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Wheat Belly on Live! With Kelly

Kelly Ripa tasted my Rosemary Focaccia bread on the July 30th episode of Live! With Kelly. To view, click here. We discussed how wheat contains an appetite stimulant (gliadin) that causes us to eat, on average, 440 more calories per … Continue reading

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Maria Emmerich and the Art of Eating Healthy

Wheat-free nutrition champion, Maria Emmerich, has just released a new book: The Art of Eating Healthy–Kids; Grain Free Low Carb Reinvented.   It is a masterpiece! If I wanted a beautifully illustrated, easy-to-read book, packed solid with useful health and … Continue reading

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Wheat Belly on Live! With Kelly

It looks like Wheat Belly will be the topic of Monday, July 30th’s episode of Live! With Kelly. I will be taking a day off from the day job and I’ll be on the show talking about the Wheat Belly … Continue reading

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Am I too skinny?

“Everybody says I’m too skinny!” At 5 ft 3 inches and 116 pounds, BMI 20.5, Jean was indeed slender. “People ask if I’m sick. ‘Do you have cancer?’ they ask. I think I’ve lost too much weight. And I think … Continue reading

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Bill O’Reilly loses his Wheat Belly!

“My cholesterol has dropped big time. My indigestion, gone away. And so have my allergies.” TV talk show host and political pundit, Bill O’Reilly, has been talking about his wheat/gluten-free experience for some weeks. Last evening, he finally talked about … Continue reading

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Wheat can kill worms

Alright, alright: I hate to do it. But occasionally I have to admit that wheat can have its good side, truly beneficial effects. There aren’t many, but there are a few. Since the Wheat Lobby refuses to see that there … Continue reading

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Corn Belly

Say you’re starting from scratch and contemplating some change in diet. You suffer with heartburn, your joints hurt, your feet are swollen after standing on your feet for 8 hours. On your last visit to the doctor, your blood pressure … Continue reading

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Wheat-free Diva

Janah, a young woman and now chiropractor in Australia, did not just one day stumble on the health power of wheat elimination. Like many of us, she had to struggle with weight and health for years before the one offensive … Continue reading

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Woes of a wheat-saturated diet

Each of us has a unique story to tell, having suffered at the hands of this thing being sold to us called “wheat” for a lifetime. We also fight this battle in our own way, each a fascinating and compelling … Continue reading

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I’ll bet you pride yourself on living a pretty clean life. It’s doubtful that I’d stumble on you in some alley, track marks up your arms, lying in a puddle of your own urine, unconscious from a night of shooting … Continue reading

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