Wheat Belly on Live! With Kelly

It looks like Wheat Belly will be the topic of Monday, July 30th’s episode of Live! With Kelly.

I will be taking a day off from the day job and I’ll be on the show talking about the Wheat Belly approach to diet and health, as well as comparing wheat-based versus wheat-free dishes that will be featured.

Among the dishes we will discuss, I’ve suggested including the famous Wheat Belly Chocolate Chip Cookies compared to conventional chocolate chip cookies.

Surely life is good without wheat!

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Comments & Feedback...

  1. ellen

    That’s fabulous, Dr. Davis! Looks like the bigwigs are finally catching on to what we not-so-famous have known for quite a while now. I think there will be more to come.

    Whatever will the wheat industry do now? Gird your…self.

  2. Patti

    Just set the DVR. I cannot wait. Do us proud. Honestly I have heard that she can be on the diva side. Good luck;)

  3. Marje

    However, I do wonder why it took Big Media such a long time to acknowledge you… could it be that Big Pharma, Big Ag and Big Food don’t like you?

  4. Deb

    How wonderful and exciting for you! Your hard work is paying off! Just remember us “little folk” when you become BIG in Hollywood! : )

  5. Annemarie

    That is wonderful!! Will you post the show after on the internet? I am in Canada and don’t think I will be able to watch it…
    Plus, I would like to share the video on my facebook!

    Oh by the way, I have a question…
    I went to the drug store yesterday to ask about iodine. They told me that first, I need a prescription to get those, and that I shouldn’t take these unless I have been diagnosed something that requires me to take more iodine.

    Should I go see my doctor? I still feel really low on energy. My muscles are tired only by walking..

    • PJ

      Annemarie, if I might make a suggestion . . . before taking iodine, go to your doctor and have tests run on your adrenals and thyroid, first. (You can certainly get iodine online without a prescription if you need it, but it is prudent to have some tests run first.)

      Muscle fatigue is usually caused by something as simple as a sodium, chloride or potassium defciency. This is much more likely than an iodine deficiency. Simple suggestion, take 1/2 teaspoon of whole salt in a full glass of water and see how you feel afterwards. Or try salt tablets that you can purchase in nearly every pharmacy (especially during the summer months).

      I, myself, take 1-4 salt tablets a day or I get that “dead” feeling. Salt is really, really important for adrenal health, which is important for thyroid health.

      • Annemarie

        Oh Thx PJ!
        I will certainly try that first.
        So, removing wheat removes that much salt?? I didn’t think wheat had that much salt…

      • Neicee

        PJ, my dad was a contracter working in over 100 degrees heat in CA when I was growing up. He pounded down salt tabs like candy. Ended up with a hole burnt in his stomach. They thought it was cancer but only that kind of a hit from sodium would burn the tissue like that. Be careful with those things.

        That said, I have been brainwashed about fats and sodium too – until I completely gave up wheat/grains/potatoes/rice and corn. Without those carbs to hold the fluid longer, you can drop tons of weight. Started getting muscle cramps in odd muscles that had never before shown that tendency. A supplement of pottasium, magnesium plus simply salting my food to where it tasted great was enough. I can tell though when I’ve forgotten to take the magnesium. My toes will cramp when driving, I know then it’s time to take one.

        • Neicee

          I see that I murdered spelling on several words, just in case the spelling gods are ready to strike me down!

        • PJ

          Neicee: My question to your dad would be “Do you drink enough water with the tabs or take them with food?” Anything can be detrimental if not used properly. You say you use a potassium supplement and suffer from muscle cramps; low sodium can be a cause of muscle cramping. Believe me, I know this from personal experience.

          Annemarie: An excess of carbs holds sodium in your system. If you are eating no grains, lo carb and plenty of fats, some people will excrete sodium (and potassium) in excess. Very low sodium levels can be extremely stressful on the adrenals and cause fatigue, muscle cramps, heart failure and other conditions.

    • Cindy T

      I was looking for iodine also and couldn’t find it, but I did find Kelp capsules that provide 325 micrograms of iodine each. I feel much more energetic in just 1 week of taking them.

    • Tina M.

      There is a seasoning that is called “Sea Seasoning” that you sprinkle on your food. I found it in the Asian food section. It has Kelp granules in it, which are rich in Iodine. There are also kelp supplements. Just start out slow and see how you feel. Going to the doctor first to run some tests is always the best beginning.

  6. Janet

    Oh, boy, Dr. Davis. Monday is my day off and I already have the time and station noted for around my area so I will be watching.

    I don’t remember my dreams much, but last night I dreamed I picked up a big fat sandwich (healthy whole grains, donch’a know) and started chowing down. In my dream, I realized what I was doing and threw it down and spit it out. Ha. So in my dream world, I am apparently a Wheat Belly eater too. What a relief. I woke up from this nightmare before I experienced the dream world glutin and toxic effects. If only the real effects were dispelled by waking up. But, actually, all of us off wheat DID wake up–thanks Dr. Davis, for waking us all up. You truly changed my life.

  7. Dr. Davis,
    I look forward to seeing you on Monday. We’re spreading the word!
    I have a question about psyllium husks. I used them last night before bedtime and woke up in the night with both of the inside of my elbows in a rash and itching. I got these from the health food store. Do you think it was the husks and are they modifying them also?

  8. kelly

    Thats great news. I sent my machine to record, since my brain is almost jello from that frankenwheat. I am really upset to be poisoined and druggedvwithout my knowledge or conscent. Class action lawsuit anyone? Sign me up.

  9. Russ Murray

    This is huge. Good for you Dr. Davis. You deserve this recognition. I’ll be going into work late that day so I can see your TV debut!

    All the best to you,
    Russ Murray

  10. The Live With Kelli website lists Jeremy Renner and Zachary Gordon as guests July 30th, not Dr. Davis. Someone please explain….(?)

  11. Dawn Barclay

    Great news! More mainstream people are picking up on the validity of this diet and that’s good news for all.

  12. Darren Doyle

    There’s a typo in the link to the cookie recipe… missing the “h” in “http” in the url.

  13. Neicee

    I’ll be watching! Will let my friends know as well, especially those that scoff about giving up their goodies.

  14. Rose

    Don’t forget those of us overseas! Would love to watch the programme on your blog, or facebook if possible?

  15. Jeanne

    Great News! Congrats Dr. Davis! I will be watching. Wear your Teflon clothing please!

    On another note: my inbox today had an article from Medscape for nurses edition on another new drug…

    Omega-3 PUFA for Hypertriglyceridemia. WHAT?? I did a serious double take, got my glasses, and read it again.. Why does that just seem wrong, Omega-3 and PUFA in the same sentence, never mind the same capsule! Reading on I see it’s a component of the overpriced and much touted Lovaza. Just…WHY??
    For heavens sake, just eat some salmon already, eh?

    I try to stay away from PUFA’s as much as possible. Big Pharma will just never get it will they?

    We want to hear all about your experience on the show! Ok?

    • Dr. Davis

      Unfortunately, Jeanne, this “drug” is making a lot of money for AstraZeneca.

      You can buy high-quality fish oil, at least as good if not better than Lovaza, at the health food store.

      Lovaza is a joke. I poke fun at it every chance I get!

      • Sue Dwyer

        The FDA announced the approval of Belviq and Qsymia today, weight loss medications. Do you know anything about them?

  16. Stephanie KL

    Good luck Dr. Davis. Unfortunately I’m unable to access the channel on which the show is aired but my thoughts will be with you.

    • Dr. Davis

      I will post the link here and the Wheat Belly Facebook page when available for anyone who misses the broadcast.

      If I were not on the show, I would miss it too, given its daytime airing!

  17. Roger

    The more exposure, the less pain and misery–and more lives saved!

    It does not cost anything to give Wheat Free a try, but it may cost, beyond human and bodily endurance, not to! All are harmed, it is a matter of cumulative toxcicity–how much the body and mind can take, before physical/mental collapse–or death.

    I pray to God, Dr. Davis, you never go off message, as I know you have seen people in a worse state of health, than I was.

    Roger, OHIO

    • Dr. Davis

      Thanks, Roger!

      Yes, giving this a try is essentially without cost. No four-enemas-a-day, no special supplement program, no extreme exercise routine.

      Just no wheat.

  18. JEY

    Congratulations Dr. Davis!
    First Bill O’Reilly and now Kelly. Have never watched the show before, but will on Monday.
    Btw, I noticed that Amazon moved you from the Nutrition Best Seller list (you were hogging #1 for far too long) to Diet & Weight Loss..where you still hold #1 & 2. But even more stunning, this morning Wheat Belly is #7 for ALL books sold…right behind multiple copies of Fifty Shades of Gray!

    • Dr. Davis

      Hey, Jey!

      Thanks for noticing!

      Yeah, sex sells better than nutrition. Go figure!

      Maybe Wheat Belly: Under the Sheets should be next.

      • marsha

        Ok, here is an update on me. First day wheat free was July 19. Yesterday I looked different enough that I stepped on the scales. 8 lbs down in 9days. And that’s not the best part. The best part is how fantastic I feel. I am keeping a daily diary of “lost” symptoms.
        I respond here because I dove in to the city yesterday and a friend had asked me to pick up the book for her. Barnes and Nobles had sold out, Books a Million had 4 left. Your work is a gift I can’t repay. Thank you seems trite!

      • Susan Moles

        Well, you know, Dr. Davis, giving up wheat certainly hasn’t hurt mine and my husband’s sex life. :)

        • Dr. Davis

          Hmmmm. I’ve been hearing that more and more, Susan.

          Higher testosterone, lower estrogen in the guys? A progesterone effect in the girls? Don’t know, but it is a fascinating phenomenon!

  19. Lynda (FL)

    I’ll watch this one, even though she makes me crazy otherwise. You go, Dr. Davis.

  20. Hi Dr Davis,
    My wife and I own the Riverside Inn B&B in Intervale NH, the Inn is currently wheat free, soon to be Gluten Free…all the food, all the time…we’re planning to strip the kitchen, scrub clean the counters, cabinets, ovens, replace the pots and pans, and plastic utensils, waffle irons, etc. We bake our own breads and English Muffins and are trying out new recipes for our change-over on August 15th. Our goal is to make our B&B a destination for anyone who is sensitive to wheat or gluten, but do it in a way that those that don’t care, won’t be able to tell. We’ll keep you up too date with our progress.
    Ken* and Chris Lydecker
    *WF 28 days, -23lbs…thanks for writing your book…

  21. Sharon

    Congratulations, Dr. Davis! I am thrilled that you will be on t.v. I don’t see your name on the line-up so I am hoping you will still be on tomorrow. I have emailed and told everyone I know to watch you. Much success!

    • Dr. Davis

      Thanks, Sharon. Well, I’m here in New York, staying about 2 blocks away from the studio!

      The piece will only be a few minutes, but that’s how things are done on TV. I’ll be comparing wheat-based with non-wheat-based foods.

  22. Sharon

    Dr. Davis,

    Just saw you on Live with Kelly. I only wish you had been given a longer segment. Well, at least there was some public exposure and hopefully this will pique the interest of some of the viewers. EVERYONE needs to know about your amazing book and this new way of healthy eating. You have been a blessing to me, my family and everyone I know. Thank you again for caring so much.

  23. Jeff

    I was disappointed to see they didn’t allow more time for you. But, I guess it is better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick…..

  24. JEY

    Great job, Dr. Davis. You knew you had time for only a few short sound bites, and you stayed on message, stayed focussed on the important points, and brought some appealing recipes to share. Ending with Kelly saying “Get the book…it will change your life” was high praise from someone who started at first saying she could never remove wheat from her diet. It’s the type of short exposure with just enough “hooks” that people should want to know more…visit your blog and buy the book. Perfect for the time allowed for this type of audience.

    • Dr. Davis

      Thanks, JEY.

      I’m not a daytime TV sort of guy: I prefer talking at length about the science, the justification for this “outrageous” message. But it sure helps advance the cause to be featured on a mainstream venue like Kelly Ripa’s show.

      It sure was fun, after all!

  25. Neicee

    I’m bummed – my local station that normally carries Kelly cut away for the Olympics! I’m hoping Dr. Davis can get a copy up for YouTube or a link here.

    I keep giving away copies of Wheat Belly, just got in my 3rd copy from Amazon. I read it but needed to go back now and then to clarify or reread certain portions. There is always someone within my own family that need it worse than me, and once they ‘finally’ do comment on how I’m looking these days I get all weepy and hand it over. :)

  26. Karen Robel

    Great job! Are the recipes you shared in the book? I recognize some but not all. Where can I find them? I don’t see them on the Live with Kelly site.

    • Dr. Davis

      Some of the recipes, Karen, are on the Wheat Belly Blog, such as the Rosemary Focaccia bread and pizza crust, while others will be part of the upcoming Wheat Belly Cookbook (scheduled release Dec, 2012).

  27. Mark

    Great job, Doc! It is tough to fit your message into that format, but you did well. I am glad she tried the focaccia bread. That is an awesome recipe. We have used it as the replacement for the yeast bread in our family’s favorite dish called Bread Lasagna. We now call it Wheat-Free “Bread” Lasagna. We appreciate your work!

      • Mark

        Dr. Davis,
        I would like to send it to you so you can give it a look-over before posting it. I think it is Wheat Belly-friendly, but would like to make sure. I don’t want to steer anyone wrong.

        I think you have my email address on this forum, so please drop me a note so I can send it to you.

  28. Jeanne

    Great Job, Dr. D!

    I agree with all here- you needed a longer segment! You did super with what time you had though,

    • Dr. Davis

      Thanks, Jeanne!

      Yes, a couple of more minutes to elaborate on the message would have been nice. But I do believe that more people have been sparked to start thinking about this important issue.

      We are building this wall one brick at a time.

  29. Great to see you live on TV, Dr. Davis! Now other talk shows will probably pick up on what people are talking about, have you on, and you’ll get the time to explain about the health improvements so many of us are talking about!

    • Dr. Davis

      Thanks for noticing, Nancy!

      Having been on several national broadcasts, Live! With Kelly marks an entry into the mainstream that so many MILLIONS need to hear about.

      Just go to any mall or grocery store, and you will personally witness several hundred people who need to hear this message.

  30. Helen Davidson

    Dr. Davis
    Texted my friends that you were going to be on Live with Kelly, was disappointed that it was on for such a short time. My cousin, who is a patient”of yours introduced me to your book on May 3rd, I put the book on my Kindle and read it and have not ate wheat since May 3rd. I have lost 15 #s, Feel great, no running to the BR, my blood sugars have come down, so have my trygicerides. I told my Dr. that it takes longer to eat a sandwich with a knife and fork then when I would eat one on bread. The benefits have shown me it works. Enjoy your blog keep up the good work, I had a stent put in my heart 7 years ago and hope never have to go through that again. I am 69 years old and fell I am taking charge of my life

    • Dr. Davis

      Ah, yes, Helen: It is ALL about taking back control over diet and health . . . after DECADES of unwittingly relinquishing control and allowing various agencies to make us relentlessly hungry, overweight, and diabetic.

      It was indeed short, but sweet. While brief, I had a wonderful time with a very gracious and hardworking staff (did you notice how they switched over the sets?), and am deeply grateful that they are helping me propagate this critically important message.

  31. kelly

    Great segment Dr. Davis. I was so impresed when KR supported your work at the end. And the look on her face when she tasted your f.bread-priceless.
    K is W.F.F.