Corn Belly

Say you’re starting from scratch and contemplating some change in diet. You suffer with heartburn, your joints hurt, your feet are swollen after standing on your feet for 8 hours. On your last visit to the doctor, your blood pressure was borderline high, your fasting blood sugar was in the pre-diabetic range, your cholesterol values were all screwed up, and your doctor threatened to put you on drugs for all of it unless you cut your calories and exercised more—even though you’ve been trying to push the plate away, consume smaller portions, and exercise vigorously at least 5 days a week.

So you decide to eliminate anything made of corn. This means you eliminate corn on the cob, any sauce or gravy thickened with cornstarch, tacos and tortillas or anything that might be made with cornmeal, and anything sweetened with high-fructose corn syrup. You continue to eat whole grain breads, pizza, and bagels. You try to limit your saturated fats and total fats. You eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.

What do you think happens?

Probably . . . nothing. Okay, so you lose 3 or 4 pounds, your fasting blood sugar drops from 112 mg/dl to 109 mg/dl, blood pressure drops from 140/90 to 137/84. After all, corn is an increasingly ubiquitous carbohydrate and reducing your carbohydrate exposure can lead to such health benefits. Factor in the uncertainties introduced by genetically-modified corn (glyphosate-resistant and BT toxin inoculated, in particular) and you have indeed achieved improvements in health.

But what about the other 70 pounds you’ve got to lose, the insatiable appetite, the still-high blood pressure and blood sugar, joint pains, peculiar rash on your arms and knees, leg edema, fatigue, depression, mental “fogginess,” not to mention the behavioral problems of your 7-year old, the acne of your 16-year old, the awkward and distressful cramps and diarrhea of your spouse?

You now where I’m going with this: It’s not about corn. If the entire health mess most of us find ourselves in were about corn, well, then . . . eliminating corn would solve the entire collection of problems. It does not.

But, eliminate the wheat and an unexpected and broad range of health benefits develop. That’s why the movement—not the book, but the movement—is labeled “Wheat Belly” and not corn belly, broccoli belly, beef belly, soda belly, high-fructose corn syrup-belly, or any other belly.

It’s called “Wheat Belly,” and it’s no mistake.

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Comments & Feedback...

  1. I believe that you wont get very much progress without getting rid of the wheat entirely. However, I have been primarily wheat free for several years and until I also stopped with corn and rice I did not begin to see much progress with health benefits and weight loss. Basically from the blog it seems as though the only problem with corn is the high carboyhdrate count. I dont agree with that at all. Just as wheat has been genetically modified and no longer fit for consumption (human or animal), so has corn. We are not eating the same corn that we used to eat. Logically it stands to reason that corn is now on its way to being just as harmful as wheat.

    • phk

      i forgot where i read that
      wheat, corn & soy are the most genetically modified (altered) crops.


    • Shankar

      Dr. Davis, Thanks so much for writing the book! With the help of the book, I have managed to regulate my sugar level down to non-diabetic level. I no longer have to take Metformin to do so. I am still working on getting my fasting sugar level below 100.

      I wanted to if you have any thoughts on carbonated water (sparkling water) and also the carbonated drink Fresca. Unfortunately, I have developed a taste for both!

      • Dr. Davis

        Excellent, Shankar! Kick diabetes out of your life, once and for all!

        Carbonation is a modestly destructive force that erodes bone health due to the high acid content.

  2. Vicki Westbrook

    Help! I have been Wheat free since June 3rd. I have lost 8 lbs, but keep going back and forth on the scale. I am walking, not cheating that I know of. I am constipated where I was not having this problem at the beginning.
    I do feel better, and I do look better but am very frustrated. I need to lose about 10lbs more. Any ideas? anyone?

    • Dr. Davis

      It sounds like an assessment of health is in order, Vicki, and that elimination of wheat may only provide an important start.

      The constipation signals a problem with bowel flora. Have you tried a high-potency probiotic, e.g., 50 billion CFU or greater?

      • Sandy

        Just want to chime in on this one. My husband and I have been wheat-free for several months and on a very healthy (non-processed) diet for over a year. He has had great results with his diabetes (as I have written about before), but he has continued to have persistent problems with constipation, even taking magnesium at bedtime as recommended by our gastro doc. We had him on a generic probiotic that our vitamin store recommends, but lately I splurged and bought the Garden of Life probiotic (For Men in my husband’s case) because I have such high respect for their company. My husband’s constipation resolved within a day or two, and he’s been having good bm’s once or twice a day ever since. This is after decades of persistent constipation. My apologies if this was TMI. :)

        I’m not sure why the Garden of Life brand is working. I like that it’s a whole food, raw formula, but I’ve been a tad skeptical of their probiotic because they include some digestive enzymes in the mix. According to everything I’ve read, you aren’t supposed to take digestive enzymes at the same time as probiotics, so I’m puzzled.

        But yes, a good probiotic makes a huge difference.

        • Dr. Davis

          Excellent, Sandy!

          I’ve not used this specific brand, but I’ll have to watch out for it. Can’t argue with success!

          • Amanda

            Good to know, I have suffered constipation for years, and for me the coconut oil works, (one tbs.) also digestive enzymes. I have not had any luck with probiotics of any kind. I still take probiotics but not for constipation, it does not work for me.

      • Vicki

        Extremely healthy (thank goodness). But I was having a dollop of greek yogurt every night with strawberries and quit because I wanted those extra calories gone…guess I go back to my yogurt (yay)! and will add a probiotic supplement. Thanks!

        • Adena

          Vicki, be careful with the yogurt there really isn’t much beneficial bacteria in most yogurt at all, it’s really more of a sale gimmick that they advertise that, and your probably wise to avoid it because of the sugar content. The best quality probiotics usually need to be stored in a freezer to keep, and they should have 20 billion active cells or more. You wont find much benefit in lesser amounts like contained in yogurt, actually most yogurts can cause more harm than good.

          • Carolyn Clayton

            I am wondering if plain Greek Yogurt is bad on the wheat belly diet. There is no fat and no sugar. It seems to keep me regular and I continue to lose weight.

          • This reply is for Carolyn….Chobani plain, low fat (not sure they make a ful-fat) yogurt has 7 grams of net carbs and they are all derived from sugar. I’m not sure about the other brands…..

    • Since giving up wheat six weeks ago, I’ve also had the constipation problem where before I did not, so I am glad to see your response to Vicki’s question, Dr. Davis! To battle this problem, I have also taken a fiber supplement, increased the water intake exponentially and now will add in a mighty probiotic to see if that helps.

      • DAVID

        Tracy, recommend consuming 1- 6oz container of no sugar added strawberry or blueberry yogurt mixed with 1/4 cup of milled flaxseed available at most grocery stores ie: Publix, brand is Bob’s Red Mill . It is very tasty and should have results in 24 to 48 hrs. Do this EVERY morning. Has worked for me for years.

  3. Randallbb

    I am a TYP member and have been following the TYP program for the last 8 months with spectacular results, really! I have been totally grain-free, including of course wheat-free. I don’t miss the wheat at all, that’s been no problem. In my pre-TYP life I did enjoy a bowl of organic hot-air-popped popcorn, drizzled with EEVO. I haven’t had any since I started TYP. I wonder if it would be OK to reintroduce popcorn maybe several times a week, per Dr. Davis’ post above on the relatively benign effects of corn. Any advice?

    • Dr. Davis

      Hey, TYP Member over in Wheat Belly Blog land!

      It is primarily a matter of carbohydrates, Randall. In general, most people can tolerate 15 grams “net” carbs (total carbs minus fiber) per meal. This generally means no more than 3 cups (popped) popcorn at a time. Consume more and small LDL and blood sugars start to go up.

  4. Thank you Dr. Davis,
    I trust what you are saying, but will verify! Anecdotally, corn-on-the-cob gives me little problems, except slower weight loss. Now Doritos are so lovely because of the sugar!!
    Now I want to study GMO corn. Nature is constantly doing GMO on it’s own, but I will take the slower evolution of that than what lovely molecules Monsanto can invent. The farmers can grow a lot of corn with large, satellite, On Star-like machinery that costs a small fortune. The Gov’t. made the price of their gas, oil increase because of the stupid insistence on ethanol. Once you take subsidies, they own you farmers!!
    So, sorry for getting political, but seems where I came from many farms were ruined by a very complicated process. Any farmers out there who can explain what I am trying to examine? Used to be shameful in my area to take farm subsidies, not anymore. But the corruption has brought down and ruined whole rural farm areas.
    Corn production to partially finish off the grass fed cows, use it for chick feed is good, no?
    Says flax may be better, but I am new to all this. But I do not like soy for stomachs.
    Sorry for the rant, but I need to study some ag journals that are not subsidized by Monsanto or gov’t. Are they out there??

    • Dr. Davis

      Nature is definitely NOT engaging in the techniques of gene-splicing that are employed by geneticists and agribusiness, Patty. That is precisely the point: The techniques used are imprecise, often uncontrolled, and do NOT always generate the desired effects and create many unintended effects.

      It does not mean, with sufficient knowledge and sophistication, that genetic engineering cannot work. It means that, with current levels of knowledge, there is no way to predict what happens . . . until you and I serve as the laboratory rats.

  5. I’ve found that I’m able to tolerate some corn products, but they do slow down weight loss. I’m wondering, Dr. David, how this blog post came about? I must have missed some controversy about the book perhaps?

    And on a side note – Doritos have wheat in them. Can you believe it? ;)

    • Rong

      Yes, Donna I can believe that. You can pretty safely assume if it is “food” in a box, it has wheat in it. You may have to get out a thesaurus to find all the disguised names for wheat and wheat byproducts but you can bet it’s there. My motto is if it is in a box, I’ll pass give me real food please.

    • Dr. Davis

      Hi, Donna–

      Having not looked at these chips in a while, I was not aware that Doritos has wheat in them–why does that NOT surprise me?

      No special reason: It just popped into my head after a number of people have tried to argue that surely there is more to the obesity crisis than wheat. And there is, but nothing compares to the magnitude of the appetite-stimulating, insulin-provoking, blood sugar-raising effects of wheat.

      Sometimes it helps to gain perspective. This was a perspective piece.

      • Very helpful post. I keep the Wheat Belly blog high on my list of favorites to check every day. Keeps me inspired and watching for those hidden sources of wheat and spurs me on in my overall ‘LIVEt’ (not DIEt. :)

  6. marsha

    I stumbled across this site yesterday before I had anything to eat. Downloaded the kindle version of the book and am excited after what I have read Today is wheat free day 2 for me. I already feel alert and not groggy at all. Been through six months of testing (endocscopy, ct scan, colonoscopy, stomach emptying test, biopspsies, lab) and all they can find is inflammation. I look forward to trying this wholeheartedly. I don’t know how I missed the book prior to yesterday. Thank you, Dr. Davis. I am sharing the book with my family practitioner husband. Ordered copies for my mother (diabetic) and daughters.

    • Dr. Davis

      Excellent, Marsha!

      Given your early response and symptoms, I predict that you will likely be enjoying perfect health in the very near future!

      Please update us with your observations. As you can see, these are a valuable part of the experience.

      • Dr. Davis , It is almost a year ago that I read your book and I have been wheat free ever since. I also suffer from Hypothyroid and have tried many combinations of thyroid meds. I see a primary care doc who is young enough to be willing to try things. I bugged him to put me on T4 + T3 and I have lost 15 lbs.My problem now is I have this violent hunger pang that doesn’t abate. Food doesn’t quench it. Also I have dizzy spells several times a day. My doc is at a loss and suggests that I see an Endo. I know that they have a reputation for lumping everyone together and not understanding the benefits of T3. I value your opinion, any thoughts? Oh yes…I also take iodine every day

        • Dr. Davis

          It sounds like something unrelated to your thyroid, Mama.

          Have you considered 1) loading up on fats and oils, 2) added salt, 3) hydrating vigorously?

          It’s possible, of course, that you have developed a new condition. This may be worth addressing with your doc in case, for instance, you have developed a gastrointestinal condition.

        • Leslie

          I was also able to finally convince my endo to let me add increasing amounts of T3 to my thyroid meds until I started to get relief of unresolved symptoms. I had a large spike in appetite when my body temps and presumably my metabolism finally started to come up. I am not overweight, btw, as I have been following low carb for years before going completely wheat free. I had to add back what I considered high amounts of some benign carbs like rice and potatoes in order to reach a new equillibrium. Since I reached a level of T3 where I was feeling good, my endo has been slowly shifting me to more T4 and less T3 with good results, which is surprising since I could never increase T4 before the T3 treatment without problems, but I also wasn’t completely wheat free at the time so that could also be a factor. I suggest you try upping your fats as much as feasible first (butter coffee anyone?), and then add back small amounts of clean carbs at a time until you find a balance. Thyroid balancing requires great patience and perseverance, but wheat free is the greatest aid you can start with!

  7. AnMa

    Haha, I checked sausages at the grocery, there is wheat in each of them…
    And caramel in cold turkey or ham… o_O

    • Neicee

      Wheat in sausage? You bet. That’s why you mix your own sausage. Just by changing a few herbs and spices you can make fresh Italian sausage, breakfast sausage and a slew of others. I make it, roll it into a round cylinder and immediately freeze it. You can eliminate the preservative that way. Do fry up a small piece to sample to check if seasoning is correct. I have not invested in the sausage link maker. Just bulk and served in patties. There are a zillion recipies online.

      • Janet

        Yum. I do crave some sausage so I may try and make some when I get my beef CSA this fall. I got some grass fed, no preservative, no junk (including wheat) hot dogs at a health market nearby and use them kind of like sausages. I stir fried slices of them with sauerkraut, apples and chopped onions the other night and adored the flavor. So easy to saute some meat with veggies for a main dish. I use bacon grease and then shake a bit of Braggs Aminos on the whole mess when done, but mostly I just love the bacon-y flavor. With the fresh veggies now–incomparable taste and satiety factor. I am eating almost 100% Paleo now with some fermented diary. I can say Dr. Davis has changed my life. I got directed to Paleo directly from the Wheat Belly Blog after I read his book. I would recommend Robb Wolf’s book “The Paleo Solution” and Mark Sissons “Primal Blueprint”.
        I work at a library and I notice each of the 8 libraries in our consortium has a copy of Wheat Belly now, including mine, and they are constantly circulating. I am recommending it–especially when I see others are requesting books that give a hint they are having the familiar health issues we see being helped by Wheat Belly and whole food nutrition sans wheat/ grains/sugar.
        I dropped out of the political scene that I was totally involved in the last 10 years and the only way I will get back in is concerning the health issue and the scam that is killing people and sickening them via the corporations, med societies, government. That may be my coming crusade because we will have to change things from OUR level. If I am not in the store buying grain fed beef, then I make a difference and will tell my local store why I am not buying their meat until they carry what I want.

        • Dr. Davis

          Be inspired, Janet!

          This will be a long uphill climb, working against the constant barrage of “eat more healthy whole grain” echoed thousands of times every day by media, dietitians, and Big Food. We could use your help!

  8. Sheri

    To Patty,
    If you can find it I reccomend watching the Food Inc. Documentry it was very informative (No mention of Wheat Belly, but much on the processed & GMO food situation).

    • Claudia

      That is one scarey documentary – and everything they’re doing is legal – just blows my mind

  9. Becky S

    Very interesting and informative blog…what you say makes a lot of sense and I am seriously considering making the change for myself and my kids…not sure if hubby will be on board. Is there any evidence for a connection between early puberty in girls and wheat? I think my daughter is showing signs of puberty much too early and I am hoping to postpone any further changes. Any thoughts on this?

    • Claudia

      I had heard that it was because of the excess estrogen found in dairy and red meat products – dunno for sure tho

    • janet


      My husband is kind of on-board because he eats what I cook–and what I cook is damn good and healthy now. Also, I listen to the paleo podcasts (Rob Wolff + others) and low carb (Jimmy Moore) while my sweetie sits in the next room on his computer. He has been (forced? subliminally?) listening since January and now he is soaking in the information and agreeing. Last summer he bought tons of crappy cookies, apple pies, and other bad wheaty carb poison. This summer he buys nothing like that but fruit and is drinking more water than pop. I haven’t said much but my changes in appearance, mood and energy ( I am 64) have been proof to him that this works. We have a loaf of bread that has been sitting conspicuously in my frig freezer for months and he hasn’t touched it. (I swear there is some kind of “fuse” on the end of the package). This is a guy (65) that has already had a stroke and heart attack. Now, if he would quit the corn checks for breakfast, he will be “golden”. He needs his teeth fixed and then he can switch to better food for breakfast (excuses, excuses) Ha.

  10. wrotek

    Does wheat free diet work best for blood type o ? Who are suppose to be carnivorers? Are here any type a people who experienced wheat free lifestyle beneficial ?

    • nonegiven

      That blood type diet is probably not a real thing but type O isn’t supposed to eat wheat. Mom does that diet and I think she feels better on it because it’s wheat free and relatively low carb.

  11. Roger

    Again, Dr. Davis, excellent post!

    I am not sure if or when the powers that be, will ever get the Genetic Game down to a precise science.

    What would be perfection–what would that look like, and who, again, can predict with certainty, that this particular grain is THE Most accurate or best of the Genetic Modifications?

    For those who beleive in God, or that we are an evolved monkey, who among us will be the Superior Being or will be the head Modified Monkey–to replace God or will be evolved enough to modify food–making it better? Before Science replaces God, and a Govt. that wants to be God, how many will have to suffer?

    For the longest time, before Wheat Belly, (1 Mar. 2012–my Wheatless date) I stopped consumption of all grains, (including corn) due to the fact of all the genetic modifications. What I read of Soy, frightened me. The exception was Heart Healthy Whole Grain Wheat. I will not post all the symptoms I had, before–as a picture of me, before, reflects the monstrocity I was–as my mind and body were devestated. I may post a picture of me, when I hit my target weight.

    My books, studies etc. all spoke well of Wheat, the benefits etc. I have kept all the material, since I was 13 years of age–as I looked up to Body Builders and Power Lifters, that talked of a proper diet, including Wheat!
    As a child, the image of the Govt. Food Pyramid was etched into my mind, and it influenced my diet. When I hit 295lbs, my Chiropractor got my back to the point that I could go to the Gym–and I nearly killed my self, to lose weight, and thought that my symptoms would go away, as soon as I lost pounds. They did not!

    For quite a few years, I had no idea what was happening to my mind a body–

    Now, (as of 1 Mar. 2012) before even droping one pound, or losing a fraction of an inch, many life long symptoms have vanished, and a few more are on their way to ancinet history! How? I stopped consuming WHEAT! This time, I am not spending dangerous hours in a hot sauna, hoping no one in charge will catch me. I am not spending long hard cardio hours in a hot gym, with stuffy air–only to find, at 205lbs, I still have a sick belly, and I cannot understand why! Why am I killing my self to lose weight, and why is it sooooooo easy to gain it back–and why am I do damn hungry all the time? Why is it that I have such a craving for Carbs–and then, for table sugar?

    Now, I know.

    This time, as I lose the weight, I know when I hit my target 190lbs, I will not have a belly, as the Wheat Belly of old, will have been burned up by a metabolism that does not have to burn grain-based carbohydrates! I am not craving cabs., nor am I craving table sugar!

    Dr. Davis has based his research on how the body actually works, and its relationship to a modified wheat that is as toxic to the mind, as it is to the body. Far too many have benifited from his information–for it to be mere coincidence. Most of the arguments against Dr. Davis, are from people that did not read his book, people that read, but did not pay attention, or people to biased by pre-conceptions of Heart Heathy Whole Grain!

    Education and the discipline that goes with it, has always been at a high cost, demanding dollars and/or time. If education does not demand dollars, it is most time consuming. Ignorance is cheap to free–and will cost, in the long run, more than just dollars and time–it may cost your life!

    Informed and Wheat FREE!

    Roger, OHIO

      • Roger


        The before or symptoms will be in Dr. Davis’ new book..

        They had to do some editiing, for the list was extensive.

        If it is O.K. with Dr. Davis, I will post them, as I think I have it on a drive, and I think I know how to transfer it. I can check my old e-mail corrospondence. I am new to tech. and am still intimidated.

        Some of the main things were the joint pain and bow problems. The bow problems were all of my life, and the joint pain worsened, more so, each year.
        Joint pain and bow pain, made my life a living hell–but were not as life treatening as the high blood pressure, painful depression and Alheizemer-like symptoms. My weight was increasing–and as all this was going on, I had little choice, but to give up, as Veterans Administration Doctors were useless. They wanted to make a mental case out of me, and/or a drug addict. They knew something was wrong, but they did not know what–so, all they had to offer was a mental diagnosis and/or drugs, to cover their own a**. I did not give them a chance to do either.

        To put it mildly, my mind and body were as close to a living hell on earth, as I want to be in.

        When I received a flyer in the mail, I was going to rip it to shreads, for it was written by a Medical Dr.–and I have had enough of those! I consider it an act of God’s mercy, that I read that flyer, and obtained the book, for I could not waite to have it sent to me–as that was not fast enough!

        I am not where I want to be, (solid, ripped at 190lbs) but I am getting there!

        Now, no one I meet, that has not known me, beleives that I am 50 years old!
        No one that has known me, can deny the before and after!

        Sorry about my spelling, (old glasses not working) as I have to be re-fittted for losing the Wheat, my eyes have improved.

        Roger, OHIO

        • Dr. Davis

          Hi, Roger–

          Please feel free to post the list you were citing.

          After all, your cause is my cause!

        • wrotek

          Thank You, did not You mean bow problems as bowel problems ?

          So Your symptoms are not in Wheat Belly which i have, but in Dr Davis New cooking book ?

          • Roger


            Miss-Spell, easily, cant see too well, as my eye site has improved, since losing the Wheat. Do not have my new glasses yet . . .

            As soon as I learn how, I will post my list of before and after symptoms–as the edited version says what I want to say.

            My life long bowel problems have cleared up, and, if that was all that cleared up, it would be worth losing the Wheat!

            Roger, OHIO

  12. Vickie

    Dr. Davis,

    After reading Wheat Belly, I went gluten free/wheat free in Feb. this year. On page 92 you call my symptoms Celiac Disease Lite. I decided I wouldn’t take heartburn/reflux medication to “mask” the problem anymore. My symptoms were diminished within days after making changes to my diet and without medication. In just a few weeks I was totally heartburn/reflux free. I had to eliminate wheat, oats, and gluten containing products. As of today I’ve lost 25 pounds! Since wheat/gluten is in so many processed foods, I just stay away from them as much as possible. If I want something baked I find recipes using flax, almond flour, and/or coconut flour. I confess, I also eat gluten free pasta and gluten free pretzels. I want to drop another 25 pounds so I try to limit these. This is the first book I’ve ever recomended to family and friends. Thank you!!!

  13. jkrau37

    I am writing this comment, sitting in agony, I went out to dinner tonight for a family celebration. I have been wheat free for 5 weeks and have lost 4cm off my hips within 2 weeks then another cm in the past week. I was so excited and didn’t really miss the wheat – I used to love my bread, but after a week I didn’t miss it at all – I commited to finding and using the gluten free products – but who knew that only after 5 weeks there would be such a difference in my body’s reaction to wheat! We ate mexican and I had a few corn chips and a taco – normally i don’t eat the shell, but i was hungry and thought that it would be mostly corn so what harm would it do?
    That was 5hours ago and i am still in agony and had to take pain relief and my poor stomach is so bloated it has stretched beyond recognition. I have indiestion, burping and other stuff going on. yuk.
    So lesson well learnt. Never again will I eat anything with any remote sign of wheat!
    I also would like to thank you for this blog. I have been struggling to shift my weight and am now on a positive course to ensure that it is moving on the downward scale.

  14. Just had to share my excitement. My Type 2 diabetic husband is down another 5 pounds this a.m. and he’s taking 1/3 of his normal insulin. He’s been wheat free for a little over 4 weeks and this is really the only “diet” he’s been able to maintain, since it is so easy without the cravings, and the food choices are almost limitless. His mood and energy are vastly improved, and he’s looking forward to “getting off insulin” soon. I never expected to ever hear him say that. Two years ago, his dr. suggested stomach bypass. He still suffers from diabetic neuropathy, and as I understand it, this is a one-way street. But maybe he can prevent it from getting worse. He’s even started swimming a few days a week with me. I can’t express to you how grateful I am, Dr. Davis. I know that we should all maintain our health before it gets critical, as it has in the case of my husband. But this is not so easy for some, and I thank you for providing a solution.

    • Rong

      I too am Type II diabetic. I have been off grains for nearly 11 months. I am cutting back my Metformin. I started low carb again 9 months before that in January of 2011. I have lost 33 lbs and am now around 20-22% body fat content. More importantly, my blood sugar average (on Metformin 850mg X 3/day) dropped from an average morning NPO of 110 (taken every day) to now below 89 average for this month. I have dropped my Metformin to 850mg X 2/day and am monitoring it to see if and when I can reduce it more. I don’t take insulin but that was the next step if I hadn’t gone low carb and read Wheat Belly. If my morning average readings continue to drop or stabilize, I will try reducing the Metformin further. I am 68 so I am very cautiously optimistic. Age and diabetes are very, very close friends. You and your husband have my best wishes and reading your story only makes my journey easier. Thanks for sharing.

    • Dr. Davis

      I see people like your husband, Patience, as a victim of the misinformation from “official” providers of health information and Big Food and agribusiness. It would be far more profitable for your husband to remain diabetic and require more medication, more food to feed his amplified hunger, more hospital procedures to “fix” the variety of problems that inevitably arise.

      I say tell them all to bug off and take back control over health. Once you see the light, you realize that the key to health is really so darned simple.

  15. Annette

    Hubby had his blood work done and the Doc says your cholesterol is still too high we are changing the scipt but we want you to change your diet and eat more whole grains and less fat and meats. Even though he told them he was GF too funny but also sad.

  16. Lisa

    I’ve just recently discovered your blog site! So please excuse me if someone has already commented on this particular aspect of the GMO wheat being the problem…the elephant in the room, if you will. Shouldn’t we also be concerned with the GMO corn and GMO soybeans? Seems that all food sources that have been tampered with, in order to receive pesticides better or to produce more “uniform” and “desirable” veggies (like the perfectly round, plump and perfect tomatoes we see at the grocery store) – should be suspects in the many diseases we humans are experiencing today. Just a thought…but would love your opionion on it!

    • Dr. Davis

      Actually, Lisa, in the language of geneticists, modern wheat has NOT been genetically modified.

      Instead, modern wheat has been the recipient of imprecise, poorly controlled, and crude techniques that are far WORSE than genetic modification. This is all discussed in detail in the Wheat Belly book.

      GM-corn and soy are indeed problems, but the standout problem, more than any other, is pre-GM wheat.

  17. LisaR

    I bought the Wheat Belly book about 3 weeks ago, and have been wheat free for nearly 3 weeks. I’m sad to say that I have not lost any weight at all, BUT I do feel better.

    I wondering if the nuts I’m eating, help fill me up, are the culprits for the lack of weight loss. Any suggestions?

  18. Carolyn Clayton

    This is for Kay. I have been on Adkins diets and have suffered a lot on them. I was hoping this was not a diet that I have to count carbohydrates. Is there any yogurt that would be allowable on this diet?

  19. Carolyn Clayton

    I don’t necessarily want a magic formula but I do like some dairy. Is there some yogurt that would be okay?

  20. Robert Gardner

    My wife and I have been happily wheat-free and sugar-free for about the past 4 years and can happily confirm the dramatic improvements in health that come from such a diet. My switch to wheat and sugar-free began when I retired from full-time work and was able to much-better control the little snacking that I used to do at work. Just a little snacking, but enough to contribute to stubborn extra weight that just wouldn’t go away no matter what was tried. I lost about 30 pounds, effortlessly, in about 3 months – from 180 lbs down to 150 lbs. I’m 6ft 2inches in height, and this made me quite slender. Some muscle mass was also lost in the process.
    My comments, and questions, relate to carbohydrates – particularly, good carbohydrates that you could recommend on your diet. After starting the Wheat Belly diet about 3 months ago, my wife and I reduced carbohydrates dramatically. We quickly realized our wheat-free strategy had swung heavily over to the ‘ancient grains’ of millet, buckwheat, quinoa, and amaranth (for breakfast cereals as well as snack breads) which we now know was contributing a significant carbohydrate load to our diet. Removing these carbohydrates has resulted in a further weight loss which has dropped me down to about 140 lbs which I consider the limit that I want to lose.
    I’ve now pretty well used up all the spare fat stores in my body, and eat a very low-glycemic diet. I now find I need to eat quite often in the day to have energy to do all the things I wish to do. Could you recommend a range of good carbohydrates that would provide both good nutrition and the little bit of extra muscle energy I need. I know I could simply eat more of what’s on the Wheat Belly diet, but I’d like to know more about ‘good’ carbohydrates I could re-introduce into my day.
    Thank you, and bless you for the courage to step outside the box and propose a way of life that goes considerably against the normal collective consciousness out there.

  21. VibeRadiant

    I have a question about eating carbs (vegetables). I notice that I still get cravings right after dinner. I usually eat salmon or eggs, and lots of veggies, fresh and cooked. And I get cravings. Is that me still detoxing from processed carbs/wheat or am I not eating enough proteins by way of nuts, cheeses or more fish/eggs?