Shut Yer Pie Hole

I regard most of the people who have read the Wheat Belly book and/or follow the discussions in this Wheat Belly Blog and Wheat Belly Facebook page as the early adopters in this new lifestyle. Although we now number in the hundreds of thousands, even millions, you are the nutritional equivalents of the kids who sleep on the sidewalk in front of the electronics store the night before the new iPad goes up for sale.

Imagine what would happen if we took this discussion beyond us early adopters and took it to a mainstream audience of, say, 1000 people. We educate them on the principles of why wheat destroys health, how it exerts mind effects, and why it is a powerful cause of obesity. We educate them on how to create a healthy, varied, and delicious wheat-free life. What would happen? Given the experiences of our early adopters, I believe it is safe to predict that:

There would be an astounding quantity of weight loss.
Among our 1000 participants, they could easily exceed 15 tons of weight loss within several months.

There would be a dramatic reduction in total food intake.
If we apply the average of 440 fewer calories consumed for every man, woman, and child participating, it would mean that these 1000 people consume 440,000 calories less per day, or 160,600,000 calories per year. That’s enough calories saved to feed nearly 10,000 people for a week.

Gastrointestinal complaints would dissolve in the majority.
And, with the disappearance of symptoms of acid reflux, bowel urgency, constipation, and bloating, we’d see widespread elimination of the need for acid suppressing drugs, antacids, laxatives, fiber preparations, and anti-spasm medication, since bowel function simply returns to normal minus the disruptive effects of wheat germ agglutinin. There would be fewer endoscopies and hospitalizations for acute abdominal symptoms.

Joint pain and stiffness would be eliminated in many.
The most advanced bone-on-bone forms of arthritis will not, of course, regenerate. But common complaints of hand/wrist/finger pain, elbow and shoulder pain, low back pain, and knee and hip pain and stiffness would improve or disappear in the majority. Along with it goes the anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen, naproxen, and Celebrex, the drugs that for many were an evil necessity, commonly resulting in bleeding stomach ulcers and kidney damage with prolonged use.

Alertness, energy, concentration, clarity would increase in the majority.
People regain the capacity for sustained concentration, acquisition of new information, and creative thinking. They become more effective at work. Children would be better able to learn, become less fidgety, feel more rewarded with their capacity to do well.

Diabetics become non-diabetic.
The 100 or so adults and children with type 2 diabetes become non-diabetic within several months, resulting in reduced need for metformin, Januvia, Byetta and Victoza, and insulin. Likewise, the 200 or so pre-diabetics become non-prediabetic. Type 1 diabetes is reduced in incidence in children.

Those are just the most common effects. Beyond that, people with eating disorders experience freedom from food obsessions; people with schizophrenia and bipolar illness have less severe symptoms; children with ADHD and autism enjoy better behavior and increased attention span.

In short, eliminating this destructive creation of genetics research would result in societal transformation, a tidal wave of positive change in health, appearance, and costs. The magnitude of this trend is staggering. The obvious losers in this equation: Big Food producers of processed food, Big Pharma, the medical system, and nutritionists/dietitians/physicians who now look stupid for hawking a diet that caused the problems in the first place.

I play this little game to illustrate just how big this effect might be when viewed at the population level, not just from that of an individual. Make no mistake: This is BIG.

Is there any other food that, if avoided entirely, could even come close to resulting in such changes?

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  1. Roger says:

    Man-Made Franken Crap . . .

    From Franken Soil comes Franken Plants . . . consumed so we can live Franken Lives!
    Mind and body devestation is not my idea of a good time, even though wheat and wheat products looks, smells, and tastes good.

    Most all the symptoms Dr. Davis wrote of, I HAD! NO MORE!

    I am at a weight loss stall, but am healthier at 240lbs–down from 270–than my previous efforts, from 297 to 205lbs. Long term Wheat consumption–now, my body and mind has to recover.

    Roger, OHIO

  2. Judy B says:

    Thank you for this post. Another benefit of our new order would be that there would no longer be a doctor shortage!
    On another note, I lost my father (retired MD) to complications from diabetes last August. I had tried (to no avail) to alert him to the dangers of the ADA diet and of statins. In the week that he died, he had lost control of all extremities and had kidney failure. In that last week, the nursing home where he was housed, insisted that he could begin more rehab….

  3. Austin Hunnicutt says:

    Hello Dr. Davis,

    Thank you for all the work you have done and are continuing to do in discovering and exposing modern wheat for the poison that it is! You are saving many lives!

    I have been wheat free since July when I discovered your blog. I initially suffered from wheat withdrawal in the first week, but since then I have felt better than I ever have in my life. I lost 7-8 pounds. My husband has lost 30 pounds! We both now have increased energy, increased mental clarity, and freedom from aches and pains that we thought were just “normal”.

    I am so happy to be a part of this movement! I have freedom in my own body now! I’m excited to spread the message to others.

    2 weeks ago, I had a friend over for lunch and was telling her about going wheat free. While I was talking about my experience and some of the information I learned from your blog, I thought I saw a lightbulb go off in her head. This week, she asked if I could send her links to some of the things I mentioned, so that she could pass them on to friends of hers whose physical ailments she thought sounded like they could be the result of eating wheat. These things were: (1) this modern semi-dwarf wheat was created by scientists at Kansas State University in the 1970s and has since become ubiquitous in the world’s food supply; (2) scientists had done studies that showed that people who ate this new kind of wheat consumed 440 additional calories on average every day. I have been reading your old entries to find where I read this, but haven’t been able to locate it. Now I’m wondering if I might have my facts mistaken. Could you please clarify this for me or point out the posts that I have missed? I know your book contains all of this information but I can’t afford to buy it at this time. When I can, I will be buying multiple copies to give away to anyone interested.

    Thank you for your time and thank you for your free blog. It has changed my life!

    • Dr. Davis says:

      You are exactly right except for one point: Much of the work that led to the development of modern high-yield semi-dwarf wheat was performed in Mexico City at the IMWIC, not at Kansas State University.

      Kansas State does indeed do a ton of wheat research, but the original work was performed in Mexico City.

  4. Patti McCready says:

    This is an email that I just wrote to my Sis after having a violet “wake me up in the middle of the nite” asthma attack two nites ago. She suggested I post it on the WBB for a response from Dr. Davis. I refer to this as an asthma attack because it involved my breathing and bronchial tubes. I used my rescue inhaler immediately and started taking tylenol with codine because there was an immediate tight cough in my chest and have always been prescribed cough syrup with codine to loosen up the congestion, but avoid syrups because of sugar. Did not have syrup, but had some pills. I immediately took stock of what I ate that nite, because I had been off the wheat for 8 days and was feeling great and sure enough, I checked the label on a jar of gravy and it had wheat in it and I had it on gluten free instant mashed potatoes with my grilled chicken breast and within 4 hours, I could hardly breathe. So, I wrote my Sis the following paragraph after reading a bunch of very interesting things about asthma on a food allergy site. I read things that were never disclosed to me when first diagnosed after my heart surgery! I had bronchial issues from my early childhood! So, here is what I wrote her………..

    Apparently, my asthma could be directly related to food rather that airborne allergens. Since I got this attack within hours after ingesting the gravy (with wheat) after being off it for 8 days, I am suspicious now of what I have, thinking it was related to my heart, when it may be related to food?? Especially, when there is no fever, etc. What if the bronchial problems I had all my life were because I had a food allergy to wheat or rice or whatever?? And, it was never diagnosed as this?? Just mind boggling to me that this could be the deal and I could have just had it grow worse after the heart surgery, because they said it was because of being on the heart/lung machine during heart bybass for several hours? What if I find out that I am a well person when I don’t eat certain foods ( foods being the strongest “medicine” there is?) and what if the breathing thing gets better and I don’t need inhalers? Maybe the wheat is an allergy and maybe it killed my thyroid!! Maybe it caused my diabetes! Now it looks that I must be my own research Doc too?! The big what if…….

    Anyway, am sharing the above paragraph because, I feel deeply about removing the wheat and grains from my diet. Outside of this event, I have been feeling so good by just eliminating wheat from my diet. My BP went down within 3 days, my blood sugar has been good and the gravy was a big mistake and I don’t know how I forgot to look at that label, but when you live a lifetime of just putting fork to plate and then to mouth, without thinking, the obvious result of such an action could be disastrous! Just sharing because now I will be super cautious!!

    • Dr. Davis says:

      If it only took a week to learn your lessons about wheat, Patti . . . well, that is pretty darned good!

      I can not overstate the gravity of the potential problems associated with wheat consumption. Could your health problems, medications, many doctor visits, etc. all been due to your response to the food we are told should dominate our diets?

      Yes, they absolutely could. If nothing else happened but your asthma or diabetes disappeared, well, why the heck NOT say goodbye to this corrupt creation of genetic research?

      Please keep us updated on your progress.

      • Kate Cook says:

        I am proud to say that Patti is “MY” sister!!
        I sent her your book “Dr. D.” because I knew she just had to read it. And what is wonderful about making this change is, we both get to support one another through years and years and years of eating all of the wheat filled foods that were suppose to be SO healthy for us..

        I’m so proud of my sis ~ And I’m so excited to have her there to share this new life with ~


      • Patti McCready says:

        Dear Dr. Davis,
        It has been 8 days since my asthma event. Had to go to Urgent Care, they took XRay and lungs looked unclear and so I was prescribed a Z pack and prednisone for 5 days because they could not be sure if it was strictly asthma or possibly “pneumonia”. Am done tomorrow morning and glad to be off the drugs.

        I’ve continued on with my new “wheat free” lifestyle and am so excited to get back to the feeling great part. This was an invaluable lesson and so very odd, since I haven’t had one of these in a long time. I feel grateful that I can look forward to better health. I am so glad to have this site to come to for answers, support and encouragement.

        Thanks to all for excellent input! Thanks to my “Lil Sis” for caring so much!


    • bh says:

      Thank you so much for posting about your asthma. I have had those late-night attacks. I was diagnosed with asthma 20 years ago and have had periods of dibilitating asthma. Traditional medicine was not entirely helpful; alternative medicine at least got me back to mostly living a normal life. I have not had a single asthma symptom since quitting wheat. Wheat Belly and this blog have been blessings in my life. I started this journey a year ago and intend to keep it up.

      • Patti McCready says:

        This is so encouraging…..thanks for sharing. Yes, there is nothing more terrifying than not being able to take a deep breath! I am not a medication friendly person and tho I use the rescue inhaler, hate it when they want me to take steroids. So am so excited to think that I too could be free of these meds down the line!


  5. Cash says:

    I TOTALLY disagree with your prediction.
    The reason is that you talk about educating people. That is simply not enough. The vast majority of people will not change unless change is drop-dead easy (even if it means they’ll drop dead if they DON’T change). Not until wheat-free, non-trash alternatives are easily and cheaply available will these people change. Even if they were on board to increasing their vegetable intake so they could reduce their wheat intake, they wouldn’t pay the price. It costs far more to eat the amount of healthy veggies that will fill someone up than it does to eat wheat based products.
    Our government has to stop giving wheat and corn subsidies and start giving bell pepper, brocolli, cauliflower, lettuce, cucumber, celery, carrot and similar food subsidies.
    Then manufacturers food scientists need to make these foods into items that are equally as palatable as wheat based products and do it at similar prices to the consumer.
    Only then will your predictions have a snowball’s chance of coming true… I’m sorry to say.

    • Dr. Davis says:

      Actually, Cash, I agree with you: I believe that you are talking about the masses, while I focus more on the “early adopters.”

      The people who still frequent fast food, think eating chips by the bag, and low-fat pretzels are healthy will be a segment who likely will not change until truly healthy foods become inexpensive commodity foods.

    • Boundless says:

      > I TOTALLY disagree with your prediction.
      Cash, the early adopters are already seeing the results.
      Perhaps you misread the prediction to imply that the general population would uptake.
      That was discussed here extensively last year, and if you want to conjecture that upending the human diet is going to take some time, I’d agree, and add that it needs to, because the food industry needs some time to react. The price of almonds is already going up.
      Wheat is the new tobacco. It is at least as destructive to health, and almost as addictive. We are nearly a half century since a Surgeon General blew the whistle on that weed. Tobacco products are still sold and consumed. The USDA is still running a price support program for it.
      Spread the word on this weed (wheat). Those who will listen, investigate, and try, will thrive.

    • economics and laziness predicts human behavior. the food stamp program needs to be changed to mandate people to make healthier choices. and do not think for a minute that the almighty food and drug lobbyist would ever allow these changes. they know whats making us sick. but they dont care big money wins. thank you dr. davis for opening our eyes to whats really making us sick and what they are doing to our food.

  6. Kate Cook says:

    Dr. Davis (Notice I dropped the Dr. D. cause this is serious)….

    Just watched you on CBS This Morning!!! I’m saving this on the DVR for when we arrive back at our home town of Yuma, Arizona middle of October!! Now here’s my question.. Do you have plans of putting out a DVD on Wheat Belly?? Something we can pop in the DVD player and share?? Or……………What a great holiday gift??

    And I apologize if this question has been posed to you already somewhere under the titles..


    • Neicee says:

      Happy Labor Day everyone.
      Kate, go over to YouTube and some of Dr. Davis’ videos are available there for free. Also, search under just Wheat Belly which perhaps will bring up others. I’m so happy for you and your sister. Bless you both and best of luck and your new lease on life. I’ve been sending the links from there to various friends and relatives. I hope they are clicking on and getting a small taste (no pun intended) of what they should be considering at every meal. Have a great day.

      • Kate Cook says:

        Hey Neicee girl ~

        Happy Labor Day right back atcha!

        I’ve seen several video’s on Youtube but wanna purchase to send to others..!!
        It would be a more in your face way of getting this message out to some of my friends… and family!!!!

        Thank you too for your sweet words… !!!!

  7. Melissa says:

    I too lost my Asthma to eliminating wheat from my diet. Today, I was going through some drawers and came across an inhaler meter and breathing tube. Out they go! I don’t need them, and neither do I need those nasty steroid inhalers. Amazing. I know I mentioned this before, but anymore thought to creating a bumper sticker? Maybe you could have a contest for the best sticker and that way you could lots of different angles to get the message across. I’ve cleared a spot on my bumper, right between “what you eat affects the world,” and Low Carb proselyte.

    • Patti McCready says:

      Dear Melissa,
      Thanks for sharing! I can only hope I can reach this place too. My body does not like stimulants! Any and all! So I would be happy to let them all go. I am just so new and have so much to learn, but am a “Senior” and any improvement to these years is such a plus! Thanks again for the encouraging info!


  8. Kate Cook says:

    Dr. D. ~

    Just need to ask.. and of course I’ve read your book.. been on here a few times posting.. But I just needed to talk about the “NOT” being hungry!!
    Since Steve and I started going gluten free.. I literally could skip meals and almost not notice. It feels like my brain chemistry has changed SO much.
    I am just NOT hungry most of each day. I am eating.. and eating very healthy.. This certainly is NOT bothering me in the least but I just wanted to talk about it because it’s so radically different then all the years of my life!!!!!!
    So, this happening simply from removing the Wheat from my diet??
    I’ve always been a sugarholic and do not even crave that stuff anymore.. I’m just so amazed !! And when lunch time rolls around I could care less.. !!

    • Dr. Davis says:


      It’s NOT about the sugary foods. It’s about the wheat, gliadin specifically, that stimulates our appetite for the sugars and carbs.

      Lose the wheat, lose the desire for junk. Enjoy real food instead. A truly novel concept!

      • Kate Cook says:

        Dr. D.,

        Just wanted to thank you for answering my question.. !

        Even though I’ve read the book.. and can refer back to it.. this just is SO strange. I do appreciate you taking the time to answer what might seem as tedious questions!!

  9. Dotty Young says:

    Very, very, very, VERY few people believe that I lost my weight due to eliminating gluten. (I also developed a milk allergy during my last pregnancy, so I’m gluten and dairy free right now.) I’ve lost 65 pounds, and THEN found your book. :) It was so nice to see that others were finding this path, and that I wasn’t alone. I get so sick of not being believed by doctors–or even accused of having an eating disorder. If you like, you can read my story at It’s the most recent post.

    However, now I’m seriously struggling with hypoglycemia. I wasn’t sure whether to post my comment on this post or your more recent one, but at least I hope to get some reliable help. :) I had mild hypoglycemia before I went gluten-free, but afterwards, my appetite plummeted, and the hypoglycemia seemed to correct itself. I never had the wild and crazy bloodsugar twists that I’m having now. I also have ADHD, and about two weeks ago, it felt like my ADHD treatment *suddenly* stopped working. I was confused, had no motivation, and wondered if I was getting depressed. My period is still late, but pregnancy tests are negative. Then, last Sunday, I had such a severe episode of hypoglycemia that I almost passed out. It took the entire day to recover from it. I went to a GP for blood work, and am still waiting on the results. I have an appt with a gynecologist tomorrow to address the amenorrhea (I’ve had marked irregular periods for a long time, but they’ve gotten much more severe with the GF/DF diet) Now, even though I’m not hungry, I’m eating every 1-3 hours just to keep from getting dizzy. I would appreciate any advice you might have to offer. Thank you so much!

    • Dr. Davis says:

      Hypoglycemia results from initial hyperglycemia: The low follows a high.

      The key in the majority of people is to not allow the high in the first place, meaning virtually no carbohydrates–no grains, no sugars.

      Note that this is a sign of pre-diabetes, Dotty, serious stuff.