Bill O’Reilly loses his Wheat Belly!

“My cholesterol has dropped big time. My indigestion, gone away. And so have my allergies.”

TV talk show host and political pundit, Bill O’Reilly, has been talking about his wheat/gluten-free experience for some weeks.

Last evening, he finally talked about the book that is thrusting the Wheat Problem into the spotlight, Wheat Belly. Here are his comments.

Just don’t eat the cookies! Remember: You can have your wheat-free lifestyle, lose the weight, undo all the damage it has done to your gastrointestinal tract, skin, and nervous system, and still have cookies. But you’ve got to make them with healthy ingredients like coconut flour and ground almonds . . . NOT gluten-free junk carbohydrates like rice starch, cornstarch, tapioca starch, and potato starch, the ingredients that dominate gluten-free foods but still ruin health.

Maybe Mr. O’Reilly and I can have coffee sometime and enjoy a wheat-free, no sugar-added carrot muffin or mocha walnut brownie. Life is great without wheat!

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Comments & Feedback...

  1. Huge endorsement! I’ve been eating wheat free for about 6 months now. I don’t think I have celiac but I feel great and my body is toned. At 18 it should be right?! Thanks for writing this book, it’s changed the way our family eats! My mom even paid my older brother to read your book in hopes that he would want to cut out wheat. He enjoyed the book, but wasn’t ready to try it yet.

  2. The problem being that on other topics Bill is so full of vitriol that a huge number of people will just do the opposite of what he says out of spite. :|

    • Boundless

      > The problem being that on other topics
      > is so full of vitriol that a huge number of people will just do
      > the opposite of what he says out of spite.

      Yep. If Michael Moore did a wheat warning movie, many people would eat more of it.

      We had this discussion when BoR first aired a wheat opinion some time back.

      I’ve never tried Garlique, in part because Larry King has no credibility with me.

      Separating the message from the messenger is a problem, but not a huge problem. The people who are most likely to discount an actual truth from a celebrity are the least likely to be listening to that person in the first place.

      • I am not a big fan of O’Reilly, by any means. But he is thinner in his face than he used to me. He used to be chubbier.

        Health problems are nonpartisan.

    • Rong

      It’s really very simple. Regardless of any of the Wheat Belly Blog followers feelings about Mr. O’Reilly, he just reached millions of ears that none of us, including Dr. Davis (with all due respect) could ever hope to reach. Who the hell cares about his other opinions? He has no doubt improved the heath of many, many people and that is what should concern all of us here.

      • Dr. Davis

        Yes: Mr. O’Reilly, regardless of his political bent, has just furthered our cause immensely.

        We owe him many thanks.

        • Roger

          Who was it that said the only political comment I will make, is that wheat will kill anybody, Republican or Democrat,?????????

          OH, that was Dr. Davis!

          The issue is Human Rat Poision (my name for Wheat), not the Political Opinions of a man–as this could just as easily been Howard Stern or some Rock Star, that makes a norm out of living a debauched life.

          Sooner or later, many well knowns are going to come forward–and tell their life’s story, of before and after Wheat! This is a good thing, be it Rush Limbaugh, Howard Stern, a Rock Star, or, even a low-life Used Care Salesman–or worse, a sub-humanoid Politician.

          Reguardless on how people rate on our Personal You-Really-Suck Scale, they are still people! And People (and Pets)–their health- should be our main concern–as many are becomming aware–but many millions, are not!

          Roger, OHIO

  3. Stan

    Now, if only we could get someone of equal vitriol on the liberal-moderate media blowhard platform to promote wheat-free eating and deplore the use of gluten-free, manufactured garbage. Sad, that such a messenger would typically decry anything that smacks of government regulation over the harmful threats to our food supply in order to glorify a corporate/privatization ideology. One doesn’t watch BOR without the clarity of his vehemence against we lazy, poor, recipients of government safety-netters who struggle to eat non-corporate poison designated as “food”.

    Oh, the cognitive dissonance and irony are too stupefying.

    • Ulli

      If I remember right several years ago Michael Moore announced that he lost a good amount of weight by avoiding low fat and fat-free foods. So maybe he would be a good candidate. Although I feel a moderate liberal member of the Democrats might be more effictive.

      • Neicee

        I think we all need to take up a collection to send Bob Beckel of The Five/Fox News a copy of Wheat Belly. I know he’s recovering alchoholic/drug abuse but sometimes I swear he’s going to have a stroke. Course, he’s the lone lib in a group of conservatives.

  4. Neicee

    Dr. Davis, just read your interview over at Newsmax health site. Very good and covered all the points you’ve made so clearly in your book. Oh, and I’d love to see you interviewed by the Big O at Fox News. You either love the guy or hate him, but he still is the most watched in prime time at cable news. Plus, his program is seen around the world now.

  5. wrotek

    Dear Dr Davis, why is belly full of inflammatory fat ?
    Could it be that wheat belly is a result of inflammation that wheat causes ?
    Why would white blood cells sit in the belly, what is there to clean up for them ?

    • wrotek

      In the book Wheat Belly is said that visceral fat produces estrogen.
      I have read that ‘beer belly’ is causes by phytoestrogens in beer. So are man breasts.
      Could it be that wheat contains too steroidal compounds, from phytoestrogens group ?

    • Dr. Davis

      I don’t think that science has been fully sorted out yet, Wrotek.

      But you raise a tantalizing possibility! More often than not, when considering the causes of various health problems, it’s about wheat.

        • Dr. Davis

          Believe it or not, Wrotek, I believe that I only touched on the worst issues with modern wheat in Wheat Belly.

          There’s more!

        • Kaylana

          Actually, it has been known since the 1930’s that wheat is a phytoestrogen.
          Wheat is a lignan and lignans are estrogenic.
          When the sheep went out to eat the spring clover they found that the animals gained weight as a result. This soon led to the discovery of how estrogen causes rapid growth. Fast forward and you have the meat industry pumping growth hormones into animals and the soy industry raking in the profits as one farmer told me, “If you want a healthy milk cow, feed it soy.”

          Never mind that those phytoestrogens and xenoestrogens are making their way into the meat, eggs and milk that we consume everyday*. This may be another reason why people who have an allergy to soy and nuts also suffer when eating other foods.

          Do I dare get started on how the WHO listed estrogen as a known Group 1 carcinogen? Or how the β-glucuronidase in the fiber from wheat frees the estrogen labeled for removal, from its glucuronide escort and sends it back into circulation thus increasing our estrogen levels even further? And I definitely don’t want to get started about what this does to our fertility, men and women.

          Now back to our regularly scheduled program…
          *see “Soy-ling of America: Second Hand Soy from Animal Feeds” if interested in the research. Contains info on research done at Ohio State University in 2009.

          • wrotek

            Kaylana thank You for this, I will look more into it.

            Steroidal compounds are very dangerous, because in their nature is to target not only one nuclear receptor but multiple ones . They activate one receptor and are antagonistic for other.


          • Roger

            Some of this is really, really, really GROSS!

            Even for a Combat Meddic!

            If flys only knew how toxic this man made crap is, they would buzz around it, and drop dead!

            The more I know, the less I eat any form of this crap, but, it still sickens me, that I crap-shovled Wheat and Wheat Products, for over 49 years of my almost 50!

            The Child in me wants a Mr. Yuck Sticker, flipping the bird to Genetic Wheat, while the adult in me, sees the Mr. Yuck sticker, of yesteryear, like the McGruff Crime Dog, soooooooo retro, most will not even know what it is!

            I wonder if this man-made crap is sooooooo toxic, that a giger-counter would go off on it! Regardless, I have the residual effects of my former Wheat consumption, forever etched in my mind!

            Roger, OHIO

  6. Jennifer

    You asked me to comment here, so you would have my email. I would be interested in at least talking to them. :-)

    • Dr. Davis

      Excellent, Jennifer!

      I will give your email address to the writer for the magazine, Lisa Maxbauer.

      Thanks for helping out. More people need to hear incredible turnarounds in health and weight with wheat elimination!

  7. Dr. Davis,

    I don’t always agree with Bill O’Reilly, but I do admire the fact that he’s not afraid to take on anybody if he thinks he’s right. I hope he will invite you to his show for an interview. What a great way to spread the word!

    By the way, two years ago my HDL was 26, Triglycerides: 99. Then I began to follow your advice and increased my fish oil and started vitamin D. Last year my HDL was 39. One year ago, I became wheat-free. Now now my HDL is 56 and my Triglycerides are 70. Wow!

    I can’t thank you enough, Doc!

  8. tammy

    Can we please stop trying to make this a political issue? If you’re a believer in Wheat Belly and it’s helped you, why hate the messenger if he’s trying to spread the good news? He’s a journalist, not a serial killer.

    • Roger

      Perhaps all inolved will be Cerial Killers, if the Cereal, in question, is made of Wheat!

      It is hard, indeed, to look at some people, as persons, despite what they believe or political opinions they hold.

      Know this, Wheat and Wheat Products (any genetic modified grains) and man-made sweetenrs will kill any body, conservative, liberal or moderate–and that is the issue.

      Correct Political Views, are of no account, if one is disabled from man-made-crap consumption!
      Before Dr. Davis and Wheat Belly, my political views took the back seat, to my ill mind and body health!

      Roger, OHIO

  9. TimK

    This will enrage the wheat lobby and undermine the “healthy whole grain” propoganda. Although you hear disparaging comments about BOR he is far and away the most watched guy on cable TV. I look for a Dr. Davis interview in the future.

  10. Sandy

    Dr, Davis,

    Please let us know when you are going to be on OR! I will actually stay up past my bedtime to watch!

  11. penny

    I was so excited to see Bill O’Reilly endorse your book Dr. Davis!!! Congratulations and thanks for all you do!

  12. Congratulations Dr Davis!
    I hope there is a huge spike in sales, everybody needs to read your book!
    This is the beginning of a Wheat Belly revolution!

  13. Deanna

    HELP PLEASE!!!! How does someone go wheatless and NOT loose weight???? My husband is skinny with a 32 inch waist. He is also pre diabetic according to our last blood test in the spring. I have a wheat belly and he doesn’t. We have both decided to go wheat free, but things are getting confusing – not about the wheat but about the other stuff to avoid. My past experience with food combining to loose weight has taught me that if you don’t eat carbs with your protein, YOU WILL LOOSE WEIGHT. But my hubby can’t loose and ounce any or he’d be a walking skeleton. I thought beans or rice might be the key, but read somewhere here the GI is a problem. I’m so confused!!! PLEASE HELP ME, I’m totally going bonkers over this! I almost feel like giving up, but I can’t I don’t want him to have to go on meds and I want to get off my cholesterol meds. PLEASE HELP.

    • John

      Go over to marksdailyapple(dot)com and start reading. Also, get his book the primal blueprint. Combined, the information should help you lose the confusion about your diet. Your husband can lose wheat (and all grains) without looking like a skeleton. As a pre-diabetic, he will gain his health back under Mark’s program. He makes the science accessible to non-scientists. He’s a good starting point. I can give you other sites and reading information if you need them after this. You can contact me at: chemical(dot)blender(at)gmail(dot)com Make sure to replace the (dot) with . and (at) with @

  14. John Townsend

    Dr Davies has already been pilloried by the wheat lobby as having no credibility.
    I´m guessing they may take a shot at OR too, given the boost to the good doctor´s book.
    In which case they well might be a “Pinhead” candidate of the week. lol

  15. Eric

    I was introduced to Dr Davis and Wheat Belly on Canadian CBC radio – generally a very liberal institution. My impression of the interviewer was one of incredulousity and derision. Even on the radio I got feeling the interviewer thought Dr Davis somewhat of a quack. The fact that when the interview ended and there was absolutely no discussion comment or banter of it afterwards seems to confirm my suspicion of the interviewer’s take. Good thing “Wheat Belly” is easy to remember and a little Googling brought the world wheat free diet to me. Morale of story is it doesn’t matter whether your politics is right or left, the politics of what you eat is a politics on its own. Thank you Dr Davis for enlightening us on the hazards of wheat.

  16. wrotek

    Here is list of grains, their gluten protein names and protein percentage they consist of in the grain.
    It is from website introduction video.

    Grain name | Prolamine(fraction of gluten) name | % Total protein

    wheat gliadin 69%
    rye secalinin 30-50
    oats avenin 16
    barley hordein 46-52
    millet penicin 40
    corn zien 55
    rice orzenin 5
    sorgum kafirin 52

  17. Mrs. Ratfire

    Congrats to Doc on the furthering of Wheat Belly with Mr. O’Reilly. Your message had a lot of thunder to reach a big media person like that. I have a question Dr. Davis, if you could be so kind to consider it. I am assuming that is your blood sugar is high, there go more insulin, so there fore until this is lower into a “target” range, it will be close to impossible to lose weight. I think this is why some people have longer periods of time to start burning pounds, as well as myself. I have lost weight, but not as dramatically as a friend of mine without blood sugar issues. So, I bought a new meter, I found the one with the cheapest strips. I bought one marketed by True Test, made by Nipro Dianostics- 8.99 and if you buy extra strips, you can find them for .20 each in different quantities, I bought both articles on Amazon. The log book for the sugar is the best one I have ever seen, it fits in the compartment and is dedicated only to the records and has a lot of space for recording, before meals, after meals, etc.
    So here is where I need to be and NOT to be according a source I found on blood sugar:
    Person Category: MIn. Fasting Value: Max. Fasting Value: Post Prandial Value: (2 hours after Eating)
    Normal 70 100 less than 140
    Early Diabetes 101 100 140 to 200
    Established 120 or more 126 more than 200
    For example, my fasting level this morning was 110. Too high for good weight loss. Last night Post Prandial: 85. That was good.
    By measuring, I will know where I am and can be more patient with weight loss, as we are headed in the right direction. At times I am going down in pounds and inches, at times I am not. I believe this is due to the blood sugar not being stable yet.
    Dr. Davis, what do you think? Have you had patients in the diabetic or pre-diabetic state that did not lose as much weight or any until the blood sugars leveled? I am positive this way of eating will stabilize my blood sugar in time, then I assume, better weight loss will be achieved. Kindly reply if possible. Thank you!

    • Tim Connelly

      what ever happened to civil discourse in this country? It’s a sad commentary on this country, in general. For a few brief minutes a day, I wander over to “wheat belly” to see what is new; It’s an exciting book Dr. Davis has written. I just think we should all try to elevate our public conversation to a higher level; we just might be surprised at the positive benefits that result from it.

  18. phk

    wow, i didn’t realize so there’re so many O’Reilly haters.
    i don’t always agree with him.
    (he is pretty opinionated)
    methink he does look better recently without wheat tho.

    • Pat Boyle

      O’Reilly seems to undergoing a personality meltdown recently. He is nearly out of control now. This week he flew off the handle again with Alan Colmes. Colmes is himself a despicable character. He fulfills the role on the Factor as “The Man You Love to Hate”. But even he doesn’t deserve the abuse that O’Reilly served up. BTW I watch The Factor nearly every night. I think he will be replaced soon if he doesn’t clean up his act. So while his slimness may be attributed to his gluten free diet does it also account for wackyness?

  19. J-Bass

    Dr. Davis,
    I have been very enlightened by your blog and book. In an effort to convince the mainstream medical community, it seems that a randomized controlled trial would be required, at least with the surrogate endpoint of improved lipid markers, perhaps CRP. Maybe even carotid-intimal thickness. Is there any plan for this that you are aware of? Even a small scale, proof-of-concept study would be very groundshaking.
    Thanks, and keep up the good work.

  20. Lilly

    Well here IS a big fan of Bill O’Reilly. I’m glad to see he’s given up gluten and feeling better. He looks great too! You go Bill! I will personally never knowingly eat wheat again. It’s poison for me.

  21. Dolores Geyer

    I bought the book. You have wonderful lists in the book, but it would be helpful to include them in your blog. The lists of foods to avoid, foods to enjoy, etc. would be great for those of us who want to rid our diets of the stuff that makes us sick.


    • Neicee

      Delores, scroll down on the left listings under catagories and locate The Diet: Quick and Dirty

      It’s all there.

  22. ray

    I cured my diabetes 2. This is confirmed by my doctor.
    My blood sugar is now below 6 – was 7, 9, 11.

    How did I do it?
    1. Stop eating all foods with hydrogenated fat (also known as trans fats)
    2. Get your fat from a fist of walnuts per day.
    3. Eat the walnuts for 7 months
    4. Done.

    Hydrogenated fat is modified fat which has an extra hydrogen atom added to it to prolong food shelf life.
    However, you insulin is used to “natural fat” around every cell in your body for the past 4M years – evolution!
    So Insulin is “confused” by the new molecular structure of the fat membrane around you cells.
    By replacing the “man-made” fat by natural fat (from walnuts) over 7 months you insulin works as intended , opens the cell wall and lets the sugar in to be consumed as energy. Done.

    New York state will probably ban all food with hydrogenated fat this year 2012.
    (They were first to ban smoking!)

    Caution: Manufacturers have negotiated agreement with the food authorities to NOT show hydrogenated fat on packaging if it is less than 0.05%. So beware and dont eat any food that has long shelf life (snacks, cookies, etc) including the oil used for fries in your local fast food outlet.


    I am an engineer, not a medical person, so I bring a different discipline and training to problem solving.

  23. Jerry Esten

    He is one great man. Of course he is opinonated, who would watch if he wasn’t?
    I confront the O’reilly haters and ask them what he said that is so bad?
    They NEVER have an answer.
    Jerry E.

  24. Donna T

    It was actually Bill O’Reilly whose show informed me of this terrific book and shared his personal success story from eliminating wheat. I was inspired, and bought the book for my husband and I, who have had major health problems this year. I am only two days wheat-free, but I am so excited for the future, and the possibility of finally feeling better. Thank you, Dr. Davis. And thank you, Mr. O’Reilly.

    • Darlene

      Donna, same here. My husband is a big fan of Bill’s, and that is what brought our attention to the book. It’s been about 8 wks for us. I haven’t noticed a lot of changes yet, but am just feeling good knowing we’re doing something that’s so healthy for us! At first I wondered what we were going to eat, but now I’m so excited to keep trying the Wheat Belly recipes out there!

  25. I got my life back because I quit eating Wheat!!!! Weight dropping, no longer in constant pain, no more swollen ankles, NO MORE CRAVINGS! I am glad Bill O’Rielly has discussed this with the public.

  26. Alan

    Hi Dr. Davis! I got your book and read it through. Bought it because of Bill O’Reilly’s tip of the day to eliminate Wheat from your diet. I do have some questions, however, regarding the effects of reintroduction of wheat, and also some regarding wheat intake as well.
    1. what percentage of people who eliminate wheat will get these effects if wheat is reintroduced?
    2. If the reintroduction is inadvertent, such as eating one crouton that may be on a salad by mistake, how much wheat must be reintroduced for the effect to take place? Could the effects happen with just a few infinitesimal grains left over in the cooking area that make their way into something you’ve made or ordered that no one could possibly notice?
    3. I never gorge on wheat products and am about 5 feet 5 inches and about 140 pounds, not obese and I do walk a lot. No real health issues and no food allergies that I can identify. Can one simply reduce wheat intake and gain some benefits and reduce risks? For instance, can one go from wheat every day at breakfast, two hamburgers and a slice of pizza per week down to wheat for breakfast once a week and a slice of pizza once every two weeks, and see results?
    4. Last question, are Quaker Oats Instant Grits considered a Wheat product? Would eating them for breakfast be safer than other cereals, waffles, or pancakes?

    Thank you for writing your book, and for answering my questions.

  27. Dr. Davis,
    Thank you for your book. I found out two years ago I was Celiac. It was a long process in which research pointed me in the right direction. I tell everyone to read your book, not just those who suffer from Celiac disease. I am so sure you are right about wheat and gluten that my wife and son joined me in opening a totally gluten free restaurant in Maui. If you or any of your fans ever make it to Maui, come in and visit us at “Maui Brick Oven”.