Help Wheat-free Market Foods test its new almond flour breads!

Here’s an announcement from the new Wheat-free Market Foods that will be launching new Wheat Belly-friendly products:

Almond Flour Bread Giveaway! – Wheat Belly Certified!

We are pleased to announce Wheat-free Market Foods LLC, a company with a mission to provide the best, natural, “Wheat Belly”- friendly food products at the best prices possible. All recipes are tested and approved by Dr. Davis and the company will be run by Wheat Belly followers!

Over the next month, we will be doing small baking runs of our delicious bread and wish to give these initial loaves away in exchange for your filling out a brief 8-10 question feedback questionnaire via email, covering issues like taste, texture, functionality, and the integrity of the shipping. Recipients will be selected by random drawing.

If you are interested in participating, please email your name and address to We will follow-up with you by email with the questionnaire and details if you will be receiving one of the samples.

USA only . . . for now. The bread will come in “generic” packaging so the focus will purely be on the bread itself. We think you’ll like it!

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Comments & Feedback...

  1. Joan

    Hello Doctor Davis
    I am wondering how much protein one should include in their daily diet.

  2. I make my own almond milk, and I have Barbo’sLowCarbKitchen online.
    Would dearly love almond bread in our home.
    Hope you will send me samples.

    barbo of barbo’s low carb kitchen

  3. Love the Wheat Belly Book. We caught Dr Davis on the Bulletproof Executive and just learned about this blog.
    Based on wheatbelly, we also opened up our local company to focus on creating grain free cupcakes and cakes for the Twin Cities. We definitely feel better when we dont eat grains. It helped my wife get back to her pre-pregnancy weight after our second child. So we decided to come up with decadent grain free treats as my wife’s first foray into business. Her Mom is a pastry chef, so we have excellent coaching. We’re running a kickstarter right now to fund the completion of our entire grain free line, check it out.

    • Dr. Davis

      Excellent, Thaddeus!

      The wheat-free industry will be booming, hopefully without the junk carbohydrates of the gluten-free world!

  4. concha

    Hello I would like to be wheat free but I need to know were can I find recipes and Ideas of what to eat and what to cook. can someone welp? I need to find recepies thanks

  5. Amanda Munhollon

    This sounds great, just sent in my email-would love to find a tasty, healthy alternative to wheat!

  6. Saul

    I’m a little confused. Wheat is the culprit, right? So can we replace wheat with white rice in our diet? Or is that just as bad? How about brown rice?

  7. Received the “damaged” shipment of bread and disposed of it, per instructions. Am anxiously awaiting the second bread shipment and hope this is the real stuff.

    • Dr. Davis

      Yes, Gary, who is managing this for Wheat-free Market Foods, tells me they had a bad batch, but didn’t discover this until a couple of days later.

      I’m told he will be repeating the effort near-future.

    • WFMF LLC

      Yes, one small batch was wrapped prior to sufficient cooling, and it trapped moisture. That is one of the reasons we are doing this testing – to make sure packaging and shipping integrity works.

  8. Claudia Peressin

    Too bad about not being available in Canada yet – I’m sure there are loads of us up here that would be willing to taste test any of your recommended products ;o) Wish us luck – we just started the Wheat Belly plan (2 Italians and a French Canadian) No bread in the house is going to be a big challenge

  9. Saul

    Sorry to post two questions. You write, “The few foods that increase blood sugar higher than even wheat include figs, dates, and other dried fruits and rice starch, cornstarch, tapioca starch, and potato starch–the most common ingredients used in gluten-free foods.”

    I thought I was eating “healthy” by eating dried apricots (and almonds) for breakfast. Are apricots bad?

    And when you say rice starch, cornstarch, tapioca starch, and potato starch, are those just the starches derived from those foods, or is eating rice, corn, tapioca, or potatoes just as bad as eating wheat?

    Thank you very much. I’ve been wheat-free for nine days and noticed some progress. Maybe it could be more.

    • Jeff

      To really reap ALL the health and weight loss benefits frm Wheat Belly, ALL of the diet advice in the book should be followed. Those foods, as well as their derived starches, are high-carbohydrate foods, to be either avoided completely, or eaten only sparingly. Dried fruits concentrate the sugars in the fruit, and because of their compactness, we tend to eat too much of it, like eating potato chips…..who eats just one? Eat one apricot – fine. But, as a dried fruit, that would mean only two pieces, and then you’re also consuming the chemical preservatives (usually nitrites or nitrates) used in the processing.

    • Dr. Davis

      I’m primarily referring to the dried, powdered starches from these sources, though potatoes, corn, rice, and tapioca themselves are not that good for you, either.

      Eat your dried fruit, but only in the smallest portion sizes, e.g., never more than 15 grams carbohydrate per sitting works well for most.

  10. Shelley S.

    I’m trying your wheat-free diet plan and paying a lot more attention to labels on foods. Is “modified food starch” bad? I’ve read that it could be from corn or wheat or other sources, but am wondering if the amylopectin A is changed or removed when they “modify” the starch.

    Thank you so much, Doctor.

  11. Stephanie

    I am interested in trying the almond flour bread. My concern is that I am following the Dr Simeon’s hCG protocol. I am past phase 3, which puts focus on glycemic load and sugar/starch content. Can you provide any information about these, please?

  12. Diana Attuso

    is there a list?
    In this thread I found this information:
    “modified food starch” can be a source for hidden wheat…
    I had wondered this myself. Now I know. Is there a comprehensive list that I could reference when occasion arose?


  13. Bruce F Vaness

    I am currently using potato, rice, tapioca flours, but would love a chance to try the almond bread – I love almonds a heck of a lot more than potato, etc.

  14. Julia Kay Grace

    I thought I’d signed up to try the almond “flour” bread. But, so often, communicating in the internet feels like dropping a coin into a wishing well. Any thoughts about when the trial loaves will be coming to us, “beta” testers?

    • Dr. Davis

      I’m afraid the loaves went out some time ago, Julia, to the handful of people who were randomly chosen.

      We received over 1200 requests but could only provide a couple of dozen loaves. A very encouraging response, however!

      • WFMF LLC

        We did 50 loaves in the first sampling. Base upon that feedback we have a few tweaks and will be doing as second run soon. This will go on until the company is ready to officially launch. We are also developing cookies, croutons, rolls, and mixes. We hope to have a host of Wheat belly friendly products available soon! Thanks for your interest!

  15. Janet Wren

    I am interested in sampling the new wheat free bread and answering the survey. Hoping I’m lucky enough to get this opportunity. I’ve been wheat free (98%) for over a month and find it easier than I thought it would be.

  16. Joanne

    Is the bread available for purchase yet? Also when the first Wheat Belly Resturant launches, I want INNNNN!
    Thank you so much for this incredible information.. I love being part of the ” Wheat Belly” Movement! :)
    Joanne Green

  17. Theresa

    I bake a lot and so far all the breads lack that wonder feeling. I’m still cooking … I have only been on for 5 days so I’m just starting

    Ill be in Michigan for the month of June
    Theresa Wofford
    3306 Shendadoah ave
    Port Huron, MI 48060

    586 549 0606

  18. Pam Ilari

    Is there a list of wheat belly friendly products that can be purchased at whole food stores etc. Have read the book and have been getting confused as to what I can eat. Do all meals have to be done yourself?

    • Dr. Davis

      Search this blog, Pam, for the “quick and dirty” list. It summarizes the dietary approach sans wheat.

      No, there is no specific need to prepare all your own food, though that is indeed a good policy in general.

  19. R. G. New

    Almond bread sounds wonderful! What is the source of the almonds? All almonds from California are now by law
    irradiated, and most come from CA- unless imported . Doesn’t irradiation nullify the nutritional benefit the almond
    would have had?

    • Dr. Davis

      I’ve never heard of irradiated almonds; I believe they do heat them to eliminate staphylococcus, however.

  20. abhishek rajput

    Hello sir,

    Can i take white rice during wheat belly dieting? Please let me know

  21. Jim

    Almonds are pasteurised by steam processing to destroy Salmonella bacteria.I buy raw almonds.

  22. Katie Wenz

    I would really like to participate I the wheat free bread samples. I have spent way too much money trying to make a good loaf of almond flour bread… haven’t been very successful. I just want a sandwich! LOL

  23. I am a 24 years Elementary Schhool teacher. I am who I am because of biblical principals. Wheat bread was great when God made it. After we genetically altered it, America ruined God’s gift. Dr. LARRY D. Brock my regenerative medicine gift from Jesus told me about almond flour, I am overjoyed. Please send me information or book titles that will educate and help me get rid of my families wheat bellies. I am a cook, very disturbed with sugar addictive foods that we have been introduced too, and fast foods that are killing us.
    Thanks for reading.
    Charlene M Rikard
    1598 Carson Road
    Leroy, AL 36548

    May God Bless You Richly!
    Proverbs 17:17
    I need this because of diabetes and fibromyalgia — please help me:)

  24. Keli Morrison

    I am a commercial rated pilot and I had worked as an aircraft mechanic and engineer for many years. I was injured. Had a bad reaction to a medicine and almost died. I had surgery and they took out a perfectly good organ and accidently cut me internally in he process. I have been working on changing my diet as I no longer can handle many foods. Liquids most of the time. I think that I could handle the almond flour bread. I have tried gluten free foods and seem to be making progress. I can’t find where to buy this bread. For health reasons (chronic pancreatitis, inflammation of the intestines on my whole left side. I am trying to use natural methods since the meds seem to cause me a lot of problems. I would love to test your almond flour bread. I hope you will consider me for your program.