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On again, off again

Alex left this comment that perfectly describes the on again, off again phenomenon of wheat consumption: I’m in my late 40s and have had IBD/Crohns diagnosed for several years after being hospitalised over a scary event. I’ve had abdominal pains … Continue reading

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Better living through chemistry

PJ left this comment on the Wheat Belly Blog. What I found interesting is that this thoughtful reader came to similar conclusions by just reading the scientific literature, even before stumbling on Wheat Belly. I just graduated from college with … Continue reading

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Throw more tomatoes!

Sometimes the best lessons come in the form of criticism. The occasional negative “review” of Wheat Belly on Amazon, for instance, reminds me that: 1) The Wheat Lobby is watching. At least some of the book’s critics oddly never posted … Continue reading

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You’re worth more FAT than skinny: Obesity as economic opportunity

The system we live in makes for some perversions of economics. Once you understand these perverse circumstances, lots of things in health make better sense. Among them: You are worth more DIABETIC than non-diabetic. Diabetes is a booming business! Take … Continue reading

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Christie’s change of shape

Christie passed her story onto me, complete with a “before” photo and a more recent “after” photo following weight loss of 25 pounds and recovery from a number of health conditions: I was introduced to Wheat Belly by some friends. … Continue reading

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Bipolar disorder, anxiety, PMS . . . gone

Ashley posted this story of her health and mood transformation. Thank you for saving my family. 3 months wheat-free now and my debilitating bipolar disorder, anxiety & PMS are gone. Not lessened, GONE. My marriage will start it’s 5th year … Continue reading

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Mind games, man boobs, and muffin tops

“Wheat Belly is just a low-carb diet, another version of the Atkins diet.” Hmmmm. Where to start? If Wheat Belly were a diet, I would have called it “The Wheat Belly Diet.” But it’s not a diet and I didn’t … Continue reading

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Want to be featured in First for Women magazine?

First for Women magazine is looking for a Wheat Belly success story! First magazine editors are looking for women who have experienced success in both weight loss and other aspects of health by following Wheat Belly concepts, and have BEFORE … Continue reading

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Lindsay “straightens out” her son

Lindsay has had a wonderful wheat-free experience, as you can judge from the obvious change in her photos (below). But it’s her son’s health that concerned her more. Here the story of Lindsay’s struggle to find answers to her son’s … Continue reading

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Panic in the Heartland

Bill O’Reilly’s recent vociferous attacks on wheat have earned him a bit of a backlash from Kansas wheat farmers. Here is a report from a Kansas TV station: Towards the end of the report, listen to the inane comments from … Continue reading

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