The Dolly Parton Effect

Bread makes males breasts grow. It’s that simple.

Eat a roll, grow breasts. Eat pizza, grow breasts. Eat a sandwich, wrap, donut, sub, pretzel, or ciabatta, grow breasts. See those big tough guys on the construction site, all eating their Big Man sandwiches, or the cops sitting at the donut counter? Take off their tops and, yup, you will witness the B-cup results of repeated wheat consumption.

What is it about wheat that grows breast tissue, what I politely call The Dolly Parton Effect of wheat or, more crudely, Bagel Boobs? Several things:

A direct hormonal effect–Exorphins that are derived from the gliadin protein of wheat (specifically the B5 pentapeptide) stimulate pituitary release of the hormone, prolactin. “Pro” = promotes; “lactin” = lactation, or breast milk production. The B5 wheat exorphin doubles blood prolactin levels in experimental models (Fanciulli 2003). Increased prolactin levels then cascade, via a pituitary effect, to cause reduced production of testosterone by the testicles (“hypogonadism”), as well as erectile dysfunction.

An indirect hormonal effect–The visceral fat (deep abdominal fat) of a wheat belly–yeah, that unsightly protuberance that hangs over the belt in boys, teenagers, young males, mature adults, and elderly men, since it spares no one–produces large quantities of the enzyme, aromatase, that in turn converts androgens (male hormones), androstenedione and testosterone, to estrogen (Williams 2012). This occurs in breast tissue as well as other tissues.

So men with man boobs have higher levels of estrogen and prolactin and lower levels of testosterone, a hormonal mess that stimulates growth of breast tissue. Given this incredible collection of breast tissue-stimulating properties, you might say that modern wheat is a perfect breast growth stimulating food.

As is often the case when nutritional blunders lead to some distortion of health, the drug industry and the medical community come to the rescue with aromatase-blocking drugs and procedures like male breast reduction surgery, the fourth most common surgical procedure in males today.

The effect seems to be more powerful in males than females. This may be because females already have higher levels of the hormones that cause breast tissue to grow, while a male does not and any increase therefore has a greater effect on breast growth. Yes, bread–and all other things wheat–make breasts grow, making for embarrassing moments at the beach, jokes about Kramer’s ambitions for a “mansierre,” and hint at a profound distortion of metabolic and hormonal health. Yes, love is a like a butterfly . . . and male breasts are the tip of the hormonal iceberg.

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Comments & Feedback...

  1. I heard a while ago that the average women’s cup size has gone from B-cup to C-cup. At the time, it was blamed on the breast implant industry, but there’s just no way that many women are getting boobjobs that it affects the national average. This effect of wheat, and the overall gaining of weight in general, seem more likely to be responsible.

    • Dr. Davis

      Yes, I agree, Sharon.

      I have witnessed reduction in breast size in females. Even more importantly, risk for breast cancer is reduced. This important issue alone is worth talking about more.

    • allisonK

      Is the national cup size average increased along with weight increase or hormones…. or likely a combo of both. (when I lost weight and gained weight, my cup size decreased and increased along with the scale)
      But my real question here is long before I got fat, I my cup size was the largest in my class and looking at family, it probably was not genetics, so do you think that my base size(as in, not counting fat loss and gain) be smaller if not for my obsessive consumption of all wheat products from as far back as I can remember?

      • Nathalie

        Yes , as I’m growing older my breast are getting bigger!!! my doctor told m some women are like that, it made me very unhappy as they were not small from the sart!!! since I read your book I understood why this was happenning. So I don’t beleive anymore about this : “this was happen when you get old! ” NO its no suppose too!

  2. Uncle Roscoe

    Dr. Davis, Thanks for bringing this subject up. It’s hard to talk about, yet harder to overlook.

    There are extreme psychological identity issues, social issues and societal issues which would not exist without wheat. This is NOT just “who we are”. It is being inflicted upon us.

    I suspect this sex change manifests itself in epigenetic proteins. It can have lasting effects in future generations. Besides being an anti-androgen, B5 is a POWERFUL opiate. It mimics endorphin, and plugs into our pleasure receptors. Once hooked, we are not just addicted, we are fundamentally changed.

    Do I have it correct that B5 is part of gluten, so it is part of all grassy grains? Don’t legumes (beans, peas and peanuts) have similar anti-androgenic, opiate peptides?

    • Dr. Davis

      Yes, potentially a devastating problem for those afflicted.

      While many foods have potential opioid peptides of varying potency (all varying degrees of very low, unlike wheat-derived), I am uncertain whether the specific B5 pentapeptide is present in those foods, but I believe they are not.

  3. wrotek

    This is some new interesting piece of science i haven’t heard of.
    Let me ask, what if male consumes wheat(estreogen effects) and bear (phytoestrogens), and maybe some other foods like that, will the cummulatirve effect make this person less masculine,less strong and less attractive for females ?
    I understand women have greater genetic predisposition to cumulate fat – breasts etc… but this effect is in cost of less muscle mass, right ? b

    So if i stop eating these foods, i should grow more muscle mass… Or is not it ?

    • I cannot speak for others, but I am gaining in Muscle Mass, at nearly 50 years of age–and I have been off the Wheat Human Rat Poision durgs, since 1 Mar. 2012.

      When I heal from the Wheat Devestation–and my Service Connected injuries gets to a low roar, I will weight train, like a crazed animal, once again, as I did, a few years ago. This time, I am off the wheat, and I will not have the symptoms then, as I do not have them now. I do not ever have to worry about weight re-gain, radical loss of muscle mass, nor symptoms, as I will not comsume man-made Human Rat Poison, in any form.

      Many out lier societies, that do not comsume Man-Made Crap (out lier communities in Japan, for example) are physicallay strong, up into their 100’s, while we start breaking down before our early 40’s.

      Roger, OHIO

  4. Doc,
    I suspect, it also effects males prostate and erectile functions, l know from experience, since not using wheat, things are starting to function somewhat normal. Doc this subject is very hard to talk about, but it has everything to do with wheat and its deadly effects on the male reproductive organs.


    • Dr. Davis

      I have long suspected such things, too, Steve.

      In fact, I believe there is no organ system NOT affected by this poisonous grain.

      • JillOz

        The implications for IVF programs and fertility/infertility problems too, are quite staggering.

  5. Rong

    Four words no guy wants to hear… Hey fella nice rack! Wheat the wonder drug. I wonder how in the hell I survived all those years of consuming it.

      • Rong

        Oh, I paid with a little thing I like to call diabetes. It’s better after 11 months without wheat. Meds are down to 2/3 of what they were with no visible signs of effect but I’m afraid that at 68 much of the damage is done and I will be living with it from now on. I am very pleased to hear about all those in their 40s and 50s who are getting the message and can avoid getting to where I am.

        That’s what I get for listening to the government, agribusiness and their minions all promoting those low fat “healthy whole grain” diets.

    • Rong,
      It (the Wheat and like products) almost killed me, but, at least I would have died with a nice set.

      I was not even able to write about the feminization of my body, when Dr. Davis asked me to list my Wheat-based symptoms–not that I lied–I just withheld certain info, as I was too ashamed to write down what was in my mind. That is the main reason for no before picture–as I would not allow it!
      The after picure? When I hit my goal of 190lbs, down from 270 (295 was my tops).

      When I first lost my weight, (fighting through Service Connected Injuries) I sill had the symptoms, not knowing about the Wheat–with re-injury and set back, I gained to 270–but, at this point in my life, my body started to feminize! Decades of Toxins with estrogen was haviing an effect! This time, before I lost a pound or inch, I lost most all the SYMPTOMS! I now, am starting to look like the man, that I was–except this time, I am symptom free of things I had, since my pre-teens!

      I was once an elite soldier and endurance athlete, that was proud of my body–as I took no steriods, trained like a mad-man, and ate Heart Healthy Whole Grains (especially Wheat) that was systematically destroying what I was trying to build! I made the hard decisions when I was younger, and wanted to be a powerful, well built, youthful Sr.–and NOW I am on that path!

      After my weight loss, and iorn-will to return to figting shape–as I am a Mixed Martial Arts Fanatic, I may never go back into the the ring, but, by then, I will know, at any time, I can.

      I cannot ever thank Dr. Davis enough, or support him any harder.

      One day, I would like to meet this man, even if I have to fake an appointment to do so. After all, he is a Dr.!

      Roger, OHIO

    • Dr. Davis

      No, it is a terribly embarassing thing to endure.

      Yet, for many, the solution is so simple.

  6. Stan

    There are too many photos in my memories/files that almost want to make me barf. Those breasts and rounded curves on what should have been chiseled are proof enough to me what the Doc is saying is confirmed.

    Now, off wheat, doing IF and strength exercises I have my male body back.

  7. Kathy

    First let me say that I have been totally off wheat products for more than 4 months and my husband has been off for about 31/2 months. He is a primary care physician and I am a Registered Nurse. He has lost 15-20 pounds, mainly because he has cut out a great majority of the carbs (not just wheat) he normally injests. As I said, I have totally given up any wheat containing products but still consume rice, potatoes, gluten free breads, etc. – all in moderation – and I do not overeat. The result is that I have gained back 2lbs of the 12 I had lost early in the year. I do realize that the “Wheat Belly” book and blog advises against eating carbs – so this is my question: Why not call this program “Carb Belly”. I noticed that several bloggers in relating their weight loss stories say “Oh, I never eat potatoes or sweets or ….etc. etc. So they aren’t just giving up wheat – they are giving up carbs. Isn’t this really just a re-work of the Atkins Diet and other low-carb plans?
    My husband is fanatical about the Wheat Belly book and has listened to the audio version at least 4 times! He preaches wheat-free to all his patients now. But I’m just wondering, if wheat is the “devil” here, and the cause of the obesity epidemic, why is the underlying message, “and oh by the way, you really shouldn’t be eating ANY carbs if you truly want to lose weight”?

    • Neicee

      After being wheat intollerant for years, my weight stabilized at around 115 lbs….but I’m 4’11” and very small boned. Wearing a size 6 didn’t seem too bad, but when I realized I was moving towards a size 8 I got worried. I then read Gary Taubes, Why We Get Fat And What To Do About It, the insulin monster woke me up. Then I found Wheat Belly which took the argument to a whole new level. As a nuse you should have had plenty of exposure to insulin and it’s naughty habits of diverting to fat cells when consumed in the environment of carbs. I gave up the rice/potatoes/corn and melted right before my husbands eyes. Down to a size 4, moving slower now toward size 2 (which I wore for most of my adult life). My daughter lost much quicker than I did and beat me to size 2 – kudos to her. Really disciplined.

    • Dr. Davis

      Actually, Kathy, I originally wrote the book 2 years ago without a diet. It was meant to be a condemnation of modern high-yield, semi-dwarf wheat and its effects on humans, such as appetite stimulation, intestinal destruction, diabetes, and inflammatory diseases.

      However, my publisher didn’t think it was a good idea to just point your finger at a problem and not offer a solution. So I added the diet I use in my practice to reduce or eliminate heart disease risk and control weight.

      Just ridding your life of wheat is a huge first step that solves many problems. But if ideal health is your goal, most people can go even farther by restricting other carbohydrates.

      Many other diets, name Atkins, Paleo, Primal, and low-carb have come to similar conclusions, but none put their finger on the biggest problem of all: wheat.

      • Rong

        Dr. Davis you are so right. The weight loss for me has been the side effect. The lowering of my ac1 and morning blood glucose levels was the goal along with reducing my meds. It looks like there will be no insulin in my future thanks to you.

        • Dr. Davis

          Excellent, Rong!

          You can see why I find it especially disturbing that the Wheat Lobby has enjoyed longstanding and generous support from diabetes drug manufacturers. Smart Money at work!

    • Amanda

      Kathy I think that if a person gains easily, like me, one should avoid starchy carbs, they are really plain sugar, now the word carbs is not really only starchy foods, which the food industry is trying to push down the throat of this sick planet, but everything that comes from the earth, all the wonderful vegetables and fruit. When I cut gluten, because I was so tired and ill, I lost 30 pounds, but I know I have to watch all starchy foods because I gain easily…

  8. Charlene Narine

    The more I read the more I get shocked. It makes sense! My friend who has been off wheat also thinks that going off wheat also helped her get pregnant. She tried for many years to get pregnant and had surgery on her ovary – so she had one and a half ovary left. After no wheat she got pregnant without drugs. If you ask her why she now has a 6 month old she will say it was the no wheat diet ! Not sure what to think about that. My husband is an obs/gyn physician so interested if anyone read information on this… If it affect hormones then maybe?

  9. Kelly

    Obviously nothing is ever 100% true when discussing the human body and nutrition (OK, death aside!) but I have small boobs and consume wheat. I don’t think it’s accurate to say that simply eating wheat causes one to grow large boobs.

    • Neicee

      Kelly, I’m still in the same cup size. However, when consuming wheat, sugar, and a boatload of starches I went from a 32A to 34A and sometimes needed a 34B – which only accounted for those cute little bulges that invaded my underarms and needed space. But, I absolutely draw the line at going back to a training bra – or whatever they call them today! :)

  10. Meredith

    Interesting… I have had elevated prolactin for several years now, and have had to medicate to lower it (and to conceive child number 2).

    I started eating a paleo diet in January of this year… and have worked with my doc to see if my diet has made a difference. I stopped taking the medicine for 4 months – was re-tested… and now my prolactin is in the normal range :)

    This is the first time that I’ve heard that wheat can increase prolactin… this wheat stuff is just junk…

  11. Katherine

    The average bra size in America has gone up due to better measuring today. We used to measure under and add 5 inches, resulting in a bigger band size and smaller cup but today we measure over and round to the next even number, resulting in a smaller band size and bigger cup. Many women do not wear the correct cup size.

  12. Casaria

    How scientific is this nation breast size study? I do believe for a very long time woman were wearing the wrong size bra and are starting to learn it’s proper fit.

  13. It is ashame that many are not informed, and have to suffer the uninteded consequences of food, genetically tampered or altered. Not only so, but, at this juncture, no one knows the long term effects of genetic altered foods, on our children, for we do not know the long of short term effects on our DNA–OUR UNBORN!

    The more I learn of this particular subject, what man has done to wheat, and what that one particular thing, has done to my mind and body, the more I am fearful of other things, that man has changed, that I do not know about! I want choice, I want informed, and Dr. Davis has made this possilble!

    It is going to take a while, for my liver to detox, from 49 years, two months of filtering Human Made Toxins, but, my liver and other organs are stabelizing–and I may be young enough to heal. There are excellent detox formulas (that works slowly), on the market–and the more radical Red Wine and Raw Beet Juice makes most sick, as they that participate in such radical modes of detox, gets sick from the liver’s potent and fast toxin relase.

    We should have a choice, and should be informed of what is and what is not genetically altered! I know a few (in postitions of power and authority) play with words, and nuanced (shades of meanings) to get around admission of the blatent use of a Genetically Altrered Food Label, but there has to be truth, as the Drug and Food Industry, along with the FDA must come clean, for this concealment is not in We The People’s best interest, nor the World’s best intersest, for that matter, as this is a human issue!

    We The People are going to have to figure a way to inform our Law Makers, and bring them out of the Dark Ages–making them and others accountable.

    I have read the rude, but clever comments some of the Powers That Be, makes sport of Dr. Davis and people that listen to him–as if we are mindless buffoons, but, when reality bites these types in their sorry ass–when either they or a loved one is devestated in mind and body, by Wheat and other like altered things, they will sing a different tune! Smart-Butts with advanced degrees, positions of power and mega-wealthy are not immune to the powers of HUMAN RAT POISION!

    I can see more ignorant people turning to drugs and/or surgery, to combat ill health from consumption of Human Rat Poision, but I did not even have the choice of drugs and surgery, as Wheat and Wheat products so devestated my mind and body–that I gave up! Were it not for Dr. Davis, my weight and symptoms would have ony got worse, and my blood pressure and organs could only take so much more.

    I cannot speak for others, but woman’s breast were foming around my once definitive man’s chest–among other things. That is one symptom (among others) that I did not list–as it was a subject most embarassing.

    I am angry at “Experts,” and many Govt. and non-Govt. officials, that keeps We The People in the dark, concerning altered foods–and what is unleashed on the world, HUMAN RAT POISION, distributed as FOOD.

    Rather than just be angry–let it extinguish, and do nothing, I am going to try to inform as many as I can! That, along with my great health, will be my revenge!

    Roger, OHIO

    • Dr. Davis

      I am reminded, Roger, of just how many people make their living off wheat in some shape or form–bakers, distributors, farmers, agribusiness employees, pasta makers, bagel shops, pizza parlors, donut shops, cake makers, pretzel makers, pancake houses, etc.

      So there is no shortage of people who stand to lose their careers and savings over this message, just as the tobacco industry came under fire, triggering a vicious backlash to preserve the status quo.

      Let them yell and scream . . . and quietly educate the people around us who witness our own personal health transformations.

      • Dr. Davis,

        I have nothing against anyone making money, but, money and career from this Man Made Poision Grain? I have no sympathy–much the same as Poppy, Tobacco, and Co Co Plant growers–and their destructive products!

        Opium products from the Poppy, Cocaine Products from the Co Co Plant–and a bag of Whole Grain Wheat Flour, from the Dwarf Wheat Plant . . . this is how it is, this is how it must be seen . . . or else!

        Trouble is, our Govt. and our Experts still insists that this Poision is FOOD!

        Touting it as Food and Making a living off it–twin evils!

        I know and understand what your message means to those who have their lives wrapped up in this grain.

        As I live, study etc. I am finding out that my grain-consumption symptoms of mind and body–are more common than I thought–as some are in worse shape and some will go on to match or even surpass me. No human being deserves to be in the living Hell I was in!

        My heart is stone-cold bloodless, when it comes to the Wheat industry, at any level!

        Roger, OHIO

        • Dr. Davis

          Yes, Roger, you are clearly not alone.

          The effects you suffered at the hands of wheat are astoundingly common and man-made. Isn’t this incredible?

  14. Lisa

    Holy Cats!
    Reading this really struck a chord inside me!
    I’ve had a pituitary tumor since I was about 14 years old. It went undiagnosed for a long time…
    but it throws excess prolactin into my system. Finally, when I was 35 I took dostinex to treat it – it didn’t take it away or even probably shrink it but it is now rendered mostly inactive. For me to eat wheat is not only death to my immune system (attacking my thyroid and joints), it also causes inflammation – and it apparently makes worse a tumor situation on my pituitary!!!
    I’ve been sickly for most of my life on account of all these things.

    It feels so incredibly good to feel good – and look good. A relative in California told me that her and her husband are also grain-free now for reasons of avoiding purines (he has gout) and she said their motto is “simple food, simply prepared” and she said – this is so fun! It’s just fun to feel good and look good and find new clothes that fit. I thought – great attitude! It is fun! It is great joy to avoid a substance and watch all sorts of health issues just sort of resolve themselves!

    One thing, Dr. Davis – when I quit wheat in February my long-standing case of ever-present hives disappeared. They’ve come back. I can’t figure out where the gluten has come back in – I’ve been very careful – avoiding it like the plague that it is. This is worrying me. Do you have any thoughts on it?
    Thanks, Lisa

    • Leslie

      You may wish to investigate histamine intolerance as a source of your hives, since wheat may not be your only trigger. There are 2 types: the first is from ingested histamine, and the second is from histamine released in your body by triggering foods. I personally have gastric symptoms, not hives, but I first found this information on a chronic urticaria (hives) website, which listed the common trigger foods. My main triggers are avocados, tomatoes, squash, egg whites, and some medications. Sadly, being wheat free since 10/11 has not changed this reaction.
      Good luck!

  15. Erin

    If wheat stimulates prolactin does that mean that nursing mothers should reintroduce wheat into their diets? (I’m curious because we are trying to get pregnant with our second child, and I had a very hard time with my milk production with our first child, eventually the lactation consultant told me she though I had hypoplastic breast tissue).

    More broadly, do you have any thoughts on whether avoiding wheat (for people without celiac or a diagnosed medical cause) is a problem for pregnant or nursing women?

    • Dr. Davis

      I would not make that leap, Erin. It would be like taking a mouthful of E. coli to be regular: Yeah, sure, it works, but it’s poison!

      No, no problem with pregnancy. Humans were not meant to consume wheat, pregnant or otherwise. Be sure to get plenty of vegetables and nuts, as well a folate supplement.

    • Amanda

      Erin I could not breastfeed my babies, tried everything, nothing worked, now being diagnosed as gluten intolerant, I wonder if the inflamation caused by gluten in those days, was the cause..I was eating gluten, I was ill…

    • Leslie

      My grandmother always told me that a beer was the sure thing to increase milk production…and I always found that to be the case!

  16. Erik

    Beer has wheat in it . Those construction workers refered to earlier take pride in how much beer they can drink and in the tank they wear around their middle, I wonder if they are as proud of the breasts beer gives them too? I have also read that hops (which is in beer) also increases estrogen in the human body, can anyone confirm this?

  17. Doc, I know you are indated with a pile of questions, but this wheat thing is something that has most of us baffled. Question? is Exorphines that causes your brain to instruct us to eat more just in wheat, or is it in other foods, such as the gluten free diet, or is there something i am missing. Please comment.

  18. Buckeye Peach

    Dr. Davis,
    Thank you so much for your book. I’ve recommended it to several people, and our library always has a waiting list.
    Would like to ask a few questions. My husband and I are both doing low carb – again. In 2000, I lost 46 lbs and he lost probably 50. We were very low carb, no wheat, little fruit, etc. Kept it off for a few years, and then started cheating a little here, a little there, and eventually gained it back. I lost 30 on WW, gained part of that back. Then last year, when I had my numbers done for health insurance at work (we have to do it every year), my trigs were pretty high, 399, and my weight was going back up again. I went back on low carb that day, and in a couple of days had lost 5 lbs and my ankles were no longer swollen. My husband went back on, too. However, he just can’t seem to lose, and I’m not losing either. Since losing weight the first time, he now has high BP, and is on meds, and has asthma (on meds) and sleep apnea. He’s also been diagnosed as pre-diabetic. We are very strict, believe me. NO wheat, no grains, no fruit. Meat, eggs, green veggies, cheese, cream in our coffee (I recently switched us to half and half), nuts. Just not sure what to do at this point. I’ll be getting my numbers done again next week. But I’m much more concerned about him than me, although I think his numbers are lower. His A1C is 5.6, Trigs 191, HDL 31, LDL 143, creat 0.79. Wondering if you have any suggestions. Thanks, and thanks for getting the truth out!

  19. Buckeye Peach

    I should have added that I’ve also had a hysterectomy which I know doesn’t help with losing weight. I am down a total of 10 lbs from about a year ago, and was down about 8 more but it found me again. Neither of us is very active. My husband has a disability (cerebral palsy – high functioning) so although he is not in a wheelchair or anything, he can’t be on his feet for very long or do much physically. No such excuses for me except lack of time and laziness!

  20. Hannah

    I’ve been doing Paleo for about 10 weeks. I’ve lost 45 pounds and 19 inches with diet alone, and my underdeveloped breasts have gotten bigger. Every other diet I’ve tried has caused a noticeable decrease in breast size with only 10-20 pound losses. I have PCOS and all the hormonal imbalances that coke with it, but I’ll take my increased breast size to mean that I am correcting my hormonal imbalances through my diet.

  21. Doc,
    I don’t know if this is proper to put up some one elses web site address, but l won’t , the quote i am referring to is the preferred fuel for your body on Mercola’s web site its called “Dietary Fat, Not Glucose is the Preferred fuel for your body. I also know this is running away from your topic, on this page, but this still needs to be said. Here is some of the quote from this article.

    Keep in mind that when we’re talking about harmful carbs, we’re only referring to grains and sugars, NOT vegetable carbs.

    When you cut grain/sugar carbs you actually need to radically increase the amount of vegetables you eat since, by volume, the grains you need to trade out are denser than vegetables. You also need to dramatically increase healthful fats such as avocados, coconut oil, egg yolks, raw grass fed organic butter, olives and nuts.
    I hope this finds your approval Doc.


  22. Terry Duncan

    Sorry I’m on here again — BUT had to share –It is cool here in OHIO and I changed to my blue jeans — except I pulled out a pair that I haven’t worn in 5 or 6 years!!! 4 sizes down from the pair I wore last fall – yes they are tight, but I got in them!!! Oh my goodness, I never would have thought that cutting wheat/gluten and watching carbs would have produced results like this for me — time to measure again!

  23. Neicee

    Not sure where to post this, but this morning has the Newsmax TV interview up with Dr. Davis. Well worth the time to watch it and read the article as well. Good job Dr. Davis.

  24. JIllOz

    Just had a look at the ingredienbts on a carton of almond milk I bought awhile ago.
    Thought I’d try it one day and did not check the ingredients.

    Almonds? 3%.
    I would have thought it would have a t least 50%.

    Other elements: filtered water, agave syrup, sunflower oil, salt.

    Am, I wrong? Shouldn’t it contain more than 3% almonds? Or is this normal?

    • Dr. Davis

      Sorry, Jill, but I’m not sure what the general solid content of almond milk should be.

      However, if it is tasty and has sufficient thickness, it is likely okay . . . except that it contains the poison, agave, the worst sweetener of all.

      • JIllOz

        I prefer the sugar in chocolate!! :)

        Not fussed, I won’t drink it. Will make my own one day.
        Currently playing around with bone broth. That’s interesting.
        Never seen a big cow bone fall apart before…

  25. Doc,
    I just went to and watch the commentary that you gave, i am truly impressed with your responses. By the way Doc, since being off of wheat i have lost about 20lbs, my energy level is still not great but l suppose it will get better, l am just about 64yrs old, i am starting to develope cataracts, in my left eye. I have been supplementing with leutin, and many other vitamins, i will give it some time to see what happens. I think that the damage is done, but l will give it some time to see, (exuse the pun), what happens.


    • Uncle Roscoe

      When supplementing carotenoids I would supplement with vitamin A instead of lutein. In fact, I would reduce my lutein intake to a bare minimum. Lutein is a frequent target of the immune system. The immune system sometimes attacks the tissues which lutein is attracted to …..retinal nerves. Lutein is highly concentrated in yellow corn, egg yolk and tomatoes.


      You may even see an increase in sleep disturbance with increased lutein intake.

    • Dr. Davis

      Great, Steve!

      The cataracts, by the way, represent years of glycation from, for example, the amylopectin A of wheat.

      While cataracts do not reverse, at least you should stop or slow their progression with your wheat-free experience.

  26. Deb

    I started excluding wheat 6 days ago. Have not lost weight, but feel less puffy. I have had a few glasses of wine this week…is that a problem for noticeable weight loss. Or is it too soon to see pounds off?

  27. Anne

    Hi Dr.Davis,
    I finished reading your book. I’m truly inspired to make a lifestyle change, but have failed at all attempts to start. I’ll make it through a better part of the day and eventually give in. The most I have made it is 3 days. I get crabby, dizzy/lightheaded & feel tired & weak. Any suggestions??? I feel I’m destined to be fat forever! I have been diagnosed with Graves disease, but am currently in remission & I am taking no meds at this time. I’ve been overweight (50-75 lbs. for the past 10 years &I’ve tried every diet, some extreme, but they work temporarily and I regain it back.) there is a strong family history of heart disease – high blood pressure-cholestorol issues, etc. I appreciate your time.

    • Dr. Davis

      No secret remedies, Anne, except to understand that you are an opiate addict.

      You are addicted to the gliadin opiate in wheat. There is no way to become no longer addicted except to stop eating it. Imagine you were an alcoholic instead. How does an alcoholic get off alcohol? Stop drinking, of course. There is no solution except to remove the thing that destroyed your health and weight control in the first place.

      Be prepared for a withdrawal effect that may last 5 days, 7 days, occasionally longer. Choose a non-stressful period to do so and just recognize that this is an absolutely crucial step in regaining your health. Is it any wonder that Big Food puts wheat flour in EVERYTHING?

    • Dr. Davis

      Your story is such a great example of the addictive properties of wheat that I’d like to feature as a blog post.

    • Jill

      Ann – YOU CAN DO IT!
      I was on here not log ago almost going to quit – feeling like an addict and needing help. That night I made the pizza recipe in the book and it helped me get through. Then a few days later I ate a real (or unreal I guess) wheat pizza and it wasn’t really that great. I can’t believe how easy it is now after 2.5 months of 99% grain free. Find some people to support you – you have my support!

    • Uncle Roscoe

      I was introduced to Dr. Davis’ views on wheat via a link from another website to his heart scan blog. Dr. Davis said that wheat eaters lose weight when they take naltrexone.

      I don’t want to start some off-label craze of people eating wheat and supplementing with low dose naltrexone (LDN). Wheat elimination is the only effective permanent treatment. But it seems to me that a sympathetic doctor, so inclined, might choose to prescribe a week of LDN for someone in your predicament.

      I’m treading lightly because off-label prescriptions are a nono for doctors under FDA rules. And advocating such a practice could, at minimum, be frowned on by the powers that be. I hope Dr. Davis will correct me if I’m out of line here.

  28. Kathy

    Hi Dr. Davis,
    I enjoy your blog. Every chance I get I tell people about your book. It’s becoming quite popular at work. I haven’t experienced great health challenges as others on the blog, but since saying goodbye to gluten in March I’ve felt better, lost weight , and lost inches. My husband and I are great fans of the flax seed muffin. It’s on our breakfast menu daily. Have you seen the article below by Mike Stobbe run by AP? Thought you might find it interesting. And congratulations on your long run as a bestseller!

    • Dr. Davis

      Thanks, Kathy!

      Looks like the link doesn’t work. But I suspect I know what it says. Unfortunately, the wheat-free message is misinterpreted by some to be a gluten-free message. Of course, it is not.

      Wheat is about so much MORE than gluten. Unfortunately, this is very confusing to people. But, if done correctly, health and weight are transformed.

  29. HB Desiato

    Yep. The Dolly Parton effect appears to be true. After 50+ years of eating wheat and too many carbs it’s all too true and very annoying. Even though I’ve lost over 65 lbs and am very close to an acceptable weight, the upper body fat is extremely hard to get rid of.

    Is there a solution? Is there any help for the afflicted?

    Sadly, the Dolly Parton effect has not conferred an exceptional singing voice, nor the ability to write really good country music.

    • Dr. Davis

      Have you added strength training, HB? It’s among the best tools we’ve got to reshape the body.

  30. Jill

    I’m losing breast size (female).
    2.5 months out and most cravings gone – this feels wonderful! My goal was to lose the excess pounds from my middle (post 2 babies). I was 5′-9″ 140 lbs. and now I am at 130 lbs. so really didn’t need to lose much weight – just in the problem area. My middle is still pronounced though and I’m wondering if I need to do some muscle strengthening in that area. I have noticed though that my breasts are smaller. I didn’t have much in the first place. I feel this is a side effect that I can live with. My psoriasis is not gone from the small patch in the back of my neck though. Just waiting – and hoping I don’ t need to cut out nightshades and eggs?

    • Dr. Davis

      For unclear reasons, psoriasis seems to require a longer time than other phenomena. So it would not be unreasonable to simply be patient, Jill.

      Yes, strength training to tone the abdomen is a really good idea. You may be left with saggy skin otherwise.

  31. Thank you Dr. Davis

    I have been following your wheat and grain free diet for 6 week now thanks to reading everything on your website (have not bought the book yet). Today I was able to put on one of my size 36 c bras that I have had stashed in the back of my dresser for 5 years after exchanging it for 38 c/d for years. I am a small woman that has worn a size 8 to 10 for the past 5 years. I am now in my old size 4 which matches my returned breast size and I have the gift of a husband that loves my returned hour glass shape.
    I can not wait for your new cook book.
    Thank you for helping me find my old figure.

  32. DK

    Maybe not so relevant, but still:
    For our family, kissing wheat and gluten goodbye was the beginning of a chain reaction. We next gave up sugar, honey, agave and coffee, when we saw these products don’t benefit us. The appetite for vegetables then showed up (big time!) and the question on the table right now is the milk. I’ve been reading a lot about the ongoing debate regarding cow milk products, the casein ingredient and the claim that it contains potentially dangerous hormones not originally meant for human consumption.
    So Dr. Davis, with Occam razor’s simplicity – what do you think?

    • Dr. Davis

      Dairy is indeed a problem of varying importance. Ironically, the problem is not–and never was–the fat content, despite the talk about skim, 1%, etc.

      There’s the potential for exposure to bovine growth hormone and high estrogen levels, largely minimized by use of organic sourced dairy.

      There’s the problem of the insulinotrophic (insulin release provocation in the pancreas) fraction of the whey, not casein, fraction.

      Then there are the lactose intolerance and protein reactions to casein and whey.

      All in all, however, I do not believe that dairy is as bad as, say, wheat or sugar. If you do not have an intolerance, and you are happy with your weight loss, inclusion of some dairy I think is a reasonable thing.

  33. Lorna Ferguson

    Hello Dr. Davis,
    I have been wheat and sugar free for about 14 months, initially stopping both for my arthritis (and before your book was even published). Of course I lost weight – approximately 18 lbs., more than I would prefer, but I have had a side-effect that I am anxious to share with you. For several years I have been having breast thermography check ups that use infra-red photos of the chest area to measure the temperature in the breasts (hot areas can be an indicator of abnormal cell division and possible early cancer). Every time, the report showed a “hot-spot” in my left breast that was considered something to watch. After about 9 months off wheat, I had my annual thermogram. The result was astonishing – the hot spot was gone! Pleased, but puzzled, I consulted my Naturopath (Canadian trained – a genius diagnosticion) who thinks the only possible explanation is that without wheat the decrease in inflammation in my body accounts for the reduction of the hot spot in my breast. For me this was huge and reinforced the efficacy of the wheat-free diet. I tell anyone who will listen about the benefits of no wheat, and the bottom line for me is this improvement in my breast health. I just wish I could put back some of the weight. I’m 70 years old, 5’7″ and weigh about 124 pounds on a good day. Sometimes I have to reassure friends that I am perfectly healthy, and not to be alarmed by my thinness. My Naturopath assures me that I am fine at this weight, but I’d like to have a few more pounds on me. Do you have any suggestions for weight gain?
    Many thanks for Wheat Belly – I read it 10 months after I had stopped the wheat and sugar. And then everything fell into place. I’ve met two people who have become non-diabetic by stopping wheat. And many others who are trying to make the break which they find difficult. Keep up the good work!

    Lorna Ferguson

    • Dr. Davis

      Very nice, Lorna!

      I believe that your naturopath is correct: There is a body-wide reduction of inflammation when you lose the gliadin protein, wheat germ agglutinin, as well as lose visceral fat. Yet another positive effect: The loss of visceral fat reduces estrogen and prolactin levels, both of which stimulate breast tissue. (For the same reason, males with breasts lose them with wheat elimination.)

      RE: weight. Yes: Eat MORE eggs, meats, cheese, avocados, olives and olive oil, nuts, and seeds. However, keep in mind that you are also most likely normal in a world filled with the fattest people who ever walked the earth. You may just look skinny in contrast.

      • Lorna Ferguson

        Thank you Dr. Davis! On both accounts. About the skinny thing, I know in my head that I’m perfectly healthy and I feel really good in this thinner body, but I don’t like how I look so much. It’s partly adjusting to my age, but it doesn’t help when people say ” Lorna, You’re TOO THIN!”.
        I’ll eat more of what you recommend. Thanks so much for being so approachable.


  34. Thanks for the content and it is really awesome. I have research the whole blog page and found it very interesting in learning and got some new aspects to comprehend.

  35. Herman Freysen

    Hi Dr Davis.
    I was captured by your statement: “Bread makes males breasts grow”
    I’ve looked for some of the research on this topic and came across a few studies indicating that indeed Gluten exorphin B5 (GE-B5) stimulates prolactin secretion in rats[1], [2].
    [1] suggests that the GE-B5 stimulates prolactin production via hypothalamic mechanisms instead of direct action with the lactotroph cells.
    However these are rat studies not human studies. So I have 2 questions that I would like you to comment on.
    How confident are you that GE-B5 acts identical in humans?
    Do you expect that an individual with healthy gut will be less susceptible to increased prolactin production than someone with leaky-gut syndrome?

    I also found this article [3] interesting after reading “there are no data on the amount of GEs released in vivo after gluten ingestion “[1].

    Gluten exorphin B5 stimulates prolactin secretion through opioid receptors located outside the blood-brain barrier
    Short Communication
    Detection of Gluten Exorphin B4 and B5 in Human Blood by Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry/Mass Spectrometry

    • Dr. Davis

      There is more to breast tissue stimulation than these effects, though these experimental model findings are very concerning.

      Problem: Would you submit to such a clinical study? Take, for instance, large quantities of the A5 pentapeptide versus another polypeptide, see whether your breasts grow larger? To my knowledge, such a trial has not been conducted.

      So we don’t know which is the greater effect: the testosterone-reducing, estradiol-raising effects of aromatase activation, or the A5 pentapeptide and other wheat exorphin activation of prolactin. Whichever is more important, the end result is the same: Wheat grows breasts.

  36. Ricky

    Dr. Davis,

    Based off of what you’ve witnessed, about how long does it take for men’s hormones to return to normal as far as getting rid of man boobs?

    • Dr. Davis

      Depends on how much weight and belly fat you have to lose. You belly, or visceral, fat needs to be reduced to a flat stomach.

      • santino

        Dear Dr Davis

        I am 30 years old and have suffered from chronic acid reflux for the past 5 years. The pain was so bad that sometimes i used to cry ! I always thought it was dairy and cut out milk and yogurt from my diet completely but this did not help.

        I have tried your wheat free diet for just 2 days and my acidity is gone! as well as the constipation. I wake up in the morning with a huge ‘urging’ to evacuate my bowels and feel great for the rest of the day. I cant thank you enough.

        My question is that despite always being overweight (probably because of the weight) i did manage to lose around 2 stones when i was 20 through extreme exercise. The weight from my chest however did not go and even now it persists. I have had this problem of gyno since puberty. Is there any chance of my success in removing this chest fat once i lose the weight from a wheat free diet and exercise or is the damage too severe ?
        thank you

        • Dr. Davis

          A wonderful start, Santino!

          Sometimes the only way to know just how far you can go with the wheat-free path is . . . to do it! I would not be the least bit surprised if you come back here in a few weeks reporting astounding results!