Wheat Belly Blog: One Million Visits!

We’re getting there awfully fast: One million visits to the Wheat Belly Blog!

I added the tracking widget around Halloween of 2011, after book launch August 31, so I missed the first few months. Nonetheless, it reflects the wonderful attention these arguments are receiving.

And the audience is growing faster and faster!

Have no doubt: Wheat freedom is overtaking the world!

Let Big Food, Agribusiness, and their government partners, the USDA, FDA, and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, end up with egg on their face. The FDA is considering allowing the food industry to use the claim that whole grains reduce the likelihood of type 2 diabetes based on the results of epidemiologic studies, what would amount to an incredibly stupid claim. Like the American Diabetes Association, the agency in the business of increasing diabetes and the need for diabetic drugs, we are pitted against powerful and well-funded agencies who work to grow their franchises and the U.S. economy . . . at your health expense.

We expose this rotten, fetid, festering corpse for all to see. Wheat is an opiate and it is being used to stimulate your appetite to sell more products. It sells more bread, pasta, cookies, and cakes. It sells more Twizzlers, granola bars, and breakfast cereals. It sells more arthritis drugs, acid reflux drugs, cholesterol drugs, blood pressure drugs, psychiatric drugs. It sells more joint prostheses, defibrillators and pacemakers, and hospitalizations. This is no small issue. It is an issue that approaches $hundreds of billions of threatened revenue to entrenched interests.

Wheat Belly is not just a book—it is a movement.

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97 Responses to Wheat Belly Blog: One Million Visits!

  1. Iris Alvares says:

    Dear dr Davis…

    Congratulations …. The wheat belly family is growing indeed…

    I look forward to your blog on a daily basis.. Reading every word of it and all the responses too.. One learns a lot from the responses as well..
    Last week I had written saying that I was getting severe headaches after six weeks of being wheat free. I am
    Delighted to report that the headaches are now gone…
    But since two days I have been getting cramps on my hands and feet… Is this too connected with wheat withdrawal.. Checked the book does not mention anything.. I think this too shall pass..
    Each day I value this knowledge more and I am great full to you… My husband too is joining me now.. He is happy with my progress and impressed with my self control… But I told him that wheat is like crack… Without it there are no cravings….
    Thankyou once again

    • Dr. Davis says:

      Wow, an unusually long withdrawal process, Iris. I am impressed that you stuck it out!

      You might try both a magnesium supplement, such as magnesium malate 1200 mg twice per day, as well as salting your food. Both can really help.

  2. Kara says:

    So, throughout this journey, my Dad said “Wow… I always thought you were a hypochondriac”…

    He’s done the Atkins Diet, and saw great results, and to be honest, I hate that atkins was a “diet” and not more like wheat belly…

    But anyways, thank you for my health, and thank you for your interest in exposing the truth.

    *~*Kara (Glad to have found this out at as a 20 y/o)

    Here’s to better health!

    • Dr. Davis says:

      Yes, too many people have been labeled “hypochondriacs” or “kooks” but were really experiencing health destruction at the hands of this Frankengrain.

      • Roger says:

        From reading your comments, it would be safe to assume that no one can accuse you of mincing words–when it comes to the Govt. and experts still endorcing wheat–not only so, but recommeding more wheat for, of all people, diabetics?

        Are the Powers That Be stupid, or, if they know better, I would have to say they are evil! I have nothing against anyone making money–but, to do so at the misery and expense of another, not only so, but cause pain and suffering, in order to do so? What kind of label could on place on that kind of evil?

        As I got sicker in mind and body, I increased my consumption of Heart Healthy Whole Grain–not only did my mind and body get worse, I was going into pre-diabetic! By now, I would likely be full diabetic–and, with the increasing pain and exacerbated symptoms, diabetes would have been the least of my worries!
        Decades have I read lit. on health, and the consensus, from both Govt. and Experts, was comsume more Heart Heathy Whole Grain! 1 Mar. 2012 is my INDEPENDENCE DAY!

        Keep up the fight, Dr. –as I have said before, YOU are a David, in the midst of several Goliaths!

        Regardless, this Veteran will stand with you, as I have the health to back up your evidence!

        Roger, OHIO

  3. Barb says:

    My husband and I had good progress on all aspects of our recent blood tests except CRP which was up for both of us. We have been wheat free for 8 months. We have also had some heat intolerance and leg cramps despite drinking more fluids. I’ve read that low carb eating can lead to salt imbalance which might relate to strain on the heart. It has been recommended to us that we begin eating more fruit, alternate grains such as quinoa, and salt. What is your take on this recommendation Dr. Davis? Do you have different suggestions?

    • wrotek says:

      Well best mineral suplementation i could find is was celtic sea salt. It is sold in America, has nice website and all. It is not refined and not stripped of his trace minerals

      • Susanne Anderson says:

        I also use Celtic sea salt.

      • Walfredo says:


        Really celtic salt is good, but honestly, the best of the best is Himalayan salt, lots of minerals, unpolluted, and I think you cannot go wrong with it.

    • Dr. Davis says:

      Sorry, Barb, but that sounds like utter nonsense to me.

      In fact, many people need to ADD salt when they restrict carbohydrates, as the sodium retaining properties of wheat have been removed. People can start getting tired and lightheaded and feel much better by adding back salt.

      • Barbwil says:

        That is good to know because for years I have been treated for hypertension and since going grain free, low carb and being pretty consistent in my readings I decided to check my BP and what do you know? 98/54 and just now 107/54. Of course I have been warned to stay away from salt, enemy #1. I guess I’d better go introduce myself to the old salt shaker!
        Unfortunately going “wheat free” cannot cure all things so I am going into the hospital tomorrow for a kyroplasty for TWO compressed spinal fractures. When the gal called to go over my history and meds and such she asked, “What kind of diet are you going by at home?” What an opening! This nice young lady was told about Dr Davis and the Wheat Belly book, seemed very interested, said she was going to look into it. One by one we’ll get the message out!!!!! This was after I had already intoduced the neurosurgeon’s office staff to the book. Such fun!!

        • Dr. Davis says:

          Good luck with your procedure, Barb! And thank you for spreading the message. You will be changing lives!

  4. Suze says:

    Another voice to add to the chorus… I stumbled upon Wheat Belly because I desperately wabred .to lose what I thought was my baby belly (my ‘baby’ is three!).

    And so I began … And sure, my belly is getting smaller, but that weird persistent dermatitis rash on my arm has cleared up entirely … I don’t have a stomachache after eating … I don’t pass wind constantly! I only eat when hungry. It is AMAZING.

    Thanks Dr Davis. I want to get my family onto this but am just gearing myself up … Wheat just dominates.

    • Dr. Davis says:

      Excellent, Suze!

      Skin and gastrointestinal disorders go hand in hand with consumption of this poison called wheat.

      Keep it going!

  5. JillOz says:

    Congratualtions Dr Davis!!
    Ideally, that’s one million fewer Wheat Bellies! ;)

  6. Bee J says:


    Went to a mandatory meeting yesterday afternoon at work. As usual, there was cake, cupcakes and ice cream. My friend and I elected not to stay, neither of us wanted any. The looks of astonishment on people’s faces was priceless — you don’t want cake and ice cream? They have a hard time believing it.

    Thanks for the heads up on wheat.

    I am pain free, unless I eat anything with wheat. Pain is not a village I am willing to intenionally visit again.

    • Dr. Davis says:

      Good for you, Bee!

      You have freed yourself from the tyranny and pain of this Frankengrain!

  7. Roger says:

    Congratulations, Dr. Davis, on the amount of people that visit this site!

    I am not surprized, though, as I hope that many will read what you have to say, in addition to the book, Wheat Belly, and will leave a post!

    I come to this site most every day, to read the responses to those who have weiged the evidence, and took the next step (stopped consuming!) against this Man-Made Human Pesticide! Before reading Wheat Belly, I thought Genetic Modified Soy and Aspartame were the twin evil-Incarnates—bad as they are, Genetic Modified Wheat is worse! I tell all I can, tell them about this site–and can easily counter most any argument, due to the fact that I have studied Wheat Belly–and I read and re-read the information on this site!

    I find the more I read, and the longer I stay off Genetic Modified Wheat, it is easier to stay off Wheat (and like toxins) and easier to counter arguments! Not only do I have the intelectual fire power, I have clean time (free of wheat) the health, to back me up!

    Soon, many will see this as a movement, not a fad, but a true grass-roots movement. I hope to see many of the powers that be, (elected and non-elected) held accountable for the Human Rat Poision that they have unleashed on the American People! And I hope and pray all non-Americans will think for themselves, and not consume our Government Ordained Human Rat Poision–Genetic Modified Wheat and other things of like manner. The official sites (Gov. and non-Gov.) that still insist on Heart Healthy Whole Grain, are legion!

    I cannot tolerate any amount of tax-payer money, funding any Health Program edorcing Heart Healthy Whole Grain Wheat! Not only is Wheat Belly a life saving device (much the same a a life-raff) it is an education tool, that empowers–and that means less dependent people on experts and Governent! Talk about true INDEPENDENCE! Bad as old King George was, with his restrictions and punitive taxes on the Colonists, in the late 1700′s, Genetic Wheat is doing to us, here and now, far worse than any Army, past or present, can imagine! It seems that The American Revolution needs to continue, expand–and focus on ridding our bodies and minds of addictive/toxic Modified Grain! It is hard to impossible to celebrate freedom, when both your mind and body are in chains by toxic WHEAT!

    HAPPY 4th Of JULY!

    Roger, OHIO

    • Dr. Davis says:

      Thanks, as always, Roger. And Happy 4th of July to you and your family, too!

      Let’s barbecue some sausages and hamburgers, have some salad, then top off your meal with some homemade ice cream? Can life get any better?

  8. claire ingram says:

    Dear Dr. Davis
    I recently came across articles on wheat belly and the side effects. I have been experiencing severe headaches and cramps in the legs. The reason I too have stopped buying anything that contains wheat, gone through a CT scan for the headaches and now awaiting an MRI as the radiologist recommended sequences to assess Cranial nerve five as it was diagnosed and noted the hypodense change at anterior limb right internal capsule and anterior margin right lentiform nucleus. I hope that this will find the answer to the headaches as they can be severe but not every day and not every moment. Not expelling any other symptoms that might be there. But I do believe it has a lot to do with the starvation of wheat. Sincerely Claire

  9. Patty says:

    I think the Glycemic Index diet is new agey sounding, thus they are hedging their bets by swerving away from the Adtkins-type low carb area.
    The glycemic index is faulty science. Not often truly reliable.
    But instead of re-inventing the wheel by re-analyzing for the zillionth time the glycemic index, let’s go into something gimmicky and safe. I do not trust anything these days coming from a research university, because the sources of funding are usually government.
    Billions of dollars are being made on genetically studying humans. So please watch what you are signing when you go to your local doctors or hospitals. The funding for geneticists to modify human genes is now where the big money profits lie. Newborns are being screened for many DNA tests, stored by the government. Parents have options. Please research this as well or all our wheat avoidance may be swept away.
    I apologize for scaring anyone, but please look at this.

  10. Sandra Tennant says:

    Hi Dr Davis,
    Many thanks for the book “Loose the Wheat and Loose the Weight” , and also the blog. I feel that it has been a life long journey of self education that has finally provided the big piece of the puzzle! thanks to you!! I was born with a hole in my heart almost 75 years ago. With the help of a wonderful family Dr.and my Mothers constant reminders “you can’t run and jump etc” I survived a sickly childhood. In 1959 the Heart Lung machine had been perfected and I was scheduled for surgery in March of 1960. My recovery was amazing, all of a sudden I had so much energy,I even could gain weight! 110 and feeling fine. After two miscarriages my first husband and I decided to adopt. We brought our 6 month old daughter home in Sept of 64, 3 months later I got pregnant and delivered our son in Sept of 65!! WOW from no kid’s to 2 kid’s in one year. My weight went up to 128 with the pregnancy and never went down. I even added excersize to no avail. My weight remained pretty constant around 135 until my late “50s”. In 2002 I was noticing a loss of energy and shortness of breath and was diagnosed with Pulmonary Hypertension. It does not sound good when you read the symptons and it says it is incurable!! I took part in a study for 5 years and gradually added symptoms of edema,more loss of energy,constipation, constantly tired and did not know how to change things for the better. That is when my husband and I discovered your book. We are now looking forward to more years of quality life together. I have eliminated all those meds that were making me sick and tho I have only lost a few pounds my energy and health improves daily. My hubby has lost about 15 # ,anxiety has almost disappeared,after 40+ yearsof BP meds gone and our Dr. says “Just keep doing what you are doing”
    Thanks again,

  11. Kara says:

    This is pure magic. No more “Iron-deficiency anemia” since the celiac diagnosis. I’m awake in the morning. My acne is near-nothing and I’m able to conceal the scars with make-up. I changed my toothpaste to one without wheat in it, and I don’t have sores in my mouth. The “weird” (quote from my doctor) rashes on my legs,arms, and back have gone away. The dandruff that I’ve always had went away without using any dandruff product, and I have tried it all! I just had to ditch the wheat in my shampoo. (LUSH makes some amazing all natural, vegan/organic/wheat free shampoos!)

    I was on ADHD medication after ADHD medication all through my undergrad. This past semester, I did “fine” without wheat and no ADHD medication, but my summer course is going GREAT! I was getting the grades with prescribed ADHD medication, but I was not even close to myself! Gee, I wonder how much better my undergrad career could have been!

    I could never be active or athletic. I always felt like my ankles would roll over because my joints often hurt so bad. Lately, I’ve been VERY active, burning 800 calories/day on sports I enjoy (kayaking, bikeriding, swimming, etc). I WANT to move! I started sprinting on my lunch break at work because I am so happy, healthy, and energetic.

    Just for curiosity sake, I plugged everything in to calorie count, and my net calories are NEVER more than 1400 calories, with the exercise. Even without exercising, I’m at the calories I’d burn in a day! It feels IMPOSSIBLE to overeat!

    I have known I have celiacs disease for about a year (and it took a very painful previous 20 to find out)! Just starting a few weeks ago, I stopped eating the other grains and gluten free items you recommended in wheat belly (I was eating an almond joy/potato/rice every day) and that is when my lethargy subsided. My weight is decreasing in all the right places. I’ve been between 110 and 140 lbs (5’2″) my whole life, and no matter what healthy weight I have been at my “wheat belly” was always there! I’ve already lost 10 lbs… Now I’m back to 130 lbs, and still losing!

    I’m a veterinary student who is heading to St. Kitts in the fall to attend Ross University. Now I don’t know if I’m going to fare well when I keep asking my professors “WHY?” in the nutrition classes. I might have to bring “wheat belly” with me, and let it go viral at my veterinary school. Ha! After this experience, I want to change something for are animals as well. Imagine wheat and grain is a major staple of ALL of our dog/cat/small pet/etc. food. These carnivores are eating a diet that they can’t handle also, and we wonder why they are developing these food allergies… A whole new subject, I know!

    And now I know I am absolutely no “hypochondriac”, as my family put it. I am 21 years old and I feel like a 21 year old!!!

    • Rong says:

      Early man didn’t evolve eating grains and this blog is testimony to that. Our dogs and cats most certainly didn’t either. Nearly all processed dog and cat foods contain grains. It’s a nice cheap filler just like human foods. I have had a hand in helping many, many folks get their dogs off of grains and to better, allergy free lives.

      Until I read about Dr. Davis in Life Extension Mag. and got the book I never thought of applying the same logic to myself. Make me feel kind of stupid but better late than never.

      • Janie Farler says:

        I recommend the documentary “Fresh” about the sustainable agriculture movement. It is available through Netflix. It is a real eye-opener about big agriculture. They address the issue of feeding grain to animals as well as GMO foods, pesticides, etc. I am not only wheat free, I am also searching for suppliers of grass-fed beef and free range chickens. We are being poisoned by our own “progress.” Wheat Belly opened my eyes, and I am not closing them again.

        I would like to know if corn has the same effect on blood sugar since it has also been genetically modified to be sweeter than the corn of my youth. I do believe it causes me intestinal upset.

      • Kara says:

        Maybe I’ll write an book about dogs and cats someday… They get acne (though it’s on their stomach usually… a secondary bacterial infection of their skin), yeast infections in their ears, infections in their paw pads, etc. Veterinary medicine is no better- an antibiotic or antifungal for the secondary infections, but never treating the problem. Finding a quality, balanced pet food is even harder.

        We had a rep. from a very common pet food company try to come in and talk about why grains are nutritious for our pets because “it’s simply a short cut to eat the grains…. They eat cows, Cows eat grains, Get it?” was the commentary of the evening. Uhm, lady, you are totally wrong. For one, cows shouldn’t be eating grains (hence why we’re turning to grass fed cows!)

        Anyways… The future of medicine is (I hope) getting away from pills on both ends. It will probably take another few decades for people to see their health is not improving with most doctors.

        Have you found a good brand of food for your pets, Rong? I’ve been experimenting with “Honest Kitchen” foods. It seems to really help my canine friend out with some problems!

        • Rong says:

          Yes, we have! We make our own food. We buy pork, chicken and beef at Costco on sale and I cook it for them. We mix in fresh baked sweet potato, salt free canned carrots, string beans, spinach and peas. The mix is 60% meat and 40% veggies by weight. The sale roasts and chicken at Costco for +/- $3.00/lb and the veggies are about $0.75/lb. Total cost per meal = approx. $2.10/lb. Try to match that in any premium grain free dog food in cost or quality of ingredients. These aren’t left over trimmings it is whole real food. We also supplement but that’s another whole subject.

          • Kara says:

            That sounds great! I know there are veterinary nutritionists who help people who cook for their pets identify if their diet meets the animal’s nutritional needs. Your pets must be some spoiled rotten, but healthy, animals!

          • Rong says:

            I wouldn’t say they are “spoiled rotten” but they like me turn up their noses at anything that is fake food. Often, at the Vet or PetSmart, etc they are offered wheat filled treats which they will take and drop on the floor and leave there. The same is true of any “chewable” pill. We have to pill them (put it down their throat) as they won’t eat fake food.

          • Kara says:

            Not to offend by calling them spoiled rotten, Rong. Sounds like you are doing a wonderful job! :)

    • Belinda says:

      Kara, there are quality foods available for pets…it just takes education and a little effort for people to make the best choices. In fact, I found out about Wheat Belly from a friend of mine who knows I feed my dog raw / grain-free. (I have a 14-y/o *healthy* shep/lab mix.) She said “You put a lot of care and effort into feeding your dog the best you can, but what about what YOU eat?” :-o

      • Kara says:

        Yeah, I guess before I finish up vet school, I will have to work with a holistic veterinarian to figure it out. I’ve been doing some research and it looks like even conventional veterinarians like Honest Kitchen pet foods. I’m pretty interested, and they said they’ll send me some samples for my cat.

        None of my animals have had major health problems… But I wonder about other people’s pets, and why so many seem to be going grain-free. I hear it greatly influences feline behavior.

        Anyways, I will figure it out. I was just curious of some brands to look into for reference.

      • Kara says:

        And congrats on the healthy 14 y/o lab/shepherd mix. What a wonderful achievement! How long has your dog been on a raw/grain free diet??

  12. John Townsend says:

    What is the status of the spanish language version of “Wheat Belly”?

    • Dr. Davis says:

      Oddly, that is the language we’ve had no requests for. I’m sure it will come, as Wheat Belly is either translated or being translated into Swedish, German, Turkish, Chinese, and several others. Spanish is sure to come.

      • nadija says:

        I request a Spanish version of the book! :)
        In Ecuador people eat wheat products all day everyday since the introduction of wheat by the Spaniards. Fresh bread is probably the cheapest thing you can eat, and babies are being fed wheat containing formula every day. I have so many friends that could really use the information in your book. I know many with diabetes who still eat bread every day and don’t believe me when I tell them how harmful it is. Here it is still largely believed that gluten intolerance and allergies are things that belong to 1st world countries rather than countries in development.

        Also, the large population of Spanish speakers in the US I think warrants the translation of the book.

        Thank you

  13. Patience is a Virtue says:

    Almost four weeks wheat free…blood pressure 122/80 (down from 155/95)…never ravenous, no cravings…I eat well. My Type 2 diabetic husband decided to give it a try and has been able to reduce his insulin by more than half in the ten days he’s been wheat free. I am truly amazed. Thank you!

    • Rong says:

      Man, that is amazing. I have had a rather slower slog but extremely beneficial none the less.

    • Marv says:

      Same thing with my 85-year young father, Patience! Can’t express how it feels to help him by sharing the Doctor’s wisdom.

  14. Amanda says:

    I would like to say to all of you who are not seeing inmediate changes, this is not magic, it is a lifestyle that is going to repair and heal your body, it might take a while to see results. I have been gluten free for 3 years now and lost 30 pounds, I am sure my body is still repairing itself of 49 years of abuse with wheat. I see improvement all the time, getting better at 52 I never thought it would be possible. Keep going….

  15. Eric says:

    I have a question about frequency and “trace amounts” of wheat. I’m nearly completely wheat free but once a month at the office we have cake and ice cream to celebrate birthdays. Last month I had some meatballs forgetting they had flour as a binder. I had a chocolate chip cookie at the July 4th BBQ. I’m also not entirely certain there is no wheat added to every last food I eat. In addition, I sometimes buy an otherwise Primal burger or burrito and toss the bun/tortilla. But, is the contact between the food and the bun/tortilla enough to cause trouble? There is probably some tiny residue remaining after I remove the bun/tortilla.

    I have lost weight since going Primal, but still have some skin redness/rash issues that I suspect might be related to wheat. A dermatologist said it was Seborrheic dermatitis. I’ve been almost wheat free for almost 4 months with the occasional lapse and the exposure to trace residue, and am wondering if that might be part of it.

    • Dr. Davis says:

      I suspect that it is, Eric.

      I worry that, if it shows on the skin, it likely shows elsewhere, especially the gastrointestinal tract, even if you experienced no perceptible gastrointestinal symptoms.

      One of the things I’d like to do is to chronicle the health consequences of continued wheat consumption in people who do not eliminate it yet have such manifestations. I suspect that we will see higher incidence of multiple forms of gastrointestinal cancers, diabetes, dementia, etc.

      • Eric says:

        So it sounds like, if there is a suspected connection, then even residual amounts from a discarded bun or tortilla may be enough to cause a problem?

  16. Barbwil says:

    My Kphoplasty surgery went well, had to stay in the hospital overnite. Eating was a bit of a challenge! The first meal at 2:30 was a slice of chicken breast, green beans, carrots and coffee with 2% milk and some sugar free gelatin with fruit. That evening was the same thing minus the carrots :). They had written “no bread, no added sugar” but yesterday for breakfast they served me the sickest looking “omelet” plus a bagel (no bread!) ;) and a bowl of rice crispies which of course got dumped!
    I was so glad to get home and fix my own food, grain free and low carb!
    Thank you, Dr Davis!!!!!!!!

    • Dr. Davis says:

      Great, Barb!

      Yes, hospitals are very dangerous places to eat. I hear this lament all the time.

      If wheat re-exposure occurs in the hospital and someone experiences the gastrointestinal distress and diarrhea, they will panic, not knowing what it is. One of the things we’ve got to do is to educate hospital staff that wheat re-exposure is a real entity with real implications.

  17. I just ordered your book. How can this help lower my Blood pressure please? I wish to avoid taking the pills. Has it helped anyone with BP?

  18. Heather MacLean says:

    I am still reading your book and have been wheat free for only 5 days. Feeling better I might add. I notice a lot of your recipes call for cocnut oil. I am wondering if you have written anything about the benfits of cocobut oil that I can read about. Thanks

    • Neicee says:

      I’ll leave the medical reasons for using coconut oil to Dr. Davis. I’ve been using it for about 4 yrs. and have been ordering it off Amazon. For your own knowledge, simply Bing or Google ‘benefits of coconut oil’ and a million articles will come up. There is a very good book, also sold on Amazon, which I’ve not purchased but love cooking with coconut oil. I simply can’t stand using olive oil for eggs but the slight taste of coconut with eggs is lovely. It’s expensive, but the jars at Walmart just don’t look right for the color. I even use a 1/2 tsp. when I finish brushing my teeth. Leaves a very silky feel to them. Burns, a small dab is way better than butter. So many uses.

    • Dr. Davis says:

      Not specifically.

      Suffice it to say that you should use it and enjoy it. It is healthy, tasty, and very forgiving for cooking, yielding excellent cooking characteristics.

      Saturated fat does NOT cause heart disease. Coconut oil is rich in saturated fats, including the lauric acid fatty acid that may provide health benefits in and of itself.

  19. Donn says:

    I just received my copy of ‘Wheat Belly’ and I am reading through it at a furious pace. In no way am I a food fanatic or even generally careful about diet but I have always been suspect about the safety of GMO foods.
    I believe 60 Minutes had an interview some years ago with food scientists regarding genetic alterations of grain and the scientists / researchers etc pretty said ‘not to worry we understand all of this. No problem here.’

    My general feeling about people is that if one is talking to someone who says they know it all you are likely talking to an idiot. Needless to say, the 60 MINUTES profile was a bit disturbing based on my worldview.

    Looking forward to this new approach as yes, I feel the compulsions to eat more even though it makes little sense. A life 30lbs lighter would be a better and healthier one and the understanding gained here will help in that goal.

    • Dr. Davis says:

      It makes me laugh (and cry), Donn, to hear that food scientists claim that they understand these issues.

      If they truly understood that the gliadin protein of wheat is an appetite stimulant, then they have knowingly colluded in one of the biggest scams EVER in history, destroying the health of more people than Adolf Hitler or Idi Amin.

  20. K Nichol says:

    Hello – what an informative book. I read it because I have been making my own bread for decades , for the past 6 years it has been almost totally sourdough, and thought it was all healthy. Recently my adult daughter
    who has been gone from home for 10 years, came to the conclusion that she was gluten-intolerant and stopped eating foods with gluten. However when she read about einkorn she thoughI it might be okay, so used it for the Christmas baking when she came home. She has done her own baking with it since, and has no gut problems (and it is much more flavourful!).

    So now I have a question concerning my own health, einkorn, and LDL – would switching totally to einkorn from wheat be sufficient to lower the LDL cholesterol. I do not have a weight problem (5ft 3 in, 115 lb 65 yr), but doctor thinks my LDL is “slightly elevated” given 2 brothers had heart attacks (angina), at ages 63 and 73, and my mother at aged 82. Would the apoB test be the only one that shows the actual size of the LDL?

    From time to time I do get indigestion problems and after reading the book wonder if they might be from the wheat, and the other grains I eat which include rice, millet, oatmeal, rye, spelt, kamut, buckwheat, and barley? All grains that I eat are soaked overnight in a whey/water mixture and all my bread products are fermented sourdoughs.

    On final question is In respect to your recipes using the nut and legume flours – as I have been following the Weston A Price diet for several years, I wonder about using those flours unsoaked? WAPF book Nourishing Traditions says that all legumes and nuts should be soaked overnight, often in whey or lemon juice, in order to be digested by the human body, so would not the flours such as almond and lentil also need soaking?

    Thanks very much – I appreciate all the information you have given in the blogs.

    • Dr. Davis says:

      Now, I don’t want my comments about einkorn to be interpreted as an encouragement to eat it. I don’t believe that humans should consume ANY form of wheat. Yes, einkorn is the most benign, but I do not believe it is entirely benign.

      I am skeptical that the phytates in nuts are sufficiently important that they exert adverse absorption effects on nutrients, so I have not advocated this. I love what Dr. Price did in his book, but this specific modern interpretation is not something I’ve seen persuasive data about.