Fatty Patty

Wheat Belly Facebook page Friend, Susanlyn, came up with this irreverent gem of poetry:

Fatty Patty
ate her wheat.
Fatty Patty
blood too sweet!

Fatty Patty
belly was huge,
Fatty Patty
crapped like a luge!

Fatty Patty
had arthritis,
Fatty Patty
got pancreatitis!

Fatty Patty
found Dr. Davis,
Fatty Patty
read that he saved us.

She stopped eating wheat
She started feeling neat.
Her gut disappeared,
Her butt also healed!

Fatty no more,
Patty stopped feeling poor!
Patty now sees,
Wheat caused disease!

Just a bit of fun.

It reminds me of the fun we had with James Winningham’s Wheat Belly Blues









And remember our Bread Art?
















We’ve been through a lot, you and I, over this past year since Wheat Belly made its debut. It’s been controversial, it’s been contentious, it’s been nasty, it’s been educational . . . and it has been fun. Let’s continue to have some fun along with learning why wheat has been poisoning us as a nation, and why saying good riddance to it is liberating and enlightening!

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Comments & Feedback...

    • Rong

      She kind of goes off the rails with the last paragraph. She wishes Dr. Davis would talk about the older wheats and how they are better. Well, there is a whole chapter on the subject. Also, regardless of the type of wheat or grain for that matter, they all raise blood sugar too far and too fast for people who can “tolerate wheat” and those who can’t. I believe that those who “tolerate wheat” are just not showing outward symptoms but the dirty work is going on inside non-the-less. There is simply no good reason to consume this “food” short of dying of starvation. It gives us nothing good that we can’t get elsewhere.

  1. Mama Kass

    Happy Birthday Dr. Davis ! I started my wheat belly journey the day last year that you appeared on Fox & Friends and I haven’t turned back. It is just who I am now. Thank you again for watching out for everyone.

  2. Doc.
    i know from reading your book wheat bellies, that wheat triggers glycation, and is probably the reason for a lot of inflamation and other disorders in the body of us humans. There are a host of other foods that are void of nutrition that are in the junk food catagory, that puts on weight and adds to a host of problems within the human system. Doc is non nutritional food, be they junk foods or regular food that are empty of nutrition, do they contain opates, like wheat or is there something else that triggers eating disorders? Also once the glycation damage is done, there is no reversal of the damage, example, kidney disease, heart, lungs, catracts, etc, any ways doc you get my drift. GMO foods is something that the scientific community has no way of knowing what damage this does to the human DNA. Doc is if were not for people like yourself that has taken this upon himself to educate the public about the damage of grains espically wheat, we all would be still eating grain related foods. Doc, we owe you a great deal of gratitude, keep up the good work.


    • Dr. Davis

      The movement marches forward, Alice!

      Yes, a baby step forward towards worldwide wheatlessness!

  3. Doc.
    this article in part comes from the Weston Price foundation, could you comment and let celiacs and gluten sensitive people know if any of the processes of this ancient grain made into sour dough and sprouted grains will not trigger opiate effect that Gmo foods or grains do.
    My only reservation about Wheat Belly is that it fails to acknowledge the fact that many people do tolerate wheat bread without problems if it is eaten with plenty of butter and properly prepared the WAPF way, and this is especially likely to be true if the wheat comes from a traditional non-hybrid form such as spelt. Ancient wheat forms of emmer, einkorn and spelt have been a part of the human diet for generations. Our ancestors prepared these grains through soaking, sprouting and souring to neutralize the anti-nutrients in the seed. Although emmer and einkorn are not readily available at present, some small farmers are interested in re-establishing these grains. Spelt can be purchased at the market. This wheat variety was not hybridized to the extent of modern wheat bread flour, contains more protein and fat, and lends itself well to the sourdough process. Preliminary studies show that celiac patients tend to tolerate sour dough breads prepared from spelt in the traditional way.

    For more information on traditional wheat, souring and sour dough bread, and celiac disease, see http://www.westonaprice.org/digestive-disorders/against-the-grain and http://www.realsourdoughbreadrecipe.com.

    • Dr. Davis

      The problem is, Steve, by “tolerate,” you likely mean lack of perceived gastrointestinal effects.

      What about mind effects from the gliadin protein? Or how about direct intestinal destruction, perceived or not, of wheat germ agglutinin? Or the blood sugar raising effect of amylopectin A? Or the allergic effects of unique and new alpha amylase inhibitors? Or how about the anaphylactic potential of unique omega gliadins?

      In other words, the lack of perceived gastrointestinal effects may only be only be a small aspect of a much bigger story.

      • wrotek

        Dr Davis do we know that other grains are safer then ? What if they too contains similar toxic components ?

    • Lisa

      I’d just like to add that there are so many effects on the body because of ingestion of wheat that we don’t even realize until we stop eating it.
      It may look like we’re tolerating it – I ate it for years and didn’t realize that so many of my health problems were caused from it.
      My thyroid started dying 10 years ago. I didn’t know it was from wheat. The sores on my arms, the hives, the IBS, arthritis – all seemed like separate issues but they were all from wheat. Just because I didn’t have celiac disease didn’t mean I could tolerate wheat.

      • PJ

        Oh, yes, Lisa! All that and more! It’s amazing how all these symptoms, and more, went away when the wheat (and hidden wheat derivatives in foods) went away. Some went away almost immediately (within days) some took a little longer. But they ALL went away! I had symptoms I hadn’t even realized I had that were related to wheat consumption; like cellulite, scraggly eyelashes, rough cuticles and such. Little things, annoying things but I’m so happy they disappeared. Woo Hoo! Life is good!

        • JoAnne

          Wrotek – Lisa & PJ have experienced health conditions that resolved with the elimination of wheat & I did too. I thought my health problems were because I was getting older. It wasn’t until I stopped eating wheat that I realized it was the wheat causing all my health problems. My acid reflux, cellulite, ataxia, joint/muscle stiffness, bumpy ‘winter’ skin, all cleared up. My blood pressure went down, and I lost weight too. My eyesight improved; the double-vision & shadows when driving at night are gone. I regained full range of motion in an arm that previously was so bad that when brushing my teeth, I had to prop up my arm with my other hand in order to brush!

  4. Doc,
    My applogies for all the questions and badgering, but does the acient grains and the sprouted grains, slow down the raise of blood sugar? At least you have addressed the blood sugar abnomalities in grains, but are there other consequences of consumning these grains from a health prospective? Or am i missing something here Doc!

    • Dr. Davis

      I live in the Badger State, after all, Steve!

      Sprouted grains: a trivial improvement. Ancient grains: probably, but we have insufficient experience in a broad population to know.

      How many people do you know who consume emmer wheat, for instance? This experience will develop over time and more people ask similar questions.

  5. Ulli

    That’s a neat little poem! But I assume it is the butt that disappeared and the gut that healed? :-)

  6. Neicee

    I still love “Wheat Belly Blues” and glad you reposted it. Cute poem and congrats to you on helping so many navigate the minefields of eating.

  7. It’s already been a year?
    Time flies when you’re battling wheat!
    I remember the bread art, that’s why I love your blog. You mix science with humor.

    Onward to year 2…….

  8. Uncle Roscoe

    Dr. Davis,
    I’ve heard that the real problem with wheat is the combination of looking at it and eating it. Wouldn’t it be okay if we just eat it with our eyes shut?

    • Uncle Roscoe,

      Looking at it?

      The smell of fresh baked breads drives me nuts–but my educated mind, thanks to Wheat Belly, has taken that memory or “trigger,” as a danger sign!

      It is an art and science, to turn man made toxins into visual and edible art!

      When I first went off wheat, and I was going through withdrawls, I went past a bakery section at a store–and it was tourture! The smell–AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHGGGGGGGGGGhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

      Sight is not such a problem . . .

      Not a problem, now, been clean since 1 Mar. 2012–but, those memories–especially the smell!

      Sight, Smell–Wheat and Wheat products does not play fair.

      Roger, OHIO

      • P.S. Lost my “rack,” look more like a man, now.

        No fear of giving Dolly Parton a run for the money, even in her prime!

        Roger, OHIO

  9. Doc,
    You are probably right, who knows the full implication of ingesting wheat. Being wheat free, seems to have profound benefits with most individuals. Doc, one thing, my appetite has increased, from low to high, when eating fruits, vegies, meats, cheese, but no grains except groung flax seed. It dosen’t make sense, why my appetite would increase instead of decreasing with the fats and proteins in meats and seeds and nuts. One other thing i have notice is my energy level is up and down, l still don’t have a handle on that. My mind energy say one thing my body says another. i have been wheat free, to the best of my ability for about two months. I suppose the change over from wheat glucose energy to fat intake energy my take longer than l think. My system has been damaged, example, eyes, prostate, immune system border line diabeties. I need some time for healing and adjustment of wheatlessness. Doc forgive my blathering on, you probably get sick and tired of ime whinnig and going on, i know i would.

  10. PJ

    Lindsey, when I read that “study” my head almost exploded! That bozo, Spence, has the nerve to call himself a scientist. SHAME ON HIM! What an idiot!

  11. chickadee

    That was an observational study by men with thick interests in statin companies is what I found out in my research.
    Any grains, ancient or otherwise ride my BG up and put me on a slippery slope, when I am grain free I can get off insulin, when I eat grains and fruits i need insulin.
    Steve try going without fruit, it is high in fructose, worse thing for you next to wheat and your appetite will decrease as not getting sugar bounces and wont stimulate the appetite. As well, it will give you more energy.

  12. Donna Poirier Connerty

    Good Morning Dr. Davis,
    I searched your blog but didn’t see anything specific to alcohol ~ specifically, I love my seabreeze beverage which is vodka, soda water, and cranberry juice. The vodka is Smirnoff which is wheat/gluten free and I have no problem cutting out the cranberry juice if I need to. What do you think? What is alsohol doing to my body? Besides making me funnier, sexier, and smarter :)
    In moderation okay?

    Thanks Doc!

    • Donna Poirier Connerty

      Note; a true seabreeze is vodka, grapefruit, and cranberry juice. I cut out the grapefruit.

    • Neicee

      Donna, I grew up near the California coast with it’s lovely wineries. I could no more give up a couple of glasses of wine a day than learn to fly without wings. It did not seem to impair my weight loss at all. I can only tolerate a glass of red wine without the resulting headache, so I have a glass of red and perhaps one of very dry white. The sweeter the wine the worst it is for your head. But, I’ve not forbidden myself from enjoying it – it is classified as a food afterall. ;)

      Dr. Davis will have to be the last line on your beverage of choice. I only drink wine, unless it’s Tito’s vodka made in Texas (claimed to be completely gluten free). Yea, alcohol makes us all into stars when consumed.