Wheat-freedom over forks

Wheat Belly is the #1 book on nutrition on Amazon.

Healthy nutrition is not about reducing fat or avoiding animal products.

It’s about not letting Big Agribusiness manipulate your eating behavior by allowing this opiate–the gliadin protein of wheat–to rule your eating behaviors and destroy health in the process.

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  1. Mark

    That is awesome! I must say that I have contributed to this. Not only have I purchased three additional copies for friends, I have told countless people. One friend bought it immediately on his Kindle last Sunday as I was still speaking with him. I didn’t realize that he was a speed reader until he told me an hour later that he had read it and was going to give it a try. I am still trying to get my mind around that.

    We have been wheat-free since January. The weight is falling off both my wife and me, and we feel great.

    Thanks for all you do, Dr. Davis. Keep it up.

  2. Congratulations Dr. Davis. It’s not uncommon for me to get email queries on diet and in the process of me determining what’s going on, I’m hearing about IBS and other symptoms that lead me right back to suggesting your book – and people are getting off of wheat!! Wish I could have made the low carb cruise this year, but am planning on next year…

  3. marcsfl

    Congrat’s!. I think you should get the Nobel prize!

    Funny how the two top sellers present such different points of view. I think you are definitely on to something. I can say that my wife and I have improved our health tremendously over the past 5 months of grain free eating. Thanks again for your efforts.

  4. Congrats, Doc! The word is spreading like wildfire. I, like thousands of others, am telling everyone I know.

    One of my mystery novels was on the Kindle top-100 list for 29 days last year. I sold 20,000 books that month. So I know how exciting this is. It feels great when you’re a bestselling writer. But for you, it must be especially rewarding to realize you’re reaching so many people, and helping them to save their health.

  5. Bob

    I saw the movie Forks Over Knives when it came out last year. Then I read The China Study while on vacation. When I returned from vacation, I adopted a whole foods, plant based diet. I followed that for six months. (I actually had one cheat meal per week where I would eat meat, fish or dairy.) In six months, following their plan, I lost one pound. (I weigh 260 lbs.) I’ve been avoiding wheat and sugar this week and I’ve lost more than a pound.

    After six months on a vegitarian diet, my total cholesterol came down, but not as dramatically as the vegitarian books claim. (I read several vegitarian/vegan books – The China Study, The Engine 2 Diet, Veganism, Alicia Silvestone’s and a couple others I don’t remember the titles of.) It dropped from 218 to 186. 186 is better than 218, but I after reading all of the vegitarian books, and not eating meat, fish or dairy for six months, I expected it to be below 150.

    I’ll re-iterate that I was eating a WHOLE FOODS plant based diet. I know there are a lot of vegans who subsist on chocolate cake, french fries and potato chips. I was eating a ton of ‘healthy whole grains’, fresh fruits and fresh vegetables.

    • Lindsey

      I saw Forks Over Knives and what struck me (I say this as a long-term vegetarian and once long-term vegan) about it is that all the data cited is OLD.

  6. Congratulations, Dr. Davis! I have to say though, that I’m not surprised. So, when is Dr. Oz going to have you on his show? : ) I have a feeling that he’s being bought out by the big guys..

  7. Larry

    I don’t mean to hijack the threads topic….
    But on our local 5:00 news show, WPBF in West Palm Beach FL, they just did a segment on Dr Davis and two patients who gave up grains and had health successes.
    They also had a nutritionist on and a spokesman from the grains foundation, saying that all grains are good and should be eaten by all.
    Not for anything, I understand the grain spokesman having an agenda.
    But what’s with the nutritionist ?
    Are they compromised or is it their dogma ?
    Because they see the health benefits in going grain free, especially for Diabetics, yet deny it.
    Funny how when they have the cooking guy on and he’s making fried foods, sugary cakes, etc, they don’t feel the need to address whether those foods are good or bad.
    Great job Dr Davis.

    • Michelle G

      I think the nutritionists have been told for so long that the “healthy whole grain” thing is the scientifically correct way, they just will not change their opinion until they’ve seen results for years and years. Just think, we’ve been told this stuff all our lives. They went to college and studied all those “studies” that back it up. I’ve often wondered just how many people in the real-world, not studies, are helped by these things.

      Just my 2 cents :)

      • Walking Tall

        Michelle G.
        I could not have said it better, as my life has been near wrecked by listening to experts, and their studies of studies of studies . . . as most heath care providers are not the picture of heath . . .

        Dr. Davis has given me my life back . . . as I have been plagued by this all my life, and could not figure it out . . .

        I have read about diet and health, until my eyes turned read, my brain turned numb–and my nerves could not take it, any more. Never in my entire life (near 1/2 a century) have I read anything like Wheat Belly–and I try to tell all I can. It is up to them–and I pity all that do not listen.

        True science does not know all the answers, but, uses common sense, with the powers of observation–I know what I have seen in me–I know what I have seen, in my wife–and I know what I have read, in others that have given up Genetic Man-Made Human Rat Poision–

        Michelle, if one can see and feel the results–what experts say, when they rely on studies about studies from studies–DOES NOT MATTER! Ture Science is not a matter of consensus, who has the biggest bucks of re-distributed Govt. Money (that was stolen off We The People) . . . True Science observes and aknowledges what it not understood, and tries to ferret out the Truth, no matter the cost–as true science is a ruthless persuit of Truth. In this case, Dr. Davis has put The Health of the Patient, above conventional science, has has to step out of his Medical Model Box, and reconsider Human Physilogy!!! He has bucked the system–and he has used the greatest weapon, truth, and an increasing Army of devout healthy followers–as our good health contradicts conventional wisdom, for the Farce it is! Heart Healthy Wole Grains, one of the greatest human evils that exists!

        Any wealth accumulation, awards, aknowledgements, due him, to me, is nothing compared to my written testimoney, my good health and my future!

        Walking Tall

        • Dr. Davis


          Given your wonderful story of wheat-free transformation, would you be willing to tell your story for my new Wheat Belly Cookbook?

          If so, make a comment here saying so and I will email you back. (Your email is automatically posted when you comment.)

          • Walking Tall

            Dr. Davis,

            I have worked on that comment, since 1 Mar. 2010.
            I have postd bits and pieces, and made a few comments of encouragement, but, when you posted that 41 year old mother’s story, hers was as dramatic as mine.

            Were it not for your book, I would have lost either my mind or my body–as I gave up.

            I cannot tell you what is in my heart and mind, but, what I can do, is e-mail you a copy of what I wrote–in its full length–as, I “cut loose,” so to speak. It may be too long to post, as I am new to e-tech.–

            Walking Tall

        • Lindsey

          It’s funny you used the term “rat poison.” My hubby was bemoaning our giving up wheat gluten-based vegetarian meat “substitutes” (because now we have to cook yet a whole NEW way, again, LOL) and asked if he could use some once a week for him and the kids, saying ‘it’s just a little.” I asked him if he’d feed them “a little” rat poison once a week. He got the point.

          • Walking Tall


            I use the term Rat Poision, in a respectable manner, as there is a use for Rat Poision, as there is a use for Rats. When Rates become over populated,they can be trouble some for themselves and others–as the Plague may ring a bell. Demonizing cats was not a good move, either.

            it is my hopes that such colorful expressions I use, will draw attention ot the dangers and potential danger to the Human Condition, as Humans are not Rats–and we are not to be exterminated by superior advanced Human Beings, remember Nazi Germany? As part Native American, I know where Hitler got his ideas, for his inferior people, he called Rats, among other things. I am not a Rat, neither are my fellow Human Beings–and Heart Healhy Whole Grains are not my Savior, nor anyone elses, for that matter. Genetic Modified Wheat is my Judge, Jury and Executioner . . . . Until a Champion came along, a hero, to this Disabled American Veteran!

            Well, this Wheat–and a few other bodily poisions, are doing just that–as the law of unintended consquenses is setting in stone, what started out in pencil. I was slowly being exterminated by this Poison, as I was losing my mind and body, it was not a question of if, but WHEN!

            In short, I felt like a Rat eating Rat Poision! Trouble is, real Rat Poision has the larger percentage of good food–Wheat, however, has 0% redeeming qualities, as it poisions all, indiscriminatly–some at faster and some, at slower rates.

            If I had children, I would consider anyone that tried to feed this to them, and act of assault!

            Good for you, Lindsey, to make the connection. Human Rat Poision, it is–Human Extermination–it can and will do!

            Walking Tall

    • That is such a refreshing change from the stories the TV media usually run about the “heroic” struggles of people living with Crohn’s & Celiac which the media typically characterize as “unsolvable lifelong conditions”. I get SO sick of seeing these stories that are so saccharine you’d think the “victims” of these diseases deserve a medal for enduring the complications of these diseases while maintaining a positive attitude despite the trials & tribulations of life with their particular affliction.

      I’ll never forget one story I saw about a young married couple having to plan their wedding around her digestive disorders & Chron’s. He initially had no problems, but only a year or two after the wedding he developed the disease as well, but nowhere in the story did anyone put two & two together & realize he came down with Crohn’s after marrying her because he started eating the same way & the same foods that she ate! But oh, so admirable for them to be so positive & hopeful despite their pain & agony, and WHAT an inspiration they are to others on how to bear up & remain positive in the face of such adversity.

      PUH-LEEEZEE, gimme a break, they ain’t heroes, and not anywhere close to brain surgeon brilliant simply for dealing with a disease condition they brought on themselves. Maybe if they’re lucky someone will give them a copy of Wheatbelly.

  8. Barbwil

    Cleveland Clinic asked a question on Facebook today “What are you doing to get ready for the swimsuit season? What are your favorite diet tips?” What a perfect leading question! So I plugged “Wheat Belly” by Dr Davis. Others said to eat a lot of whole grains so you can imagine– no response to mine!

  9. Walking Tall

    This is not a book, Wheat Belly, this is a life-saving device, much like a defibulator or a reanal/kidney machine.

    In the military, my medical and survival books were not just books, my life and the survival of others, hinged on what was on those pages, on so many levels. Well, that was at the micro level–Dr. Davis is on a Grand Scale–of Epic Porportions–as Truth must cut though Ignorance–

    It was not until I read posts on this site, that I realized that my case, dramaitc as it was, after losing the Wheat, and listening to all, not just some of what Dr. Davis has to say, that I would like even more sucess stories–as one of the greatest human acheivments, is to aide, help, and aleiviate needless suffering of our fellow human beings, in that. Dr. Davis is doing just that–as the popularity of his book tells me that many more hunger for the TRUTH–and have the possibility of not being victims of Genetic Modified Human Pesticide! A Congratulations for Dr. Davis is a Congratulations for the human condition!

    Walking Tall

  10. Eric

    Hi Dr. Davis, I heard your interview on Red Ice and immediately started my “wheat fast”, as it were. Actually, I was already on a yogic diet (fruits, veg, nuts, yogurt – no sugar, meat, processed foods), for a week, so a transition to illuminating wheat was easy. I’m 40 years old, do yoga almost daily and I’m about 20lbs(?) overweight–all in the abdomen.

    However nothing has happened… I may have even GAINED a pound or two!
    My typical diet:
    Yogurt and nuts/raisins for breakfast
    Lentils and salad for lunch some brown rice (not much, though)
    Dark chocolate snack around 4pm
    Homemade veg curry for dinner some brown rice. Plain yogurt and honey for dessert.

    I read all of the possible reasons for it not working in an earlier post. None of the food issues applied, but I do have my thyroid number, if you could possibly have a quick look-see. Last April it was 2.758 μUI/ml.
    Any thoughts?

    • Rong

      You might want to consider the carb count of your foods more closely and the Glycemic Index for each. I’d start there. Dietary fat isn’t your enemy, it’s your friend. It has zero carbs and slows carb absorption thus lowering the G.I. of the foods you eat with carbs. You didn’t say if your yogurt was low fat. What is the carb count and G.I. of “dark chocolate”? Eating enough fats in your diet will eliminate craving and you may be able to eat smaller portions and eliminate the chocolate.

      I’m no expert except for what works for me. Your diet wouldn’t work for me. I eat lots of fats and meats and have very, very low cholesterol with high HDL and low LDL and absolutely no food cravings and no snacks. I have to remind myself to eat and food definitely does not rule my world.

      • Barbwil

        “Dietary fat isn’t your enemy, it’s your friend”
        It’s so hard to wrap that around my mind after all the years of having lo-fat drummed into us. It sure helps dispense with a lot of built-up guilt feelings when you cross the line!

        • Rong

          Tell me about it! I went low fat per our government and agribusiness for 25 years. Gained 35 pounds I didn’t need developed Type II diabetes and was very angry with myself for my food cravings and breaking my “diets”. It just irritates me to no end that all the conventional wisdom recommends the exact wrong thing for me and then blames me for the negative outcome. No more! I have lost the 35 pounds and reduced my A1c test to below diabetic levels (from well over 6.5 to 5.5) no thanks to our FDA, etc. Healthy grains my butt. I am not only wheat free but grain free. I have found grains provide me with nothing essential that I can’t get elsewhere.

          • Dr. Davis

            Excellent, Rong!

            I, too, had to learn this lesson the hard way after making myself diabetic 22 years ago. I am also no longer diabetic with fasting glucose in the 80s and HbA1c 4.8% on no drugs, just be saying no to wheat and limiting other carbohydrates.

    • Dr. Davis

      Yes, you may indeed have a very early, mild thyroid dysfunction, sufficient to blunt weight loss. I aim to keep TSH 1.0 mIu or less. At the very least, consider being sure you are getting iodine. I have patients supplement 500 mcg per day, e.g., kelp tablets.

      Your diet, unfortunately, is too high in carbohydrates. While some people can get away with this much, many cannot. I personally would have diabetic blood sugars with your high-carbohydrate diet. If loss of visceral fat is your desire, then cutting your carbohydrate exposure should be considered, e.g., no more than 14-15 grams “net” carbohydrates per meal, less if even this fails.

      • steve

        when you limit carbs are you limiting vegetables, or just fruit, sugar and starches?
        Thanks. Have not found wheat elimination to have any positive impact upon my allergies- atopic sufferer including eczema. Have been wheat free for yrs since i think it is beneficial in other ways from have read your heartscan blog.
        Congrats on the success of the book. Friend just asked me if I knew of it- told him to get it which he did and he is already eliminating the wheat and experiencing some weight loss

        • Dr. Davis

          That’s too bad, Steve.

          While wheat elimination frees many people from allergies and related phenomena, believe it or not, there are indeed real allergies that are not wheat-related!

    • Lindsey

      Not a doc and don’t play one on tv but I’m super insulin resistant (and vegetarian, making the choices narrower) and if I ate what you eat I’d have a 8-month pregnant looking belly inside a month (yes, THAT sensitive). IMO you’ve got too many carbs going on, way too much sugar too. Have your fasting blood sugar checked and your A1C.

  11. Marv

    On the list of sigmificant events in my life, hearing a guy on the radio mention this book 5 months ago has got to be at the top. Nothing i’ve experienced to this point (52 yrs) has had such an impact. And so easy to do – stop wrapping the real food up so you can eat with your fingers!

    So happy for your (our) success Doctor!


    • Dr. Davis

      Thanks, Marv!

      Having done something like 80 radio interviews and podcasts over the past 8 months, I often wonder how many people have been touched specifically through radio. It’s good to hear from the radio listener-land!

  12. JEY

    You should be so proud of all the lives you have touched through your book. So many have improved health markers and lost weight reading your book, hearing you interviewed, and by connecting to success stories through your blog.
    In addition to these wonderful chart topping sales at Amazon, there are many others who benefit. Our county library system ordered 14 copies and at first all were circulated with about 30 hold requests, but the hold request number just kept inching up. As one person reads and returns it, two more sign up. Now at 140 holds, the library has ordered 10 more copies (and under severe budget constraints, that is a big deal). Word of mouth recommendations following real successes like mine should keep your book at the top for a long time. Congratulations and thank you!

    • Dr. Davis

      Wow, Jey: 24 copies at your library?

      I’m thrilled this message is gaining a wide audience. I’m feeling a massive tidal wave of health and slenderness coming!

  13. Anne

    This book needs to be read by everyone – even the skinny people. Congratulations on making it to the top. So glad you wrote this book.

  14. holly collins

    My acne roseacea is also gone . have battled it for 25 years. hoping the psoriatic arthritis will be next to go.

    Been wheat free for 3 months.

    A question? what is your opinion of “Whey Low” sugar replacement?

    • Leslie

      It’s supposedly a magic combination of sugars that cancel each other out to be non-insulin triggering. Did a bunch of searching on it and my personal conclusion is that it is great marketing and total bs. Found some comments in various places of people doing blood sugar testing that proved the whey low claims to be bogus. Don’t have the links handy anymore, though.

  15. “Funny how when they have the cooking guy on and he’s making fried foods, sugary cakes, etc, they don’t feel the need to address whether those foods are good or bad.”

    It’ slightly different here. The cooks on the telly use all the high fat items like butter, cream etc, and then say ‘of course you can use healthy alternatives’. Of course they know that the end results taste best made with real food, not the processed low fat junk.

  16. I’m wondering how long it usually takes to gain the energy everyone is talking about. I’ve been wheat free for almost 4 weeks. I HAVE seen a lessening of migraine headaches and headaches in general, which is enough to keep me motivated. Will the energy likely follow soon?

    • Dr. Davis

      It should, Nancy, if wheat withdrawal is the cause.

      However, given the unusual length of time that you have been low energy, it is also possible that there is something else going on. Always think thyroid first (and get an intelligent thyroid assessment from a functional medicine doc, naturopath, or other capable practitioner–meaning no endocrinologists and only rare primary care docs). Then think adrenal, especially disruptions of circadian rhythmicity. There are also other more pedestrian causes to consider, such as anemia. Also, is hydration adequate? We lose water in the wheat-free process and often need to compensate with greater fluid intake.

      • charles bergman

        General comment about the book-
        I don’t have a problem eliminating wheat from my diet. It’s sound like a good idea. Wheat products can be replaced with other types of foods and grains. But I do have an issue with the condemnation against other grains such as rice and oats. I’m not a doctor but to suggest that I should eat red meat instead of eating rice is in my opinion irresponsible and dangerous.
        Red Meat? Really?

        • Dr. Davis

          Yes, really.

          Eat your meat. Lose the grains, especially wheat.

          By the way, red meat, white meat, purple meat, polka dot meat–it makes little difference.

          • PJ

            Mmmmmm! Polka dot meat! With wine sauce!

            In my opinion it has been irresponsible and dangerous of the powers that be to have advised against eating red meat and fat all these years. Eliminate a perfectly natural healthy food and look what happened to us on such a grand scale.

      • Jennifer

        Hi Doc, I’m new, and am researching your site, but why no Endo? I have type 2 and hashi’s. I’m miserable (think i’m in the midst of a thyroid attack), but wheat free for 6 days. I will say my digestive system has had a wonderfully positive response. I was seriously thinking about getting checked for celiac or IBS, or something along those lines. After reading some of the thyroid posts, I’m going to do my best to actually go GF. Again though, i’m curious about why no Endo, just for my own understanding.

        • Dr. Davis

          What does “no endo” mean, Jennifer?

          If you are asking why no mention of endocrinologists, well, if you want a more worthless class of physicians, you will be hard pressed to find one than endocrinologists. They are absolutely useless for anything but delivering what the drug industry tells them to prescribe.

          • Jennifer

            Thanks…and yes, you got my meaning. My GP did the same thing…put me on synthroid (generic – which i don’t absorb at all). So it sounds like hunting for a naturopath is in my near future. It really should not be this hard to get well.

  17. Soul

    Congratulations Dr. Davis!

    You’ve not only changed the way that many Americans view healthy meals, you’ve influenced many outside this country with their eating habits. It’s an amazing accomplishment. One that few can claim.

    Well, it is looking more and more as if I found my dietary answer. Not only is wheat and other grains a health problem, pork or beef is as well for me. I’m leaning toward pork this evening. I’d be just as pleased with beef as a culprit. Fingers crossed. Regardless, if that turns out to be the case, I have an answer, it is then time for me to say good bye. Best of luck in the future. At the moment, I’m very much looking forward to mine.

    • Dr. Davis

      Great, Soul!

      Yes, we all need to identify our own unique food sensitivities. However, only one food is damaging to EVERYONE: Yup, good old wheat.

  18. Terry May

    Congratulations Dr. Davis:

    I am certainly a big fan of course, and a proponent of the cause. I’m still insulin free!

    Wheatless in Canada

  19. Leopard

    I just purchased the book last week from amazon. I can’t wait for it to arrive! Several years ago, when I was very fit, I did p90x and followed their eating plan, which had very limited grains of ANY sort (lean protein, lots of veggies, some fruit). It was the best I ever felt. I had three pregnancies in four years, therefore laid off the p90x and dieting in general. I’ve had a sinking feeling ever since abandoning the p90x diet that carbs were literally an addiction for me. When I eat them I can’t stop eating them and I feel absolutely terrible after. I am really looking forward to reading the research and going wheat-free. Thank you for this blog and (in advance) for the book!

    • Dr. Davis

      Great, Leopard!

      Yes, liberate yourself from the addictive power of this grain that clouds your thinking, amps up your appetite, while hearing all the nonsense about this or that diet. Wheat is the opiate of the masses, sold to us by the chief drug dealer of all.

  20. Barbara

    Dr Davis,
    Is short grain organic brown rice different than long grain ? Is it ‘altered’ ?
    I discovered I had celiac disease 6 years ago at age 49. It took me 2 years to get serious about the consequences of continued consumption. As my health improved, I figured celiac has probably been the reason for health concerns dating back to my birth, low birth weight , lung issues,asthma, skin ,allergies..
    My mother said she was addicted to Pizza and peanut butter while pregnant. I do have severe peanut allergy.
    My neighbor shared with me your book Wheat Belly… Wow-it is the best source of Truth and information that I’ve come across. You really explain in great detail the effects and damage done to all our bodies, organs, skin and amazingly the Brain, which is the new topic of the day.
    Thank You for your passion and dedication and sharing this with all of us who don’t want to be part of Managed Health care!

    • Dr. Davis

      Hi, Barbara–

      Hard to know about the rice, as more and more is being genetically modified–but they don’t tell us which. As a practical matter, rice in any form should constitute a very minor component of diet.

      Given that you have celiac, you should be among the MOST serious in avoiding wheat and gluten.

      Stay strong, but please continue to avoid the obvious and glaring of health damaging foods.

    • Uncle Roscoe

      Peanut allergies fall into three categories:

      1. Obviously an allergy to proteins specific to peanuts.

      2. Allergy to the proteins common to most nuts or to all legumes (beans and peas). Peanuts are a legume with nut-like qualities.

      3. Heightened sensitivity to aflatoxin.

      Aflatoxin is the poison in Aspergillus fungus, most notably Aspergillus flavus. How toxic can aflatoxin get? It has been weaponized for use in warfare.

      Aspergillus grows in moist environments. Peanuts grow on the ground. Peanuts are particularly susceptible to Aspergillus infestation under less than ideal growing and storage conditions. Aflatoxin cannot be removed from infested peanuts. You can’t tell if a particular peanut is infested using your senses, but you can foresee the likelihood of infestation by the overall health of a batch of peanuts.

      With today’s court verdicts and international food shipping, aflatoxin is becoming much more common. I suspect much of today’s increase in peanut allergy comes from a synergy of peanut proteins with Aspergillus toxins. Some work on the gut, some work on the immune system and some work on tissue. Once sensitized, a person must avoid aflatoxin and all peanut-related proteins.

      Survival dictates that plants try and kill any animal which attempts to eat their seeds. In general humans eat the plants which fail at this survival task. Unfortunately many of us can still succumb to many plant seeds. Modern wheat is a good example.

  21. Amanda

    Thank you Dr. Davis for such an incredible book, I found out that wheat was killing me when I was 49 years old. I have been wheat free for 3 years and when I saw the book I bought it inmediately, you say the truth in such a wonderful fashion, I read the book in a few hours. The book has help me to continue cooking healthy meals and my whole family is gluten free now, before reading the book I was not sure if my family should go wheat free. My husband aches and pains, stomach complaints, acid reflux, gone! My sons are looking incredible well and they are feeling 100% better. As for myself the list of maladies corrected is as long as your book. A year after I could finally stop the antidepressants, tried before with no success for 10 years. Lost 30 pounds, migraines, eczema, joint pain, anxiety, vitiligo (which is repigmenting like a miracle), fatigue, fibromyalgia, allergies,uncontrolled appetite, etc cured! No medications except my thyroid meds, they are trying to block your book, pharmaceutical companies would go out of business if people follow your advice! Please we need the book in Spanish, I would like to give it as a present. I have bought a few books in English to give to people I love. Thank you again.

    • Dr. Davis

      Thank you, Amanda!

      And congratulations for getting your entire family to follow your lead!

      We all need to free ourselves from the bonds of this incredibly destructive grain, as well as the barrage of advice to consume it.

  22. Eric

    Too many carbs? Really?

    I just have:

    -A 1/2 teaspoon of honey w/ coffee X2
    -Unsalted almonds and raisins a few times a day
    -2 squares of 70% Lindt dark chocolate after lunch
    -A few portions of brown rice with either lunch or dinner.

    That doesn’t seem like much to me(?) But perhaps you and Dr Davis are right… I think I’ll get my blood-suagr tested.

    Thanks, Lindsey

    • Rong

      Not to be argumentative but while almonds are great in both good dietary fats and zero glycemic index along with macadamia nuts your other choices lack protein and hold lots of carbs:
      1. Honey is mostly sugar and has a glycemic index of 55.
      2. Raisins have one of the highest glycemic index of the fruits at 56.
      3. Brown Rice also has a 55 glycemic index.
      Again, as an expert only on myself, I try to keep to NO grains and foods with a glycemic index of 45 or lower. Hope this helps.

      • Eric

        Thanks Rong.

        Not at all, where I come from, stating facts is not negative! I guess I’m comparing it to what I use to consume a day (cookies, jam, sugar in the coffee, etc.) that I thought there’d be at least SOME progress.

        But, I just made an appointment for testing my blood-sugar/insulin levels, so we’ll see…

        Thanks again.

  23. Eric

    I hope I’m not committing any conflicts of interest here, Dr Davis, if so, feel free to delete this post.

    But in an attempt to find out more about carbs I went over to Dr Mercola site. On the same page about carbs he happened to also talk about the need to eliminate grains from one’s diet.

    Then he said this interesting bit:

    “Unfortunately, most people don’t feel better immediately after eliminating gluten from their diets as it may take 30 to 60 days for the inflammation to subside, and up to 9 to 12 months for the lining of your small intestine to heal. ”
    This would explain why I (and a few others here) may not see or feel immediate results after just a few weeks.

    Hope this helps…

    • Dr. Davis

      No problem, Eric.

      I believe that Dr. Mercola is absolutely correct, though in many people there are issues beyond even this, such as shifts in bowel flora, restoration (or failure of) pancreatic exocrine function (digestive enzyme production), and CCK signalling.

      Intestinal healing does indeed need to occur, along with restoration of these other processes.

  24. Leslie

    Congrats, Dr. Davis. I have recommended your book numerous times since October 2011 when I started on my own wheat free journey with my family. I have had very good results, as have my kids. I have had severe symptoms related to Hashimotos’ thyroiditis for 12 years, and after going wheat free and adjusting my medication dosages, I’m feeling great for the first time in over a decade. I also got relief from exercise induced asthma and migraine headaches. My 10 yo daughter has no more eczema, and my 12 yo son has no more “wheatitude” (as he calls it).

    I wanted to post about finally going dairy free this week. I’ve been toying with the idea for months, since I have remaining skin trouble that wheat free has not completely helped. I’ve done plenty of research, but had a harder time contemplating eliminating dairy than wheat. I just felt so upset at being deprived of my final “comfort” food group. Cream, cheese, and occaisonally ice cream have become a mainstay in my new diet, and I was feeling very emotioanal about this last step. That should have been a clue, I guess, about my body’s true reaction to dairy. It was actually an offhand comment I heard on a celebrity interview (by a vegan) about how cows’ milk containing a fair amount of pus. Not sure if that is true, but it gave me enough mental ammunition to finally make the break.

    The results so far are promising. I’ve lost 2.5 lbs in 3 days, and I wasn’t really overweight (5’3″ 130 lbs before). I feel even more energized. Skin inflammation seems to be down, but will take some time to see if everything settles down. I’m sold just from how good I feel. My morning coffee was my biggest concern; turns out that coconut cream is perfectly acceptable for me. Now I have an even better coconut oil intake!

    I found a great link to a study finding that 50% of people reactive to gluten are cross reactive to the proteins in milk: http://www.healthnowmedical.com/blog/2011/10/06/study-reveals-why-dairy-products-are-a-bad-idea/. Maybe this idea is worth a post? Could be the final link to great health for more folks already on the path after going wheat free. The evidence is compelling that dairy is just as bad as wheat for humans.


    • Dr. Davis

      Yes, dairy reactions are increasingly common. It’s great that you’ve discovered this for your own health!

      I agree that this may be something worth talking about, peripheral to the wheat issue but nonetheless an important issue for many people.

      • Leslie

        Ok, I did a little more checking, and the “pus” in milk statements seems to be an exaggeration of facts being spread around by people with various agendas. However, milk certainly contains numerous hormones (lactating cow), allergenic proteins, and concentrated toxins, and is pretty high in carbs besides. Butter seems to be ok for all but the most sensitive, since the concentration of proteins is very low. I didn’t want to leave that statement hanging out there without checking myself!

    • Benigna M. Dase

      Hi Doctor, I am on my second week of no wheat, at what time do I start loosing the weight? I just love your book. I am telling everyone I know about it,
      Thank you,
      Bennie :)

      • Dr. Davis

        Most lose weight within a couple of days.

        If you do not, the most common cause is excessive non-wheat carbohydrate exposure. The second most common causes are endocrine distortions.

        Please go way back to last fall, 2011, for several discussions about this question of stalled weight loss, should this persist.

  25. shobhit chawla

    Its three weeks since i read your book and started a wheat free existance . The results are miraculous initially there was indeed some withdrawal but now things are great . Have replaced wheat bread with indian pancakes made with pulses and occasional small quantity of starch drained rice , is that correct way to go ?

    • Dr. Davis

      No, sorry, Shobhit, not the best: a potentially excessive carbohydrate challenge.

      You might regard this more as an occasional treat than as a staple.

  26. Barbara

    Thank You- for sharing the Link to the study on dairies affect on our body. I found it quite helpful, and can see how I too, use dairy as comfort food since eliminating wheat. So I’m going to join you in going dairy free!

  27. Cherry and Richard

    For the last 3 weeks, every morning after breakfast while hubby, that would be Richard, washed dishes, I would read Wheat Belly aloud. From the beginning we were both fascinated with the history, the documented nutritional basis, and the humor of the author/book. Quite seriously, we could not wait until the next installment. As soon as we woke up we would cry “Wheat Belly ” !!! and couldn’t wait until we got our reading fix. What a great book and if only something could be done to alert the masses and provide better and more easily available alternatives to wheat. So THANK YOU ! We’ve recommended the book to over a dozen friends and family and know that several for sure have purchased it.
    OK on to us. About 10 years ago I figured out I was sensitive to wheat by process of elimination. So our house became wheat free at that time. We’ve seen better alternatives over the years but neither of us liked the gluten free baked goods as they seemed so refined – so when we read the reasoning behind why to avoid them as well, it all makes perfect sense.
    I have to admit that over the last 2 years, I had become lax on keeping wheat out of my diet, partially because I felt I was denying hubby bear claws, burgers and pizza and other boy food. So about one day a month I would declare wheat day and eat stuff with him. Although my reaction usually wasn’t bad, I did always feel bloated, puffy and blah after eating wheat.
    So this book couldn’t have come at a better time for both of us. We really read each sentence with relish and have such fun tweaking our lifestyle for even better health.
    I prepare 3 meals a day 7 days a week at home since we live 80 mile round trip from town so over the years, I’ve aimed us toward all the other wonderful food choices out there…….it is just a matter of getting used to it, then it becomes second nature.
    Thank you ! Cherry and Richard

    • Dr. Davis

      That’s great, Cherry and Richard!

      What you understood intuitively was correct, but it does help to hear it articulated aloud and explained in detail. I’ve heard this from many other people who sensed that there was indeed something very wrong with this thing called wheat, but couldn’t quite put their finger on what and why.

      Yes, modern wheat is a poison to humans who consume it. Plain and simple.

  28. Aethel

    Wheatbelly is without a doubt one of the most life-changing books I have ever read. My husband and I were convinced after the first chapter and have been wheat-free and low-carbing it for almost 4 months …. I suggested sending the book as a Christmas present to all our loved-ones this year…. but he was afraid it might offend certain family members. How should I think about this… I really want to make it my Christmas gift this year (instead of tropical jams and jellies of the past 10 years).

    Would appreciate anyone’s thoughts….

    • Dr. Davis

      I don’t worry about people’s feelings so much when you are doing something so benign and innocent as giving a book about health.

      If someone is offended by such a generous and benign gesture as receiving a book on health, well, I don’t think that the problem is with you–it’s with them.

  29. Robert

    I went to the Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight website run by Rodale to see how much the book cost. I had to enter my name and address just to see the price. It was twice the cost of Amazon so I went to Amazon and bought the book. To my surprise I received an e-mail order confirmation from Rodale. I responded to the e-mail to say I didn’t place an order and that e-mail address would not accept mail. I found the customer service address for Rodale and sent them an e-mail about the bogus order and got a response that I had to go to their web site to check the order. Rodale’s customer service impresses me like a scammer, though I think they are legitimate. Too bad you have to use such a company to publish your book. I expect I will have a hassle getting this resolved. Everyone, by the book from Amazon! The cost is half and Amazon offers great service.

    • Dr. Davis

      Hi, Robert–

      Sorry for the negative experience, but I can assure that Rodale means well.

      The cost for the Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight is greater because it comes with several additional items, including additional recipes, booklets, etc. This is apparently how they do things.

  30. Paul Duggan

    I can’t thank you enough Dr. Davis. You have changed my life. I have been wheat free for about 8 months with great results. I just wish I could convince family and friends to go wheat-free. I try not to be overbearing with it, but it is frustrating to watch them destroy themselves. I have a close friend who is 6′, 275lbs, and 55 yrs old. He just told me he was recently diagnosed with a heart condition…something about a weakening of the arterial wall in the heart. Yikes! I had breakfast with him and he ate a huge bowl of grits and several large white biscuits with gravy. He than ate most of the toast that came with my meal!!! He knows of the dangers of wheat consumption, but apparently this means little. He is no dummy. He has a masters in engineering and a great job. He is a new grandpa with two beautiful grand daughters, which he is constantly showing off pictures of. He has much to live for, but refuses change his diet. Ugh!!!! I also have a brother in-law with a body much like my engineer friend. His health insurer told him he needs to lose 55lbs or his insurance premium will increase significantly. He just went on Weight Watchers. He too knows about wheat. I suggested he lose the wheat and sugar and he will succeed. His response was I love bread and sweets. So, I guess this means he intends to continue the same diet that has made him fat and unhealthy. How do we break through to these people?

    • Dr. Davis

      Billion dollar question, Paul.

      Let’s cogitate on how to scare these people straight. Last I checked, I didn’t have $10 billion in my budget to get this accomplished, as agribusiness giants do. So let’s use our ingenuity, creativity, and connectedness to come up with a solution to get through to people like your friend.

      I am open to suggestions!

  31. Teri

    I think this is all fantastic and will modify my diet…. but with so many products containing wheat/sugars leaves one discouraged on what products to use especially in a regular supermarket. One has to find a quality health food store and I know some of the prices are just excessive. I believe in eating anything that has a skin or it’s own packaging from God.