Bipolar disorder, anxiety, PMS . . . gone

Ashley posted this story of her health and mood transformation.

Thank you for saving my family.

3 months wheat-free now and my debilitating bipolar disorder, anxiety & PMS are gone. Not lessened, GONE. My marriage will start it’s 5th year next month on a more stable note than ever with all of my mood/ mental/ hormonal disorders eliminated. I have been severely depressed since I was 12 and now I can’t even remember how that despair felt. I was in the depths of possibly my worst and lowest point for months right when we decided to start this Wheat Belly journey. I just want to know: how many marriages have been destroyed by WHEAT?!?! Seriously?

My lifelong asthma and allergies have greatly lessened and I am sure will just keep diminishing as I become a healthier size for my system to support. I have been disabled for years with severe back pain (before my unhealthy weight was even put on). Now, I still have pain but it doesn’t linger. It doesn’t control my every action. I know I will feel pain, but it won’t be terrifyingly intense or last remotely as long as it previously would during flare ups. I know my hormone shot birth control doesn’t help my journey move very fast, but for the first time ever, I am doing it! I have gone from size 28 to size 22 in just the last 4 weeks.

My husband’s hypertension, allergies, asthma & anxiety are gone. We have both dropped sizes rapidly with no added exercise (we are both above 40 BMI still but shrinking so quick). My husband has dropped significantly more and for the first time in our lives he is smaller in weight and waist than I am but 5″ taller than me! We are also hoping to see improvement in his recently diagnosed low (excessively, for age 27) testosterone levels once the hormone machine belly fat is further reduced. He has been obese since age 6.

I love my new menu of REAL food that provides fuel and am always sated. I have no want to look back.

I am 28, and for the first time in 5 years, feel like I might make it out of this fat, sad hell before my youth is gone. Thank you for saving us. Thank you for inspiring my husband to make this change for us. He has never tried more than a little to fix all that was so very wrong before now. I couldn’t have imagined life could get so much better so easily and so quickly.

In susceptible individuals, the gliadin protein of wheat is not a food ingredient; it is a drug. And not a drug that improves health, but one that introduces marked disruption of mood, thinking, and behavior. Just as not everyone who drinks alcohol becomes an alcoholic, some people are susceptible to the gliadin mind and mood effects of wheat much more so than others. Ashley’s story makes clear that she was–was–among the victims of this incredibly potent drug.

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42 Responses to Bipolar disorder, anxiety, PMS . . . gone

  1. Susan McDonald says:

    HI there .. I found this post as I am embarking on the wheatbelly way of eating .. I also was diagnosed with Bipolar 1 and have suffered with it for many years although up until January of 2011 .. I had remained unmedicated until the stress of work got the better of me.

    I am so glad that the author of this thread experienced a reversal of the bipolar symptoms .. and I wonder if they went off of medication. My husband is bipolar as well and an avid believer in medication .. we met at a mood disorders function … he has been on lithium since 1996 and for him .. he does not have issues with weight at all .. however I am opposite..

    My question is .. do you still take your medication? and if I do go on this diet and experience better moods will me taking the medication throw my moods off balance?

    I just know that my husband will flip out if I went off of it if I am feeling better .. I don’t mind taking it if it will create peace in the family .. I just don’t know if it will cause adverse affects to my new diet as psychiatrists will never believe that I am better and will never agree that being off of medication is best.. just looking for some advice .. and don’t worry I won’t hold anyone as responsible for my actions …. I realize that people are not medical professionals here

    Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer.

  2. tony chan says:

    Susan== good question. I hope someone will share some experiences. Someone close to me is bi polar. He is young. Precocious, brilliant, finishing his doctorate at UC, already widely published. If i were to b ring up Wheatbelly in the “wrong” way he’d label it more quackery and can’t say I’d blame him. The treatment can be like waking up each morning to spend the day being waterboarded and still keep up with your living–both he and his wife. Tossing out “cures” borders on the insulting. They have been living it for years and i come along with a really easy “cure” , However, because of the NSAID effect, if true,(and i believe it ) that alone could have an enormous in stabilizing the medication.
    Good luck to everyone

  3. Denise S says:

    I just have to say that I was gluten free for several years before being diagnosed with bipolar disorder. So, maybe it is a factor in developing BP, but going gluten free might not be the cure you hope for. That said, being gluten free might reduce symptoms- I would only know by eating it again and I am not going to try that experiment. Good luck!