Panic in the Heartland

Bill O’Reilly’s recent vociferous attacks on wheat have earned him a bit of a backlash from Kansas wheat farmers. Here is a report from a Kansas TV station:

Towards the end of the report, listen to the inane comments from Dr. Justin Moore: comments right from the Wheat Lobby playbook, including the argument that people who eliminate wheat lose weight because they eliminate wheat calories. The ignorance about the issues surrounding modern high-yield, semi-dwarf wheat, even among “experts,” is nothing short of astounding. (Reminds me of the PhD Professor of Nutrition and Vice President of Research at an Agribusiness company who told me that “They made dwarf wheat so farmers could see above the fields.” Yeah, no kidding.)

I love that O’Reilly is calling for the U.S. government to issue a public service warning about the health dangers of wheat!

Make no bones about it: Elimination of wheat is the single most powerful strategy for health available to Americans, more powerful than any supplement, drug, or procedure to restore health, eliminate abnormal triggering of appetite and other abnormal mind and emotional effects, lose weight, and obtain relief from a long list of abnormal health conditions. It’s great that media personalities like Mr. O’Reilly is catching on. More are surely to come!

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