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Who IS this Michelle Obama person?

Alright, darn it: Michelle Obama outmuscles Wheat Belly for #1 bestseller in nutrition on Amazon. Yeah, but can she bake a wheat-free, healthy Reuben sandwich?

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Banana chocolate chip bread

Here’s a slightly different way to make bread that I’ve been playing around with the past few weeks. Much as I hate to admit it, using wheat flour does have its advantages–in baking, though not in health. There is no … Continue reading

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Chocolate Bomb Bars

These healthy bars will blast you with chocolate from several directions! Look for cacao nibs in health food stores, Whole Foods Market, or at If unavailable, the bars are still delicious without them. These bars contain around 4-5 grams … Continue reading

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Healthy Whole Grainlessness

Blondie weighs in on her first week of wheatlessness: I have been trying Dr. Davis’ wheat free diet plan for a week and have noticed very promising results from cutting out all the wheat products I have been eating for … Continue reading

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Eat more sugar!

You likely don’t agree that we should eat more sugar. Neither do I. Then why is the gluten-free industry promoting foods that are worse than table sugar? Gluten-free foods are made with: –Rice starch (or brown rice starch) –Tapioca starch … Continue reading

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Wheat-freedom over forks

Wheat Belly is the #1 book on nutrition on Amazon. Healthy nutrition is not about reducing fat or avoiding animal products. It’s about not letting Big Agribusiness manipulate your eating behavior by allowing this opiate–the gliadin protein of wheat–to rule … Continue reading

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Bread, paper, and other inedible objects

Olivia posted this incredible story of wheat-free release in the comments on this blog. Her story so powerfully encapsulates how far off course health can go from consuming this inedible thing called “wheat,” that I thought it was worth sharing … Continue reading

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Lessons learned from the Low-carb Cruise

I just returned from Jimmy Moore’s Low-carb Cruise, a 7-day excursion to Jamaica, Grand Cayman Island, and Cozumel aboard the Carnival Magic. During our 7 wonderful days, a number of authors and experts spoke, each offering their unique perspective on … Continue reading

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Chili Sesame Crackers

Looking for something hot and crunchy? These chili sesame crackers are perfect for dipping into hummus or salsa. As written, the recipe yields a moderately spicy cracker that you can modify readily by increasing or decreasing quantities of cayenne pepper … Continue reading

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