Mind games, man boobs, and muffin tops

Wheat Belly is just a low-carb diet, another version of the Atkins diet.”

Hmmmm. Where to start?

If Wheat Belly were a diet, I would have called it “The Wheat Belly Diet.” But it’s not a diet and I didn’t call it that. While a diet is indeed articulated, Wheat Belly is, first and foremost, about the changes introduced into modern wheat by the work of geneticists during the 1960s and 1970s, the same kind of research that led to the creation of Agent Orange, DDT, and other “better health through chemistry” types of efforts.

The failure of agricultural geneticists and agribusiness to ask questions about the suitability of a genetically unique crop means they unleashed a foodstuff on a public . . . with no understanding of its effects on humans who consume it. This unquestioned acceptance of chemistry and genetics was the modus operandi during the mid-20th century. Look at asbestos exposure, the widely-used insulation that now shows up as lung diseases, asbestosis and mesothelioma. Or the widespread application of brominated flame retardants, such as polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PDBEs), in carpeting and mattresses, that triggers thyroid disease. How about bisphenol A, BPA, formerly used as an estrogen replacement in females, found to provide desirable hardening characteristics in polycarbonate plastics, but also yielding . . . estrogenic effects in humans using the plastics?

In other words, wheat is really part—though an awfully big one, also enjoying widespread endorsement by dietitians, nutritionists, physicians, and the U.S. government—of a broader problem. We now know that asbestos, PDBEs, and BPA have destructive effects on human health, thanks in part to 40 years of exposure on a large scale sufficient to witness the increased cancer, disruption of endocrine function, and 9-year old females with breasts and menstrual cycles. Yet wheat continues to enjoy its hallowed place in nutrition, praised by nearly all who offer nutritional advice.

Among the changes introduced into wheat by geneticists:

Enrichment in the glia-alpha-9 genetic sequence that provokes celiac disease. Nearly absent from the wheat of 1950, nearly all modern semi-dwarf wheat contains this genetic sequence. Is it any wonder why the incidence of celiac disease has quadrupled?
Gliadin is a more powerful opiate–The changes introduced into the gliadin gene/protein make it a more potent opiate. While the digestive byproducts of gliadin bind to the opiate receptors of the brain, they lack the pain-relieving and euphoric effects of heroin and morphine, but “only” provoke addictive eating behavior and appetite stimulation. People who consume wheat consume, on average, 440 more calories per day, 365 days per year.
Changes in the lectin unique to wheat, wheat germ agglutinin, that is responsible for 1) direct intestinal damamge, and 2) a Trojan horse effect of helping foreign substances gain entry into the bloodstream. This is likely at least part of the reason why wheat-eaters experience more lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, polymyositis, type 1 diabetes in children, worse ulcerative colitis and Crohns, more Hashimoto’s thyroiditis: Foreign proteins gain entry to the various organs of the body and result in “autoinflammation.” Changes in wheat lectin may have also led to more effective blocking of the hormone of satiety, leptin.
Changes in alpha amylase inhibitors–These are the most common sources of wheat allergies, e.g., wheat allergy in kids.

Eliminating wheat is about undoing all these effects, effects that have broad implications for human health across an astounding number of health conditions.

So is Wheat Belly just another low-carb diet? Hardly.

Wheat Belly is an exposure of the destructive changes introduced into wheat by unwitting geneticists during an age when such things were unquestioningly viewed as scientific progress. It is an accusation that Big Food, likely aware of these phenomena for 25 years or more, has quietly put these effects to use, especially appetite-stimulation, to increase revenues. And it is an exposure of the incredible ignorance (collusion?) of official government agencies, such as the USDA, FDA, and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, who tell us to eat more “healthy whole grains,” then watch healthcare expenditures and American waistlines explode . . . then blame the disaster on our gluttony and sloth.

And, oh yes, there is a diet to follow, too.

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Comments & Feedback...

  1. Diane

    Two months off gluten and a group of us have seen dramatic benefits. We call it a lifestyle change. Thanks for the longer life!!

  2. Rong

    Thank you Dr. Davis for reminding us what Wheat Belly is all about. In my case, weight loss was a side effect of removing grains from my “diet”. My diabetes was the reason to give up wheat.

  3. Heather

    Thank you for all of your hard work and getting the word out about the “wheat diet”. I do call it that, but like so many others have found that it’s a way of life and a cure to several health issues that were not going away with medicine. After 2 days my acid reflux and heartburn were gone, I was taken off of hbp and cholesterol meds within one month! So, whatever you want to call it, it’s the way I eat!

  4. Tom Marks

    I am a musician not a scientist but I am well educated about my own personal health…. Been carrying 25 lbs of belly fat for more years than I care to count… I live in the gym 4 miles a days plus lifting to no avail… May fasting blood sugar hasn’t been below 120 with metformin in like forever until I purchased your book… on memorial day…. My blood sugar this morning was 96 (with two glasses of red wine last night)… I have lost 4 lbs in two weeks.. My neuropathy while still present my body is telling me that it is starting to subside…
    I have friends that tell me that a “carb is a carb is a carb” and to that I say bull#hit. I am known among my friends as a baker, kind of famous for my pizza crust and bread.. I made pizza last week for friends and did not have a single piece because I know I have found my winning strategy… Instead I made mac and cheese with shirataki noodles and it was delicious….
    Thank you Dr. Davis for your insight and your science based research…
    I am forever in your debt..
    Be well

    • Amanda

      Tom congratulations, you made pizza and did not eat, now I hope you do something different for your friends next time, I used to cook pasta for my family untill I realized I was killing them, now there is not a flake of flour in my house!!!

  5. jennifer

    Thank you! I’ve lost 8 lbs in 2 months, but the main point is how much better I feel! no highs and lows during the day. I think I was having sleep apnea because I would wake myself up sometimes during the night. My husband says my snoring has disappeared! No joke. I need to get better about limiting potatos, corn and gluten free junk, then I’m sure I would lose weight faster. Thanks Dr. Davis.

  6. aerobic1

    Yes, Dr. Davis, “ignorance” and “collusion” are indeed the operative words. The checkbooks of agri-business are busy dispensing payments to “friendly” government official’s reelection campaigns so they will be obliged to look the other way when it comes to agri-business diluting “best practices” and give rubber stamp approval to what they “think is good for us”. Appointments to the USDA, FDA, and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services are often staffed by agri-business researchers and executives which is a like the fox guarding the hen house. But what the heck, why should millions of cases of diabetes, obesity, heart disease every year that stand in the way of record profits.

    • Rong

      Yes, they do have a sterling record for the last 40 years. They have achieved lots via their recommendations with explosions in obesity and diabetes. Well done!

      • aerobic1

        It’s going to take an enormous amount of scrutiny and pressure on politicians to reform those Depression-era programs that still today grant billions of dollars to a tiny number of large farms growing a handful of crops like wheat that wreak havoc on the American diet, to the soaring cost and shortage of medical care, to the rural landscape, all at enormous taxpayer cost.

        • Boundless

          > It’s going to take an enormous amount of scrutiny and
          > pressure on politicians to reform those Depression-era
          > programs that still today grant billions of dollars …

          Assume it’s not going to happen. Even today, some 48 years after the Surgeon General blew the whistle on tobacco, the USDA is still running a price support program for that weed (“officially” at no net cost to the taxpayers).

          This is an election year. Both parties are entirely clueless about wheat, and even if they have some dim awareness, see only risk in taking a position on it. Consider what happens when you lobby your acquaintances on the topic.

          What everyone CAN do, however, is vote with their own purse.

  7. roberto

    Dr. D – follow up @ 6 months. simply outstanding health results/benefits for both of us.
    we continue to lose/drop FAT simply. we do NOT need to exercise 90 minutes every day – 20 mins or less @ 3X a week punctuated with long walks. in our 50’s looking & acting like teens
    (insert wink here)! the passion for life is off the charts.
    thx again & we have joined you in this quiet revolution – swimming upstream is it were – winning one @ a time.

  8. Carol Schriner

    I love the side effects, lost 35#, more energy, less pain, think more clearly…….bring on the side effects!
    Carol Schriner,MD

  9. Amanda

    OMG! So well said Dr. Davis, I had an appointment with my doctor, and he was so arrogant and know it all, I was telling him about how well I feel and that I’m cured of all my aches and pains and he does not even look at me…I guess we are historically on the denial phase, it’s coming, I hope the fields of wheat will be in the future the fields of kale, spinach, watercress and so on…
    I’m a registered nurse working in a dialysis floor and I see everyday the wheat induced damage of all the organs of my patients, the nephrologist ridicules diet and the impact on health…sad.

    • Roger

      It is like Dr. Davis commented, that he will stay off or out of political discussions, except to say, Wheat will kill both Democrats and Republicans.

      If We The People wait for the Govt. (at any level) to figure this out, fact check, and issue decrees from powers on high, We The People and our children are doomed–along with our Leaders. Waiting on an ignorant Govt. to educate We The People, and pass laws in We The People’s best interest, is Fantasy, at best and a National Death Sentence, at worst, for The Idiot Class within We The People and The Idiot Class, that we elect, as LORDS or TYRANTS–are mutually Ignorant and mutually destructive.

      I know the Founders of this Nation were not perfect (I know, more than some, being Native American/Celtic) but, some were brilliant, in that our rights come from a Creator God, that are ours, simply from being born, and those Natural Rights cannot be taken away, rescinded, or taxed and sold back to us, with restrictions. Much was written, at this Nation’s Founding, not just on the dangers of too much political power, consolidated in one or few, but too much powers of matters of health, consolidated in one or few!

      We The People must take charge of our own health, and never give any ground to anyone, no matter what title or position they occupy, when they advocate HEART HEALTHY WHOLE GRAIN.

      I am not talking liberal, conservative or anything else, as this concerns THE HUMAN CONDITION, as Genetic Modified Wheat was destroying my mind and body, as it was just a matter of time before one or both were destroyed.

      Some are gifted in the areas of academics and scholarship, but cannot put the cookies (non wheat-based, of course) on the bottom shelf, as they cannot relate to the General Population. Dr. Davis, as a medical Dr., by his practice, was forced to relate to the General Public, and has geared his writing to that people group, without dumbing down his message.

      What I do, all I can do, is try to influence people within my sphere of influence, as I am not as known as Bill O’Riley or some actor or wealthy person, that understands or has benefited from Wheat Belly. Sooner or later, some one or many of notoriety, will speak, and more and more John and Jane NO-Body-eeezz will be informed–and the word will spread, nationally! Grass Root, bottom up, not Top Down! Govt. is first and foremost, about force, not compassion–and must never be looked upon as the solution for the human condition.

      Until then, we have Dr. Davis, his books, his web sites–but, most of all, we have the truth!

      Here is to the good fight!

      Roger, OHIO

  10. Noel

    You forgot to mention the Phytic Acid (phytate) in wheat, which binds to many minerals, including zinc, magnesium, calcium, and iron, to name a few. Since humans don’t possess phytase, which ruminants use to digest phytate, eating phytate-containing foods results in mineral deficiencies, as we’re flushing all of those minerals away, rather than absorbing them. This might explain the explosion in the last couple of decades of the mineral supplement industry.

  11. Bill Davis

    Dr Davis
    I began my wheat free journey several years ago not to loose weight or because of any observed reaction to wheat but because of reading on your blog about its effect on atherogenic small LDL particles.

    I have a well established and significant plaque build up in my coronary arteries which leaves me with two major coronary arteries 100% occluded. Over the last 24 years I have had six heart attacks resulting in open heart surgery and three stents. I was looking for something to help slow down or reverse this growing disease that my doctors were ‘controlling’ with a medication that was obvoiusly not doing the trick.

    Admittedly this is an experiment on my part. I do not yet know the results. But I am rigorously attacking the beast with everything I can. I am trusting that this is a big help and in Sept of this year – in about 3 months – I will have a Coronary Artery Calcium Scan to allow my doctor to try to determine what success, if any has been achieved with this wheat free attack on the small LDL and other points of attack to slow or even reduce plaque growth.

    Doctor, your counsel has been the prime mover. Wish me luck, though I believe there is less luck in this approach than nearly 20 years of a statin only approach which seem to only benefit my ‘old school’ doctors cardiologists and pharmacists making them smile like cheshire cats.

    The other Bill Davis

    • Dr. Davis

      Hey, Bill–

      Good to see you over here!

      Yes, you are among those who understands how this fits into a program of heart disease prevention and–hopefully!–reversal!

      Update me on your calcium score, when available!

  12. Kelly

    I’m an active and fit 49-year-old female with Celiac Disease, diagnosed almost 6 years ago and have been very strictly gluten-free since, trying to eat a very natural, unprocessed diet. I just want to tell you how WONDERFUL I have found your book. SO informative and SO in line with my way of thinking about the cause of Celiac and all these other diseases leading to a national obesity and health epidemic.

    I just feel very moved to help get the word out about this book and your research, beyond telling my friends and family and posting on Facebook. How can we get more national exposure about this? In addition to media coverage, it would seem there would be interest in a grassroots campaign to try to take on “big food.” We have to start somewhere. Let me know if I can help!

    • Dr. Davis

      You ARE helping, Kelly, just by participating in this community.

      There will, however, be opportunities to participate in a bigger way in future. For now, tell your local newspapers, TV, and radio stations that they should cover this story. Refer them to this blog for contact info.

      This is not really about a book called “Wheat Belly”; this is a worldwide movement.

  13. Roger

    Dr. Davis,

    I know you must hear it all the time, and I hope you never tire of hearing the thank-Yous’ . . . .

    My wife and I are the picture of health, and many are asking her, and few listen.

    In this, what I term, the RESTORATIVE PROCESS, my wife did not have as far to go, as I did. She is culturally different, more so, than I. The devastation, for her, was just around the corner. As I am learning, there are stories out there, with real people, that are just a over-the-top as mine. My wife has lost inches, can absorb the nutrients that her body was starving for, and she, after 19 years of marriage, has not looked more radiant.

    This process has been bitter sweet, as I have to listen to first hand a second hand excuses, on why it is sooooooooo to imposssssssibbbllley difficult to give up Wheat and associated toxins.

    This breaks my heart, watching people make excuses to continue to poison themselves! As a trained Addiction Counselor–I hear the exact excuses about (illicit, licit used illicitly), drugs as I do this legal, cheap, expert and Govt. approved castrating poison. As I have written before, Genetic Modified Wheat is a close to Human Pesticide as one can get. I hate the poppy plant, co co plant and other traditional perversions, but, when I frequent a Wall Mart, and see a bread isle, alone, larger than a some people’s Mobil Homes, I hate the Genetic Modified Wheat plant, even more, as it has brought, as a whole, more pain and suffering to the Human Condition, then either perverted Poppy or Co Co plant.

    I hear all types of excuses–but I turn them to Wheat Belly, not urging them to borrow it, but, buy a copy–as the money invested may not sit on a shelf, or sit under a newspaper.

    In Wheat Belly, there are alternative ways to fix healthy foods–and, with Dr. Davis’ next book, there will be no excuse–as the combination of his books, web-sites and long list of Testimonials will make the case, for any one with a brain and will, that is, if the Wheat and associated toxins have not rotted out the brain, making the will null and void.

    Regardless of the bad choices others make, once they see me, my wife or both of us together–at least we tried to inform them and at least they have been told the truth about man-made toxins.

    My wife and I are not on the downward slide, sitting and talking of the doom and glooms of ill health–as people younger than us, do. My 50’s are just a number–not a death sentence of what is to come.

    It is my hope that Dr. Davis and his life, will influence so many others, the Experts and Powers That Be in Govt. house, will be silenced in their ignorance–and they may see the error of their ways. It is my hope that those in the Medical Profession will see the Wheat Plant in the same light, as the Tobacco Plant, they once endorsed, as Medical Doctors once endorsed and recommended smoking. “Heart Healthy Whole Grains” needs banished from Medical and Dietary Texts–not by force of Govt. but by force of truth, by an irate and informed We The People, taking back charge and responsibility for our own health!

    Roger, OHIO

    • Dr. Davis

      Hi, Roger–

      By posting your heartfelt comments and thoughts, you are helping grow this community of people who now understand what is going on in health and weight. It’s one thing for me to say it. It is a whole new level of credibility and persuasion for nice people like you, who have experienced life transformations with removal of this poison called wheat, to tell your story and share your experience.

      Please keep your comments coming! They are truly priceless and I am grateful that you continue to tell us.

  14. Uncle Roscoe

    People get fat because of cellular insulin resistance and subsequent buildup of blood glucose. Atkins and other low carb approaches attempt to reduce the blood’s supply of glucose, and thereby reduce the effects of insulin resistance.

    Insulin resistance is caused by ingestion of food opioids which mimic insulin and clog up cellular insulin receptors. Elimination of wheat and other opioids eliminates the cause of insulin resistance.

    On the Wheat Belly diet cells use up more blood glucose so you don’t have stem as much of the glucose supply. Eliminating the glucose supply becomes easier because the opioid reduction removes addiction to glucose-causing sugars.

    Meanwhile cells stay healthier because their metabolic engines operate properly.

  15. Janet

    Wow. Hasn’t there been a large jump in hits on the world map just lately? Seems like it was 800 thousand just a few days ago.

    People are starting to pay attention to what is really going on in the health world and are searching for the truth since what they have been spoon fed is not working. I work at a library and there is a circulating mass of books on–blood sugar, diabetes, exercise, alternative medicines and cures and books on Paleo, Low carb, etc. moving around. I try to put Wheat Belly out on display when it comes back, but, gosh, it never comes back but is circulating briskly along with the other copies in our consortium of 8 libraries. I try to get my 2 cents in when I can–especially when patrons notice I have lost lots of inches and seem like I am –quote–: “glowing”.

    I am suggesting several other books to my director and she is open to order them.

    Thank you, Dr. Davis. You changed my life.

    • Dr. Davis

      Yes, sure seems that way, Janet. I’m impressed you noticed!

      Thanks for bringing the book to the attention of your community. Before you know it, you might have a slender and healthy town on your hands!

  16. Chris

    Hi Dr. Davis,
    Thank you so much for your incredible Wheat Belly book, and for all your valuable information. I have read and reread Wheat Belly so many times it’s become my bedtime story. Amazingly, I picked up Wheat Belly 9 months ago just two weeks before getting my blood lipids taken. I was shocked that my total cholesterol was at 310, LDL 192, HDL 91. I had been gluten-free prior to that, but not strickly following it. My Dr insisted I take a staten drug. I refused and told her I wanted to try eliminating all grains, dairy and sugars. In January my total cholesterol was 283,LDL 187, HDL 85. I had been faithfully following Wheat Belly and was disappointed but kept going. Two weeks ago, my total cholesterol was 260, LDL 160, HDL 84. I am being strongly pushed to go on Crestor and still am refusing but am frustrated that the cholesterol levels are still alarmingly high. I had a CT heart scan 3 years ago and my score was 160.93. Two weeks ago a repeat CT heart scan score was 253.7. I don’t know if the increase took place before starting Wheat Belly (which I’ve been following for 9 months.) The increased CT heart scan scores scare me and I’m wondering if I’m being cavalier for not taking “something” (as my Dr requested) to just get the cholesterol down to stop the plaque build-up”. I really don’t want to take a statin drug and have considered plant sterols. Can you give me some guidance please as I’m battling two cardiologists on this and my numbers haven’t shown them results they are happy with. Thanks for all your guidance and help for all of us.

    • Dr. Davis

      Hi, Chris–

      I’m afraid you are getting into issues that are beyond the Wheat Belly conversation.

      However, consider perusing my Heart Scan Blog, the blog for the Track Your Plaque website (www.trackyourplaque.com). You will find that all your concerns are addressed–to a great degree of detail!–in those two locations.

      You will find that important decisions, including understanding WHY you have coronary plaque CANNOT be made by examining simple cholesterol values. And just addressing cholesterol will NOT provide full control over progressive increase in your coronary calcium score, nor escalating risk. A more in-depth answer is required. Sadly, most of my colleagues and the primary care community are poorly-equipped to provide any answer beyond a statin drug or heart procedure.

  17. Tammy

    Dr. Davis,
    I read the “article” you addressed here and all I can say is this: she’s full of it. :)

    I found you through DDPYOGA and I ordered your book last week. I’ve been wheat free for 12 days and I feel so much better already. I’ve lost 7 pounds and my cravings have all but disppeared. An eczema patch on my arm vanished and my mental fog has lifted. I cleaned out my kitchen this past weekend and donated the food to a local soup kitchen. I can’t wait to start reading your book and get the complete picture. Thanks for shating this improved way of living.. not another diet to fail at.

      • Tammy

        Thanks Dr. Davis. I started reading your book last night and my brain is on overload. Lots of really good information. I can’t believe how misled we all have been with the “wholewheat grains” lie.

  18. Firebird7478

    The two books to get to become “Atkins like” are Wheat Belly and “The Sugar Fix” which explains the affects of fructose on the diet. While I disagree with Dr. Johnson, author of “The Sugar Fix” about cholesterol and saturated fats, his recommendations on limiting fruits and other fructose containing foods in your diet almost parallel the writings of Dr. Davis’ concerning wheat.

    • Boundless

      Does the Sugar Fix address the interesting question of why humans are so poorly adapted to fructose?

      • Firebird7478

        It’s been 6 months since I read it, I’d have to go back and look. I spent a lot of my time shaking my head at all the talk of saturated fat and cholesterol that it clouded some of the other things he was addressing.

  19. 6 months ago I stopped eating wheat and today I feel like a different person! I am down over 15 lbs without really trying, no longer suffer from the pain and have way more energy! Thanks for sharing.

  20. Mary Beth Klann

    Dr. Davis….
    Next to my husband, ( and my military son) you’re my Hero. My hero for making writing such an amazing book and for having this great blog. It’s been almost a year since I’ve found you and I couldnt feel better. I’m at the 40 lb weight loss mark (give a few pounds here and there depending on my wine consumption :) , thou Im trying to be better about that. For a while I was thinking that the weight should be coming off much more until I realized that I did this with not one ounce of physical activity like killing myself in the gym. I also realize that it would probably come off more if I did, but frankly, Im enjoying the extra energy I have by doing some reading, enjoying some movie watching , and many other things that I could never stay awake for before. Please post something if you are ever going to be in the Green Bay area….would love to see you in person and have you sign my totally beat up, borrowed out, and almost threatened bodily harm if I didnt get it back wheat belly book. It has been my savior, my friend, my object that sometimes i say not very nice things to,because in those moments that I may have the feeling Im gonna cave and think…oh this little bit wont hurt me, It is my constant reminder that I feel better now than I have in years. I may not look like I did in my twenties, but, that weight loss was so unhealthy, I cringe to think what it did to my body, and now know all the yo yo dieting, binge and purge, diet pills and dumb ass fad diets that I followed (and of course in the end, made me gain weight back and then some, and mostly alot some,) was what I had to go thru, to get where I am now. Almost like the first bad marriage. Sometimes, you have to waddle around in a lot of shit, before you realize there’s a pony somewhere.
    Now, If you could just write something on helping me to quit smoking….

    • Dr. Davis

      Hi, Mary Beth–

      Thank you!

      I will indeed post something here and on social media if I will be in the Green Bay area. I’ll recognize you by the battered book copy!

  21. Yak

    Hello Dr. Davis.

    I woke up yesterday with a terrible stomach ache and all day I had stomach pains, loose stools, drowsiness and just a general energy-less day. It got to the point that it was not even able to eat much for lunch or dinner.

    Anyway it is still here after waking up today. I have been following wheat belly for almost a month now and this is the first day that I felt like this.

    Any ideas what could have caused this?

    • Dr. Davis

      It could be an inadvertent wheat exposure, Yak.

      Alternatively, you could have had something entirely unrelated, e.g., a bit of staphylococcus in your chicken or something else, a virus from someone else.

  22. Brenda Dembraski

    I bought the book and began my wheat free journey immediately. I lost 5 lbs right away. I’m starting on week two. I haven’t had cravings at all. I now feel real hunger. I snack on nuts or cheese. I almost had a bowl of junk, sugar cereal that my daughter brought into the house. I put one piece in my mouth, spit it out and didn’t eat any. I still feel puffy, like I’m retaining water, but my large apple shape is now a medium apple shape. It’ll take a long time to lose the 60 lbs. that I need to lose. Maybe I need to cut back on the cheese, but that and nuts are my savior. I’m looking forward to posting my positive results. I’m taking a vacation next week; Gatlinburg, TN. Wish me luck!

  23. LaurieLM

    Pay it Forward. I’ve given out many copies of ‘Wheat Belly’ and I don’t intend to stop. My extreme curiosity and prayers and dissatisfaction with my poor health were answered when I happened upon this not-a-diet book, so I don’t have the right to stop the chain of getting this life-saving, life-improving message spread. I would be selfish if I kept it to myself. It’s my duty as a non-wheat imbibing member of the human race to pass it along. I don’t get in your face with resistant people (I don’t have time for them), but there are millions who are yearning to know about this and just aren’t aware of it yet. Gary Taubes didn’t write ‘just’ a diet book with ‘Good Calories, Bad Calories’. His 600 page miracle of information and paradigm-altering-tome was declared and dismissed as just ‘in praise of Atkins’ (Taubes mentions Atkins exactly like thrice in 4 or 5 short lines of his massive epiphany). Yeah right, both books are ‘ just Atkins’ rehashed—-my sit-upon they are. Be brainwashed by wheat glutens, sugars and other forms of fructose if you want to remain a slave to poor advice and low information and a deadly diet-it’s your right. Or you and your loved ones and friends can be set free to decide for yourselves and experience mental clarity, sanity and physical health and wellness. It’s your choice, but informed decisions are always better made with higher quality and more quantity of information.
    I can’t know this for certain, but I think ingestion of wheat is causing disruption of family, community and good human relationships. This is a hunch and most of what I’ve been thinking about this is anecdotal, and crazy sounding. I think eating wheat increases selfishness, greed, aggression, and avarice. George Box, chemist, said ‘all models are wrong, and some are useful’. So here is the mechanism of wheat’s destructive action. I’ve discerned that the deficits that wheat incurs and increases upon replacing brain-building life-enhancing animal fat, cholesterol, sulfate, protein and friendly bacteria (healthywholegrains too sterile) and WATER (with a positive history that grain processing damages) in the diet, is responsible for societal ills. If wheat in the diet degrades or displaces what you are really needing, your strong survival mechanism will send you in search of ‘it’. And if the opioid compounds in wheat keep you going back to the same deficient source, well then….. that’s one definition of insanity (repeatedly doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results) -societal decline anyone? If you think that a mere plant can wreck so much havoc and take control over such a complex animal as ourselves, read Michael Pollan and Lierre Keith. Arrogance is a human trait exploited by an immobile, defenseless looking plant. I kid you not.

      • Roger

        Always going to be resistent types, no matter the facts, no matter the proof–taste and conveinyence over God-given common sense.

        I have learned to move on to the next, to the next to the next–feel sad, but, I have learned to move on–as some will not listen, and will continue to go down hill, and look to experts with the magic pill or life raff–that will never come.

        Wheat and related toxins is an equal oppertunity destroyer fo both the mind and body–as Dr. Davis said, it will kill both Democrats and Republicans alike!

        Denial on the one hand, and Fantasy Island, on the other, seems to be the extremes that some will go, just to avoid facts, and take responsibility for their own actions–especially in matters of health.

        Nothing wrong with anger, as long as it is channeld in a way that it does not destroy self or others.

        My first reaction to the flyer, I received in the mail, advertising Dr. Davis’ book, Wheat Belly, was, in fact, anger! I had no idea of the how’s or why’s of my ill health–and I have shelves of books on natrual health–by people I trusted, as ignorant or more so, than I, on the matter of man made modified grain, especilly WHEAT! I had spent much time learning fo Genetic Modified Soy, and the Villification and Demonization of Virgin Co Co Nut Oil–and that is an almost impossible story to tell. The story of Wheat, more dramatic than staged, edited Reality T.V.–is not for the faint of heart, that have lost the ability to think critically.

        I have no idea why the negative attitudes by the counseling profession–and others, seeing anger as somethig negative–as if it is not a motivator–but my anger over Govt. and expert endorcement of Wheat and other man-made TOXINS–continue to anger me–and that motivates me to study and do somthing about it! First, I am clean of such toxins, and second, I try to keep informed, which is easier because of Dr. Davis and like minds, and third, I find a positive realease, when I tell others, and do not stop at people that will not listen, or people conditioned to see experts and/or Governement as the solution to the Human Condition (that I refer to, as the Sheep Class).

        Stay Motivated!

        Roger, OHIO

  24. Gretchen

    Thanks for your quick answer about eggs, Dr. Davis…I love eggs so it makes me happy I can have them often.

    I do have a suggestion for you, though. There is a wealth of information on this site but it’s hard to find. Have you thought of creating a “forum” section for the WBD (wheat belly diet) community to come together to share tips and recipes, post success stories, find support for the difficult days, and ask questions of you and one another? I believe this would be immensely helpful for not only you in keeping track of all the questions you receive (so perhaps you don’t have to answer the same ones over and over), as well as for those of us who are excited about the changes we’re making in our lives but don’t have much support in the mainstream diet community. I thought it would be especially helpful considering the rise in popularity of your book.



    • Dr. Davis

      Hi, Gretchen–

      Yes, a good idea, one that I’ve discussed with the people I work with.

      At the very least, a categorization of the topics discussed would be helpful to those new to the conversation or those trying to review a past discussion.

      Added to my list of to-do’s!

      • Sandra Tennant

        I am also new to the blog and would enjoy an index to the subjects on the blog. One of my first questions would be where can I find the ingredients to an item when they are not listed on the label? Specifically a new found replacement for beer called” Angry Orchard Apple Crisp Hard Cider”.
        Thank You for your book and your blog, About 10 years ago I was diagnosed with stage two pulmonary hypertension and have a lot of questions concerning how to deal with it. Your book has been very helpfull, but learning to cook in the 50s has presented me with quite a challange.
        Thanks again,

        • Dr. Davis

          Noted, Sandra. I am indeed aware that improved organization is required for this 8-month old blog.

          If no ingredients are listed, do not buy it. You can always try the website or contact the manufacturer, but I would not assume anything.

      • Roger

        Makes me want to go out a consume a Greeeeeeeeeeeece-Bomb, comprizzzzed of WHEAT, Sugar, Salt–at the Local Clown-Food Joint!

        Roger, OHIO

        • Dr. Davis

          Ah, Roger: Even thinking about consuming some wheat is making you lose control over your “e’s” and “z’s”!

    • Belinda

      Dave, I saw this, too. Irony of the whole thing: the article right next to this one about deep-fried carnival food was about how to get flatter abs.

  25. LaurieLM

    I would not say this is a hard and fast rule, but I’ve noticed that I pay more attention to information presented with no strings attached, than when I’m being sold goods and services. Jillian Michaels and Dr Oz, may mean well, even though I can’t fault them for trying to make a living, but they don’t know they are snake oil salesmen, and their programs don’t work and are unhealthy and they make lots of money from their advertisers- hawking misery to millions of others in the process.
    I have purchased multiple copies of ‘Wheat Belly’, and I vote with my wallet and I am determined to support the Good Doc Davis, but essentially the information is available free from the library (and via inter-library loan if your library doesn’t have a copy). Just that simple fact alone tells me he is on to something crucial.
    Kids especially are being tragically damaged by low information. If a kid is sent off to school after eating toast with margarine, cereal and skim milk, a banana and low sodium orange juice and then they are supposed to learn AND exercise and be active…..well OY VEY. They don’t stand a chance. And this all stems from lack of quality information, lack of curiosity and not enough simple, common sense reasoning in our brain-drained grain addled culture.
    We are not cars (or simple furnaces for that matter). Calories count but you don’t have to count calories if you notice that we eat for fuel AND materials, not just for fuel (like a burner does). It is the quality of calories/materials you eat that is what’s important- and the timing. (Intermittent Fasting may be the no sugar icing on the no grain cake to add to the miracle that the information in ‘Wheat Belly’ provides, but that’s for another comment). If your car was not working properly, would you drain almost all of the gasoline and then pour sand in the motor oil reservoir and then expect it to operate properly and for very long? I know I wouldn’t. We have high performance brains minds and bodies and the uninformed health gurus of our time are without clothes and they don’t have a clue what they’re foisting on us. They are duped and trying to misguide the rest of us, and sell us stuff. Michaels and Oz are BUCK NAKED Emperors.

    • Rong

      A calorie is a calorie is a long lasting fable. My son when he was 17 learned that all calories aren’t the same. He took his car to get gas and pumped diesel fuel into a little Opel we gave him that ran on premium gas. Needless to say, we got a call saying the car wouldn’t work. Seems that the diesel pump and the premium pump were right together. He learned his lesson. Now if we can get the general population to learn that all fuel isn’t the same and your body reacts very, very differently depending which type of fuel it gets we will have made a huge change.

      • Roger

        Rong, and others.

        This may be repetitive of what I have afore written, but, insofar as information, it is going to take a grass roots We The People, as Experts and The Powers That Be, are not only ignorant, they are unhealthy.

        I read these posts carefully (here and elsewhere), as there is much collective wisdom from people that have been burnt by Experts, of all disciplines, that have been devestated by Heart Healty Whole Grain.

        When I first started chronicaling the before and after, since 1 Mar. 2012, I thought my story unique, but, I am learning that there are many Rogers out there, and potential Rogers, as some are harmed at an earlier age, some have to bear the cumulative toxins, for decades, before they have a complete systems collapse. Make no mistake, all are harmed by Genetic Modified Wheat and all associated man-made, man-altered Human Pesticides! Dr. Davis’ Political Statement–that he commented on, says it all: Wheat will kill anyone, Repubican or Democrat! Rich, Poor, Educated and Self Eduated, doesnt matter–anyone with a brain, central nervous system and organs, sooner, later or in the woumb, will suffer! In my case, going into my 5th decade, it was a matter of time before I lost either my mind or body, or both.

        Dr. Davis has done the world a favor, by making an extremly difficult subject, easier to understand–and backing himself with evindenced-based data, based on how the body works, reacts, etc. I have to admit, there were some places in his book that were a little difficult, but, he put enough info. to do extended studies, and he reinforces with break down and expansions of terms, concepts and ideas, by this site.

        I do not use the term HERO lightly, as a Disabled Vet, and the type of Veteran that has seen true guts and determinaion, by no-body-no-names, that faced overwealming odds, on belalf of their Nation, and the persons surrounding them. Dr. Davis has challenged conventional wisdom, the Powers That Be, meaning big Government, Big Food, Big Medicine–and a list of other Goliaths–as I read attacks on him, his ideas, integrity–and some of the Mindless that follows him.

        I am not mindless, and neither are the Professionals, Poor People, and various people of any educational and ecnomic stata–as we are all part of the solution to, or victim of, THE HUMAN CONDITON. We all have a common bond, in suffering–and Dr. Davis has tied together the information, has made it clear–and is also pegged as motivatied by profit, etc. I do not care how much Dr. Davis makes off his books–as I am a seller of his books, have sold many, and I do not make a cent. I push his book, becasue I want people to be informed–and informed person can make choices, and does not have to waite on The Powers That Be–at any level, elected, selected etc. to make choices for them.

        In this Veteran’s book, Dr. Davis more than meets the criteria for HERO! A David that had boinked the bug-eyes of several Goliaths, and has exposed those Self Annointed Powers That Be for what they really are, IGNORANT! Money or power gurbbers, sure, but mainly stupid! If this class of people want to remain in blissful ignorance, let them consume their TOXINS!

        Rong, and others of this community,
        Keep up the motivation–this is a grass roots, people-not money/power driven movement!

        Roger, OHIO

  26. Carol

    On June 4th, Dr. Oz had another doctor on who was demonstrating his 7 day (lose a dress size) crash diet. What I found interesting about this plan and about the banter between the two doctors was that grains were never mentioned, and the diet also seemed to be almost grain free. So I am wondering if maybe Dr. Oz is coming around to the better no wheat way of eating, not to mention all the health and weight issues we face when we follow the six servings of grain and low fat diet. But he won’t say that this is what he is REALLY advocating because he would get himself in a lot of trouble with the grain industry and lots of others who shill for the current diet recommendations, and I’m thinking it might affect his advertising base. Don’t know, tho’ because I never watch his show. I found the show on his web site and watched the two clips he had there and then verified that the show aired earlier this month. I thought the whole premise of the diet was kind of interesting and I wonder if the good Doctor is going to keep touting “healthy whole grains” or will he sort of drop them from his diet advice. The whole diet seemed to consist of a protein source, fruits and vegetables. Now I want to keep tabs on him to see if he goes anywhere with the no wheat, low carb diet as recommended by Dr. Davis Could be we are seeing a no wheat revolution?. I certainly hope so. The good Dr. Oz is a pretty smart man, so maybe he already knows how adversely wheat affects us. If he joined the no wheat band wagon, there is no telling where this could go.

    • Dr. Davis

      Interesting observation, Carol!

      Yes, I do believe that Mehmet Oz is a smart man. I suspect that he often has to bend to the desires/objections of his sponsors and I agree that a wholesale condemnation of grains would not go over well with food producers who mostly produce foods from . . . grains!

      • Amanda

        Yes Dr. Oz is very smart, he told a man who had a big belly and high blood pressure that bread had a high sodium content but he did not tell him do not eat bread and you will loose your belly.
        I think he is enjoying making big money now more than really helping others, which was the original idea, please Dr. Davis do not change and get in love with money more than helping people. Because you are changing the planet more than Steve Jobs did, yours is a greater cause.

        • Roger

          Dr. Davis is in too deep with his boinking the bug-eyes of several Goliaths, to let fortune and fame go to his head.

          He is, first a foremost a seasoned Clinition–and he has seen many that were compromised–and put position, power and profit above the health and welfare of their patients!

          No doubt, he will gain fame and fortune–and I say they are good things! Any fame of fortune that comes this man’s way, is well deserved, and will help his cause–TO HELP PEOPLE! Do not think this man will go off message–as his character has formed and is forged, in the same crucible as his clinical skills.

          May the LORD grant this man a long, rowdey, productive life.

          Heart Healthy Whole Grain Goodess? Good saying to imprint on Tolit Paper.

          Roger, OHIO

        • Dr. Davis

          Thanks, Amanda, though I have deep respect for the wisdom and far reaching views of Mr. Jobs.

          I can only hope to leave as big an imprint in human life as he did.

          • Roger

            Whats the use of having a good job, if you are too sick to enjoy the fruits of your own labor?

            Before I lost the WHEAT–I had no future, and the only things I had to look forward to, is the loss of my mind or body–or both.

            Many people contribute to society–and help the human conditon, and each, in their own way, does contribute . . . many have forgot the contributions of Dr. Gerston, the great Natural M.D./Surgeon/Neurologist/Radiologist of the Nazi era, but, all benefit from his labors (alkaline/acid ratio studies), and the only thing most people remember about Dr. Ivan Pablov, is his silly barking and salivating dog, in basic Psychology, to illistate/differentiate classical/operant conditioning. WOOF! WOOF! Few remembers the good Russian Dr.’s contribution to the the digestive system, and his deleneation fo live-enzyme study. Even so, all of today benefit.

            The Genetic Modified Problem, we humans have brought on our selves, and our unborn–this is critical–as the world is plagued by this menace! Soon, I see a host of other professionals getting on board, as time passes, as more and more have stories of the before and after encounter with Wheat Belly. Dr. Davis and his contribution to The Human Condition, will no be forgotton, not as long as I live!

            The average Joe and Jane and the High and Mighty–are all Human–and the High and the Low can and will be killed by this Genetic Modified Wheat–in the same manner as the Poppy and Co Co Plant (Opium and CoCaine-like products).

            It is time that all see this Wheat Plant for what it is, an addictive substance, that wreakes havoc on the body and mind, that tastes good, smells good, and is cheap!

            Roger, OHIO

    • MaryMK

      In the most recent issue of Prevention Magazine there is a story about how Dr. Sanjay Gupta (of CNN fame) and his family stays healthy. Unless I missed it, there is no mention of grains in his daily eating plan. Interesting. Maybe Bill O’Reilly moved over from FOX long enough to consulting with him!

      • Dr. Davis

        This seems to be the new emerging tactic: Because Big Food controls so much of the media message, don’t say such things as “Eat no wheat.”

        Instead, say “Eat good foods like vegetables, nuts, fruits, and lean meats.” Just no mention of wheat.

        I guess it’s a small step in the right direction, though it makes me want to shout “Coward!”

  27. Swan

    Hi Dr. Davis,
    I’ve been considering doing a detox cleanse like the “Master Cleanse” (aka the Lemonade Diet) to jump-start my weight loss, because even though I’ve been eating grain-free for a few months now, it has not resulted in any significant weight loss for me. Is doing something like the Master Cleanse safe, and is it potentially beneficial? I can’t really understand why I am not losing weight, since I am eating quite low-carb…perhaps I’m eating too much fat because of all the nuts, etc.?

    Also, is oatmeal particularly bad? I really enjoyed having oatmeal for breakfasts…is it verboten?

    Thank you!

    • Dr. Davis

      Some of us need to restrict carbohydrates after eliminating wheat, especially if the prior 30, 40, or 50 years of carbohydrate overconsumption have resulted in impaired pancreatic beta cell function (the cells that produce insulin). From this perspective, oatmeal is REALLY bad.

    • Claudia

      I found I had a prob with the weight loss as well but when I had a good look at what I was eating I found that some days I ate no or very little vegetable – just loads of high protein meals – when I incorporated more vegetable (and less protein by default), the weight began to move – I also need to limit how much cheese I eat in a week – daily doesn’t work for me

  28. JeanBoy

    Beware of the Food Pyramid…Seems like ever since the goverment started messing with that adults and children have been getting larger and larger.

    • Dr. Davis

      I suppose the Federal Government could start to pass legislation to control your calorie intake, too . . .

      Legislation, particularly in the world of nutrition, tends to attempt to control behavior to the lowest common denominator among us. Their advice should NEVER be construed to represent the ideal in diet.

  29. I like the post whatsoever i got from here is to follow the right methods with right instructs.Now, whether its eating, work out’s or whatever u think necessary to keep you fit n fine.

  30. Melissa

    I know this is off topic, but I don’t know where else to ask. I read this blog daily, and I love the book and read it on my kindle as well as listen to it in the car on the way to work. I would love to see a Wheat Belly bumper sticker. Any plans to offer something like that here? I’m not fond of t-shirts.

    • Dr. Davis

      Hmmm, Melissa: Wheat Belly paraphernalia, from bumper stickers to bobble heads?

      (Now there’s an idea: A big fat wheat belly guy, head bobbling on your dashboard!)

      That’s actually a useful suggestion: Develop the tools to help everyone spread the message of this MOVEMENT. Let me chew on this.

      • JoAnne

        Talk about spreading the message… I work for a radio station and I’d LOVE to share the message of the WB movement to my station’s loyal listening audience – we have listeners in 4 states. There are certain requirements that must be met to qualify as a Public Service Announcement. Still trying to figure out how to pull this one off and spread the message!! I’ve been wheat-free for 4 months and like Melissa, I’m on this blog daily, and I’m sharing WB with everyone who crosses my path. .

  31. Jennifer

    Pardon, I’m new. Thank you for the book….very shocking and informative. Wheat free/GF for 6 days. I have the dynamic duo of Hashi’s and Type 2. .112 synthroid, 500mg Metformin ER and 1.8mg Victoza daily. My ultimate goalis to reverse my Type 2 if possible, and help my poor thyroid. I detest taking the Victoza. To me it is just one step away from insulin. I’m a little confused about exercise. I don’t hear much mention of it…I hear more mention of folks not exercising at all, and their successes. If I could only be so lucky! Weight sticks to me like a darn magnet. Since March, I like to do Zumba 3-4 times a week, cardio boxing, etc. I have purchased a fitbit for both tracking and inspiration to keep moving. i am probably more “fit” endurance-wise than i’ve been in the last 5 years, but my body is stubborn. It does not want to release weight. I have about 74lbs to lose…but sometimes i wonder if my body has not adopted a “set point” that I’ll not be able to get past, regardless of the elimination of wheat and gluten.

    • Dr. Davis

      Because Wheat Belly is primarily about the dangers of consuming modern wheat, not about a perfect lifestyle per se, there are multiple aspects of an overall healthy lifestyle not addressed in the book. It doesn’t mean they are not helpful; they were just not immediately relevant to the topic.

      You are almost certainly deficient in the T3 thyroid hormone. You are taking T4 as Synthroid, while T3 is the active hormone. This very commonly results in low energy, cold hands and feet, thinning hair, constipation, and inability to lose weight. It means DEMANDING that your doctor test T3 and consider adding it. If he/she refuses, find a new doctor. Consider a functional medicine practitioner, who will be more open to such things.

      For more information on this issue, see Stop the Thyroid Madness blog.

    • Amanda

      Jennifer, I have Hashi”s, vitiligo ( 2 autoinmune diseases) and I was lucky to find a doctor 2 years ago in Canada, who knew about the damages of gluten, I have lost 30 pounds in 3 years, do not give up and treat gluten like your Kriptonite…You will only win, look and feel better, after reading the wheat belly book my whole family is gluten free…

  32. Tom Leven

    Dr. Davis,
    I cannot thank you enough for writing this book! I am a 57 year old male, was about 40-50 lbs overweight mostly around my belly. I also was suffering from a lot of unexplained joint pain and inflammation, irritable bowel syndrome, and was also easily fatigued. My wife and I embarked on this wheat free journey on April 1st as soon as we bought the book, and the results have been astounding! After only 2 days my joint pain was virtually gone!! I was amazed! I have since lost about 35 lbs, no more irritable bowel, and my energy level is back!! Many people said my joint pain disappeared because I lost weight but the pain disappeared before I had lost any weight. I can honestly say that I feel 20 years younger. There was a time when I was wondering how much longer I would live because of how much pain I was always in, but it’s all gone. My wife has been on medication for high blood pressure for several years now. She decided to try and go off the meds and track her BP twice daily. So far she has been off the medication for about a month and her BP has been in the normal range every time she has taken it! There is one benefit however that she has not realized and that is weight loss. She is maybe 30 lbs overweight ( though she says more like 40 ha ha ) that she carries in her belly, hips and thighs. I don’t want her to get discouraged because she really wants to lose weight. She is also severely limiting her overall carb intake as well. She is 51 and in the early stages of menopause, could this be why her weight isn’t coming off? She did say her hot flashes have disappeared since going wheat free, don’t know if it is related or not. Dr. Davis do you have any suggestions for her? I really want her to have the results that I have had.
    Thank You so much again for writing this book!

    • Dr. Davis

      Great on your results, Tom!

      I see that the weight loss stall question has been coming up with some frequency. I believe I will have to repost the discussions we had some months back addressing this issue.

      Stay tuned!

    • Amanda

      Maybe your wife really needs to go 100% gluten free and that is kind of tricky, everything has gluten in North America, even your cooking pans are contaminated!!!

  33. Charlotte

    >>>>Changes in the lectin unique to wheat, wheat germ agglutinin, that is responsible for 1) direct intestinal >>damage, and 2) a Trojan horse effect of helping foreign substances gain entry into the bloodstream. This is likely at least part of the reason why wheat-eaters experience more lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, polymyositis, type 1 diabetes in children, worse ulcerative colitis and Crohns, more Hashimoto’s thyroiditis: Foreign proteins gain entry to the various organs of the body and result in “autoinflammation.” Changes in wheat lectin may have also led to more effective blocking of the hormone of satiety, leptin.

    Don’t forget about autism, which is most likely a neuro autoimmune disorder. This is why so many children on the spectrum improve when placed on a GFCF diet because wheat is eschewed. My pregnancy was one big wheat orgy – I was very queasy and soothed myself with a steady stream of cookies and crackers. When my son was born he began to show clear signs of immune distress – eczema, ear infections. He stayed on track developmentally and was a bright, verbal, engaged toddler until around two when he began to slowly withdraw – it was as terrifying as watching a loved one slip into Alzheimer’s dementia. Tests revealed his gut was so damaged and ‘leaky’ that he had the inflammatory mucous of someone with IBS and a list of food sensitivities a page long. We are slowly bringing him back by treating his condition as autoimmune, diet being the most important facet of it. The process is slow and grueling – it is our own personal Stalingrad. How I wish I had found you earlier.

    • Dr. Davis

      Hi, Charlotte–

      And I suspect that the connection between wheat exposure and autism goes very deep, even deeper than “just” impaired behavior and learning.

      As we get our Foundation up and running, this is one of the areas of research I’d like to see supported. I call this one of the potential “nails in the coffin” for wheat. If we validate this suspicion, that is the end of wheat consumption for humans. What young pregnant woman would knowingly expose her child to a poison?

  34. Patience is a Virtue

    Two weeks wheat free… Off all allergy medicines, BP coming down, mood going up. Still no cravings. I am so impressed that Dr. Davis personally stays in touch with his “fans” via this blog. Thank you!

    • Roger

      All I can say, concerning weight loss, is, BE PATIENT!

      Before Dr. Davis, I was 260, pre-diabetic–and I had a list of symptoms that I figured even Dr. Davis would not believe. The hard fat around my waist only added to the misery–as I was an endurance athlete–and did not think I would leave this life, as a Beached Whale.

      When I punished the hell out of my self, and went from 297lbs to 205, I still could not understand why I could not lose the belly fat, and why the hell all the symptoms . . . . The Medical Doctors and all the books I have read, seemed to suggest, by consensus, that, if I lost the weight, most all the symptoms would decrease or dissipate. NOT SO! After an auto accident, I could not exercise like a stark-raving lunatic–and stay in a hot sauna, for hours–putting my life at risk, eating like a bird, and consuming mostly Heart Healthy Whole Grain! I ballooned up to 260lbs–and had no idea how fat and sickly I would get, until I lost my body or mind!

      Since Dr. Davis, I lost symptoms, some of them life long, before I even lost my first 5 lbs! Before Dr. Davis, if I wanted to lose weight, I simply had to near destroy my self with long hours in the Gym, cardio etc. that rivaled what I did, and could do, in my mid-twenties, to net a miserable 205lb. 47 year old!

      I thought by force of will, I could get to point B! What I did not know, what I did not factor in, was how the body actually works, and how my efforts were undermined by Toxic Wheat! If Dr. Davis is known for any thing, it would be in the area of how the body actually works, for, many in a multitude or disciplines, are ignorant of his hard evidenced-based facts!

      I have the medical, psychological and physical back ground to understand Dr. Davis, but, my head is still spinning–as of 1 Mar. 2012! How the body actually works–and the body and its relationship to man made toxins, chief among them, WHEAT) was a shock to my indoctrinated system!

      Dr. Davis is an exact duplicate to my other non-Veterans Dr.–that I would adopt, by force, if I could figure out how to do it, as my BROTHER!

      Now, I walk a little bit, do light to moderate exercise-and the inches decreased before the weight started to come off!

      Yes, I will still do insane things in the Gym, when I lose a little bit more weight, as my body and mind have to heal, after decades of Wheat and related assault–but, that is what I do, as an endurance type, 40 plus years Martial Arts, a life time of hard physical labor–Combat Veteran etc. Were it not for other issues, wheat and spinal related, I would have perused other areas, in the military, besides medical and behavioral sciences.

      This time, with Dr. Davis, I will not be a miserable 190 lb. man (as that is my goal), I will be healthy! I understand the body, how it works–and have no fears of ballooning back up–and imitating a Beached Whale, before I die!

      At 260lbs, (1 Mar. 2012) I was starting on a path of health–I never dreamed possible!

      I am into my 5th decade, and I cannot believe what I see in the mirror! I am no where near my goals, but I can see that I am getting there!

      All I can say, is, be patient! Most do not suffer from Wheat and related Toxins, over night–and most will not heal, and get into health, over night!

      All of us are different–and there are cultural variants, inherited or genetic variants, etc. that has to be factored in, but we are all, with few exceptions, Human–and are subject to the good, bad and ugly of The Human Condition.

      Hope this helps!

      Roger, OHIO

      • Dr. Davis


        If you are sufficiently daring, would you consider posting pre and post photos?

        Maybe wait until you’ve gotten to your weight goal. And I understand that, given your health struggles, weight is only a small part of your success, but it’s the one we can see.

        • Roger

          The monster that I was, Dr. Davis, is a difficult thing to see.

          I will have to think about the before and after, in pictures–as it was difficult to reduce the account to writing. I am not far from my weight goal, and I am looking more like the 19 year old, in the picture on my wife’s side of the bed, each day.

          It was only because of you, that I wrote and submitted an account.

          My abilty to heal, defies what I know of the human body–as I am able to heal as quickly as I did, in my early 20’s. I just had head, body, spinal trauma–and I cannot belive my bio-physilogical resilance.

          It is only because you asked, that I would consider before and after pictures.

          Roger, OHIO

  35. Dr. Davis
    Your work in bringing awareness and shedding light on this subject continues to amaze me!
    Thank you for all you have done and continue to do to bring light to this subject:)
    Behind you and all that you do 110%
    Beat the Wheat!:)
    Kathy Smart

      • JoAnne

        Dr Davis, speaking of synergies — Are you familiar with “Peoples Pharmacy”? I am also a fan of Joe & Terry Graedon of “Peoples Pharmacy.” Peoples Pharmacy has a newspaper column in papers across the country, a radio show, and more. The Graedons are highly respected health advocates for consumers, and strive to present unbiased health information. They post home remedies to a myriad of ailments on their website, and people blog & share their experiences on their website too. I have used a number of their home remedies with great success..I emailed the Graedons yesterday. TODAY Joe Graedon emailed me back to tell me “We’re planning to do an interview with Dr. Davis.” Their website is http://www.peoplespharmacy.com. I’m so happy! Another avenue to reach the masses! Let me know when their interview with you is set to air!

        • Dr. Davis

          Hi, JoAnne–

          They did ask me for a copy of the book.

          I was a little hesitant with them, as they do tend to be very careful in their message and tend to not encourage what might be viewed as “fringe” opinions. But, if they want to talk, I’m willing!

          Thanks for your support, JoAnne!

  36. Nancy McGowan

    My Dear Dr. Davis,
    A few months ago you told me to not be discouraged by my husband’s apparent unchanged blood sugar readings. We remain totally devoted to Wheat Belly life-style for past 6 months. We have not gotten discouraged, thanks to your wise words. This morning we went for a “well visit” to Dan’s MD. Haven’t seen him for 10 months. The first thing he said was “your weight is down from 229 to 197! This is great – what are you doing? (Dan is 69, 1 heart stent, diabetic, extreme debility from a medical crisis 9 years ago). So I pulled out my Wheat Belly Book and my Track the Plaque books and my copy of “The Diet: Quick and Dirty” and proceded to expound: no wheat, no grains, no sugar, no high carb foods, plenty of meat/fowl/fish/, vegetables, nuts, seeds, cheese, good fats (butter, coconut oil, olive oil) and we eat when hungry and are satisfied. And another thing, he is gaining muscle in his legs (he thought he had swollen legs but his cariologist told him it was muscle!) This am his blood sugar was 118! No depression – even took a cruise which also helps with depression! His blood pressure was 105/68; lung sounds good (for years he has been hospitalized for pneumonis or bronchitis – not this year!), pulse strong and regular. He sleeps well with no apnea; he has energy during the day and loves going out for steak and eggs! We will get blood work done on 6/25 – HbA1C, complete profile with Vit. D and B12 and the Berkley Lab Lipid profile with focus on very small LDL (his triglicerides have been very high in the past 800-1000). I stopped giving him the pravastatinand Tricor in February and received no negative thoughts about that because his muscle and skeletal pains have gone – no pain meds at all. We had the best visit and the Doc said he wants to read Wheat Belly because so many of his patients have the reflux (my success), the IBS, the abdominal fat, the apnea, the depression, the fatigue, etc. and he wants to help. I wanted to give him my copy but he said he would buy his own! But he did take the copy of “Quick and Dirty”. We practically “high-fived” each other and left the office smiling and wishing each other all the best ! Now, we will expect the diabetes will be reversed and the weight will continue down. No wheelchair for Walmart – he can walk from the parking lot around the store without knees and hips killing him. We are so happy and can’t stop exclaiming how wonderful to have this new, health-filled life. Nine years ago Dan had hernia repair surgery, but: his heart stopped 4 times on the operating table, plus a stroke and 6 months in hospital with speptic shock and to-the-bone bedsores. Now we have hope for a few more years together for love and happiness. I say again, “Thank you, Dr. Davis”. Your courage to speak the truth and write a book that finally gives people the key to unlock the treasure of health in mind and body is a gift beyond words. Peace and Blessings on you and your family.

    • Amanda

      Nancy I almost cried reading your letter, I know that is all true and more, your doctor is a good man, he is willing to learn.

      • Nancy McGowan

        I, too, shed many tears in private when I think about the closness of death and now we have new life and hope for the future! All because Dr. Davis wrote a book and I listened to the CDs and then bought the hard copy and devoured it! This experience shows that in a moment of grace you can change your mind in an instant and be transformed. Our Doc. will get a copy of this Post “Mind games, etc.” to follow up our Friday conversation about Wheat Belly! Thank you for your kind word. Best wishes to you in your journey. Nancy

    • Dr. Davis

      Thank you, Nancy. And thank you for sharing your husband’s wonderful story of health transformation!

      Please update us with your husband’s progress after the blood work. His would be a great story to tell on this blog!

      • Nancy McGowan

        Dear Dr. Davis,
        Will gladly share the blood work results – and gladly share Dan’s story. In January I couldn’t conceive what could happen – all the good health happened to other people. Now, even “old” (69) debilitated, diabetic, heart diseased folks can be rejuvenated! Wait for MY story! It’s a good one but not as dramatic: no acid reflux, no sleep apnea, no IBS with urgent bowels, no depression, etc. etc. You may have heard this a time or two! I am 68 – work 3 days a week, take care of 97 yr father at home as well as my husband and life is good. With unbounded gratitude for your work. Nancy

  37. Gordon

    My wife is a firm believer in the notions put forward by Dr. Davis and so we are eating nothing with wheat in it. She is much more dedicated to the abstinence than I, but I have reduced my consumption by at least 90%. I too, have lost weight just by changing the items I put into my body. Great. I will continue along this path but my real concern is for the families of Canadian and American wheat producers who may not be aware of the toxic nature of their produce. How can they continue to be productive contributors to society while their crop is wheat? Are there any varieties of wheat left that have not been modified? Can we get these ancient wheat varieties back into production? Avoiding the problem is one thing, creating a solution is another.

    • Dr. Davis

      It’s happening, Gordon.

      Farmers are contacting me for my thoughts on whether they should make the change back to heritage forms, such as Red Fife, a “landrace” popular in the 19th century.

      However, while a return to older non-genetically altered forms of wheat would indeed be much better, it would not be IDEAL. If your goal is ideal health, then NO wheat is the only answer.

  38. Graham

    Nancy, I’m very glad to hear your story and you are both to be congratulated on your perseverance, please remember that many of us are rooting for you and all the others in a similar situation. I’m sure Dr Davis will be equally delighted when he reads of your experience. Now I know the many sceptics out there would likely dismiss it as “anecdotal” but as the number of these reports grows they will eventually have to be accepted as a solid body of evidence by people in high places who will therefore be forced to change their attitude.

    • Nancy McGowan

      Thank you, Graham. Our experience is more than anecdotal – reams of medical records that attest to my husband’s health issues of the past and now a whole new group of tests (blood work, cardiac tests, etc.) that show such positive changes that cannot be denied. All from changing one thing: No Wheat (no grains, no sugar, low carb/high fat). The energy of all those who are changing their minds and bodies really comes through the blog site and facebook site and continues to uplift and encourage. Thank you. And again, thank you Dr. Davis.

  39. SharonM

    I gave up ALL wheat over two months ago, and I’ve noticed no changes in how I feel, how bloated I am and how constipated I still get. I’m guessing wheat is not my issue, but I have no idea what else it could be.

    • Neicee

      Sharon, please don’t give up. You didn’t say if you’d also given up rice/potatoes/corn? If not, try it for a week and see what happens. I’d been close to gluten free since about 1995, yet still experienced some major bouts with IBS. I knew something was wrong because I kept adding on a little weight and there, and felt rotten. Waking up at 3AM, staying up through the day…..now, I sleep like a rock. Fully wide awake during the day and feel great. So, now I know, since those foods are not necessary for life, I can live without them. Let us know how you’re doing.

  40. jan warren

    I have struggle all my life with health issues, never know why i was always sick,strep throat, sinus headache and infections, anxiety, foggy brain,etc etc etc. When I turned 50 menopause was the reason for everything, weight gain, coma induced napping , moodyness etc etc. My friend a dietian told me her story of the same syptoms. She told me she had to change her doctor of 25 years because after her research she conclueded she had a thyroid problem and he laughed at her. Her new doctor said thyoid issues were exactly her problem, so she got fixed with medication. I also got laughed at by my doctor and struggled with my GP to take it more seriously, finally I am now seeing and endrocrinologist. I’ve come back to living again. BUT now I believe my next step will be cutting out gluten to save my life. I had just read an article on thryoid don’ts and how gluten effects thyroid and even though I was tested for Celiac Disease and it came out negitive, I now know just from reading excerpts from Dr.Davis book that I will conquer this also.
    God Bless you.

    • Dr. Davis

      Great, Jan!

      I wish it wasn’t so tough to get simple things accomplished in health. For some additional thyroid insights, see Janie Bowthorpe’s very excellent blog, Stop the Thyroid Madness (www.stopthethyroidmadness.com).

  41. jan warren

    Hi Doc,
    I will order the book Stop the Thyroid Maddness. I ordered your book yesterday before I emailed you.
    I am excited to read it.
    I have many many friends and family who will watching for my results.
    Thanks you for caring enough about us lay people to write and blog about such an important problem.
    Happy 4th of July,

  42. sharon

    | have just started wheat free. I am about 20lbs overweight…mostly on my belly….i’m still very active…i guess i’ll wait and see. Can you freeze wheatless muffuns cake bread etc????

  43. Joan Myerson Shrager

    Just bought the book. Have stopped eating wheat and wheat products just for about a week. I have Hashimotos and have now been reading about wheat sensitivity that relates to immune diseases. My doc is not at all interested in or informed about this. His responses to my pleas for help losing weight are platitudes about eating less not about what foods to consume. I am hoping that I respond to this information about wheat with the same success as described in the book. At what point will I know I am indeed reacting as you describe your patients? Weight loss for me has been painfully slow over the past few years since the onset of my thyroid disease which seems properly regulated now. BTW I am seventy, in good health and very active physically and mentally.

    • Dr. Davis

      Read the experiences here and on the Wheat Belly Facebook page (link at the top of the page) and you will see that weight and health improve within days of losing the wheat from your diet.

      I’d also lose your doctor. Sounds like somebody who learned everything he knows from a textbook from 1985, along with listening to all the drug company marketing.