Shut Yer Pie Hole

I regard most of the people who have read the Wheat Belly book and/or follow the discussions in this Wheat Belly Blog and Wheat Belly Facebook page as the early adopters in this new lifestyle. Although we now number in the hundreds of thousands, even millions, you are the nutritional equivalents of the kids who sleep on the sidewalk in front of the electronics store the night before the new iPad goes up for sale.

Imagine what would happen if we took this discussion beyond us early adopters and took it to a mainstream audience of, say, 1000 people. We educate them on the principles of why wheat destroys health, how it exerts mind effects, and why it is a powerful cause of obesity. We educate them on how to create a healthy, varied, and delicious wheat-free life. What would happen? Given the experiences of our early adopters, I believe it is safe to predict that:

There would be an astounding quantity of weight loss.
Among our 1000 participants, they could easily exceed 15 tons of weight loss within several months.

There would be a dramatic reduction in total food intake.
If we apply the average of 440 fewer calories consumed for every man, woman, and child participating, it would mean that these 1000 people consume 440,000 calories less per day, or 160,600,000 calories per year. That’s enough calories saved to feed nearly 10,000 people for a week.

Gastrointestinal complaints would dissolve in the majority.
And, with the disappearance of symptoms of acid reflux, bowel urgency, constipation, and bloating, we’d see widespread elimination of the need for acid suppressing drugs, antacids, laxatives, fiber preparations, and anti-spasm medication, since bowel function simply returns to normal minus the disruptive effects of wheat germ agglutinin. There would be fewer endoscopies and hospitalizations for acute abdominal symptoms.

Joint pain and stiffness would be eliminated in many.
The most advanced bone-on-bone forms of arthritis will not, of course, regenerate. But common complaints of hand/wrist/finger pain, elbow and shoulder pain, low back pain, and knee and hip pain and stiffness would improve or disappear in the majority. Along with it goes the anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen, naproxen, and Celebrex, the drugs that for many were an evil necessity, commonly resulting in bleeding stomach ulcers and kidney damage with prolonged use.

Alertness, energy, concentration, clarity would increase in the majority.
People regain the capacity for sustained concentration, acquisition of new information, and creative thinking. They become more effective at work. Children would be better able to learn, become less fidgety, feel more rewarded with their capacity to do well.

Diabetics become non-diabetic.
The 100 or so adults and children with type 2 diabetes become non-diabetic within several months, resulting in reduced need for metformin, Januvia, Byetta and Victoza, and insulin. Likewise, the 200 or so pre-diabetics become non-prediabetic. Type 1 diabetes is reduced in incidence in children.

Those are just the most common effects. Beyond that, people with eating disorders experience freedom from food obsessions; people with schizophrenia and bipolar illness have less severe symptoms; children with ADHD and autism enjoy better behavior and increased attention span.

In short, eliminating this destructive creation of genetics research would result in societal transformation, a tidal wave of positive change in health, appearance, and costs. The magnitude of this trend is staggering. The obvious losers in this equation: Big Food producers of processed food, Big Pharma, the medical system, and nutritionists/dietitians/physicians who now look stupid for hawking a diet that caused the problems in the first place.

I play this little game to illustrate just how big this effect might be when viewed at the population level, not just from that of an individual. Make no mistake: This is BIG.

Is there any other food that, if avoided entirely, could even come close to resulting in such changes?

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Comments & Feedback...

  1. Becky

    Why not start support groups the way Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, and AA do. Do video series of the book. Sale grains, nuts and other healty non glutten foods. Just a thought…..

    • Dr. Davis

      Great minds, Becky!

      We have indeed taken the steps to do so. Stay tuned: We will announce plans to launch these educational/information efforts on the east coast to start.

  2. JoeFriday

    This sounds good, but so many will be resistant to the message. It’s almost incredulous that something that has been touted over and over again as, ‘heart smart’, ‘heart healthy’, etc. is not. There are years of that message to overcome, so it is going to be a slow process because many can just not believe it despite the information available.

    Case in point, on a completely unrelated site, a user was sharing that neuropathy had brought his life to a standstill. No longer able to work a regular job, he is in dire straights not to mention the life impact it has had. I mentioned Wheat Belly and asked whether or not he had tried giving up wheat products to see if that had any impact. At this point, what would he have to loose from a 4 week experiment. That’s when another user chimes in to let me know that while my intent is laudable, I’m soon to have different problems to deal with from being wheat free. After asking for insight into the problems I would be facing, that user went silent.

    So, for a portion of the population (small sample size of 1 problem, total size undetermined), this message of being wheat free is so counter intuitive, they will have a hard time accepting it. Maybe the portion of the population that will accept and try the notation that giving up wheat is good is bigger, but I just don’t know.

    • Tammy

      Joe, I have found the same thing. My father suffers from severe rheumatoid arthritis. I was telling my mother about the research & mentioned how much better I have felt since giving up grains. Any lapse & I feel sluggish, moody, bloated & stiffness in the joints. I suggested that they try it to see if he sees any relief. Her response to me was that she just couldn’t see how that would help & that they like eating cereal for breakfast. Really?

    • Vivian

      Well, I am broadcasting the message and using myself as the guinea pig. 18.5 pounds of inflamatory visceral fat gone since June 22. Never felt better and amazed at the change. Hooray Dr. Davis!

    • Sue

      Help, please help. I have Dermatitis Herpetiformis. Have been strictly gluten free for years. But I struggle with alcohol addiction. Bourbon. I have middle fat. I exercise regularly. Can’t seem to get free. Does the body respond to bourbon as though it is wheat? I feel like I’m losing this battle.

      • Dr. Davis

        Yes, Sue, it can in people who are exceptionally gluten- and gliadin-sensitive.

        You’ve got not just one, but two tough addictions to break.

    • Dr. Davis

      Don’t fret, Joe.

      Wait until these same people hear what you just said echoed on TV, a magazine article, a couple of websites . . . they will then say, “Remember that guy Joe something who told us about this way back? I guess he was right!”

  3. MilaG

    I agree with Joe, this is a pretty radical change to throw at the masses. I’m on my second week, and I haven’t really had any major changes in my energy or health as of yet. But maybe in a few months I’ll have more to say. I think your hardest obstacle is going to be getting people to tough it out for awhile. Most people quit something if they don’t see immediate results. So far the only publicity this plan has is the Miley Cyrus uses it. And, of course, there will always be the nay-sayers, the critics, the Debbie Downers, who will never see the benefit in making a change.

    • Dr. Davis

      That’s okay, Mila.

      There are enough people who DO experience visible and perceptible change–the majority, in fact–that this message will inevitably dominate.

  4. Liza

    My friend has been running her 78 yr. old dad, who is also type II diabetic, from doctor to doctor for severe knee pain. This guy is no whimp, so if he complains about pain, it’s GOT to be bad. Anyway, I started reading an article about how foods (grains) can cause inflammation & joint pain, I got the big EYE roll! I can’t understand why people are SO resistant! My own father, who was just diagnosed with colon cancer told me he’s only on this earth for a short time and those chemically laced Entenmann’s cakes are just SO good. Sigh……

    • JIllOz

      One reason people roll their eyes is because of the plethora of diet books, miracle foods/cures/results being touted everywhere.
      You have to persist, doing out chunks of info when you can.
      Brighter people or those more used to thinking about heatlth and science will pick it it up quicker, or of they know you and trust you, will give it a go.
      Those who think doctors are gods will be quite reluctant for awhile.

    • Dr. Davis

      Sometimes the message has to come from someone outside the family before they will listen to someone from within the family.

      That is why all of us in healthcare and media NEED to broadcast this message, as well: to make your life easier and those around you healthier.

  5. Dave

    Imagine if you could earn a 10% commission for each health care dollar you saved the system.

    Currently the U.S. economy spends $2.3 Trillion/year on health care. So if a Wheat Belly diet can cut national health care spending by just 1%, then that would save the system $23 billion per year, leaving you with an annual commission of $2.3 billion. Not bad.

      • Neicee

        Dr. Davis, if only people would listen or investigate a new idea instead of scoffing at it and rolling their eyes…..just yesterday I was reading something about Obamacare and it’s limitations to the users, and it hit me between the eyes. At some point, the insurance companies will be on board with the Type 2 diabetes idea of carb restrictions and if pre-diabetics don’t pull down their numbers and lose the weight needed to assure they’re not going to go into all the agonies of full blown Type 2. There are too many fine doctors and researchers on board that they can’t ignore it forever. Plus, it will save them and the taxpayers money.

  6. Kelly

    Do some of you remember the Faberge Organic Shampoo commercial “I tell two friends and they tell two friends, and so on…”? I see the WB message similarly. Each of us tells two friends (or more) about the book and how removing the wheat has changed our lives and the word spreads. Once enough of us do this, we may pass the tipping point to spreading like wildfire. Not every person with whom we share the message will join us, but some who see how much weight a friend has lost or how his or her health has improved will say “let’s give this a shot”.

    I refer people to this blog and to the WB page on Facebook to read what all of us have posted. That, coupled with reviews persuaded me to buy the book. I decided to remove wheat from my diet independent of the book, in an attempt to see if perhaps I had a allergy that was causing some health issues, but the stories in the book and the science in the book gave me the willpower to stay the course.

    I have brought the book to the attention of many folks over the last 5 months and am an advocate for removing wheat from one’s diet. But the recipients have to be ready to embrace the message on their own.

    • Dr. Davis

      An excellent notion, Kelly!

      It IS happening: You and others can’t help but be noticed by others who admire your new glow and slenderness!

  7. Sharon Pinilla

    It is not always easy to change people’s mindset. Remember what we thought before we took the time and became informed. Why? Because at some point we decided we didn’t like the way we felt…everyone has to get to that point before they are prepared to put the effort in to make the changes in our lifestyle. We may not always be able to change the whole world…but I have always believed that if my actions affect just 1 person for their benefit then I have made a difference to that one person. Pay it Forward….Really it is true what have people got to lose if they cut out wheat and see what happens. Their fear comes from what they are being told so they will continue to take their meds, see their doctors constantly. There certainly is more money in being sick for the medical fraternity than being healthy. But regardless of what anyone else does….if you are living proof of cutting out wheat and your health has changed for the better…how glad we are that we were told about Wheat Belly!

  8. Nicki

    It would be wonderful to see that happen, but I agree with Joe Friday that most people will be very slow to act. There is a lot of ignorance or maybe just blind acceptance of the food pyramid and the frankenfoods sold in our grocery stores. I was told recently that I won’t be able to survive without eating bread. The lack of fiber in my diet is apparently going to kill me. Never mind that I eat plenty of fiber rich veggies and have never had any problems. Secondly, sandwiches, crackers and baked goods taste good, are relatively inexpensive and are quick and easy to obtain. It’s harder to find a decent meal and IMO some people just won’t make the extra effort.

  9. Tony on Long Island

    I am Tonys wife Patti from Long Island. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes 7 years ago. Like many others I increased my intake of whole grains. Lo and behold my weight has increased every year. I almost died when I saw pictures of me taken with my third grade class in June. I knew I had to do something. I was seriously considering weight loss surgery. I happened upon Wheat Belly After hearing Bill O Reilly talking about his success. Started on Aug. 1. I didn’t, weigh myself until after the first week. I have only lost about five pounds,but definitely think I’ve lost inches since my big belly is a little smaller and my pants feel loser. Haven’t gone off at alland watching carbs and having no sugar. Hope I start seeing some more weight come off soon. I am getting a little frustrated.

    • Bill

      Don’t feel you have to keep up with the usual over-inflated weight-loss claims that you get from reading checkstand magazines, like “I lost 30 pounds in two weeks eating just rutabagas!” That kind of weight loss rate could be unhealthy. And what’s the rush, anyway? The point is to permanently change the way you eat, thus automatically losing weight down to some new setpoint, not to crash-lose a bunch of weight that you would just regain when you couldn’t take the diet anymore.

      I think a pound a week is perfectly fine; that’s what my loss was, when I ditched the grains; it has the benefit that your body can actually adjust to the change.

    • Dr. Davis

      Well, then, read the many, many posts and comments on this blog, Tony.

      Your solution could be something as stupid-simple as getting more iodine.

      I doubt you want to give in and just accept your Big Food and Big Pharma end . . . though they would most surely embrace you!

  10. I overcame heart failure by following a nutrient-dense, gluten free diet. (along with several other natural approaches). I was told I would need a heart transplant and that my odds of healing my heart were only one percent. In spite of beating those odds, my friends often roll their eyes when I suggest changes to their lives to improve their health. In spite of getting well, I’m still wrong. I have written a book about my journey, lessons learned and my path to health and now speak to groups. My book is “One Percent: My Journey Overcoming Heart Disease” I’m encouraged that more and more people are aware of the lies of Big Pharma, the govenment and medical doctors and are slowly taking control themselves. There is hope. Keep talking it up!!

    • Dr. Davis

      I fear, Thomas, that a message often needs to be heard many times before it makes an impact in the thinking of many people. I believe that, given the barrage of advertising and other messages everyone is hit with nowadays, this is even more true today than, say, 40 years ago.

      So it is indeed a case of having to repeat our messages over and over. But rest assured: You are being heard!

      • JoAnne

        Well said, Dr Davis. In 1985, it took 3 television ads to reach 80% of the TV viewing audience. In 2012, it takes 114 ads to have the same impact. Said another way – the average person is hit with 2500 advertising messages per day.

    • Dr. Davis

      I think the fiber helps deal with the intestinal destruction of the wheat.

      Like putting out fire with . . . lighter fluid.

  11. LivingInFreedom

    It is very interesting who is open to the ideas presented in Wheat Belly, and who is totally opposed. It’s so hard for me to understand why people would prefer taking pills over taking the natural approach! I don’t get it!

    I am an elementary school teacher, and would love to find ways to educate parents about the positives of giving up wheat (without alienating them). I need some ideas! I think this could be a major solution to a lot of behavioral problems…in addition to so many other issues, of course.

    One last thing – Dr. Davis, I was at the screening of the documentary “Escape Fire” last week in Milwaukee (put on by Aurora). Will Allen of Growing Power was there, too. I was struck by the repeated theme of doctors not having enough time to educate patients. Then I thought, “why do doctors need to be the ones educating?” It seems that I, as an educator, could explain healthy diet and exercise to people. I am wondering what type of movement could get started in Milwaukee, incorporating the ideals and vision of growing power with integrative medicine and schools in the city (MPS and others). I teach in the city, and feel that, although giving kids an academic education is so important, it is NOT enough. We have to address wellness, too (and family issues, poverty, etc.). Any ideas??? Or, do you know of anything already going on?

    I’d be curious as to your thoughts on “Escape Fire,” as well. Thank you so much for all you do.

    • Dr. Davis

      Hi, Living–

      I fear that it is an impossible situation for you to educate parents from your position. It has to come from someplace else.

      In the meantime, effect change where you can but does not jeopardize your job and career.

      Will Allen is doing great work. But I know of no movement beyond the one we are growing right here to grow the education process more effectively and faster. One is desperately needed, however. I’ve got some ideas and have been cultivating them via online efforts, but they are very preliminary.

      Sorry, I’ve never heard of Escape Fire. I’ll have to watch for it.

      By the way, not having enough time to educate patients is a cop out. It is the mantra of the hired guns for big systems who want to make more money. I have been busily educating patients for 20 years.

      • LivingInFreedom

        Dr. Davis,

        Thank you so much for your reply…really, it’s amazing you take the time to reply to so many on your blog & facebook!

        I guess I realize that I personally can’t do too much at this point, besides recommending things here and there. However, I was so struck by how many people have the same vision…and how much of it centers around integrative medicine.

        Also, I was thinking about how interconnected the health care problems and education system issues are.

        I think you & fellow blog-readers would really like the film, “Escape Fire.” It’s about the movement toward integrative medicine. –

        I asked the woman in charge of the screening, a doctor from Aurora, if she had read your book, and she said “yes” and that she’s been wheat/gluten free for many years.

        Anyway, God bless your efforts. If one wanted to get involved in them, what would one do?

  12. Well I’m certainly doing my best to spread the message! We are coming up to our one year anniversary of no wheat and we’ve never been healthier. I don’t push the message down people’s throats but will tell them if they ask why we are not eating bread :)

  13. JIllOz

    Dr Davis, these are great projections.

    However, I think that regardless of wheat, we will always need research, medical and material. into wheat as well. Just not wheat as a food source. i’v e written before, if wheat is so strong in the field, and is essentailly goatgrass (as one of your readers put it), then there are tons of NON-FOOD applications for wheat in the textiles, building, homewares area.
    This thing needs a different emphasis.

    I called the researcher in the article I linked above and spoke to her as a consumer who had just read about the super spaghetti. i asked her about fibre and betaglucans and she kindly explained it what they were for in the body.
    I said I was ringing as a consumer who had gone off wheat and whose health had therefore improved.
    I mentioned that lots of people on lowcarb sites and in general have cited their changed and improved medical results when going off wheat and not just those who are diagnosed gluten intolerant. I was more focused than this but If I write everything I said it would be an essay!

    A few other things too. i didn’t want to mention Wheat Belly as such because I didn’t want her to be able to say that it’s just another so called miracle diet etc. She also talked about grains as part of a balanced diet by the way and not just processed foods, and given the IPCC”s R. Pachauri desires that every person in the world live on grains, vegetables and a bit of water, her response was quite low key. :)
    I also asked her about the Whole Grains Summit and mentioned their plans to put wheat in more and more food sources. I pointed out that if she and fellow researchers are researching wheat, there is basically no reason they can’t research it for other non-food applications such as the building, homewares and textiles area.
    After all, research is avast playground, don’ you think??
    This is just a summary of the conversation and she was very good about listening (although for all I know she was checking her emails while I spoke !! :)) So who knows where future research will go?

    I Also pointed out to her – which she agreed – that it’s a pity to waste time and money on something and then just sell it to people just becasue all that time and money has been put into it. That just creates probalems and increases (in this case) the cost of medical care.

    Planting seeds, Dr D.

    • Dr. Davis

      Yes, Jill: You and I are at the start of a mass shift in food thinking and choices.

      I like your idea of encouraging a shift away from wheat as food to wheat as non-food product. This may make this otherwise unpalatable conversation much more friendly.

  14. Bea Pullar

    Next week I am presenting a talk and discussion on “Wheat Belly” ay my local library and I hope to do more talks on this topic. Since retiring I have given about 40 to 50 talks a year to local community groups. Most of my talks are on other health topics, but some are based on my travels.

    This year I toured in Eastern Europe, including a cruise down the Danube, then 2 weeks in Turkey, followed by 2 weeks on a cruise with National Trust for Scotland to the Arctic and Norway, and finally one week in Kuala Lumpur. The Tour Directors asked the Executive Chefs on the cruise ships, and at various hotels to tell me which items on the menu I could eat – for every lunch and dinner.Only three times were mistakes made – resulting in diarrhea. Sometimes there were amazing cakes and delicacies, especially for afternoon teas, but I delighted in only eating a couple of strawberries or other fruits, and in not being tempted to indulge in the sweet wheat based treats. Not only did my health benefit – I continued to lose weigh, and my blood glucose dropped further. Also, those around me asked lots of questions and some looked up the Wheat Belly Blog. Thankyou Dr Davis for enabling me to really enjoy travel and regaining my health.

    • Dr. Davis

      That’s excellent, Bea! And congratulations on accomplishing this while traveling, a potentially tough challenge.

      If you video your presentation, feel free to post and provide the links here.

  15. “Is there any other food that, if avoided entirely, could even come close to resulting in such changes? ”
    Yes. 2 of them.
    1) Sugar, especially HFCS
    2) Industrial seed oils (corn, soy, peanut), especially partially-hydrogenated.

  16. Leslie

    Mad as He**
    The upbeat perspectives posted here about wanting to inspire and influence others are wonderful, but am I alone in being mad? Just plain mad?!

    I’m mad at my government for continually advocating a wheat based life and then make people feel guilty and shameful for the only outcome of that lifestyle – obese, dependent upon numerious medications, and a drain on resources. I’m mad at the mainstream medical community for turning a blind-eye to studies clearly demonstrating the chronic and devastating impacts of a wheat based life. I’m also mad that the VERY advise I was given was the root cause of my chronic constipation, bloating, lethargy, and obesity!

    I’m mad at big food for tainting the food supply with wheat in nearly EVERY food item!

    Other social change has been the result of society getting mad and refusing to settle for the status quo any longer. Who else is mad?

  17. I left this comment on the facebook fan page but wanted to leave it here as well for all the blog readers:

    I just want to thank you for your book and your contribution of information to our society. Because of your book, eliminating wheat, and eliminating red dye from our 10 year old son’s diet, he has now been completely off his ADHD medication for 2 months and has less ADHD symptoms now then he did even while on Concerta! Eliminating wheat and colored dyes from his diet has done more for him then any amount of ADHD medication ever did – and after 3 solid years on the drug, now that he is off the medication he is calmer than ever and has his personality back. Wheat Belly has changed his life. We thank you. His teachers thank you. His developing brain that no longer needs scary brain-altering drugs thanks you. Thank you for changing our lives. (PS our whole family is wheat-free now)

    • Dr. Davis


      Your son’s experience is worth talking about over and over again!

      If you’d like to relay his story in a bit more detail, post it here and I will run it as a blog post to help others hear your message.

      • Dr Davis, thank you so much for the opportunity to share our story on your blog. I will write up a blog post for you and email you the HTML if you’d like. I’d also like to include some food ideas. It was hard to figure out what to feed him as wheat was his staple, so it might help your readers if I have a few tips to make an easier transition. I’ll write up the post and get it to you before the weekend. Also, I will let all my readers on my Home Decor blog know once the post is live. They will like hearing this story! Thanks for the guest posting opportunity. I am very excited about it.

          • Dr Davis, I have some disheartening news. Our son has been med free for about 2 months and the “H” in ADHD (hyperactive) is virtually gone now that he is wheat free. Yay! However, the bad news: We had a conference today with his teachers and the councilor. He is doing great behavior and hyperactive wise but as far as concentrating, he is doing very poorly. The ADD portion of the ADHD is apparently as strong as ever. He hasn’t been finishing his assignments, can’t concentrate, spaces out, and overall isn’t paying attention in class at all.
            I am 100% convinced removing wheat has cured his hyperactivity, however, now that he’s been back in a school setting for a week it’s apparent that going wheat-free hasn’t cured his attention deficit.
            Moving forward we’ve decided to continue to keep him (and all of us) wheat free, but from now on he will go back on his ADD medication (Concerta) on school days.
            So I guess he isn’t as much of a success story as I had thought. I’m pretty bumbed out about this. I don’t know what else to do to help his Attention Deficit besides continue to give him his medication, even though I’m not happy about it. His success at school is very important to us and if he can’t concentrate in class and isn’t finishing assignments then he won’t be successful.
            If you, or any readers, have any tips for helping his ADD without prescription drugs I’d be very grateful. At this point I feel like it’s our only option.
            I will still be more than happy to write a guest post for you about how wheat has cured his hyperactivity but I can’t state at this point that his Attention Deficit has been cured.
            We are still very happy though that his hyperactivity is virtually non-existant now though. In that regard, he is a success.

  18. Birgit

    I have a feeling we are rapidly moving from early adopters to early majority as far as wheatbelly and low-carb types of eating are concerned. I have found major changes in the last few months in our fairly small town communities as far as the awareness in restaurants and grocery stores and a medical practice just added a physician who treats people based on low-carb principles. Our small community library has one copy of “Wheatbelly” and a long waiting list and a decent selection of low-carb books. :) I have reason to believe that the researchers at the wheatlab that’s part of our local university are very aware of wheatbelly and seem to be at a loss on how to discredit your book and don’t seem to be able to convince some of their own employees.
    My guess that even in a year from now low-carb and avoiding grains is going to be very common. We are all spreading the message and the internet speeds up the process tremendously.

    • Dr. Davis

      Excellent, Birgit!

      I’ve gotten a couple of emails from wheat researchers. When I eagerly offer to engage them, on camera if they’d like, they always back out.

      I believe they find these arguments, for the most part, ring true and cannot be countered. That is the dirty little secret of agricultural genetics: Develop your crop with unique genetic characteristics, then sell it to the public, no questions asked.

  19. Susan Moles

    They put wheat in just about everything these days. Wheat bran is even on the list of ingredients in my shampoo! Whatever for?

    Susan M.

  20. I love the idea of community education with videos.

    After gaining even more weight in the second half of last year I decided to go wheat free. My reasoning was that by making it a non-negotiable decision I would cut out the foods which I knew were causing weight gain, bread, muffins, cookies and cakes. A few months into this I read your book Wheat Belly. It amazed me. At last there was science to match my experience and I will never slide back into old ways. If only I had this book in 1975 when I became ill with ME. I could have saved myself and my family so much bother. I did recover but now I am almost certain it was caused by a combination of a stressful time and eating too much wheat bread.

    I wrote the following in my Blog yesterday.

    “Little by little, precept upon precept my health is improving. At the moment I am thinking I wouldn’t miss this process for anything. It’s a truly joyful experience when you begin to see changes that were almost beyond your dreams. And all because I decided to give up wheat forever. It’s amazing how my mind and body have responded. I have also lost more than 50 pounds this year and continue to lose weight.

    I have a couple of tiny secrets but I’ll share them here. I want to write a book about this experience with a focus on my age, 73 years old. Do you know there is very little around to give hope to the over 60s, let alone the over 70s? I want to shout from the roof tops that staying fat is not necessary at any age. I want to …. no I won’t go there just yet but why not use TV and popular magazines.

    I’d like to lead a support group, mentor others maybe. I never thought I would have the energy to do these things because I have had so little energy for years. Now I’m thinking anything is possible.”

    I’m thinking we are on the same wave.

    There’s so much more to my story but it’s too soon to release it yet. Hopefully I will be at my goal weight early next year and then it will be time to tell the whole story.

    I live in a tiny holiday village, remote from city life. Our regional library has your book. I read it there before buying my own copy which is now being lent out around family. The word is spreading. I first heard about you from Lynda. I’m fairly certain the same Lynda who wrote an earlier comment.

    You will be interested to know that I have just purchased 4 more copies of Wheat Belly because other members of my family are asking questions and thinking of going wheat free too. Oh! And my husband has been wheat free for nearly 3 months with improvement in Rosacea and sinus not to mention weight and belly fat loss and he was not on a diet!.


    • Dr. Davis

      Terrific, MargieAnne!

      If the message is heard in your little holiday village, then we know the word is spreading. Perhaps you have MORE power to change things in your small world than many people in more anonymous urban settings, since the people around you are more readily able to witness your wonderful wheat-free transformation!

    • Lisa

      I sometimes feel I’ve waited too long to begin “living”.
      I’m 49 this year and look back at the decades I wasted being so tired and ill.
      Who would have thought that the “staff of life” was killing me!
      But…there’s no time like the present and the years have melted away this year.
      I feel at least 20 – maybe 30 – years younger, so I have gained them back, in a way.
      And, barring any accidents and depending on God’s will, I will experience a much younger life on into old age. I’m not afraid of old age anymore. My thyroid was aging me as was the arthritis and intestinal issues. I’m looking forward to being vitally healthy and enjoying life – contributing to the world and enjoying satisfying relationships…and that’s what we have to look forward to now thanks to people like Dr. Davis.
      He has given us our lives back. That is just almost too incredible to even think about!
      Thank you, Margie Anne, for getting the word out and distributing books to people. You are saving lives! As soon as I can afford it – I’ll do the same. I do recommend the library edition – best I can do for now.

  21. Chris Chelten

    Wheat is probably pretty harmless in shampoo. Maybe putting it in hygiene products could ease the transition for wheat farmers when the WB message gains traction?

    • Dr. Davis

      I’m not so quick to suggest that, since some people are exceptionally sensitive to even skin contact with anything wheat, Chris.

      But you’re on the right track! I’m thinking products without direct human contact.

      • JIllOz

        One product i saw recently is wheat-filled heat bags, that act similarly to hot water bottles – with wheat instead of water, obviously.
        As i’ve suggested before, wheat, as strong as it is, can be redirected into the building, textiles, insulation, padding, even paving industries. It can be used to make shoes, sandals (as bamboo is used).
        the uses to which any other grass is put, wheat can be put.
        They’re making keyboard and calculators faceades out of bamboo – why not make them from wheat?
        Canisters, benches, cushions, roofing, even tiling…the possibilities are endless.
        And once it is analysed prooperly, it may be even better than some materials for particular applications.

        • Lisa

          Well, those are thoughts…but –
          if you create uses for it then you create demand for growing it.
          Agriculture is part of what is wrong with this world – especially the grand scale we’re conducting it on. I say “we” not because we’re all doing it but because we’re all participating in it by using it.
          Agriculture is a rape of the land – between the tilling, the herbicides, the pesticides, the fertilizer (so necessary cuz when you harvest wheat there is absolutely nothing that goes back to feed the soil) and all of that from fossil fuel. The resources wasted and the damage caused are not worth the growing of it.
          We’re just better off without it altogether, frankly.
          The farmers who grow wheat could just do something else. That sounds harsh, but the farmers aren’t exactly getting rich off of growing commodities…it’s the huge companies that process the relatively cheap and subsidized grains that make the big bucks. They don’t need any help making more fortunes off the destruction of the land and our health.

          • Lisa

            Oh, and may I add the irrigation that is often necessary to grow these grains and how the water levels under a lot of these fields – these miles and miles of monoculture – are dropping. It just keeps getting better and better the more you think of it…

  22. Bevie

    Dr. Davis,
    I have been on wheat belly since the middle of June. To date I have lost 22 pounds. I have been true blue – wheat free (actually grain free) and sugar free. Most of this was lost the first three weeks and since, the loss is has slowed to a crawl. My weight flucuates zero to one pound for a week or two weeks and then a small loss. The loss is very slow compared to past experiences. How can I jump start the weight loss again?

  23. Leigh Anne

    Yes, I’ve noticed that, too! I just realized today that there is “wheat germ” in my protein bars. Is wheat germ as harmful as wheat flour, etc. in foods?

    • Dr. Davis

      As bad, Leigh Anne, or worse, as it is a concentrated source of wheat germ agglutinin, the bowel toxin.

      • Leigh Anne

        WHOA and gross!
        Thank you for replying, Dr. Davis!
        I am tossing the bars, then, and happliy so. Thank you for your research, your devotion to uncovering the truth, and for getting this information out to the public. Your book has changed my life. And thank you for taking the time to respond to my question!

  24. Since becoming Wheat FREE two weeks ago and loosing, well, I have no idea how much for sure but guessing by my cloths, which do NOT lie.. an easy 10lbs + is the best advertisement for removing all Wheat from your diet !

    We, the one’s who’ve elected to make this healthy change are billboards of truth !

    I would, for one, LOVE to be a part of this teaching other’s the truth about Wheat! And for now I know the best thing I can do is to live this by example. Because I’ve been somewhat vocal on Facebook I’ve had one friend buy the book (she and I have never met).. My cousin in Houston let me know “she’s reading the book”.. (I had to clarify with her.. You mean Wheat Belly!!) My sis is reading it now, my neighbor who lives next to me at home has it on order and two other friends are reading it.. So, just by me sharing my story.. well, you see how this works..

    I’m like a kid in a candy store (whoops.. figuratively speaking)!! Each day I wake up I feel so different then I did before I removed wheat. Each day I’m almost hyped up because when I wake up and sit up in bed, I don’t have the aches and pains I did before this. Each day I look in the mirror..I am just simply stunned that finally.. after two kids and dealing with the ah, “Wheat Belly” it’s slowly looking like a deflated balloon.. (Need a tummy tuck now!! LOL) I’m thrilled..!!

    So, we all can be the BILLBOARDS for a healthier and much happier person. And, I’m thrilled to be sharing my story as simple as it sounds, it’s BIG to me!

    Dr. D. know’s he has my support!!!

  25. Ana

    Do you have a copy of your book in spanish?,I started with the diet 5 days ago and I want my Mom with diabetics type 2 to read the book,but she lives in Argentina.

  26. Mrs. Ratfire

    I have not been able to submit my recipes to your site. I am a very good, simple cook and know a million labor savers. But nothing has worked. I will cut and paste it here, but I am sure you would prefer me to post to to correct area, but the buttons available do not lead me back to your site. I made a wonderful seafood dish with cream, garlic, butter wine, chicken stock…worthy of a nice restaurant…..simple and fast. But cannot find a way to give it to you. Here is my Cucumber Dill Salad- very good, just like the one Mom made while growing up.
    Cucumber Dill Salad…. Contributed by Mrs. Ratfire…..Low Carb, Great for Wheat Belly. Page 1 of 2
    2 Large Cucumbers
    ½ cup Daisy Sour Cream
    ¼ to ½ teaspoon Watkins Black Pepper
    ¼ to 1 teaspoon Morton Salt
    1 Table Spoon Dried Dill
    3/8ths teaspoon of Truvia (Sweetener) or ½ packet, or sugar equivalent of 1 teaspoon
    4 Tablespoons white Heinz White Vinegar
    3 small or one medium, chop to a cup or less
    Vegetable Peeler
    Nicer Dicer- Use only the original, not the knock-offs! Or use your slicer or hand sclice
    Paring Knife
    2 Quart bowl for the Salad with cover
    Measuring cup for Onions- yellow or white

    Here We Go:
    1. Put ½ cup sour cream, salt, pepper, vinegar, sugar and dill in salad bowl, blend with a spatula. Let rest to dehydrate dill while you cut veggies.
    2. Wash Cucumbers. Peel, discard ends. Slice in Medium slices, set aside. I use a paper plate so I can throw it away.
    3. Peel and chop the Onions, I use the large blade on the Nicer Dicer, cuts in little cubes, slices are nice in this too!
    4. Taste your sauce; adjust to taste with additional salt, pepper, and vinegar. You want this to taste sharp as the cukes are flat and it will NOT taste sharp after they bleed.
    5. Put sliced cukes and chopped onions in sauce and fold with the spatula. Cover and put in the refrigerator. Go in to re-toss as you can to distribute the mix. If you are not going to be home to do so, use a shallow bowel so it is not needed until later.
    6. This tastes better overnight, especially when the cucumbers are very fresh as they are sturdier. You can try it 3 hours later, or if you make it in morning, by dinner. The cucumbers bleed more fluid over night. If you want to expedite this, salt the slices before putting in bowl and eliminate the salt from the sauce.

    Notes: I included my brands here as that is what I use!

  27. mum from canada

    Around 3 months ago, I saw your book in Costco (never heard of it before) and purchased it. I finished it in one day, and started the wheat free approach the same day. Your book was so compelling, it wasn’t one of those things where I said “I’ll start Monday”.

    Degenerative neurological disorders (without a known cure) run on both my mother and fathers side. I figured that I should be pro-active and try something, that may assist in not making me as vulnerable to these diseases. Since that time, i have noticed the benefit of weight loss and even wore a dress to a wedding a couple of days ago that i had not worn in 20 years!! I guess the style had come full circle, and people kept asking me “where did you get that great outfit?”.

    When I first started the wheat free way of eating, I went to the supermarket to see what gluten free items were available to me. In my other life, I was also an ingredient reader, but always looking for the highest amount of fiber possible. After a couple of times at the grocery store, and wasting my time reading the ingredients on the packages, it was clear that this would be super easy!! If you stick to whole foods like fruits, veggies, meat, fish and eggs people will see that it is one of the easiest plans around! It’s just too complicated and time consuming if you have to constantly worry about ingredients like corn starch, wheat etc. Like you say, it’s in almost everything.

    Thank you for sharing this book Dr. Davis.

  28. Holly

    I agree….however, I just don’t see many jumping on the bandwagon until you can purchase products made with the good GF flours, i.e. almond & coconut flours. I love to bake so no problem for me to bake my fav chocolate biscotti and focasia bread which I would truly miss if I had to go without a bread and dessert alternative.

  29. christy kennedy

    I have been working on so many people for so long. I’ve bought multiple copies of “Wheat Belly” to hand out to friends and lend to people I’ve just met. Those who want to feel better and believe it possible, take to it right away, see the difference and never go back. Others, even after watching the clearly gluten-linked deterioration of family members, just can’t believe diet change is possible “for them.” “But it would be really, really hard for me,” I get a lot. Harder than your anxiety, constipation, excess weight, depression, and bad skin etc.? I have one friend who minutes ago walked out my door after making an appointment with my naturopath. My friend’s anxiety and insomnia are bothering him enough at this very moment that it’s making his mind actually open to the stories I’ve told him (many times) about the severe anxiety/panic, insomnia, and mood instability suffered by me and all four of my children, and how each of us recovered after going first gluten free and then grain free. Fingers crossed.

  30. Jeannine Hess

    Just a few quick comments.

    Love the book, read it after hearing Dr. Davis on Red Ice Radio. Leave it to the Swedes!

    Check with your doctor to make sure you don’t have underlying health issues. I was diagnosed with a 3 mm polyp on my gall bladder; they immediately wanted to take it out. With the help of an ND I am able to keep it under control.
    Also had an open ileocecal valve. So, there went the coffee.
    Husband has also reduced (not totally eliminated) wheat and eliminated coffee. He has reduced his insulin shots by three quarters, going from 20 units per meal to 5.
    I have lost 13 pounds, have more energy, sleep better. Not doing perfectly yet, but the trend is up. Oh, and by the way, my father died from celiac disease, so this is an imperative for me, not optional. I live in big ag country, so my anti-wheat preaching sometimes generates hostility, but I do have a farm wife friend who is reading it and liking it.
    Keep up the good work, always and keep them on the run Doc!
    Jeannine Hess of Ulen, MN

    • Dr. Davis


      Stay strong and IGNORE what those around you say. Don’t worry: They will come around over the years as you quiet look healthier, more slender, and exude a powerful glow of life. Then they’ll ask: “So what was that you were doing, Jeannine?”

  31. Daniel

    Take all the wheat people won’t be eating and all the sugar people won’t be eating and make it into fuel. Solve nations oil addiction, clean up emissions, etc.

  32. Jenny

    A Wheat Belly experiment with 1000 people would make a great new Reality Show! Start with the poorly fed, overweight victims of junk food in Honey Boo Boo’s family of “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” fame.

      • JIllOz

        You pre-empted me Jenny!!! :)

        It is a powerful thing to see the changes in front of you, and if people are explaining what they feel on TV to a receptive audience people wil be able to think about their own reactions to this thing..

        Say, what about a time lapse photography experiment with this as well? :)

  33. It’s been a year since I went on the Wheat Belly regimen. I’m now 20 pounds lighter, my pot belly is almost all gone, and my pants size is down from 40 to 36. I can now look a bagel or a piece of pizza in the eye and not be tempted in the least. Dr. Davis is correct – the chemical lust for carbs is gone and I have no trouble staying with this lifestyle.

    It took me six months of slow-but-steady weight loss to go from 200 pounds to 160, which was my goal. Since then the weight loss has stopped, but I am not concerned as long as I don’t gain any weight back. In fact, my wife says if I lost any more weight I would look gaunt. By the way, 160 is the weight I obtained all through my young-adult years (I am 76 years old now) and why shouldn’t I be happy about that!

  34. Kathi

    Wow, it’s been only 12 days and my knee pain is practically non-existent! Also, I haven’t had reflux since about a week ago. I am a pharmacist and from a scientific standpoint, it makes so much sense that I decided to try it. Sure am glad I did and can’t wait to see more results in the weeks to come. Thanks for this book!

  35. Mrl

    This is a dream of mine, that all of the people who come weekly to our food pantry at our church could transform their lives. So many of them have serious health issues and I would love to see them turn their health around.

  36. Jenn

    Dr. Davis,
    You are amazing and magnificent! Where is the LIKE button for this post? I will be posting it on my FB page just as I will continue to spread the word about WB and the awesome lifechanging effects. I have a numerous amount of people that continue to ask me about my WB journey. My only delimma is getting my incredibly picky husband and kids on board.

  37. Bob Koller

    I have been following the recommendations in you book and find a marked decrease in between meals hunger. Also, I have a 4 year old grandson with severe, diagnosed Celiac Disease, who is extremely sensitive to gluten, so I am familiar with the situation. I very much want to follow a wheat free diet, but my situation is complicated by chronic calcium oxalate kidney stones. So, I don’t think I can really eat nuts, green vegetables. etc, in the quantity required. Any comments would be greatly appreciated, as I am sure there are others in a similar situation.

  38. Paul N

    Holly, the real problem is the mindset to “purchase products”.
    The change that is needed is to “purchase food”

    When people take responsibility for preparing their own foods, rather than passing it off to the food companies and their unknown factories, processes and ingredients, then everything changes.

    As long as people are looking to buy pre-made “products” wheat (and soy, and trans fats) will reign.

    Take control of your food, take control of your health.

    For those of us who love baking, it can still be done, but I find i do it much less often. I want to get away from “bread like” products. A healthified twinkie made from coconut flour, real cream and no sugar is still less healthy than just eating an apple, or a hard boiled egg.

    We want alternatives *to* bread, not alternative bread.

  39. Jenn ~

    Yeh, I agree about a “LIKE” button !!

    I get so pumped reading the posts sometimes you just wanna high five the sky!!

    And… it would be great if we post before and after pic’s? Or maybe those bodies at the top of the page are somewhere, where we could click on where we started then click on the one we’re at today? Or tomorrow and so on? A body scale of sorts! Our clicking confessional?

    It’s Thursday.. just checking in.. and love the inspiration!!!

  40. Man-Made Franken Crap . . .

    From Franken Soil comes Franken Plants . . . consumed so we can live Franken Lives!
    Mind and body devestation is not my idea of a good time, even though wheat and wheat products looks, smells, and tastes good.

    Most all the symptoms Dr. Davis wrote of, I HAD! NO MORE!

    I am at a weight loss stall, but am healthier at 240lbs–down from 270–than my previous efforts, from 297 to 205lbs. Long term Wheat consumption–now, my body and mind has to recover.

    Roger, OHIO

  41. Judy B

    Thank you for this post. Another benefit of our new order would be that there would no longer be a doctor shortage!
    On another note, I lost my father (retired MD) to complications from diabetes last August. I had tried (to no avail) to alert him to the dangers of the ADA diet and of statins. In the week that he died, he had lost control of all extremities and had kidney failure. In that last week, the nursing home where he was housed, insisted that he could begin more rehab….

  42. Austin Hunnicutt

    Hello Dr. Davis,

    Thank you for all the work you have done and are continuing to do in discovering and exposing modern wheat for the poison that it is! You are saving many lives!

    I have been wheat free since July when I discovered your blog. I initially suffered from wheat withdrawal in the first week, but since then I have felt better than I ever have in my life. I lost 7-8 pounds. My husband has lost 30 pounds! We both now have increased energy, increased mental clarity, and freedom from aches and pains that we thought were just “normal”.

    I am so happy to be a part of this movement! I have freedom in my own body now! I’m excited to spread the message to others.

    2 weeks ago, I had a friend over for lunch and was telling her about going wheat free. While I was talking about my experience and some of the information I learned from your blog, I thought I saw a lightbulb go off in her head. This week, she asked if I could send her links to some of the things I mentioned, so that she could pass them on to friends of hers whose physical ailments she thought sounded like they could be the result of eating wheat. These things were: (1) this modern semi-dwarf wheat was created by scientists at Kansas State University in the 1970s and has since become ubiquitous in the world’s food supply; (2) scientists had done studies that showed that people who ate this new kind of wheat consumed 440 additional calories on average every day. I have been reading your old entries to find where I read this, but haven’t been able to locate it. Now I’m wondering if I might have my facts mistaken. Could you please clarify this for me or point out the posts that I have missed? I know your book contains all of this information but I can’t afford to buy it at this time. When I can, I will be buying multiple copies to give away to anyone interested.

    Thank you for your time and thank you for your free blog. It has changed my life!

    • Dr. Davis

      You are exactly right except for one point: Much of the work that led to the development of modern high-yield semi-dwarf wheat was performed in Mexico City at the IMWIC, not at Kansas State University.

      Kansas State does indeed do a ton of wheat research, but the original work was performed in Mexico City.

  43. Patti McCready

    This is an email that I just wrote to my Sis after having a violet “wake me up in the middle of the nite” asthma attack two nites ago. She suggested I post it on the WBB for a response from Dr. Davis. I refer to this as an asthma attack because it involved my breathing and bronchial tubes. I used my rescue inhaler immediately and started taking tylenol with codine because there was an immediate tight cough in my chest and have always been prescribed cough syrup with codine to loosen up the congestion, but avoid syrups because of sugar. Did not have syrup, but had some pills. I immediately took stock of what I ate that nite, because I had been off the wheat for 8 days and was feeling great and sure enough, I checked the label on a jar of gravy and it had wheat in it and I had it on gluten free instant mashed potatoes with my grilled chicken breast and within 4 hours, I could hardly breathe. So, I wrote my Sis the following paragraph after reading a bunch of very interesting things about asthma on a food allergy site. I read things that were never disclosed to me when first diagnosed after my heart surgery! I had bronchial issues from my early childhood! So, here is what I wrote her………..

    Apparently, my asthma could be directly related to food rather that airborne allergens. Since I got this attack within hours after ingesting the gravy (with wheat) after being off it for 8 days, I am suspicious now of what I have, thinking it was related to my heart, when it may be related to food?? Especially, when there is no fever, etc. What if the bronchial problems I had all my life were because I had a food allergy to wheat or rice or whatever?? And, it was never diagnosed as this?? Just mind boggling to me that this could be the deal and I could have just had it grow worse after the heart surgery, because they said it was because of being on the heart/lung machine during heart bybass for several hours? What if I find out that I am a well person when I don’t eat certain foods ( foods being the strongest “medicine” there is?) and what if the breathing thing gets better and I don’t need inhalers? Maybe the wheat is an allergy and maybe it killed my thyroid!! Maybe it caused my diabetes! Now it looks that I must be my own research Doc too?! The big what if…….

    Anyway, am sharing the above paragraph because, I feel deeply about removing the wheat and grains from my diet. Outside of this event, I have been feeling so good by just eliminating wheat from my diet. My BP went down within 3 days, my blood sugar has been good and the gravy was a big mistake and I don’t know how I forgot to look at that label, but when you live a lifetime of just putting fork to plate and then to mouth, without thinking, the obvious result of such an action could be disastrous! Just sharing because now I will be super cautious!!

    • Dr. Davis

      If it only took a week to learn your lessons about wheat, Patti . . . well, that is pretty darned good!

      I can not overstate the gravity of the potential problems associated with wheat consumption. Could your health problems, medications, many doctor visits, etc. all been due to your response to the food we are told should dominate our diets?

      Yes, they absolutely could. If nothing else happened but your asthma or diabetes disappeared, well, why the heck NOT say goodbye to this corrupt creation of genetic research?

      Please keep us updated on your progress.

      • I am proud to say that Patti is “MY” sister!!
        I sent her your book “Dr. D.” because I knew she just had to read it. And what is wonderful about making this change is, we both get to support one another through years and years and years of eating all of the wheat filled foods that were suppose to be SO healthy for us..

        I’m so proud of my sis ~ And I’m so excited to have her there to share this new life with ~


      • Patti McCready

        Dear Dr. Davis,
        It has been 8 days since my asthma event. Had to go to Urgent Care, they took XRay and lungs looked unclear and so I was prescribed a Z pack and prednisone for 5 days because they could not be sure if it was strictly asthma or possibly “pneumonia”. Am done tomorrow morning and glad to be off the drugs.

        I’ve continued on with my new “wheat free” lifestyle and am so excited to get back to the feeling great part. This was an invaluable lesson and so very odd, since I haven’t had one of these in a long time. I feel grateful that I can look forward to better health. I am so glad to have this site to come to for answers, support and encouragement.

        Thanks to all for excellent input! Thanks to my “Lil Sis” for caring so much!


    • bh

      Thank you so much for posting about your asthma. I have had those late-night attacks. I was diagnosed with asthma 20 years ago and have had periods of dibilitating asthma. Traditional medicine was not entirely helpful; alternative medicine at least got me back to mostly living a normal life. I have not had a single asthma symptom since quitting wheat. Wheat Belly and this blog have been blessings in my life. I started this journey a year ago and intend to keep it up.

      • Patti McCready

        This is so encouraging…..thanks for sharing. Yes, there is nothing more terrifying than not being able to take a deep breath! I am not a medication friendly person and tho I use the rescue inhaler, hate it when they want me to take steroids. So am so excited to think that I too could be free of these meds down the line!


  44. Cash

    I TOTALLY disagree with your prediction.
    The reason is that you talk about educating people. That is simply not enough. The vast majority of people will not change unless change is drop-dead easy (even if it means they’ll drop dead if they DON’T change). Not until wheat-free, non-trash alternatives are easily and cheaply available will these people change. Even if they were on board to increasing their vegetable intake so they could reduce their wheat intake, they wouldn’t pay the price. It costs far more to eat the amount of healthy veggies that will fill someone up than it does to eat wheat based products.
    Our government has to stop giving wheat and corn subsidies and start giving bell pepper, brocolli, cauliflower, lettuce, cucumber, celery, carrot and similar food subsidies.
    Then manufacturers food scientists need to make these foods into items that are equally as palatable as wheat based products and do it at similar prices to the consumer.
    Only then will your predictions have a snowball’s chance of coming true… I’m sorry to say.

    • Dr. Davis

      Actually, Cash, I agree with you: I believe that you are talking about the masses, while I focus more on the “early adopters.”

      The people who still frequent fast food, think eating chips by the bag, and low-fat pretzels are healthy will be a segment who likely will not change until truly healthy foods become inexpensive commodity foods.

    • Boundless

      > I TOTALLY disagree with your prediction.
      Cash, the early adopters are already seeing the results.
      Perhaps you misread the prediction to imply that the general population would uptake.
      That was discussed here extensively last year, and if you want to conjecture that upending the human diet is going to take some time, I’d agree, and add that it needs to, because the food industry needs some time to react. The price of almonds is already going up.
      Wheat is the new tobacco. It is at least as destructive to health, and almost as addictive. We are nearly a half century since a Surgeon General blew the whistle on that weed. Tobacco products are still sold and consumed. The USDA is still running a price support program for it.
      Spread the word on this weed (wheat). Those who will listen, investigate, and try, will thrive.

    • economics and laziness predicts human behavior. the food stamp program needs to be changed to mandate people to make healthier choices. and do not think for a minute that the almighty food and drug lobbyist would ever allow these changes. they know whats making us sick. but they dont care big money wins. thank you dr. davis for opening our eyes to whats really making us sick and what they are doing to our food.

  45. Dr. Davis (Notice I dropped the Dr. D. cause this is serious)….

    Just watched you on CBS This Morning!!! I’m saving this on the DVR for when we arrive back at our home town of Yuma, Arizona middle of October!! Now here’s my question.. Do you have plans of putting out a DVD on Wheat Belly?? Something we can pop in the DVD player and share?? Or……………What a great holiday gift??

    And I apologize if this question has been posed to you already somewhere under the titles..


    • Neicee

      Happy Labor Day everyone.
      Kate, go over to YouTube and some of Dr. Davis’ videos are available there for free. Also, search under just Wheat Belly which perhaps will bring up others. I’m so happy for you and your sister. Bless you both and best of luck and your new lease on life. I’ve been sending the links from there to various friends and relatives. I hope they are clicking on and getting a small taste (no pun intended) of what they should be considering at every meal. Have a great day.

      • Hey Neicee girl ~

        Happy Labor Day right back atcha!

        I’ve seen several video’s on Youtube but wanna purchase to send to others..!!
        It would be a more in your face way of getting this message out to some of my friends… and family!!!!

        Thank you too for your sweet words… !!!!

  46. Melissa

    I too lost my Asthma to eliminating wheat from my diet. Today, I was going through some drawers and came across an inhaler meter and breathing tube. Out they go! I don’t need them, and neither do I need those nasty steroid inhalers. Amazing. I know I mentioned this before, but anymore thought to creating a bumper sticker? Maybe you could have a contest for the best sticker and that way you could lots of different angles to get the message across. I’ve cleared a spot on my bumper, right between “what you eat affects the world,” and Low Carb proselyte.

    • Patti McCready

      Dear Melissa,
      Thanks for sharing! I can only hope I can reach this place too. My body does not like stimulants! Any and all! So I would be happy to let them all go. I am just so new and have so much to learn, but am a “Senior” and any improvement to these years is such a plus! Thanks again for the encouraging info!


  47. Dr. D. ~

    Just need to ask.. and of course I’ve read your book.. been on here a few times posting.. But I just needed to talk about the “NOT” being hungry!!
    Since Steve and I started going gluten free.. I literally could skip meals and almost not notice. It feels like my brain chemistry has changed SO much.
    I am just NOT hungry most of each day. I am eating.. and eating very healthy.. This certainly is NOT bothering me in the least but I just wanted to talk about it because it’s so radically different then all the years of my life!!!!!!
    So, this happening simply from removing the Wheat from my diet??
    I’ve always been a sugarholic and do not even crave that stuff anymore.. I’m just so amazed !! And when lunch time rolls around I could care less.. !!

    • Dr. Davis


      It’s NOT about the sugary foods. It’s about the wheat, gliadin specifically, that stimulates our appetite for the sugars and carbs.

      Lose the wheat, lose the desire for junk. Enjoy real food instead. A truly novel concept!

      • Dr. D.,

        Just wanted to thank you for answering my question.. !

        Even though I’ve read the book.. and can refer back to it.. this just is SO strange. I do appreciate you taking the time to answer what might seem as tedious questions!!

  48. Very, very, very, VERY few people believe that I lost my weight due to eliminating gluten. (I also developed a milk allergy during my last pregnancy, so I’m gluten and dairy free right now.) I’ve lost 65 pounds, and THEN found your book. :) It was so nice to see that others were finding this path, and that I wasn’t alone. I get so sick of not being believed by doctors–or even accused of having an eating disorder. If you like, you can read my story at It’s the most recent post.

    However, now I’m seriously struggling with hypoglycemia. I wasn’t sure whether to post my comment on this post or your more recent one, but at least I hope to get some reliable help. :) I had mild hypoglycemia before I went gluten-free, but afterwards, my appetite plummeted, and the hypoglycemia seemed to correct itself. I never had the wild and crazy bloodsugar twists that I’m having now. I also have ADHD, and about two weeks ago, it felt like my ADHD treatment *suddenly* stopped working. I was confused, had no motivation, and wondered if I was getting depressed. My period is still late, but pregnancy tests are negative. Then, last Sunday, I had such a severe episode of hypoglycemia that I almost passed out. It took the entire day to recover from it. I went to a GP for blood work, and am still waiting on the results. I have an appt with a gynecologist tomorrow to address the amenorrhea (I’ve had marked irregular periods for a long time, but they’ve gotten much more severe with the GF/DF diet) Now, even though I’m not hungry, I’m eating every 1-3 hours just to keep from getting dizzy. I would appreciate any advice you might have to offer. Thank you so much!

    • Dr. Davis

      Hypoglycemia results from initial hyperglycemia: The low follows a high.

      The key in the majority of people is to not allow the high in the first place, meaning virtually no carbohydrates–no grains, no sugars.

      Note that this is a sign of pre-diabetes, Dotty, serious stuff.