"Take more fiber"

Amy posted this story:

I am writing to let you know that I owe you my life. I read your book, quit wheat, and felt a noticeable improvement after just three weeks.

I have suffered from autonomic dysfunction, POTS [Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome], IBS [Irritable Bowel Syndrome], migraine, fibromyalgia, obesity, high triglyerides, PCOS [Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome], and even ovarian cancer.

I went to an allergist asking for a wheat blood test, as my primary care doctor”s suggestion to curing my diarrhea was to “Take more fiber – here are some Citrucel samples.” I just got the call back that my IgA results were indicative of celiac (even three weeks after wheat suspension.)

I have so many mixed emotions right now . . . Firstly, relief that I finally know what’s wrong with me. Secondly, overwhelming gratitude for your work. Thirdly, rage that none of the 6 doctors I have seen over the past 5 years have EVER suggested celiac even though all the clinical indicators were there. Fourthly, tremendous sadness at the “what ifs . . . ” over my father. He died in 2009 of complications of heart disease, autoimmune diseases (polymyositis, inclusive body myositis), diabetes, lactose intolerance . . . ) – WHAT IF he knew he had celiac. WHAT IF we could have saved him??????

Thank you ——— I now want to shift my life”s work to helping others.

In one respect, Amy is lucky: She was able to obtain a diagnosis via an appropriate antibody test (likely a transglutaminase IgA antibody). Most of us with various forms of wheat intolerance will NOT have a positive antibody test pointing at wheat, but can still have life-threatening wheat intolerances, complete health turnarounds with wheat elimination, no less than the transformation Amy experienced.

Nonetheless, for every one person like Amy who is diagnosed with celiac disease, there are nine more don’t know they have it but suffer with various misdiagnoses, suffer silently, or end up with a non-celiac form of the disease, such as cerebellar ataxia, peripheral neuopathy, type 1 diabetes, or gastrointestinal cancer in some form.

Note: Amy’s polycystic ovarian syndrome and ovarian cancer cannot be directly blamed on wheat consumption, but wheat does make the phenomenon, such as insulin resistance, surrounding polycystic ovaries worse.

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  1. Tyrannocaster

    “Firstly, relief that I finally know what’s wrong with me. Secondly, overwhelming gratitude for your work. Thirdly, rage that none of the 6 doctors I have seen over the past 5 years have EVER suggested celiac even though all the clinical indicators were there.”

    Yep. Only in my case, it was TWENTY SEVEN years of doctor visits and asking why I was so damn tired all the time. And the dandruff, and the allergies, and finally, the loss of my ability to play the guitar because of joint pain in my left thumb. And there”s more, but you get the point. It”s really, really hard not to feel bitter about lost opportunities, but I have been trying (mostly successfully) to focus on the good part – that at least, now I have an answer and best of all, I feel better. I don”t actually have celiac disease, I”m one of the nine more Dr. Davis mentioned; and now I”m a believer, too.

    So good for you, Amy. Try to think on the good side even though at times it”s not the most natural thing to do. Your glass is now more than half full, if I can use the cliché.

  2. Ri

    are 100% rye bread or Wasa crackers okay when avoiding wheat-or is part of the same family as wheat?

  3. Neicee

    Read over at http://www.celiac.com that endometriosis is an autoimmune disorder and the elimination of wheat and grains is effective in controlling it. Most doctors are still telling you that ”healthy whole grains” help the condition. Interestingly enough, there is a video out there on YouTube where an Iowa farmer fed his pigs GMO corn and they all became sterile or delivered deformed piglets. He claimed the GMO corn had estrogen mimicking compounds? Now there are reports of a ”virus” in Great Britain where hundreds or thousands of sheep are delivering deformed lambs they”re having to put down at birth. I believe they have messed with our wheat and grains to the point you simply cannot trust any of them. God help us.

    • More and more of these sorts of reports are surfacing, Neicee, and they are quite worrisome.

      But the lessons are becoming clearer: Agribusiness has been pushing their genetically-modified crops, crops like wheat with changes that pre-date genetic modification, and the herbicides that accompany them, and we are witnessing some of the most incredible unanticipated consequences.

  4. Nancy

    Dr. Davis!
    I work for a family and as I was just sorting their mail I was stunned to see a large promo booklet entitled – MD weight loss breakthroughs- Do You Have a Wheat Belly? ”
    It looks like a great marketing tool, I have been telling them about Wheat Belly. Its very slick and attractive, I wish I had a hundred of them!
    Inside it advertises another book though-
    “Lose The Wheat Lose The Weight”
    With a different cover. Is that a new book or Wheat Belly repackaged?

    • Hi, Nancy–

      No, it”s the Wheat Belly book with a different title and cover. The Rodale people (my publisher) wanted to do it this way. I do believe, however, they offer some additional literature with it, much of which I wrote personally.

      When you write a book, to some degree you”ve got to follow the lead of the publisher.

      • My husband was just saying yesterday that he thought the title ”Wheat Belly” was unfortunate in that it might have such a narrow range of appeal. When I asked him to explain he said he felt concerned that it might only catch the attention of people who have a weight problem (belly). I thought it was a good point since the book”s subject matter covers such a wide range of health issues. The new title still seems to lump it in with other fad diet books rather than give an indication of the myriad ways in which our health may be improved upon the elimination of wheat from our diet. The Wheat Health Conundrum?…no, never use a word in a title the meaning of which may be unknown to a large segment of the target demographic. (That”s what I was told by a consultant when I wanted to name my corporation ”Comestibles”.)
        The No Wheat Road to Better Health?…not bad. Eat Wheat, Die Young?…well America does enjoy having its dose of scare tactics served up every evening with the 6:00 news. Wheat and Its Negative Impact Effect on the Human Body?…too dry.

        • I went through the same sequence of thinking, Grace.

          While imperfect, I thought “Wheat Belly” best encapsulated many of the arguments in a snappy, effective way. It also catches people”s attentions.

          • Dr. Davis,

            Thanks for a great book.

            I’m a PhD student in Public Health with gluten hypersensitivity. I live in Montreal.

            Do you know where I could find a more science-focused discussion of your book, full references included?

            Also, I wanted to congratulate you on your marketing and presentation. You know your pitch well, it’s well thought out, and it shows tremendously.

            Thanks again,


          • Dr. Davis

            Yup: Corrected!

            Your best bet is to pull up the papers cited in the 16 pages of references in the book.

            That is where the scientific basis of the arguments can be found, not in some other review or summary.

  5. Nancy

    Exactly what I thought. Well, it”s a good looking booklet- if I didn”t already have Wheat Belly I would bite :-)
    I would wager that may appeal to some with the weight loss angle. For those of us who give the book out to spread the word it may open conversations from people”s desire to lose weight! Whatever it takes to get them off wheat.
    Thanks for answering my question :)

  6. Amy

    It”s me again. Just wanted to say thanks for your support. I made an appointment with a GI doc per my Immunologist”s referral, and I”m sure she will want to do a biopsy or gluten challenge to confirm celiac. I don”t know that I”m up for that. I know what I know, and the IgA is all the confirmation I need. For fun I went back and reviewed my medical records. In 2006 I complained of fresh blood in my stool. Concerns were dismissed because my iron levels were normal. In 2010, my iron saturation was down to 19%. My C-Reactive Protein was .976, nearly double the upper limit of the normal range for this lab. No followup was done on that marker. I was tested for Lupus. Negative. Oh, hindsight, why are you so perfect…..

    • I”m with you on this one, Amy.

      With a positive antibody test, I see no value in an invasive biopsy. The solution is easy either way: No more wheat, no more gluten.

    • PJ

      Hindsight is so very perfect, isn”t it Amy? I, too, play the What If Game in my head on occassion. (Okay, more than “on occassion”.) What if . . . my Mom. What if . . . my Dad. What if . . . my husand. Oh, if I only knew then what I know now.

  7. hitfan

    I must also say that I”m becoming increasingly grateful to Dr. Davis as well. My improvements in regards to my Psoriatic Arthritis may have not been as dramatic as having noticed clear improvement after three weeks (in my case, I”m starting to see light at the end of the tunnel after 4 1/2 weeks) but at the beginning of each week I can answer in the affirmative that I feel better than the previous.

    Another side benefit: I have much less insomnia. Considering that I work shift work (at a desk job for a European company from a North American office), sleeping during the day is one of the hardest things to do. But I”m easily able to get myself to fall asleep even under those circumstances now.

    Another thing I noticed, fruits and vegetables actually TASTE BETTER. I went to see a movie at a friend”s house and I brought myself a small bag of (plain) potato chips and a small fruit tray. I found myself enjoying the pieces of fruit more than the potato chips themselves.

    • hitfan

      I have another “comfort food” recipe: lettuce taco wraps.

      -Cook ground beef with spices
      -grated cheese
      -sour cream
      -diced tomatoes
      -iceberg lettuce leaves.
      -Frank”s red hot sauce

      Take a leaf of lettuce, place some grated cheese and ground beef inside. Top with diced tomatoes, sour cream, and hot sauce. Wrap lettuce around and enjoy.

      While taco shells made of corn are technically wheat-free, I found that they caused similar problems as they did with wheat. This alternative is just as satisfying to the palate as a regular taco or burrito, but without the grains.

      • Nancy

        We do the same hitfan. Only we use romaine leaves. I love turkey and cheese with a slosh of horseradish mustard …
        I love the taco idea! So true about corn, we react badly to it. Its ALL GMO. :(

      • PJ

        Shell-less tacos are great! In fact, I wrap almost anything in lettuce. If it tastes better with lettuce on a sandwich, it”s awesome wrapped in lettuce. Tacos, BLT”s, burgers, egg salad, tuna salad, grilled salmon, roast beef, PB and banana . . . you name it! I eat more varieties of lettuce now than ever before. Go crazy!

  8. And lettuces are so easy to grow. You don”t even need a garden, you can plant them in a container and pinch off leaves as you need them. No worries about chemical fertilizers or pesticides. If you like a peppery taste, try some mustard greens for your wraps.

  9. Terry May

    There have been some blog posts asking about recipes. The site http://www.janssushibar.com has some good grain-free recipes. On the site, select recipes – Paleo / low carb. Traditional. There is a wonderful almond loaf that I substitute for bread. But…scrutinize the recipes as you would any food. A few have tapioca starch and such. If your glucose reacts to some of these as I do then avoid, of course. Good luck.

  10. J.

    Would someone please give me some insight on cooking with olive oil….I know this is not the subject pertaining to this blog but….I don”t want to keep making the same mistake is in fact it is a mistake. I have been using olive oil in most all my food preparations….but my friend told me that is also on wheat belly that I shouldn”t be using the olive oil to fry with…example…I fry peppers, onions, mushroom, etc to add to other dishes. She said it is something about the heating of the olive oil that does something to it that makes it a no..no. Please help…I haven”t lost more than 7 lbs in almost 2 months and strictly not eat ANY wheat products…but I have lost inches. I was thinking that maybe the frying with the E.V.O.O. had something to do with my low weight loss.

    • Uncle Roscoe

      Olive oil, corn oil, palm oil, etc. contain polyunsaturated fats. Heating polyunsaturated fats turns them into trans-fats. There”s evidence that trans-fats contribute to dyslipidemia. I”m not sure the problem is nearly as bad as some people say, especially when compared to the grocery store saturated fat alternatives.

      Lard comprises the bulk of commercially available saturated fat. Most commercial lard contains lime juice. Lime juice is loaded with aspartic acid. Aspartic acid is bad for people. The process used for adding lime juice to lard creates glutamic acid. Glutamic acid is bad for people.

      I”ll eat food fried in olive oil long before I”ll eat food fried in commercial lard.

      ……looking forward to Dr. Davis” views.

      • Hi, J and Uncle–

        The issue is the (poorly named) formation of advanced glycation and lipoxidation products that develop with high-temperature heating (especially above 350 degrees F). This causes insulin resistance, hypertension, heart disease, and cancer.

        Also, higher temperature heating of the polyphenol-rich olive oil also degrades the polyphenols, making the oil less nutritious.

    • Debbie B in MD

      We use coconut oil and butter from pastured/grass fed cows (Kerry”s Gold) or just organic for sauteeing. Yummy!!

  11. Uncle Roscoe

    Dr. Davis, You bring four things into the discussion over wheat. Two of them are new and unique. Two of them were simply overlooked and suppressed.

    1. Today”s highly altered wheat is far more dangerous in many ways than previous wheat.
    2. Wheat contains lots of amylopectin A, a more dangerous form of amylose starch.
    3. Wheat dangers are not confined to celiac disease. They extend to all autoimmune disease.
    4. Wheat dangers are not even confined to autoimmune disease. Wheat is a primary cause of all metabolic disease and associated autoimmune conditions.

    Like all societies the low carb community has elements which attempt to suppress new knowledge and keep the stage for themselves. A best selling book containing the above facts seems to be the ultimate method of allowing science to draw its own conclusions, and thereby change the social hierarchy. The parade is much larger, and marching in a new direction. Facts and the people who introduced them made this happen.

    Low carb is expanding. It owes its expansion to people like you. I view this new knowledge as a leap in human understanding …..maybe equal to Eratosthenes, Gutenberg, Newton, Einstein, Darwin, and Morris. We”ll see. Some of this still depends on acceptance. And acceptance is locked in fierce battles with vested interests and wheat addiction.

    Still, it”s one of those dividing lines where people get a glimpse of our existence from above our plane. Thank you for your contribution.

    What”s next? Flavonoids and phenols. Be there.

  12. Dr. Davis, I have been a faithful adherent to all things Wheat Belly. Since 9/1/11 I have not had wheat or grains. I have not lost a pound!! My dear Family Practitioner has been wonderful about doing the labs. we finally switched from Synthroid to Armour thyroid. No weight loss, but all of the usual symptoms of thyroid still going on. Cold hands and feet. Muscle aches, eyebrows virtually gone and exhaustion though I get 8+ hours of sleep. He consented to upping my dose to 90 mcg? or MG and then if that doesn”t work he wants me to see an endocrinologist. I am on iodine(700mg per day )and I do take Elavil 50mg and a beta blocker for essential tremor. Could the meds be contributing to the stall? I recently went to NC to visit my sister. After a week of my wheatbelly indoctrination, I made her and her husband believers.! The chocolate chip cookies did the trick !

    • Hi, Mama–

      It sure sounds like a T3 issue. The Armour thyroid has T3 in it, but some people (like myself) need even more T3. The persistent cold hands and feet, exhaustion, etc. are signs that T3 remains inadequate.

      The last person you want to see for this is an endocrinologist. They more than likely will tell you you”re crazy and prescribe an antidepressant–no joke. They are an utterly useless lot. If your doctor won”t help, functional medicine docs are more inclined to be useful in this regard.

      And great on the chocolate chip cookies!

  13. Jackie

    Dr. Davis,
    Thank you for writing this book! I was diagnosed with LADA (Type 1.5 diabetes) 3 years ago at age 48. The onset was sudden, and I had all the classic symptoms of diabetes, but I am normal weight. My doctor misdiagnosed me with Type 2. I knew I was not, so I demanded a referral to a specialist, who took 1 look at me and suspected Latent Autoimmune Diabetes in Adults. I still produce insulin (I guess) as I am only on small doses of insulin. I have only been wheat free for 3 days, but I have noticed I need even less insulin-I take about 8-9 units Lantus and between 6-8 units Novolog a day, and will continue reducing based on my blood glucose levels. I am experiencing much less of a blood sugar roller coaster since stopping wheat, and I love it! have been told this is a type of slow progressing Type 1, so I supposedly will be totally insulin dependent at much higher levels down the line. I am wondering if anyone else out there is also in my situation. Thank you again!

    • Hi, Jackie–

      You touch on an issue that I think and wonder about often: How much LADA is really due to . . . wheat consumption?

      It may be too late to completely unwind the pancreatic destructive effects of wheat at this point, but there are certainly benefits to saying “no” to wheat now.

      • Jackie

        My family and I have been wondering since I was diagnosed if it was something in the environment that caused it, as I was always pretty health conscious. It would be nice to reverse it! I”ll keep you posted as to my progress. Thank you again!


  14. J. Berg

    It’s all about the health of the gut; giving up wheat and “gluten-free” products isn’t enough. In the 1950s a doctor developed the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) to help his patients who were having serious intestinal/digestive problems. I urge everyone to take five minutes to Google SCD. This diet was seen as the “cure” to Celiac Disease, until the medical community decided Celiac Disease was a gluten allergy. The SCD was “forgotten” until another another scientist took up the cause years later. The book Breaking the Vicious Cycle by Elaine Gottschall explains the science behind the SCD and why it works; the past 50+ years of case studies have proven it works. More recently, another doctor in the UK uncovered the link between the gut and the health of the brain and used the SCD as a base to develop a special diet to help children with autism, ADHD, as well as adults and children with Leaky Gut Syndrome, schizophrenia, depression, and other psychological disorders. The book is called Gut and Psychology Syndrome and the diet is called GAPS. These books/diets saved my life and my story is a common one. As I aged, my food sensitivities increased and I began to eliminate foods in the hopes to be healthy. The initial well-being I felt made me think I was being healed. I gave up gluten …. then a few years later, dairy, soy, sugar,…. then potatoes and corn … then bananas… and so on. I was down to fish, chicken, olive oil, coconut oil, organic fruits and vegetables and herbal tea. Everything was homemade from scratch. My health continued to deteriorate. No one ate healthier than I did — fresh veggie juices, no junk food EVER…. but my body was not digesting these foods and it was dying. As well as the strange symptoms (neurological, circulatory, auto-immune, etc.) I was dropping more and more weight (I was thin to begin with) and soon even organic fruits and vegetables were starting to cause me pain. I was down to 5 foods and could see the writing on the wall — soon I’d be down to no foods. Reading the GAPS book made me realize that I needed to heal my gut first. That all the healthy veggies and fruits I was eating were irritating and further damaging my damaged intestines. The first few weeks on the GAPS/SCD (they are very similar) and I was already feeling better and starting to gain weight. I’ve been able to reintroduce some foods — slowly — and I continue to heal. These books pointed out that there are many things causing our guts to be damaged, and wheat is only one of them. The gut needs to be healed through diet and repopulating the gut with healthy bacteria. I urge everyone to look into these.

  15. Katy

    I went grain free about four weeks ago and I have felt great until I developed divreticulitis! I just knew my doctor was going to scold me and tell me to go back to high fiber cereal, etc. I was ready to do battle with him, but he said to simply add sugar-free Metamucil or citracel along with a probiotic. I hope this will be okay. The products are gluten-free.

    • Dr. Davis

      Yes, Katy, very reasonable responses.

      It’s like getting lung cancer a month after quitting smoking: It’s not quitting the cigarettes that caused the disease; it just declared itself before healing was given a chance.

      My best wishes for a speedy and painless recovery!

      • Roma

        Yesterday, a woman wondered if anyone else has actually recovered from severe gastrointestinal problems. I can’t seem to find her post, but maybe she will find mine.
        In 2010, it seemed as though I was having gallbladder attacks, didn’t everybody at my age? After going through the extensive battery of tests, one included eating a “nuked” egg to see how it travelled thru my system…why not a “nuked” bagel? … the conclusion? No real indication of gallbladder disease, but, “we will remove it, if you like”. REALLY!!!??? So, armed with my prescription for Prilosec, I was to face the rest of my life convinced my problems were all psychological. But, what about the GERD, acid reflux, painful joints, sandpaper skin, foggy brain, disturbed sleep and those incredible rainbow colored stools? Did I mention faint spells, weight gain and depression? One doctor I consulted about the weight gain said “Oh, honey, it happens to all of us at this age” as she waddled off.
        The Baby Boomers are in a mess. We get together and talk about our latest aches & pains, surgery, laugh at our common forgetfulness and worry aloud or to ourselves about our friends dropping dead of heart disease, the abhorrent rash of obesity and diabetes. If our parents are still alive, we watch them succumb to strokes, heart attacks and the dreaded Alzheimer’s Disease. And yet, we are supposed to “GROW OLD GRACEFULLY!” How the hell are we supposed to do that!!!
        So, can my condition get any worse? Well, yes. My lovely colored stools turned into pure, black, watery diarrhea. Yet, nothing was wrong with me. My blood work all came back “within range”. I was so tired (and depressed) I would have slept till noon if allowed. My weight gained accelerated, yet I ate less than ever. My upset stomach demanded I eat pretzels all day long to “soak up the acid.” I shunned fat, ate whole healthy grains, avoided salt & desserts, what more could I do?
        Where to place them blame for my ill health? At least my husband was healthy and robust (nice way of saying…getting a bit of a spare tire!), right? WRONG! In early 2011 after going in for a wellness check-up, his once “within range” blood work now revealed he’d jumped off the deep end & now would require a statin, blood pressure medication and yes, the dread disease DIABETES had claimed him. How could this be? We did EVERYTHING right, according to the Food Pyramid!
        The scramble ensued. Remove ALL possible sources of sugar. The ping of the glucometer rang out incessantly. Diabetes would not takeover his life… in the future, that is, for now it was all consuming.
        He had been studying Metabolic Cardiology for over a year at this point. He looked to Dr. William Davis, cardiologist and author of ‘Track Your Plaque’ for guidance. As if speaking and pointing directly at us, his book ‘Wheat Belly’ was released in late 2011. We immediately removed any source of wheat and all grains from our table.
        I was so concerned with getting his diabetes under control (and probably my own) that I did not realize the pounds were melting off. His waistline went from 38” to 32”, his blood glucose numbers were improving. I became obsessed with new recipes leaving out anything that might cause a spike in his blood sugar.
        Today, I have lost 42 pounds and my weight has stabilized. My energy level has skyrocketed! I rise & shine at 6am, have reduced the inflammation throughout my body leaving my aches & pains in the dust, depression has been replaced with a true sense of well being and yes, I now have normal daily bowel habits! Running my own experiment from time to time, ate something “wheaty” only to become sicker than ever for days. I do not need more proof, I will never go back to eating grains again.
        I am now ready to “Grow Old Gracefully”. Come on along, this is the greatest journey ever for our generation and what a wonderful opportunity to impact the health and happiness of future generations!
        Stay Wheat/Grain/Sugar FREE and enjoy the Lo-Carb life!
        All the best.

        • Dr. Davis

          You are liberated, Roma, from the bonds of modern health disinformation!

          You’ve likely been paying sky-high health insurance premiums for decades and this is what you get?

          The system, as you see, is broken, too hell bent on generating revenues to serve their own interests.

  16. Greta Zukoff

    Hi Dr. Davis,
    Thank you so much for your contribution to educating the world regarding the damaging effects of wheat on the human body. I have suffered for 31 years with progressively increasing health issues. Severed allergies, asthma, bowel problems as a child and increasing in severity into adulthood. I was diagnosed with a pituitary tumor (prolactinoma) at age 27. Under the care of an endocrinologist, I was given cabergoline to control the effects the tumor was having on my body. Weight gain, hormonal and menstrual issues, Through medication, some of my symptoms seemed to improve Until a year ago(I am currently 32) my health changed again drastically. Weight gain of 40 pounds, severe stomach bloat with a distended stomach of 42 inches weighing in at 160 lbs. My regular labs showed increasing concerns such as a B12 deficiency first, then high liver functioning tests, neuropathy, tooth enamel decay, severe bowel issues, severe acne, strange fat deposits, body rash but yet I was told by my endocrinologist that I was healthy and my labs were normal including the prolactinoma numbers. Through the help of my acupuncturist, in was able to determine that wheat and gluten were to blame of a lifetime of health issues. Since removing wheat and gluten from my diet almost all of my health issues have gone away. No more antihistamines coming from an individual who received allergy shots every week for 18 years. No more sinus infections 5 times a year, my tumor is gone and most of the weight has dropped. I have also realized that I have issues that are similar to fructose malabsorption which no local nutritionist or dietician has even heard of in my town. I have given up sugar and try to monitor consumption of fructose levels in both fruits and vegetables. I no longer eat red meat or dairy and only small amounts of organic chicken. I still have the following as major concerns and I feel like I’m spinning my wheels most days because the doctors I have encountered ow very little about diet: abnormal belly fat and body fat deposits, acne and a menstrual cycle every 18-23 days. I eat very clean and supplement with vitamins and enzymes particularly one with lipase to help break down fats in my diet. I exercise with pilates and running 5-6 days per week. I have learned so much on my own and with the help of your book but I’m afraid my knowledge is still not enough for total healing. Any guidance in the proper direction on this healing journey would be greatly appreciated.
    My deepest thanks,

    • Dr. Davis

      What a transformation, Greta!

      In view of the history of prolactinoma, there may be some important hormonal issues to address. Have you consulted a (naturally-minded:rare) gynecologist? That may be your best bet.

      In view of the persistent belly fat and acne, consider cortisol problems, as well as continuing over-exposure to carbohydrates.

  17. Greta Zukoff

    Thank you Dr. Davis. I love your sense of humor and i am very grateful for you and your suggestions. Continued success. Namaste.

  18. Noela Garland

    I spent 18 years asking dirrerent doctors why i am so tired ,why am i putting on so much weight,why do i have diorreah every day,why,why,why, only to be eventually told that i was a hypocondriac,that comment almost made me take my own life as i thought i can’t live like this any longer,but luckily there was one more test that needed to be done for heartburn that i’d been having for about 20 years and while i was waiting to gee testedt the test i noticed a pamphlet with this woman aking the same questions as i had been for the past 18 years so i read it and when i was fininshed i sat it on my legs and when the surgeon came out to see me he asked why i had it there and i told him i had all the symptoms bar 1 and that was that i was fat not thin and he told me that depression probably made me overweight and asked me if i’d like to be tested for coeliac disease and i promptly said yes. Two weeks past and it was time for the results and i thought if this test is negative that’s it i cannot live this way any more,i walked in and the doctor said that the coeliac test was positive and then asked who asked for that test to be done as he did not and i told him this Hypocondriac asked for it,and i burst into tears as i couldn’t believe that i was so close to commiting suicide,my problem now is getting my diet together properly as again doctors aren’t too helpful so i’m hoping by purchasing this book i may finally get better.
    Noela (thankfully still alive)

  19. Colleen

    Hi Dr. Davis,
    I am part way through reading your book, but me and my boyfriend have committed to being wheat free. I am struggling with a few things that I hope you can help me with. While I occasionally eat meat, my boyfriend is vegetarian. We are both quite active individuals and half marathon runners. What types of carbs should I be eating to “carb-load” before a run? And is soy products okay? I like to cook with vegetarian ground beef made of soy. And I believe it is mentioned in your book, but I haven’t gotten there- but what kinds of carbs are we allowed? Such as quinoa, long grain rice, oats? I guess what we are struggling with by being vegetarian is that we are only eating fruits and veggies at the moment, and are wondering what we can add to have a complete diet?

    • Dr. Davis

      Found you in this dark corner of the blog, Colleen!

      I would suggest reading the many, many comments covering just these issues, also by searching this blog.

      In brief:

      1) No carb-loading. Very destructive to health and unnecessary in this lifestyle after the initial few weeks.

      2) Soy is only okay, given the increasing uncertainty introduced by genetic-modification. Go lightly.

  20. Visigoth

    Hello Dr.Davis,

    I have recently bought and read your fascinating book and have lost 7 lbs in 1 week (without the gym)!! Amazing. There are however some things that confuse me slightly:-

    1. You mention “Einkorn” in your book as being a better ancient grain. Although it is wheat, its GI is 65 and it contains Gluten is this the best alternative to normal wheat-bread and how much would it hamper weight loss??

    2. I have recently started back to the gym and have noticed my energy levels are quite poor,…is this down to reduced blood-sugar level?

    3. Do i still need to be careful/limit the level of high fat foods i consume ie:- cheese, chocolate, nuts etc.