Wheat Belly on Live! With Kelly

Kelly Ripa tasted my Rosemary Focaccia bread on the July 30th episode of Live! With Kelly. To view, click here.

We discussed how wheat contains an appetite stimulant (gliadin) that causes us to eat, on average, 440 more calories per day, every day. (440 calories per day x 365 days per year = 45.8 pounds gained per year. Yeah, that’s a lot.)

This phenomenon explains why Americans are incessantly hungry, seeking food every 2 hours (thus the inane and destructive advice from dietitians to “eat many small meals every 2 hours” throughout the day), obese, and diabetic.

We are the unwitting, obedient victims of the manipulations of Big Food, eating more and more, buying more and more, then blaming ourselves for our lack of restraint. In the conventional way of thinking, you are overweight and unhealthy . . and it’s your fault!

But it’s NOT your fault. It is the fault of a system eager to profit from your misfortune.

And thank you, Kelly, for helping me spread the word!

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Comments & Feedback...

  1. aerobic1

    Nice, very nice! I hope your anti-wheat movement message will air on 60 Minutes someday with a Point vs. Counter Point debate with Grains Food Foundation’s newly appointed director Christine Cochran.

    • Dr. Davis

      I would gladly debate anyone from the “healthy whole grain” camp on air/TV/camera.

      The 2 debates I’ve had (on radio) with wheat experts felt like child’s play. They had no idea that wheat had been changed, nor of the data demonstrating the ill effects of wheat, such as those from gliadin. Everything was new to them.

      In short, even the experts are unaware of these issues!

      • Annemarie

        Haha that is cool!

        I’m trying to debate with people around me about it too, but I need to read your book again to better understand to be able to explain better. I began to read it again!

      • Joe Burke

        Thought Chris Harrison, whoever he is was a jerk, but Kelly got it. Has Dr. Davis ever been on o’Reilly? Definite advocate.

        • Joe Burke

          I know you are not big on cured meats. Assume turkey bacon is one of those but seems really low in saturated fats. Any issues with turkey bacon?

          • Dr. Davis

            No, except the usual issue with meats processed with sodium nitrite. So look for uncured, unprocessed turkey bacon.

            There’s nothing wrong with the saturated fat, by the way.

      • JillOz

        Dr D, regarding this, you were kind enought o appreciate my suggestion re appearing at Writers Festivals.

        Don’t forget, you can appear at the truly awesome array of Food/Gourmet/wine/market Festivals and talk/speak/hold cooking classes/ distribute recipes. people love to see this sort of thing up close, and the crucial thing is taste testing!

        Thank you for posting the bagel recipes by the way!

        Question – wheat has been ruined by interbreeding techniques due to increasing its yield.
        If flax seed and almonds become the new trend, won’t the same thing happen as growers and scientists see the demand for it? Won’t they try to increase the yield in turn, thus ruining flax/almond crops?

        • Dr. Davis

          Yes, indeed: This is a risk for ALL foods.

          So part of the solution is to remain vigilant about emerging changes in agricultural techniques, as often as possible grow your own or use farmers markets and other trusted sources.

          It will get worse before it gets better. We are the David to the Agribusiness Goliath. But you know who won in that tussle!

  2. Deb

    I agree! I was so excited to come home and watch the show. I DVR’d it! Fast forward through seemed like forever and then got to see Dr. Davis! I wish they would have given you some more time to really explain the diet. Guess that wouldn’t have helped the book sales though. It’s such an important issue with regards to prevention of so many illnesses that can be helped with diet. Congrats Dr Davis! I’m sure there will be more to come!

    • Dr. Davis

      Thanks, Deb!

      It would have been nice to talk about the health benefits of wheat elimination, not just the weight loss effects. However, the week was devoted to weight loss, not health, thus the focus on weight only.

  3. aerobic1

    This is good. GFF is obviously feeling the heat from Wheat Belly. Turn it up!
    From: http://www.grainnet.com/articles/Grain_Foods_Foundation_Appoints_Christine_Cochran_as_Executive_Director-124532.html

    In January 2012, the GFF Board refocused its mission to three main objectives:
    1. Prioritize “influencing the influencers.” GFF will change the primary focus of its efforts from consumers to key influencers. It will aggressively promote the nutrition benefits of grain foods with key influencers, including health and nutrition professionals, appropriate health-related organizations, health and nutrition policymakers, and leading nutrition journalists and bloggers.
    2. Proactively track and preempt misinformation. GFF will proactively track grain-focused initiatives (studies, books, broadcasts, articles) with the goal of preempting or countermanding misinformation regarding grain foods on an ongoing basis. The GFF Scientific Advisory Board members will lead efforts to provide rapid response to false communications and claims against grain foods, including fad diets.
    3. Maintain crisis management reserves. To effectively guard against potential extreme attacks against grain foods, GFF will develop a crisis communications plan and continue to develop appropriate reserves to enable prompt industry response to neutralize such attacks.

    • Dr. Davis

      I’d be quaking in my shoes if I were them, too!

      Anyone in the business of wheat has an uncertain future whose direction is likely down. The mess they have helped create is crumbling more every day.

  4. JT

    I hate how those morning shows are so rushed. But you, Dr. Davis were clear and charming! I’m sure people will want to know more and look up Wheat Belly on amazon/google out of curiosity. {So maybe the short segment was a teaser!} I just saw a shout out of the Live! segment on the website, FitSugar–which gets a LOT of traffic, so the word is out! Congrats, Dr. Davis!!! You’re a genius!

    • Dr. Davis

      Thanks, JT!

      Yes, a couple of more minutes to make a few of the crucial points would have been nice. I’m told that the Kelly show is hugely popular with a mainstream audience of women. So I am grateful for the time allotted.

      • JillOz

        Women are often the ones feeding the family and selecting/controlling the food.
        great exposure to the right audience!

  5. Roger

    I think a double congratulations are in order, yes, for the show, but second, for the Newsmax article that leaves Dr. Davis, and his message in context, and how to obtain a copy of Wheat Belly!

    I just got the e-mail from Newsmax, and it was a well written article–on Bill O’Riley’s Health Secrets!

    I am going to send the Newsmax article around to people, and put my own endorcement on it, and direct them to this site . . . that is all I can do. There are some out there, that were in worse shape than I, and some, that will catch up to where I was, in mind and body devestation, from decades of Genetic Modified Wheat consumption.

    It is my hopes that Dr. Davis, and his message is heard, in his own words, with no restrictions placed on him. This is not a fad, a passing thing of the moment, but a real honest health movement, based on evidence, not emotion and manipulation.

    I hope I get to meet Dr. Davis, and thank him, personally, before he starts to ride around in a Rolls, with body guards–and big Holly Wood-sized sun glasses, and a cheezy fake British accent.

    Roger, OHIO

    • Dr. Davis

      Thanks for alerting me to the article, Roger.

      I didn’t even know they were running it!

  6. Roger


    Calling grains, food, is like Jumbo Shrimp or Military Intelligence–oxy-moron–a contradiction in terms!

    At one time, before genetic dicing and slicing, grains may have had some nutrition and some redemptive qualities, but, post-man made surgery (read, genetic tampering)–food, or what resembled food, is now a drug! I call it Human Rat Poison or Human Pesticide!

    I use Aspartame, (cut with honey, to disguise the smell) to kill ants–as it blows holes in their Central Nervous System. Genetic Modified Wheat, in what ever form, should be listed as a bio-Terror Weapon by the Department Of Homeland Security. I would not feed a Wheat Product to a dog I hate–much less a HUMAN!

    Our U.S. Constitution is against “Cruel and Unusual Punishment,” and, knowing what I do of Genetic Modified Wheat, from my hours and notes from Wheat Belly, and my own mass hoard of symptoms, Wheat is over qualified both cruel and unusual.

    We have an FDA that was politicized, allowed Aspartame into our food chain, despite the fact that it is a nerve poison, and a Govt. and “Experts” that parrot “Eat More Heart Healthy Whole Grain,” while bitching and moaning about the obesity epidemic and increasing diabetic rate. DUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHH!

    We do not need more Govt. and “Experts,” but a grass roots movement, bottom up, making our leaders and so-called “Experts” accountable for GRAIN ASSAULT on our minds and bodies!

    Dr. Davis and people like him, from the greatest to the least, have the TRUTH!

    Roger, OHIO

      • Roger


        I had no idea that some would think Aspartame was originally an Ant Poision.

        I do know what one can of soda, with Aspartame did to me, as it doubled me over in pain, and I had a severe head ache, that lasted for hours, before letting up.

        I read that Aspartame could be used as an Ant Poison, from a book, by a Medical Dr./Surgeon on Aspartame. It was not working on my Ants, until I put a little honey into the mixture, then, I noticed the exact same physical behavior, in the Ants, as I noticed in my treatment with humans, that had, or is experiencing nerulogical truma, from long and short term head blows and/or emotional memories or either overt or suppressed recall. After studing the Ant, its brain and neural circitry is, not only amazing, it resembles humans, on a smaller scale, of course. Ants have an acute sense of smell, are like blood hounds, and have an amazing sense of direction, and are highly skilled engineers.

        I have spent much time, money etc. on trying to rid my home of Ants, but, Aspartame, cut with a little bit of honey, did the trick. One can of soda, with Aspararme, temporairly did me in, a few years ago–and it was a few years later, after more advanced medical and pshchological training that I understood why.

        I wanted rid of those Ants, Aspatame did the job, but a part of me felt bad for all the little addicts–and how they went out of this life. Many of the larger Ants actually sat up, on the edge of the bottle caps, and begged for more of my mixtrue, lost their fear of me, and drank until they dropped dead!

        My wife and I watched in horror–at some of the reactions, form different species of Ants! Reactions were of a diverse nature, but, always the same result: Death.

        Not a big fan of man made or genetic modifed anything one puts in the pie hole.

        If I were cruel, and sadistic, I would keep a bag of whole wheat, to get rid of pesky Humans, for the same reason I keep some Aspartame to get rid of pesky Ants.

        Thanks for the information–as I fear Wheat more than I fear Aspartame.

        Roger, OHIO

  7. wrotek

    Very nice Kelly video :)

    Regarding diabetesi would like to ask question : “does diabetes(high blood sugar), make u dehydrated ? ”
    I know it causes polidypsia and polyuria, right ?

    I ask because there is this approach called hydration therapy http://www.watercure2.org and here is
    very interesting video on how person reversed his type 2 diabetes using it. His blood parameters are also included http://watercure2.org/Video/tlv/flv/wyou_interactive_riviello.htm – it starts at 7 minute
    Of course whole video is very interesting.

    • Dr. Davis

      Polydipsia and polyuria only occur when blood sugars are very high, e.g., 300 mg/dl or greater.

      And vigorous hydration does indeed provide a dilutional effect, reducing blood sugar by a bit, and provides some measure of satiety.

      But it does not cure diabetes.

  8. Karin

    Congratulations, Dr. Davis! Well done. The ball is definitely rolling. :)

    I never thought I could get my boyfriend to stop eating wheat, not even for a little while. But when he saw my body getting more streamlined (I’ve never been heavy) and my face look more healthy, he got interested. To cut a long story short: wheat is the only thing he’s leaving out of his diet. Only as a test, for a period of a few weeks.
    More healthy fats, less carbohydrates can be the next step, but let’s take one step at a time.
    Although he’s not an obese person as we see so many of these days, he’s definitely overweight and more important: he has a serious heart condition.
    We’re only in the second week now and he’s lost 5 pounds. He already looks different. His belly is shrinking. He’s not been craving food as he did before. I can’t wait to see if his bloodwork will show some improvement in time. For now, I’m very happy to see him being motivated and try some diet changes. On my way now to make him some delicious almond crackers as a well deserved treat. Let’s put some love in them. Instead of wheat. :)

    • Dr. Davis

      Very nice, Karin!

      If your boyfriend has coronary disease, this diet slashes the number of small LDL particles, the #1 cause for coronary disease in the U.S. today. Nothing approaches the power of wheat elimination to correct this pattern.

  9. Paul

    I’m glad the word is getting out, and for those that are willing to hear it, it can change their lives dramatically.
    I hope that one day we can get to the point where we won’t have to make subsitiute bread products using
    flax, coconut, etc, but to get beyond the “sandwich” idea entirely, and eat real foods, without needing to make
    them look like something else. I feel the same way about the zero calorie artificial sweeteners…they really perpetuate the addiction to sugar…but I suppose baby steps are better than no steps.

  10. Neicee

    Thank you so much for posting the link to the video. In my time zone, they cut away to the Olympics and I was cranky about it. Great show, great job. with so few minutes to cover the concept. Sending it out to my friends and family.

    When I ordered my 3rd copy of Wheat Belly, noticed the are taking pre-orders for your new recipe book due out in December on Amazon.

    • Dr. Davis

      Yes, they are. And, despite not coming out until December 24th, 2012, it is doing quite well!

  11. Ethan

    Very nice video!

    Also a question from my side though, because I’m somewhat worried:

    (Might be a bit TMI for some)

    I’ve been wheat free (and Paleo) for about 3-4 weeks now. Had the enormous cravings in the first few days… now those are gone but my energy levels are sometimes going up and down a bit. I do have more and more days now that I feel clear and focused.

    I did notice in the last 2 days that I suddenly started getting a headache half way into the day. With the pain right in the middle of my forehead, they were however completely unlike my regular (1-2/month) migraine attacks with the pain behind usually my left eye and upset stomach to the point that I usually end up throwing up.

    Together with the onset of these recent headaches, I noticed in both cases that I suddenly really needed to go to the bathroom for a number 2. (I’m still kind of unregular in this area compared to the “wheat eating era”) After this both headaches cleared up for 80-90%… my nose would run a bit and my sinuses would feel a lot “cleaner”. Very odd..

    Overall and intuitively I have this feeling that my body is regaining energy and doing some good maintenance work behind the scenes, sort of a spring cleaning. I can also see my six pack again and my girlfriend is comparing me to those Greek statues again, yeah! :-D

    What is worrying me a bit is that today I discovered some blood in my stools for the first time in my life. Not directly a huge amount, but well.. it freaks me out a bit. :-S

    Can this be caused by this good thing of cleaning up?

    That my body is e.g. fighting off the bad bacteria you once wrote about?

    (possibly super irrelevant, but I had a fairly serious food poisoning about a decade ago and somewhere I always had this feeling that this area was one that was still holding me down)

    On one hand I know I’m doing the right thing, but on the other hand: I’m currently the only person in my social network literally going against the grain and part of me is whispering: “see what you’re doing? you’re breaking your body”..

    • Dr. Davis

      You are doing the right thing and may be experiencing the phenomena of wheat withdrawal. This will pass with time, usually a few days.

      However, the blood in your stool is definitely NOT part of the wheat withdrawal process and is likely due to something entirely unrelated. This requires conventional medical attention right away. While it could be something minor, it could also be something major. You just need to know.

  12. Firebird

    It’s a shame they did not give you enough time. A more suitable show might be Piers Morgan (if he ever shuts up and lets you say your peace) and , gasp, Bill O’Reilly.

    • aerobic1

      I have no dog in this fight. Instead, I typically follow sensible suggested guidelines of reputable authors like Dr. Davis and see for myself what works for me. If the suggestions work then it’s great. If the suggestions don’t afford me benefit then, no problem, as I got what I paid for, absolutely nothing and move on. Most people including myself do not have time to research every reference on every web page.
      I do find it interesting though that Pete Bronski’s post totally misses the mark. Instead of he and his followers just giving up wheat and other grains; and therefore the gluten, which would rid themselves of their celiac symptoms, he chooses to side step that issue and try to take down the much more convincing argument that just give up the wheat and grains and a person’s health may improve on a number of fronts. Perhaps he needs to reflect more on his addiction to wheat and its byproducts. As the Wheat Belly message keeps spreading I suspect Mr. Bronski’s blog will lose favor amongst his followers and take up the Wheat Belly message. My guess that is why he took the time to post those comments regarding Wheat Belly.
      For me being wheat free has provided numerous benefits. I have lost significant weight, vastly improved my lipid profile like my small atherogenic LDL particle number and Lipoprotein-A (Lp(a)) to almost nothing. My mental attitude and focus have vastly improved and my ravenous appetite for carbs is totally gone. Digestive issues have also disappeared. Additionally, I no longer require statin medication as elimination of wheat and other carbs were much more effective form of treatment. Lastly, Dr. Davis’s guideline resulted in a reduction of atherosclerotic plaque by 53% in a 24 month period. That is like winning the lottery

    • Neicee

      Who are these people? Do they only have opinions or do they have doctorates in whatever they’re pushing? Did they pick and choose or simply run the numbers from their own heads? How many patients have they seen and diagnosed with spectacular results? When people attack, they usually have an agenda. If they were truly on board with the low carb movement, they would have a different agenda and be supportive? Scratching head and wondering?

    • Dr. Davis

      Given the wonderful popularity of the Wheat Belly message, several trolls have come out of the woodwork, hoping to enterprise on its popularity.

      However, it’s sad when the criticisms are not only unfounded, but come from people who should understand we are on the same side.

      • Roger

        Many want instant fame, fortune–and will mentally and physically “juice” in any way, or use others as stepping stones. That is the nature of the beast. In time, these type will deflate, as their 15 min. of fame, wears thin. As I have found, fortune and fame are little comfort, on one’s death bed. Little good a u-haul will do, attached to one’s coffin–as a few of the Ancinet Egyptians tried a primitive form, of taking it with you, when you go, via a Pyramid Scheme.

        People like Dr. Davis has put the time, effort, sweat and other elements into education–and has reaped much wisdom with clinical time. No one can “juice,” or take the quick and easy route to this level of intellectual and practical knowledge–it takes effort, time and discipline.

        People that wet their finger, put it to the wind, and adjust, accordingly, have no depth, and will extinguish them selves. People that want to argue, have no dept, again, can only go so far, before their Parrot World spins out of contol. That is about the size of any that wants to argue wiith Dr. Davis, has no intellectual ammo, despite a wall full of credentials, or stellar reputations, backed by big money–Govt. Privite Sector and/or re-combination.

        Things of the body boils down to basic physilogy, how the body actually works–and the inroduction of Genetic Modified Organizms, how they actually work, and the basic question, what, if any, is their affect (emotionally) or effect, (physically) on the body? Until the critics of Dr. Davis, and people that think like him, are able to ask and answer these basic questions, they, and others like them will continue to suffer, from consumption of Heart Healthy Wheat Products, out of ignorance. One reaps what one sews, and “You are what you eat.” Cliches? Hardly. More like timless principles–in a clihe setting.

        Dr. Davis has hard, emperical [hard evidence-based] data, understands and can easily articulate how the body works and how the mind and body does not work, with and without Genetic Modified Wheat.

        Dr. Davis has saved my body and mind, and has given me back to my wife, and soon, this disabled Vet. will, once again, be employed, and retrun to society as a productive member. One can argue from ignorance, but success and excellent health is the best revenge, and will eventually extinguish all forms of arguments from ignorance. One can argue back and forth, with words, but how can one argue against many that have benefitted from the fruits and lobors of Dr. Davis–I, being one?

        Thank You Dr. Davis. Anytime that I can help out, in however small way, I will.

        Roger, OHIO

        • Dr. Davis

          You are already doing it, Roger, just by telling others about your health transformation!

          I can only accomplish so much. If you tell others how your health and life were changed with removal of this poison, this carries a lot of weight.

          So please keep doing what you are already doing and share your experiences!

  13. JoAnne

    Wonderful segment, Dr Davis! Thanks for posting the link; it wasn’t aired in my area. Bill O’Reilly, Kelly….who’s up next? Big AgriFood and the GFF are starting to take note. As others have posted, it’ll be nice when we can just go to the store and buy a loaf of bread made from almond meal. But I have a sinking feeling big Agrifood will find a way to screw with that too. So many people I have shared WB with are amazed at my improved health, yet aren’t willing to take the leap themselves. The main roadblock is the convenience factor; they’re not willing to learn something new, much less get in their kitchens to cook and bake.

    Any thoughts of creating a section on the blog where people can post their questions? I see you answering the same questions again & again under the comments people post. That could make things easier for you and maybe even give you some ideas for topics. Just a thought.

    • Dr. Davis

      Not a bad idea, JoAnne!

      There is an FAQ page, but I think you are suggesting something different.

      • JoAnne

        Yes, I am thinking of something different. The FAQ section is a comprehensive summary of WB – why wheat is bad, the health problems caused by wheat, and what foods to eat instead. Here are the kinds of questions I’d love to see a section on:

        1. Where can I purchase almond meal? (nuts.com, Trader Joe’s, Wegmans, etc).
        2. I’ve been wheat-free for 4 days, & now my stomach seems upset. (You’re experiencing the symptoms of wheat withdrawal. Start taking a probiotic, ideally 50 million CFUs to replace the bad bacteria with good bacteria in your gut. Take for at least 6 to 8 weeks. Ultimate Flora by ReNew Life is a good brand).
        3. There’s so many kinds of coconut oil. Which is best? (Organic, unrefined, and cold-pressed).
        4. Oatmeal is OK, right? And rye & barley would be acceptable substitutes for wheat? (Oatmeal is bad. It will spike your blood sugar as quickly as wheat. Rye & barley are essentially wheat. Avoid them.)
        5. What can I use as a substitute thickening agent? (I like coconut flour. Stir in slowly). **BTW, I tried the coconut flour, and the coconut flavor overpowered my dish, and made it grainy).
        6. No diabetes, prediabetic, diabetic – I had my blood sugar tested and don’t know what the numbers mean. (An A1C 5.6% or below is normal. In prediabetes, A1C levels range between 5.7%-6.4%. If the A1C is 6.5% or above, a person has diabetes).
        7. You want 100 mg/dl blood sugar both before meal & after meal. When should you test? One hour before & one hour after? Or 2 hours? (I don’t know the answer!, but would like it.)
        8. You explain how wheat will make your LDL particles get smaller. Eliminate wheat & the LDL particles will get larger. What size is considered large? (I don’t know this answer, either!)

        I’m on the WB blog daily, even though I don’t post daily. These are the questions you answer many times over. A section like this would help people new to adapting to the WB way of life. And save you the time of answering these questions again & again. Thanks for listening!

        • Dr. Davis

          Ah, yes, wonderful, JoAnne! I see where you are going with this.

          Where to put it? I am going to start with the questions/answers you have generously provided and probably add a page.

          My tired fingers thank you!

          • JoAnne

            I have more questions like this! If you want, I’ll let my fingers do some of the typing! You could put it in the brown bar at the top next to the headings of “Home,” “About the Author,” etc. You could call it “Getting Started.”

  14. Graham

    Huh, 3 minutes 45 seconds, you certainly did your best in the the time allowed but I noticed on the website that even the medium got 4 minutes! TIme this Kelly started to get her priorities right :-(

  15. diana

    What is the name of the fiber solution you mix in water that Dr.William Davis talkes about.

  16. Brian

    Great segment. They needed to give you more time.

    Do you have the recipe for the english muffin shown on the segment (and what type of pan to use)? And the rosemary bread (looks great)? And the chix nugget breading?

    I have a good recipe for almond flour bread, several for muffins, of course chocolate chip cookies, but none for a type of english muffin/hamburger bun, breading, etc.

    Down 15 lbs and a pant size in two months with not eating wheat or drinking regular soda (plus gained some muscle from lifting hard again). Made a few other changes, but those are the big two. The thing is… when people see the changes, they ask what you’ve been doing, it is an easy way to spread the message.

    • Dr. Davis

      Thanks, Brian!

      The rosemary focaccia bread recipe is on this blog, back several months.

      The other recipes will be included in the new Wheat Belly Cookbook. In the meantime, you can easily recreate such things just by “breading” chicken with a mixture of ground almonds, ground golden flaxseed, grated Parmesan cheese, and some salt after dipping in an egg mixture.

      For the muffin, you can take the pizza crust recipe on this blog and divide into many smaller pieces. It’s the cheese in the dough mixture that provides cohesiveness.

      • Brian

        Thanks. The focaccia bread looks great. Will make some this weekend. Already have the cookbook on preorder.

  17. JillOz

    Hi Dr Davis,

    just told a cattle marketing teacher about this book and the blog.
    One hopes her students will Jump on Board the Meatwagon!! ;)

    Incidentally, if you like this slogan, we can talk! ;)

  18. Mama Kass

    I am so excited for you Dr.Davis. Kelly’s show is certainly a great venue for the Wheat Belly message.You pour your heart into your work and are wiling to answer even the most pedestrian questions from your fans. A question….. How does your better half feel about the time that you spend writing your blog after you see
    patients all day?

    • Dr. Davis

      Hi, Mama–

      Thanks for noticing!

      My wife understands that this is not about a book; this is a powerful movement that is contributing to a shift in the way people eat, one that is transforming lives.

      So she cuts me some slack.

  19. katie

    What type of flour would you suggest using if you are allergic to nuts and can’t use almond flour? My tree nut allergic children were diagnosed with Celiac disease several months ago and we have been using rice and tapioca flour.

    • Dr. Davis

      Both of those, the rice and tapioca flour, will create visceral belly fat, increase insulin resistance, increase blood sugar, cause hypertension, cataracts, and arthritis. They are awful and the gluten-free industry should be held to task for selling such crap.

      Coconut flour is one choice. You can grind your own seed flours from sunflower, pumpkin, and sesame seeds. Garbanzo bean flour is a bit higher in carbs, but useful to lightening the others.

  20. Trina

    Read the same article from CTV – so incomplete. Can’t believe they didn’t reference Dr. Davis’ book – shame. There is very little “real” journalism these days.

    • Dr. Davis

      So many of these pieces are really written and/or paid for by the wheat lobby.

      There was no unique insight in the article, nor new information. It just rehashed conventional thinking. That is the stamp of the wheat lobby.

  21. Yak

    Hello Dr Davis. Congrats on the Kelly show. Hopefully more people wake up to the ill effects of wheat. I do have one question though. I know that beer is off limits unless it is gluten free but as someone who doesn’t have celliac disease how would it affect me after being wheat free for 2+months. I am 23 and my co workers want to go to happy hour every so often. I have lost about 40 pounds over the 2.5 month period(drinking rum occasionally). Do you think that it would halt my progress and bring back cravings and some of my other wheat related problems by drinking a few beers?

    • Dr. Davis

      Yes, it can, Yak.

      Beer does contain gliadin residues responsible for triggering appetite.

      Because you are not gluten-sensitive, your safest bet when choices are limited is Bud Lite, which is made with rice, does not trigger appetite, and provides only a modest carb exposure of 6.6 grams per 12 ounce bottle.

  22. Holly Scroggin

    congrats on the wider exposure but I think you were robber; your segment seems to have been too rushed; didn’t ever get to the cookies. THANKS much for the recipes and I am looking forward to your cook book. everything I’ve made of yours is fantastic! have you tried to make crackers out of your focaccia dough? that is one great focaccia, I slice it and toast it for GF breakfast toast. YUM!

    • Dr. Davis

      Yes, a bit rushed. But I remain grateful for the chance to more widely disseminate this message that has struggled against what I believe to be advertiser resistance.

      No, I haven’t tried to make the crackers out of the dough. But great ideas!

  23. Peter

    Hi Dr.
    I am 270 pound male who has a 42 inch waist. Realistically, by cutting out wheat, and nothing else,
    a) how many inches should come off my belly i) per week, ii) per month?
    b) could i expect male breasts to shrink/remove within a certain time period?

    • Dr. Davis


      1) Lots. Typically, a guy your size experiences at least 30 pounds over 6 months, 3 inches off the waist. Problem: Eliminating wheat is a HUGE step. But what is you drink a 6-pack of beer every night, lots of corn chips, and jelly beans? Then it will impair your weight loss and health experience. This is why I also talk about limiting carbohydrates, since they are problem #2 after wheat.

      2) Yes, and it will generally parallel loss of belly fat.

    • Dr. Davis

      Please read the most recent post on this blog, Mersiha, and you will find your answer.

      Buckwheat is much more benign than wheat, but just a potential carbohydrate challenge.