Am I too skinny?

“Everybody says I’m too skinny!” At 5 ft 3 inches and 116 pounds, BMI 20.5, Jean was indeed slender.

“People ask if I’m sick. ‘Do you have cancer?’ they ask. I think I’ve lost too much weight. And I think I’m still losing weight.”

As more and more people lose substantial quantities of weight, this question comes up with increasing frequency. Does total elimination of wheat, followed by limiting other carbohydrates, result in excessive weight loss?

In general, it does not. It results in weight loss to normal weight. The problem: We live in a world of fat. We live in a world in which more people are overweight, obese, or super-obese than ever before in human history. Adults are fat, the elderly are fat, college kids are fat, teenagers are fat, kids are fat. If you live and work in the U.S., you are likely fat.

Standing next to fat neighbors, family, and friends, Jean looks abnormally skinny. In truth, Jean is normal. But she is normal in an overweight world.

It’s surprising to see how often this question comes up among us wheatless folk. Mark my words: Those of you following these discussions will be hearing this question more often as the months pass and people lose 30, 50, 70 or more pounds . . . while the rest of the worlds careens farther and farther down the path of astounding degrees of obesity.

If you are among the few who truly are too slender, consider increasing calories from fat and protein–more eggs, meats, cheese, olive oil, avocados; consider strength training, since approximately a third of lost weight is lost muscle that can be easily regained; consider adding back modest quantities of non-wheat carbohydrates such as wild rice, sweet potatoes, and quinoa (1/2 cup is a safe quantity for most people; more and small LDL particles are triggered, as are higher blood sugars).

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100 Responses to Am I too skinny?

  1. K. O. says:

    (And Paul, Don’t take this personally)
    I find it interesting that people ( especially so called educated people ) can call not eating poison a DIET. Sure foods eaten by peoples is their diet, though now a days a diet to people means an alternative way of eating from the so called norm. ( right of the bat that puts people in a skeptical view ). This is not a DIET, This is a WAY OF LIFE.
    The fact remains The system is full of poisons. And for persons who figure this out ( specially ones with the White coat power ) have a moral duty to spread the Knowledge far and wide.
    Hippocrates said; ” Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food “.
    He never said; F_ _ _ up and manipulate the food supply make it toxic, add man made chemicals to it and serve it to the peoples. Then watch em get sick, then fund and build more hospitals, teach more White Coat Shamans how to administer more man made poisons in capsules and tablets to help slow the progression of DIS EASE’S to the people. They, us people come back time and time again and generally get know where.
    He never said;
    Poison the food and let that be mans Medicine, and the medicine will be your poisoned foods.
    So then, there in play, is this so called Hippocratic oath
    ” Alternative ways to health care sometimes ” – No such thing – There is only one way to CARE and it all lies in our Food.
    My health has been devastated, 46 years of being Pharma’s pig, advancing your/their agenda, this monstrosity of ignorance, abuse, and down right greediness is being watched.
    Book of life; You can not add – Nor take out of

    • Dr. Davis says:

      Ah, K.O., your struggles have made you an eloquent champion of healthy nutrition.

      Very well said!

  2. K. O. says:

    I tell ya

    Today, so far 6 units of insulin, blood sugar avg 6.5 all day and holding, plus I have still yet have taken 5 mg of prednisone…. I know now I am no longer a Type 1 Diabetic, nor any Diabetic…. and I can go, and on to tell you and all else to what is really happening.
    Even though I had been so near wheat free… and doing so many other things correctly. there was no sight in the future… things just were not working… Then>>
    Dr. Davis I first saw you on some interview about a year ago, I heard only about 30 seconds worth… I heard you, I MEAN SIR I HEARED YOU!
    About 4 months ago your book popped up in my girlfriends hands and she mentioned that I should read it. I YET HAVE TOO, I HAVE NOT AT ALL LOOKED AT IT YET, I NEVER NEEDED TOO.
    Love you Dr. Davis

    • Dr. Davis says:

      Keep up the momentum, K.O.! It sounds like some rumblings of real health!

      • K. O. says:

        Thanks Doc.
        And yes I like Reality… always have!
        I will say, I have been fairly much couch bound for two weeks, but so much more comfortable…

        I can’t believe I am loosing my little buddha belly, I am150 and 6 feet tall, I even heard I looked like I was pregnant this summer. I’m a man…

        I have a lot to tell you an I am working on it.
        Doc. and for all of those out there, I am starting to see that this trickery of the mind/body being addicted to wheat has a lot to do with the DOOR OPENER, or say the GATE WAY to many addictions. I am starting to see that in the addicted state by wheat it may be the key to many, if not most addictions we are facing today.
        The mind may be inhibited to control your own will power over the use of an addicting agent only, or mostly cause the mind is already coded to an addictive state.

  3. says:

    Hi.Ah, K.O., your struggles have made you an eloquent champion of healthy nutrition.

  4. Caroline says:

    I was relieved to see the comment about being thin in a fat society. I was getting very worried about my radical weight loss since I was diagnosed with celiac disease. I am 5’6 and started out at a bloated 145 lbs. Not fat, but certainly not thin. Six months later I am 124 lbs and still dropping. I am eating all day long but a radically different diet. My problem is getting enough calories. I average about 1200 and I understand that is not enough for an active adult. I do not tolerate dairy, so those quick fixes around ice cream and milk are out. I eat meat and vegies and fruit, some grains but not a lot. I avoid juice because of the sugar content. I am not letting myself get hungry and never miss a meal. I exercise four times a week.
    So how thin is too thin? Am I doing something wrong? Where does a 52 year woman buy size 0 to 2 business clothes? The stores seem to stop at a 4 (which is what an 8 or 10 used to be in the 1970′s – what’s up with that?)

    • Dr. Davis says:

      Use more oils, Caroline, including the fat on your meats. Use more coconut oil. Eat more eggs. Nobody here should be limiting calories.

      My wife wears size zero, so you can do it. Choices may be fewer because clothing manufacturers accommodate market needs. You may need to shop younger women’s stores and/or use a tailor.

      But just take a step back and realize that we are again asking how to deal with being NORMAL during the world’s worst epidemic of obesity. You have found the answer!

    • Caroline, I’m in your same size 2 boat and it can be frustrating. A few of my favorite lines, Lafayette 148 & Babette both carry a true size 2…..and another, Aileen Fisher just came out with an XXS this year. All of those lines can be purchased online as well. Find a good seamstress and take comfort in fact that there’s usually lots of small sizes left on the sale racks too!

      • Neicee says:

        Never underestimate the power of Ebay. You can log on, go to women’s clothing, hit the petite button, then PPP (smallest on the scale – then XSP, SP, on up. If nothing trips your trigger you can then search by P0, P2, P4, etc.. I find everything from the finest designers to Ralph Lauren and Dockers for casual wear. On Dockers they even have a group called “short” which comes in really handy for us under 5′……most all have measurements to compare as well, to be absolutely sure they’ll fit. I’m still sliding toward a size P2 and my daughter is P’0′.
        Did anyone else see where those that have never been able to wear clothing from Abercrombie and Fitch has now blackmailed them into offering plus sizes? Why anyone would is beyond me, but to each his own :)

  5. Neicee says:

    Failed to add: Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom, Macy’s, and Neiman Marcus have excellent websites and more sizes than featured in their stores. I have them on speed dial…..when ordering from Ebay, make sure the box for “new, with tags” is noted. Those that are “new without tags” have been used on the floor. I got a pair of handmade dress shoes from Italy for $10 plus shipping last year. Oh, and brand new Bally golf shoes for $2 plus shipping. Like walking on a cloud.