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The struggles people endure before they discover the answer for health are often truly astounding. Pain, depression, physical incapacitation, drugs, hospitalizations, even surgeries . . . all to treat this disruptive monster in diet.

Kim posted her story of her decades-long struggle for health, but a story with a happy ending of rediscovering health within days:

I am a 51 year old female. I am a former dancer, and all my life had been very lean, and had lots of muscle. Of course when I stopped dancing I gained a little weight, but was still lean by most standards.

In 1999 I was being treated for depression, and gained weight from most of the meds they had put me on, 14 different medication “cocktails” over the next 6 years! None of these medications did anything for me except to make me psychotic, more depressed, and of course gain even more weight.

I finally gave up on the psychiatric approach altogether, and turned to my faith, which has kept me med free and out of any deep depression for almost 7 years now! However, my weight reached a high of 150 pounds! I am only 5’2.

I tried many weight loss methods over the past 4 years even to the point of being severely anorexic. I starved myself by counting calories, and cutting fat, and at one point would not allow myself more than 700 calories a day. Well, I lost about 20 pounds, but also ended up in the hospital for what appeared to be a heart attack. It turned out that the pain in my left arm was from severe dehydration, and THAT may have saved my life . . . because what was really going on was that I had severe pancreatitis! The doctor even took my husband out of the room to inform him that my pancreatic enzymes were so high I might not make it! Of course they put me in the hospital, and ironically, had to “starve” me for four days to allow my pancreatic enzymes to return to normal. The two main causes of pancreatitis are drinking, which I don’t do, and gallstones, so, on day 5 they decided to remove my gallbladder. I had known for years that my gallbladder was making me sick, but after many, many trips to the er, and many scans, the doctors kept saying, “You don’t have any gallstones”.

A week after having my surgery, I returned to see the surgeon for my follow up appointment. He told me he was aghast at how much “sludge” he found in my gallbladder, and that it was so incredibly infected that the surrounding lymph nodes were also infected! Anyway, I was so pleased to finally have my gallbladder out, and have since been in recovery from the anorexia. My weight had hovered around 140-150, ever since. I just figured it was part of aging, the damage I had done to myself, and my sedentary lifestyle.

Sorry so long a history, but I feel it may help some readers to understand what I have been through.

Since having my gallbladder removed I have had horrible diarrhea, cramping, belly aches, and acid reflux. I don’t remember the last time I had a normal bowel movement . . . until TODAY!

Four days ago I was on the internet, again looking for a way to lose weight, but also just to get healthy. I started looking into gluten, what it is, what it does etc. I found your book on B& and was mesmerized by the title ”Wheat Belly”!! My heart started pounding, and honestly I think a light lit up over my head! I hadn’t even read a word of it yet, but the title alone caught me . . . I carry most of my weight in my belly!

Well, to make a very long story shorter . . . I am on DAY 3 of being wheat free! I thought that it would be so difficult, but it’s really not. Yes, I have looked longingly at the bread, the “healthy” English muffins I had just bought, and these really awesome tasting artisan rolls in my freezer, but I have stuck to the plan. I have eaten more green veggies in the past few days than I have in probably the last 6 months! My body has already adapted a better “hunger rhythm” . . . I wake up hungry, and I never ate breakfast! I eat less at each meal, because I fill up faster, and I feel more satisfied!

I have lost 2 lbs in just three days, I have lost the pain in my hip and my lower back that was waking me up every morning. The joints in my fingers no longer hurt to hold my morning tea, and I sleep so deeply, wake less frequently, and feel more rested than ever! And here’s the best part…I had a normal bowel movement today! I know a lot of folks will think T.M.I., but when you have had nothing but water, loose, fatty stools, and have had to rush to the bathroom 5 minutes after every meal for years…this is AWESOME!

My energy level is up, my concentration is better, my skin looks great . . . I am amazed at the changes in just 3 days! I can’t wait to see what happens after a couple weeks! I think there should be a skull and crossbones on everything containing wheat, because THAT is how I see it now!

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  1. Carolyn says:

    I’ve eaten low carb for 10 years and, after reading “Wheat Belly,” have been totally wheat-free now for over 3 months. I’m a 55 year old woman. My joint pain (which was sporadic) is now totally gone. But, the most amazing change is something that I don’t even recall reading about in the book (maybe I missed it?)–my severe night-time dry eye is gone. I’ve had dry eyes for about 25 years, but they’ve gotten much worse in the past couple of years as I’ve gone through menopause. Before I stopped eating wheat, I was using “severe dryness” eye drops at bedtime, waking up during the night and using more drops, and then more drops upon waking. In the past 3 months, you can count on one hand the number of times that I’ve used any eye drops at all.

    I just did a websearch to see if this was a known effect. I didn’t find medical websites which suggest that dry eye sufferers give up wheat or gluten. But, I did find threads on “dry eye” message boards where sufferers reported that going on a gluten-free diet stopped their dry eyes.

    I also found that there is an auto-immune disease called Sjogren’s syndrome in which the body attacks its own moisture-producing glands. The most frequent symptoms are dry eyes and dry mouth. This syndrome is most common among post-menopausal women (about 2% of women over 60 have it and 9 times more women have the disease than men) and among suffers of celiac disease. Like celiac disease, a treatment for Sjogren’s syndrome is a gluten free diet.

    Thank you, Dr. Davis, for the positive changes that your book has made to my life!

    • Dr. Davis says:

      Yes, it can happen, Carolyn, but it is indeed uncommon.

      The real test: resume wheat and see if the dry eye returns. I don’t think it’s worth it!

      I would just stay wheat-free. After all, the potential relief from dry eyes is just the tip of the iceberg for multiple probable other health benefits.

    • Andrea says:

      That’s really interesting that you should mention the dry eyes – I too have been suffering with red, dry itchy eyes – mostly at night time as well – I will wake up during the night ( I am in menopause and suffering with hot flashes and I find I have to wake up through the night to visit the washroom) and my eyes are generally stuck together – I can’t open them – because they are dry – I also have had difficulty finding any real explanation or solution for this. However – I did try Wheatbelly – almost a year ago – and I put on weight doing so… so I don’t understand – how if everyone can manage to cut out wheat and processed foods and lose weight how yours truly managed to put on weight! Any thoughts?

  2. Terry May says:

    To Mike…I agree with Walking Tall. Your query of “relaxing the guidelines”, in my opinion, parallels the idea of quitting smoking and then contemplating the idea of returning to smoking just one cigarette per day. We all know where that ends up. If it was bad for your health before you quit, then why would that change? it is what it is: WHEAT!!

    Stay the course folks

  3. Jeanne says:

    Great story Carolyn!

    I hope Dr. Davis meant to say ” Stay wheat free” AND gluten free. Sjogrens is indeed one of the common autoimmune diseases that occur in a lot of celiac patients. I understand possibly not feeling the need to do the testing for a formal celiac diagnosis- but you should read up on some celiac information sites such as GIG ( gluten intolerance group of North America) or others to learn about cross contaminant issues and other things pertinent to celiacs or the gluten intolerant. Wheat is by far the most prevalent gluten grain in this country, but if you are celiac, and continue eating rye, barley, and contaminated oats, even in minute amounts , your gut won’t fully heal.
    I am not diminishing Dr. Davis’ message in the least. For the majority of people, eliminating only wheat is all they need to fully restore health. A few of us need to take extra steps and be a bit more vigilant to get there.

    Best wishes and good health to you!

    • Annette says:

      We have removed all gluten from our diets.
      Oats even the organic ones give he horrendous gas. Not worth it.

      • Dr. Davis says:

        Agreed, Annette.

        Surely morning oatmeal is not worth the gas, cramps, high blood sugars, cataracts, arthritis and heart disease it causes.

  4. TYP says:

    Dr. Davis,
    I have kept up with your Heartscan Bog for many years. However, it has been silent for the past three weeks. I hope WB takes off for you, but please don’t forget the TYP folks …

  5. Lucy says:

    Would someone mind giving examples of what they eat during the day and esp for dinner and lunch (recipes etc). It’s hard to organize my meals and what to make for dinner. Thank you so much in advance.

    • Kate says:

      To Lucy and others who are wondering what to eat. Here is my list of favorite things that are easy to prepare and take along for meals or snacks. I am not much of a cook, so I want food that is quick to throw together. I’ve found that I eat much more quantity of fruits and vegetables now that I’ve dropped the gluten.

      Hare boiled eggs
      Smoked salmon
      Sweet Potatoes
      Snap Peas

  6. I used to have tremendous pain in my joints and just an overall feeling of yuk! 8 weeks in to being wheat free and I feel like a different person. Instead of eating any kind of wheat products I use veg as the replacement. Don’t even miss it! Thanks, Wendy Bottrell

    • Dr. Davis says:

      That’s great, Wendy!

      Stay the course and avoid this thing that causes terrible joint pain, swelling, and all around misery.

  7. Walking Tall says:

    This is sooooooooo encouraging!

    I visit this day-by-day for the encouagement of older posts–as many have had more “clean time,” than I.
    My wife did not have as far to go, as I, and she was not as sensitive–and she looks as good as she feels, RADIENT!

    We have adjusted to the Wheat-Free life–and hit olnly places, when we are out, that does not have any hint of the Human Rat Poison, cause’ we do not want reeeeee-in-fected!

    It does not surprize me that the Doc. has treated so many—as word of mouth is his best advertizment–as I have pointed quite a few to his book . . . .

    All I can say, is, if you are new–keep it up, and read the the posts of those with more “clean time,” as I am only into my 7th week, free of wheat, table sugar (kane or beet) and all-grains–as I do not trust any, in case they have been tampered with.

    I keep Wheat Belly next to Shelley’s Frankenstein, just to keep it a raw sore in my mind–as to what happens when man plays God.

    Walking Tall

    • Dr. Davis says:


      An incredible analogy: Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and Wheat Belly!

      As close as I am to this conversation, I did not see this wonderfully insightful connection.

  8. Elena says:

    Hubby at last jumped on the lowcarb wagon with me. He isn´t by a far cry as “fanatic” as I am but is starting to connect the dots when it comes to wheat. Soon I hope he will stop insisting on buying bread for the kids. He has lost 16 pounds in 6 weeks.

    A friend at work, a runner with no weight issues, wanted to try. Initially to try and help her overweight husband but she loved the results so much that she kept on even though he, at least not yet, hasn´t joined her. Her skin has cleared up for the first time ever since she was a child and she loves the way her cravings have just gone away and the higher level of energy she is feeling.

    Me? I´m happy with 57 pounds weightloss, radiant skin, 1,1 FOOT less belly (it´s shrunken by a whopping 1/3 in circumference in 14 months!), no cravings, no depression, no anxiety, clear head, no joint pains, strong nails, calm intestines and other niceties.

    • Dr. Davis says:

      That’s incredible, Elena! More than 12 inches lost from your waist?!!

      I’m looking for great stories like yours to tell in the Wheat Belly Cookbook, in which I will post stories like yours in the recipe section. Would you be interested?

      • Elena says:

        If you think it can inspire someone I´m game.

        Personally I love reading all the sucess stories.

  9. Dawn says:

    I’m listening to the Wheat Belly audio book. I would like to know if there’s a possibility that wheat is one product that has been causing my low back inflammation. I’ve been to the spinal and orthopedic docs and they say there’s nothing on the scans that could be causing the pain, which sometimes keeps me from being able to walk, if I don’t take my Celebrex. I’ve been taking it twice a day for a few years. I am eliminating wheat and have been wheat-free for four days. Unfortunately, I have been eating a Gluten-Free diet, because today I learned from the book not to eat gluten-free.

    • Gretchen says:

      Hi Dawn~
      I can say from personal experience that eliminating wheat did get rid of many of the body pains I was enduring, as wheat is very inflammatory. I hope that it works for you! Also, in regards to going gluten-free… Dr.Davis does recommend being free from gluten, he just doesn’t want to see us replacing wheat products with other processed (high carb) convenience foods that happen to be gluten-free. Best of luck to you!

  10. Gretchen says:

    Dr. Davis,
    I commented here on your blog about a month ago, at the beginning of my wheat-free experience, and you had said that you hoped I would follow up with some of my results. First, I wanted to tell you that I am an avid cook and lover of good foods, and I decided to begin a wheat-free, gluten-free food blog over on WordPress, to help myself as well as others who are facing the same daily challenges (and successes!) I invite you to visit me at where my post today makes a mention of your Wheat Belly book. Your initial comment to me was that perhaps I could write a book about my experiences, and a blog is pretty close ;)

    Here are some results I have experienced during the past month:

    ~ Immediate relief (within 2 days) of abdominal bloating that made me feel much more comfortable, and clothes fit better (same with husband).
    ~ Joint pain and inflammation 90% gone, within 3 or 4 days. I had been experiencing shoulder, hip and knee pain that had been worsening for a couple years, and often interfered with sleep and exercise (my son also experienced disappearance of joint pain).
    ~ Decreased appetite and craving for sweets and carbohydrates (same with husband) after the first couple weeks.
    ~ Haven’t had a headache bad enough to take Motrin in a MONTH, when I used to take it up to several times a week for headaches that could last 3-4 days
    ~ Husband’s heartburn and acid reflux are gone.
    ~ Better sleep, no insomnia.
    ~ IBS symptoms lessened somewhat, but not gone. (Currently researching other possible causes for issues, such as low stomach acid and pancreatic enzymes, or other food intolerances.)
    ~ Lost 10 lbs over the course of the month (and my husband did as well.) I didn’t start with the goal of losing weight, but I am thrilled that I have!

    I tell people all the time about my personal experience, and direct them to your book and blog, as well as recommend studying a variety of sources to understand how to go without wheat and gluten. Some people are fascinated and open to the idea, and others recoil as if I just said something that was SO ridiculous that I surely must be on the verge of joining a cult against America’s Heartland!

    One thing I find frustrating in the recipe world, is how many people are substituting other high carb flours for their wheat flour. In my cooking I occasionally use a small amount starch or rice flour (when making a white sauce), but for the most part I rely on almond and coconut flours for all of my baking. I also have observed that some who complain that the diet is too expensive, are relying on processed gluten-free foods and consuming too many starches in general. It is not cheap to eat healthy foods, but when the carbs are virtually eliminated, so are the cravings for them… which frees up grocery dollars to be spent on fresh foods and healthy fats. I know that we are not following the diet perfectly, but I am trying to achieve a healthy balance in all respects. We still have an occasional sweet potato and my son has gluten-free pasta once in awhile, along with milk… but the mainstay of our diet is fresh veggies, meats and cheeses with some fruits added in. Even my 10.5 year old golden retriever is grain-free now!

    My son (at 13) is a true believer, and takes a healthy bagged lunch to school every day. He comes home talking about how misinformed his health/gym teacher is, telling the students that whole grains are nutritious. It’s funny to see how indignant he is about it! He would save the world from the evil wheat if he could. The irony there is that even though his diet has drawn criticism at school, when his class took a food survey relating to health last week, he was the only one in his class whose diet was rated as “good”, while the rest were poor or needing improvement. He actually told me yesterday that he never plans to eat fast food again!

    Thank you again for your continued work and dedication to a worthy cause.

    • Dr. Davis says:

      Excellent, Gretchen! And welcome to the world of bloggering!

      And great work with your son. I suspect that his health will be so far superior to those around him that, very soon, other kids and parents will be asking how he does it.

  11. Chrissy says:

    A word of advice for Kim, who told her story in Instant Health. From now on, make sure that if anyone else in your household is using gluten products, that you don’t pick up even the slightest crumb from the counter. I went gluten free when I found out I have Crohns, and that being an autoimmune disease, wheat is the worst thing I could be eating. I didn’t know that I was gluten intolerant until in a hurry one day I decided to eat a sandwich out…biggest mistake I ever made! The pain that came with that decision lasted for 2 weeks! I even use a separate butter dish than the rest of the family so no crumbs get on it, because just a couple crumbs will send me to bed with abdominal pain and nausea for a week! Now that I’m g free the constant nausea is gone, but just the tiniest amount and it comes roaring back.

  12. Anna says:

    Dr. Davis,
    My partner and I heard you on Red Ice radio (regular listeners) the other day and were so pleased to do so. We are in our forties and are both classified as obese and have struggled with weight loss since our teens. We strongly believe your findings are the answer to our problems.
    My mother has Graves disease and my partner’s mother passed away last year after a short three year illnesses stemming from her thyroid problem, I think it was initially diagnosed as Graves disease, which later developed into the thyroid cancer that led her death. She also had type two diabetes and struggled with weight loss until the thyroid problem became aggressive. She lived into her eighties and had a good life however neither of us want to go down this path nor do we want this for our children.
    We eat mainly organic and biodynamic food, and since seeing ”The oiling of America’” about three months ago use only butter and coconut oil for cooking and sometimes use olive oil in dressing on steamed vegetables/salad. We have avoided canola oil for a few years because of the possible GM content.
    We eat bread and I, being of mainly Italian decent, am addicted to pasta. I will keep returning for extra helpings if I get into the pasta cooking mode. I find I can put on 3kgs in a day if I give into these cravings, which then can take to up to a week of strict diet to get off again. My three month old, breast fed baby seems to be becoming constipated when I eat bread and pasta and will now only defecate every three to five days, this has been going on for about three weeks now. A friend suggested it was wheat and then the following evening we heard you (perfect timing).
    We have another son who is quite switched on but incredibly hyperactive and is easily distracted and distracting in class, quite a handful actually. We are hoping the changes our family make following your advice will benefit him too.
    Going through the products we use in cooking, anticipating the arrival of your book, we have a couple of questions which are basically the same. We eat mainly Asian inspired dishes and use a wheat free organic Tamari which contains ‘grain alcohol’, should this product be eliminated from our diet? My partner would also like to know if his top shelf whiskey should go too, he only has two bottles a year at the most but if we are to completely eliminate grains is it doomed too?
    We will let you know of our success and as great cooking family will pass on any recipes we create.
    Thank you

  13. Robert E Young says:

    I was in the hospital recently with a small bowel obstruction. 14 years ago I had the same thing, waited too long to get to hospital and had emergency surgery resulting in septic shock, 5 scary touch and go days in intensive care close to death, and 3 weeks in the hospital. This time I recognized the symptoms, got myself to the emergency room, and and was able to avoid surgery but still spent 9 days in the hospital. While there a male LPN, a “big” guy like me recommended the book and I got it, read it, and immediately started completely eliminating wheat containing products from my diet. I have tried Atkins diets in the past and getting great blood test results which pleased my cardiologist but didn’t really get him on board cutting down on carbs. Falling off that wagon I ballooned in weight up to 262 pound being 5′ 8 at 58 years of age with all the classic wheat belly symptoms found in the book. Mid-section fat (even after eliminating beer from my diet 2 years ago), appetite spikes, drowsy spells after my “bagel-fests”, joint pain, arthritis and more. It has been only 3 weeks and I have lost 13 pounds but more importantly I have lost my out of control appetite, making the weight loss easy. My knees are starting to bother me less and I can actually put on socks and shoes without struggling and getting out of breath. My wife is on board and is planning and cooking all our meals. We are very excited about the journey we have begun. We made the mistake before finishing the book of going “gluten free” at first, including a $50 shopping spree on gluten free baking supplies at a health food store. We are not going to replace the wheat breads with other types that will spike our blood sugar. That was a real eye opener and I think a very important point in the book for those of us not actually allergic to wheat, but needing to lose weight along with the other health benefits of a wheat free diet. Ive tried Weight Watchers and Atkins diets in the past and both worked pretty good. I realize now that I was cutting down wheat from the low carb diet, and restricting it with the Weight watchers approach as well ( but hungry ). This book explained to me why those diets are helpfull but now I am confidant this approach has already, and will continue to be, successfull in restoring my health.
    Best Regards,
    Robert E Young
    New York

    • Kim Hood says:

      Awesome to hear this Robert! It’s amazing how fast we start to see results! I will always be devoted to this lifestyle. I truly believe most, if not all of my health issues and pain could have been prevented if I had only known what the “wheat poison” was doing to my body! Stick with it, and congrats on a great start!

  14. Kim Hood says:

    Hey’s me again! Just over two months now wheat/grain free! I still can’t believe the miracle I found in reading “Wheat Belly”. Just a quick clarification for some who have replied to my story here. I was NEVER gluten or wheat sensitive by diagnosis! The truth is that EVERYONE is, and adding gluten free foods is just substituting one poison for another. Balancing our blood sugar, and preventing spikes and crashes is a huge deal in regards to overall health!
    For those interested in what I eat? I stick to the simplest form of being wheat/grain free, no substitutions here. I eat fresh lean meat, eggs, cheese, lots of very creative, flavor filled salads, steamed fresh veggies, nuts, and fruits, and plenty of water! I have an occasional half a baked potato if I am truly carb craving, and I have no problem with this! I still have raw sugar in my tea in the morning, and an occasional soda. (Sorry Dr. D., but I must be real here!).
    I have been relieved of all my joint pain, back pain, headaches, and stomach issues. My skin is no longer dry. The same for my hair. My eyes are bright. I sleep great, have more energy, no depression, and I have lost a total of 17 pounds!
    Now the tough news. This past Thursday (6/7) I found out I have skin cancer. I am pretty shocked and a bit scared to say the least. However, I am truly blessed knowing that for the past 2 months I have done my body a world of good toward fighting this! I KNOW my immune system is stronger, and I am overall healthier! I won’t know until this Thursday exactly how serious this is, but I am very optimistic (most moments), and best of all…I am ready to fight!

    Sincerely in Wheat Free Living, Kim

    • Dr. Davis says:

      Stay strong, Kim, and KNOW that you are healthier today than just two months ago.

      Please be sure that, beyond eliminating wheat, your 25-hydroxy vitamin D is restored to a truly healthy level with vitamin D supplementation. This heightens the chance for remission and cure substantially. It may require more vitamin D than you think, but it will dramatically tip the odds in your favor of being rid of this condition. A typical dose for a woman is 6000 units per day in gelcap form.

      Please let us know how it turns out!

      • Kim Hood says:

        Hey Dr. Davis,
        Just an update on my surgery yesterday! Squamous Cell Carcinoma In Situ, and removed! (Ouch) I am sore but very happy! I honestly believe that my Wheat Belly lifestyle played a role in not allowing this cancer to spread, and will keep it from returning! Thanks for the advice on the Vitamin D. I had already been taking C, D, and E for my immune system before I even found out about the cancer. I will up the dosage on the Vitamin D though! Thanks again for showing me how to live a healthy, happy, pain free, depression free life!

  15. Neicee says:

    I’m so glad you’ve found what makes you feel good. Isn’t it GREAT! My husband spent the morning in a dermatologist’s office last week too. Monday the bioptsy came back. He has two moles right below the lower lip, one that has been splitting and bleeding everytime he shaves – the other is right below that had showing the same signs. The results of the tests show basel cell carcinoma on the upper one and he is to undergo MOHS surgery within the coming days. The other below it is simply cranky. Today I know more about MOHS surgery than I ever wanted to know, but basel cell is the one you want if given a choice. It can be treated. I urge both men and women to see a dermotologist yearly. I do, and going in Thursday to get a couple of very small moles removed. We’ll all pray your results come back with a condition that responds well to treatment.

    • Kim Hood says:

      Dear Neicee, I pray your husband’s results are good. Mohs is a great thing! I was unable to have it for several reasons, so my wounds, (I had two removed), are going to take longer to heal, and I still have to wait for the results of the removal. I’m being positive that they got it all, and that I only need to heal up now. Let me know how things turn out for him okay? You can friend me on facebook if you like. You can find me on the Wheat Belly face book page.

  16. Tony says:

    Dr. Davis,
    I came upon this article as I searched for anorexia.
    I read your book about 5 months ago and have been mostly gluten free ever since. I feel better and have lost some weight, although I still have a love of sweets that prevents dramatic weight loss that other describe.
    I am wondering if you have any other experience of gluten’s effects on folks suffering from anorexia?

    • Dr. Davis says:

      Please search these posts, Tony, and you will find a number of compelling stories about anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating, all reversed with elimination of wheat and its mind-active opiate, gliadin.

      • Tony says:

        Dr. Davis,
        I have searched for anorexia in these posts and this is really the only post that is listed.
        The link between wheat and purging type eating disorders (bulimia) makes some sense to me in that the appetite is stimulated causing the victim to purge to keep their weight under control.
        My daughter suffers from anorexia where she restricts her intake. I guess I’m confused how she is overcoming the appetite stimulation effects of gliadin. Or are you saying that the psychiatric effects of gliadin are causing the anxiety and depression and her restriction then is an indirect result of gliadin?

        • Dr. Davis says:

          I can only speculate why we are seeing such astounding effects in all forms of eating disorders.

          My observation is that people with what I call “vulnerable minds” that predispose them to the effects of gliadin will express it in different ways. Kids with autism show it as behavioral outbursts and inattention. Schizophrenics will show it as paranoia. People with bipolar illness experience mania. People with various forms of eating disorders develop food obsession followed by the various manifestations of binge eating, purging, anorexia, etc. though the anorexia experience seems to be less common, just based on observations here and in patients.

          We really need formal studies in this world of eating disorders and gliadin. I cannot personally perform them, as this is not my area of expertise. But I would like to see studies like this funded. This is among the reasons why we formed the Wheat Free Research and Education Foundation.

          • Kim.."Instant Health" author says:

            Dear Tony, I’m sorry to hear that your daughter is struggling with an eating disorder. I can only tell you from my own experience…eliminating wheat and grains from my diet has destroyed the power that my anorexia had over me! I don’t have to count calories, I don’t go hungry, EVER, and the part of my brain that had that “little mean voice” that all eating disordered people hear, has been silent for three months! I have lost 17 pounds, and feel better than ever. Tell your girl that I understand her fear of letting go of her eating disorder, but that by eating this way she will always be in control of her weight and her health~ I look forward to hearing good things from you in regards to this.

  17. Kim.."Instant Health" author says:

    Dr. Davis…I just wanted to let you know…I am cancer free! All excisions came back clean! I know that my change of lifestyle, thanks to “Wheat Belly” is, if not responsible for my body fighting this, played a major part in helping me to get through it without any major anxiety or depression, and that is something I never would have thought I would say. In my previous, wheat/grain life, I would have been so down, so discouraged during this whole thing. Not only is my body healthier to fight any illness, my mind is too! Many thanks!

    • Dr. Davis says:

      That’s absolutely wonderful, Kim!

      It’s impossible to quantify the precise contribution of this lifestyle, but I suspect that it did indeed help your health cause. Cancers feed on sugars and you have deprived your body and the cancer of this rapidly digestible, inflammatory sugar.

      This calls for a celebration!

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