South Beach . . . Supercharged?

Kim posted this insightful comment about her many previous failed diet attempts:

Back in April of this year, I hit the dreaded 200 lbs. It wasn’t my first time there. In fact 5 years ago, I was at 237 lbs.

I have struggled with my weight my entire life. I’ve been on a diet since about the time I was 8 years old.

Like many people on a weight loss mission, I thought avoiding meat, oil, nuts, and full fat anything and embracing “healthy whole grains” would do the trick. While following Weight Watchers, I relied on “healthy whole grains” as they were relatively low in points compared to real food. You think that being on a diet for 30 years, I would have clued in.

Anyways, I decided to take a different approach. A friend of mine lost a lot of weight on the South Beach Diet. So I ran out and got myself a copy. The first two weeks (Phase 1), you have to avoid bread (or any wheat products), starchy carbs, sugar and fruit. After that time, you can begin to incorporate whole grains, fruit and the occasional piece of dark chocolate. The first two weeks, I saw amazing results – in fact, I was down 7 pounds in the first 5 days! I felt more energetic than ever before and my allergies were showing less symptoms (spring is the WORST time for allergies!)

It was around my third week of following South Beach that I came across Wheat Belly. South Beach told me what to avoid the first few weeks, Wheat Belly explained why. The main difference: I was supposed to allow myself “healthy whole grains” on South Beach after the first two weeks.

Wheat Belly’s advice was to eliminate any wheat products forever. After reading Wheat Belly and learning the horrid effects of wheat, I decided against incorporating any wheat products. Many of the conditions Dr. Davis attributes to the consumption of wheat (obesity, allergies, MS, celiac disease/gastrointestinal cancer, arthritis, heart disease) have plagued my family and I seemed to have found the common thread: wheat.

Many of my friends wonder how I’m able to stay away from bread & pasta. Quite frankly, I don’t miss them one bit. The food I eat is delicious and very filling. I’m regularly eating steak, cheese, eggs, olive oil, raw almonds, loads of veggies (no constipation issues for me!), some fruits (peaches, cherries, berries – one fruit per day) and one square of 70% dark chocolate every day. Something I’ve never experienced before: I can go hours without eating and I don’t feel any ill effects. No shakiness, nausea, hunger or cravings even after working out! I have more energy at the age of 38 than I did in my 20′s.

The goal I set for myself that day back in April was to lose 70 pounds in one year’s time. I am happy to report that 4 months later, I am almost half way there! I’ve never been on such an easy & enjoyable program like the one set out in Wheat Belly. I just can’t imagine doing anything else. Really – if I can do this, so can you!

No question: Low-carbohydrate diets work, and they work better than, say, limiting fat or counting calories or points. Counting calories and/or points is pure torture, by the way! Most people fight a constant battle with hunger, thoughts of food intruding into your consciousness all day long. But initially successful low-carb diets, such as South Beach and Atkins, share one essential feature during their initial (phase 1 South Beach, induction phase Atkins) phases: elimination of wheat.

Remember, it’s not about the calories lost with wheat elimination. It is about loss of the gliadin opiate in wheat that stimulates appetite. After the gliadin withdrawal that 35% of people experience subsides, i.e., the opiate withdrawal of fatigue, headaches, inability to exercise, and depression, appetite plummets. With diminished appetite, calorie intake drops naturally by 440 calories per day, on average—without restricting calories. You’ve not heard me say “cut your calories, push the plate away, use smaller plates and portions sizes”! Eat as much as you want . . . but you will still find that you are wonderfully satisfied with less.

Yesterday, I rose at 5:30 a.m., skipped breakfast because I didn’t feel like eating. I ate a 1 p.m. lunch of two handfuls of almonds, about a cup of sliced peppers and cherry tomatoes that I rolled in a few slices of ham with some horseradish mustard. I didn’t feel much like eating dinner so just had a slice of the apple streusel bread I made (with ground almonds, eggs, some chopped apples, and cinnamon) and called it a day!

Liberate yourself from the tyranny of dietary and weight loss misinformation. Weight loss and weight control are torture . . . unless you remove this thing in your diet that stimulates appetite called wheat.

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Comments & Feedback...

  1. GREAT testimony Kim ~

    And I finally finished the Wheat Belly Book last night. It’s one I truly could not put down! My husband and I have been on this gluten free way of life for over a week now and each day I wake up I am thinner and thinner! And it’s effortless!
    What amazes me is that I am NOT hungry most of the time.
    Before I as living this lifestyle I could not go long without eating something and fasting was a thing of the past. The last time I could skip a meal was when I was in my 20’s.. (I’m a proud 61 year old grandma).
    Both my husband and I tried Atkins years ago.. it worked then wheat came a calling.. we were obedient !
    I’ve had a wheat belly for years and years now and now each day I get up it’s looking more like I might need to start some really good exercises to tighten up that loose skin that’s starting to.. well, you know!!!!
    My dilemma now is to find a way to convince EVERYONE I know and love to please read this book. We are being poisoned and lied to by the food chain, the media and the FDA!
    I’m not sure how much weight I’ve lost but if I could guess by how I look and how my cloths are fitting I would say close to 10 lbs ! I’ve struggled to get this to happen for years.. I walk two miles every morning when I am at home and then I come home and have a BIG bowl of oatmeal.. with Agave!!!! Who knew??!!!!! Thought I was doing the right thing.. getting that fiber in me.. I mean after all.. it’s oatmeal… been told for years it’s good for you..!
    The way I’ve felt in this first full week of being gluten free is beyond words… And, at the risk of sounding really sappy.. I feel like a NEW person…

    • steve helmer

      Hi Steve and Katie
      I know what it’s like being on wheat and grains, it was part of my life all of my life. I’ve tried every kind of diet, not so much for weight loss as for health reasons. What straw broke the camels back was the start of a cataracts in my left eye, my right eye is still good, but for how long, the devistating effect of wheat on my eyes, body has take it toll. Doc Davis says once the damage is done from aging process cataracts. wrinkles, etc, you get what mean. It probably is irreversable, what a tragedy, that wheat and grains could do such damage. I am turning 64 yrs. next month, and with discipline and adhearance to this way of eating, no wheat or grains with glutin for life, just maybe l can achieve the kiind of health or close to what i had durning my younger years. Katie and Steve thanks for your story, but most of the people i deal with think that i have lost my mind, they just think it another fad diet.

      • Sandy

        I just turned 63 and also have the beginnings of a cataract in my left eye. I’m going to the eye doc in a couple of months and I’ll be extremely interested to see if the cataract has gotten any worse since I’ve been wheat/grain free for almost a year!

        • steve helmer

          I will go a little bit further, three years ago i was walking approximately 5 miles everyday, then one day durning the winter months, l was walking and i just didn’t have any air, i felt extermely weak, and i barely made it home. I though it was the lack oxygen, in our high attitude, worst yet i thought my heart was wonky. Soooooooo….i quite walking, my symptoms would come and go, turning into lung congestion, bronchits, verging on pneumonia, But beng the man or lack of one, i just suffered with all these sypmtoms and much more. But as i said the straw that broke the camels back was the development of cataract in my left eye, when i read wheat bellies book, i knew what had happened. Sad thing is there is know way of reversing the damage, except surgery, i guess, my only option. l would like to see what a year or two would produce on a no wheat diet, time will only tell…..

          • Neicee

            Steve, don’t fret too much over the beginnings of cataracts. Macular degeration is the one that steals your sight. Cataracts can be fixed and is highly successful in treatment by a qualified specialist. I commented on another thread that my sight had improved. I’ve been nearsighted for 20 years…in fact the opthalmologist asked me what freeway I was taking home so as to avoid me! But, my last two appts. have shown improvement, which I was told was either actual improvement or the beginning signals of cataracts? Because I read so much, an armchair archaeologist I’m afraid, I’m now using reading glasses too. Ageing….what fun.

      • Hi Steve..

        Thank you for your reply.. And I do remember well that last part of the book that does talk about some of the ailments that are not reverse able … But GREAT for you making this change.
        I went to lunch today with my daughter. She’s three weeks out from having given birth to her second child. She was STARVING! We went to Olive Garden.. figured there’s be a salad there I could chew on but really only a Caeser salad and I panicked about even attempting the dressing.. I have NO idea if it had gluten in it or not so opted for their regular house salad with oil and vinegar (lettuce with NO food value)… My point being I guess is I now consider gluten some real nasty stuff and I don’t want it in my body.. (nor do I want to feel sick after consuming)..
        Only over a week out and I would refuse even a morsel of wheat!!
        Nice to meet you too via this blog… I find it’s really uplifting to just chat with others on how they’re doing and then many have some great ideas..
        Kate (of Steve and Kate).. Steve doesn’t do the blogging…It’s MEEEEEE!!!

        • Terry Duncan

          Be sure to get on FB and watch the Wheat Belly Facebook page and Wheat Belly Recipe Central — I am new also but didn’t figure out about FB sites and all the super information you can get there untill a week or 2 ago………..super!

        • Neicee

          Hi Kate, my new friend. You mentioned Olive Garden, well, some are featuring a gluten free menu. Last time I was there for lunch I asked if they had anything without wheat/thickened soups/etc.. Welllll, they do in some locations! Their Steak Toscano w/veggies carries 41 carbs, but their Herbed Salmon w/grilled veggies carries 5 carbs….that’s right up there with home cooking stuff, plus I got the salad too. Don’t be afraid to ask what they can do for you, and some don’t make a big deal about it with listing it on their menus.

          • Neicee

            Forgot to mention, that Outback’s (as can Texas Roadhouse’s) menus can carry a salad, small steak, steamed veggies or seafood with the same. It’s not perfect but you can exist on it until you can cook your own. It seems to be the local/mom and pop places that insist on putting mashed potatoes/gravy/canned junk veggies and have no alternatives available to choose. Heck, on a roadtrip I’ve been known to order the largest burger then tell them to hold the bun and pleaseeeeee add another slice of tomato and onion to it.

          • Neicee ~

            Hey buddy!! How are ya this Sunday morning!!??

            I actually had gone online and searched and found that Carrabba’s Italian Grill also offers a GF menu!! There were a few other’s but I can’t recall at the moment..
            So far I am pretty content to eat at home though..
            I will say though.. I need to mourn the loss of one goodie.. popcorn!!!! I use to eat a bowl of that for a snack.. not the buttery kind.. and thinking of going to the movies and not being able to have that one treat is gonna be a little challenging.. Well, not challenging enough to eat it!!
            Hey, I’m proud to say my sister is reading the book that arrive last Friday.. she’s blown away.. and has now joined the Wheat Belly FB page! I’m so excited for her!
            Well.. Love reading the posts.. it’s like visiting a tremendous support group of familiar friends!!
            P.S. I wish I’d weighed myself before all of this.. dying to know exactly how much I’ve lost.. and inches.. good grief..!!!
            I’m 6′ tall and I think I was weighing something like 185.. (gawd.. am I really admitting this??).. I know I’ve lost at least 10lbs …
            Oh.. I do have a question… for “Dr. D”.. OR anyone else out there..
            Has anyone found themselves NOT ready for bed when you use to be?? I’m finding I’m staying up much later! Was up to 12:30am last night so just decided to read.. NOT ready for bed!! Nothing on my mind or bothering me!!! This has started happening for the last few days.. ! I don’t mind.. but I’m usually zonked by 10pm!!!!

          • Dr. Davis

            Greater energy can take this form, Kate.

            I find that my energy is consistent through the day without wheat. If I skip a meal, my energy level goes so high that I don’t need much sleep, kind of similar to what you experience.

      • JIllOz

        steve, I know what you mean re the fad diet. This is the unfortuante thing, people don’trally know how to tell the difference between good bad, effective or not.
        however, at least reading the book – which is not a painful process – would help then understand the idea.
        A friend of mine got so abusive – “fad diets” was the least worst of the things he said – when he thought I was telling him to get off wheat/toast – I wasn’t, I was just recommending the book – that I no longer wish to associate with him.

        Others interestingly, hgave already tried the “no bread” approach, and reading wheat Belly is just an extension of what they’re already doing, so they may read the book. certainly the “no more bread” people – 3 – all foudn positive results wehn they went off it.

        Perhaps if you’re looking for people to recommend the book to, look for those wo have already tried ceetain diets or already know a bit about wheat etc. Some knowledge of this does ease the way.

        The crucial aspect for me in this, as a matter of analysis, is that people are thinking of wheat as a thing they need to cut down on – ie as just another sugar starchy diet element, rather than as the opioid poison it is.
        That distinction is I think the most important factor in much of the discussion.

  2. DanT

    Great story. Thanks for sharing. Other than losing 50lbs and being in the best shape of my life at age 51 the thing I’ve noticed the most since kicking the habit is no more acid reflux generated mouth sores. I may get one every now and then if I eat something spicy but it is much less severe and disappears as fast as it showed up.

  3. Dove

    Dr. Davis,
    Are you going to share that recipe for apple streusel bread? It sounds like it would be wonderful, especially for the holidays.

  4. Rong

    This story sounds like my story except add 30 years and substitute Atkin’s for South Beach. Staying low carb or what ever you prefer is difficult if wheat and other grains still have a hold on you. Eliminate grains and you eliminate hunger. For me, it was that simple. Now, I can skip meals with no concern eat the meal after that without feeling ravenous and over eating. Wheat has an extreme power over your body that should require a prescription for consumption if you could find an actual positive use for it.

  5. Jan

    Hi Dr. D,
    I have been on your recommendations for several years and lost my excess weight, 45lbs over the first year. Now I do what you are saying in this post, I eat quality food when I’m hungry and just until I feel satisfied. Love all the many choices in a mainly paleo style diet. My current issue is I have trouble keeping weight on! If I don’t eat full meals, which sometimes I don’t feel like. I then will lose more weight. I have just incorporated a couple of safe starches, sweet potatoes and organic white rice in reasonable portions and it seems to help.

    Is that gonna be a problem for my blood glucose, which has always been normal? Do you agree with the inclusion of some non-fructose carbs? I still have one/two servings of berries a day.

    As a health coach, I recommend your book first to clients wanting to make a healthy change and lose health and weight problems. It’s working for all types of people and they love the results! Thanks.

    • Dr. Davis

      It’s an easy thing to settle, Jan: Get yourself a glucose meter.

      Check blood sugar 1-hour after eating a food and see what blood sugar has done. Aim for NO CHANGE.

      • JoAnne

        Dr Davis, I started using a glucose meter 6 days ago because I wanted to know what would happen. My pattern is showing a 3-5 point spread even though my numbers never top 100 mg/dl. For example: before meal is 90 mg/dl, and 1 hour after is 95 mg/dl. There is a change, but the spread is still below your threshold of 100 mg/dl. Since ‘after meal’ is still below 100 mg/dl , is this still considered NO CHANGE or not?

        • Geisha

          Don’t know too much about blood sugars BUT… aren’t you supposed to reqd blood sugar on waking, then two hours after eating wheat or whatever you’re testing?

          • Dr. Davis

            No, Geisha.

            That is what people are told to gauge the “success” of drugs like insulin and oral drugs to manage blood sugars. That is not what we are doing, of course.

            We are trying to gauge the effect of various foods on blood sugar and therefore want to see the peak blood sugar, which usually occurs 45-90 minutes after a meal, depending on the mix of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and fiber, along with other factors like presence of acids (e.g., vinegar) and other factors that modify digestion. So we choose 60 minutes to approximate the peak, since nobody wants to check blood sugars every 5-10 minutes to precisely find the peak. But, in real life, the 60 minute value works well to tell you what foods are causing you blood sugar problems.

  6. Kim

    Hi Dr. Davis!

    I have seen friends lose the weight easily just by being low carb/wheat free. Alas, it is not that easy for me. Granted I’m not that hungry during the day, but my weight is not moving. I do believe that i have insulin resistance and have often thought that I had a slow thyroid, even though the doctor could never say for sure. I have been wheat free since April 1,2012. Low carb since June 2012. (with few exceptions) I feel like I’m failing and don’t know why…any ideas?

    • Dr. Davis

      See the many discussions about just this issue on this blog.

      You might start with a smarter doctor.

      • Pat

        Hi Kim,

        I just want you to know that you are not alone. I’ve been wheat free for 5 weeks now, and if anything I’ve gained weight. It’s been frustrating, and I’m hopeful that eventually my body will kick into gear.. I feel great and like others here have noticed a difference in my appetite (basically that it’s gone), but the scale doesn’t budge. I am starting to wonder if I should cut back on calories too. If your progress changes at all, I would love to hear about it.


        • Neicee

          Pat, on page 12 of The Introduction of Wheat Belly, Dr. Davis says it’s not your fault. Simple. No need to feel like a failure or that you’re doing something wrong. If you’re not losing, feeling better, and gaining back your health I’d bet you have unlining issues that haven’t been resolved – and when you do get those under control everything will fall into place. Don’t give up, nor beat yourself up. You’ll get there.

  7. Eileen

    Dr. Davis
    I read Wheat Belly at the end of July and quit eating foods that contain wheat at the beginning of August. I have gone on low carb diets in the past and achieved weight loss, however I have never quit eating wheat. I would cut down but have never eliminated wheat containing foods entirely. I am an IBS sufferer and have noticed that when I eat a low carb diet my symptoms improve but never disappear entirely. After a little less then one month of not eating wheat I am thrilled to report that I have had no IBS symptoms. My IBS symptoms have been debilitating at times, particularly when I travel. I have just returned from a trip and unbelievably I had no problems with my digestive system. I am cautiously optimistic that thanks to you Dr. Davis I may have a future without the annoying and debilitating effects of IBS. In addition I have lost 5 pounds so far and am sleeping better. Time will tell if I am “healed” but for now I feel great!

  8. Nola

    To paraphrase the famous Karl Marx quote, ‘Wheat (not religion) is the opiate of the people’

    • Dr. Davis

      No connection to the evil grain to my knowledge, Jill.

      We can point our fingers at modern wheat for MANY skin problems, necrotizing and otherwise, but I know of no specific documented connection to this condition.

  9. JIllOz

    Nice one Kim!! Itr’s such a relief isn’t it, when you don’t feel like your’e Sisyphus having to work hard hard hard on a diet. Despite some challenges it’s more like following a roadmap than a prison workshop.
    Not that i dislike physical activity at all.
    But when (as in my case) you’re exhausted, in pain, can barely move because breathing is impossible and painful, and someone says you should go for a walk and lose all that weight – well, let’s just say that labour can barely describe the effort. And when you’re sick, weight/fat/aesthetics is the last priority to be considered.

    Even when I have sweet things like ice cream, I am still improving health wise and though i have not lost weight as such, have been told that i look less bloated and a tad slimmer.
    Certainly I enjoy my improvements and will continue to monitor them.
    I still have diet adjustments to make, but don’t want to rush things.
    And omelettes, steak and mushrooms with salt and dill? Tasty tasty tasty! :)

    BTW Dr Davis, any comments about cramps would be gratefull received!

    I’m desperately hoping they’re not from my medication…

    • Dr. Davis

      Oh, boy. If by “cramps” you mean menstrual cramps, I’m afraid that’s just too far south of my area of focus.

      • JIllOz

        Not at all, Dr D!!

        I’m talking LEG cramps!!

        Actually I’ve never suffered from the menstrual variety…


    Ok, live and learn.. !! Didn’t I just read in Wheat Belly about NOT eating Gluten Free (prepackaged foods)?? Yeh, I did.. and when we started this over a week ago I bought some of those wafer cookies which are gluten free. Had a bad craving last night so had 3 of em. Wow.. one of the symptoms came back during the middle of the night.. and slept horrible and I could tell my heart was racing.
    Felt like a dork but I did learn. It’s NOT worth it !!! And isn’t it amazing how quickly a ache or a pain or whatever it is you’re suffering from comes back immediately!! Ugh!!!
    This is my confession…Today is a new day… !! But trust me. When you crave those sweets.. Beware!!!

    • Dr. Davis

      Yes, live and learn, Kate.

      It is indeed a curious thing that, minus wheat, we all seem to gain a heightened awareness of what various foods do to our bodies.

      You become better at discriminating real food from processed crap.

      • Dr. Davis ~

        Yup!! And I should know better being a vegan for about 3 years. It’s the brain telling you “ah, go have a few.. it won’t bother you”.. and better yet.. (Dr. Davis won’t know.. and shoot.. you don’t have to blog this!!!) Ha!!
        I’m pretty much an open book to a fault so felt the need to confess…
        Mistakes are not failing.. they’re failing forward! And it’s SO great to have a NEW day to start again!

      • steve helmer

        I’am continually learning to read labels, the cleaner the body, the less it will torerate junk food. Even fruit, it has it’s moments, when a body eats just too many cherries, or strawberries, the cravings start, the blood sugar go up and your body is in another tail spin. “So what you say,” it’s better than the alternative. Yes we as humans beat our self up looking for that fountian of youth, only to realize, it’s always been within our grasp. Reading, being informed, hopefully by the right people, although there are pitfalls in believing what the informed have to say. There is a saying believe half of what you read, two thirds of what you see, and go on with life.

        • Steve ~

          Yeh, I’m getting real good at reading the labels.. had to do that when we became vegans.. and of course now I’m happy to say I am enjoying having a slice of cheese now and then..
          I’m really loving this weight loss.. it’s been YEARS since I’ve been able to budge in the belly.. and before my very eyes.. I’m saying se-la-veeeeeee!!
          And how about this NOT being hungry.. that alone is really weird.. I can go for hours.. no dizziness.. NONE.. I have more energy..
          Ok.. sorry Steve.. I get rambling.. I’m still such a new bee and I’m still in a state of “WOW” !!

  11. Ok, just a quick question.. for anyone and or for Dr. Davis ~

    Is Almond flour really ok to cook with? I did purchase Elana Amsterdam’s “The Gluten-Free Almond Flour Cookbook”.. and personally some of the recipes seem somewhat easier to prepare using this type of flower. Whereas many of the other recipes I’ve read online have server different ingredients..
    So just wondering is this really ok to use.. Gonna guess it probably is since you, Dr. D. mentioned to someone else on here..
    And since she does say use Agave in most all of her recipes.. I will substitute with something else.. My Agave met went to Agave heaven the other day..

  12. Linda

    Dr. D

    Please send a copy of “Wheat Belly” to Rosie O’Donnell!

    Good grief, she’s now gone totally plant based since her recent heart attack, and she’s probably eating all those good “healthywholegrains”!

    • Linda ~

      If there was a LIKE button I would have selected it!!

      Thought the same thing when I heard Rosie had the heart attack!!

      Well, just went to look. She has a Facebook page.. hummm…!!

      • Linda

        Don’t know if she still has her own show. I’ve been communicating with her on Twitter, and we’ve had several tweets back and forth, but she’s firmly ensconced in the vegan world. She tweeted a pic of her breakfast, all veggies, not a single bit of protein, and no fat. Ugh!

  13. Donna Poirier Connerty

    Started the Wheat Belly book yesterday. Almost through. Had to jump ahead a bit because I was putting together my grocery list. I threw out all the packaged foods in my cabinets.

    I consider this day #2 in my wheat-free life. I especially hope it will help my belly fat and heartburn. For my 23 year old down syndrome daughter I hope it will help with her moods (she’s on meds for mood disorder).
    I like this web site for the support system!


    • Dr. Davis

      I am optimistic, Donna, that both you and your daughter experience marvelous benefits!

      The connection between wheat (likely the gliadin opiate) and mood disorders is especially powerful.

  14. Mike

    Did you see this, Dr. Davis?

    “… researchers put two and two together and hypothesized that if they took wheat seeds, which normally grow at 100 degrees Fahrenheit, sterilized them, and covered them in bacteria and fungus harvested from the super weeds growing near the geothermal springs, they would grow. Not only did the spore-treated wheat grow at the scorching 160 degree Fahrenheit of the geothermal springs, it also required 50 percent less water than normal!”

    OMG. Because we really need wheat, of all things, growing in the desert …

    • Dr. Davis

      Mmmm. The bacteria and fungus sound yummy, Mike!

      From a cold scientific viewpoint, it is indeed a fascinating observation. The problem is, of course, that this thing can go from geothermal spring to your kitchen table, no questions asked.

      Such is the indifference to effects on consuming humans.

  15. Robin

    Dr Davis, did you see this?
    I googled ‘wheatbelly’ and it was one of the links. Because this is a gluten-free site, I guess most of the readers & commenters are eating gluten-free products. But I just wondered about the assertions as to the studies mentioned.
    On another topic, my sister’s daughter (12) has allergies to nuts & eggs. What can she do to try to keep her daughter off wheat products? Thanks.

    • Dr. Davis

      Hi, Robin–

      For the sake of preserving your comment, I removed the link to that “criticism.” Let me tell you why.

      When you are struggling to build a website or blog following and desire a large audience, you can 1) pick a fight with somebody who has a larger following, then 2) have linkbacks inserted into that bigger site. This is exactly what this person is doing.

      The “criticisms” essentially amount to “I don’t agree with a couple of points made in the book and therefore the entire book is full of lies.” This is not criticism; this is slander. I have talked to an attorney about it.

      • Robin

        Ah, thank you. I did look for an email to send that to you but couldn’t find one. I’m glad you’ve seen it though and are following up.

  16. Charmene

    I read the book in May and was enthralled with the information. I was so impressed I immediately bought a second book to give to my son and daughter-in-law. The week before Mother’s Day I began my wheat free life. I didn’t change anything else – no extra exercise and no other change in food intake except that pretty much all the junk food I used to eat was wheat-based, and now I do look for and buy gluten-free when available. I wanted to see whether just removing wheat would work the way I hoped. It has! I am 60 now and while I have been very healthy my whole life, I found I was gaining around the middle which drove me crazy! I’ve always had a slim-to-average build and a defined waist. In the past 5 years I seemed to be gaining weight around the waist area which was not going away as easily as when I was younger. I’ve really noticed a big change in the last couple weeks. It seems like one morning as I was getting ready to leave for work, I noticed that I felt slimmer, taller, more energetic, and more awake (no brain fog). I’ve noticed that my clothes are fitting better and I’m getting into clothes I had put on the shelf in the last year. I am losing that visceral fat around my waist and am very happy I did this. I never ate that much bread before because it seemed to fill me up too quickly, but had always snacked on crackers, etc. Eliminating wheat products has not been that hard for me. I’ve had a few cravings for some things, but it’s never been overwhelming enough for me to break the agreement with myself.
    Dr. Davis – thank you very much for sharing your research and information on the effects of wheat on our bodies. I wish more people would read and just try it. They have no idea how much better they would feel!

  17. JIllOz

    Dr Davis, you will love this!

    Eating Mostly Whole Grains, Few Refined Grains Linked to Lower Body Fat
    Unique Relationship Observed Between Grain Intake and Visceral Adipose Tissue

    Just sit down while you read it.

    Having watched my Tom Naughton science videos, I observe that this study is an Observational, not clinical, study. ;)

    • Dr. Davis

      Same old, same old, eh, Jill?

      Whole grains make you LESS FAT than white processed flour products . . . then a whole bunch of whole grains MUST be good!

  18. JIllOz

    “Having watched my Tom Naughton science videos, I observe that this study is an Observational, not clinical, study”

    At least, i think so. Is it still observational if they submit questionnaires? maybe I need another science tutorial!

    • Dr. Davis

      Yes, as opposed to controlling the diets of the participants.

      Taking a survey, then watching what happens to people and correlating outcome to items on the questionnaire is a legitimate way to do research. It just cannot be used to draw conclusions, only raise questions. Unfortunately, neither the researcher nor the media understands this.

      • JIllOz

        Frankly, it seems to be the very beginning -first and second steps -of what should be a process of analysis.

        Very lazy, very misleading.
        A waste of time and money. *sigh*

        Say, regarding the conference, maybe you and Tom Naughton could go to the next one undercover!! :)

    • Dr. Davis

      It’d be interesting to attend, wouldn’t it, Jill?

      I’m sure the item at the top of the agenda will be ways to counter the growing tidal wave of anti-wheat and anti-grain public sentiment.

  19. Dr. “D” ~

    I read that blog that was posted.. My first reaction was “not this again”… but to be expected I am sure.
    The information in your book has given me (and my family and one cousin who I just found out bought your book because of MY Fb postings) some very valuable information about what grains/wheat/gluten does to our bodies. I for one would take that blog with a grain of salt (we can have salt right???)…. For all the good that is coming to many because of the information you’ve provided far outweighs, in my opinion a rant from a blogger who appeared to have another agenda…???
    I HAVE lost weight and many inches since starting this new way of life and I DO feel tons better and am not doing this for a fad or to lesson the importance of this for those who have celiac disease and MUST eliminate the gluten..! And I’m not doing it to be skinny or loose weight so I fit into some outfit I bought years ago.. .. I am doing this because as I’ve gotten older I’ve come to realize I have choices and I have kids and grand kids and you learn that it’s NOT always about you as you move onto those senior years.. it’s about being there for your kids in a NEW way and being that grandparent where your grand kids memory of you is or was “gee mom.. grandma has/had so much wisdom”.. I want to be HERE for as long as I can.. And I want my grandkids to sit on my lap for years and years to come…
    “Wheat Belly” gave me some valuable information.. One blog of “I gotta be right” can’t come close to changing what I’m experiencing.

  20. Hi doc.
    Since going wheat free about 3months now, i have run into some pestering problems could you help me out.
    Woke up the other day to a throat infection, and loss most of my voice, this has been a problem in the past, so I’am woundering if it is detoxing, on a slow time trail, or what, I use stevia as a sweetner, i like berries of all kinds, which i try to use sparing because of the sugar and glycemic load invloved. I use nuts, veg, organic when possible, trying to get grass fed beef animals of any kind is way beyond my budget. Maybe the hormones, or the chemical is meats have been causing the problems. I have lost most of the sight in my left eye, so i will have to have surgery to compensate for the damage. I am baffeled as to what could be the problem, maybe old age, which l am only 64, or maybe not enough exercise, which i gave up because i had no energy, or lung power, that seems to be coming back slowly since giving up wheat. Any suggestions, help would be appreciated doc.

    • Dr. Davis

      Two suggestions, Steve:

      1) Patience. If you are experiencing gradual improvement in many areas, just waiting out the transition may be useful.

      2) The throat issues are likely entirely unrelated. While elimination of wheat is a very powerful solution to a wide array of health problem, we can still experience, for instance, viral infections.

      • steve helmer

        Thanks doc, I’ve had issues with my throat before, it is just as i supspect, a virus, i use umcka, and oil of oregano, it seems to help, but usually if i catch it within the Frist 48 hrs, its now been 96hrs, and not much improvement. One other thing doc, my energy is up and down, mentally and physically, are there others experiencing the same thing or is this just something that is individual.

  21. Stefanie

    I am so excited to find this book/blog. I have been following the Prism Weight Loss Program for the last 12 weeks. The first six weeks, you are not allowed to have ANY bread products. I lost weight, had lots of energy, and just felt so much better in general. The second phase, you are permitted to have whole-wheat bread and tortillas. I was so excited to have my toast back in the a.m. Since adding these items back to my diet, however, I have felt sluggish, depressed, had low energy, don’t feel like exercising, etc. I was blaming a lot of this on my menstrual cycle. After reading several of your posts, I’m considering the possibility it could be the wheat! I’m going to try removing them from my diet again, and see what happens. I’m also going to encourage my husband to join me, as he suffers from IBS. I’m going to order your book right now!!

  22. Andrea

    I’ve only been doing this for 3 days now, but I need to comment with how freeing it feels to be on WB so far. I don’t think of food, I don’t have cravings and it feels like I have been ‘freed’ of the food grip. I tried weight watchers for a week and was constantly hungry, constantly obsessed over my next ‘low point’ meal or how many points could I save up to feel full(binge) later on. All it took was eliminating wheat and I’m on a roll. I feel amazing. Energy up, brain fog is gone, and my insulin has been reduced after 3 days! 3 Days! Think of how I will feel after a month??!! I don’t have any ailments except for diabetes and the rapid weight gain that occurred when I went on insulin. But this morning, I feel so free of the obsession with food. Thanks Dr.Davis! I’ll be sure to write back when I observe even bigger changes – but for me the psychological one is big!

  23. I started the South Beach diet back in February. Let me just say that I have lost approximately 40 pounds and really advocate the program, especially for those people struggling to lose weight. I think what makes this diet successful is the fact that I LOVE everything I eat. I am spanish, and I love my spanish ingredients.

    With this diet I was able to eat everything I enjoyed. I really believe that purchasing the book is a MUST. You cannot possibly get all of the benefits of the south beach diet just from reading the internet

  24. Really, I haven’t read all of the posts so maybe it’s been mentioned, but in all fairness to Dr. Agatston, a very kind man who, I’ve noticed, NEVER bashes anyone else’s diet plan, in his latest book The South Beach Wake-up Call, he DOES talk about the dangers of gluten and how in all fairness, folks who go on to his phase 2 eating may suffer gluten intolerance and so should avoid gluten! Also, in his book of a few years ago, South Beach Supercharged, he mentions (in the Q&A area) that many folks are gluten intolerant, and if that’s the case, just follow the diet without eating any gluten! He does discuss how folks going on his phase 2 don’t feel well because of gluten. It’s really a no-brainer.

    I love Wheat Belly and plan on buying the new cookbook, but in all honesty I like the structure of South Beach. In the end, Wheat Belly is just a carb gram counting plan without gluten, and I refuse to count carbs all day long. I just ignore the saturated fat ban on South Beach and do eat more nuts than recommended.

    But really, there’s wiggle room for all sorts of lower carb gluten free diets out there. Unlike the vegetarian community where inner bashing is so prevalent: “veganism is better than vegetarianism”, “eat eggs/don’t eat eggs” (lacto ovo vs. lacto diets) ad nauseum, we need to pave the way for more coherence in the gluten free community. THEN people will really sit up and listen. Dr. Davis, give very clear guidelines on how to follow your plan without the ultimate carb gram counting….and I’m in.

  25. MH

    Dr. Davis,

    I stumbled across your book on amazon about 6 wks ago. I downloaded it immediately. I have been eliminating wheat for 6 wks.
    Good news: I lost 7 lbs. I also lost being hungry all the time and food cravings. ( i exercise a lot and thought I was eating healthy) I will have new blood work done soon to check on my triglycerides. One 28 yr old daughter has improved her horrible pain from diagnosed ibs. Her twin sister has improved her acid reflux and constipation from prescription meds for the acid reflux. Their 21 year old sister has improved her recent intestinal pains and her rosaticia * on her cheeks has disappeared. All of these girls are thin, exercise, and thought they were eating pretty well.
    Bad news: I haven’t lost any weight in over 2 weeks. I still have 18 lbs I need to lose.

    I’m looking for encouragement to continue and be patient:)

  26. MissyMonyPenny

    Your book is back ordered for 4-6 wks
    becuase of the high demand! Referred new
    person to this woe & told her 2 wks ago to
    get book. She just told me, she’ll now go to
    Barnes & Noble this weekend. Does not want
    to wait!

    • Dr. Davis

      It’s true . . . but relatively unimportant, Jennifer.

      It has to do with the avidity (strength of binding) of casomorphins and other exorphins versus the comparatively high avidity of gluteomorphins derived from wheat. Wheat generates much more potent opiate-like compounds, else we would be addicted to milk.

  27. TomR

    I just received a South Beach Diet newsletter this morning titled A Guide to Whole Grains. The intro to the lead story states “Grains are an essential part of Phase 2 and beyond on this healthy eating plan because complex carbohydrates provide necessary fuel for the body.” South Beach doesn’t just “allow” whole grains, South Beach actually tells you that they are “essential”.

    • Dr. Davis

      I suspect that they have not been talking to the author, Dr. Arthur Agatston, who is, quite quickly, starting to realize that it’s the grains added back that booby trap South Beach’s success.

  28. I’m a female 56yrs. old, 110 lbs. walk a lot and always on the go. In spite of being active and eating well, except after reading WheatBelly, I have cut all breads, cereal, etc. out. It was whole grains for me thinking that I was doing good. I always had a bloated stomach. I’ve only been on the wheat free for four days, But I guess I’m in that 35% that gets the fatigue and headaches, etc. I’m still bloated, but not as much. I believe in this new way of eating, but how long does the bloating last? I will not give in to bread, actually I don’t miss it. Can you answer me if you get a chance? Thank you

    • Dr. Davis

      You are likely still in the throes of wheat withdrawal, Sandra. Remember: You were addicted to the opiate, gliadin, in wheat. You are now in the midst of withdrawal.

      You might consider, however, a high-potency probiotic preparation, e.g., 50 billion CFUs per day, for a few weeks to obtain some relief from the abdominal symptoms. This accelerates conversion to a healthier mix of bowel flora.

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