Orange Cream Cookies

If you loved Creamsicles as a kid, you’ll love these Orange Cream Cookies. (Sorry, no photo: We ate them up before I realized we hadn’t taken the photo. And, worse, we did it twice!)

2 cups almond meal
2 tablespoons coconut flour
1 teaspoon baking soda
½ teaspoon sea salt
¼ cup golden raisins
½ cup chopped pecans
Sweetener equivalent to 1 cup sugar
2 tablespoons finely-grated orange rind
1 large egg
2 tablespoons coconut oil, melted
½ cup whipping cream (or coconut milk)
1 tablespoon vanilla extract

Preheat oven to 350º F.

Combine almond meal, coconut flour, baking soda, salt, raisins, pecans, sweetener and orange zest in bowl and mix.

In separate bowl, whisk egg, then add coconut oil, whipping cream, vanilla extract and mix together. Pour wet mix into dry and blend by hand thoroughly.

Spoon onto parchment paper-lined baking pan (or oiled pan) and flatten with spoon to ½-¾ inch thickness. Bake for 20-25 minutes or until toothpick withdraws dry.

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Comments & Feedback...

  1. Trish Ayres

    These sound so good! As for the photo, well I think you need to make another batch just so you can take a picture! ; )

  2. Nancy

    Oh my gosh!!!! How delicious sounding :-P
    You are NOT helping me lose weight doc ;-)
    Are you all just creating these recipes? I can”t wait for the cookbook, I”ll be first in line :-)

    • Yes, absolutely, Michele. You might have to add a bit more sweetener to compensate. It always helps to taste your batter before cooking to gauge sweetness.

  3. Alicia Marino

    Dear Dr. Davis,

    I just ordered your book., Lose the Wheat Lose the Weight I am looking forward to learning more and to loosing weight. Are some of the recipes that are posted in the book?

    Thank you,

  4. Barbara

    My experience is that if you make brownies or other “treats” you feel you cannot do without with non-caloric sweeteners (Stevia, Splenda, whatever) and other low-carb (and, of course, wheat-free) ingredients you will very quickly find you don”t need them anymore. This is because you (or whomever you are cooking for) won”t get the “sugar high” that causes the addiction. I”ve also found that the slightly bitter aftertaste of some non-caloric sweeteners actually helps in getting over the addiction.

  5. DavidS.

    Just tried the orange cream cookies. I have to say, of all the desserts I”ve been trying from this blog and others as well as Paleo books, etc., since I went wheat free last August, these have to be the best! Thanks Dr. Davis for this awesome recipe.

  6. Karin

    I just made these. Oh. Wow.
    They are delicious! I didn”t have raisins, so I used dried kiwi. My kitchen smells great as well. I”m definitely going to write down this recipe. My favorite cookies ”till now!

    I wish my partner”s cardiologist would prescribe him recipes like this one! :)

  7. Nancy

    I have been happily following a no wheat/ low carb diet for awhile – but recently I read that nuts are not so great for you as I thought because of the high amount of Omega 6, leading to increased inflammation due to the imbalance with Omega 3”s. Therefore it is claimed that almond flour is not such a great thing to be eating in quantity. Which dismayed me, as I have been using it liberally as a wheat substitute. Wondered what your thoughts are on that.

    • The real issue is lack of omega-3, not so much overexposure to omega-6. Everyone should be eating fish and taking fish oil.

      Having an occasional chocolate chip cookie or scone made with almond flour is only a modest exposure, insufficient to drive inflammatory pathways that lead to diseases like heart disease.

      • Nancy

        Thank you for the reply. That makes sense, though I will probably try to reduce my nut intake a bit. Since I”ve gone low carb I really eat A LOT of them. Though I also take fish oil and eat fish. But I do intend to try this yummy sounding recipe!

        (Would be interested in seeing more discussion of CRP as an indicator of inflammation – I”m still a bit confused on this topic. Thanks for your great blog.)

        • Jessica

          I would suggest using more flaxseed or chia seed (ALA) then if you’re worried about the omega ratio. if you’ve got a general 2:1 ratio (omega 6: omega 3) you’re fine. Most people eat foods rich in corn and vegetable oils which are high omega 6 on top of wheat. It also depends on what else you eat like meats (what did they eat? corn? or grass?) grass fed beef actually have omega 3s :)
          wild fish is also something you should eat at least once a week. (for dha)

          hope this helps :)

  8. Janice

    What could you be thinking practicing medicine. You”ve missed your calling as a baker. Those orange cream cookies are THE BOMB! Holy cow, are they good. I”ve got a couple of suggestions, this also goes for the Mocha Walnut Brownies. I use BOTH baking soda and baking powder. You get a really nice rise. I also added one extra egg yolk to the brownie recipe besides BP & BS.
    For the cookies, use a scoop and put right in the middle of a muffin-top pan. I gently press them down once and when they bake they fill out all the way to the edge of the muffin-top pan and form a nice sturdy crust.
    For the brownies, I put them in a bar pan or a cupcake pan and that also gives them a sturdy bottom and side. I then cool, wrap and freeze having one treat a week. Really awesome! Thanks for your incredible recipes. I want to try the scone next!

  9. Richard

    Dr Davis,
    I tried this recipe and really do enjoy these cookies! They are now my go-to treat after work (used to be Oreo”s). My only issue has been baking time/temp. My first batch @ 25min/350 F, came out a bit burned. I then tried 20min @ 350 F, with a similar result. So I then went to 22 min @ 325 F, and that worked best for me. I know ovens do vary in temp.
    Thanks, and keep thinkin” up new tasty treats!


    • Great, Richard!

      That”s exactly the right solution: Find the temperature and time that suits your elevation, mix of ingredients, and equipment.

  10. Alicia Marino

    Hello again Dr. Davis,

    Just tried your orange cookie recipe. Love it! I just received your book and am in the processes of reading it. This will very helpful not only for me but for my customers. I work as a demo clerk in a specialty store where many of the products you recommend are sold. I create many recipes for the store and love to cook, so I am looking forward to educating my customers.

    I was wondering if you have any feed back with patience who have had their gallbladder removed. I had to have mine removed in December and have steadily gained weight since then. I am having difficulty digesting a lot of foods.
    Thank you,

    • Hi, Alicia–

      I”ve seen virtually no problems at all in people who have had their gallbladders removed.

      If you are nervous about fat content of the diet, just increase fat content gradually.

  11. Mellinda

    I am up to Chapter 7 in your audio book. I resisted purchasing the book b/c I thought it was just another book on low-carbing. How wrong I was! I am alarmed at what I am hearing, and recognize a few things that wheat might have been bothering me with, like Asthma. I adopted a LC WOE last year in February, since that time I have had no need for my steriod inhaler once. I joke with my friends, b/c I live on a one-way street that leads to the freeway, a block away, and I live right across the street from a bus stop. I was always assumed that living in such a polluted area was causing my Asthma to flare up. Hah! Maybe it was the wheat!

    Anyway, one of my hobbies is baking. Now that unbleached flour is out of the picture, experimenting with alternative flours has been most interesting These cookies were really nice. I omitted the raisins and used more sweetener, (1 cup + 2 Tbsp. Erythritol and 1/2 tsp. + 1/8 tsp liquid Stevia – for the total amount of sweetener), and I used all full fat coconut milk so I could offer the cookies to friends with dairy intolerances. My batter was quite wet, so I used my smallest ice cream scoop (#70) and spaced them evenly out on the prepared pan; no need to press down. I baked these for 20.5 minutes. They were perfect; perfect size, perfect flavor, perfect treat.

  12. Mellinda

    Dr. Davis,
    Just one more thing. While I much prefer to bake from scratch, sometimes I want to just whip out a box and put a few ingredients together. I found a biscuit mix on line. I recognize most of the ingredients. The ingredient label also contains: wheat protein isolates, resistant wheat starches and vital wheat gluten. Since these three ingredients name wheat as part of their profile, am I correct to assume they are made from wheat and are to be avoided as well?

    I also made the Flaxseed Wraps and according to a nutritional program I have, the wrap is 319 cals/ 28g fat/ 6g total carbs with 6g fiber = ZERO carbs, with 13g protein. And it’s so easy to make!

    Thank you for all you do!


    • Dr. Davis

      Toss it out, Melinda! It’s wheat, wheat, and wheat!

      And that’s terrific on your asthma.

    • Erika

      What program do you use to figure out the calorie count? I wish the recipes had a calorie count on them. Thanks!

  13. Linda

    I am on a low carb plan that is working very well for me, I have lost 55 lb. in 8 months. My plan calls for eating 1 oz of oatmeal or wheat chex cereal to get my intake of grains in, is this ok or should I be eating something else? My goal is to loss at least 50 more lb. but I seem to be stuck so I need something to kick start me again, any suggestions?

    • Dr. D.Well I am now into my 7th month and still no weight loss. I have a good PCP who is willing to work with me.Currently I am taking Elavil and Propranolol I am also on Synthroid 88mg and 12.50mg of Cytomel. Still nothing. Before that I was taking Armour 90mg.Could it be that the meds will not allow me to lose weight? Should I be taking more T3? My lab came back 4.1 with the Standard Range being 2.0 – 4.4. I still feel better than before Wheat Belly and I still tell everyone about it. My cholesterol is high 262, triglycerides 72, and HDL 94. I hate the thought of Statins for the rest of my life. Any input would be most welcome.
      Mama Kass

      • Dr. Davis

        Okay, Mama, a few issues.

        Re: Statins. You need either an NMR Lipoprofile (or other method of lipoprotein analysis), rather than the fictitious LDL values you have. Alternatively, an apoprotein B will provide more insight into the true exposure to LDL particles.

        Elavil and propranolol can both stall weight loss, but these are two agents you cannot just stop. So talk to your doctor about the advisability of stopping one at a time and gauging effect, or choose alternative agents (depending on what they were prescribed for in the first place).

        Please update us with your progress!

    • Dr. Davis

      Gee, Linda, I’d lose the oatmeal and chex cereal.

      They are clear-cut booby traps for your weight loss effort.

  14. Well these sure sound interesting! My wife and I are on 6 weeks into doing a slow-carb/four-hour body inspired diet. We’ve been eating no wheat (except on one cheat day per week) but TONS of veggies along with our protein: she hasn’t lost much but I’ve lost about 10 pounds since I started measuring. Two questions about this:

    1) For the doc and everyone: What are some suggested sweeteners to use in place of the sugar? How bad would it be to use sugar?

    2) Mostly for the doc: how do you feel about the 1 day a week “cheat day” that Tim Ferriss recommends? It seems to be working pretty well for me; I seem to lose more weight 2 days after my cheat day than any other time.

    • Dr. Davis

      Hi, Dan–

      The most benign sweeteners are liquid stevia and stevia made with insulin (NOT maltodextrin), Truvia, and erythritol.

      The one cheat day per week escalates heart disease risk substantially, as it triggers formation of small LDL particles that last for . . . one week. One cheat day per weeks means you have small LDL particles all week long. Tim Ferriss may be talking about weight loss and he does good work, but has only limited understanding of the implications on health.

  15. Carole Roberts

    It would be helpful to have nutritional information for all these recipes for those of us trying to keep track of calories and carbs to lose excess weight.

    • Dr. Davis

      I purposely left out calories, Carole, to discourage people from counting them.

      And all recipes here are very low carbohydrate unless I specify otherwise (e.g., recipes for kids).

  16. Janice

    Hi Doctor Davis,
    I have the calories and macros for both your Brownies and your orange cream cookies if you want them. I also took a picture of the orange cream if you want as well. I did one simple change to the recipe. I added :
    1 &1/2 teaspoon of baking soda
    1 & 1/2 teaspoon of baking powder
    Like the other woman remarked, I did not press them down, used a scoop and they came out great. I find the texture of the brownies also comes out great making them individually with an ice cream scoop. I’ve tested several times and these are great recipes.

    • Dr. Davis

      Hi, Janice–

      Please feel free to post here.

      There is more than one way to skin this wheat cat! I’m grateful you are carving your own path, as that is part of being human: Taking lessons provided by one and “branding” it with our own unique stamp.

      Please feel free to post any improvements you make on my recipes. I am no chef, nor gourmet, but just trying to find a better way to eat.

  17. Janice

    Sorry, Dr. Davis, I didn’t see your post. Here are the macros for the orange cream cookies and the picture.
    Makes about 24 cookies.
    Aprox. Nutrients per 1 cookie:
    Calories = 63.3
    Fat = 5.9 gm
    Protein = 0.94
    Carbs = 2.4 gm
    Fiber = 0.6 gm
    Net carbs = 1.8 gm
    Woops, sorry, I couldn’t figure out how to get my picture into the comments section

  18. Anette

    I’ve been reading about coconut palm sugar and how it has a low glycemic index. What are your thoughts about using it as a sweetener in your recipes?

    • Dr. Davis

      I would not, Anette. It is a source of sugar and fructose.

      Note that the “low-glycemic index” is being used by more and more manufacturers in a deceptive way. The agave nectar people are the worst culprits here: low-glycemic index, worst of all sweeteners with the most marked potential for distortions of metabolism.

  19. Paula Poplos

    HI Dr. Davis. Looking to try this recipe next. Is the coconut milk in the recipe the canned variety or cold dairy version? Please clarifu. thanks so much! Haven’t been disappointed with a single recipe yet!!!

  20. Chastity

    Dr. Davis,

    I have been encouraged by one of our NP’s at the doc’s office that I work at to start on this diet as soon as possible as he has been doing it for a good 3 months and has lost 60 lbs already and absolutely looks GREAT!!!! I do struggle with Breads, Pastas’, Chips, sweets, etc… ya know all the good stuff and have been reading the forum board and wanted to ask you what kind of Salad dressing are approved on this diet? I got some red wine, olive oil dressing the other day and have been putting it on my salads and even on my brocolli which has made it good. Im still trying to figure out the diet and see what all is approved and what to stay away from. Any input to help me get jump started would be great!!!!

    I joined the gym back in Feb and have already lost in a range of 23-27 lbs and have much more to go!!!!


  21. Swan

    Dr. Davis,
    Is xylitol an acceptable sweetener to use in your recipes? I have ordered some of the birch xylitol, since I try my best to avoid anything made from corn, as most of the xylitol available is (and from China to boot…) What is your view of xylitol vs. erythritol? Unfortunately, the organic erythritol that was made from only cane sugar is no longer available, and, like xylitol, erythritol is made from corn. Do you have any concern about these sweeteners being made from (quite likely GMO) corn? I also use a lot of stevia, but it is difficult to use in baking.

    Thank you!

    • Dr. Davis

      No, no concerns about the corn source, as they should be purified and provide minimal exposure to other corn constituents.

      Xylitol is one of my preferred sweeteners. Just go lightly, as it has some potential to increase blood sugar, especially in larger quantities.

  22. Mary

    Will you please make a PDF downloadable version link to all your recipes? That would really come in handy.

    Also, more kid-friendly recipes like this would really be appreciated. My 7 year old girl and 13 year old boy are difficult to feed with the new tastes and textures of the wheat belly diet. That would be much appreciated.


    • Dr. Davis

      Yeah, I know there’s a problem with collecting the recipes, Mary.

      If I didn’t have this day job, I’d have the time!

    • Rhonda

      make a screenshot of the recipe and send yourself the photo in an email, or go to photos on smartphone or ipad/tablet to view recipe. That is how I ‘save’ recipes without having a PDF.

  23. Barbara

    For baking without sugar, I use a product called More-Fiber Stevia Baking Blend made by a company called NuNaturals in Eugene, Oregon. It does not state that it is gluten-free, but it does not contain wheat. I contacted the company several years ago and was told that they don’t test for gluten. The product does contain oat flour, however, and maltodextrin, dextrin, acacia gum, tapioca Flour, guar gum, and xanthan gum. The website is; telephone number is 1-800-7534372.

    Please let me know what you think of this product. Thanks!

    • Dr. Davis

      I think you could do better, i.e., a preparation without the oat and maltodextrin.

      Look for liquid stevia, e.g., KAL, or powdered stevias made with inulin. Maria Emmerich tells me that stevia glycerite is the best tasting, though I’ve not tried it myself.

  24. Jerry

    I recently purchased the Wheat Belly book as an audiobook through itunes. I learned a tremendous amoount of information through the 7 1/2 hour audio format and enjoyed the whole experience. That being said it appears that an important part of the book was omitted: the recipes that were included in the paper version. Is there a way to download that portion of the book from you if I somehow prove I purchased the audiobook or do I have double my cost and by the paper version to acquire the recipe component?

    • Norma

      I too have the same question, having purchased and “read” the book via Audible. Perhaps some type of log-in code to access tables, recipes, etc. provided to those who purchased the hard copy version.

      I am two and a half weeks into my wheat-free lifestyle and find transitioning my old wheat recipes rather challenging at times. I’m totally committed to this though as even after just 17 days I feel so much better, sleep through the night, and don’t have cravings that I used to have. My colleague at work has Celiacs, so she has a lot of sympathy for what I am doing and we’ve enjoyed sharing about our experiences as well as recipes. (Her daughter is also going wheat -free and is reading “Wheat Belly” too.) I’m looking forward to a wheat-free holiday season this year – so perhaps I will have to wait until Dr. Davis’ cookbook is available.

  25. Viki Breeland

    Second time making the Orange Cream Cookies – first time I did not notice that you had listed 1 teaspoon of baking soda and just automatically used aluminum free baking powder – the cookies held their shape and tasted great! My second batch just came out of the oven and I used the baking soda as listed in the recipe – this batch “reached out and touched” – My husband and I just did the taste test – just think we really liked the first ones and he was anxious for me to make them again. We both agree we like this batch better but it proves you can’t mess up a good thing! Thanks for the recipes – I copy and paste into Micosoft Word and save them in my Wheat Belly folder (this way I can increase the font size). I’m building a recipe binder because grains are a thing of the past at our house :-)

    • Dr. Davis

      Great, Viki!

      Yes, I am still experimenting with the best way to generate “rise” without wheat, gluten, and yeast. If you had better results with the aluminum free baking powder, then that may be the way to go for your specific assortment of ingredients.

      • Lena

        I did use the can coconut milk in this & choc chip cookies ?? My Choc Bomb Bars were perfect maybe I need to add more dry ingredient?? Anyone have this happen ??

    • Dr. Davis

      While I have no experience with it, Theresa, the fact that it is made from lactose raises some concerns due to potential lactose intolerance.

      It does sound more benign than sugar. But be careful: Less harmful is not always good.

      Have you tried Swerve?