Want to be featured in First for Women magazine?

First for Women magazine is looking for a Wheat Belly success story!

First magazine editors are looking for women who have experienced success in both weight loss and other aspects of health by following Wheat Belly concepts, and have BEFORE and AFTER photos they are willing to share.

The photos do not have to be professional or perfect; just casual shots at home, in your backyard, holding your grandchildren, etc. that show off your results.

If interested, post a comment here! No need to go into detail about your story. The reporter/author prefers to interview by phone.

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Comments & Feedback...

  1. Peggy Holloway

    I have a great story concerning my entire family, but I personally have achieved health effects that are more significant than weight loss. My “before and after” pictures would not be important to the telling of the story because I was never seriously overweight and I changed my diet many years ago. Still, I’d be interested in being interviewed and could submit a “now” picture of a very slim, fit woman age 59 who cycles thousands of miles a year on a no-grain diet.

    • Dr. Davis

      Unfortunately, Peggy, they are looking specifically to obtain photos.

      Nonetheless, I would love to hear more about your story, photos or no. Please post it here!

  2. I have a before and after photo on my blog – under “my story”. The after photo is not great though, just taken by me. I could get a better one.

    I started this journey seriously after reading “Wheat Belly”. I knew about low carb before but Wheat Belly finally gave me really simple tools to follow – no bread. Of course the no potato, rice and sugar followed really quickly once we saw results! My HbA1c blood sugar went from pre-diabetic 6% to 5.3% and I have lost 13 kilos (nearly 30 lbs). My partner has also lost 13 kilos and we both find this lifestyle the best thing ever!! My BMI has gone from 30 to 26. I’m still slowly working on getting it to 25 but really I feel great and for the first time ever in my life, I don’t worry about regaining the weight!

  3. Rieland

    I have before and after pictures that I’ve posted on your Facebook page, Dr. Davis. I’d be interested in this opportunity!

    • Dr. Davis

      Hi, Rieland–


      For the life of me, I cannot locate your photos. Do you have the link handy?

  4. Kim Hood

    Does the before pic have to be immediately before? I don’t have a lot of recent pics, but a perfect one taken last year on my hubby’s and my anniversary date. I haven’t taken an after yet, but can as soon as I am healed up a bit I can take one. I would love to do this!

  5. Lynda (FL)

    My photos wouldn’t do you any good, since the article is obviously focusing on weight control. While a picture may be worth a thousand words, none of them reflect the struggle some of us ‘normals’ have gone through to stay that way. If you ever need them, I would be happy to flash my lab reports for you, now those are a picture!
    Just last week my dr. halved my blood pressure medications. One odd benefit of the WB life is that my dr. is paying more attention to my complaints. As I have eleminated/reduced some important symptoms (c-reactive protein, arthritis pain, sensory neuropathy, BP), he has become more aggressive in trying to reduce my other complaints. I think my successes are making him feel more listened to as well and we are becoming more of a team. It would have been fun to help, but since I can’t, best of luck. Let the message spread!

    • Dr. Davis

      Interesting observation, Lynda!

      Maybe your doctor will finally work with you to achieve health, rather than the usual M.O. and work against your health so that you can be prescribed medications and procedures.

  6. Roger

    going to try to get my wife to post her story–it is not as dramatic as mine, but, it appears that Wheat Belly is not only a life saving devise, it is a heath and beauty aid, for my wife’s skin and over all health, insofar as appearence goes, has never looked better, after 19 years of marriage!

    Roger, OHIO

  7. Karen Brooks

    Hi Doc, I started on a Primal lifestyle late in October last year – i strictly avoid grains and sugar as well as potatoes, occasionally I have rice – and have lost 37lbs. I want to lose about the same again as I am still in the obese range of BMI :(

    But I feel fantastic! At nearly 50 I no longer have swollen feet and ankles in the mornings, the beginnings of arthritis in one of my thumbs has disappeared, and an old knee injury no longer plagues me. A lifelong reflux which I never really spoke about is gone, as is bloating and wind which I just thought was a normal part of life.

    I am happy to let you have before and after photos.
    I live in Johannesburg, South Africa but would be happy to chat to this researcher on the phone or via Skype.

  8. Claudia Fox

    Started the program June 12 (6 days ago) and have lost 8 pounds! I am very active but had not been able to budge one ounce before going off wheat. Now the weight is falling off, just as you said it would.I’m a BELIEVER!

  9. Mary Excellent

    I’d be interested. Im 31 years old and have had 4 big babies and had such trouble losing the belly after the 4th. I now have a flat belly, flatter than the typical woman who’ve never had a baby. I’d love to share a before and after pic!

    • Mary Excellent

      and of course I’m wheat (grains in general, but this IS WheatBelly lol) and sugar free.

    • Dr. Davis

      Excellent, Mary Excellent!

      I will forward your contact info onto the writer for the magazine.

  10. Amanda Bryant

    I would be happy to submit some photos and participate in an interview, however my transformation is not weight loss related. Shall I send a photo in peaceful slumber w/ a big red “X” over my former Ambien prescription…from 12 YEARS!!!!??? Wheat Belly has changed my life!

    • Dr. Davis

      Excellent, Amanda!

      I’m afraid they are looking for stories that can be, at least in part, told by photo.

      Enjoy your deep slumber nonetheless! By the way, please feel free to tell your story here. Although it might not suit the current needs of the magazine, it sure might be helpful to other readers with similar struggles.

      • Amanda Bryant

        I really do need to compose a paragraph or two about my experience and why I was led to go wheat-free. I’ve just never felt better and I still can’t believe that WHEAT was the trigger for my insomnia and depression. I’ve been prescription free for over two months!

        • Dr. Davis

          Yes, indeed: Wheat will generate effects you’d NEVER predict until you stop eating it and experience relief.

          Even now, we are all continuing to learn new lessons from this wheat-free existence!

  11. I lost 70lbs thanks to Wheat Belly and went from a size 16 to a size 4. I have many pictures I can share. I also was able to go off anti-depressant medication and blood pressure medication and no longer have knee or back pain.

    • Dr. Davis

      Spectacular, Dawn!

      I will share your contact information with the writer for the magazine.

  12. Terri

    I have experienced wonderful weight loss and other health benefits by following concepts found in Wheat Belly. Problem is I experienced the results before actually reading the book! The book has reinforced my resolve to never eat wheat again! Thank you Dr. Davis. You helped me understand that it’s not just about the carb content of the wheat, but that it’s just not healthy for us in any shape or form. Wish I could be of more help with the photos! Would be fun!

  13. I lost 30 kilos over 2 years, but it wasn’t till the last 7 that I read wheat beely, although I believe, without knowing it, wheat elimination was what I was attempting to do. I did anticandida for 6 months (not strict, as it was too hard) then Gluten Free for 18 months (again, not overly strict), lost 13 kilos over those two years, then low carb after reading Gary Taubes, Why We Get Fat, and lost 10 kilos in 10 months, then i read wheat belly and FINALLY COMPLETELY cut our wheat, stuck to high fat, moderate protein, low carb, no starches and lost 7 kilos in just 6 weeks. PLUS got rid of the dry eyes I have suffered my whole life, and also got rid of a weird skin rash, and the itchiness over my abdomen and thighs. Changed my life, and my husbands too!
    Have some photos- where do i send them?

    • oh yeah – also the reflux and gas are gone. (reflux was responding to chiropractic care for the first 7 years ; have an adjustment, reflux went away, but 7 years on, nothing seemed to work – obviously because even a properly functioning nervous system couldn’t overcome the toxins in wheat long term.)

    • Dr. Davis

      That’s wonderful, Janah!

      Yes, many other approaches danced around the wheat issue. Once you understand why, it all makes perfect sense!

      I will forward your info onto the writer for First Magazine. Thanks!

  14. Susan

    hmmmm… I’d probably be a great success story but I might be too shy for a before photo!! I started in January of this year. Recently diagnosed diabetic (yet to check my A1C off medication… nervous!!!) Weight loss has been slow but consistent. About 20 lbs so far and still losing! The best part of this lifestyle change, by far, is the fact that I – DO – NOT – FEEL – HUNGRY – ALL – THE – TIME … like I used to. My husband used to joke about how I was missing the “full gene” :-) It’s true. I never knew when to stop. After 42 years, eliminating wheat from my diet has given me the ability to feel full. Never knew what that felt like before!! Amazing freedom. The 2nd best part of living a wheat-belly lifestyle is the fact that I’ve never felt like I’ve been on a diet nor have I ever felt deprived. I absolutely LOVE the way I am eating now. Whole foods…. who knew??!!! It’s exhilarating and liberating. And in all seriousness … if I can do this… ANYONE can!!

    • Susan

      BTW… other than trying to keep up with my 5 yr-old I live a very sedentary lifestyle… so that’s 20 lbs with no changes in physical activity. Am working on that part!!!

    • Dr. Davis

      You are liberated, Susan!

      Let the wheat apologists yell and scream that you and I are simply participating in a case of mass hysteria, all convinced that our lives were ruined by wheat consumption. If this is hysteria, well then, let’s enjoy it!

  15. Julie

    I have been following the wheat belly lifestyle since march 2012. I have some before and after photos if interested. Down 28 lbs and feeling the best I have in as long as I can remember. Wheat belly changed my life. Thank-you Dr. Davis!

  16. Vicki Means

    I have great before and after photos of my 25 lbs. weight loss, and would love to talk about all of the positive changes in my health, mood, energy level and mental clarity since eliminating wheat 6 months ago, at the age of 50. Best thing I ever did for myself, and my health :)

  17. Susan

    Do you have to be completely @ your goal? I’ve lost a tremendous amount of weight. Local newspaper is doing a story on me July 8th.

  18. Hi Dr. Davis,

    I would love to share my story and before and after pictures. After gaining 58 pounds during my pregnancy, I have lost it all and more in less than a year and I feel great and would love to encourage other people, especially women to do the same! Life changing! Here is my story and my most recent photos: http://satisfyingeats.blogspot.com/p/my-story.html, http://satisfyingeats.blogspot.com/2012/05/best-grain-sugar-free-birthday-cake.html.



    • Dr. Davis

      Hi, Melissa–

      Yes, the Satisfying Eats girl!

      I will email the writer for the magazine with your info.

      And you are doing a great job on your blog, by the way!

  19. Christie Collins

    Dr. Davis:
    I was introduced to Wheatbelly by some friends. I have lost 25 lbs since the first of the year! Not only the results on the scale but my whole body is changing shape… to a better shape then I have ever been. I no longer have swollen ankles, no more heartburn, no more feeling bloated and my skin is not dry . I don’t have any cravings and feel satisfied after eating and don’t really get hungry like before. I even have friends telling me that not only can they tell I have lost weight, but also that I just look like I feel better, that my eyes are brighter looking, etc. And best best of all…. my ulceritive colitis that I have had for 30 years is gone!! I used to take up to 8 sulfa pills daily and no I don’t take them at all!! I do have before and after pictures that I can scan and send .
    Also my husband has also lost 25lbs since January 1st.,he was stuck before, he just went for bloodwork for his cardiologist (he had a heart attack in 2006) and we are awaiting good results… I know they will be. He feels so much better over all also. Thank you so much…we are so happy that finally we have found something that works and we will never go back to our old lifestyle…this is it forever!!!

    • Christie Collins

      I can send an email with attachments of my before and after pictures. Where should I send them?

      • Dr. Davis

        Hi, Christie–

        Sorry, but the writer tells me that she has more than she needs.

        However, if you’d be interested in posting them on this blog, that would be great! I will email you in case you are.

  20. I have before and current pictures on my blog, but they don’t have my face in them! I’ve lost 32 pounds since Jan 1 because of reading Wheat Belly on New Year’s Day.

    I’m trying to find a picture from a New Year’s Eve party I went to so I can have a casual shot. I wasn’t into getting my picture taken back then, so it’s actually hard to find one!

    Here’s a link to my blog with the most recent pictures (although I’ve lost another 5 lbs since then).



    • Dr. Davis

      There you are, Anne! Paris and New York? Pretty neat!

      I will email you with details.

  21. Terry Harborne

    I’m 53. January 9, 2012 weight was 207 lbs. I’m 5’6″.
    Today June 18, 2012 weight is 197 lbs.
    Weight loss is slow as i’m post menopause. I’ve tried for two years to seriously loose but just slowly kept going up.

    I stumbled across a link (article) to this book thinking it is years old I went to the store to see if I could get it…. oh it is a new release. I had the worst bloating, gas, had to use the washroom 4 – 5 times a day NOT to pee. IBS I was told that I had. OK, I stopped eating WHEAT. WOW! in 3 days, I started to feel such a night and day effect. No bloating, no gas, hmmm no aches and pains, my sinus opened up?? ok I’m feeling good….

    I’m still trying to keep loosing the weight and slow but sure is going to win this race! Slowly it is coming down. BUT most importantly my Bloated Belly un-bloated! I look thinner than I weigh. My jeans are falling down and I keep hikeing them up. Yesterday I put my jeans into the good will bag. I still consume carbs and eat very regular… I’ve always ate healthy, but I see a huge difference now without the wheat.

    YES I have a photo taken on Dec 25 haha i’m UGLY FAT. haha I look horrible… Now I can say I look not so badly. THANKYOU WHEAT BELLY is all I can say.

    • Dr. Davis

      Keep up the momentum, Terry!

      You will be rewarded with both a dress size many times smaller as well as better all around health, including unbloating!

      • Carol

        I am so very happy for the people who are losing weight. I have gone full throttle with the Wheat Belly Diet for the past 6 weeks and have steadily gained one pound per week. I have been on Weight Watchers for 12 years and yes, I have kept a food journal & logged my Points all those years. I have since tossed my food journal. I’m starting to get a little worried and fearful that I will gain all of my weight back. I love the freedom that the Wheat Belly Diet provides but I am thinking that perhaps this is not for me. It’s almost impossible for me to count points on this diet. Does anyone have any words of wisdom for me? Thank you.

        • Dr. Davis

          Hi, Carol–

          It is therefore likely that something is obstructing your path to weight loss.

          Always think thyroid first, specifically your free T3 status. The best place to start is therefore a thyroid assessment that includes TSH, free T3, and free T4. Also, consider a reverse T3. However, this requires the assistance of someone informed in properly managing thyroid, which excludes most primary care docs and endocrinologists. Consider a functional medicine practitioner.

          Also, especially if constipation is present, consider a probiotic. Some people struggle in their conversion from the distorted bowel flora of wheat consumption to more normal bowel flora. A high-potency, e.g., 50 billion CFU per capsule, probiotic might be helpful for several weeks.

  22. Thanks for Asking Dr Davis!

    My dad is a doctor and I sent him and my mom the wheatbelly book. When I came back home he said he tells patients in his office about your book now, and he made me a cauliflower pizza from your recipes! Thank you for improving so many people’s lives!

    Here are my pictures! I’d love to be featured.



    • Dr. Davis

      Great with your Dad, Mazarine! This is precisely how word spreads.

      While you look absolutely great in your “after” photos, do you have any that more clearly show off your changes?

  23. Kristen Rdman

    Hi! Dr. Davis, I read Wheat Belly and started last July. I still have a ways to go but I have currently lost around 40 lbs. I am 29 years old and had tried everything under the sun. I had also recently gotten some bloodwork done and it had come back that I had a high LDL level. Wheat belly has changed my life and I would love to share!

    • Dr. Davis

      Are you willing to share “before” and “after” photos for the magazine, Kristen!

      They are looking for photos specifically.

  24. Dee

    Hi , I am now on day 10 wheat free and down about 4 pounds. I am feeling fabulous and am really loving this journey that I kind of just “fell” into as I had heard a little bit about your book a few months ago but thought it might be a fad. While at Costco 10 days ago, one of the cashier’s was talking about this “life style” ( he called it) and had lost 40 pounds!! ….and that is how I decided to buy the book and am not looking back. I read the book in 1 day and it made so much sense to me. I have been on many different diets over the years and as I approached 50 ( I am 51 now) was finding it really hard to loose weight and then find the motivation. I am so surprised at the ease of this way of eating and how satisfied I feel. My cravings seemed to have stopped. In the past when I was on a diet and eating healthy, my will power would only last so long and the second I cheated, I would then crave all the wrong stuff and the cycle would continue. This wheat in our food is the culprit isnt it. I had no idea!! Yo yo…up and down….crazy.
    Thank you so much for your book.

    • Dr. Davis

      Great start, Dee! And learned while in the checkout at Costco?

      Please keep us updated on your progress.

  25. interested in this. Have lost 40-45 pounds since october following wheat belly principals. Some pics on my blog, but have many more throughout the transformation

    • Dr. Davis

      Hi, Lisa–

      Sorry, but the writer says she already has all the stories and photos she needs.

      However, I’d love to hear more about your experience. Please feel free to post your story here! If you are comfortable sharing your pictures here, let me know and I will email you so that you can attach your photos to the email.

      • Hi Dr. Davis,
        Sorry for such a delay in my reply, I’m horrible at minding where I’ve commented :) I would love to share my story – It’s a little long as written – hope you don’t mind! I will look to post it under the success stories. Thanks!

  26. Kate

    I know before and after photos sell magazines, but it’s the changes that you can’t see that have made the most difference in my experience. I had such a bad brain fog for years that I just started telling everyone I didn’t have a good memory, I wrote myself notes at work so that I wouldn’t forget to do important tasks, and I was just about to make an appointment to see a neurologist. Then I read about Wheat Belly, cut out all wheat, and after three days I started to feel mentally sharper than I have in years. I also seem to have less inflammation in general. These things do not appear in photographs, but mean more to me than the weight loss that also went along with giving up wheat.

    • Dr. Davis

      Excellent, Kate!

      Exactly right. Darn shame we can’t show photos of before and after for brain fog!

  27. Clara

    On June 22 2012, I completed three years of being wheat/gluten free. After 30+ years of following and failing at every “diet of the decade” I lost nearly 70 pounds without denying myself anything I loved. Although I am able to have GF versions of many favorite foods, as time progressed I found I had less interest in eating those foods. I took foods I COULD eat to pot lucks and family dinners and checked restaurant menus online or called ahead to learn my choices. It is easier than any program I ever tried and my success makes me want to continue even when I’m tempted to stop. I recommend giving this program a try to anyone who wants to feel better and/or lose weight.

    • Dr. Davis

      Excellent, Clara!

      70 pounds is quite a feat. It is readily and easily possible, as you have learned, because you have eliminated the appetite stimulating effects of gliadin, the opiate in wheat that is used to advantage by Big Food.

  28. Jennifer

    So I read the article and it was GREAT! BUT, I was a bit disappointed to see that there were lies in it. I lost 150 pounds with my doctor’s help, THEN I found wheat belly. I was already doing everything that was in the book. When I added wheat back in, I got really sick. I was actually contacted about this article, but they went with someone else instead of me. After I read the lies that were written, (giving Wheat Belly credit for weight loss when the person hadn’t even heard of the book before), I was glad that they decided not to use me! I agree 100% with the ideas expressed in the book Wheat Belly. I follow the book now, because I have seen the difference in how I feel when I eat when and when I don’t eat wheat. This is why it makes me so angry that the article had so many lies in it!

    • Dr. Davis

      Unfortunately, Jennifer, I cannot control everything that is written about the book or program.

      You can see from the many stories here and elsewhere that the effect is substantial, regardless of whether a writer took liberties with the stories.

  29. Tanya

    Is this the article that is in this weeks copy of First for Women? Or was this a previous article?

    There is a great article about Wheat Belly this week. I don’t usually buy these types of magazines but I read somewhere on here a few days ago that there would be a feature in it so I made a point of picking one up grocery shopping yesterday. Many great grain free recipes are included!

    So glad this is getting featured in popular smaller magazines, it will reach a wider audience, as this mag is only $2.99!

    • Boundless

      The basenote here is apparently not about the FfW 2013-01-14 issue with the recipes. There are no WB before/after photos in that issue.

      That said, I’m not sure what became of the initiative in the basenote. I can’t quickly find any announcement in the blog. It may be in a future edition. Perhaps Dr. Davis can shed some light.

      When everyone is thin and healthy, these check-out queue publications are going to have to find something else to obsess about besides weight and health (and find a whole new suite of advertisers). I wonder if they realize …