Christie’s change of shape

Christie passed her story onto me, complete with a “before” photo and a more recent “after” photo following weight loss of 25 pounds and recovery from a number of health conditions:

I was introduced to Wheat Belly by some friends.

I have lost 25 lbs since the first of the year! Not only the results on the scale, but my whole body is changing shape . . . to a better shape then I have ever been.

I no longer have swollen ankles, no more heartburn, no more feeling bloated and my skin is no longer dry. I don’t have any cravings and feel satisfied after eating and don’t really get hungry like before.

I even have friends telling me that not only can they tell I have lost weight, but also that I just look like I feel better, that my eyes are brighter looking, etc. And best best of all, my ulcerative colitis that I have had for 30 years is gone!! I used to take up to 8 sulfa pills daily and no I don’t take them at all!!

My husband has also lost 25lbs since January 1st. He feels so much better over all also.

Thank you so much. We are so happy that finally we have found something that works and we will never go back to our old lifestyle. This is it forever!!!

Quite a transformation in just a few months! Note that just ridding herself of the pain, inconvenience, and inflammation of ulcerative colitis slashes her risk for colon cancer that commonly accompanies this diagnosis. No more cramps and diarrhea, no more sulfasalazine.

The relief from swollen ankles and bloating suggest to me that the abnormal intestinal “leakiness” that develops from exposure to wheat germ agglutinin is now gone. And the relief from relentless hunger means Christie is now free of the appetite-stimulating effects of wheat gliadin.

Wheat-free: Can life get any better?

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Comments & Feedback...

  1. Tammy

    Every story just keeps getting more incredible.
    I’m off wheatgluten now for 2.5 weeks and I’m feeling great. Dr. Davis, you’re a life saver, in more ways than one. I’m almost through the book and my head is spinning. I know that I’ll need to go back and re-read it a few more times to fully absorb it all, but suffice it to say that my life is forever changed. Wheat shall never pass these lips again. :)


    • Roger


      Keep it up!

      At first I felt the results, now, I am feeling the results, for, at first, I lost inches, now I am losing inches and pounds, as my body has to adjust to ridding toxins, and learns to run on and burn as clean of fuel as I can!

      Take your time with Wheat Belly, as it is easy to understand, yet, it has depth!

      Roger, OHIO

  2. Roger


    This is soooooooooo encouraging!

    I am undergoing my transformation, and am down from 260 lbs, a hard waist–and a slew of symptoms, some that were life long! My goal is 190lbs–and I am 45lbs away!

    I do not have the guts to put my before picture up–but I am thankful that some have that brand of courage!

    I encourage all that read Dr. Davis’ book, Wheat Belly, to study it, and take careful notes–and attempt to understand the full intent and nuance of the Author. It is well worth the effort! The next step is to get on board with this growing community, and find ways to share the wealth of good health, for some will not listen and some will, but all will see the after–and no one can take away the health gained, by ridding the body of Man Made Toxins!

    Thank YOU Dr. Davis for posting this!

    Roger, OHIO

    • Johannah

      But they couldn’t pass up the opportunity of telling you to avoid eating any fat. Note to them – eggs contain fat as well as protein – OMG some of it’s saturated!

  3. Debbie

    Great story! Thanks for sharing!! I look forward to sharing my “wheat-free living” story with before and after pics in a few months. Keep going Christie!!

    Debbie – Atlanta

  4. Rong

    Well done! Keep going and try to remember when you reach a plateau that weight loss is a wonderful side effect of eating right, reducing your diabetes risk, reducing your heart disease risk and your cancer risk among the other things you mentioned you have improved. It’s a cliche, but good health is the most important thing we can own. By taking charge you are owning it.

    • Christie Collins

      Thanks Rong,
      It can be discouraging reaching a plateau, but you are so right about the health benefits outweighing, (pun intended) the number on the scale. Thanks for the extra encouragement!

  5. Tyrannocaster

    Isn’t it incredible what they have done to us? I know it’s fashionable among the people in power to emphasize individual responsibility (another wolf whistle akin to the phrase “nanny state” by which they dodge responsibility for their own actions) but when we, the individuals, are force fed (pun intended) misinformation of the “eat more healthy grains” type beginning when we are still in the cradle what hope do we have of getting out of the spiral of poor health that they lead us down? Well, Christie has broken that spiral, just as I have, and just as so many people who visit this site have. I can only hope that this is getting close to critical mass – that time when the information simply explodes across the group consciousness in such a way that no amount of propaganda can contain it. Certainly, it is getting closer to that time.

    Good for you, Christie, and good for all the rest of you whose stories we don’t see here; those of you who have found (as I did) that you simply have no need or use for all those carbs, especially those that accompany wheat. Somewhere, industry executives are praying.

    • Neicee

      To help the cause, I’ve decided against just removing some items off a plate and only eating what is good for me in restaurants.. Instead, speak up and order like it’s the most common thing in the world. The Texas metroplex has a number of very good restaurants featuring just meat/veggies/salad. Yea, for them. Where I live now I’m working on them. Always polite, quiet, but know the waitstaff takes that back to the kitchen. I’m guessing you’re right, executives coast to coast are wondering how to market something else cheap and bad for your health right now.

  6. Amanda

    Christie you look 20 years younger and happier, ready for another 50+ healthy years with your family!

    • Christie Collins

      Thank you Amanda!! I am happier now that I feel better and have more energy etc. It’s a great feeling!

  7. Debs

    All your stories are so inspiring! I am new to this (1 1/2 wks) but already I feel better. I have the Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight by Dr. Davis. Is this okay, or should I get the Wheat Belly book? I have so many health issues, I’m hoping to change some of them. High cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart issues, bloating, gassy, etc. I have just had a pacemaker put in for my a-fib, but don’t think the diet will help with that – except maybe the swollen ankles??? I’m tired or being tired! I tired of not having energy! After only a wk., I have already noticed a significant improvement with my energy levels. I really only need to lose about 10 more lbs., as I started monitoring my salt intake a couple of months ago, and stopped eating most sweets. I will keep coming back to this blog for inspiration and guidance. Thanks everyone!

    • Dr. Davis

      Hi, Debs–

      It’s confusing: The Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight is the same as Wheat Belly. The publisher thought that the audience they appealed to through their magazines would be more receptive to the Lose title. I fear it has created a fair amount of confusion.

      I am quite optimistic that not only will you feel better, but that your life will be transformed minus wheat!

      Please update us on your progress!

  8. Way to go Christie!! This is inspiring. Helps me to remember my story and why I went wheat free.

    2 years ago, I had just started losing weight again, and I found myself pregnant with my first child. I don’t have celiac, I don’t have diabetes or high blood pressure, I don’t have any heart issues, or any health problems that required medication. I was just obese. I had gotten back down to 194 from 208 when I got pregnant. I gained nothing my first trimester. BUT over the course of the 2nd and 3rd, I BALLOONED to 264+. I had gained 70 pounds and was enormous. (I am 5’4″). After I gave birth to my son, I struggled to lose the weight. I dropped down to 230 easily, but after that I just couldn’t seem to lose. I was eating “right”, you know, healthy whole grains, fruits, veggies. But after each meal where I had wheat, I would be So hungry 10-20 minutes later. It felt as if I hadn’t eaten. At first I attributed it to breastfeeding. But when I stopped producing milk, and still had the same ravishing hunger that I couldn’t seem to explain, I started searching for answers. I had heard wind of sugar being addicting, and that search led me to Dr.Davis’ book. After Thanksgiving last year (2011), I gave up wheat. It was a test. The first two weeks were excrucuating. I had headaches, I was tired, irritable, it was worse than giving up caffeine. It was not easy saying goodbye to wheat those first weeks.

    I have been 6 months wheat free. I weigh 187 (7 pounds less than my pre-pregnancy weight), and all I do is eat wheat free naturally and walk about 30 minutes/day. I have cheated (less than 10 times), and for me my symptoms are: extreme hunger within 30 minutes of eating, migraine headache, and fatigue. I find myself mindlessly going in and out of the kitchen and opening the fridge looking for something to eat. Sometimes I also get really gassy and bloated. Needless to say, these are not symptoms I like, and what I do like is my new body too. I have a goal of weighing 130 pounds, and thanks to Wheat Belly, I know I will get there!

    • Christie Collins

      Great story Kristi!! Keep it up! As we know it does work to help you feel better with a fringe benefit of weight loss.

  9. Sue

    I have been wheat free for the past 3 weeks. All symptoms of ulcerative colitis have gone. I feel so much better and I am very scared that I may accidentally eat wheat and get sick again. I have a lot of weight to loose, but that is not my main concern. I am more concerned with feeling well and not suffering from this disease.If I do loose weight then that will be great too!