Who IS this Michelle Obama person?

Alright, darn it: Michelle Obama outmuscles Wheat Belly for #1 bestseller in nutrition on Amazon.

Yeah, but can she bake a wheat-free, healthy Reuben sandwich?

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Comments & Feedback...

  1. Rong

    More “conventional” wisdom for the masses I’m sure. Eat lots of “healthy whole grains” and get fat and blame in on Coke and Pepsi.

  2. JoAnne

    It doesn’t matter Michelle Obama currently holds the #1 current best seller in nutrition on Amazon. You’ve got people like myself tirelessly sharing your message with everyone who is seeking health and open-minded enough to listen! My mother, sister, daughter, niece, and 2 co-workers are all in various stages of adapting to the Wheat Belly way of life. I’ve also shared your message with 2 doctors (both MDs), both of whom immediately purchased your book. I’m so excited they’ll be following your advice in treating their patients! I’ve only been wheat-free for 3 months so I’m a newbie. But I’ve experienced (enjoyed) countless health turnarounds, the first within a mere 18 hours of being wheat free. Keep doing what you do. Thanks, Dr Davis!

    • Dr. Davis

      Thank you kindly, JoAnne!

      I know. I was just kidding around. I’m happy to yield to a message to grow your own vegetables, a very useful but simple message that I hope will spark a return to home gardens.

  3. Walking Tall

    Many unqualified in positions of notoriety and power, go off name recognition.

    That reminds me of the brilliant Eddie Murphy movie (early 1990’s), that went off name recognition–in order to secure for him, a position on Congress. As a professional scammer, those in power had nothing on him!
    His character developed a conscience–and he ended up doing right! In reality, few do.

    Freud was fond of linking ignorant masses and emotion, and ancient philosophers are unrivaled, to this day, in their written observations of people led by emotions, over evidenced-based, sound rationale.

    Bigger, more powerful and well known does not mean that the person in question has any semblance of truth–as their 15 min. of fame, most certainly will fade.

    Dr. Davis, his research, and the evidence-based information will gain nothing but hard currency–as time, testing, testimonials–and truth (i.e., HARD EVIDENCE) will more than vindicate him–and people of shadows and smoke-and-mirrors, will fade like the snake-oil logic they peddle!

    It takes effort, real effort, to read, digest and apply the terms, concepts and implications in a book, such as Wheat Belly—and I am all the more healthier for doing so. It takes mindless emotion, to follow mindless crowds, that will end in mutual disaster . . . but, when the smoke clears, EVIDENCE is all that remains!

    I know that Dr. Davis encourages others, but, I would like to encourage Him–and our small, but growing informed group . . . JUST LOOK AT US! JUST LOOK AT OUR MEDICAL TESTING! Any Health Official, appointed or self-ordained, that still insists on Healthy Whole Grains, is an ignoramus, dangerous–and as unhealthy as their cult of mindless Sheep. I almost lost my mind and body, listening to experts talk of Healthy Whole Grains, until a “David” like character–stood against an army of Goliaths, cried “FOUL,” and presented his evidence!

    Roger, OHIO
    Formerly Walking Tall

    • Dana

      I agree with a lot of what you’ve said, but if you want to know what a society looks like that prides itself on rationalism over emotion, you need look no farther than Nazi Germany.

      Yep, I’ve triggered Godwin’s Law. But emotions are there for a reason. We should strive to keep emotion and rationalism *in balance* rather than have one constantly override the other.

      And being famous or powerful doesn’t protect you from lack of information. Mrs. Obama is just as bamboozled as most of the rest of us when it comes to sussing out which foods are healthiest and why.

      • Roger

        The first man to study manipulation of emotion, on film, was, in fact, Hitler.

        Propaganda master, Dr. Goebbles, was a very learned man, in the area of manipulation, to get an emotional people on board–once done, it was easy to become rationale and emotionally distant from that “Rat Class,” that the Nazi Govt. used as a scape goat, for every German Ill.

        All I am saying, is, that it is toooooooooooo easy to manipulate people into a postion . . . . and the media a Govt. force, in our best interest, of corse, is toooo easy.

        With Genetic Modified Wheat, Aspartame, Food Dyes, and a host of other pesticides, steroids, and alterations in food, that the average and learned persons do not even know about, Human Exterminsim and/or pain and suffering at the hands of The Powers That Be and Big Buisness–are an equal oppertunity for all, and not just aimed at American Indians, or Jews.

        Toooooooooo easy, be it the advocacy for Heart Heatly Whole Grain, or Human Extermination, of say, full and half breed (all less than human) peopels. Interesting these emotional ideas, from a people easily manipulated, became law–and cold applied policies. Nazi Race Science borrowed from American and British Policies . . . . as, at first, it was emotional manipulaton. Next, cold law and application.

        American Indian/Celtic

        Roger, OHIO
        Formerly Walking Tall

  4. Ellen

    Bet she can’t. But who knows—-perhaps she’ll see your book smack dab underneath hers and get curious, read it, and get hooked. Wouldn’t it be amazing if she got concerned about what has been done to wheat and the terrible impact it has had on our nation/world, and used her influence to inform people about it? I don’t mean through government regulation—we have more than enough of that, thank you. The government needs to get their sticky hands off the production of food and ramming wheat and grains down the nation’s throat.

    I triple-dog dare her to do it.

  5. Naomi Williams

    Now, in her first-ever book, American Grown, Mrs. Obama invites you inside the White House Kitchen Garden and shares its inspiring story, from the first planting to the latest harvest. Hear about her worries as a novice gardener – would the new plants even grow? Learn about her struggles and her joys as lettuce, corn, tomatoes, collards and kale, sweet potatoes and rhubarb flourished in the freshly tilled soil. Get an unprecedented behind-the-scenes look at every season of the garden’s growth, with striking original photographs that bring its story to life. Try the unique recipes created by White House chefs and made with ingredients just picked from the White House garden. And learn from the White House Garden team about how you can help plant your own backyard, school or community garden.
    Come on guys, now you’re being ridiculous. You’re complaining about a book promoting GARDENING and VEGETABLES??

  6. Chuck Currie

    Lots of people will buy it…few will actually read it. It’s a bookshelf trophy meant to impress, and says; “Look how cool and hip I am.”

    This is not to say that it doesn’t contain any good advise, but I’m sure it follows very closely to the USDA guidelines on nutrition.

  7. Tom

    The Kindle version of Wheat Belly is No. 2 and the hardcover version is No. 3. If those were combined, I wonder if that would put Wheat Belly in No. 1 overall?

    • Dr. Davis

      Good thought, Tom!

      Actually, I’m happy to yield to the First Lady. I was just joking around.

  8. MaryMK

    Nicely said, Naomi. I live in an apartment now and desperately miss having my own garden. There’s just nothing like growing and picking your own basil to make pesto, or a beautiful array of lettuces for salad. Why not celebrate the work and inspiration of a First Lady who promotes growing and eating healthy foods rather than driving through a McDonald’s. I deeply appreciate Dr. Davis’s work and that of all others who work to help us get and stay healthy.

  9. Just to be clear, Dr. Davis: I’ve been having oil and vinegar dressing with my salads, but from time to time I’d like to have some ranch dressing or blue cheese dressing, but I don’t know if this is ok. What do you say?

    • Dr. Davis

      Have it, Mike, but watch out for such things as high-fructose corn syrup. They often use unhealthy oils, too, but for occasional consumption, this is not a big deal.

    • Deborah

      Dr. Davis has a recipe in his book for Worry-Free Ranch Dressing.
      Easy to make and very good!

  10. Mae

    See Dr. Davis’s recipe for ranch dressing in his Wheat Belly book. Looks good!

    –Mae – Oviedo, FL

  11. Laurie

    Complementary book to ‘our’ “Wheat Belly”

    Only slightly Off Topic, read the book by Hannah and James Yoseph “How Statin Drugs Really Lower Cholesterol and Kill You One Cell At a Time” It could have been titled “The Statanic Verses.”
    How is it complementary to “Wheat Belly”?
    ‘Healthywholegrains’ ultimately maim and kill us the same way statins do, just more slowly, covertly, insidiously- fungal mycotoxins and all. Home gardeners, like Mrs. Obama, do not grow wheat! And even if they did they don’t refine and process it, and no one I’ve ever known makes cardboard sweetened “FROOT LOOPS” or ‘hearthealthy’ ‘Shredded Wheat’ at home! So a vegetable garden and a cow, chickens, a pig or duck or two might be great!

    • Dr. Davis

      Hey, Laurie! I see you got past the computer glitch!

      I love the “Statanic Verses” notion! Having a few of your own animals is a really good idea. I am in an area where those things are not allowed. It makes me wonder whether a move to a community in which you can have a couple of chickens and a goat is worth considering.

    • Dana

      I actually think that’s a great criterion for healthy food. If you can’t make it in your home kitchen without hyperspecialized equipment, 9 times out of 10 it will not be good for you.

      It is one of my pet causes, if I had the money to promote it, to make it easier for people to raise their own animal food no matter where they are. Everybody makes a big deal out of vegetable gardens to “fight hunger” but most veggies are too low-calorie, and the situation in Cuba is instructive: the Soviet Union collapsed, all Cuba had for protein was beans and rice, and a whole lot of them suffered nerve damage from lack of B12. That’s one you normally don’t hear about from the “sustainable agriculture” advocates. I’m all for sustainable horticulture, at least (I really wish we’d stop it with the clearcutting and the huge fields and the agricultural monopolies no matter *what* farming technique they use), but you can’t sustainably grow plants without animal involvement, and we desperately need the animal-based nutrition.

  12. Ruth

    If she did, some …. people would call it socialist, trying to push a wheat free agenda and Sarah Palin will show up with something made with Wonder Bread. Do they still make Wonder Bread? Or what I think “Diet For a Small Planet” called the Edible Napkin. Which is perfect. lol

    • Dana

      It has got to be discouraging for healthy-food advocates on the Right to see their leadership pushing cookies and other junk just to be different from the Democrats. I want to see them start pushing sustainable meat-eating (where the animals are properly fed and housed, and more parts of the animal than just the muscle meat are eaten). I still wouldn’t vote for them, but at least it’d bring these issues into the public consciousness.

      • Roger


        Right? Left? Moderate? Extreme Versions (out liers of either extrem left or right politcal positoin)?

        Genetic Modified Wheat is an equal oppertunity Human Pesticide, as it will kill all, reguardless of race, creed, social economic status, or political affiliation.

        Roger, OHIO
        Formerly Walking Tall

        • Boundless

          Roger: > Genetic Modified Wheat is …

          Reminder: the grain today sold as wheat is not [yet] “genetically modified” or “genetically engineered”, under the narrow industry definition of those terms.

          When you use those terms to describe it, you make yourself into a straw man for Big Grain to knock over.

          B.G. has already tried to discredit Dr. Davis on this, but Dr. Davis is careful to avoid referring to modern dwarf hybrid wheat as GE, GM or GMO. (That said, if and when RoundUp Ready wheat hits the market, it will indeed be GE, and with who knows what new nutritional horrors.)

          Is wheat an untested genetic monster? Yep. Is wheat massively mutated? Yes, but via “traditional” means (radiation, chemo, forced hybridization and accelerated generation).

          So you can call it techo-wheat, toxo-triticum or perhaps even goatgrass, but don’t call it GE, GM or GMO yet.

      • Donna

        The people on the right are pushing freedom, not government regulations. They like the left need to be and hopefully will become “educated” as to what is truly good nutrition.

  13. Michelle

    I just saw that Wheat Belly is #1 and #3 in nutrition!!! Way to go!! Your book has changed my life and I am eternally grateful.

  14. I listened to an interview of Mrs. Obama speaking about both her garden and the book. As far as her garden, I think it is most commendable and would prefer hearing her tout her opinions, as a mother, about good food, nutrition and health to the politics of her husband. My only objection to the book is that, if I understood correctly, all proceeds were going to the US National Park Service. The White House is a part of the US park system and therefore, anyone who buys the book will, in essence, be helping pay for her garden.