Bill O’Reilly loses his Wheat Belly!

“My cholesterol has dropped big time. My indigestion, gone away. And so have my allergies.”

TV talk show host and political pundit, Bill O’Reilly, has been talking about his wheat/gluten-free experience for some weeks.

Last evening, he finally talked about the book that is thrusting the Wheat Problem into the spotlight, Wheat Belly. Here are his comments.

Just don’t eat the cookies! Remember: You can have your wheat-free lifestyle, lose the weight, undo all the damage it has done to your gastrointestinal tract, skin, and nervous system, and still have cookies. But you’ve got to make them with healthy ingredients like coconut flour and ground almonds . . . NOT gluten-free junk carbohydrates like rice starch, cornstarch, tapioca starch, and potato starch, the ingredients that dominate gluten-free foods but still ruin health.

Maybe Mr. O’Reilly and I can have coffee sometime and enjoy a wheat-free, no sugar-added carrot muffin or mocha walnut brownie. Life is great without wheat!

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  1. phk says:

    wow, i didn’t realize so there’re so many O’Reilly haters.
    i don’t always agree with him.
    (he is pretty opinionated)
    methink he does look better recently without wheat tho.

    • Pat Boyle says:

      O’Reilly seems to undergoing a personality meltdown recently. He is nearly out of control now. This week he flew off the handle again with Alan Colmes. Colmes is himself a despicable character. He fulfills the role on the Factor as “The Man You Love to Hate”. But even he doesn’t deserve the abuse that O’Reilly served up. BTW I watch The Factor nearly every night. I think he will be replaced soon if he doesn’t clean up his act. So while his slimness may be attributed to his gluten free diet does it also account for wackyness?

  2. J-Bass says:

    Dr. Davis,
    I have been very enlightened by your blog and book. In an effort to convince the mainstream medical community, it seems that a randomized controlled trial would be required, at least with the surrogate endpoint of improved lipid markers, perhaps CRP. Maybe even carotid-intimal thickness. Is there any plan for this that you are aware of? Even a small scale, proof-of-concept study would be very groundshaking.
    Thanks, and keep up the good work.

  3. Lilly says:

    Well here IS a big fan of Bill O’Reilly. I’m glad to see he’s given up gluten and feeling better. He looks great too! You go Bill! I will personally never knowingly eat wheat again. It’s poison for me.

  4. Dolores Geyer says:

    I bought the book. You have wonderful lists in the book, but it would be helpful to include them in your blog. The lists of foods to avoid, foods to enjoy, etc. would be great for those of us who want to rid our diets of the stuff that makes us sick.


    • Neicee says:

      Delores, scroll down on the left listings under catagories and locate The Diet: Quick and Dirty

      It’s all there.

  5. ray says:

    I cured my diabetes 2. This is confirmed by my doctor.
    My blood sugar is now below 6 – was 7, 9, 11.

    How did I do it?
    1. Stop eating all foods with hydrogenated fat (also known as trans fats)
    2. Get your fat from a fist of walnuts per day.
    3. Eat the walnuts for 7 months
    4. Done.

    Hydrogenated fat is modified fat which has an extra hydrogen atom added to it to prolong food shelf life.
    However, you insulin is used to “natural fat” around every cell in your body for the past 4M years – evolution!
    So Insulin is “confused” by the new molecular structure of the fat membrane around you cells.
    By replacing the “man-made” fat by natural fat (from walnuts) over 7 months you insulin works as intended , opens the cell wall and lets the sugar in to be consumed as energy. Done.

    New York state will probably ban all food with hydrogenated fat this year 2012.
    (They were first to ban smoking!)

    Caution: Manufacturers have negotiated agreement with the food authorities to NOT show hydrogenated fat on packaging if it is less than 0.05%. So beware and dont eat any food that has long shelf life (snacks, cookies, etc) including the oil used for fries in your local fast food outlet.


    I am an engineer, not a medical person, so I bring a different discipline and training to problem solving.

  6. Jerry Esten says:

    He is one great man. Of course he is opinonated, who would watch if he wasn’t?
    I confront the O’reilly haters and ask them what he said that is so bad?
    They NEVER have an answer.
    Jerry E.

  7. Donna T says:

    It was actually Bill O’Reilly whose show informed me of this terrific book and shared his personal success story from eliminating wheat. I was inspired, and bought the book for my husband and I, who have had major health problems this year. I am only two days wheat-free, but I am so excited for the future, and the possibility of finally feeling better. Thank you, Dr. Davis. And thank you, Mr. O’Reilly.

    • Darlene says:

      Donna, same here. My husband is a big fan of Bill’s, and that is what brought our attention to the book. It’s been about 8 wks for us. I haven’t noticed a lot of changes yet, but am just feeling good knowing we’re doing something that’s so healthy for us! At first I wondered what we were going to eat, but now I’m so excited to keep trying the Wheat Belly recipes out there!

  8. gary says:

    this is it

  9. gary says:

    sorry, misprint

  10. Lyn says:

    I got my life back because I quit eating Wheat!!!! Weight dropping, no longer in constant pain, no more swollen ankles, NO MORE CRAVINGS! I am glad Bill O’Rielly has discussed this with the public.

  11. Alan says:

    Hi Dr. Davis! I got your book and read it through. Bought it because of Bill O’Reilly’s tip of the day to eliminate Wheat from your diet. I do have some questions, however, regarding the effects of reintroduction of wheat, and also some regarding wheat intake as well.
    1. what percentage of people who eliminate wheat will get these effects if wheat is reintroduced?
    2. If the reintroduction is inadvertent, such as eating one crouton that may be on a salad by mistake, how much wheat must be reintroduced for the effect to take place? Could the effects happen with just a few infinitesimal grains left over in the cooking area that make their way into something you’ve made or ordered that no one could possibly notice?
    3. I never gorge on wheat products and am about 5 feet 5 inches and about 140 pounds, not obese and I do walk a lot. No real health issues and no food allergies that I can identify. Can one simply reduce wheat intake and gain some benefits and reduce risks? For instance, can one go from wheat every day at breakfast, two hamburgers and a slice of pizza per week down to wheat for breakfast once a week and a slice of pizza once every two weeks, and see results?
    4. Last question, are Quaker Oats Instant Grits considered a Wheat product? Would eating them for breakfast be safer than other cereals, waffles, or pancakes?

    Thank you for writing your book, and for answering my questions.

  12. Dr. Davis,
    Thank you for your book. I found out two years ago I was Celiac. It was a long process in which research pointed me in the right direction. I tell everyone to read your book, not just those who suffer from Celiac disease. I am so sure you are right about wheat and gluten that my wife and son joined me in opening a totally gluten free restaurant in Maui. If you or any of your fans ever make it to Maui, come in and visit us at “Maui Brick Oven”.

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