Mind games, man boobs, and muffin tops

Wheat Belly is just a low-carb diet, another version of the Atkins diet.”

Hmmmm. Where to start?

If Wheat Belly were a diet, I would have called it “The Wheat Belly Diet.” But it’s not a diet and I didn’t call it that. While a diet is indeed articulated, Wheat Belly is, first and foremost, about the changes introduced into modern wheat by the work of geneticists during the 1960s and 1970s, the same kind of research that led to the creation of Agent Orange, DDT, and other “better health through chemistry” types of efforts.

The failure of agricultural geneticists and agribusiness to ask questions about the suitability of a genetically unique crop means they unleashed a foodstuff on a public . . . with no understanding of its effects on humans who consume it. This unquestioned acceptance of chemistry and genetics was the modus operandi during the mid-20th century. Look at asbestos exposure, the widely-used insulation that now shows up as lung diseases, asbestosis and mesothelioma. Or the widespread application of brominated flame retardants, such as polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PDBEs), in carpeting and mattresses, that triggers thyroid disease. How about bisphenol A, BPA, formerly used as an estrogen replacement in females, found to provide desirable hardening characteristics in polycarbonate plastics, but also yielding . . . estrogenic effects in humans using the plastics?

In other words, wheat is really part—though an awfully big one, also enjoying widespread endorsement by dietitians, nutritionists, physicians, and the U.S. government—of a broader problem. We now know that asbestos, PDBEs, and BPA have destructive effects on human health, thanks in part to 40 years of exposure on a large scale sufficient to witness the increased cancer, disruption of endocrine function, and 9-year old females with breasts and menstrual cycles. Yet wheat continues to enjoy its hallowed place in nutrition, praised by nearly all who offer nutritional advice.

Among the changes introduced into wheat by geneticists:

Enrichment in the glia-alpha-9 genetic sequence that provokes celiac disease. Nearly absent from the wheat of 1950, nearly all modern semi-dwarf wheat contains this genetic sequence. Is it any wonder why the incidence of celiac disease has quadrupled?
Gliadin is a more powerful opiate–The changes introduced into the gliadin gene/protein make it a more potent opiate. While the digestive byproducts of gliadin bind to the opiate receptors of the brain, they lack the pain-relieving and euphoric effects of heroin and morphine, but “only” provoke addictive eating behavior and appetite stimulation. People who consume wheat consume, on average, 440 more calories per day, 365 days per year.
Changes in the lectin unique to wheat, wheat germ agglutinin, that is responsible for 1) direct intestinal damamge, and 2) a Trojan horse effect of helping foreign substances gain entry into the bloodstream. This is likely at least part of the reason why wheat-eaters experience more lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, polymyositis, type 1 diabetes in children, worse ulcerative colitis and Crohns, more Hashimoto’s thyroiditis: Foreign proteins gain entry to the various organs of the body and result in “autoinflammation.” Changes in wheat lectin may have also led to more effective blocking of the hormone of satiety, leptin.
Changes in alpha amylase inhibitors–These are the most common sources of wheat allergies, e.g., wheat allergy in kids.

Eliminating wheat is about undoing all these effects, effects that have broad implications for human health across an astounding number of health conditions.

So is Wheat Belly just another low-carb diet? Hardly.

Wheat Belly is an exposure of the destructive changes introduced into wheat by unwitting geneticists during an age when such things were unquestioningly viewed as scientific progress. It is an accusation that Big Food, likely aware of these phenomena for 25 years or more, has quietly put these effects to use, especially appetite-stimulation, to increase revenues. And it is an exposure of the incredible ignorance (collusion?) of official government agencies, such as the USDA, FDA, and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, who tell us to eat more “healthy whole grains,” then watch healthcare expenditures and American waistlines explode . . . then blame the disaster on our gluttony and sloth.

And, oh yes, there is a diet to follow, too.

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  1. Patience is a Virtue says:

    Two weeks wheat free… Off all allergy medicines, BP coming down, mood going up. Still no cravings. I am so impressed that Dr. Davis personally stays in touch with his “fans” via this blog. Thank you!

    • Roger says:

      All I can say, concerning weight loss, is, BE PATIENT!

      Before Dr. Davis, I was 260, pre-diabetic–and I had a list of symptoms that I figured even Dr. Davis would not believe. The hard fat around my waist only added to the misery–as I was an endurance athlete–and did not think I would leave this life, as a Beached Whale.

      When I punished the hell out of my self, and went from 297lbs to 205, I still could not understand why I could not lose the belly fat, and why the hell all the symptoms . . . . The Medical Doctors and all the books I have read, seemed to suggest, by consensus, that, if I lost the weight, most all the symptoms would decrease or dissipate. NOT SO! After an auto accident, I could not exercise like a stark-raving lunatic–and stay in a hot sauna, for hours–putting my life at risk, eating like a bird, and consuming mostly Heart Healthy Whole Grain! I ballooned up to 260lbs–and had no idea how fat and sickly I would get, until I lost my body or mind!

      Since Dr. Davis, I lost symptoms, some of them life long, before I even lost my first 5 lbs! Before Dr. Davis, if I wanted to lose weight, I simply had to near destroy my self with long hours in the Gym, cardio etc. that rivaled what I did, and could do, in my mid-twenties, to net a miserable 205lb. 47 year old!

      I thought by force of will, I could get to point B! What I did not know, what I did not factor in, was how the body actually works, and how my efforts were undermined by Toxic Wheat! If Dr. Davis is known for any thing, it would be in the area of how the body actually works, for, many in a multitude or disciplines, are ignorant of his hard evidenced-based facts!

      I have the medical, psychological and physical back ground to understand Dr. Davis, but, my head is still spinning–as of 1 Mar. 2012! How the body actually works–and the body and its relationship to man made toxins, chief among them, WHEAT) was a shock to my indoctrinated system!

      Dr. Davis is an exact duplicate to my other non-Veterans Dr.–that I would adopt, by force, if I could figure out how to do it, as my BROTHER!

      Now, I walk a little bit, do light to moderate exercise-and the inches decreased before the weight started to come off!

      Yes, I will still do insane things in the Gym, when I lose a little bit more weight, as my body and mind have to heal, after decades of Wheat and related assault–but, that is what I do, as an endurance type, 40 plus years Martial Arts, a life time of hard physical labor–Combat Veteran etc. Were it not for other issues, wheat and spinal related, I would have perused other areas, in the military, besides medical and behavioral sciences.

      This time, with Dr. Davis, I will not be a miserable 190 lb. man (as that is my goal), I will be healthy! I understand the body, how it works–and have no fears of ballooning back up–and imitating a Beached Whale, before I die!

      At 260lbs, (1 Mar. 2012) I was starting on a path of health–I never dreamed possible!

      I am into my 5th decade, and I cannot believe what I see in the mirror! I am no where near my goals, but I can see that I am getting there!

      All I can say, is, be patient! Most do not suffer from Wheat and related Toxins, over night–and most will not heal, and get into health, over night!

      All of us are different–and there are cultural variants, inherited or genetic variants, etc. that has to be factored in, but we are all, with few exceptions, Human–and are subject to the good, bad and ugly of The Human Condition.

      Hope this helps!

      Roger, OHIO

      • Dr. Davis says:


        If you are sufficiently daring, would you consider posting pre and post photos?

        Maybe wait until you’ve gotten to your weight goal. And I understand that, given your health struggles, weight is only a small part of your success, but it’s the one we can see.

        • Roger says:

          The monster that I was, Dr. Davis, is a difficult thing to see.

          I will have to think about the before and after, in pictures–as it was difficult to reduce the account to writing. I am not far from my weight goal, and I am looking more like the 19 year old, in the picture on my wife’s side of the bed, each day.

          It was only because of you, that I wrote and submitted an account.

          My abilty to heal, defies what I know of the human body–as I am able to heal as quickly as I did, in my early 20′s. I just had head, body, spinal trauma–and I cannot belive my bio-physilogical resilance.

          It is only because you asked, that I would consider before and after pictures.

          Roger, OHIO

    • Dr. Davis says:

      Excellent, Patience!

  2. Kathy Smart says:

    Dr. Davis
    Your work in bringing awareness and shedding light on this subject continues to amaze me!
    Thank you for all you have done and continue to do to bring light to this subject:)
    Behind you and all that you do 110%
    Beat the Wheat!:)
    Kathy Smart

    • Dr. Davis says:

      Hey, Kathy!

      Let’s keep on talking, as there are important synergies in our work!

      • JoAnne says:

        Dr Davis, speaking of synergies — Are you familiar with “Peoples Pharmacy”? I am also a fan of Joe & Terry Graedon of “Peoples Pharmacy.” Peoples Pharmacy has a newspaper column in papers across the country, a radio show, and more. The Graedons are highly respected health advocates for consumers, and strive to present unbiased health information. They post home remedies to a myriad of ailments on their website, and people blog & share their experiences on their website too. I have used a number of their home remedies with great success..I emailed the Graedons yesterday. TODAY Joe Graedon emailed me back to tell me “We’re planning to do an interview with Dr. Davis.” Their website is http://www.peoplespharmacy.com. I’m so happy! Another avenue to reach the masses! Let me know when their interview with you is set to air!

        • Dr. Davis says:

          Hi, JoAnne–

          They did ask me for a copy of the book.

          I was a little hesitant with them, as they do tend to be very careful in their message and tend to not encourage what might be viewed as “fringe” opinions. But, if they want to talk, I’m willing!

          Thanks for your support, JoAnne!

  3. Nancy McGowan says:

    My Dear Dr. Davis,
    A few months ago you told me to not be discouraged by my husband’s apparent unchanged blood sugar readings. We remain totally devoted to Wheat Belly life-style for past 6 months. We have not gotten discouraged, thanks to your wise words. This morning we went for a “well visit” to Dan’s MD. Haven’t seen him for 10 months. The first thing he said was “your weight is down from 229 to 197! This is great – what are you doing? (Dan is 69, 1 heart stent, diabetic, extreme debility from a medical crisis 9 years ago). So I pulled out my Wheat Belly Book and my Track the Plaque books and my copy of “The Diet: Quick and Dirty” and proceded to expound: no wheat, no grains, no sugar, no high carb foods, plenty of meat/fowl/fish/, vegetables, nuts, seeds, cheese, good fats (butter, coconut oil, olive oil) and we eat when hungry and are satisfied. And another thing, he is gaining muscle in his legs (he thought he had swollen legs but his cariologist told him it was muscle!) This am his blood sugar was 118! No depression – even took a cruise which also helps with depression! His blood pressure was 105/68; lung sounds good (for years he has been hospitalized for pneumonis or bronchitis – not this year!), pulse strong and regular. He sleeps well with no apnea; he has energy during the day and loves going out for steak and eggs! We will get blood work done on 6/25 – HbA1C, complete profile with Vit. D and B12 and the Berkley Lab Lipid profile with focus on very small LDL (his triglicerides have been very high in the past 800-1000). I stopped giving him the pravastatinand Tricor in February and received no negative thoughts about that because his muscle and skeletal pains have gone – no pain meds at all. We had the best visit and the Doc said he wants to read Wheat Belly because so many of his patients have the reflux (my success), the IBS, the abdominal fat, the apnea, the depression, the fatigue, etc. and he wants to help. I wanted to give him my copy but he said he would buy his own! But he did take the copy of “Quick and Dirty”. We practically “high-fived” each other and left the office smiling and wishing each other all the best ! Now, we will expect the diabetes will be reversed and the weight will continue down. No wheelchair for Walmart – he can walk from the parking lot around the store without knees and hips killing him. We are so happy and can’t stop exclaiming how wonderful to have this new, health-filled life. Nine years ago Dan had hernia repair surgery, but: his heart stopped 4 times on the operating table, plus a stroke and 6 months in hospital with speptic shock and to-the-bone bedsores. Now we have hope for a few more years together for love and happiness. I say again, “Thank you, Dr. Davis”. Your courage to speak the truth and write a book that finally gives people the key to unlock the treasure of health in mind and body is a gift beyond words. Peace and Blessings on you and your family.

    • Amanda says:

      Nancy I almost cried reading your letter, I know that is all true and more, your doctor is a good man, he is willing to learn.

      • Nancy McGowan says:

        I, too, shed many tears in private when I think about the closness of death and now we have new life and hope for the future! All because Dr. Davis wrote a book and I listened to the CDs and then bought the hard copy and devoured it! This experience shows that in a moment of grace you can change your mind in an instant and be transformed. Our Doc. will get a copy of this Post “Mind games, etc.” to follow up our Friday conversation about Wheat Belly! Thank you for your kind word. Best wishes to you in your journey. Nancy

    • Dr. Davis says:

      Thank you, Nancy. And thank you for sharing your husband’s wonderful story of health transformation!

      Please update us with your husband’s progress after the blood work. His would be a great story to tell on this blog!

      • Nancy McGowan says:

        Dear Dr. Davis,
        Will gladly share the blood work results – and gladly share Dan’s story. In January I couldn’t conceive what could happen – all the good health happened to other people. Now, even “old” (69) debilitated, diabetic, heart diseased folks can be rejuvenated! Wait for MY story! It’s a good one but not as dramatic: no acid reflux, no sleep apnea, no IBS with urgent bowels, no depression, etc. etc. You may have heard this a time or two! I am 68 – work 3 days a week, take care of 97 yr father at home as well as my husband and life is good. With unbounded gratitude for your work. Nancy

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  5. Gordon says:

    My wife is a firm believer in the notions put forward by Dr. Davis and so we are eating nothing with wheat in it. She is much more dedicated to the abstinence than I, but I have reduced my consumption by at least 90%. I too, have lost weight just by changing the items I put into my body. Great. I will continue along this path but my real concern is for the families of Canadian and American wheat producers who may not be aware of the toxic nature of their produce. How can they continue to be productive contributors to society while their crop is wheat? Are there any varieties of wheat left that have not been modified? Can we get these ancient wheat varieties back into production? Avoiding the problem is one thing, creating a solution is another.

    • Dr. Davis says:

      It’s happening, Gordon.

      Farmers are contacting me for my thoughts on whether they should make the change back to heritage forms, such as Red Fife, a “landrace” popular in the 19th century.

      However, while a return to older non-genetically altered forms of wheat would indeed be much better, it would not be IDEAL. If your goal is ideal health, then NO wheat is the only answer.

  6. Graham says:

    Nancy, I’m very glad to hear your story and you are both to be congratulated on your perseverance, please remember that many of us are rooting for you and all the others in a similar situation. I’m sure Dr Davis will be equally delighted when he reads of your experience. Now I know the many sceptics out there would likely dismiss it as “anecdotal” but as the number of these reports grows they will eventually have to be accepted as a solid body of evidence by people in high places who will therefore be forced to change their attitude.

    • Nancy McGowan says:

      Thank you, Graham. Our experience is more than anecdotal – reams of medical records that attest to my husband’s health issues of the past and now a whole new group of tests (blood work, cardiac tests, etc.) that show such positive changes that cannot be denied. All from changing one thing: No Wheat (no grains, no sugar, low carb/high fat). The energy of all those who are changing their minds and bodies really comes through the blog site and facebook site and continues to uplift and encourage. Thank you. And again, thank you Dr. Davis.

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  8. SharonM says:

    I gave up ALL wheat over two months ago, and I’ve noticed no changes in how I feel, how bloated I am and how constipated I still get. I’m guessing wheat is not my issue, but I have no idea what else it could be.

    • Neicee says:

      Sharon, please don’t give up. You didn’t say if you’d also given up rice/potatoes/corn? If not, try it for a week and see what happens. I’d been close to gluten free since about 1995, yet still experienced some major bouts with IBS. I knew something was wrong because I kept adding on a little weight and there, and felt rotten. Waking up at 3AM, staying up through the day…..now, I sleep like a rock. Fully wide awake during the day and feel great. So, now I know, since those foods are not necessary for life, I can live without them. Let us know how you’re doing.

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  10. jan warren says:

    I have struggle all my life with health issues, never know why i was always sick,strep throat, sinus headache and infections, anxiety, foggy brain,etc etc etc. When I turned 50 menopause was the reason for everything, weight gain, coma induced napping , moodyness etc etc. My friend a dietian told me her story of the same syptoms. She told me she had to change her doctor of 25 years because after her research she conclueded she had a thyroid problem and he laughed at her. Her new doctor said thyoid issues were exactly her problem, so she got fixed with medication. I also got laughed at by my doctor and struggled with my GP to take it more seriously, finally I am now seeing and endrocrinologist. I’ve come back to living again. BUT now I believe my next step will be cutting out gluten to save my life. I had just read an article on thryoid don’ts and how gluten effects thyroid and even though I was tested for Celiac Disease and it came out negitive, I now know just from reading excerpts from Dr.Davis book that I will conquer this also.
    God Bless you.

    • Dr. Davis says:

      Great, Jan!

      I wish it wasn’t so tough to get simple things accomplished in health. For some additional thyroid insights, see Janie Bowthorpe’s very excellent blog, Stop the Thyroid Madness (www.stopthethyroidmadness.com).

  11. jan warren says:

    Hi Doc,
    I will order the book Stop the Thyroid Maddness. I ordered your book yesterday before I emailed you.
    I am excited to read it.
    I have many many friends and family who will watching for my results.
    Thanks you for caring enough about us lay people to write and blog about such an important problem.
    Happy 4th of July,

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  13. sharon says:

    | have just started wheat free. I am about 20lbs overweight…mostly on my belly….i’m still very active…i guess i’ll wait and see. Can you freeze wheatless muffuns cake bread etc????

  14. Joan Myerson Shrager says:

    Just bought the book. Have stopped eating wheat and wheat products just for about a week. I have Hashimotos and have now been reading about wheat sensitivity that relates to immune diseases. My doc is not at all interested in or informed about this. His responses to my pleas for help losing weight are platitudes about eating less not about what foods to consume. I am hoping that I respond to this information about wheat with the same success as described in the book. At what point will I know I am indeed reacting as you describe your patients? Weight loss for me has been painfully slow over the past few years since the onset of my thyroid disease which seems properly regulated now. BTW I am seventy, in good health and very active physically and mentally.

    • Dr. Davis says:

      Read the experiences here and on the Wheat Belly Facebook page (link at the top of the page) and you will see that weight and health improve within days of losing the wheat from your diet.

      I’d also lose your doctor. Sounds like somebody who learned everything he knows from a textbook from 1985, along with listening to all the drug company marketing.

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