“Gluten is killing all of America”


Yeah, gluten-free is definitely NOT the message.

But this mainstream sitcom depiction of gluten-freedom is a huge step in the right direction . . . because modern wheat is unsuitable for consumption for ANY human!

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  1. Steve & Kate Cook says:

    Ok, and Neicee, you’re welcome to reply if you want … Then what is a good sweetener to use? I’m reading so much lately I’m getting confused as to where my sources are but I do believe I’ve already read in the book about Agave and Honey.. we were using Honey too for years.. Or, should I give up coffee altogether, again!!?? I drink one cup a day.. and not cause I feel I need caffeine.. but love something warm and sweet in the mornings..
    I also looked up a cookbook that Dr. Davis referred someone too by an Elana Amsterdam and how she says to use the Agave.. I ordered her book and will beware!! (Amazon is really lovin me!!)
    And this requires no answer but I was watching the news this morning and they were showing a family who’s house was given a makeover because of being partly destroyed in hurricane Irene?? Anyway, the husband had to retire from the armed forces because of rheumatoid arthritis.. I jerked my head around and wanted to find out who is is so I could tell him to GET OFF THE WHEAT and see how you feel!!!!
    I’m so excited about all of this knowledge that I want to do something so bad to “get it out there”..
    Ugh!! Well, it’s great to find this blog.. Thanks Neicee for your input. And tell me who you are.. You seem to be quite knowledgable… And P.S. Of the Steve and Kate.. this is Kate doing all of the blogging.. I, shall we say “read out loud” all of the posts to Steve..

    • Neicee says:

      Good wheat free morning Kate. I’m not that knowledgeable, but have had to deal with being told some years ago that I had IBS. Pills did nothing so the doctor just said to stop eating wheat and see what happened. It cost nothing to try. Headaches, aches/pains, bloated tummy, always having to know where the nearest lady’s room was located all went away. But, like most people, without knowing the why you slip back to an occasional piece of bread, or dessert and have to deal with that. So started reading. Gary Taubes ‘Why We Get Fat And What To Do About It’ got my attention, then his friend, Dr. Peter Attia, then the blog marksdailyapple filled in some blanks (and a few other sites) then Wheat Belly. Simple to read and understand and most importantly, it makes sense.

      Actually, I wish I could grab your enthusiasm and shower my close friends and family with it. Some are either just being obstinate or really don’t care how they feel. One is a Type 2 and pounds down outrageous amounts of wheat products and then takes his meds. Also, has a belly that looks like he’s ready to deliver a litter. So, welcome and I think you’re a breath of fresh air. We’re all on this journey together and these are some of the best supporters you’re going to find on the net…… :)

      • Steve & Kate Cook says:

        Well, what fun to find a new friend!!
        I am in South Carolina until the end of next month.(From Yuma, AZ), visiting my daughter who just gave birth to her second child. Then while we’re here we hear about “Wheat Belly” on T.V.!! So Steve wanted to order it (thank gawd!!). Never dreamed my life would change this much while on this summer jaunt across the U.S.!! So you talking about your friends and family and wishing they’d jump on this new way of eating and LIVING.. key word: Living.. is as frustrating to me too. My daughter had her husband run to the local Publix Market here the other day to buy a well known wheat bread..!! Ah, and it was two for one day.. so my son in law walked in with 8 loafs of WHEAT bread!! Tell me I didn’t gasp (to my self of course).. They know what we’re doing.. and they may come around someday.. but I know the only thing that may bring em in (I’m thinking trapping them but….) is to just be an example!
        I am on Fb so I’ve begun my band wagon on that.. a video here, a video there.. a fact here, a fact there.. I’ve had one gal order Dr. Davis’s book and one of my daughter’s friends told me today she’s been interested in some of my posts.. (see.. I’m sneaky.. )!! And I know I have so much more to learn myself.
        It’s nice to meet you.. and I will admit I love making new friends to a fault. I even tried to find you on Fb (Facebook) and what.. by just a first name.. am I nuts!!! No, just enjoy new friends.
        I am very excited with this new chance of living healthy.. Each day I wake up in this gluten free life, is just as exciting as the first.

        • Neicee says:

          Kate, I’m not on Facebook…the one thing my husband has asked me not to do in life. Claims he’d never see me. Anywhoo, I failed to answer your questions about sweeteners. I bought the liquid stuvia/stevia off Amazon, and it shipped with another copy of Wheat Belly. I keep giving them away and Amazon loves me too. Others have claimed they find it has a bitter aftertaste but I haven’t noticed that.

          Advice for relatives has to be sneaky. The only one I completely failed with convincing was my sister. By the time I got the book she already had terminal cancer. My daughter is celiac, I’m simply gluten intolerant. She’s improved 100% and down to a size 2 petite. The others know they should but make every excuse to not give it up. Have a safe trip back to Yuma.
          P.S. – you can buy shoes/clothes off Amazon too. After hacking my husband’s Ebay account more boxes have been showing from them as well.

          • Neicee,

            Well, I can see you’re a bit goofy (I can tell by the way you write.. and I love it!!)…
            And in a serious emotion I’d like to say I’m sorry to hear about your sister.. My sister will receive the book on Friday and she’s delt with borderline diabetes for a long time now and is, I believe, dealing with the wheat belly too.. as I have been.
            And your husband is probably right about Fb! I am on it a lot but for two reasons.. all the gals who live on my block and I have our own private page so we chat daily.. we’re all so very close.. and we did have a business where we live so I’d created a page for that.. We had to close the business.. long story..
            Thank you for the information Stuiva.. I’d heard of it..and actually I think I bought packets of it… have it somewhere in here.. I think.. but I will use that as an excuse to visit amazon for sure!!!! I have deliveries on the way even as I type from Amazon.. whoops!!
            I’m on the last chapter of the book.. and am going to compile some information Dr. “D” has provide as to what to eat and what NOT to eat.. just need a cheat sheet for awhile to carry in my purse. The Agave has been put to rest.. And how could I even justify giving it to a loved one!!?? And all of this other food we have in here.. !!! Perhaps a food bank but even that feels like you’re handing other’s a loaded gun!!??
            Have you found a good recipe for a bread? I’ve been leaning towards one with almond flour? I think there’s a recipe in the latest cook book I have on the way …
            Take care.. Kate

  2. Tony on Long Island says:

    18 days wheat free and 7 lbs lighter . It doesn’t get much better ? Yes it does , arthritic pain negated , energy level high and I have not had a tums since .Only 53 more lbs to go before I’m satisfied and well into my new lifestyle. Favorite dinner so far homemade chicken cacciatore on a bed of spaghetti squash .
    Thanks to Dr. Davis

  3. Liexi on Long Island says:


    Congratulations on the weight loss! While you’re busy eliminating the “junk” in your diet, please do not consume peanuts, mushrooms, sugar, artificial sweetener, corn, red wine, dented fruits, aged cheese and anything else that causes the fungus in your body to multiply. There are more… Take it slowly for its difficult to remove all these things at once. People have been fooled to believe that peanuts are healthy–quite the contrary. Do a Google search on mycotoxins and read all about it…. Good luck!

    Chef Lexi

  4. Neicee says:

    Dr. Davis, got a bug imbedded in a dish at a restaurant the other day (it’s formal name is wheat). So, today spent some time reviewing your articles on ‘celiacs disease’ and ‘gluten intolerance’ – trying to figure out if I am really only intolerant? Something jived so I binged and googled a couple of things, but the number of articles addressing the issues floored me. As I’ve written here, I spent years dealing with bone loss/loss of back molars/gums receding and general poor dental health. But, then, I remembered my mother saying I had completely refused to drink milk as a child…..so she pushed the cereals and toasts at me. When my dental problems surfaced I did ask several dental specialists if osteoporosis could start first in the mouth? They acted like I was a total moron. Well, even http://www.celiacs.com has several articles about both celiacs and gluten intolerance involving various problems with teeth and oral health – all attributed to consumption of wheat. I got over 107 million hits on various sites. Can it possibly be that since I was born to a family and turned out to be 4′ 11″ and remained very small boned, etc., that that could have been the problem started as a baby? Wow. If true, I have even more problems with some of the doctors and dentists I’ve supported financially all these years. I swore one time I’d paid for the dentist’s wife’s new Lexus.

    • Dr. Davis says:

      Yes, it could indeed, Neicee.

      Your solution: Accept that the lesson was learned late with your mind intact . . . but don’t let it happen to other people, regardless of the ignorance or intransigence of health “professionals.”

  5. Boundless says:

    Meanwhile, the drug industry sees celiac and gluten-sensitivity as some unfortunate but perfectly natural “diseases”, that, of course, need a new drug treatment.

    Computational Design of an α-Gliadin Peptidase
    they report “use of computational protein design tools to reengineer its specificity toward immunogenic elements found in gluten …”.

    Here’s a simpler solution: stop eating completely optional toxins that require novel antidotes.
    Oops. Do you have an antidote for that antidote?

    • Dr. Davis says:

      It truly is incredible, isn’t it?

      As you know, there is no amount of genetic manipulation that is possible to fully disable all the negative aspects of wheat. Why not just stop eating it?