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Help Wheat-free Market Foods test its new almond flour breads!

Here’s an announcement from the new Wheat-free Market Foods that will be launching new Wheat Belly-friendly products: Almond Flour Bread Giveaway! – Wheat Belly Certified! We are pleased to announce Wheat-free Market Foods LLC, a company with a mission to … Continue reading

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Wheat Belly-safe flours

So you kiss all things wheat goodbye. And you’ve come to learn that gluten-free foods made with replacement flours like cornstarch, tapioca starch, potato starch, and rice starch are also very destructive, since they make visceral fat grow, send blood … Continue reading

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Whistleblowers wanted

So something happened to wheat in the 1970s during the efforts to generate a high-yield strain that required less fertilizer to make a 24-inch, rather than a 48-inch, stalk. Multiple other changes occurred, including changes in the structure of gluten, … Continue reading

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Wheat is an opiate

Although it is a central premise of the whole Wheat Belly argument, I fear that some people haven’t fully gotten the message: Modern wheat is an opiate. And, of course, I don’t mean that wheat is an opiate in the … Continue reading

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Instant Health

The struggles people endure before they discover the answer for health are often truly astounding. Pain, depression, physical incapacitation, drugs, hospitalizations, even surgeries . . . all to treat this disruptive monster in diet. Kim posted her story of her … Continue reading

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The happy wheat-free intestine

Happy bowels are central to overall health, aren’t they? Eliminate the gliadin protein of wheat and it can no longer trigger activation of inflammatory T-lymphocytes in the intestinal lining. Eliminate the lectin of wheat, wheat germ agglutinin, and this direct … Continue reading

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Grain Foods Foundation takes the fight to the schools posted this press release about the Grain Foods Foundation’s new initiative to “educate” schoolchildren about “healthy whole grains”: BOSTON — A grains nutrition curriculum promoting the healthfulness of grain-based foods has been developed and is being distributed this month … Continue reading

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