Eat more sugar!

You likely don’t agree that we should eat more sugar. Neither do I.

Then why is the gluten-free industry promoting foods that are worse than table sugar? Gluten-free foods are made with:

–Rice starch (or brown rice starch)
–Tapioca starch
–Potato starch

in place of wheat and gluten. People go gluten-free because of some real or perceived sensitivity to gluten, and they replace wheat and gluten with gluten-free foods. Big mistake. These gluten-free ingredients:

Send blood sugar sky-high. From a blood sugar standpoint, wheat is bad. Few foods are worse for blood sugar than wheat–except for gluten-free foods made with these junk carbohydrate ingredients.
Cause insulin resistance–the fundamental process that leads to diabetes.
Grow abdominal visceral fat–the inflamed fat, expressed on the surface as a “muffin top,” that causes hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.
Trigger high triglycerides–which thereby leads to formation of small LDL particles that cause heart attack.
Trigger the phenomena of glycation, i.e., glucose modification of proteins, that leads to cataracts, knee and hip arthritis, hypertension, and heart disease.

I’ve said this before, but I will say it again: Conventional gluten-free foods are a big mistake. NOBODY SHOULD EAT GLUTEN-FREE FOODS, at least as they are currently conceived. You shouldn’t eat gluten-free processed foods if you have celiac disease. You shouldn’t eat gluten-free processed foods if you have gluten-sensitivity. You shouldn’t eat gluten-free processed foods if you are trying to be wheat-free.

This causes confusion among many people. People with celiac disease and gluten-sensitivity should avoid wheat and gluten sources (e.g., barley, rye, triticale, bulgur, oats), of course, but should not eat gluten-free junk carbohydrates.

What’s the point of avoiding wheat if you don’t have celiac disease or gluten-sensitivity? Many reasons:

1) You avoid the gliadin protein of wheat, the opiate in wheat that stimulates appetite and increases calorie consumption by 440 calories per day. (Eliminate gliadin and calorie consumption drops by 440 calories per day.)
2) You avoid the lectin in wheat, wheat germ agglutinin, that is directly toxic to the intestinal tract and causes abnormal intestinal permeability that Trojan horse’s foreign substances into the bloodstream, causing multiple inflammatory diseases. You may also restore leptin sensitivity to restore the capacity for weight loss.
3) You avoid the amylopectin A of wheat, the “complex carbohydrate” that accounts for the fact that two slices of whole grain bread increases blood sugar higher than 6 teaspoons of table sugar.
4) You avoid the alpha amylase inhibitors that trigger wheat allergy, likely the trigger for the boom in wheat allergy among kids.

There’s more, but you get the idea. Wheat is a perfectly crafted poison to humans. Wheat is such an effective destroyer of human health that you’d think that, if terrorists wanted to bring America down, they wouldn’t bomb buildings. They would just feed us turkey sandwiches on multigrain bread.

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  1. Norine says:

    Dr Davis.

    I forgot to ask your opinion about using Arrowroot.

    Thank you,

    • Dr. Davis says:

      In small quantitites, it’s okay, Norine.

      If you are going to need more than, say, a teaspoon to thicken something, consider coconut flour instead. You will generally need half to 2/3 as much to obtain the same thickness, however–a little goes a long way.

  2. Samantha says:

    Dr Davis, what is your opinion on ‘pure’ oats that aren’t contaminated by wheat flour? Regular oats are gluten-free in themselves, but wheat gets into them almost by default from crop rotation and from being processed in facilities that handle wheat.

    Are pure oats that are guaranteed to not have wheat/gluten in still as bad for blood sugar, or ok in small quantities?

    • Dr. Davis says:

      Putting aside the gluten contamination issue, and putting aside the potential immune cross-reactivity of oat avenin and wheat gluten, oats trigger extravagant blood sugar rises.

      When I started having patients test their blood sugars one hour after consuming various foods, we consistently observed sky-high blood sugars.

      Oats are NOT heart healthy. They cause heart disease, hypertension, cataracts, arthritis, and diabetes. If you want to know how much you can get away with, you will need to check your pre- and 1-hour post blood sugar. Aim for NO CHANGE.

  3. Nalliah Thayabharan says:

    Wheat raises blood sugar higher than most of the other foods. 4 slices of whole wheat bread raise blood sugar higher than 12 teaspoons of sugar. That’s a simple fact as per the table of glycemic index.
    Almost all wheat in USA is from a dwarf strain, which produces a far greater yield but has contributed to the current obesity epidemic.

  4. Rod says:

    Dr. Davis,

    I am really enjoying your book and have been wheat-free for about 6 days right now. My appetite is greatly reduced as has been my food intake. The problem is that although my appetite and food intake is down, I still feel quite bloated. I usually drink one tall (20 oz) coffee per day and use sugar-free hazelnut coffee-mate and wonder if that is part of the problem? I noticed it is gluten-free and while I don’t see the junk carbs that you mention above, it does contain some suspect ingredients such as hydrogenated soybean , corn syrup solids, etc. Thoughts?
    I also have a weak spot for Jiff Peanut Butter with sliced apples…Could both of these items be sabotaging my success? I would greatly appreciate any response.
    Thank you again for your awesome book!

  5. CAP says:

    I’ve heard about this “new” wheat that is causing all of our problems. Is there anywhere we can still buy “original” wheat? Y’know the wheat we all enjoyed in the 70s! I wouldn’t even mind paying more for it.

  6. Patrick Borgerding says:

    Dr. Davis:
    As the husband of a Private School Manager, and Head Cook, I was floored after watching you segment on this mornings CBS Morning Show.

    It is possible that you have found what my wife has been telling me for years that something is in our food that is causing children and adults to be overweight,

    My wife has strided to serve the best lunch everyday, and she fries NOTHING! Still there are a few children that our overweight.

    Since she MUST buy some of her foods from the Gov’t, how do we turn the tieds of what our Gov’t supplies her school as a whole lot of it is Whole Grain Pasta, as close to 100% WHEAT BREAD and Tortilla Shell?,

    It would almost seem as though we don’t need foreign help to slowly kill us, our own Gov’t is doing it for them.

    What kind of health bread can my wife serve to the children?

    If you could please send your answers to me, I would be indebted to you.

    Thank you,


  7. You talked about junk gluten free foods here–the packaged things we can buy at the grocery store. I know those aren’t great.

    What about making things from scratch at home–an occasional treat of biscuits made of a blend of gluten free flours? Are the gluten free flours bad in themselves?

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  9. JJ Rowe says:

    Is it okay to eat rice?

  10. JJ Rowe says:

    Is it okay to eat fruit.