Wheat can kill worms

Alright, alright: I hate to do it. But occasionally I have to admit that wheat can have its good side, truly beneficial effects. There aren’t many, but there are a few. Since the Wheat Lobby refuses to see that there are two sides to every argument, surely we can be better!

Besides containing fiber and B vitamins like folate (if fortified), wheat also serves as a very nice cat litter. But there’s another useful effect of wheat: It inhibits the reproduction of intestinal worms.

Recall that there is something in wheat called wheat germ agglutinin, a protein of the lectin class that causes direct intestinal damage to mammals or rodents who consume it, oddly disables the normal intestinal barriers to foreign substances and thereby allowing the byproducts of bacteria, for instance, to enter the bloodstream, and is toxic to some agricultural pests. The last reason explains why, for instance, the gene for wheat germ agglutinin has been engineered into some strains of corn to fight off invading pests, such as the European corn borer.

Add yet another item to the proud list of health benefits of wheat. Nematode larvae, such as that of Trichostrongylus colubriformis shown in the diagram (courtesy Centers for Disease Control), eat less worm food in the presence of wheat germ agglutinin. One such study can be found here. Wheat-consuming sheep, cows, or humans who harbor such nematode infestations in the intestinal tract thereby enjoy lower potential for rapidly growing worms to impact health when the poison wheat germ agglutinin is in the vicinity.

So wheat can have benefits to humans, after all! If you choose to have that nice poppy seed bagel or cinnamon bun, for instance, rest assured that the nematodes that might be happily dwelling somewhere north of your appendix will not be enjoying dinner tonight.

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  1. JillOz

    Dr D, if we’re not eating wheat, what can we eat that will prevent intestinal worms?
    Offhand I can think of onions, garlic and chili as deterrents.
    Any others you can suggest?

  2. JillOz

    Why has my response containing a link to an article regarding diet linked to depression not appeared here?
    Have posted it twice!

  3. Mrs. Ratfire

    There are holistic tablets & intestinal cleanses that you can take for a month to clear you of worms. I did this some years ago, I am sure if you google for this info, you will find a TON of herbal remedies to kill worms, just read the labels for sugar and starch as they are in so many of these compounds.
    Here is the bright side, worms are low carb!
    I wanted to make a mention on food cravings. I started the regime about 3 weeks ago. I felt better almost everyday, but as I enter week 3, I am not even the same person anymore. My brain is MUCH more alert, it is like a fog has lifted. I tighten up every week on the sugar and hidden starch. Every day, it actually gets easier. In week one, I was eating Snicker Bars and even some potato chips. In week two, I blew that off with NO ISSUE. I allowed the candy bars in week one as I wanted to make this work and I did not think I could give up rice, potatoes, bread, pasta and sugar all at once. So I stepped it. And it worked.
    Today my husband brought home his usual chips, candy bars, bread. I looked at it and couldn’t care less. It is not even crossing my mind, no suffering! If you feel like you want this starch, remember this. Starch is tasteless by itself. You always use it as a mere conduit for other foods, the bread is a conveyor belt for the sandwich, but a plain piece of bread with nothing on it ? Pretty tasteless. We have all eaten it plain, but was that the meal you would consider to be the best ever? Doubt it. Noodles plain with NOTHING on them? Again, they are a conveyor belt for sauces, butter, oils vegetables, meat…….which anything you could have put on pasta with the exception of bread crumbs in the meatballs, you can still eat. When is the last time you ate a PLAIN potato with NOTHING on it? They are bland. But the better, sour cream, salt & pepper, cheese, scallions……anything you would put on your potato conveyor you can still eat. Get cooking….you are only eliminating the most BORING, tasteless items in your diet.
    I had lost the ability to close my fists due to a muscle issue and inflamed joints, I had lost much of my mobility and suffered extreme fatigue. I can now close one fist entirely and the other can almost close! Wheat free is clearly addressing my inflamed joints and my energy is INCREASING. I am starting to re-gain my will to live. I am bi-polar and still on medications, but I am MUCH BETTER. I have a FOD (Fatty Oxidation Disorder) which causes severe symptoms. For me, it is severe fatigue and in human muscle spasms that can make me scream in pain. I am MUCH BETTER. I can’t find the words to express my gratitude and hope that this really will help me. FOD’s can be mild for some or severe, they can cause retardation and are by many considered a form of MD. I am not cured of this, but I am moving more, for me, this is a miracle. I feared that as I aged, I would end up in a wheel chair, as many FOD’s do. I could never have faced that. Maybe this will be the turn around I need. It certainly feels that way.
    So my words of advice are just keep at it. The difference from the first week until now are dramatic. And yes, I am dropping weight and inches.
    Keep posting, it encourages everyone to hear form members as well as Dr. Davis.

    With My Thanks,
    Mrs. Ratfire

    • I approached this way of eating the same way. On Memorial Day I gave up wheat and grains. On July 4th I gave up sugar.
      It really is amazing how different I feel, no 3pm energy slumps and most of my carb cravings are gone. I can be in a Starbucks for my morning coffee and not even look at the pastry case! Sometimes I still can’t believe it!

    • JillOz

      Now that you mention it, Mrs R, I do recall some cleanses my naturopath put me on years ago, involving a herbal tincture of three ingredients: wormwood, clove and black walnut.

      Very effective too!

      Thanks for reminding me – it was so long ago it had completely slipped my mind.

      • JillOz

        As I recall, this cleanse is not at all expensive – anywhere from $12 to $25 for a week’s dose, which is how long the cleanse lasts.

  4. Becalope

    These infections and their concurrent illnesses are much much more common in TROPICAL climates and the DEVELOPING world. Ascariasis, the most common, is found among CHILDREN in those situations; it’s carried by human feces so WASH your HANDS! :D Trichuris trichiura, or whipworm, is an issue in tropical climes, particularly Asia, but also South America and Africa. Again. Wash your hands. Hookworm, found mostly in Africa and Asia but also among agricultural workers, would have a similar prevention, wash your hands AND your produce. For the United States, Enterobius vermicularis, a small nematode, is a common cause of helminthic infestation–also known as “pinworms” –is common among U.S. schoolchildren and can be spread person to person. Wash your hands, clean your toilet daily, change bed linens once a week, wash produce. I could go on, but the short course is: hygiene is your best course of action, and be careful when you travel to the developing world. (I do, and I am.)

  5. Graham

    Dr Davis, sorry to hijack this thread but I would be very obliged if you would consider giving us some specific advice about Omega 3/6. A lot of your recipes contain almonds but if this site is correct they are to be eaten in moderation, you will see there is also some criticism of walnuts. There is so much conflicting information flying around that it is hard to know what to believe.

  6. Karen Robel

    So I am left feeling a little confused. I am totally sold on this plan and have had success with it. Is Dr. Davis saying go ahead and eat some wheat for the worm killing effects?

    • He is essentially saying there are two sides to a coin. In this case, there is a minor positive aspect of eating wheat. But with anything, you must weight the positives and negatives. By far, the negatives of wheat ingestion takes the cake easily.

      For instance, I can state that smoking a cigarette every-so-often has a benefit of increased aerobic respiration. It sends your brain oxygen (temporarily) at a rapid rate. However, long-term or even moderate smoking of tobacco products has been proven to be disastrous to your health.


    • John Davies

      Well, I don’t plan on eating any wheat since I don’t have worms in my intestine to kill. But in the unlikely event that I do get worms then I’ll decide whether to start eating wheat or come up with another plan.

  7. wrotek

    Are there any methods that can be used, to know whether food is inflammatory ?
    Rapidly occurring symptoms that can be noticed, after eating ?

    • Roger


      I heard a Natrual-Based Chiropractor and student/developer of natrual products (over 30 years of experience) tell a caller, that rapid heart/pulse is an indicator of senitivity to toxins. I have found this true–but, with an evil twist–I get immediate head-aches.

      I have learned the hard way, not to comsume Genetic Modified Toxins–to include Table (beet/cain) and artificial sugars (especially Aspartame). No grains, period!

      Of all, I am most sensitive to Genetic Modified Wheat.

      Dr. Davis may respond, as he is more authoritative than I. There are N.D.’s (Natural Doctors) that are just as Skilled as the Chiropractor I listen to, as he quotes and reccomends them.

      With the exception of Dr. Davis, M.D.s, that think out side the Medical Model Box (just what they have been taught) are few and far inbetween, but, some M.D.s are rebelling aganst excessive drugs, and surgery (star components of the Medical Model), and are, even now, considering dieatary and supplementary solutions.

      Hope this helps,

      Roger, OHIO

      • wrotek

        Interesting…What about diarrhea to coffee, but not to tea or other caffeine source ? Does it mean coffee is inflammatory on intestines ?

        • Hillary

          For some people, coffee is a powerful laxative. I don’t think it’s the caffeine since black tea doesn’t usually have that effect. But it’s a good question – is coffee inflammatory?

  8. Amy A

    Wrotek, the web site nutritiondata.com has a lot of info. about lots of different foods. It has nutrition info., glycemic load, and also gives an inflammation rating so you can gauge if a food item is inflammatory or anti-inflammatory and by how much. I hope this helps!

      • Amy A

        Wrotec, if you go to the web site and click on “about” at the bottom, it says that the information in Nutrition Data’s database comes from the USDA’s National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference and is supplemented by listings provided by restaurants and food manufacturers.

        It goes on to provide more info. than above, but this will give you an idea or you can just check out the web site.

  9. Deanna

    Dr. Davis, I finally got all my thyroid tests done…a bit of a battle with my doc, but I persevered!
    TSH = 0.80
    Free T4 = 1.3
    Free T3 = 2.8
    Reverse T3 = 36
    I’ve been on Synthroid for several years. Any suggestions?

    • Dr. Davis

      Yup, K: Wheat is indeed a poison.

      So poisonous that it kills these critters, as well as humans, just much more slowly.

  10. Roger

    I have posted this before, and it seems that it is more fitting on this Post,

    For years I have had Ant problems, until I read a book, on Aspartame. The book suggested that I use Aspartame, to kill Ants–as it is a nerve poision to humans. I mixed some with warm water, put some honey in it, to fool the Ants (as they did not like the smell of the water/Aspartame)–and what my wife and I saw, shocked us. I wanted rid of the Ants–but I did not expect this–

    Ants sat up, begged, lost fear (if the bottle caps ran out of poision) drank and dropped dead, in the bottle caps filled with Aspartame. Some Ants got lost, and kept running into things, until they died. Some Ants climed walls, moved in circles, and dropped dead. Other Ants took seizures, and died.

    Years ago, I consumed a regular-sized can of pop, with Aspartame. I immediatly got a head-ache, keeled over, as it punced in the stomach–and vowed never to allow my self this stuff, ever again. Just the nausea-effect, alone, lasted for hours. Since, I have collected data, studies, books etc. on Aspartame, Genetic Modified (you name it) and it was the end of Feb. 2012, that I learned of Wheat. Almost losing my body and mind, to Genetic Modified Wheat, did not have to happen. I am thankful for the sale of Dr. Davis’ book, and this site, that has had over a 1 Million Hits–but there is a whole world of people that suffer, because of Genetic Modifieds (foods), cheif among the pack of Man-Made-Poisions–WHEAT.

    Thanks to Dr. Davis, I do not have to remain an ignorant, involuntary Lab Rat.

    I wonder when some Govt. agency will consider a 5lb. sack of Genetic Modified Wheat, the bio-terror weapon that it is? I wonder if there will be a day, when all types of Mental and Physical Health Care Professionals, will look at the evidence about Genetic Modified Wheat, and other toxins, even if, to do so, means they have to look beyond their Politically Correct [read establishment] Text Books?

    I am thankful for all the Govt. and Expert Studies, all the Govt. and Expert Studies, that Parrorts Govt. and Expert Studies, and, especially my thanks goes out to the FDA–that has let these toxins into our food system, and has given them the blessing/ordination to be comsumed by Humans and Animals. May all involved, roast in Hell–or, at least, have a dough nut.

    Roger, OHIO.

    • Dr. Davis

      Ha, excellent point, Roger: If we want to get back at Al Quaeda, just sell them all the bread, rolls, and pasta they can eat.

      They will soon be disabled by joint pain, insatiable hunger, diabetes, and nervous system dysfunction. And they’ll think that we are doing them a favor!

      • Roger

        I, indeed, hate Terrorist, but to sell Terrorsts Wheat Products, I would consider a form of cruel and unusual punishment, is the death is slow, and torturesome, as I recall all my symptoms, before losing Wheat, 1 Mar. 2012.

        What the U.S. Govt. and Experts, has unleashed on the U.S. and the World, in the form of Wheat Products, is, indeed cruel and unusual punishment–but there is, in this, equal justice–as our leaders are as toxic and fat as the U.S. General Populace.

        I consider Wheat and Wheat Products, not just a Poision, but a bio-Terror Weapon . . .

        Roger, OHIO

  11. Rosalind

    I just stumbled on the Wheat Belly diet book & blog about 20 min. ago. Fascinating! Is brown rice allowable as a substitute? It’s the only grain I’d like to hang on to.

    • Dr. Davis

      Just be careful of portion size, Rosalind.

      Most people do fine with small portions, e.g, 1/2 cup at a time.

  12. Neicee

    Not to highjack this thread, but, a friend just sent an article out of Billings Gazette in MT that the USDA just approved RoundUP Ready sugar beet seeds to be planted starting this growing season, officially listing them to nonregulated status. So, if you’re still dabbling with the idea you can indulge in a sweet now and then, best make sure it’s cane sugar (though I haven’t a clue what they’ve done to that in the lab). Monsanto strikes again and won, where the group for food safety that battled with them lost. As much as 95% of the sugar beets grown in the U.S., covering several states, will now be onboard with frankensugar.

  13. Neicee

    Forgot to add: They listed alfalfa, corn, soy beans, and sugar beets that have been deemed nonregulated status where they have been genetically altered to Roundup Ready seeds. No wheat? Not a clue, or they already have been. I’m not a grain specialist, nor chemist. but last time I checked Roundup was not on an approved safe eating list.

  14. Mike In Canada

    Why would you want to kill off intestinal worms? For those with IBD, I have read, one of possible reasons for these conditions, is the lack of worms, and the CDC has approved studies on the digestion of worms to help alleviate these conditions or put them back into remission..

  15. Mike In Canada

    Sorry I meant to say the FDA has approved further study in this field of study and not the CDC.

  16. Dr. Davis,
    Another Farm bill is trying to force through more Food Stamps! So, there is a large problem with these programs producing all this wheat. We pay for it to be produced, processed and sold in the form of Little Debbie’s to be sold to our babies as a form of FOOD. Cowards.
    You can tell I am so frustrated with the circus.

    • Dr. Davis

      Yup, Patty: Me, too!

      At the root of it all? Money. Chances are there are profits being generated somewhere along this path.

      • wrotek

        But what if O’Reilly by eliminating wheat. eliminated product that contained wheat but had other toxic ingredient in it, that was causing him distress ? How can we be sure it really was wheat ?

        • Gigi

          I know it’s wheat that caused my problems for sure. If ate ANY product that contained wheat, I got really sick wth abdominal pain, cramps and frequent bathroom trips. Even something simple like macaroni salad or any pasta made from wheat. Sausage, ugh.

          I quite wheat a week ago now…and have had NO problems with any of that…I can honestly say, I feel 99% better…the other 1% is just my age. :)

          Today, I baked a gluten free banana nut bread…it was heavenly, my 1st bread product in a week…but NO WHEAT.

  17. Tina M.

    Bill O’Reilly just had your book on his TIP of the day. Now, he needs you on the show. Congrats on getting the word out. I now have two family members that just got diagnosed with Diebetes. They NOW will read the book. It is amazing how it took them that diagnosis to finally listen to what I have been saying. Both have seen dramatic results in blood sugar and energy within the first week. Thank you for all your hard work and putting the information in a book that anyone can understand. You have saved several lives. THANK YOU!!!

  18. Roma

    Kudos to you & now Bill O’Reilly for doing what is right & getting the dirty wheat word out! So many lives are being turned around with you leading the way. We are doing our part in our corner of the world to get people on the right path. You cannot be thanked enough!

    • Dr. Davis

      Thanks, Roma!

      Yes, this is about doing what is right, not echoing the corrupt message that makes food advertisers happy.

  19. Viral

    Though I agree with dr Davis’s theories, being a vegetarian and adopting a completely wheat free diet is suicidal !
    I was raised in a primary vegetarian Indian culture and have never come across any of the fancy gluten related diseases amongst Indians. Perhaps our hardcore spices are melting the hardest of gluten related illnesses !
    Besides, try converting an entire vegetarian ecologically sound Indian populace into western meat eating carnivores is laughable and could potentially spell disaster for the environment, thanks to factory farming of meat animals.
    Perhaps,dr Davis should have dedicated some thought on environmental impact of a meat based diet.
    Best regards

    • Dr. Davis


      The checks and balances of wheat elimination conducted on a broad scale have not been sorted out.

      You and your fellow inhabitants of India, I fear, are the means to an end: cheap, commodity foods to feed the world, while Big Agribusiness reaps the profits.

    • Jeanne

      I would respectfully disagree.
      Not sure what part of India you are in, but the northern part is known as the celiac belt! Quite a high number of the populatin has celiac and cannot eat wheat, rye, barley or contaminated oats.

  20. wrotek

    I am really starting to have sympathy for Mr O’reilly :) I always found Him to be controversial and sometimes intolerant, but now i think he just fights for what he believes.

  21. Adam

    Viral, why is it suicidal to adopt a completely wheat free diet if one is a vegetarian? I am not a strict vegetarian but it has been a few months since I last ate meat, and I seem to be doing fine. If you are wondering, I eat raw nuts (no peanuts, though) including walnuts for omega-3 (hope that is healthy!), a variety of vegetables in generous quantities, cheese and kefir (also in generous quantities), fruit, hard-boiled eggs, rice and beans, and some extra-virgin olive oil.

    I agree with you about the environmental impact of a meat-based diet, but I suspect if there is an attempt to get Indians to eat more like Westerners, it is coming from corporations.

    I do not know if I had any gluten diseases, but I feel better without wheat. Also, for what it is worth, it seems plausible, at least to me, that some spices such as turmeric mixed with black pepper might reduce some of the problems associated with eating wheat.

  22. Dianne

    I have been wheat free for about three weeks. My daughter is getting married this weekend. I look better in my dress than I did when I bought it, I am pleased to report. But what happens if I have a piece of wedding cake? I do not suspect I will feel ill from eating a wheat product but will it have serious consequences for my weight loss/bring back the bloating? Assuming eating wheat would not make me feel ill, is the occasional indulgence okay? I am the only one in the family who has eliminated wheat.