Panic in the Heartland

Bill O’Reilly’s recent vociferous attacks on wheat have earned him a bit of a backlash from Kansas wheat farmers. Here is a report from a Kansas TV station:

Towards the end of the report, listen to the inane comments from Dr. Justin Moore: comments right from the Wheat Lobby playbook, including the argument that people who eliminate wheat lose weight because they eliminate wheat calories. The ignorance about the issues surrounding modern high-yield, semi-dwarf wheat, even among “experts,” is nothing short of astounding. (Reminds me of the PhD Professor of Nutrition and Vice President of Research at an Agribusiness company who told me that “They made dwarf wheat so farmers could see above the fields.” Yeah, no kidding.)

I love that O’Reilly is calling for the U.S. government to issue a public service warning about the health dangers of wheat!

Make no bones about it: Elimination of wheat is the single most powerful strategy for health available to Americans, more powerful than any supplement, drug, or procedure to restore health, eliminate abnormal triggering of appetite and other abnormal mind and emotional effects, lose weight, and obtain relief from a long list of abnormal health conditions. It’s great that media personalities like Mr. O’Reilly is catching on. More are surely to come!

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  1. Jean Bush says:

    Does anyone remember Oprah Winfrey’s comment on TV regarding hamburger meat?

    A facinating exercise in panic by the various sections of the agriculture industry. I don’t care for Bill O’Reilly but hope he continues to fight for his right to eat and comment how he wishes. I didn’t like the way the TV link took all his comments out of context but anyone can go to his site and get the full story.


    • Jack D says:

      A counterattack from Seeking Alpha, Jim Cramer’s site:Stocks discussed on the in-depth session of Jim Cramer’s Mad Money TV Program, Tuesday October 9.

      CEO Interview: Gary Rodkin, Conagra (CAG)

      ConAgra (CAG) is the owner of brands that appear on 97% of America’s shelves, and most of these brands occupy the number one or the number two position in their respective categories. The company beat earnings by 9 cents, with a 67% increase in revenues, and gave upside guidance. The stock has run 10% since Cramer got behind it in late June, and 60% since he first had CEO Gary Rodkin on Mad Money in 2009. The company has made 6 acquisitions in the past year and execution has been superb.

      Gary Rodkin focused on CAG’s “Healthy Choice” line of foods, adding that the FDA is quite strict about what brands can be called “healthy”; CAG’s “Healthy Choice” is one of the very few brands that meet these standards. CAG has been pro-active in dealing with costs and has seen margin improvement. The company’s Research and Development team have become expert at packaging and flavor replacement for the healthy frozen foods, as well as smart microwave trays which make the food taste as if it was taken out of a traditional oven. Single-portion sizes are essential in the healthy food area, because they enable consumers to practice portion control and lose weight. Desserts, such as frozen Greek yogurt, are selling well.

  2. Julia Kay Grace says:

    I sure do recall the aggressive litigation Oprah W. faced after her “I won’t eat beef” comment. I’ve heard B. O’Reilly say, long ago, that nobody should imagine that corporations are our friends. I, too, have been impatient with his not-quite-cogent radio broadcast commentary. Might we hope that going wheat free will improve his cognition? Might we hope that his consciousness will be raised after finding himself in the crosshairs of corporate agribusiness?
    Take heart, Bill, keep eating healthy. It’s good for you. And for us!

    • Dr. Davis says:

      Good old Judi Adams of the Wheat Foods Council makes a showing again! This is the Wheat Lobby at work, putting their nice pharmaceutical money to work.

      But, you know, I think that they truly believe the tripe they repeat over and over again.

  3. Susan says:

    Supply and Demand. If consumers quit eating dwarf wheat and only eat einkorn, for example, you’d better believe the farmers will produce it. And the government should be out of the subsidy business anyway….

  4. Judy says:

    Dr. Davis,
    Will you please see if you can reach Warren Buffet’s son who will inherit his job? Howard Buffet always wanted to be a farmer and currently works at this in Pana, Illinois. He is against the way that the Gates Foundation teaches farming in Africa. Gates’ are not agriculturalists as is Howard. Gates are paying them to farm and using BigAg chemicals. Just throwing money at them. Howard is against this method, so when he takes over, Gates may listen. Howard Buffet sounds like a reasonable guy and I like his way of teaching Africans to water and fertilize their corn.
    The Buffets are easy to reach, as they have a small office staff and supposedly read their emails.
    So perhaps we can ask Howard via the Berkshire Hathaway email to please read “Wheat Belly” by you. I am not sure how many farmers are open minded about this, but Howard does not use GMO seeds for his crops.
    It would not only help many Americans, but has far-reaching benefits. Howard believes that the African groups need to earn their way and use good accounting for their crops. Gates Foundation will listen to him more if he gets support, perhaps.
    Surprised by all of this on the 60 minutes program Sunday night.
    Thank you for all your hard work.

  5. Natalie says:


    I just read the book and would like to cut out wheat however I do not want to lose weight as I am already underweight. Can I continue to eat rice and potatoes for calories and still see the benefits of wheat elimination?

  6. Natalie says:

    So I have been doing some research on wheat and apparently the US Department of Agriculture states that wheat grown in the US is not genetically modified. So what is the author of Wheat Belly talking about? Obviously he’s just trying to make a profit by lying!

    • Goody 2 Shoes says:

      Natalie -
      If you had taken the time to read the book before making such an unfortunate comment you would have saved yourself from all that future embarrassment once you discover just how mistaken you’ve been.