Lindsay “straightens out” her son

Lindsay has had a wonderful wheat-free experience, as you can judge from the obvious change in her photos (below). But it’s her son’s health that concerned her more.

Here the story of Lindsay’s struggle to find answers to her son’s health struggles.

My son has long fought with horrible sinus and respiratory allergies. And I have long fought with my son in regards to his behavior. Only when I learned about the affects of food sensitivities on our bodies did I tie the two together.

Some of his allergy symptoms:

– stuffy nose
– chronic cough
– waking with bags under his eyes
– red ears
– respiratory issues
– constipation
– bouts of diarrhea
– headaches
– constant fatigue
– light sensitivity
– noise sensitivity

AND some of his behavior problems:

– irritability
– defiance
– argumentativeness
– ‘rage’ fits. They are like 10x worse than your basic tantrums!
– physical – hitting, kicking
– anger
– general unhappiness/sadness
– easily ‘set off’

No amount of punishment, time-outs, warnings, or threatened consequences seemed to help.

I’ve had my share of hearing how my kid just needs a good ‘straightening out.’ I’m sorry, I tried and tried and tried . . . and it was getting increasingly worse. I knew there was something else going on. My son is a good kid . . . a GREAT kid. And when he is feeling good he is so pleasant to be around.

I feel like I’ve gone through the ringer with my son and doctor after doctor trying to get help. I’ve been given the ‘hypochondriac mother stamp’ by some, and have seen doctors galore that have given me countless ‘reasons’ for my sons allergies or behavior (never tied together of course), and ONE that has embraced the idea that my son’s food sensitivities could be directly feeding his allergies AND behavior.

When my son was an infant, he had horrible issues with gas and stomach upset. We eventually switched to soy formula which helped a little bit. As he got a little older and started to eat solid food, he then started to develop recurring respiratory infections. We found ourselves having to give our son breathing treatments twice a day. Fast forward a little more and the terrible two’s hit . . . WOW . . . were they REALLY supposed to be THAT terrible? On top of his allergies we were now dealing with constant irritability and fatigue. Well, the terrible two’s stuck around for age three, morphed into the fit-throwing fours, and so on.

When my son was in preschool (age 4 and 5), his behavior was awful. The poor preschool teachers likely drew straws to decide who had to deal with him each day! He threw tantrums, disrespected teachers, hit/kicked friends, broke a chair, had screaming fits . . . it was so embarrassing. The daycare director recommended we see a behavior therapist to see if they had any suggestions for us. We met with the lady (who we just adored by the way) who evaluated our son over the course of a few weeks – both at home and at school. Her conclusion – our son was a bright, energetic kid. She confirmed that he did not have ADD or ADHD or any sort of disorder in her opinion. All she could suggest was that we step up our efforts of helping our son with anger management and provided us some tools to do so. Back to square one.

I also visited my doctor’s office twice specifically seeking help for my son’s behavior. One doctor told me that it was likely something he would grow out of and another suggested he wasn’t getting enough vitamins. Vitamins???

My son had also started having horrible stomach issues. He would be constantly be constipated and then periodically would have bouts of diarrhea, and they would unfortunately ‘hit’ while he was at preschool. We went to a pediatric specialist to see if there was possibly an intestinal issue. They chalked it up to our son being afraid to go “#2” and had us give him Miralax every day . . . EVERY DAY. Interesting that I remember specifically asking this doctor if he thought my son could have celiac disease. He immediately dismissed it because he didn’t see my son exhibiting failure to thrive symptoms.

During this same time, I started noticing that my son seemed tired ALL the time. He would sleep 11 or 12 hours a night and wake up exhausted. He would often have little wrinkles or bags under his eyes. And he was constantly coughing. Even his teacher started asking about it. And he didn’t even realize he was doing it. After doing some research on the internet, I started to suspect that it was a form of asthma. I went to visit our family doctor who also suspected asthma and referred me to an allergy specialist. They did two allergy panels across his back, numerous breathing treatments, etc.–nothing. He confirmed my son was having allergic reactions to something but could not pin point what it was. He did NOT run a test for celiac . . . but I didn’t know enough about it at the time to think it could be tied to his allergies so didn’t request it either. This doctor’s solution was to send my son home on steroid inhalers, steroid nasal spray, and breathing treatments. My son’s behavior was OFF THE SCALE taking these medications and we ended up stopping them as soon as we realized it was affecting him.

My son’s kindergarten year was just a continuation of preschool. He was okay but still had horrible tantrum episodes and just all around irritability ALL the time! There was even one occurrence when the principal had to carry my kicking and screaming son out of his classroom.

In all of this mess and all of the ‘opinions’ given to me by doctors about what I should do to treat my son, not ONE of them seemed to have much interest in investigating what the cause of all of these allergies, stomach issues, and behavior issues was.

I came across this book that would forever change my life, “Is This Your Child” by Dr. Doris Rapp. In reading about her, it appears many doctors think she is a quack. But now that I know what I know, she is probably one of the very few that REALLY ‘gets it.’ In her book, she discusses the link between allergies/sensitivities to behavior. Allergens/sensitivities can be anything from grasses and molds to chemicals and fragrances to dairy and citrus fruits. This book opened my eyes to possibilities I hadn’t considered before. Maybe my son really CAN’T control his behavior–because his body won’t let him.

So this book gave me the motivation to see if I could track down the CAUSE of all of my son’s issues on my own. No doc needed or wanted at that point, as I was so frustrated with them all!

I also read a book by William Davis called “Wheat Belly.” I initially read this book for my own issues and not my son’s. I had long struggled with the inability to lose ANY weight no matter what I tried or how little I ate. I also was battling hypothyroidism. If I have to recommend anything about this book, I will simply just say, “READ THIS BOOK, thank me later.”

STOP believing the media that wheat is a ‘healthy whole grain’!! It is anything but healthy! Wheat today is nothing like the wheat of our ancestors. Our bodies struggle to digest it. And most people’s digestive systems are aggravated by the constant ingestion of it because it’s practically in everything! After reading this book, I removed gluten from my diet completely. In 3.5 months, I lost 20 lbs . . . and this was after years of struggling to even lose ONE. I felt great, my energy was up, my sleep was better, and my chronic sinus issues subsided!

I went to my yearly check-up and my doctor was in AWE. She couldn’t believe the transformation. She couldn’t believe how much weight I had lost and she was thrilled to see me NOT struggling with my sinuses finally. When she asked if I had been exercising more or something, I simply said, “Nope. I stopped eating wheat.” Surprisingly, she was intrigued so I told her a little more about it. She told me to keep doing whatever it was I was doing and that I must have had some sort of sensitivity to it.

After the visit to my doctor, I started wondering: Could my son have a sensitivity to gluten too??? It’s very possible! Sooo I decided to remove gluten from his diet too. I packed his lunches for school each day and carefully avoided anything containing wheat. I started to see a difference–not night and day, but MUCH better. His behavior started to improve and his chronic cough subsided a bit. His sinuses still seemed stuffy and he was still waking grumpy, however. I had read that gluten intolerant kids were often dairy intolerant as well. So, I started removing diary from his diet, as well. I really started to notice that, over the weekends, I had a COMPLETELY different kid! He was just pleasant, cooperative, and happy! He would sleep a full night and wake up bright eyed and excited for the day. I LOVED it.

The problem was that I was also noticing that once the school week started again, he would typically get stuffy all over again and have a MAJOR meltdown on Tuesday or Wednesday, like clockwork. I couldn’t figure it out at first, but then my son mentioned something to me. “Hey, Mom. I’m really sorry, but I’ve been forgetting at school and have been buying milk at lunch.” Well, that explains a lot! THEN I found out that not only was he having milk each day, he was having BOTH milk and wheat at after school daycare. No wonder he was fine on the weekends and then having such a bad reaction a couple days after going back to school.

I found myself facing a wall in my efforts with my son, though: My school and my after-school care. I guess being a mom isn’t enough to say what my kid can and can’t eat. So he was still given milk products at school. I would pack his lunch, which helped, but no one was there to stop him if he forgot and got in the milk line at lunch. And, after-school care didn’t allow kids to bring their own food, so he was fed whatever they had . . . and milk was served with snack every day, usually with crackers or pretzels, etc. I called them both and tried to explain my situation. Of course, most of them thought I was a nut when I tried to explain that my son had food sensitivities which caused his allergies and his behavior to flare up. They gave me the ‘sorry we can’t help you’ speech and told me I would have to submit the proper forms in order for them to NOT feed him these things.

TOTAL frustration. After dealing with another couple weeks of meltdowns and stuffy sinuses, I remembered my recent appointment with my doctor where she had acknowledged the possibility of my having a sensitivity to wheat. Maybe I could convince her that the same thing affected my son. I wrote her a letter detailing my son’s behavior, health history, as well as mine. I stated in my letter that I was needing her ‘blessing’ in order to provide the necessary paperwork to his school and that I was keeping a food journal (I had in fact started one) to track what he ate and how it affected him – I could not be positive of my findings if he continued to eat these items at the school. It worked!!! She signed the paperwork and I practically ran to my school to deliver them (with a smirk on my face).

After I finally had gotten the school and daycare road bumps out of our way, I was off again. I track what my son eats and have since been able to identify some dyes as affecting his behavior, as well. He is well-behaved, energetic, HAPPY, sleeps great, cooperative, wakes up happy (which never occurred previously), and more. When he has something he shouldn’t, the reaction is very apparent, and they almost seem magnified now. We’ve started calling his ears his ‘indicator button’ as they will turn red soon after eating something he shouldn’t. The frustrating thing is that it usually takes a couple days or so to get it BACK out of his system.

PLEASE: If you are having behavior issues or chronic allergy issues with your child, please do not resort to a bunch of medications before exploring the possibility of food sensitivities, environmental sensitivities, etc. Gluten and dairy are major culprits, start with those. Wouldn’t you rather know the CAUSE of your child’s aggravation or allergies rather than just trying to TREAT it?

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Comments & Feedback...

  1. Roger

    Once upon a time, I thought my story soooooooooo over the top, I hesitated to send the half of it, to Dr. Davis, when he asked me to. I sent him the shorter, sanitized version of my before and after Human Pesticide, Wheat.. I dared not even post my Reader’s Digest Condenced version–as it took me over a month to attempt to accept it, as I knew the before–and only the berfore, all my life–lack a few months from 50 years.

    After reading Posts, reading and re-reading Wheat Belly, it is hitting me like a ton of lead, in the chest—when I think of the recent comment Dr. Davis, about how many “Rogers” are out there? How many like strories of before, that has to give up, for the cumulative Wheat toxions will, depending on the individiual, sooner of later, catch up!

    As a former mediclal/mental helth care provider–the world of my couch and movies numbed the pain, as either my body or my mind was going to go . . . I had given up all hope of ever finding out why my body and mind was turning on me.

    I do not care who thinks that my little Choo-Choo has gone off the rails–this Indian is going to “beat that drum,” for as long as I live! For without two Doctors, both unconventional, my life, the living hell, would be over. One Dr. Tsai, the other, Dr. Davis!

    I write this, not as a professional, that can stand back, analyzzzzzzzzzze, and make a cool decisions, based on all avalible data–no, I write this as an extention of any one that has encounterd a Medical Doctor, that, not only has, first, done “no harm,” but one that has offered a solution to a major part of the Human Condition, that has caused pain and suffering on the one hand, and high yeild profits, for many involved, on the other–for their dangerous and defective product.

    And to think, once upon a time, I placed Medical Doctors in the same catagory as Attornies and Toilet Paper.
    And I placed Chiorpractors very high on the Quack Scale–as well.

    I am over qualified to recognize one that puts the patient before his or her professional persona, and that is how I see Dr. Davis.

    I have not seen the face of the Old Testament David, but I have seen the face of a modern David.

    Roger, OHIO
    Disabled Veteran

    • Dr. Davis

      Hi, Roger–

      ENabled veteran!

      We are each permitted only so much time to enjoy on Earth. Make the absolute most of your wheat-free liberated time!

      • Roger

        I can only say, Dr. Davis,

        Your life, mind and heart are a gift from God.

        I had behavioral problems, as a child, and I am a former Youth Pastor–and had to deal with childish adults and children stuck in the middle.

        Roger, OHIO

        • JillOz

          (I noticed another JIll posts here so to avoid confusion I am now posting as JillOz).

          Dr Davis, I am working on my parents to read Wheat Belly.
          IT will take a while but I have to be patient. I myself am finding it a little hard to give up my very occasional baguette (otherwise it’s been quite straightforward0 and jelly beans but I everything else is off the list and i am eating more protein and more vegetables. I am cooking more. I do notice that it’s when I catch a cold in particular that I prefer the “comfort” food…

          In the meantime., I have thought of a cool promotional idea for you. !
          Why not have your readers photograph themselves ostentatiously reading Wheat Belly in their Doctors’ waiting roooms, (if possible, photographed with their doctor ;)) and post it to Facebook?
          Your favourite photo wins a free copy of the book!!
          Autographed of course!!;)

          (Another idea for dwarf wheat products – disposable pen casings!)

  2. Neicee

    Lindsay, your story is worth a billion words against the naysayers and critics of taking things into your own hands rather than following advice you know isn’t working. Thank you for sharing your story and we all wish you God’s richest blessings in helping your son lead a full and decent life. You look great by the way. Please update us from time to time about you and your son’s progress. Wishing you wellness.

  3. Kat

    I would not have believed the benefits of not eating wheat and wheat products if I hadn’t seen the result’s myself! Dropping wheat from my diet, I have been able to lose weight, where I”ve spent over a year bouncing around the same 5 pounds and getting nowhere and I’ve lost that “I must eat now or I will eat my own arm (or yours!)” feeling that happens when the body needs to eat again after having wheat. I couldn’t believe the difference in my hunger levels and how I could go so long between meals. It’s incredible! As for kids and wheat, I’m glad you found your answer for your son and hope that it continues to work for you and him. Kids do the best they can and when their bodies are affected by things like the wheat, they can only give the best they can under the circumstances. Good for you for doing what you believe is right for your son to be happy, healthy and successful on a daily basis. I’m glad he’s doing so well. =)

  4. Sally Hosken

    Since going wheat free almost by accident inFeb of this year I have lost the weight that has plagued me for the last 18 years and gone too are all the aches and pains that were obviously an inflamatory reaction to wheat. The asthma that I’ve had all my life is all but gone and I look and feel much better! I’m also fructose free and I now feel about 10 years younger. Wow Lindsays experience with her son is like a mirror of my own sons childhood. Even the reactions of the so called professionals and the schools. I’m quite familiar with the “looney mother” looks and reactions. Unfortunately you have a limited window of opportunity to deal with kids problems when they are young. My son is now 21 and in denial that he has a problem so no amount of advice does anything. We tried eliminating just about everything except wheat with some success but wish I’d known then what I know now. Interestingly he seems to have selective amnaesia about his behavioural problemsSo congatulaions to Lindsay and I hope her son sticks with the lifestyle as he grows up.

  5. Roger

    Children are not little adults. Children express emotions, sometimes, in an inappropriate manner, as some do not have the sophisticated vocabulary to express pain and suffering. Many children diagnosed with what ever the title would be, on that particular day–or what ever fits as “best practice,” per Medical Model Consensus, is a label that the child, in question, may have, the rest of their short, drugged up life.

    Psychotropic or behavioral-type chemistry is like and old-fashioned frontal lobotomy, except slower and more politically correct. A chemical solution, is radical, invasive, but discreet.

    One of my Professors, one of the oldest on staff, told of the easy diagnose, and of children consigned to a label, and a life of drugs–increasing so, during their aging process. That said, there is the possibility of a life-time on even more drugs, and disability, as there is the consequent arrested development, as most children diagnosed at an early age, may never be able to develop, emotion or vocation wise.

    All this is due to those in the Medical and Mental Health fields not being able to understand the role of diet–and the relationship of diet on behavior. In my case, I was an older man, near 50, and on the Wheat Poison, I was having severe depression and emotional problems–and found it increasingly difficult to regulate my emotions, in direct proportion to, even the little things that “set me off,” such as hunger . . . and an ever increasing drive to consume carbs–as I needed my Wheat-fix. Before Dr. Davis, I just could not make the connection–and thought of the symptoms, more of the neurological in origin, rather than re-access my diet.

    Compound that in a child that does not have the cognitive or mental development, to express their feelings, in verbal terms, but they can express their emotions in behavioral terms . . . as some children and some adults, have an extreme reaction to Wheat–and other lesser, though, cumulative poisons–exacerbating the symptoms.

    At times, I wish I were a Children’s Behavioral Clinical Psychologist, as I have read and observed extensively in that area–but, I am, by training, as Substance Abuse Counselor, my self, attempting to rehabilitate from Service Connected Injuries. Were I a Clinical Psychologist, specializing in Children’s behavior, knowing what I do, now, about my own recovery, I would be in so much trouble, not only would the powers that be, attempt to yank my license–they would most certainly consider me an out-cast, for following a Cardiologist’s Clinical advice, and applying it to children, by asserting that the removal of Genetic Modified Wheat, has a positive impact on the Mind (cognitive) and body/actions (behavioral).

    My recovery would have been impossible, both on a Education scale, and Vocational scale–as it would be impossible for a child, with a compromised immune system, arrested emotional and physical development–if their minds and bodies are to continue to be addicted to Genetic Modified Wheat.

    My prayer, is that more Medical and Mental Health Professionals will, at least, hear Dr. Davis out, will at least look at the hard evidence–as my heart really goes out to children, that have to face an ever increasing world of change–and will not be able to cope, jacked on man-made Wheat and prescribed dope. Genetic Modified Wheat and Prescribed Chemistry is a prescription made in hell, for Chidren or adults–and a diagnois in the best intersest of the patient. In this case, the so-called Professionas will consign themselves and their own children, to as close to a living hell on earth, as possible.

    Roger, OHIO

    • Dr. Davis

      As always, Roger, you hit home with your insightful comments that reflect your deep experience.

      You hit on a very important issue: The broad and systematic neglect of the effects of diet on multiple mental and emotional conditions. Far from being a minor effect, for some–many?–it is a MAJOR influence.

      How do we explore/validate/educate to change this situation?

      • Roger

        Real Experts Like YOU, Dr. Davis,

        Informing People like me!

        My heart goes out to these childern, as I was a Youth Pastor, and Adult-Children of the 60′ and 70′ (the resin of the Chemical & Free Love Generation) had chidren–and many were on Mind-Drugs–as their Parent’s genetic weakness passed on.

        All I know is, that I am going to try to inform as many as I can, as long as I can, if they hear me or not, that is up to them. Reguardless, I am gettng in the health I never knew possible, but, stil, my heart goes out to these childern!

        Roger, OHIO

  6. Uncle Roscoe

    After I finally had gotten the school and daycare road bumps out of our way, I was off again. I track what my son eats and have since been able to identify some dyes as affecting his behavior, as well. He is well-behaved, energetic, HAPPY, sleeps great, cooperative, wakes up happy (which never occurred previously), and more. When he has something he shouldn’t, the reaction is very apparent, and they almost seem magnified now. We’ve started calling his ears his ‘indicator button’ as they will turn red soon after eating something he shouldn’t. The frustrating thing is that it usually takes a couple days or so to get it BACK out of his system.

    I’m betting these “dyes” include a whole range of so called “healthy” polyphenols ……lutein and zeaxanthin from yellow corn and egg yolk, resveritrol from grapes, curcumin from turmeric, etc. Researchers seem to have done a great job finding out what they do to pathogens in test tubes, but somehow neglected to find out what they do to people.

    • Roger

      Uncle Roscoe,

      As usual, I cannot wait to read your posts, for they are as informative as they are comforting, as we are all part of the Human Condition–for good, or ill.

      It bothers me that, perchance, I encountered an FDA tester, and she clammmmmmmmmmmmed big time, when it came to her name, but, she told me in detail what she did (Ph.D.). I was not surprizzzzzzzzzzzed that no expense was spared (tax dollars) for her tests and recommendations, which, according to her, were ignored.

      Though she did not have a medical background, she was ozone level when it came to chemistry, and its effects on the body, and she knew and at least understood the affective aspects of chemicals, on the body, insofar as the mind (behavior).

      My concern, is people’s reliance on Govt. and the ever increasing Nanny Do-Gooders, that are part of THE POWERS THAT BE, that, not only do not have your level of education, but, may ignore evidenced based recommendations, to not allow a certain chemical or combination, thereof, as in the case of the Dr. I encountered at a Natural Health Fair, as few years back.

      You, as other parents, loves their children–and many that do not have the advantage of your education, is love-driven, that they will ferret-out all possibilities, when experts and/or the powers that be, poops out, runs out of money, or, worse, abstains from sheer compassion fatigue.

      It is too bad that a comprehensive investigation of dyes are not on the forefront of the Nanny-State Powers That Be . . . if I were under some of them, as a Tax Payer, I would take up smoking, and eat real butter on popcorn, and throw around McDoanald’s Clown-Food Wrappers, just to tick them off, if cameras were aimed my way. O.K., I would pretend to eat and smoke crap–just to make my point. My Point: That Govt. or anyone else in The Powers That Be Chain, do the science and inform We The People. Some, in The Powers That Be Chain, use force or threaten force–as THE FDA APPROVED ASPARTAME . . . among other things, and Aspartame is a neuro-toxin–an evil associate of Genetic Modified Wheat–and like toxins.

      Again, thank you for your contribution to the betterment of the Human Condition!

      Roger, OHIO

      • Uncle Roscoe

        The most important question in understanding who we are? “How did we get here”. I am not highly educated. I am learning what I need to about food because it’s important to me. It fills in a large piece of my puzzle. It’s interesting reading about people like Lindsay and her son, because they have similar pictures on their puzzles. Unfortunately foods like wheat made me into a sick, drugged-out zombie. Discovering this was not possible when I was sick and stupid.

        Emerging from sick and stupid has been a lifelong experiment. I had a job which involved coaxing facts out of data. I learned that searching data sets for associations could yield information which far surpasses the data itself. The internet is just one massive database filled with knowledge from people around the world. It’s like Gutenberg on steroids. The information is available to people with the curiosity to ask questions about the right associations.

        For the most part polyphenols have hormetic effects. I learned this at Stephen Guyenet’s blog. Hormesis describes the property of substances which makes them good for people in small quantities, but bad for them in large quantities. Almost every substance which is good for people in some quantity is bad for them in larger doses. The key lies in therapeutic range. What is the turnover concentration? What concentration causes a good substance to start harming different people at different times.

        For many of us with sensitive immune systems polyphenol dies have an extremely narrow therapeutic range. 85% of autistic children have antibodies to leutine. Many of us have immune systems which are far more sensitive than we think. The immune system starts keying on the protein sequences in polyphenols.

        Popular medical lore says that autoimmune diseases happen when the immune system attacks “self” tissue because it mistakes self tissue for an invasive antigen. This lore sounds good, but it’s wrong. The human immune system is not that stupid. Autoimmune diseases happen when an antigen attacks the body, and the immune system responds by removing the affected tissue.

        Dyeing tissue and examining it under a microscope is a frequent diagnostic tool. It only works because the polyphenol dyes used for this purpose are attracted to some tissue, and not to other tissue. Google “eosin” with “eosinophil”.

        Different polyphenols have affinities for different tissues. Most polyphenols are attracted to nerve tissue. Small amounts can be protective. The immune system can interpret larger amounts as an attack. The immune system can start attacking the affected nerves.

        There are many types of nerves in many applications. Consider a person who is sensitive to leutine. Leutine has an affinity for retinal nerves. In small quantities, for most of us, leutine is protective against harmful blue sunlight. Others have immune systems which attack retinal leutine, and attack the retina. Retinal reception of blue light helps set our sleep cycles. Autistic children are notorious for having wild sleep disturbances.

        Is all autism caused by leutine intolerance? That’s questionable. But the autism-to-immune system-to-leutine connection is a smoking gun indicating that food intolerances lie at the very core of autism.

        • Uncle Roscoe

          Evidence of my education level? I can’t spell “lutein”.
          (But neither can this website’s spell checker.)

          • Roger

            Uncle Roscoe,

            Genetic Toxins made you a sick-like Zombie? Me, I could hardly move around–and I had a fear that it was just a matter of time before I lost my mind or my body or both!

            I have to admit, though all is postive, since 1 Mar. 2012, I have to adjust to the new me, for I cannot compare it to the old me, even in my early childhood–as I cannot think of the best old me, for each decade got worse!

            If I actually attempted to write all the before and after, even though I have pounds of medcial records to proove it, and Medical Professionals to back me up–they would send the White Coats after me–as they would say I am suffering from delusions of health!

            Reguardless of your education level, as I was 2nd in my class, from the bottom–(that was my status, before I dropped out of High School) I am as motivated as you, for the sake of my loved ones . . . .

            I do look forward to your posts, and have found much encouagement from the posts of others, to include Dr. Davis, and his learned comments–as the good Dr. does follow up–and his flyer for his book, made house calls!

            Roger, OHIO

  7. Patience is a Virtue

    I’ve been on the Wheat Belly Diet for a little over a week, and it is so easy to follow! I have absolutely no cravings (sugar has always been my downfall), and my GI tract is working better than it has in at least ten years. I’m trying to control my blood pressure, and I’ve noticed a slight drop. Also, I’ve been feeling a little “down.” Is this part of the detox from wheat and all its nasty cousins? And will my blood pressure get progressively better as I remain on the diet? Thanks for a wonderful site and your obvious commitment to health.

    • Dr. Davis

      Yes, absolutely.

      It is part of withdrawal from the opiate, gliadin, in wheat.

      Give it a few more days and I bet you will feel like a million dollars!

    • Claudia

      I was said for the first 7 – 10 days when I went wheat free – not major depression but definitely bummed out

  8. Gary Bell

    I have had a dramatic response to wheat free dieting for 8 days. I’ve had dry eyes, irritable bowel syndrome, eczema (or so it was thought), hard-to-lose girth, osteoarthritis, and I felt tired all the time. I’m a 64 year old optometrist. I have had dramatic improvements of all the problems, so much so that I am astonished.

    I checked out celiac disease in my Merck Manual, and think I may have had a mild case of that. I had the aphthous stomatitis is a child off and on. Medical doctors were consulted, but wheat withdrawl was never tried. The eczema I’ve struggled with for years was probably dermatitis herpetiformis. I’m going to keep it up because I feel ten years younger and have lost 7 pounds with no effort. Thank you so much Dr Davis. I’m spreadin’ the word.
    Gary Bell O.D., Corona, CA

    • Roger

      Dr. Bell,

      You are a Dr. after my own heart!

      Thank God professioals of multiple disciplins are stepping out–as we are all HUMAN!

      This is encouraging, as I have tried to influennce 4 Dr. Friends, but 2 were already on board, with Dr. Davis.

      I will tell all I can, within my sphere of influence.

      Roger, OHIO

    • Dr. Davis

      It truly is astonishing, isn’t it, Dr. Bell?

      How can something so simple yield such outsized effects? When it is truly, truly bad in the first place.

      Yes, indeed: Spread the word to all the other millions and millions of wheat-eating sufferers!

  9. Roger

    In light of Lindsay and her frustration with Medical Doctors,

    It is as if I have to convince a Medical Doctor that I am intolerant to Wheat, Dairy and Man Made Sugars, to officially know, what I know through Dr. Davis!

    Is this not my body? Do I not own my self? Are not my rights “Natural,” come from God, and do not my Natural Rights pre-date Human Government? Is this, on Natural Rights, the letter and the spirit of our Nation’s Birth Certificate, The Declaration of Independence? Who died and left Medical Doctors (that can issue a Federally approved drugs) in charge, and the final arbiter or what is or is not healthy? Who said that I have to have an official diagnoses, from a Medical Doctor, before I can officially say, that I am intolerant to man made PESTICIDES! They had almost 50 years, with me, and could not diagnose, let alone treat their way out of a BALSA WOOD BOX!

    Most of the Medical Doctors I know, know of, and have seen, are overweight, smoke, are out of shape, and one would think that they should at least be as healthy as their Patients! Medical Doctors are not skilled enough to recognize Wheat-Based (and other types) of intolerance–but can mask symptoms with noxious chemicals, or worse, as a platoon of Medical Doctors, thorough my 5 decades, told me, “Learn to live with it.”

    I can understand this woman’s frustration with Medical Doctors, on behalf of her son. Man made toxins, led by Wheat–almost made me lose my mind and body! Soooo, does that mean that I have to tell a Medical Doctor my before and after story, re-infect my self, just to get an official diagnosis, so I can officially say, TAAAAAAAAAdahh, I am officially diagnosed? Bless YOU Child, by the power invested in me, as a Medical Doctor (God JR.) You are officially so diagnosed WHEAT INTOLERANT! Here is your certificate of DIAGNOSIS, with my officially affixed signature! Nahhhhhhhhhhhha! I would rather empower my self, and have Dr. Davis sign my copy of Wheat Belly!

    It is high time We The People informed and empowered our selves, and took back our rightful place as owners of our own minds and bodies–take back the reigns of control of our own HEALTH! One may start by reading, digesting and putting into practice, Wheat Belly! Once YOU are an example of good health, understand Dr. Davis enough, that you can argue your point with anyone!

    Lindsay, and others, empowered themselves! Because of Lindsay’s love for her child, he has a good chance at a long and productive life, rather than an untimely death, or long term dependent disability!

    Roger, OHIO

  10. Holly Scroggin

    THANK YOU for your book, your blog, all the delicious recipes and posting success stories like this one with impressive results. I do not have Celiac disease but decided to eliminate wheat after reading your book to see what all the fuss was about. WOW, was I pleasant surprise! First, how quickly I experienced the effects of eliminating wheat and then all the great results: more energy, less crankiness and, most importantly, the elimination of cravings and overeating of junk foods. I feel like I had the same epiphany washing dishes a reader posted some time ago to another article; realizing while washing dishes how one would not have the energy to wash dishes at this late hour during my pre-Wheat Belly days. WOW, who knew it was wheat all along contributing to my fatigue and cravings. I found it much easier to go wheat free once I experienced the elimination of carb cravings. I also found it easier having access to great recipes to replace some of my favorite foods, like chocolate and bread. I love love love your Chocolate Biscotti and Focaccia Bread; both are delicious and no one can tell they are wheat free. I’ve not made the Chocolate Biscotti the same way twice and they always come out great. Mine are more like fuggy brownies, but I’m not complaining. I’ve added coconut and chia seeds with great results. I hope almonds do not go the way of wheat as more and more people learn the benefits of almond flour as a replacement for wheat flour. I hope they (Monsanto??) don’t try to make a hybrid almond tree that grows faster and/or with a higher yield causing some mutation in the nut and making the almond bad for you too. That would be a bummer! Thanks again. Holly, SE TN

    • Dr. Davis

      Learning to eat healthy is a work in progress, Holly!

      I doubt that anyone will generate a high-yield almond variant. But we will have to watch for it!

  11. It is great what you have accomplished. No daycare gives healthy food, nor does the military or any institution feeding large groups. Have you seen what they feed children at most schools? Does that count as food? Coated, breaded, processed and called food. Most parents are giving up that responsibility today to outside the home.
    What do they expect? Most of our food comes from other countries, processed and prepacked. Easy, right? I am appalled at what we eat and call it food. Most of our vitamins are from China, so beware when you buy. We have no business putting hormones, antibiotics? and all inside of our food supply. Makes men women and women into men from all the hormonal switches. Soy is bad, but all the meat loaded with hormones is our downfall. I will still eat quality meat any day over the wheat yummy amylopectins.
    We all have to watch our reactions to any food. Coffee is so addictive and causes some problems.
    Using the lowest dose estrogen made it like menopause for me, so weird. So the benefits of eliminating wheat have made me sensitive to medications of all kinds. Expensive lessons.

  12. Emily

    Lindsay, bless you and good luck with your son! My son is now 18 and doing well. As a baby and a small child he had “atopic dermatitis” in response to dairy, citric acid, nitrates, soy. It was quite a job to figure that out through food elimination and to keep him healthy and well-fed, but my mother and I did it. When he was a toddler I realized that he also had an intense behavioral reaction to soy–I remember him just exploding and going wild in the back seat of the car for half an hour once after eating some french fries. Just wanted to tell you that there’s another mom out here who knows how real your story is.

  13. Kerri

    Wheat has been the underlying health issue in my life for too long. I to, like many others have had awful health issues, wheat is the common denominator for them all. I just wanted to share one experience that may be able to help others. My husband and I were trying to get pregnant and after 2 years we were unsuccessful. Luckily my chiropractor gave me a suggestion. He said that in some individuals wheat can make the uterus toxic. He suggested that I do a one week detox and then go wheat free. He said that another patient did it and she was pregnant within 4 months of going gluten free. I had nothing to lose, I also thought it was bogus. I now have two children! My first was conceived on almost the exact 4 month anniversary, pretty ironic. Both my children are healthy and a blessing. To this day if I have any gluten, even a speck, I get violently ill. For me gluten was like a silent killer. I am excited to now work the rest of Wheat Belly’s recommendations to assist me with dropping my recent weight gain.

    • Dr. Davis

      That’s wonderful, Kerri!

      My gynecologist friend, Dr. Michael Fox in Florida, also a fertility specialist, tells me that the “need” for in vitro fertilization and related techniques have dropped off substantially due to nutritional efforts like yours!

      This is something that really needs to be documented formally. It raises yet another disturbing question: What is in wheat that actually impairs fertility?

  14. pam

    you look beautiful. even your eyes look so much bigger! boys they’re huge. (i’m so envious ^_^)
    although your story makes me a little angry (about the school & medicine practiced today.
    but at least your son is fairly young & has plenty time to catch up

  15. Hans Dieckmann

    My wife and I have been reading your books and have immediately put into practice what we have learned. We are however puzzled by your recipies where you say to use the microwave to cook and prepare the meals. Perhaps you should investigate and write a book on the dangers of microwaving the food we eat. We look forward to your comments on this. Thank you, Hans

  16. Courtney

    Dr Davis-
    I have just started doing the wheat free diet and recipes for about 2 weeks now. The greatest improvement has been my sleep. I am sleeping LESS yet waking up with more energy that lasts all through the day! I also find, just like you said, that I don’t need to stop and eat every couple of hours, which has been fantastic. My question is, I went out to brunch yesterday and avoided the Strata but ordered a skillet meal of black beans, chorizo sausage, avacado, and poached eggs. I had just about finished the meal, when I started getting crampy and bloated. For the rest of the afternoon I was in agony. Could the issue have been the sausage or the black beans? i rarely eat black beans (I don’t really care for them) but was wondering if the sausage had some filler in it.
    Thank you for your wonderful recipes as well as all this information. My food cravings have almost completely gone away, which is just amazing (same with the late night munchies). I just wish some people wouldn’t look at me like I’m nuts, when I try to share all his wonderful information. :(
    Thank you again!

  17. Dr. Davis,
    My story started in 1974 when my daughter had severe behavioral problems at 2 years old. I was a special education teacher and I couldn’t control my own daughter. After no help from doctors I read Dr. Theron Randolph’s books. I did an elimination diet and found dyes, sugar, oats, and wheat to be her problem foods. However, an elimination diet was a long process with weeks of notes and analyzing.
    My question is this…Does the increase in blood sugar from wheat cause the behavioral problems or the sensitivity to the wheat? If it is the blood sugar increase then it is sensible that a child’s behavior can be controlled by controlling the blood sugar? Just removing wheat and not looking at the blood sugar increase from other carbs and sugars may be the source of behavioral problems.
    If this is so, then we need a book on an actual regiment to keep a child’s blood sugar at a proper level to avoid behavioral problems. I know a mother that has taken her son off of wheat but does not curtail the sugars or other carbs and the behavioral problems, although less, are still there.
    Thank you for your book Wheat Belly!

    • > Does the increase in blood sugar from wheat cause the behavioral
      > problems or the sensitivity to the wheat?

      The blood sugar effects are probably the same as for any other high glycemic food. However, for cases of mind effects, this is probably secondary to other factors, summarized at:

      As evidence for this view, we have people report on this blog that they experience violent mood swings upon re-exposure to amounts of wheat too small to cause any significant blood sugar effects.

      Of course, see also the new book “Grain Brain” (Perlmutter).

    • Dr. Davis

      The behavioral effects of wheat are due to the gliadin-derived opiates.

      The blood sugar consequences likely play a role, but are a lesser important phenomena.

  18. GrainFree4Ever

    I wonder how many families break apart because of dietary changes. I went to my parents yesterday where a few family members were. My son and I have been wheat/grain free for 3 weeks. He has speech apraxia, and a learning delay and does act much younger than his 6 years. He also has no sense of danger and I am always having to keep a tight rein on him when we go out anywhere so he doesn’t get lost. My family just rolled their eyes when I told them we were now gluten free (I didn’t say wheat/grain free as well) as I asked them to put away the biscuits in case my son saw them. Then they rolled their eyes again when I said he couldn’t have the chocolate milk. They started on about how dare I change his diet without a Doctor or tests being done. I asked them if they would like to hear about the science behind being grain free or hear about the book, but they just shook their heads and said they weren’t interested. I threatened to leave if they didn’t stop rubbishing the way we are eating. They then sat there and proceeded to read out from recipe books all manner of cakes and such. I just sat there and felt sorry for them. They just looked smug.

    I tried to have my son go gluten free a year ago and they were slipping him foods behind my back so in the end I gave up and didn’t continue. I wasn’t aware of the science at that time. This time I am not giving up and if it means staying away from them then I may have to do it. I can imagine the rolled eyes and derogatory comments at Christmas and even birthday parties.

    I may have to resort to getting a letter from my Doctor so they will not give him food behind my back or just stop spending time with them. His health is more important to me than they are.

    Since going grain free his speech has improved a bit and a recent stutter that had been coming on has for the most part has vanished. He can also balance on one leg better and is hopping one or two steps (something he couldn’t do before. He is also not ending up on the supermarket floor screaming for chocolates. I have just started him on Vitamin D and fermented cod liver oil and am hoping to see a lot more improvement. I am also growing some ayurvedic herbs Brahmi and Gotu Kola which are renowned for the brain to help him as well.

    • GrainFree,
      You may consider checking out Dr.. Natasha Campbell-McBride’s website which focuses on correcting many of the issues your son is experiencing via dietary strategies (which are WB compliant as well). There is a tremendous amount of information and support for parents in your situation. Good luck !

      • GrainFree4Ever

        Yes we did try GAPS a couple of years ago. I will look at it again. I will see how we go in the next couple of weeks without grains. There has been progress already. I need to source some organic almonds or some organic coconut milk so we can take away milk although he is having raw milk. I now have a source for grass fed organic bones to make the broth so I will get to that. Thanks

        • Barbara in New Jersey

          Grain free,

          Why don’t you write a letter “To Whom it May Concern”, stating that your son —– is highly sensitive to ——— (list foods). He should not be allowed to eat them. Severe behavioral and other reactions may result.
          If he inadvertently eats these foods, please contact me at (cell #) or list phone # for ER at local hospital.

          Your food list should contain as many items as possible, even if these are listed on a separate page. Include unpronounceable chemicals added to foods.

          Give your draft letter to your son’s doctor who will edit it and have it written on his letterhead. Make many copies! Provide this to your son’s school, any other leaders of his group activities and any where he has the chance of being given food. Certainly give a copy to your family members. Parents do this for their children’s schools all the time.

          In the meantime, spend your energy on buying CLEAN food. Make sure you have WB approved treats available for your son when he goes visiting. Provide a meal if necessary! Just say you are trying to determine precise food allergies. Only 3 weeks into this and you are seeing improvements so you know you are on the right path. More improvements to come! There are many recipes on line written by Mom’s for their sensitive children. Grain Brain is another good resource for you for now.

          Concerning your family issues: yours are the same as most of us have experienced, just a different version. The big difference is SUCCESS in health issues! Provide those meals/snacks when you visit. Buy a special lunch box if necessary. Keep a general log of your child’s behavior and date it. It will surprise you next month and next year concerning the hurdles and behaviors. Remind those “we know better” family members of these gains.

          Wishing you well.