A cardiac nurse does Wheat Belly

Nonnawick, a nurse from Florida, left this wonderful comment on Amazon.com about her Wheat Belly experience:

I don’t know where to begin in telling you how amazing the transformation is in my body and my health after following the advice in this book.

I am a cardiac nurse with 20 years of experience, and tend to be a sceptic with every new diet that comes around the bend. I am not overweight, nor have I ever been. My frame is very small and in my teens I weighed 115 to 120. Four kids and thirty years later, I have tried everything to budge the scale which has stuck solid at 135 since I was in my late twenties. I have done Atkins, Sugar Busters, exercise, Eat Right For Your Blood Type, and a few other diets which I have since forgotten. Atkins was the only one which I had success in losing the weight, however, it was a brutal, very difficult diet, and I suffered extremely from cravings and starvation feelings. I also did not like that I had to think about “What will I eat for my next meal?” constantly. AND, as soon as I let up a bit on the Atkins, the weight came back double. So when I saw the title “Wheat Belly,” I was intrigued, as the little fat roll belly I have had for so many years needed a name, and I thought that might make a good name for it!

My initial reading of the book left me feeling like I had found the truth of things as to why this very health conscious, very exercise-fanatic culture of ours was the fattest, most unhealthy civilization the U.S. has ever seen. Another point he made was why were our mothers so trim? Fifty years ago, the moms of the day did not go to yoga class, jog through the neighborhood, and attend Zoomba. Can you see Mrs. Cleaver putting on her leotard? Haha. Small joke.

I was also a bit startled to read that wheat acts as an exorphin by crossing the blood brain barrier and acting on the pleasure centers of our brains to set us up for feelings of pleasure followed by withdrawals and cravings. WEll, duh!! That is exactly my eating pattern for YEARS! No matter how good I intended to be, I could not overcome my cravings when something yummy was an option.

I read this book in March. At the time, I had already kicked my sugar addiction and replaced it with Lakanto (waaayy better and tastier than Truvia!!) I had eradicated High Fructose Corn Syrup from my diet as well. And I was a pescatarian (no meat/only fish). I had not lost a single pound.

I weighed 137 lbs on day one of the Wheat Belly Diet. I went cold turkey off the wheat, focusing on veggies, fish, nuts, eggs, cheese, dairy, other grains besides wheat, and small amounts of fruit, rice, corn, and potatoes. I learned to eat whole foods, and stayed away from anything in a box, can or package. And I was careful to not go crazy with portion sizes on things like starches.

The first few days were difficult, as I felt I was constantly racking my brain as to what I could eat. I utilized the Lose It! app on my Android to track my meals and calories. After the first couple of days, something amazing began to happen. I BEGAN TO LOSE WEIGHT! My fat little belly roll became less and less dense. And flatter and flatter. And even more amazingly, I LOST MY CRAVINGS. This is the absolute miracle of this diet. Once you are off wheat, you do not crave the wheat.

I am now down to 123 lbs, and am completely stoked and sold on this lifestyle. I never want to eat wheat again!! There are too many good foods out there and lots of options for substituting. I have had extremely tasty gluten free pizzas, and made gluten free Coconut Shrimp, and even Gluten free cakes and cookies! *I substitute the Lakanto for the sugar. I have shared this incredible find with many of my patients at the hospital. Many who are obese, have diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, etc. I feel terrific and most importantly, I do not feel deprived in any way whatsoever. I love how my clothes fit me now, and love the flat belly and no-more-muffin-top look. My husband is super-stoked, and my adult kids are impressed. (because they know how long I have tried to get this weight off!)

So YES, I would say, GET THIS BOOK ANY WAY YOU CAN, READ IT AND FOLLOW IT!! It will change your life, and could SAVE your life! The reason I gave it only four stars is simply because I was a bit disappointed with the amount of eating ideas included in the back. Because the first thing anyone will think when they do something like the Wheat Belly Diet is “What Can I eat??” So I felt he should have included a lot more ideas, menus, and meals. Just my perspective. Get this book. Now.

Okay, okay. So the book started out as “just” an indictment of modern wheat, corrupted by geneticists. But my publisher was painfully sensitive to the idea that, if you point your finger at a problem, you need to offer a solution. So my then editor said,”You need to have a diet and recipes!”

My response: “Darn it! This is an indictment of wheat and what they have done to turn it into the tool for Big Agribusiness and Big Food, making us fat and diabetic. It is not the Wheat Belly Diet!”

We proceeded to get into a rather heated conversation. But my smart and persuasive editor won. Thus I added the diet and recipes, using the approach I have been using in my heart disease prevention efforts for many years. Since I wrote Wheat Belly, however, the recipes have improved. The most recent recipes are found in this blog, as well as in the new (and not yet available) Wheat Belly Cookbook that I just finished and submitted to my publisher.

Caution: Do NOT eat gluten-free foods made from junk carbohydrates. While this nice reader had success, it can booby trap her success long-term.

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Comments & Feedback...

  1. Judy

    My quest of being healthy has led me on a long journey over the past 10 years. It began with Atkins, followed by Dr. Bernstein, and anything low carb I could get my hands on (Type 2 diabetic). Wheat Belly is what I believe to be the missing piece of my puzzle. I never viewed it as a ‘diet book’ and I believe it is for that very reason that I’ve been able to get my friends to pick it up and read it as well, by telling them “This is not a diet book, but a book with very important health information!”. So, personally, I’m very glad that you didn’t write it like a diet book where the bulk is menu’s and meal plans. When something is presented to me as fact, such as “wheat is bad for you”, I naturally want to know why – and your book did exactly that – tell me why and how my body reacts. Priceless information, and not what you normally find in a ‘diet book’. Thank you!

    • Roger


      I see Wheat Belly as a life-saving device–much like The Jaws Of Life or a Life Boat.

      Once someone undertands how the body works–it just matter of time Wheat induced poisons are burned off by the bodie’s natrural energy burninig process!

      The mind has to heal, and the body and the physiology that the Creator God (sorry Chucky Darwin, you were not there at the start of creation) intended. If one holds to an evolutionary perspective–our bodies cannot evolve or adapt fast enough, to digest, utilize, and change our whole oxygen, blood and cellular struture–as all the body dynamics would have to change–like, YESTERDAY!

      It burns me that many so-called Health Care Professionals, not only do not understand how the body works, they, them selves, are not the picture of HEALTH!

      I started gaining health, losing inches etc. before the gradual weight loss! I have had this toxic ring around me for so long, it is best to lose it gradually, for the fat, or adipose tissue is toxic–and my body has to de-tox at a slow rate . . . though I want to lose this crap at a faster rate . . . .as in, like, YESTERDAY!

      It will take me a while, but my wife looks better than she ever did, and we have been married for almost 19 years!

      Roger, OHIO

    • Lisa

      Yes, I don’t care about recipes, either.
      There are all sorts of recipes for naturally gluten-free foods in every cookbook – except cookbooks for pastries and things like that. And I prefer to just eat things rather plainly, anyway.

      I, too, tried just about every diet out there. Finally I gave up. The conflicting information is so confusing and after years of being on diets and experiencing various forms of eating disorders the last thing I wanted to do was even try to be on any special “diet”. When I read that autoimmune thyroid disorders, R. arthritis (both of which I have), diabetes (of which I was pre-), Addison’s disease (which my grandmother died of) and various other autoimmune diseases were possibly caused and certainly made worse by gluten – I eliminated it just to see what effect it might have. So many health issues that I had learned to live with just went away!

      Then, I read “Going Against the Grain” and “Wheat Belly” – both fantastic books.
      Thanks Dr. Davis for all you do! I can tell people about it but most importantly I’m showing people about it as they see me fitting into size 8!!! after being size 16 or more – not too long ago! I just started this in February – and I’m not on a diet. I’m just eating food that doesn’t have gluten in it…and also now I’ve cut way, way back on sugar and other starches like rice flour (they mess with my blood sugar) and dairy (which has made my constipation go away). I’m slowly losing this horrible wheat belly. I told my mom yesterday that fitting into these pants is way better than eating bread!

      My husband seems to be eating it more now that I don’t eat it. It reminds me of a drinker who drinks more because someone has told them how bad it is for them. It’s truly an addiction for him. He’s feeding it to our daughter. I’m trying not to “preach” and trying to be a happy, healthy example of what gluten-free looks like but it’s hard to see them so addicted. He has a lot of diabetics in his family – some have died of it at early ages. I pray that their eyes be opened to this truth about wheat.


      • Dr. Davis

        I believe you are taking the right approach, Lisa: Set the glowing example of what happens to appearance and health without corrupt modern wheat.

        I’m sure he is bound to be self conscious when you look spectacular but he continues to sport a protuberant wheat belly.

  2. Mark

    This is the first I have heard of the sweetener Lakanto. We are using quite a bit of Truvia, and it is expensive. What does anyone know of Lakanto? Is this something we can safely substitute for Truvia in the WB recipes?

  3. moreporkplease

    Lakanto can be purchased on Amazon sometimes. It’s a mix of a Chinese fruit called “monk fruit” in English or luo han guo, and the common erythritol. You can go to many health food stores now and find the monkfruit sweetner as well as the erythritol, and just mix them yourself if you can’t get the Lakanto.

    • After reading about it here, I checked it out. It is very expensive, but I went to the site that makes it,(Sarayahealth.com) and it is cheaper there. Haven’t checked out Amazon yet. It looks like a good sweetener, though. It is partly made of chicory root and sounds like Just Like Sugar. Health food stores sell chicory root and erithrotol, so I’m going to try mixing those together before I put out the big bucks for Lakanto. If that doesn’t work, I may use Susanne Somers” Somersweet. She makes the best sugar free chocolate that I have ever tasted, but I think it has a tiny bit of fructose in it, probably not enough to make a difference. Even Dr. Davis uses low sugar chocolate.

  4. I mistakenly said in a previous post that Lakano was made partly from chicory root. It is not. I apologize for the mistake.

  5. Roger

    I am so thankful to Dr. Davis, my entire life has changed! I cannot say that I am like I was, when I was younger, because I have nothing to compare it to– I had too many symptoms when I was younger–that got progressively worse! I HAD NO IDEA!

    There are other stories out there! Real People that do not deserve to be in pain, misery and a slow death–if death happens, it will not be mercy–it will be pain! If death does not happen–people can and will be in such a crap-world of symptoms . . . I do not even want to process the emotional fall-out of such existence!

    I frequent buffets, for I can see what I am about to eat–but I see many killing them selves, as their wheat belly is the most noticeable feature of their body!

    Each time I come to this site, I get to read encouraging posts, like this Cardiac Nurse!
    I wlsh, how I can only wish that people would understand the opiate-like effect this Human Pesticide has on the brain–as the brain’s defenses are, well, defense–LESS!

    I have to watch people I know, suffer . . . as I am getting in the best health I have ever been in, in my entire life!
    It is hard to watch . . . but I will never again be in that condition–as Dr. Davis has given me a choice, and all it cost me was 2.5 weeks of withdrawal–tapering off in the third week. I cannot help people that are in a pit, by jumping into the pit my self!

    Most people I know, go down hill in their mid-30’s, and I am turning into a spring chicken in my 50’s!

    Please, I beg you, if you happen on this site by accident or curiosity, please borrow or by a copy of Wheat Belly!

    I think if I ever got to meet Dr. Davis, there would be a large, powerful 50 year old, in tears of joy!

    Roger, OHIO

    • Dr. Davis

      You are a wonderful reminder, Roger, of how profoundly this issue touches some people.

      Ridding your life of wheat is obviously not just about weight loss. It is about reclaiming control over your appetite, eliminating this incredibly bowel destructive and inflammatory thing that causes high blood sugar and diabetes.

      It is about taking back control over your life.

      • Kelly

        Thank you Dr. Davis for saving me! I have been suffering from periferal neuropathy for 2 yrs. Originally thought to have been caused by mercury and lead poising – but that was mostly removed from my body. But I’m still suffering, and going downhill fast- I can hardly walk, my balance is completely comprimised. Becoming completely depressed and being told it will only get worse. I was at my wits end – untill I read your book. I have only been WF for a couple days but I can already feel a difference in my head. I have so many medical problems – I’m only 49, prediabetic, kidney disease, pizza face, bagel but, wheat belly. I only weigh 115 lbs dripping wet and I have all these problems. Now I know that I (and every human being) has allergies to wheat that affect us all differently. I cannot tell you how happy I am to finally have found the answer. I have been using your recipees and they are delicious. Goodbye to wheat forever. I now declare myself wheat free forever. WFF!!!!!

        • Dr. Davis

          It would be wonderful if wheat consumption explained your whole health predicament, Kelly!

          Please be sure to update us on your progress. Others need to hear!

  6. MaryMK

    I was paging through my latest copy of Prevention Magazine (which came with a brochure lauding Dr. Davis’s’ book) and came across an ad for the book The Starch Solution by Dr. and Mary McDougall. Out of curiosity I checked out the reviews on Amazon. Mostly 4 and 5 star rave reviews with comments almost identical to the kinds of success stories listed in this blog. The publisher of the magazine, the Wheat Belly book and this McDougall book is the same: Rodale.

    All I can say is ___________ (expletive deleted). It’s crazy! No wonder people throw out the diet and nutrition books, pile in the car and head for the closest McD’s drive through. Many reams of paper must be wasted with competing camps printing out reports, reviews, and lab results and tossing them at each other saying, “See, I told you so!” A food-less food fight. Frustrating, irritating, infuriating–especially for somone like me whose idea of a gourmet meal is plain boiled potatoes with salt and pepper or potato salad. I’ve foresworn these delights in favor of the WB way of eating and sticking myself with a glucometer and sweating the results and I just three days ago joined the TYP community! But am I right? Am I wrong? Does Rodale take a position or do they just throw anything out there to see what brings in the most revenue?
    Not your fault, Dr. Davis, and I want to believe you’ve lighted the way but sign me disgruntled anyway.

    • Roger


      I was the same way–as there were so many contradictions–I did not know where to turn, but, at least all the “Experts,” to include Governments, agreed on HEART HEALTY WHOLE WHEAT.

      When I got Wheat Belly, I studied that book, took notes–and drew out all I could–and if there was a term of concept I did not understand, I did furthur studies. In the mean time (due to my medical back ground) I easily understood the physilogical reactions that the body has, especially to high sugar Genetic Modified man made (man altered) products.

      I had done massive independent studies on man made soy–and, at first, I thought the flyer sent through the mail, was on soy–as nothing could be worse on the mind and body than soy . . . but, Wheat is worse, by far, than even soy!

      I do not know or care about anyones motives for information (profit, greed, prestige, professional upward recogniton and mobilty) . . . what I do know, after pages of notes (almost 100) from Dr. Davis’ Wheat Belly, is that it is based, not on fad, but on sound emperical data (hard evidence) on how the body and the mind actually works. I am also a trained Addictions Counselor–with many years working with people that have Substance Abuse Addicitons–and I saw my self, as an Addict–the exact same way I saw in over 30 years working with people with Substance Addicitions.

      I read into the wee hours of the night, collected a massive health libary–and I could not make the connection–why the weight gain, why the hard a growing belly and why am I losing my mind, slurring my words, losing my balance and going into a deep painful depression? I could go on about the symtoms . . . .

      After Losing The Wheat
      I thought my situation was not the norm, as life-long symptoms slowly vanished–as it has been 1 Mar. 2012, since I have followed Dr. Davis’ Book, to the letter–to include ridding my mind and body of any and all sweets–including fruit sweets!

      It will cost you little, (except in some cases my extreme withdrawl) not only to understand the body and mind, how it works–but to undestand and make the connections on just how man-made Plastic Poisions are effecting our bodies and affecting our minds (emotions, etc.).

      With me, it was a matter of time–either I would lose my mind or my body–or both!

      Please study, ask questions–but, try The Wheat Free Life Style–and give your body and mind time to heal . . .

      Roger, OHIO
      MS.Ed., C.D.C.A

    • John Wallace

      I read the Starch Solution and can’t believe anyone can recommend a diet that results in BG above 180. I posted a one star review of the book on Amazon and got blasted by the vegans. None were diabetics. High carb diets do not work for me. I have the BG tests to prove it. Wheat Belly, low carb works for me. Labs haven’t looked this good in almost 20 years.

    • Dr. Davis

      I believe they make it a point to not take a stand.

      I, too, was a bit taken back by the blatant differences between these two approaches. I had followed a program identical to Dr. McDougall’s 22 years ago and it made me overtly diabetic.

      I think Rodale is trying to promote health, but not necessarily taking a stand on how to accomplish it.

      • MaryMK

        Thank you Roger and Dr. Davis,
        Despite my “meltdown” I have been committed to the Wheat Belly plan for the past two months and have every intention of staying the course. Just the thought of eating a plate of pasta–previously a once-a-week minimum mainstay– makes me nauseous. I haven’t had the dramatic results that other have enjoyed–just down approx. 5 lbs. and maybe 2 in. off my waist. But my GERD is 99% gone and that’s a gift worth celebrating. A greater gift is the absence of cravings and the constant obsession with food. My “holy grail” is no longer my next meal but rather good health and at 63 I hope that’s not beyond my reach despite the damage I’ve done to my obses, borderline diabetic, arthritic body. I’ve recently joined TYP and I know that will help, too. Every little improvement is like one LESS candle on my (wheat-free) birthday cake.

        Regarding Rodale and their confusing messages about what they publish, well, maybe they should consider the notion that if they stand for everything then maybe they stand for nothing. By the way, I read about Wheat Belly in Women’s World magaine six months ago not in Prevention Magazine. Seems they were a little behind the curve.

        The gentleman from Puerto Rico who posted earlier might kiss the ground you walk on, Dr. Davis. I won’t go that far but I sure as heck would be among those giving you a standing ovation any time, any place. Thanks for all you do.

  7. Cora

    I’m here today because I’ve been eating grain-free for three weeks now, and I’ve lost 6kg. I cannot believe it. This is weight that i have struggled with for 7 years now, and showed no signs of going. I’ve tried Atkins (so complicated and overwhelming, gave up, lost no weight after a month anyway, pointless, and felt like a lard ball so much, i hated it…) tried weight watchers, after 6 months i’d bounced around the same small range of weight variation it barely seemed worth it. Plus, all the weighing and counting calories and wtaching other people eat things i wanted… also i was spending a lot of my points on wheat products, and i was always hungry, i was always eating, i was starving, malnourished i think, and still getting fatter. Plus they aren’t cheap to join… wish i’d saved the money, but i really thought it would help.

    But anyway, back to today. Weight is falling off me. And i don’t think i’ve done anything at all. no hard work, that’s for sure. I’m eating whatever I feel like, and suddenly i’m not mindlessly grazing all day, my vegie intake has tripled, and while I used to believe you had to have about 1/3 or 1/3 your plate of white/brown carbs, now i realise that is completely rubbish, in every sense of the word.

    I used to eat a wheat-based cereal for breakfast, sandwiches or wraps for lunch, rice pasta or noodles for dinner, and snacks were crackers or cakes or whatever – but in hindsight my diet was about 85% wheat every day. It was the starting point… and then you added meat or veg to it. Absolutely awful. 3 weeks later, weight is melting away, i’m eating a much more interesting range of foods (who knew kale was this fabulous!?) and loving every second of it. The only thing I don’t understand is why it’s all so secret. Why people insist that wheat and grains are so wonderful, and everyone wonders why we’re all so fat these days, getting morbidly obese, diabetes and so on… i get the feeling people are scratching their heads, and have no idea what is going on… but yet, it’s so simple.

    My friend is a nutrition student (and struggles with major weight control issues) and today i told her how i was losing the weight. She is insisting that i will need to reintroduce grains after a while or i will suffer, and get tired all the time. Remains to be seen. I feel that there can’t be any nutrient in grains that i cannot get from vegetables and meat. She says you need good source of carbs to survive. I feel that they just contribute to weight gain and mild depression. At the moment I have no intention of ever going back. She can eat it if she wants, but i fully intend to remain grain free for the rest of my long, healthy, thinner, happier life.

    • Dr. Davis

      Excellent, Cora. And lose that friend if she tries to convince you to go back to consuming this poison that was controlling your behavior!

      Surround yourself with people who are shining examples of a wheat-free lifestyle and it will help you stay the course and maintain your developing perfect health and weight.

      Misery loves company!

      I’d like to post your wonderful story as a blog post, too.

  8. Daniel

    Leviticus 19:19
    “You shall keep my statutes. You shall not let your cattle breed with a different kind. You shall not sow your field with two kinds of seed, nor shall you wear a garment of cloth made of two kinds of material.”

  9. SteveG

    This may be a little off topic but I figured I’d just blurt it out here. The other night on the O’reily show there was discussion about a proposed big soda (limited to 16oz I think) ban in NYC and Bill announced “I went wheat-free two months ago, down two holes on my belt and feel great.”
    What was profound to me that he used the term wheat instead of gluten.
    Personally, I’m down a few holes and doing great. BP down, Triglyceride down, HDL up, LDL/HDL ratio 1.4. My doctor supports my diet and is proud of me!

      • RAN

        I read the book and have started WF but I am still confused on the gluten free end of things. I have been buying WF/Gluten free items such as pasta. It is easy to find gluten free but not the combined with WF. Sure stopped me from eating bread.

  10. Jesse

    Dr Davis is Lakanto, as mentioned in the story above, a “wheat belly approved” sweetener?

    • Dr. Davis

      Insufficient information, Jesse, on the lo han guo component.

      The erythritol in Lakanto is okay, however.

  11. Miriam

    I have been working on becoming wheat free but haven’t yet made the full commitment.
    But it is a whole lot less.

    My question is: If I cook a dozen chicken wings (in the oven, in butter, smothered in garlic and Tabasco sauce) and I let my sister have two of them, can I be considered a giving person?

    Really most of my diet is pretty low carb and most of the time I don’t eat wheat. It’s getting to the never eating of wheat I need to go for. I only have 6 weeks left to get into some kind of good shape. Just makes me nuts that I have gained so much weight. The no s diet is great except that it’s a-okay to eat cereal etc for breakfast or lunch and I just blow up like a balloon.

    They believe we should never give up an entire food group. I’m thinking I have to give up this food group.

    Dr. Davis, thank you so much for what you do, you are saving lives.

    • Dr. Davis

      I suppose, Miriam, that we could say that wheat should never have been called “food” in the first place, certainly not this stuff that suffered at the hands of geneticists.

    • Lorraine

      Just do it! It isn’t hard at all. You won’t “reap” the benefits of being wheat free until you ARE wheat free!

      If you are worried about cutting out one entire food group, you can just eat small portions of rice, quinoa or oats.

      It sounds as though your body doesn’t even LIKE that food group anyways, if you keep blowing up like a balloon! Perhaps it is just time to “listen to your body?

      You will be free from the food cravings and won’t even WANT to eat from the “bread, cereal, grain” group anymore!

  12. Theresa, Newmarket

    I am so grateful to Dr Davis for doing the hard work of researching wheat and its affects on humans. Thank you! I have Vitiligo, Sarcoidosis and have developed Dermatitis Herpetiformis on my lower legs. This newest condition has caused an additional condition of cellulitis because the itching causes me to scratch to the point of bleeding. This condition most of all, lead me to see a Naturopath who made me promise to go out and buy your book as soon as I left her office. (Thank you Dr. B) I did! The best promise I ever kept. Subsequent food sensitivity testing advised by her, proved that whole wheat and corn were off the test scale, but gluten itself did not test positive. HMMM! The testing confirmed for me what I already believed that wheat was my issue. The itch was most severe within 30 minutes of eating anything with wheat, especially bread. Only a week has passed since reading the book, and already I am down 8 pounds, a bonus side affect of this lifestyle change. Most important is the severity of the itching is not 24/7. It does still occur, and while I am reading every label, I believe it is the level of toxicity that I have from years of wheat only eating. Last nights dinner consisted of beef roast, cauliflower mash, zucchini smash and Dr Davis’ Cheese Cake with homemade cherry puree. All my guests ate completely wheat free and were stunned to learn of it. This lifestyle is not hard work it is important work. Dr. Davis please keep up this important work, we need you and we can all help you by word of mouth, the most powerful force in the world. I intend to give the book as a gift for every occasion for the rest of the year. I am grateful to have the key to health success and will share it everywhere. Thank you Dr. Davis.

    • Dr. Davis

      I’m glad you found the answer, Theresa!

      You, like so many other people with intolerance to this creation of genetics research called wheat, test negative for celiac, but can still have awful reactions to wheat.

      The lesson: NO human should be consuming modern wheat!

  13. Lisa A

    Thank You Dr. Davis!

    When I was first diagnosed with Celiac, I did great on the diet. I lost 40 lbs and felt great. As time went on (3 years), I started eating more “Gluten Free” food. I was so happy when my grocery store actually has a GF section. And the pounds came on, as did my joint pain, to the point where I can no longer bring my dog to the park for our trail walk. I couldn’t figure out why. I’m so pleased with your book, and now understand that I have been eating “junk carbs”. I’ll let you know how things go.

  14. Anna

    I just started reading your book and find it refershing that something I have intuitively thought might be problematic has actually been verified by someone qualified to do so. I fully intend to make my household a wheat-free one as I have thee children (with various issues) that I know will benefit from the absence of wheat. My only concern is that one of my kids (the one I believe to be most sensitive to wheat and happens to have an attention disorder) has a tree nut and shellfish allergy. She is a growing 13 year old, competetive dancer, who also has asthma and eczema. Do you have any suggestions where I might begin to find recipes or meal plans that are nut free? I would appreciate any suggestions you might have.

  15. Sandra

    Dr. Davis, I excitedly read through your book, and, I must say, I believe “wheat” has been my problem all these years! I was diagnosed with insulin resistance in 2000 and put on numerous medications. Initially, I did lose about 60 lbs. However, the weight kept creeping back on. No matter how much exercising I did, I would only lost about 5 -10 lbs, only to have it creep back on again. I started the “Wheat Belly” diet yesterday, and so far have had very few cravings. I definitely try to keep pistachios around for any “nagging hunger,” and it has helped. Today is Day 2, and I’m at work on this Monday, and, so far, so good! Thank you so much for your very insightful book about the dangers of “modern wheat” and helping so many of us who thought the last resort would have to be surgery. I am so thankful I didn’t have to go down that road!

    Looking forward to a healthier life wheat-free!!!

  16. Marcia

    I am just beginning the journey of being wheat free. I have no diagnosed health problems yet but am at risk for heart disease (high cholestrol) and type 2 diabetes (BMI 30). Low energy is a constant problem and I crave sugar like I’m drup addicted. My mother has found relief from her health issues when she stopped eating wheat. I am hoping for the same degree of results for myself. I will admit though it is hard. I feel like I am having to rethink nutrition and my eating habits. Wheat has become such a core part of my diet. Like others I have been faithfully eating whole grains and still find myself struggling with constipation and low energy. I didn’t realise that these foods were still very high on the glycemic index. Well, I am going to keep pegging away at this. Taking wheat out of my diet can’t make my health worse and I have hope that it will make my health better.

  17. RAN

    Just started yesterday on WF. Still confusd about gluten free. Can’t wait to see how this all works out.

  18. Germaine

    Two words to describe the Wheat Belly book: Live Changing!

    Despite trying to exercise and add tons of whole-grain wheat to my diet, I found that my weight did not improve and I didn’t feel any better/healthier and still have to deal with blood pressure issues. I couldn’t understand why, but it all makes sense now!

    I bought some gluten-free products yesterday to try to go “wheat-free” but will take them back to the store today. After reading information on the Wheat Belly blog and the many testimonials, I’m making a new grocery list. Vegetables, meat, fish and some fruits and nuts.

    There were three times in my life where I lost significant weight. The first time was as a teen and I was on the swim team (30 lbs). As an adult on an Adkins type diet (20 lbs), and the other was working with a personal trainer (15 lbs). Now I realize that exercise is not enough. I’m ready for this new change.

    I’ll let you know how it goes.

    • Dr. Davis

      Please do, Germaine!

      Extreme exercise not required. It is nearly all about the things we put in our body.

  19. annette suritz

    For the last four years, I was a constant consumer of GAS-X. At 62 years old, I assumed it was a part of aging. Then my husband gave me your book. I followed it and for the first time in 4 years, I was able to throw my GAS-X pills away. I lost some weight, but I am still overweight.

    Well, we visited France for the first time during the last 2 weeks. I had to try some French pastry—gas or not. To my surprise during my visit to France I was able to eat all kinds of wheat products with no gas.

    While waiting for the flight out from Paris, I stopped at a McDonalds and had an egg mcmuffin for breakfast. Shortly after that incident, the gas returned.

    So—-is it wheat or is it where the wheat is grown?


    • Dr. Davis

      There are variations in the strains of wheat grown, Annette.

      The problem is that you and I cannot tell the difference just by looking, smelling, or tasting.

      Also, note that the lack of GI distress with the French pastry you had does NOT mean that other unhealthy phenomena were not triggered. Note that small LDL particles that lead to heart disease, for instance, are triggered by the amylopectin A of wheat (regardless of origin) for 7-10 days: 7-10 days of increased heart attack and stroke risk from one pastry.

    • Dr. Davis

      Absolutely not!

      But if you just counted what you consumed without trying to restrict, you would discover that you are taking in around 440 calories less per day minus the appetite stimulating properties of the gliadin protein from wheat.

  20. Jessica McCoy

    @Jennifer Bishop – yes, it is safe to stop consuming wheat while breastfeeding. You can meet all of your nutritional needs for breast-feeding via fruit, vegetables, lean meat/fish and nuts/oils.

  21. Paige Kelly

    I am 34 and i have struggled my entire life with hunger. I can remember being as yound as 5 and still being hungry after seconds. I was never “over weight” but I was a little pudgie! Since marriage and three kids I have gained 70 pounds. My metabolism isnt the same, or at least that is what everone is telling me. My doctor thinks I may not have that part of my brain that tells me when I am full. I have tried every diet and excercise program. I went on a completely whole organic diet, no HFCS no high levels of sodium, the works. I did this for three months, no cheating. I GAINED 16 pounds. And I was excercising the entire time!! Totally devestated I went into a deep deep depression. I started cutting to deal with my pain. It was two fold really. I was cutting to distract me from my pain from self image and I was cutting to punish myself for letting me get this way. How could I go from 160 to 230. My doctor just recently put me on phentermine. I have noticed a difference with being able to feel full after eating a normal amount of food, something I have never felt before. I actually cried the first two days on the medication because I, for the first time, felt normal. I haven’t lost any weight though. Which is odd since most will lose 2-5 pounds the first week and then it tappers off. I am still finding myself craving food ALL the time. I am wondering if this is diet I should try. I just dont know what else to do. The last two month my blood pressure has been thru the roof and migraines have gone into overdrive. I have three beautiful children who I have not taking ONE picture with because I dont want them to remember me like this. My oldest is 9 and my youngest is 9 months. Its time to start living again….

    • Dr. Davis


      You are a victim of the gliadin protein of wheat, the protein that, upon digestion, is degraded to small polypeptides that act as opiates and stimulate the opiate appetite centers of the brain.

      This is not so much a diet as much as an exposure of what has happened to consumers who have been unwittingly sold this APPETITE-STIMULANT called modern wheat.

      You are describing the experience of the typical wheat-consuming individual. Please consider taking “before” and “after” photos, particularly as you are toying with whether or not to buy that size 6 dress you’ve been admiring!

      I am also going to post your question on the main blog page to see what others say. I believe you will be surprised!

      • deb moody

        Paige, perhaps you are missing the gene that lets us lets us “feel full”. If the Wheeta belly diet doesn’t work. Get tested for Willi-Barr syndrome. Might even be something else genetic that has not been discovered. I have great hopes for the ‘Wheat Belly’ diet myself, though. Good luck!

  22. Help..I am extremly over weigh..more than 100lbs. My doctor gave me this diet yesterday. I am borderline diabetic and cholestral. If I follow this will it really help.

  23. Shelly

    Not sure if this is the right place to post a question but here goes:What do I do to break a 3 week plateau? I have lost 25 lbs at 2 to 2 1/2 lbs a week and need to lose at least another 25 lbs. I am still following the diet extremely closely but now my weight has been yo-yoing 1 lb – 2 lbs almost every day. Nothing else has changed in my lifestyle or health.

  24. Christine

    Dear dr. …..could you please give me a list of foods of what not to eat? I really cannot afford to buy your book.
    Thank you

  25. ROBIN


    • cathy lape

      I know you posted this awhile ago, but something about your symptoms caught my attention. While eliminating wheat will help tremendously, you might also want to have your vitamin D level checked.

  26. elizabeth waters

    I have been on the Wheat Belly diet since April 1st. Quit smoking on May 1st. Haven’t lost an ounce. Gained a few pounds. I am 60 years old, 5’7″ and weigh 149 pounds. I have always been 138 pounds. All blood work came back great. Why can’t I loose a pound. I go to the gym 3 times a week. Walk 3 miles a day , ride my bike 8 miles a night and go swimming when I can. Please advise.

  27. Naomi Veasey


    Do you really lose weight eating all the cheese and nuts you want? I’m struggling with this idea. I’ve been doing wheat belly for a week now and still feeling bloated and very hungry. Do you have any suggestions?

    Thank you,