“Gluten is killing all of America”


Yeah, gluten-free is definitely NOT the message.

But this mainstream sitcom depiction of gluten-freedom is a huge step in the right direction . . . because modern wheat is unsuitable for consumption for ANY human!

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Comments & Feedback...

  1. Neicee

    Interesting video. Yet, I’ve never known a grown man that will admit to liking breads, cheese puffs, or any number of things mentioned. Bachelors usually grilled up a steak at night, grabbed a pre-packaged bag of salad and that was it. The transition to goofy eating started when they married and the spouse bought it at the grocers, and prepared it. Every single one of them are now sporting ‘the belly’ and seem to be the ones screaming about giving up their sandwiches. Odd what seems to happen. Pizza is a whole different story, my husband thinks it’s a food group unto itself. Poor dear hasn’t enjoyed one for six months now. ;)

  2. mina

    Dear Dr. Davis, my fasting glucose was 103 mg/dl. I know you said that flood of fatty acids during weight loss blocks insulin and thereby increase blood sugar. I eat wheat-free low-carb foods for more than a year now but I am not losing any weight. My thyroid hormones are normal.

    I would appreciate any advice you can give me. Sorry for off topic post.

  3. Terry Duncan

    Dr. Davis – video was worth the watch – if they only knew. I started this journey because I recently retired and moved from Indiana to Ohio to be near our daughter’s family. I have been on a search for a way to become healthy and if possible lose some weight. I was always a pudgy child and during my teens I bounced up and down. I was a small bride, but didn’t know how to cook anything but steak – gravy and potatoes — I thought veggies came from a can. Up and down – learned about fresh foods in our years living in California. My 3 brothers have adult onset diabetes and one has had open heart surgery – the youngest is trying to recover from diabetes complication in a nursing home — not even 60??? Family history of diabetes. I have been under the radar, but with the lifestyle I had – well– so I purchased your book in late May – read it and started what I thought was the wheat free journey — hmmmmmmmmmmmmm- didn’t get the part about low carb until about 3 weeks ago. Went to the Dr. Tuesday to have her look at a place on my head—- 9 pounds down and I have lost at least an inch and half. That being said —- I feel soooooooo much better. I had what sounded like Planters faciatis(sp)—horrible pain in my heel and that went away within a week of cutting down on the carbs. Walking is easier – aches and pains of a 63 year old are becoming a memory. A certain diet industry had my head in a spin about carbs and gluten free products. AT first I was using the gluten free products never thinking about carbs —– I have read and re-read and continue to read and find more gems — thank you for the book and this blog. I heard you have a recipe book coming in Dec. 2012??? I am also going to get Maria Emmerich’s cookbook for children — I help with the 3 grandchildren – 8 yrs, 3yrs and 2 years — and need information concerning feeding of my little flock — Organic didn’t get it — I thought organic and gluten free were what I was supposed to be doing…….thank you – thank you – thank you – I think I get it!

    • Dr. Davis

      You ARE getting it, Terry! It’s okay if understanding comes one step at a time.

      And great with the plantar’s fasciitis. I am hearing this more often, something I had not observed previously.

      Yes, Dec 24th, 2012 for the new Wheat Belly Cookbook!

  4. Amy A

    I’ve been noticing my boobs have more pizazz too! I think it’s just cause my wheat belly is shrinking and so they look bigger iin contrast…more hour glassy figure now. Anyway, funny video – thanks for sharing!

    • Dr. Davis

      Hmmmm. I suspect that it’s the rest of you that has shrunk, Amy!

      Perhaps “pizazz” is the right word.

  5. Grace

    Just finished day 2 of wheat free! Husband and I have been carb reduced for over a year, having done Weight Watchers. But we were still avoiding things like nuts and fats. So we’ve jumped on board and are trying wheat free. My two “issues” – I just feel so lethargic today and uninterested in anything. Like the laziest bum you could ever imagine. Even the thought of my vacation in October has zero excitement. I’m not “tired”, exactly, just a big BLAH. Having trouble working, and just doing the things I have to do. I just want to sit and be a vegetable. Very strange. (On the plus side, I’m not hungry, which is a real switch!).

    Second issue, I didn’t see anything in your book about kidney damage due to high protein? I don’t know much about it except that I remember from the Atkins diet that was an issue (along with bad breath and some other negatives). How does wheat free/low carb compare to Atkins? And is there a risk of kidney damage?

    Thank you so much!

    • Dr. Davis

      You are experiencing withdrawal from the gliadin opiate in wheat, Grace. Gotta grin and bear it and it will pass . . . then you feel great!

      No, protein does not damage the kidneys. This was a point of controversy in people with kidney disease and diabetes, not the broad public. But even in diseased kidneys, there is little to no effect in most studies.

      • Grace

        I don’t know if you come back to these old posts, but I just wanted to follow up with you and say that now, after day 5, I am beyond thrilled with how I feel! The constipation that has plagued me for years just went away, as did all the gas and bloating I’d been battling! Gas pills and stool softeners were my friend – no longer!! I biked 15 miles today and while we have been biking a lot this summer, so that was actually a short ride, it seemed a million times easier! I feel like I used barely energy at all and didn’t feel wiped out when we got back. I was also able to average 11.5 mph instead of our usual 10 mph. Crazy. I am totally converted. We’ve been eating wonderful meals and I’m on my second batch of “chocolate chip cookies”.

        I’m sure it will just take more time, but I’m working toward getting rid of my acid reflux. I have been on Dexilant for 2 years now and I had no hope of ever getting off of it due to some small patches of Barret’s in my esophagus. I can’t go cold turkey off the dexilant, but will try to gradually reduce if I can down the road. I tried going without one day so far and I felt the burn right away so I haven’t had the courage to try again. I really don’t want esophageal cancer and with Barret’s I have to be careful. But the difference in how I feel overall is absolutely AMAZING! Thank you, thank you, thank you and I can’t WAIT to see how I look and feel in 3 months/6 months, etc. I’m really curious to see what my dr. is going to say when I go in Jan for my routine bloodwork….. ;)

        Thank you again.

        • Dr. Davis

          Wonderful, Grace!

          You can see why I can’t shut up about this. It is truly transforming lives, relieving us of so many health conditions that were chronic, debilitating, leading to pain, disability, and plenty of drugs and even medical procedures . . . all to treat wheat consumption.

          If you feel so good after just 5 days, it will indeed get better and better, doing the OPPOSITE of standard advice to eat more “healthy whole grains.” Keep us updated!

  6. Grace

    Oh and a couple more comments – I was worried the food not taste good (I think of myself as something of a foodie ;) ) but I made the banana blueberry muffins and they were terrific. Also made the flax “wrap” (that one had me scared the most! lol), but it was delicious. As you say, this isn’t going to be nearly as hard as I had imagined. Looking forward to the recipe book in December. Do you have any recommendations for any recipe books already published by any chance? As a cook and cookbook collector, can’t have too many recipes! :D

    • Dr. Davis

      In addition to the recipes in the Wheat Belly book and on this blog (interspersed throughout), I like Maria Emmerich’s books. Also, take a look at the newly-released Practical Paleo by Diane Sanfilippo that, along with useful discussions, contains 120 recipes.

    • Dr. Davis

      As many other people before her, the author makes the fundamental mistake of regarding wheat as nothing more than a vehicle for gluten. It also allows her to make the pronouncement that she has no problems with gluten.

      The problem is not gluten and, as she rightly points out, modern commercial wheat is not genetically-modified. But she wrongly glosses over the changes introduced into wheat via hybridization and other “natural breeding methods.” Take a look, for instance, at what can pass as “hybridization” and “traditional breeding methods” here.

      Wheat is about gliadin, amylopectin A, wheat germ agglutinin, alpha amylase inhibitors, thioreductases, and countless other proteins that have undergone changes through the techniques used that pre-date genetic modification.

  7. JillOz

    Dr Davis,

    I got a couple of links to two websites whose operators posted unfavourable reviews of WB.
    I couldln’t post replies to the reviews of the book on their webpages because Im not registered with any of those linked commenting facilities, so here are my replies below.

    You’ll note I don’t take a rainbow-eyed view of you, , though frankly you’ve done for my health than these two!! ;)
    These are the sites:

    Here are my responses to the reviews. Notew i don’t comment on the throughness of your comments on the studies you cite, becasue that is not my area. My commenjts are also not as long and detailed as i could have made them, because it’s worked for me and I’m not part of a “movement” as i make mclear in one comment.
    Anywho, here they are:

    HI Peter,

    I notice you have not bothered to respond to the comments of Richard and Unknown.
    Afraid of disagreement?Or are you simply discourteous?

    Personally, I’ve read Wheat Belly, tried it and it is working for me.I don’t need to understand every single study Dr Davis quotes, and have by no means made a thorough investigation of every study he cites. Yet. So I’m glad you commented on those.

    What I do notice, however, is that in your review, you write this:
    “At the start of the very next paragraph, he invokes a familiar line nearly identical to that from Chapter 3: “If we focus only on overweight people who are not severely malnourished at the time of diagnosis, celiac sufferers actually lose a substantial quantity of weight when they eliminate wheat gluten.”
    ….Here is what researchers actually found, and I quote directly: “Of patients compliant with a gluten-free diet, 81 percent had gained weight after 2 years, including 82% of initially overweight patients” (emphasis mine). ”

    Davis talks about people who eliminated WHEAT gluten only. You elide this factor in your paragraph after the quote by mentioning patients who follow a GLUTEN-FREE diet, not those who eliminate “wheat
    gluten”. Had you bothered to read both that quote and Dr Davis’ comments about gluten-free diets more closely, you would have learned that he does not recommend most gluten-free foods because they are full of sugar and carbs and act on weight gain similarly to ingesting wheat-gluten-based foods by raising blood sugar to high levels.
    In other words, if you replace wheat foods with foods containing cornflour,m rice flour, sugar, maize starch, and many fruits and some vegetables eg potatoes, you will not lose weight because you will still ingest a lot of foods that cause your blood sugar to rise violently. This is of course especially dangerous for those diagnosed as diabetic.
    I am not part of a Wheat Belly “movement”. I seek information, medical and otherwise that benefits me, and if I feel it benefits other people I will pass it along. If it doesn’t suit them, fine.
    But if they reject it on the grounds of misunderstanding how it works because some dude with a tude has a movement to maintain, not fine. Not fine at all.
    Davis also makes the point that going off wheat and other blood-sugar raising foods will not cure all your ills.
    But it sure makes it easier to deal with the underlying medical issues.
    I look forward to seeing your comments to Richard and Unknown.”
    I distrust anyone who claims to not like a “solution” because it’s too “simple”. If a solution, or partial solution to a problem is propounded, then it either works or it doesn’t. Best way is to try it.What a kind of an answer is to sniff and say: “It’s too simple????”
    Nevertheless, I read your entire post and the comments following. very interesting indeed.
    I particularly enjoyed your comment that when you do eat wheat, you get some acne, thereby proving some of Dr Davis’ comments regarding acne and wheat. (see some of his blog posts re acne and wheat).

    You seem to be a follower of a theory pertaining to “opiate-withdrawal”. Your scientific analysis of the ER scenario notwithstanding, to people looking for a solution to an inflammation problem going off the wheat that has been altered from a four-foor stalk to a high-yield dwarf variety is easily doable and worth exploring and trying. This is something you haven’t mentioned.

    Just because something may be simple or straightforward does not make it worthy of contempt. Complexity is not a virtue by fiat.
    The operations of opiates on the body, diabetes etc and all the connections between various symptoms and effects within the body are complex. The cause -in many cases, the sole cause – does not have to be.”

    If I’ve misrepresented your Wheat Belly commenbts/ideas, please let me know. If I transmit something, it should be accurate.
    And if you find a way to comment on there, feel free to repost my respective comments!!!;)

  8. JillOz

    Dr Davis, one more point:
    in the evolutionary psychiatry blog, Emily says this:

    “But then Dr. Davis comes up with this sentence (and also states he has seen the withdrawal and “brain fog” from wheat in “thousands of people”then later “I’ve personally witnessed hundreds of people…”), which is incredibly jarring and ruins the credibility of the message: “Let’s pretend you’re an inner-city heroin addict. You get knifed during a drug deal gone sour and get carted to the nearest trauma emergency room. Because you’re high on heroin, you kick and scream at the ER staff trying to help you. So these nice people strap you down and inject you with a drug called naloxone, and you are instantly not high.”

    Naloxone (and it’s orally administered cousin, naltrexone), is an opiate blocker, or “opiate antagonist.” It will immediately knock opiates off the opiate receptor and put someone high on opiates into instant withdrawal. This is not only extremely unpleasant, it tends to make people very agitated, unhappy, and even violent. If you have to do it to save someone’s life, you do it. If someone is overdosing on opiates and loses the chemical signal to breathe, it will be lifesaving. If someone is alert and active and still high on heroin, injecting someone with naloxone would be a galactically stupid thing to do, particularly if you were just injured in a knife fight and needed some painkilling. Injecting someone with naloxone will mean that the strong painkillers will not work in someone who will have a high tolerance to hospital painkillers.

    Any emergency room physician, nurse, or doctor with a shred of ER experiecne will read that sentence in “Wheat Belly” and go, “huh? What is this guy talking about, and is he galactically stupid?”

    Honestly, I think it is a throwaway line that was carelessly written and carelessly published.”

    She is right to comment on this if it does contain a mistake.She is so fixated on the detail in one angy, however, that she can’t be bothered reading the book with a “fine-tooth comb” to actually understand what you’re talking about. That’s laziness.
    I don’t object to her pointing out what may be an error. This what revieweing book is about. I’m not up with the whole opiates issue so I can’t comment. You”ll have to check this out.
    However, I do object to her judging the worthiness of your entire thesis based only on one or two of these sorts of examples, which makes her an inefficient book reviewer.

    However, if this detail is wrong, it does behove you to fix it, because it would make the book better.

    Do read the whole book review though – it’s good to know the sorts of issues people have with it, even if many of them come from not reading it properly.

    • Dr. Davis

      It’s actually not wrong, Jill.

      I don’t know what planet she practices medicine on, but naloxone is commonly administered to reverse opiates of all kinds. It is widely dispensed in emergency rooms. Having worked in at least a dozen emergency rooms over the years, including inner city varieties where drug addicts are an everyday experience, naloxone is dispensed like candy.

      I don’t like throwing out nasty comments with people who disagree with what I wrote, but this hardly qualifies as a criticism of the basic arguments of Wheat Belly. I can only believe she is a publicity parasite who hopes to ride the wave of enthusiasm for this message.

  9. JillOz

    The comments on both blogs regarding WB show very clearly that many people simply do not pay 100% to a book they read!!”

    • chuinkations

      Its a bloke who has a son who has a gluten allergy and then he doesnt like it when he realises how many of his favourite snackies contain that gluten.
      They have a guy come in to take away the foods and he says dramatically ‘Gluten is killing America!’ which will make the majority of people associate avoiding gluten with being crazy.

  10. Steve & Kate Cook

    Dear Dr. Davis ~ My husband read your book first and I am halfway through as of today. We started the gluten free/wheat free diet at least 7 days ago and we both feel so much better. My husband has horrible allergies and he feels those are getting better. I’ve had two weird discomforts for months on end. One is a pain in my right shoulder that I mainly noticed when I laid down in bed. It almost felt like I’d pulled a tendon or muscle or.. I imagined it was arthritic and as of somewhere this week the pain is gone. Also on the ball of my right foot.. It would always numb up and throb when I was laying in bed at night.. this has been going on for months on end.. every single night!!! That has gone away!
    We are traveling in a motor home right now so the downside is not having enough room in our fridge to store more green’s. But we’re working through that. I can’t wait until we get home the middle of Oct. so I’ll have my larger kitchen to get cracking with more yummy meals.
    Oh.. and the best part is my “wheat belly” is going down. I’ve had that little pooch for years.. not horribly.. but enough to be called a “wheat belly”!! I see a marked difference each day.. is that even possible?? The weight is going down too.. slowly..
    Anyway each day it’s exciting to wake up and start the new day on a wheat less diet!
    This is extremely exciting !! It’s almost fun!
    Thank you for this amazing information.

    • Dr. Davis

      Hi, Steve and Kate–

      Yes, the answer for so many health struggles is really SO simple . . . but contrary to what the world tells you!

      I regard these “surface” manifestations, like shoulder pain and heel pain, as representative of deep-down disruptions in health that, like the pain, recede and health improves dramatically.

      Keep it going!

      • Steve & Kate Cook

        Not sure if this is a question you can answer or not Dr. Davis. But does the nutritional world, medical world out there know about any of this? About 3+ years ago we went through a cancer cooking class and became vegans (which makes this transition off of wheat not so difficult). We did change back to eating turkey and cheeses.. but NO red meats or fish anymore. But what we learned about foods was mind boggling ! Made you wonder why more didn’t know about this.. Or why wasn’t it talked about on tv like how great Cherrios are for you.. (I really know the answer to that!!)..
        I really do understand the dynamics of why us, the buying public are in the dark but is it only by word of mouth that we change this information reaching the public? Now maybe you’ve covered this in your book and of course I’m only halfway through to present.. but what can we do ?? I’ve certainly told everyone I know on Fb by posting about your book.. and I’ve told friends and family in emails.. I guess being the “newbe” in this I’m on a band wagon and wanna know how to get other’s in that wagon with me.. Are there going to be classes on this? Like there are in the Food for Life Cooking classes? And I apologize if you’ve covered any of this in your blog!!

        • Dr. Davis

          They are now!

          That’s the crime here: This HAS been know, some of it for 25-30 years, but rather than educating everyone, it was used for . . . increased revenues.

          No, Cheer— are NOT heart healthy. They cause heart disease, cataracts, diabetes, hypertension, and arthritis. This is yet another scam in nutrition.

          We are indeed planning education classes starting in New York, to spread to the rest of the country over time. We’re working on it!

  11. Steve & Kate Cook

    Ok, I see this post might be under my last post.. and they’re hours apart.. Yikes.. ! It feels like I’m tapping on your shoulder constantly…. “Oh Dr. Davis..”… Sorry!!!

    I just read an older post from a Barb in the is it ok to eat Quinoa…Which was starting to become a staple for us over the past few months.. (whoops!). But you mention to NEVER use Agave for a sweetener.. (here comes another whoops).. I’d been using it in my coffee for about a year now..

    Can you and if you’re too busy and wanna just refer me somewhere…go for it.. tell me why Agave is so bad for us?? I see a trash can in my Agave’s future!!! Just wanna understand why..

    Bought your book for my sister today.. it’s on it’s way soon to her doorstep..She wanted to barrow mine when we arrived back from our motor home trip but truth be known.. I don’t think I’m willing to part with it ! Thank you… The pest..

    • Dr. Davis

      For a variety of reasons, Steven and Kate, including extravagant glycation and distortions of postprandial lipoproteins.

      See this paper if you are interested in reading some of the science that demonstrate just how bad fructose is. Agave is 90% fructose–REALLY bad.

  12. Neicee

    Kate, not only will you drop kick the quinoa into the trash but the agave as well. With quinoa we were all sold a bill of goods via the media and marketing firms. I have a huge bag of it and simply can find no takers. It’s a shame too. The natives that have eaten this product for centuries in their native homes are now having to convert to western diets because it’s so hot in the celiac and gluten intolerant groups. They market it as a complete protein, well, so are beans and a host of other things that spike our insulin through the roof. Never used agave for the same reason. It’s like mainlining sugar from what I’ve read.

    Guys, please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong. It’s been a while since I had to look those items up.

  13. Steve & Kate Cook

    Ok, and Neicee, you’re welcome to reply if you want … Then what is a good sweetener to use? I’m reading so much lately I’m getting confused as to where my sources are but I do believe I’ve already read in the book about Agave and Honey.. we were using Honey too for years.. Or, should I give up coffee altogether, again!!?? I drink one cup a day.. and not cause I feel I need caffeine.. but love something warm and sweet in the mornings..
    I also looked up a cookbook that Dr. Davis referred someone too by an Elana Amsterdam and how she says to use the Agave.. I ordered her book and will beware!! (Amazon is really lovin me!!)
    And this requires no answer but I was watching the news this morning and they were showing a family who’s house was given a makeover because of being partly destroyed in hurricane Irene?? Anyway, the husband had to retire from the armed forces because of rheumatoid arthritis.. I jerked my head around and wanted to find out who is is so I could tell him to GET OFF THE WHEAT and see how you feel!!!!
    I’m so excited about all of this knowledge that I want to do something so bad to “get it out there”..
    Ugh!! Well, it’s great to find this blog.. Thanks Neicee for your input. And tell me who you are.. You seem to be quite knowledgable… And P.S. Of the Steve and Kate.. this is Kate doing all of the blogging.. I, shall we say “read out loud” all of the posts to Steve..

    • Neicee

      Good wheat free morning Kate. I’m not that knowledgeable, but have had to deal with being told some years ago that I had IBS. Pills did nothing so the doctor just said to stop eating wheat and see what happened. It cost nothing to try. Headaches, aches/pains, bloated tummy, always having to know where the nearest lady’s room was located all went away. But, like most people, without knowing the why you slip back to an occasional piece of bread, or dessert and have to deal with that. So started reading. Gary Taubes ‘Why We Get Fat And What To Do About It’ got my attention, then his friend, Dr. Peter Attia, then the blog marksdailyapple filled in some blanks (and a few other sites) then Wheat Belly. Simple to read and understand and most importantly, it makes sense.

      Actually, I wish I could grab your enthusiasm and shower my close friends and family with it. Some are either just being obstinate or really don’t care how they feel. One is a Type 2 and pounds down outrageous amounts of wheat products and then takes his meds. Also, has a belly that looks like he’s ready to deliver a litter. So, welcome and I think you’re a breath of fresh air. We’re all on this journey together and these are some of the best supporters you’re going to find on the net…… :)

      • Steve & Kate Cook

        Well, what fun to find a new friend!!
        I am in South Carolina until the end of next month.(From Yuma, AZ), visiting my daughter who just gave birth to her second child. Then while we’re here we hear about “Wheat Belly” on T.V.!! So Steve wanted to order it (thank gawd!!). Never dreamed my life would change this much while on this summer jaunt across the U.S.!! So you talking about your friends and family and wishing they’d jump on this new way of eating and LIVING.. key word: Living.. is as frustrating to me too. My daughter had her husband run to the local Publix Market here the other day to buy a well known wheat bread..!! Ah, and it was two for one day.. so my son in law walked in with 8 loafs of WHEAT bread!! Tell me I didn’t gasp (to my self of course).. They know what we’re doing.. and they may come around someday.. but I know the only thing that may bring em in (I’m thinking trapping them but….) is to just be an example!
        I am on Fb so I’ve begun my band wagon on that.. a video here, a video there.. a fact here, a fact there.. I’ve had one gal order Dr. Davis’s book and one of my daughter’s friends told me today she’s been interested in some of my posts.. (see.. I’m sneaky.. )!! And I know I have so much more to learn myself.
        It’s nice to meet you.. and I will admit I love making new friends to a fault. I even tried to find you on Fb (Facebook) and what.. by just a first name.. am I nuts!!! No, just enjoy new friends.
        I am very excited with this new chance of living healthy.. Each day I wake up in this gluten free life, is just as exciting as the first.

        • Neicee

          Kate, I’m not on Facebook…the one thing my husband has asked me not to do in life. Claims he’d never see me. Anywhoo, I failed to answer your questions about sweeteners. I bought the liquid stuvia/stevia off Amazon, and it shipped with another copy of Wheat Belly. I keep giving them away and Amazon loves me too. Others have claimed they find it has a bitter aftertaste but I haven’t noticed that.

          Advice for relatives has to be sneaky. The only one I completely failed with convincing was my sister. By the time I got the book she already had terminal cancer. My daughter is celiac, I’m simply gluten intolerant. She’s improved 100% and down to a size 2 petite. The others know they should but make every excuse to not give it up. Have a safe trip back to Yuma.
          P.S. – you can buy shoes/clothes off Amazon too. After hacking my husband’s Ebay account more boxes have been showing from them as well.

          • Neicee,

            Well, I can see you’re a bit goofy (I can tell by the way you write.. and I love it!!)…
            And in a serious emotion I’d like to say I’m sorry to hear about your sister.. My sister will receive the book on Friday and she’s delt with borderline diabetes for a long time now and is, I believe, dealing with the wheat belly too.. as I have been.
            And your husband is probably right about Fb! I am on it a lot but for two reasons.. all the gals who live on my block and I have our own private page so we chat daily.. we’re all so very close.. and we did have a business where we live so I’d created a page for that.. We had to close the business.. long story..
            Thank you for the information Stuiva.. I’d heard of it..and actually I think I bought packets of it… have it somewhere in here.. I think.. but I will use that as an excuse to visit amazon for sure!!!! I have deliveries on the way even as I type from Amazon.. whoops!!
            I’m on the last chapter of the book.. and am going to compile some information Dr. “D” has provide as to what to eat and what NOT to eat.. just need a cheat sheet for awhile to carry in my purse. The Agave has been put to rest.. And how could I even justify giving it to a loved one!!?? And all of this other food we have in here.. !!! Perhaps a food bank but even that feels like you’re handing other’s a loaded gun!!??
            Have you found a good recipe for a bread? I’ve been leaning towards one with almond flour? I think there’s a recipe in the latest cook book I have on the way …
            Take care.. Kate

  14. Tony on Long Island

    18 days wheat free and 7 lbs lighter . It doesn’t get much better ? Yes it does , arthritic pain negated , energy level high and I have not had a tums since .Only 53 more lbs to go before I’m satisfied and well into my new lifestyle. Favorite dinner so far homemade chicken cacciatore on a bed of spaghetti squash .
    Thanks to Dr. Davis

  15. Liexi on Long Island


    Congratulations on the weight loss! While you’re busy eliminating the “junk” in your diet, please do not consume peanuts, mushrooms, sugar, artificial sweetener, corn, red wine, dented fruits, aged cheese and anything else that causes the fungus in your body to multiply. There are more… Take it slowly for its difficult to remove all these things at once. People have been fooled to believe that peanuts are healthy–quite the contrary. Do a Google search on mycotoxins and read all about it…. Good luck!

    Chef Lexi

  16. Neicee

    Dr. Davis, got a bug imbedded in a dish at a restaurant the other day (it’s formal name is wheat). So, today spent some time reviewing your articles on ‘celiacs disease’ and ‘gluten intolerance’ – trying to figure out if I am really only intolerant? Something jived so I binged and googled a couple of things, but the number of articles addressing the issues floored me. As I’ve written here, I spent years dealing with bone loss/loss of back molars/gums receding and general poor dental health. But, then, I remembered my mother saying I had completely refused to drink milk as a child…..so she pushed the cereals and toasts at me. When my dental problems surfaced I did ask several dental specialists if osteoporosis could start first in the mouth? They acted like I was a total moron. Well, even http://www.celiacs.com has several articles about both celiacs and gluten intolerance involving various problems with teeth and oral health – all attributed to consumption of wheat. I got over 107 million hits on various sites. Can it possibly be that since I was born to a family and turned out to be 4′ 11″ and remained very small boned, etc., that that could have been the problem started as a baby? Wow. If true, I have even more problems with some of the doctors and dentists I’ve supported financially all these years. I swore one time I’d paid for the dentist’s wife’s new Lexus.

    • Dr. Davis

      Yes, it could indeed, Neicee.

      Your solution: Accept that the lesson was learned late with your mind intact . . . but don’t let it happen to other people, regardless of the ignorance or intransigence of health “professionals.”

  17. Boundless

    Meanwhile, the drug industry sees celiac and gluten-sensitivity as some unfortunate but perfectly natural “diseases”, that, of course, need a new drug treatment.

    Computational Design of an α-Gliadin Peptidase
    they report “use of computational protein design tools to reengineer its specificity toward immunogenic elements found in gluten …”.

    Here’s a simpler solution: stop eating completely optional toxins that require novel antidotes.
    Oops. Do you have an antidote for that antidote?

    • Dr. Davis

      It truly is incredible, isn’t it?

      As you know, there is no amount of genetic manipulation that is possible to fully disable all the negative aspects of wheat. Why not just stop eating it?