Eat more sugar!

You likely don’t agree that we should eat more sugar. Neither do I.

Then why is the gluten-free industry promoting foods that are worse than table sugar? Gluten-free foods are made with:

–Rice starch (or brown rice starch)
–Tapioca starch
–Potato starch

in place of wheat and gluten. People go gluten-free because of some real or perceived sensitivity to gluten, and they replace wheat and gluten with gluten-free foods. Big mistake. These gluten-free ingredients:

Send blood sugar sky-high. From a blood sugar standpoint, wheat is bad. Few foods are worse for blood sugar than wheat–except for gluten-free foods made with these junk carbohydrate ingredients.
Cause insulin resistance–the fundamental process that leads to diabetes.
Grow abdominal visceral fat–the inflamed fat, expressed on the surface as a “muffin top,” that causes hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.
Trigger high triglycerides–which thereby leads to formation of small LDL particles that cause heart attack.
Trigger the phenomena of glycation, i.e., glucose modification of proteins, that leads to cataracts, knee and hip arthritis, hypertension, and heart disease.

I’ve said this before, but I will say it again: Conventional gluten-free foods are a big mistake. NOBODY SHOULD EAT GLUTEN-FREE FOODS, at least as they are currently conceived. You shouldn’t eat gluten-free processed foods if you have celiac disease. You shouldn’t eat gluten-free processed foods if you have gluten-sensitivity. You shouldn’t eat gluten-free processed foods if you are trying to be wheat-free.

This causes confusion among many people. People with celiac disease and gluten-sensitivity should avoid wheat and gluten sources (e.g., barley, rye, triticale, bulgur, oats), of course, but should not eat gluten-free junk carbohydrates.

What’s the point of avoiding wheat if you don’t have celiac disease or gluten-sensitivity? Many reasons:

1) You avoid the gliadin protein of wheat, the opiate in wheat that stimulates appetite and increases calorie consumption by 440 calories per day. (Eliminate gliadin and calorie consumption drops by 440 calories per day.)
2) You avoid the lectin in wheat, wheat germ agglutinin, that is directly toxic to the intestinal tract and causes abnormal intestinal permeability that Trojan horse’s foreign substances into the bloodstream, causing multiple inflammatory diseases. You may also restore leptin sensitivity to restore the capacity for weight loss.
3) You avoid the amylopectin A of wheat, the “complex carbohydrate” that accounts for the fact that two slices of whole grain bread increases blood sugar higher than 6 teaspoons of table sugar.
4) You avoid the alpha amylase inhibitors that trigger wheat allergy, likely the trigger for the boom in wheat allergy among kids.

There’s more, but you get the idea. Wheat is a perfectly crafted poison to humans. Wheat is such an effective destroyer of human health that you’d think that, if terrorists wanted to bring America down, they wouldn’t bomb buildings. They would just feed us turkey sandwiches on multigrain bread.

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Comments & Feedback...

  1. bill

    Regarding small LDL particles, have you been reading the series on cholesterol by Peter Attia? It is found at It may make you tweak your comments on LDL just a tad.
    Otherwise, I have given away your book several times and always keep 2 copies at home. One for me and one to give away to anyone who shows an interest in getting healthier.
    Can’t thank you enough for all you do.

  2. Martin

    So baking bread from Dr. Schar flour (contains corn flour) is not a good idea? I don’t have celiac disease, but thought this non-wheat flour might be a sensible alternative for wheat.

    • Dr. Davis

      No, sorry, Martin: It’s awful.

      In fact, the gluten-free food industry is guilty of incredible ignorance. They are not alone, as most food manufacturers have no understanding of nutrition whatsoever, or consult with nutritionists who follow conventional “wisdom.”

      Gluten-free flour is a destructive mistake.

  3. Walking Tall

    Since reading Sugar Blues (1975) and accumulating books, studies etc. on regular beet, kane type sugars, and high-tech artificaial types, I can see were this crap is the evil twin of Genetic Modified Wheat, as Wheat of this caliber, is just another form of sugar!

    Decorated Medical Scholars and others of various skill levels have researched and spoken on this subject, and are, more or less, mere voices crying in the wilderness. Much to our shame, childern are eating their weight, per year–and adults are consuming more than 100lbs, per year.

    One of my all time people I respect, had a healthy hatred of Sugar–and died almost 8.5 decades later, swore off the stuff in his early teens. No one could ever dispute his ideas on the matter, as the decades passed, and he could do in his early 90’s what some men could not dream of doing in their early 40’s. Never got to meet the man, but, someone who knew and trained with him, sent me a picture . . . .

    Dr. Davis is boonking the bug-eyes of a very powerful, well funded and politically connected entity–as The Sweet Peddlers–are anything but sweet! Soon, it will be “One Nation Under Diabetes,” as Govt. and Experts tells us what to eat–and not eat–as they, themselves, are walking toxic examples of their toxic advice.

    William Dufty, the man that wrote Sugar Blues, and, later married the woman that influenced him, was not a scientist, by trade–but his research and ability to connect-the-dots–is haunting!

    As somone that has studied human behavior–and the affect (emotional fall out) and physical causes and effects, (as a Combat Meddic)–I can only speculate on how much physical and emotional illness, to add an unnessary and preventable burden to the Human Condition!

    While many ride the “Good Ship Lollypop,” and its Titanic hubris, I will ride in my wheat and sugar free row boat, as I would rather be Captain of my little Row Boat, than either Captain of First Mate, aboard some one elses Titanic.

    Walking Tall

    • Dr. Davis

      Wow, WAlking: “One nation, under diabetes.” Terribly sad, but true. And highly profitable.

      • Walking Tall

        If more people were to read and comprehend what you wrote in Wheat Belly, my prediction about diabetes would bite the dust–as I am going from pre-diabetic to no diabetic . . . . since 1 Mar. 2012. It pains me that many will read, few will heed, fewer still, will accept the risk of rejection, and tell others! I, for one, do not want the ideas you have connected to die down, for, the Human Condition will suffer or benefit, in direct porpotion to our rejection or retention of the information in your book.

        Beleive in God or not, God Bless You, Doctor!

        Walking Tall

        • Dr. Davis

          Thanks, as always, Walking!

          And very nice on kissing your pre-diabetes goodbye!

      • Kelly Grier

        I should have added to my question about not recieving recipies…since going wheat free AND sugar free I am down 24 pounds and am no longer on diabetic or blood pressure medication. I’m working out an hour a day and swimming 1-2 hours EVERY day (am down 3 bathing suit sizes…almost a 4th).I’m a 71 year old Great-Grandmother and I look and feel GREAT! I am eating clean and healthy.

  4. Rong

    Sugar this, sugar that, sugar, sugar, sugar. My God, all you hear is how bad sugar is in the media. However, they seem only concerned with one or two forms of sugar like there are ONLY those forms. Well media… NEWS FLASH!!! There are many, many forms of sugar and some of them are much more dangerous than the one you keep focusing on. I guess I, as a diabetic, I should be glad that they are FINALLY focusing on the dangers of ANY sugar but gees get with the program. All the hysteria about pop machines in school and no concern about all the various forms of sugars, etc. in the school lunches and breakfasts. Give me a break!

  5. If it comes in a can, box, or bag, and there is any kind of health claim on the label, you can be reasonably assured that it is NOT fit for human consumption. I think that one of the main reasons for the epidemic of obesity is the non-stop barrage of disinformation we are getting from every source imaginable.

    In fact, I think that one of the things that helped me lose over 100 lbs was that I stopped watching TV.

    • Dr. Davis

      Ha ha, Howard!

      Stop watching Dancing with the Stars . . . lose 30 pounds!

      Agreed: There is too much money to be made pushing this agenda.

  6. Nancy M.

    ” Wheat is a perfectly crafted poison to humans.”

    You know… this made me think of the ant bait I put out for ants. They cart it back to their nests and feed it to the entire family. LOL! Wheat = Human bait!

    • Dr. Davis

      Yes, Nancy, and we take it back to our own anthills, along with our bits of sugar and crumbs.

  7. As I read the label on Minor’s Vegetable Base —
    Ingredients: Sauteed vegetable puree mix (carrots, onions, celery), Maltodextrin, hydrolyzed (corn and wheat gluten, soy) proteins, etc. etc.
    — I wonder whether using this to flavor vegetables occasionally, when I’ve eliminated 95%-ish of all wheat and like grains, high-fructose corn syrup, chips and crackers, pancakes and starches and pastas, along with fruit juices, etc. is a compromise that’s harmful or just less-than-optimal.

    And how about going sans wheat, etc., but still enjoying bacon?

    • Dr. Davis

      The wheat components, Pete, will stimulate appetite. That is why they are there. I would lose this product.

      I would enjoy your bacon, but try to make it uncured whenever possible.

      • Thanks, Dr. Davis, for the recommendations. I have enjoyed for years using Minor’s bases (beef, chicken, vegetable, chipotle, lobster), but will forego. And I’ll go with occasional bacon, albeit “uncured”.

        Finished “Wheat Belly” yesterday morning, and am starting a new journey.

  8. Uncle Roscoe

    I think the most harmful sugar, by far, is fructose. Fructose is also the most addictive, tasty sugar. Lots of people are attracted to low carb eating because it tends to rank all sugars equally. If they just have to cut back on “carbs”, at least they can still ingest sweets.

    Don’t get me wrong. I think that most carbs have significant danger. But this danger lies more in the proteins, and not as much in the starches. People should be extremely wary of bailing from wheat to another protein-rich carb.

      • Walking Tall

        Many studies, in graphic form, concerning brain scans, etc. shows the relatonship of certain substances to brain function, for good or ill. Not only dp these scans show what is done to the brain, but, they show what is done to the entire Central Nervous System!

        While I can most certainly agree with Uncle Roscoe, about what is most addictive–in sugar types, it is certain types, that, not only are addictive, but, most destructive to the CNS. Aspartame and like substances, that are far removed from even kane or beet–or concentrated fruit sugar, for that matter–for instance. Many massive and intensive studies have been done, on Aspartame, alone.

        When I lost the wheat, I also lost the dairy (as refined, drugged, high-spun) and all forms of sugar. My brain and body are recovering at a rapid rate, and, I am down from 260 to 241–and I am taking mineral supplements, known to feed the body and aide in the metabolism of stored carbohydrates–The Evil Wheat Monster–and his Sugar-Laced Buddies.

        I suggest that one must read Dr. Davis’ book, many times, and take notes. Many side issues (though relevant) are included–but, were he to expound on them, it would make his book incredibley large, prohibitivley expensive–and too technical for the Hurting Class to comprehend. Milk and artifical sugars are two examples for independent study, for example.

        Walking Tall

        • Uncle Roscoe

          Walking Tall -While I can most certainly agree with Uncle Roscoe, about what is most addictive–in sugar types, it is certain types, that, not only are addictive, but, most destructive to the CNS. Aspartame and like substances, that are far removed from even kane or beet–or concentrated fruit sugar, for that matter–for instance. Many massive and intensive studies have been done, on Aspartame, alone.

          Aspartame is the devil’s own sweetener. It’s made from aspartic acid (aspartate). Aspartate is not really a sugar. Worse, it’s a tiny sugar/protein hybrid molecule, similar to monosodium glutamate (MSG).

          Cells can burn aspartic and glutamic acids effectively during aerobic exertion. The metabolic rate is sufficient to cast off the protein byproduct. However, people with any insulin resistance have starving cells which are forced to use aspartic and glutamic acids when their metabolic rates are too low and their cells are too oxygen poor to clear the protein byproducts. These proteins cause havoc in many ways. The body is forced to incorporate the protein, attack it, or both.

          Dr. Davis’s work shows that wheat problems begin in the gut. Wheat causes the small intestine walls to turn into a leaky sieve. Wheat carries an extra high load of glutamic acid. The glutamates in wheat are actually responsible for starting this permeability reaction. Because of celiac disease wheat and glutamic acid have been studied in a lot more detail than foods which contain aspartic acid. But the effects are virtually identical.

          When the Aspartame makers asked the FDA for approval, detractors pointed out these destructive effects. The Aspartame makers countered with the fact that people ingest aspartate all the time in fruit, most heavily in citrus fruit. They were of course correct. Does this mean that Aspartame is good, or that fruit is bad?

          • Walking Tall

            Uncle Roscoe,

            Do we ingest Aspartes in concentrated amounts, when we eat fruit, or consume fruit juice? Is the Aspartame derived from fruit–or is it a man-made imitation, that has more genetic alteration, than Bill Clinton had interns?

            I took some apartame, a few years ago, and mixed it with warm water, and placed a drop of honey into the mixture, to deaden the smell. Before I did that, ants would not even go near it. I placed the liquid in small bottle caps, and the Ants came, drank, lost all fear–as some dropped over dead, some ran round in circles, got lost, then dropped dead, and some died en route, I would guess, going back to their nest.

            For a few cents, we got rid of our ant problem, as I wanted rid of them, but, was horrified at the difference in ants eating table sugar, fruit sugar, honey etc. and making Pests out of themselves, and Ants drinking my mixture . . . and seeing things happen to them, that I had never saw, in my entire life . . . .

            My ant problem–of 17 years is gone, but the experiment raised many questions for me.

            I do not have all the Tec. data at my finger tips, as some, with more training has, in certain areas, but I can read, think, and read between the lines, as Aspartame increased my normal Service Connected Head Aches, to the degree that I had to lie down, as I did not want to drug myself–to hasten recovery. Also, I saw, first hand, what that mixture did to my ants . . . .

            Uncle Roscoe, I may be a hair removed from the Hill Billy class I came from, as that is my encultureation, but, with common sense, intack, it does not take much scholarship to make me stay away from Aspartame, or other sugars, for that matter.

            I thank you for the info–as I would rather be safe, than sorry, or I would rather not imitate the whackey ants of a few years ago!

            Walking Tall

  9. Walking Tall

    Rule of thumb: If it has the shelf life of a Petrified Rock, and bacteria are too smart to touch it, and it will last longer than an Egyptian Mummy or McDonalds Hamburger–DO NOT EAT IT!

    Dr. Davis and a few others (very few) have studied actual physilogy–how that body works and what, for good or ill, is the cause and effect, for good or ill. Many “Experts,” parrot, with great written and verbal expression, what they have learned in Medical Texts,–and consider it Gospel–sacred, not subject to debate, not to be challenged! Science is ruthless–like an out-of-control buzz saw–cutting through falsehoods, destroying all stupid, in its path! What stops the march of Science, is stupid–like sand in the geers of science—and this is true of how the body works, in its relation to man-made “foods.” Few “Experts,” have made this connection!

    I have article after article, stacks of books on nutrition, not considering Genetic Modified Wheat–and, though some of what they say is sound, evidenced-based science, much of it is not! I followed, for years, the information in those books, and almost lost my mind and my physical health!

    Some have made the connection of Genetic Modified Wheat–and though not all, at this time, can be understood, as all the evidence is not in, what we do know is that it is destructive, we can weigh the evidence in actual human history, and apply it to here and now.

    Man made, modified sugars, in what ever expression, are toxins, that has an ill effect on our minds, central nervous systems and mental health. Years ago, my Natual Healh Hero, issued a challenge, and wrote, in chalk, on a black board, a few things to exclude from one’s diet,, for a while–just to see how one feels. One of those things was sugar! This man, what he could do, how he lived, and the medical Dr. that influenced him, is nothing shy of amazing, for this culture, but, same-old-same-old, when one factors in cultures that do not consume processed sugars, mechanical, chemical altered, or altered at the genetic level.

    The longer I live, the more I am convnced that those stuck in the Western Medical Model Box, not only are ignorant of how the body works, but are as sick and will be sicker than their patients into the future. I hope and pray to God, that it is not going to be, “One Nation Under Diabetes,”–as people consume processed, genetic altered “food,” from contaminated, dead, over worked soils.

    It would take too long, and too many lines on this form of media, to list the related studies that backs up Dr. Davis’ assessment of Sugar–just that alone!

    Dr. Davis, and his connection with modern wheat, was one of the two keys to my good health, and my bright future–as my best days are not behind me, they are yet to come . . . . My Veteans Administraion Dr. and Non-Veteans Administration Dr. will back that up!

    Walking Tall

  10. cashonly

    I came across this article while eating Mary’s Gone Crackers gluten-free. Looks like that’s a no-no… so what do I eat to get a snack with a dry crunch? (I’ve had enough carrots, celery and nuts)

    • Dr. Davis

      Go back a few posts, Cash, and you will find a sesame seed cracker recipe.

      However, Mary’s Gone Crackers are really not too bad, provided you don’t overconsume, e.g., more than 6-8 crackers.

  11. tam

    I think you have to be careful here, and not go too low on the carbs. Glucose is not only used for the brain, but for other structural things in the body like the immune system.

    • Walking Tall

      What did humans eat, before even ancient stands of wheat–and is their a physilogical demand, inherant in our human system, that says we need carbs., even in small amounts?

      Walking Tall

    • Uncle Roscoe

      How is it possible for starving people to survive three and four weeks without eating anything?
      Why is it, when you feed starving people carbohydrates, you can kill them?

      • Walking Tall

        Uncle Roscoe,

        I read these posts, carefully–and, there are things I do not understand, and I try to wrestle with it, until I do, or put it on the back burner.

        Do you know if there is a physiological necessity, for carb. consumption, in the human body? Do we need, do we have to have grain-based carbs? I have been off Wheat, off other things, Dr. Davis mentioned in his book, to include all sugars, all grains, I cannot say I have felt this good, ever! Most of my advanced health books, do not consider Genetic Modified Wheat, but, they are spot on, on other things . . . such as Genetic Modified Soy, that replaced Virgin Co Co Nut oil, and warnings of high-spun, hormone laced dairy products.

        I have been married for over 19 years, and, I do not recall my wife ever looking this good, as she went off all this man-made crap, the same time I did. I do not have the intense cravings that ruled me, ever since I can remember!

        I am aware that feelings can be subjective, and a feelings-based person may not be a fact-based person, but, my physiology is human, as is every other human—though there are genetic and cultural variants—but, in all cultures, there are outliers, that is, people groups within the major body of a people group, that does not consume processed or man-altered foods, and look, feel and test out (standard medical testing) as healthy.

        You appeal to facts, and evidence, not primarialy emotion–as that is a good character virtue, for emotions are not trustworthy.

        Any thoughts?

        Walking Tall

        • Uncle Roscoe

          Hi Walking Tall,

          Compare us to the rest of the animal world. The fact that we are focusing on monitors and communicating means that we evolved as carnivores. We have large brains, and our eyes are on the fronts of our heads.

          Evolutionarily, wholesale changes to a species happen when harsh environments kill all members of a species except for a breeding pair or two. The remaining individuals have special adaptations which allow them to survive and procreate. They pass these adaptations on to successive generations. Environments of plenty, where species flourish, do not produce wholesale changes.

          Human agrarian enclaves represent environments of plenty where populations expand. Wholesale changes to the human species are not possible in such environments. For the last ten thousand years, since the last ice age, agrarian enclaves have been responsible for expanding the population of humans. So people who have been able to adapt to agricultural crops account for a majority of the population. However, that doesn’t mean these adaptations are optimal. On the contrary, they are sketchy adaptations which many of us do not possess.

          Most humans today can eat a few fruits and starches, but we do not require any. I have hereditary fructose intolerance. It is a solutrean trait. I have a good amount of northern-tribe American Indian heritage. Northern tribe American Indians are largely solutrian. Hereditary fructose intolerance is characterized by a genomic inability to produce acetaldehyde dehydrogenase in the liver. We don’t turn fructose or alcohol into uric acid, so fruit, sugar and alcohol are poison to people like me.

          Most North Americans have some amount of American Indian blood.

          There’s a myth surrounding the European takeover of North America, that Europeans killed off the North American Indian population in war. This is incorrect. North American Indians were killed off by the European agrarian diet, and the diseases which tend to propagate in agrarian enclaves.

          Humans are carnivores. Our ability to eat carbs is sketchy.

          • Walking Tall

            Uncle Roscoe,
            I am Celtic/American Indian–and, like my beloved Asian/White Non-VA. Dr.–it is almost as if we are more genetic brothers, than comming from the other side of the pond . . .

            On the matter, my Dr. infomed me that grain consumption, on this current level, is a recent phenom. with Asian peoples–as I am no expert on his cultrual back ground–and, much to my shame, I know little of my cultual back ground, on either side of the pond . . . . But, I am making up, for lost time–as I became aware of my cultrual back ground, later in life . . . . Germane, when it comes to cause and effect and cause and affact–as our genetic expressions have to react to this man-made hell-on-earth, Techno-Food.

            I am aware of the problems that certain cultures have, digesting Genetic Modified Garbage . . . but it taste sooooo good, smells sooooooo good, and it is a brain, as well as body addiciton.

            Much of what you say, I am aware of–but, I am not able to connect the dots, to the extent that you can . . . but, I am learning . . .

            It seems I am intolerant to all forms of processed sugars, and wheat and dairy sugars . . . . To include, especially concentrated fruit sugars . . . .

            I can see where American Indians, not used to a hard-grain diet–had a hard time adapting or, as some hold, evolving to the point that they could develop hardy at the genetic level, to develop enough to digest ancinet strands of crap, while the genetic off spring of modern crap, seems more lilke crap on steroids–as Genetic Modified Anyhing seems far removed from the orginal intent of a Creator God, or Modified Monkey, what ever one is into, insofar as Origins goes. I was not there, in the beginning . . . and neither was Saint Darwin.

            I fear Big Food, Big Pharma and Big Govt. are too linked, to care if We The People are harmed–as they seem to be as ignorant as the general population . . . .

            I am thankful for people like you and Dr. Davis, that is up on things of this nature, as I enjoy reading and digesting your writings . . .

            Walking Tall

          • Uncle Roscoe

            Like northern-tribe American Indians, most Asians are descendants of solutreans. Solutreans were a sparsely populated mix of people who fished and hunted the frozen North coming out of the last ice age. Japanese can trace their roots to solutreans. For other Asians? The closer to the Pacific coast, the more solutrean blood. Until a half century ago an enclave of purer solutreans populated one Japanese island.

            I also have Irish celtic blood. Celts share many of the carnivorous traits of North American Indians and Eastern Asians. So do Scandanavians (including many slavs) and Mediterranean islanders. Trace India Indians, the territories of the Holy Roman Empire, and most of Africa. That’s where you find the more carb-selected bloodlines. Central and South America have not been researched as thoroughly.

            What advantage do carb selected people have? Mostly their immune systems ignore the influx of addictive carb proteins, the ones which mimic body proteins. Carb selected peoples tend to pig out more on carbs, so the secondary carb diseases take over. Non-carb selected peoples get autoimmune diseases early in life, and carb selected peoples develop autoimmune conditions later in life. However, the modern western diet is providing carb selected peoples with such a large carbohydrate load that they are succumbing to autoimmune conditions at younger ages, comparable to non-carb selected peoples.

  12. Shannon

    Best piece of dietary advice I got was from my endocinologist: If you shouldn’t eat it, don’t eat it in ANY form. Sounds harsh, but it’s true–if you shouldn’t eat wheat products, fake wheat products aren’t a good idea. (And I would include almond flour breads. You should not be eating those every day.) He meant it in terms of the no-sugar, no-fat chemifoods, but it’s been a big help since going paleo. If all you’re doing is recreating your old diet with gluten-free substitutes, you’re completely missing the point.

  13. Adam Westlake

    If wheat was something we really needed governments wouldnt subsidize it, they would be selling it for a fortune! Maybe they want the country or even most of developed world sick fat in a fog and always treating symptoms and being good consumers. I think it’s criminal, those in charge are slowly committing genocide!
    I have been gluten free for two days and my rosacea is leaving and I havent needed asthma medicine either as well as feeling like a new person. My brain my body feels normal for once thanks very much!

  14. Leona

    This is all very interesting and informative. I have no problem not eating desserts or sweets but I really miss having a slice of toast from time to time or a sandwich once in a while. Could someone please share a recipe for bread that can be eaten with bacon & eggs or as part of a healthy sandwich? Thanks!

    • Uncle Roscoe

      ……just one of the many glaring errors and fatal flaws in your links…….
      Danger of Zero-Carb Diets III: Scurvy:

      ……Infections can cause vitamin C deficiency on any diet. During the “acute phase response” to infection or injury, vitamin C often becomes deficient. Here is a nice paper in which French doctors surveyed their hospital patients for scurvy:

      …….”We determined serum ascorbic acid level (SAAL) and searched for clinical and biological signs of scurvy in 184 patients hospitalized during a 2-month period.

      RESULTS: The prevalence of hypovitaminosis C (depletion: SAAL<5 mg/l or deficiency: SAAL<2 mg/l) was 47.3%. Some 16.9% of the patients had vitamin C deficiency. There was a strong association between hypovitaminosis C and the presence of an acute phase response (p=0.002). [4]"

      So half were at least depleted in vitamin C and 17% had outright deficiency, which if it persisted would produce scurvy…….

      Yes, vitamin C shortage can produce scurvy ………in carb-adapted people. In fat-adapted people? …..not so much.

      Scurvy is not defined by the lack of an essential nutrient ….not. Scurvy is defined by a set of symptoms which are brought on by the actions of free radical oxygen and associated reactive oxygen species (ROS). Yes, vitamin C is *one* antioxidant beneficial for removing ROS's.

      However, nobody is saying that ketogenic diets produce levels of vitamin C comparable to non-ketogenic diets. Adherents are saying that people on ketogenic diets only have a tiny fraction of ROS's. So they only have a tiny fraction of ROS damage as other people. There is no need for vitamin C where there is no ROS damage to treat.

      Cells produce free radical oxygen as a byproduct of burning sugars for fuel. If you eat fat instead of sugar, then you only produce a fraction of the free radicals.

      Your authors invented a marker for a health condition, then tried to convince us of the advantage of one diet over another by showing which diet improved the marker. It's a straw man argument. The marker is irrelevant to the condition.

    • Shannon

      It is possible to not eat grains and not have your diet be very low carb. Vegetables and fruits contain carbohydrates, as do sweet potatoes. (And while I don’t eat them, lots of people on this site eat dairy and rice, both sources of carbohydrates.) The basis of ANY diet should be vegetables, with some fruit, a healthy amount of protein and lots of good fats. You don’t need to eat bread to eat carbs.

  15. Sheryl

    Great post.

    I lost my arthritis symptoms shortly after going gluten free but also got fat (eating gluten free pretzels, breads, crackers, cookies and other junk).

    Live and learn. Now I’m avoiding gluten, sugar and refined “gluten free” flours and the weight is slowly coming off.

    Can’t wait for the cookbook.

    • Dr. Davis

      Yes, Sheryl, live and learn.

      I’ve had to learn many lessons the hard way, also, having made myself diabetic 22 years ago by consuming only grains, fruits, and vegetables.

  16. Yak

    I finished wheat belly at the beginning of the week and have been doing a wheat/gluten free low carb diet since then. I must say thank you for writing the amazing book. In the last few days I have noticed that I don’t get hungry between meals. I don’t have any cravings for bad things anymore and my body in general is feeling pretty good.

    I just have some questions. Any answers would be appreciated, even if they aren’t from Dr. Davis

    1) Can a product that contains no apparent wheat/gluten but says something like “This product was produced in a facility with soy, dairy, egg, and wheat ingredients” be safely consumed? Will traces of wheat halt my progress/results? I ask because I found a post workout protein formula that doesn’t have any of the bad things in it like maltodextrin, or fructose. It is unflavored and only contains whey protein and soy lecithin. The only problem I have is where it was manufactured. I would like confirmation before I open it because if it could indeed be a problem then I can just take it back and get my money back.

    2) I also was curious about a drink I found and wanted to see if the ingredients contained anything I should avoid.

    The drink is vitamin water zero lemonade. It claims to be naturally sweetened by rebiana a stevia extract.

    Anyway here’s the list of ingredients. Let me know what you think.

    Ingredients list: Reverse osmosis water, less than 1% of: erythritol and rebiana( stevia extract) as natural sweetners, magnesium lactate and calcium lactate and potassium phosphate(electrolyte sources), citric acid, natural flavors, vitamin c(ascorbic acid), phosporic acid and calcium phosphate, vitamin B3(niacinamide), vitamin E (alpha-tocopheryl acetate), vitamin B5(calcium pantothenate), gum acacia, glycerol ester of rosin, zinc gluconate, vitamin A palmitate, Vitamin B6(pyridoxine hydrochloride),Vitamin B12

    • Dr. Davis

      Hi, Yak–

      The minor gluten exposures via cross-contamination are only an issue for the most gluten-sensitive. It sounds like you are not in that camp.

      While these “enhanced” waters made me shudder, this one seems pretty benign. But it sounds like something you could make yourself for around $0.10 with some water, stevia, and some minerals.

      • Yak

        Wow! Tthank you for the lightning fast response. People recently have been telling me to shut up because of how much I have been talking about your book and how bad wheat is. I’ve even convinced some of my friends to go wheat free also. Thank you once again for writing the book and keep up the good work.

    • Dr. Davis

      I would not, pstry4.

      You will get diabetes, cataracts, and arthritis from frequent consumption. It is better than wheat, but that’s not saying much.

  17. J

    I have been GF for a little over 2 years now, and while I have noticed a significant improvement in my immune system, my digestive system seems to be suffering.
    Since I live on a budget, I don’t eat a ton of specifically GF products. I do buy a loaf of Millet/Chia bread maybe once a month though, and I will readily admit I enjoy baking still thanks to Betty Crocker’s products. I understand that cake and pies will never be healthy for me, so I try to stick to moderation…

    My question is– is there something that my diet is missing now that I am GF? I take fiber supplements so it can’t be that. I eat yogurt/take probiotics often. But my gut is still not happy. I have a growing sensitivity to garlic & onions, which gets worse everytime I eat them… What could I be doing wrong?

    I will greatly appreciate any suggestions you might have.

    • Dr. Davis

      Hi, J–

      You may be among those who did damage to their gastrointestinal tract from long-term wheat–not just gluten!!–consumption.

      If you have already tried at least a 4-8 week course of a 50 billion CFU probiotic (high-potency), next step is to find out whether pancreatic function is normal. A formal evaluation from a functional medicine doc might help. Or try some pancreatic enzymes, especially containing lipase.

      After this, there are other issues to consider but that requires such things as stool analysis.

  18. Norine

    Dr. Davis.

    What are your recommendations concerning black rice? What are the reason(s) for eating or not eating the “forbidden” rice.

    Thank you for your reply.


    • Dr. Davis

      This raises an individual carbohydrate tolerance issue, Norine.

      Either keep serving sizes small, e.g., 1/2 cup or less, or see the Wheat Belly Blog post from a few months back when we discussed individual carb tolerance.

    • Dr. Davis

      In small quantitites, it’s okay, Norine.

      If you are going to need more than, say, a teaspoon to thicken something, consider coconut flour instead. You will generally need half to 2/3 as much to obtain the same thickness, however–a little goes a long way.

  19. Samantha

    Dr Davis, what is your opinion on ‘pure’ oats that aren’t contaminated by wheat flour? Regular oats are gluten-free in themselves, but wheat gets into them almost by default from crop rotation and from being processed in facilities that handle wheat.

    Are pure oats that are guaranteed to not have wheat/gluten in still as bad for blood sugar, or ok in small quantities?

    • Dr. Davis

      Putting aside the gluten contamination issue, and putting aside the potential immune cross-reactivity of oat avenin and wheat gluten, oats trigger extravagant blood sugar rises.

      When I started having patients test their blood sugars one hour after consuming various foods, we consistently observed sky-high blood sugars.

      Oats are NOT heart healthy. They cause heart disease, hypertension, cataracts, arthritis, and diabetes. If you want to know how much you can get away with, you will need to check your pre- and 1-hour post blood sugar. Aim for NO CHANGE.

  20. Nalliah Thayabharan

    Wheat raises blood sugar higher than most of the other foods. 4 slices of whole wheat bread raise blood sugar higher than 12 teaspoons of sugar. That’s a simple fact as per the table of glycemic index.
    Almost all wheat in USA is from a dwarf strain, which produces a far greater yield but has contributed to the current obesity epidemic.

  21. Dr. Davis,

    I am really enjoying your book and have been wheat-free for about 6 days right now. My appetite is greatly reduced as has been my food intake. The problem is that although my appetite and food intake is down, I still feel quite bloated. I usually drink one tall (20 oz) coffee per day and use sugar-free hazelnut coffee-mate and wonder if that is part of the problem? I noticed it is gluten-free and while I don’t see the junk carbs that you mention above, it does contain some suspect ingredients such as hydrogenated soybean , corn syrup solids, etc. Thoughts?
    I also have a weak spot for Jiff Peanut Butter with sliced apples…Could both of these items be sabotaging my success? I would greatly appreciate any response.
    Thank you again for your awesome book!

  22. CAP

    I’ve heard about this “new” wheat that is causing all of our problems. Is there anywhere we can still buy “original” wheat? Y’know the wheat we all enjoyed in the 70s! I wouldn’t even mind paying more for it.

  23. Patrick Borgerding

    Dr. Davis:
    As the husband of a Private School Manager, and Head Cook, I was floored after watching you segment on this mornings CBS Morning Show.

    It is possible that you have found what my wife has been telling me for years that something is in our food that is causing children and adults to be overweight,

    My wife has strided to serve the best lunch everyday, and she fries NOTHING! Still there are a few children that our overweight.

    Since she MUST buy some of her foods from the Gov’t, how do we turn the tieds of what our Gov’t supplies her school as a whole lot of it is Whole Grain Pasta, as close to 100% WHEAT BREAD and Tortilla Shell?,

    It would almost seem as though we don’t need foreign help to slowly kill us, our own Gov’t is doing it for them.

    What kind of health bread can my wife serve to the children?

    If you could please send your answers to me, I would be indebted to you.

    Thank you,


  24. You talked about junk gluten free foods here–the packaged things we can buy at the grocery store. I know those aren’t great.

    What about making things from scratch at home–an occasional treat of biscuits made of a blend of gluten free flours? Are the gluten free flours bad in themselves?