 2013 cruise. Jimmy’s Low Carb Cruise is definitely an event worth attending. I fear the pressures on my time right now are too great to slice out an entire week.

      But I look forward to rejoining the crew in future!

  4. wrotek

    I enjoyed the videos very much.

    I understand that wheat contains toxic substances on its own.
    But is there an evidence that genetic modifications cause it to be even more toxic ?
    For example contain some new toxins ?
    Is this “azide” mutagen detectable in wheat prepared for consumption ?

    • Neicee

      I may be profoundly wrong on this, but I’m guessing ‘out of sight/out of mind’ and they’d only do some quick investigations if they were either sued or someone died where it could be proven they should have issued warnings? However, Dr. Davis’ lecture about the autopsies and what was found could be what every ambulance chasing attorney in the country is looking for…’ll happen, but not soon enough.

      See where our First Lady has again struck with school lunch programs of calorie restrictions and more healthy grains/veggies/fruits. The amount this is costing the country is obscene and will only make our children less healthy.

    • Dr. Davis

      First of all, Wrotek, there is no “genetically modified” wheat on the market. Modern wheat is the product of crude techniques that PRE-DATE genetic modification.

      Yes, there is plenty of evidence that point their finger at the extensive changes in modern wheat. I elaborate on this issue in the new Wheat Belly Cookbook over about 20 pages.

      Sodium azide should NOT be detectable in the wheat, only the mutations it induces.

      • wrotek

        From what i understand any food modification can make it better or worse from the original. Wheat is bad on its own, question what modifications did to it that has real significance in out health.

        • What they have done to Wheat, is like a self-induced Human Plague.

          Since Wheat Belly, I am educated enough to learn more about man-made modifications, and can understand with more depth, the casue and effects/affects, on the mind and body.

          I recommed a good book on physilogy, how the body works, as there are many good studies availible–to augment and give a visual to Wheat Belly.

          What I see of people that consume wheat and wheat products–and how their belly looks, sickens me. That is how my belly started to look, and I was starving my self, consuming Heart Healty Whole Grains, craving bread carbs and refined sugars, and I never knew the opiate/brain addictions I was suffering–and could not make the connections–until Dr. Davis made it clear.

          I only hope my organs can recover after 49 yeas, 3 months of abuse–as I am on a strict natural detox program–specifically aimed at my liver. So far, it is working, and worth the time, effort and money to detox, after consuming this man-made toxin. My body has to recover, and must learn to burn stored carbs–instead of a contiued assault, and stroage of carbs. How my body burns fuel, is changing, and all for the better!

          Enough bad cannot be said of this self-induced evil, wheat, as it once ruled my mind, body and emotions.

          Know it or not, like it or not, Dr. Davis is a gift from God–as I am slowly getting my life back. I am a severly disabled Veteran, and losing the wheat, my symptoms connected with my disibilities, are more bearable. It is not a mere dream that, one day, I will return the ranks of employment–

          May the blinders and idealogical scales be lifted from the eyes of many of the powers that be, and experts, for they are as much victims as the lowly and poor. No one is exempt from this Grain-Induced plague!

          Roger, OHIO

  5. Birgit

    The most common treatments for cancer include radiation and very often cause – more cancer. So we are eating foods that have the plant equivalent of cancer? I believe livestock that has cancer is not considered suitable for human consumption, for good reason. Time to eat organic only. Also time to know who has patented which seeds when planting our garden. Early Girl tomatoes seem to be owned by Monsanto too now.

  6. Lisa

    I went to youtube to watch these and wasn’t able to find #4.
    But – the rest were very interesting and I’m glad you posted them.
    It’s been awhile since I read the book and I think I need to again.
    I avoid wheat like the plague it is but do have some gluten free stuff and that’s probably why there’s a little flab of fat that won’t quite go away. There’s a whole lot less than there was…but I’m ready for the rest to go too, now.
    Thanks for all you do, Dr. Davis!!!

  7. Alice

    I had a question about the idea of opiates being appetite stimulants. My experience with Percocet has been that it turns my appetite off (quite dramatically). This is why a famous actor was very thin while addicted to Percocet and got fat when he got sober. Also when my cats are prescribed the drug Buprenex, which is also an opiate, one side effect I have to deal with is that it will lessen their appetite. I don’t know how to reconcile these experiences with the idea that opiates increase appetite.

    • Dr. Davis

      Very astute that you noticed this, Alice.

      I am guilty of oversimplification. “Opiate receptors” actually represent a complex family of receptors that differ in effect when bound by various agents. The opiate receptors bound by wheat gliadin, for instance, are a bit different than the opiate receptors bound by heroin or morphine. Some agents bind the mu receptors more than kappa, for instance, with different results.

      This may be something worth talking about in future for the especially curious.

  8. Nancy

    Alice, when you are addicted to opiates in the form of pills or even heroin, you recieve your pleasure or “high” from the pills. I seldom see obese pill addicts. Opiates in the form of pills or heroin generally slow metabolism as well as appetite. The “high” from the wheat is much like a pill addiction, just comes from the bread or wheat that you are consuming. It’s just as real. I am a nurse in a substance abuse rehab center and frequently observe our patients coming off opiates begin to crave carbs in the form of sugar and wheat. Again, a high or feel good sensation, just a different form of drug.

    • Dr. Davis

      Ah, wonderful, Nancy: Straight from the horse’s mouth, someone with ground-level experience with addictions.

      This is no small matter!

      • steve helmer

        So what you are saying about opiates in wheat, is just scratching the surface. What’s it going to take before we wake up or is it too late, the addiction is in. To come off of a opiate high from drugs you need rehab, with wheat, the cleaning of the system maybe just be the tip of a very long journey to healthy recovery. For some of us it maybe too late, to stop the preverbial bleeding. The cleaning the food, whole foods, the cleaner the man or women, subtract the grains and presto, something happens that seems unbelievable.


        • Dr. Davis

          I like the idea of wheat rehab, Steve: Perhaps an in-patient admission to control all the extravagant nastiness!

  9. Listened to all the videos yesterday as I worked. It’s nice to have a ‘refresher course’ now and then to remind myself why I started eliminating wheat in the first place. Thanks to you and the blogger who posted!

  10. Vicki

    Dr. Davis
    As Fall approaches I am growing a bit concerned. I have been wheat free since June, down 16 lbs and feel great. The problem is …Fall is coming. I am a poor schoolteacher and rely heavily on soups during the cold months. I love bean soups with kale . Lentil soup, 15 bean soup, navybeans and ham….is there a way to have dried beans with minimal problems? I would refer to my book, but I lent it to my boyfriend in NC and he seems reluctant to return it! Thanks!
    Oh other teachers are noticing my wt. loss and check out my lunch daily but I cannot seem to get them to understand gluten free is NOT the solution. But I keep trying :)

    • Dr. Davis

      Yes, we have lots of educating to do in this wheat-free world, Vicki!

      If I understand your question, you’ve got to be careful with beans mostly because of carbohydrate content. If you limit your consumption of “net” carbs (total carbs minus fiber) to 15 grams or so per meal, you are safe and will not generally provoke weight gain or other health issues. Use more veggies, oils (e.g., olive), meats.

      Also note that calorie intake goes down, on average, 440 calories per day, usually resulting in a net savings or neutral effect on your budget

      • Neicee

        Believe it! I can only consume 2-4 ounces of meat at dinner, because my plate is full of salad w/olive oil or homemade gorgonzola dressing, other veggies al dente in either butter or olive oil. Our total overall expenditures went way down and yet we’re eating more exotic/interesting foods and enjoying every bite – your fullness meter tells you when to stop and you’re good to go until morning. ;)